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Will Be Heard in the Opera House Tonight.
The Subject, "Some New Innocents
Abroad." -
Bishop A. Coke Smith, of North Caro
lina, will deliver a lecture in the opera
house tonight. His subject as announc
od is, "Some New Innocents Abroad."
Bishop Smith comes to Newberry un
der the auspices of the Ladies' Mission
ary Society of Central M. E. church,
and the proceeds of the lecture will go
for the benefit of the worthy objects of
this Society. The price of admission
will be fifty cents, with no extra charge
for reserved seats.
Bishop Smith is too well known here
to need any introduction to Newberry
people. He has r^st of friends and ad
mirers in this c. . who are glad of an
- opportunity to meet and hear him again,
4nd it is probable that he will be
greeted by a large audience in the opera
honse tonight.
The Mayor Took a Hand in the Game-Sev
eral Sinners Before the Mayor
On Friday afternoon, near the water
tank on the C.N. & L. road, a little
this side of the Mollohon mill, a crowd
composed of five negroes and onp white
man, became interested in a game of
chance. Two of them, John Brown,
the tailor, and Milt Smith, both colored,
pleaded guilty before Mayor Earhardt
yesterday. morning and were given each
$10.00 or thirty days. Both paid im
mediately. It was brought out in the
testimony that there were only 2 of the
other four engaged in the game, George
Eichelberger and Tobe Brown, colored,
being onlookers. Of the other two,
Wm. Maybin, colored, had skipped, and
the charge remains against him. Lewis
- Sample, white, failed to appear, and
forfeited his l )nd of $5.00.
Charlie Aiken, colored, was given
$2.00 or eight days for reckless driving
on the streets. One day last week he
drove Mr. C. G. Blease's little pony at
break-neck speed from the Methodist
church to Gilder & Weeks' corner.
Ernest Ruff, colored, a drunk and
disorderly was given $3.00 or fifteen
days, and another drunk and disorderly
$2.0' or eight days.
$?50 Was Put Up for His Appearance at
Next Court and He Is Now
Out of Jail.
W. B. Jeter, held on the charge of
breach of trust, was releeged on bond
yesterday. The bond, it will be re
membered, wes reduced from $1,000,
the amount at which it was placed by
Judge James Aldrich, to $750. This
was done on a motion made by defend
ant's counsel, Cole. L. Blease, before
Judge R. C. Watts, in Charleston, on
on the 24th of February, at which time
the case was renm'nded from Charles
ton to Newberry for trial.
Mr. Jeter's bond wvas signed by sev
eral of his friends in this city, who say
that Mr. Jeter is innocent of any crime,
that while he got the $500 it is alleged
* he took, that there are other circum
*stances which make the transaction a
legitimate one. Mr. Jeter himself,
* hen seen yesterday afternoon, said
that he 'is ready and anxious andi wait
ing for trial.
The arrest of Mr. Jeter several weeks
ago in this city created a great deal of
interest. At the time of the arrest
Jeter was in partnership with Mr. Mc
Whirter on lower Main street, conduct
' ing a general butcher business under
S the firm name of Jeter & McWhirter.
The trial of the case here at the next
'~.term of court will be looked forward to
with considerable interest.
At the Opera House.
The "Star Boarder'' will be present
> ed at the opera house tomorrow night.
The management promises the entire
original ct'st. There are many high
class srecialties, which are introducedi
2'throughout the play, and there is not
one dull moment-it is a scream from
% the start to the finish. There is a
laugh .every minute and the minutes
come every sixty seconds. There will
be but one performance in Newberry,
~'that at the opera house tomorrow night.
.~+ The Greenville News has the follow
1~ring to say of a recent perfor.nance giv
Sen by this company in Greenville:
~KThe star boarders of Greenville's
many boarding houses were out en
masse last night-that is, they were
out of their t.>arding houses to be in
the Grand opera house, where a noisy
listless, rodiring Star Boarder was creat
ing a heap of foolish disturbance in
three dishes: I 3akfast, dinner and sup
per, Charles H. Boyle, for such was
the star's name, had no difficulty in
making the audience laugh. They gig
gled, smiled and roared, not so much
by reason of the charm of the dishes,
or on account of the fascinating way
they were served, but simply because
things were kept mov ing and between
a lively band, a few catchy choruses,
and the star's absurd antics, the au
dience was made to forge~t themselves
and just enjoy the mess served. T1he
upper floors of the theater were jam
med, and the attendance was above the
Millinery I Millinery I
*Everything new and striking. The
street Hats are ready for dlisplay. Call
anld see them. It Is a pleasure for us
to show our goc ds.
The Riser Millinery Co
Dr. D. L. Boozer offers the Newberry
Roller Mill for sale.
Mr. M. W. Gantt went to Columbia
on Saturday, returning Sunday.
Col. J. A. Summeraett, of the C. N.
& L., was in the city yesterday.
Mr. Tom Bradley left yesterday for a
visit to relatives and friends in Laurens
Hon. H. H. Evans and Col. C. J.
Purcell went to Atlanta on business
Misses Thyra Schumpert and Bessie
Gilder, after a visit to relatives and
friends in Augusta, have returned
Mr. Herman Werts, who has been
at home on account of sickness for the
past few days returned to the city yes
Mr. Jno. H. Wicker went to Bennettg
ville yesterday to study the cotton seed
oil mill at that place. He will remain
about ten days.
Mr. E. P. Scholtz, who went to Jack
sonville on Tuesday of last week, has
secured a position with the Southera
Express Company as assistant mes
senger and guard on the run between
Jacksonville and Florence.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Evans, Mester
Everett Evans, Misses Lizzie G!enn
and Maud Fant and Mr. Z. F. Wright
went to Columbia on Friday last to see
"Floradora," and were tendered a box
party by Hon. H. H. Evans.
Overseers Must Work Roads.
Supervisor Jno. M. Schumpert gives
notice that all overseers must work
their respective roads on or before the
first day of April. Any person know
ing of a section of road having no over
seer is requested to notify him at once.
The A. B. C. of It.
A kidney education starts with: Back
ache means kidney ache, lame back
means lame kidneys, weak back means
weak kidneys, cure means Doan's Kid
ney Pills. Read about the free distri
bution in this paper, and call at Pelham
& Son's Drug Store Saturday, March 14.
Fresh Lot Just Received.
We have just received a fresh lot of
"Clifton" flour, and will keep it in
stock regularly in the future. Every
sack is sold with the guarantee that it
is the best patent flour in the market.
Hays & McCarty.
The Royal Arch Degree.
J. T. Barron, Esq, of Columbia, will
be in Newberiy Friday night for
the purpose of conferring upon sev
eral applicants the Royal Arch degree
of Masonry. Mr. Barron will very
probably be accompanied by a party of
other distinguished Masons.
"Black Art" in West End.
The performance, given by lccal tal
ent at the Old Chapel in West End on
Saturday night was largely attended
and very thoroughly enjoyed; and ap
plause waq liberally bestowed. The
boys are very much encouraged at
their success and are thinking of giving
a second entertainment in the very
near future.
Newberry vs. Cinton.
The first ball game of the season here
n'll be played on the Newbei ry College
diamond Fr'day afternoon, the oppos
ing teams being the Newb'eriy College
team and a team from the Presbyter
ian College of South Carolina, at Clin
ton. The boys have been getting in
share during the wvarm weather for the
past several weeks. It is said that the
Clinton aggregation will send down a
good and picked team, and a warm
contest is expected. A .second game
between the two teams wiil be played
on Saturday.
Rev. Mr. Roper Declines Presidency.
Rev. Lewis M. Roper hia' declined
the p)rofferedi presidency of Furman
University, at Greenville, giving as a
reason that he feels it his duty to con
tinue his work as postor of the First
Baptist church at Spartanburg. Rev.
Mr. Roper is well known and highly
esteemed in Newberry, where he has
(lone much of good in the cause to
which he has devoted his life. His
many friends and admirers here are
strong in the belief that he will always
obey the call of duty.
An Old Time Negro Dead.
Jim McCode, an 01(1 negro living on
Jno. S. Ruff's place, in thc county, died
on Wednesday, in the 75th year of his
age. Jim was a good negro-a type of
those, now fast passing awvay, who
have the affection and regard of the
whites, their former masters; of those
who were happy and contented in
the (lays of slavery; who wvere faithful
to a great trust for four years while
their masters were away from home on
the field of battle. A few more years
andl they will all be gone, andl nowhere
will the widle chasm between the races
be bridged.
Give It a Trial.
Just received a fresh lot of "Clifton"
flour, madle of native Kentucky wheat,
gaiaranteed to be the best flour in the
i.:mrket. Proof of the flour is the bread,
cake andl pastry. Give "'Clifton'' u
trial and you will nleedl no argument te
convince you of its superiority. At thec
grocery of Hays & McCarty.
For the Public Good.
In another p)art of this paper appears
an advertisement worthy the reading,
as It's for the public good. It tells ol
a tree distribution of Doan's Kidney
Pills, a remedy for Kidney Ills. Read
it, and call at Pelham & Son's D)rug
The Number in the County Who Had Paid
Before the Expiration of the Time.
Small Sum for Road Working.
Up to the first of March, 2107 per
sons in the county had paid thecommu
tation tax. The tax being only $1.00,
this represents the sum of $2,107 to be
used for the working of roads of New
berry County. Of course there were
some who worked the six days in prefer
ence to paying the $1.00, but most peo
ple value their time at more than 16 2-3
cents per day, and pay the small com
mutation tax.
The number who paid in the various
townships is as follows:
No. 1 . . . . . . . . . 123
No.2... .... . . 117
No. 3. . . . . . . . . 63
No. 4 . . . . . . . . . 184
No.5. . . . . . . . . 109
No. 6. . . . . . . . . 375
No. 7. . .... ... 253
No. 8 . . . . . . . . 198
No. 9. . . . . . . . 358
No. 10 . . . . . . . . 184
No. 11 . . . . . . . . 143
Total . . . . . . . . 2107
Itchiness of the Skin and Eczema.
The only remedy in the world that
will at once stop Itchiness of the Skin
on any part of the b ly that is abso
lutely safe and never failing, is Doan's
Ointment. Free sample at Pelham &.
Sons Drug Store, Saturday, March 14.
Sketches of Men of Ante Bellum Times.
Jesse Senn, the subject of this sketch,
lived near Smyrna church. I think he.
was of German stock. He was an offi
cial member of Trinity church for a
long number of years. Mr. Senn owned
a small farm and a public shop at his
place. He did a general repair work,
as well as doing some new work. He
made the best grain cradles and plow
stocks known in his day. His educa
tion was limited, but he was a man of
fine sense, truthful and honest in all his
dealings with his fellow man. His first
wife was Dolly Cleland, a sisterof C. S.
Cleland, by whom he had five boys and
three girls, who reached maturity, viz:
J. Gilliam, Charles W., Dr. W. D., J.
Reason and Kemper D., all good and
true men; also Mrs. W. P. Johnson,
Mrs. L. C. Johnson and Mrs. James
Late in life Mr. Senn married Mrs.
Clem Johnson and a happy couple they
Mr. Senn lived to be nearly ninety
years old and quietly passed away loved
and honored by all who knew him.
What has become of all the older.
people who lived on the Belfast road in
the '60s? All have gone except Mrs.
Dr.Tom Boozer and Mrs. A. J. Lng
shore. Only a few short years and
they will be gone to their long home.
X. Confed.
Itching Piles.
Any one who suffers from that ter
rible plague, Itching Piles, or from
Eczema, will appreciate the immediate
relief and pei manent cure that comes
through the u;se of Doan's Ointment.
It never fails. Free samples at Pelham
& Son's Drug Store, Saturday, MarchI
I. Apply i M. M. Buford.
EOR SALE. Newberry Roller Mill.
.2For terms apply to D. L. Boozer.
I_ 'ORSE FOR SALE.-Will work
ILanywhere. If you want to buy
a good horse cheap apply in person or
address Miss Annme 0. Ruff,
Boundary Street.
Newberry, S. C.
Probate Judge's Sale.
J. Burr Stockman, Plaintiff, again~st
Mary Thomas et al, Defendants.
in will I sell before the court house
door at Newberry on salesday in April,
(6th day) 1''33l, the following described
real estate:
All that tract or paircel of land situ
ate in said county, containing seven
acres, andl bounded by lands of J. A
Enlow, Precious Prisock, St Luke's
church land andl Hawkins, Minick and
Mary Thomas.
J. C. WILSON, J. P. N. C.
The Eastern Manufacturing Co., of
Chicago, will present to every baby,
under one year of age, in this county, one
solid silver baby spoon with the baby's
given name engraved on s'ame. You (10
not have to pay onie cent nor buy any
thing to get th is s poon. The Eastern
Manufacturing C'o. are la:rge manufac
turers and jobb,ersi of jewelry and
silverware, and have takeni this~ method
of advertising their I:>d~s. Instead of
spendling thou-;nid-- of dollars for
magazine advertis.ingc they have dlecided
to give it away (ir. .t to consumers.
The undlersigne?d firm has been
made distributing agent for this
locality. Brinig your baby to their
store and gr~ e its name and age and
you will receive one of thes~e beautiful
silver spoons$ all engravedl free of cost.
This is not a cheap article, but solid
sIlver of elegant dlesign. D)on't fail
to look over the elegant line of The
Eastern Manufacturing Co. 's goods on
display at
B. F. MORROW', - - WMIRE, S, 0.
L1..0. F.
at 7 30 o'clock at, their hallI at t,he
Graded School building. Visitors cor
dially invited
J. M GUINN, N. 0
T. 8. Hudson, Snnrotary
Loss of Flesh
When you can't eat break
fast, take Scott's Emulsion.
When you can't eat bread
and butter, take Scott's
Emulsion. When you have
been living on a milk diet and
want something a little more
;;ourishing, take Scott's
To get fat you must eat
fat. Scott's Emulsion is a
great fattener, a great
strength giver.
Those who have lost flesh
want to increase all body
tissues, not only fat. Scott's
Emulsion increases them all,
bone, flesh, blood and
For invalids, for con
valescents, for consumptives,
for weak children, for all
who need flesh, Scott's
Emulsion is a rich and com
fortable food, and a natural
Scott's Emulsion for bone,
flesh, blood and nerve.
We will send you
a free sample.
-.. ti ferr- rtr t this picture
in tie form of a label is on
the wra )pr of every bottle
of Enu sion you buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
SOc. and $11 all druggists.
Knights of Pythias,
Newberry I Alodgl e No. ti7.
Lodge will be held on the 2nd and
4th Tuesaay nights of each month at
8.00. Visiting Knights cordially wel
comed. THOS. E. EPTING.
K. of It. and S.
Crotwell Hotel Building.
Have just received 2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
$38.00 p er ton.
Wc wouldl like to ask, through the
columns of your p)aper, if there is any
person who has used Green's August
Flower~ for the cure of indigestion,
Dyspepsia, and Liver Troubles that has
not been cured-and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, desp)on
dent feelings, sleeples3ness-in fact,
any trouble connected with thiestom
ach or liver? Tlhis medicine has becni
sold for many years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond wvith
you andl sendl you oneC of our books free
of cost. If you never triedl August
Flower, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
have never kn'owvn of its failing. If so,
something more serious is the matter
with you. The 25 cent size has just
been introduced this year. Regular
size 75 cents. For sale by W. E. PeI
ham & Son..
G. G. GlumN, Woodbury, N. ,.
I have had occasion to use your
Black-Draught Stock and Poultry Medi.
cine and am pleased to say that I never
used anything for stock that gave half as
good satisfaction. I heartily recomn.
mend It to all owners of stock.
.. B. BELStIER, St. Louis, Mo
Sick stock or1 poultry shouldI not
eat chiap stock food any more thani
sick persons should expect to lbe
cared by3 food. When your stock
and p)oultry' are sick give them mned
icine. D)on't stuff theam with worth
less stock foods. Unloadl th bowlsg
and stir up the toripid liver and the
an imal will be, cured, if it be4 p)ossi
ble to cure it. lilck-D)raughit Stock
andl Poultry Medicine unlIoads the
bls0fl andi. stirs up the torpuid liver.
It cures every ma'ilady of' stock if
taken in timaie. Secure a 25-cenmt can
of lilack-I raughit Stock and Poultry
Medlicineo and it will pay for itself tenl
timesover. Ilorses work b)etter. Cows
give more muilk. Ilogs gain flesh.
A nd hens lay mtore eggs. Tt solves the
prob,lem of mal<iung as mutch blood
fl esh and energy as possible out o
the smallest aimunt of food con
Eariar t, Pifer & Eberhart, Lessees.
Wednesday, Ilth.
"The Star Boarder"
A Roaring Musical Farce
Up-to-date Songs, Dances,
Medleys, and High Class
Vaudeville Numbers.
Twenty capable Actors
and Actresses., A first
class Band and Or
Watch for the Street Parade.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowled re.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy the diseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker or drunkard. lm)ossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic lquors after using White Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "I have
tested White Ribi >n Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recom
mend and indorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid us in our temperance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writng Mrs. A. M. '1own
send (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temperance Union), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
Master's Sales.
G. M. Bowers, Plaintiff, vs. Demps
Williams, B. B. Schumpert & Co.,
herein, I will sell at public outcry,
before the Court House door at New
beriy, between the legal hours of sde,
on the first Monday in April, 1903, the
following described propei ty, to wit:
All that tract, piece or parcel of land
situate, lying ancd being in the county
of Newberry, State of South Carolina,
containing Four (4) Acres, more or less,
and bounued by lands of G. M. Bowers,
H. D. Dominick, and George Wheeler.
Terms of Sale: Cash. Purchaser to
pay for papers.
Master Newberry County.
Master's Office, March 9, 1913.
Foster N. Martin, vs Administrator of
the Personal Estate of James N.
Martin dleceasedl, Plaintiff, vs. D oug
las Garmany, et al., D)efendants.
herein, 1 will sell at public outcry,
before the Court House dtoor in Newv
berry, between the legal hours of sale,
on the first Monday in April, 1903, the
following (descri bed p)roperty, to wit:
All that tract or plantation of land
lying and being situate in Newberry
County, State of South Carolina, con
taining Thirty-Nine (39) Acres, more or
less, and bounded by lands of E. S.
Coppock, Mrs. Thos. Lake, W. Y. F"air,
and A. C. Welch.
TIerms of Sale; Cash. Purchaser to
pay for papers.
Master NewvL rry County.
Maister's Office, March 9), 1I03.
- Duncan's Creek at Whitmire on
Fridlay, March 20th, 1903, at 1 o'clock
P. mn., to let out contract for repairing
saidl bridge. Right reservedl to reject
any andl allI bids.
______County Supervisor.
Saluda County andl myself will be
at Old1 Town on Tlhursdlay the 26th day
of March, 1903, at 10 o'clock a. mn., to
let contract to build a flat at Old1 TIown
Ferry. Right reserved( to reject any
and all bids.
County Supervisor.
notfid tatthey must work
their respective. roads on or before
April 1, 1903. Aniy one knowing of a
section of road having no~ overseer will
please notify me.
C'ounty Super(Ivisor.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
.Jnweler and Optinin.
We Are Mating Unusual
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly spring materials of the latest
etyles and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong departments,
36 inch Taffetas at $1.00, $1. i21,
$1.25, and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
spun, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
DO N'T of
B U R YNwerySC
_________________ Pai Stokhoder
To plaen unrei~ liable PaioDe<stor
is. to bury) on icy. I is also Sa ig de rt
a watt of moneyl'~ to pay~ too ret sic or
muchb for good seeods. It aiain - - $ ,0
will be a sat.i.factioni to you
to) buy fresh 5eeds of unquesC. Amnwrigb h a spi
ionied relijabi lity, andi to get o rh ~pt i t vr ht
themi at fai rest pIrice.s.da'lao itwrk fo hi ngt,
We haniidle none1 but seeds - ela as .ivrly f
suipplied b)y growers who can cnt fbd~ethradnvrgt
be trust ed. We shall appre- sc,bt osrgto ann i
ciato your Pat ronuage and be. a noe tsa ietmn owr
lie that you will ini duo aemne okn fryu r
54:50on apjprecinIto thlqupal ity i.O e)asvnsacut i iu
of thle gods suipplied.an gtsoemnywrigfrou
w. G. MV A Y E s, IP cn iaur1adJlly1o
NEWBERY, c.Noewbrr Steady
JI?aniy moc89 * 3 ( 189 ,
sin r organization 68,80 00
TOYS! .J;~Saingsr depart-~,O8 6
TOYS!anwring by the3$1day6 i61ai
TOSwheta Coman ial dBlanorhi
in ndlss arity..coun of bad~II weatherad nevgt s
osick but h Vio e righ t arig. i
an ino. W It "'s ~aaching oor
Ifo oNey butitors muc fanicet
freh ad lnciusoito formte monywk in.oryu
o.Maaadephsiian, Sandings't
CANpartenwt4 toy and dlecuity begnt
wo Wo . IntMe, res't omputeda
eA y.. llON Iiater
NEWBARY DY! C. Note OV~uru (~Sterowh
in endlessatarattof
freshth andistdiluclutsciouwst Ili
d icos a toothsome.ol ~,t'e oe y n
iiesanuaryl 1, 897-$h3,16 29
Clals flad~lat'trs. Janur it , 1898-$~4 34,030 a 40gve

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