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It is interesting at this time to com
pare the recent utterances of President
Roosevelt and Senator Iloar on the
negro question as it affects the South.
Both are of the North and the Republi
can party. one the President of the
United States and the other represent
ing Massachussetts in the UInited States
Senate, and one of the recognized lead
ers of that. body.
President Roosevelt, in a letter to
llon. (lark Howell, editor of the At
lanta Constitution. discussing the mat
ter of his appointment of negroes to
otlice in the South says:
In making appointments 1 have
sought to con ider the feelinjr of the
peonle of each locality so 1ar as 1
conud consistently do so' without sacri
ticing princitmle. 'T'he nrime tests I
have applied have been t ,Ise of char
:l;ter, titness. ;andt ability. 1
certaily e:ma not t reat 'mere color a
pet manent bar to holding oflice :ny
more than 1 could so treat creed or
birthplace - always pros idted that in
other respects the applicant or incumb
ent is a wt ihv and well behavel Al,ler
ican citi..en. .1 t : little will I treat
it as conferring a right to hoki othe'e.
Senator olar in the coul:se of a
spee:h recently delivered Lefore the
U'nion I agze Club of ('1icago. said
I kne' how senlsiti 'e t ir Soulthter'n
friends arte o!1 hi-.s ', .
thlik i 'd syfa.i and Ipel
:m had t hp
no to, levSe- -0
from followt. afte -
thou gote'st I wi] g,
pIe shall be myi leople, aind th
If it were It poss~'ible fOr Roos-.ett
get a corrtec tvw o.1V.(f the situation91, to
unditerst muid as dots Senator I loar. mouch
ill feeling b et ween t he sections and
much sufflering and misery to the negro
race would be' sparted. Senator liIoar
reco'4gniizes theit fact, long since recog
nized'( by those who have a fair' knowl
tedge andi an adequate unde'rst anding of
ctnidit ion.. pretvailing ini the Sou thi, that
in this stetion a r'ae prejutdice does ex.
ist and that this pre'judlice is too strong
li e lightly regarded. IPre'sidecnt lioose
velIt sh.ouldl hav.e ltearnedl by t his t ime,
anti we bielieve he' has learned1. Senator
lloart is a statetsmani. If it bad not al..
reatdy beenm saidi so many timies, we
would 'ay that lloosevelt is simply a
politician, andl a very poor politician.
It is saidl Ihaii' the'~ refusal of bail to
TIilnian will create sympal)thy for him.
lie is, we believe, th1e onily nman who
hats been r'eftusetd hail, antd t'he jurors andl
t'e.puhhe may take the vijew that the
tdemal w.~as ju<tlic'ial per'secution. It is
said that noi fur'ther elfort will lit miatde
for bail.
Nt) man1 hats tvter bteen boundedt tdown
as James' 11. Tlilbinan hats b)een. l"or
year:s he has bee'n the subject of much
uin kmdtness and uninecessar'y abuise. It
seems that whlen a man is b'hintd prison
lbars that honorable jouirnalism should
let him alone.
rt seems, too, t hat the JudI(ge outghit
s'o treat him as they treat oither' prison
ers. - A bhieville P'ress and Banner.
Cob. Tfillmnan has bteen refused bail,
we believe right and justly. Ibis attor..
nieys have stated to the plublic that no~
further att'mpt to secure bail will be
made. Th'le ease will n'ow go betore a
jury, who will investigate the facts antI
rentder a detcisioni. Why rot let the mat
t.er dIrop)? With all the talk going
the rounds to the effect that Tfillman
should not be shown more cons5idlerationi
than any other man, there is danllger
of carrying the matteir too far. TPrue,
he should not be shown more consitder
ation; nor shotld he be given less.
D)eath of an Iufant.
Little Ida, infant tdaughter of 11ev.
andl Mrs. ,J. HI. Pearcy, of Wh.itmir'e,
after an illness of about two weeks,
breathed her last F'riday afternoon.
She was buried at Mt. Tabotr Saturday
afternoon, Revs. Anderson and Gantt
conducting the burial services. In her
last Illness she had every attention that
an affectionate and sympathetic com
munity could1 bestow. "Suffer the little
children to come unto me." P.
T. J. W. Writes Interestingly on Union
Academy Subjects.
Last Sunday was a tine chureh day,
and a good congregation turned out at.
Colony. I believe every one present.
.vill bear me out in saying that we also
had a very excellent sermon preached
by our pastor. Rev. .1. .1. Long, from
Daniel 5:27. lie gave sin an overhand
ed lick with a sledge, putting it right
where it belongs. 'There's are many call
ed but few chosen.' sayet.h the word of
God. We believe that RIev. Mr. LAng Is
one among the few whom God has
1:alled to spread his gospel, and we are
proud to say that he has commenced a
good work among us. We hope and
t rust that Color.; congregation will
have a little more than Sunday preach
ing only twice a month at least this
year. if you think that we are as good
as we ought to be, dear brother, just
let us alone. If not, stir us about. Rev.
ir. 1.ong was with us a night at our
home not long since, and we were glad
to have him with us. lie is a goc I pas
torlai worker, and no doubt will accom
plish much goodk in this respect. Come
again. dear brother.
Ve are in hopes the Oat crop is safe
rom being damaged by cold.
W. H. HHoinest & Co. are sawing
lumber for the Cook ltros. on their
grandfather Moorv's place near Pros
Mr. Thos, Frankhn of the Mollohon
mill spent Satmulav night with Mr.
iH. E. liunter.
The farmers got in a day or twe
plow ig last week.
We :mderstand the mumps ar' pretty
in town. No eases yet reported
our immediate sc tion. lHut we are
e:he li b n ig. We an ex
g a b Ie e cry irinute.
M.." 1..i -.u :and wa s sik la.. week
l r ^ w IN-ci a g.Z a! d eal -d
Mr . .Fc:
ta 'n u. . - '.L i n ha be r
1- j "1 ~ :1 1.
neA in this :: .t iU. . tho)ugh not much
-or tih- tin." ->f v-ar'.
The. dry weather- of last wee-k madie
'luite an improvement on the public
roads. The roads wvillI get b)etter afte-r
the winter rains are over if they don't.
get wor-ked much.
Mr. Lawson Shealy of Newberry|
(-ame (down Sunday to see Mr. J. C.
'ook who is still confmned to his room
Mr. Ivan Sease, a student 'of Newv
herrmy College, spent last Sunday at his
home near' here.
Mr is. Caroline Cook wvho has been
s.pendling some time with her- daughters
near Pr-osperi ty has ireturined home.
Mr's. ICnos Counts and children and
Mirs. Blerry I [artman and children spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives at
LI ttlec Mountain.
Miss Ophelia Nates has been on a
two weeks visit t.o her sister, Mrs.
Willie Islantten, at Graniteville. Miss
Oiphelia will return home today accom
panied by Mir. andi Mrs. Bllanton.
Miss liessie Wheeler-, assistant teach
er- at. St. Luke's school, spent Saturday
alnd Sunday at home.
Mr. ICdito-, excuse us for hbeing silent
for- awhile as ouir heart has been made
to feel very sad over the death of our
dear- motheri. Sigma.
Fate or a Tough Character In Greenville,
Who was Beating the Boy's
Grieenville, Fecbruai-y 28. -Gilliam
Willbanks, a twelve-year-old boy, at
7.30 to-night, at the home of his mother,
on Eall street, shot and instantly killed
Tonm Wilson, a wvell known characteir
around town. Shortly after the shoot
ing Willbanks sur-rendered to Chief of
Police Kennedy and is nowv in the
county jail. To your* corresp)ondient he
tells the followving story: "'Wilson was
beating mamma, and when they came
home, as I slammed the door, Wilson
struck me in the eye, and I grabbed a
j)istol from a bui-eau driawer- and shot
The bullet entered Wilson's head just
behind the right eari, causing instant
dleath. Wmilson has served a term of
two years on the chain gang andl was a
tough character, le leaves a wife and
two children. Mi's. Willbanks, mother
of the boy, is a wvidow with four chil..
An Interesting Letter From an Iix-New
berrian, Now a Resident of Texas.
The Days of "No More."
My thoughts turn back to days that
are no more and voices call to me that
I knew of old.
"0, sad No Morel 0, sweet No More!
0, strange No More!"
I hunger for Newberry and long for
the sound of her vanished voices, for I
have a mellow feeling for the land and
the people.
At midnight I heard a loud voice
calling for Pierce Lake. I took no no
tice. Next morning I found it wag
.lack l-nlow, who had fallen into a cat.
tie guard, near my house. Jack was a
kindly. good natured fellow. 'Tis said
that "Auld Nick enters into a fellow
when he opens his soul with whiskey";
but Jack was not of that sort. But,
''le was lively, he was" mellow,
And a bibulous old fellow.'
He was an ardent admirer of his
neighbor, that excellent citizen, Col.
.lno. P. Neel, and when in his cups,
after many laudatoiy speeches, would
wind up with (speaking of Governor's
review of :3th Reg nent) the remark,
''The governor reined his beost around
and said ('ol. Neel was the finest officer
on the field." According to Jack's
idea, to attempt a higher compliment,
would be like trying to add a new color
to the rainbow.
In the days of ' No More" the young
sters crowded around the brick hotel to
see the stage coach arrive. The Co
luilbia coach is due; one Jones, a stout,
red compl'cted man, is driver: as he
reac hes the hill at E. Y. McMorr;s' he
:Io: rishes his whip, gives a blast on his
:gie. in grand style dashes down the
stree:. wi,h a rattle and roar of wheels
ani c ht e ks .p at the hotel. The boya
think him a grand man, and each one
.i:xios to be a stage driver. Ask
-.ce the if he :s going to be a law
:"tr or do::or like his fat her. ''Oh, no:
l ,-n t:' be a stage driver.' but
ory has depa rted:
h he heat and the cold.
::'av until May.
e ti:_Chways it rolled:
T.e h.s ow made it his prey .
N era :telv disulav.
t- ~i''a.ofCort'.
a$l:ior tswv.y o oewr
: -..5 e erp:be driver '.i tour.
- -. T.' hdrat:a t d roar
-:rba.acen outte,as veer
bl a:an prophewt ther'- wide be
3dcio .fhi int ars7 adte'h
--r i of : his gir Sor .:: h n
tide. (w like so.- r-, ih ate njo:ed
hsaene). Men sitting thee
une auhn an jok i soe were
a helth itc fo gspthe viage
oliicia oraing wit groks profound.
We.red Ir a pet k te, asm venerbl
an worhy friend,vit Johe A. d Ch emn
ictwonld heicat gan arme an theod hlo
tide. (Jost inkte rear of that enjoyed
undrhatugmingl god jokng some phyiian
aknealh hit. Near byostood theisageu
wh'itea hore,n weithgrooed profitoud
spot ora blemish. as Niicationerable
he wul catan o(e toihe oldeys.
Onst thes ionte rpsea wa the hteel,a
thpt byintat gooda mand kndhseante
mnw him. Gielam, byst( cous ofamous
whitelhorsn, andlth grooe andrandmau
Giltlriamsh oinglificationeday
le wad Newbeins hereiver Gheyma
n thre cornerpsit was the oele,
kept byutte enialm ado kid-hearted
man,sinth Gilliam, hortl cousi the John
fctialon, andth., ofha quGandol
(ii''so orihnglyte hebee boyd
When a1( littbekid hterevernthe omdgen
biea Mrs.iHaiamngton, wuldupae
lad and teher. Theyon haf te Judge'
stand toe dawurors. OFo thhe es
was ruiewarddn m cwitha (larter Or
hisentne (2lia he, wams wee cnot
thentiney &e.,Ia oc tapqaidto old
Gils'cl an ns e i i ady. o
soPasig eanedotn the teetolid
onWhe lief kider tht heln 01( goen
tlma Robt.cCulloug, nd my lae
imen tinshe daid:on of thae Judge's
htel him (ina jurrs.ap;hi he wa al-l
boy." Sesdingue.Ia wnel eand was 01(
giosd apinvstedi ncny
Turning et.o the s oter weor-n
nr the lfth crrithe hoter's soer
of GroanvilleuGe, and was naso be
heldhiis myreacher he wvas anba little
boy." man, wa doing reetve mem-as
or andve preacthed fine mer's. shr.
and( Mrs. Thos. II. Pope, each possessed
of high intellectual gifts, returning
from church, Mm's. Pope commended
Grimes' sermon. Mr. Pope said lie
wvould readl it to her when they reached
home. It was one of Blurder's village
see'mons. Granville was wise, andl
many others would do well by follow
ing his examp)le.
Diagonally across the street was the
residence of that pure man, Chancellor
Caidwell, and his excellent wife and
family. I lovingly remember their
talented son, H1. H1. Caldwell, who was
making a fie reputation as a poe.
Amiable, intellectual, refined, he has
crossed to the other shore, and with
his warm friend and comianion, Col.
Geo. S. Jameg, is enjoying the bright
niess of the Redeemer.
)own the red hill we go, passing by
a beautiful grove oi the left where
Mrs. Vashti McCracken and her sons,
Tom and Jaek, lived.
At the edge of town (a virg'n forest,
as I first remember) was a dwelling
built and occupied by John Hlolman.
lie was a useful and energetic man.
Here also lived Maj. J. B. F. McMor
ris and his lovely wife, Amelia (Pratt).
A fterwards that adl-round, good and
righteous man, )r. W. W. McMorris
and his excellent family, lived there.
Mrs. MeMorris was a remarkably in
telligent. lady, and was the sister of
those energetic and progressive men,
Jim P. Joseph and Wilson Caldwell and
the mothcr of my good friend, J. C. S.
Brown. I never knew a man of more
intelligence, sound judgment, and real
worth, than Jos. Caldwell. Crossing
the creek and ascending the hill we see
on the left liolman's overshot mill.
The water at. first unkindly refused to
run up hill, but, liolman afterwards
controlled it.
Once. -1 little chap. I was going up
that hill. At the top on the left, was a
stump. I imagined it was a lion or a
bear. I could see its head wagging and
its tail lashing. Like Pat. I thought it
"better to be a coward five minutes
than dead all the time. " I didn't "whis
tle to keep my courage up." but like
the little darkey, "1)en I pick up my
foot and nebber stop run 'till I be at
the creek."
On the hit her side of the Black Jack
was a beautiful grove, and here I)aniel
Blaker, in 1S:1, held a protracted meet
ing. lie was the grandest of all Evan
"le stood the messenger of truth.'
"Hlis theme divine salvation alone
through the Son of God." What a
beautiful thing is this religion. With
burning love, tiaming zeal, tender con
pa'sionl and a ut"elting heat t, he urged
all to accept Christ as their personal
friend and Sauiour, and many accepted.
On Sanaav. full of ire and pathos, he
preached in the Baptist church and
hed the vast congregation in silent awe
ami prayerful attention. S+nce writing
the foregoin. I have obtaii ed a copy of
his '.:e and labirs. He visited New
be.r.te sec : i :me in 1S54. In a
.ater te his wife ho says. passing
::.: Newberry he preached two
em .a n leavg he received a
\ .t:e". ,:. ::cnrom fort, threeyoung
.....: : er..:ir..:e. He preached a week.
He as -i a. :'. voung converts and
"-,1,.:a-: s t eree: him in the lecture
rcom, and fifty or more went in. As
Chancelor Jonnson wi an elder, he
wa= vireid in. When he beheld the
seerhs heat t melted; he attempted
cr.cte to) speak. and did say someC touch
ing things. but his feelings overcame
him and he wept aloud. One of his sous
Silasm was present. The Chancellor
are him one hundred dollars for Aus
in College, (Tcxas). An incident:
While with eloquence and zeal he was
~xhorting, the pe'nt up em-otions of the
iudience burst forth audibly. lie raised
iis hand and said: '"The Lord is in his
loly Temple: Let all the earth keep
silence before him." 'Tis naid 20,000
.vere converted under his preaching.
[n Brownwood, Texas, there is a Pres
>yterian college named Daniel Baker
n two blocks of my youngest daught
3r (Mrs. Carrie McCartney's) home.
This time i'll pass the Black Jack
and on to the gum spring wvher'e Win.
Welch built, an(d which was afterwards
occtpied by his brother Williams. They
were from North Carolina, and full of
energy, pluck andl excellent judlgment.
William was a restless, good man,
whose memory is dear to me, for he
was wondirously kind to me. Williams
was a kindly, manly man, of a gene
rotus, imp)ulsive nature, They must
have Lakent for their gulide the motto
Phil Schopert hadl over his carpenter's
sho0p, "'By indulstry we thrive."' I dlon't
know that Phil followed it closely, for
there wvas a golden thread of great fun
andl practical joking running through
him. The appleartance of Williams is
dlistinctly phot.ogral.1 t' on my mindl;
he always appIroachedl me with his head
a little awry, and( a1 kindly smile on his
face. Ilis wvife was a Glaisgowv, t.he
sister of ,Irs. Isaac Kellar', and was a
lovely ladly. The Glasgows were a
large, intelligent, influential, religious
family. They were Scotch Irish.
I may hereafter r'esuime my wvork,
''True Hill,'' Daniel Goggans, foremamn.
J. M. Crosson.
Woodville, T1exas.
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