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Shoes, the Ladie
A Great Storm Raised Because He Said He
Would Rather See a Senator
"In Hell."
[Charleston Post.]
A great storm has boon raised by
the report that President Roosevelt
had told a Tennessee delegation the
other day that he would see one of
the Tennessee delegation in Congress,
l presumed to be Senator Carmack, in
hell before he would do anything to
please the member. The story of
the President's strong language was
reported by very reliabLe newspapers
and with considerable circnmstan.
tiality. The remark quoted was
made to a party of prominent Ton
nesseeans, chiefly Congressmen from
the Qtate, who called at the White
Hou?e.to ask some favor of the Pres
ident. After the report had been
p60ed in tbe New York Times, in
Wl(ii dit appeared first, President
Rogsevelt had the correspondent of
tha>aper summoned to the White
Hound and given a complete denial
of the report, which the correspond
:ent sent to his paper.
Senator Carmack does not accept
*the denial. After it had appeared1
he was interviewed by a correspond.
.ent of the Memphis Morning News,
to whom he stated that the story of
the President's cussing had come to
him from Representatives Richard
son and Gaines and he said: "Of
course I knew that these gent.lemen
told the truth and no man's denial
can make me believe otherwise."
*That is a very straight issue with
the sincerity and veracity of Mr.
The Memphis Morning News
makes the.following excited editorial
comment on the whole matter:
"The Whiite House has been turned
i<oa fish market,-and the Pre&sident
of the United States imitates the
foul mouthed blasphemy of a fish
wife. For the first time in the his
tory of the republic the chief e'xecu
tive, supposed to be the personifica
tion of.the national dignity, falls to
cursing like a drabl when addressed
inhis official capacity on an all'air
of 'state. Moreover, the exhibitio.n
of billinugsgate was purely gratuitous,
agd the man at whom it was aimed
was absent. The country has come
to a pretty pass when a United States
* .enato r, acting in the line of his
duty, shall be called to task at all by
the P resident, much less that he
shall be abused in such brutal and
blasphemous fashion. And this is
the man that is supposed to be Ethe
examplar for the rsi;ng youth0 of thi
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you to cc
i Newberry has tl
an and child to vi
s' delight--a full Ii
Christian nation. MfcKinley's suc
cossor! Hyperion to a Satyr!"
There is no use for anybody to fly
into a fit because the Presiden' has
done a little cussing. The une of
strong language does not'utterly con
demn a man. It depends on how
the language was employed. And
certainly it was remarkable that a
Tennessee newspaper, which should
have the name of "Old Hickory"
ever fresh in its sanctum, should hold
President Roosevelt to be the first
President to swear about at his ene
mies. But for all that it was unbe
coming that the President should
reaeh out of his way to speak in vio- E
lent language of a Senator, though
that Roosevelt should do this is not a <
One of the Experiences Which Dr. Von
Roth Had In Charleston.]
[News and Courier.]j
Dr. Von Roth, the palmist, who
has 1)e0n givinrg exhibitions during
the week at the Charleston Hotel,
had a novel experience yeterdlay.
Many' persons who have consulted
him have marvelled at his ease in
answering questions and in solving
mysteries. An elderly won an, who
had evidently been weeping, aisked
for an audience yeeterday morning.
"I am anxious to find my son,''
she saidJ. "He has been aiway from
home for months, has not written a
line and I fear.that some great mis
fortune has over taken him."
The woman wanted to know how
much it wvould cost to get a line on
the absent boy. Dr. R{othi gave his
figure and informed the woman bhat
lie would1 charge nothing if lie did
not r.ucceed in locating the soni.
It may sound1( like a wild dreami,
thnt thie palmist. wvhispered to the
woman that her boy was in Savani
nab, and he gave suchi mninuto in
struct ions that she was able to comn
munticate withI hun by telegraph.
Late yestorday afternloon D)r. ltoth '
was readinig t he palhn of another
caller, when the door suddeniy op,en.
ed( antd an envoelope, contiin g I
mioney, was hurriedly thrown in.
TIhe niext mioment there were souinds
of hurrit'.l feet in t he hall. It was
thie muot her of t he wvanderintg boy.
Shie had reeived ani answer to her
wanited1 to maske goodl.
"Oh, I didn't want you to see im,"
she saidl. ''You know too muich. i f
y'ou could( find( my boy you1 must be
the devil, and I'm not. taking any
k purchased
saving oppor
ew spring cl<
me 100 mi
ere been such a
sit the Big Corn(
ne always carrie
Ic Makes General Statement as to the
Situation- Fidelity to The
People's Cause.
Coj. W. J. Br:'an while in Toledo,
Dhio, this week was prevailed upon
:o discus's politics. He told of his
recent visit to New York and added
hat the people in thaL State knew
ess_about politics than they do in
le west.
"They. asked me about Judge Par
cer," he said, "and I told them I
3ould say nothing until I knew his
ittitude on public questions. They
Inswered that he was a judge and it
vould not be proper for him to dis
ius political topics."
"What do you think Mr. Hill in
ends to do?"
"Well, I think Mr. Hill is tossing
penny to see whether he or Judge
?arker will run. The trouble with
he plan is that Hill has an old pen
iy that he has tossed so often that
ie doesn't know which Bide is head
md which side is tail."
"What have you to say regarding
he record of congress?"
"What congress has (lone is easily
Iscertai[ned. Find out how miuch
here was ini the treasury before the
ession began and find out how much
here is now. The wonder is that
hey did not take it all."
Mr. Bryan declined to discusB the
>robable issue and candidates in the
iext nat.ional campaign, but when
isked to make a general statement
ws to the situation lie said:
"Political success depends on two
hings, opportunity and preparation
o take advantage of it. A political
>arty must'have its principles and a'
nust, advocate those policies it be
ieves best for the people and then
rust to events to vindicate the wis
oiom of its course.
"I believe that t he Democratic par
y took the people's side of the pub.
ic questions dlisculssed in 1896 and
n 1900, and I believe if it wdll main
ian its integrity and allow no dloubt.
o arise as to its fidelity to the peo
ns cause it will be only a question
,f time, and ntot a long time i'it her,
>efore enough Reopublicans wvill be
lisgustedi ith t he policy of the lte.
milhicani party to again put~ the
,)emuocratic party ini power.
Suha victory when won will
ring relief to the People froum all
he vicious policies of the Itepubli
ani paty We cannot win a victory
Jy comnprom ise or cowardice and if
,ve should win a victory by such
nuonns it wvould be as disastrona to
ys LC
by us will be a
tunity to buy
)thing just o
iles to buy
turnloose of Fin(
w Store the next
d in stock.
uLe party as Mr. (.leveland's victory
in 1892 proved to be "
Asked his opinion on the Wabash
strike Mr.'Bryan said: "The merits
of the controversy between the com
pany and its employes are over
shadowed by the menace of the pro
cess known as government by in
junction. The Democrats have long
been calling attention to the danger
that luiks in this abuse of the judi
cial power, but it seems to take sev
eral object lessons to make the peo
ple acquainted with a bad princi.
First Fatality on the Skyscraper Now Go
ing Up in the City of Columbia.
(State, 11th)
The first victim in the work of con
structing the great steel Robertson
building was WVilliam Dixon, a color
ed laborer, who wars instantly killed
yesterday morning by a falling eleva
For m?omths theecrowds in the streets
have watched the 'house wvorkers,"
as5 the expert steel men are called,
hanging high in the air bolting to
gether the massive girders, or ascend
ing into the almost-skies on the der
rick loads, but as yet no casulty had
occurred among thre hundreds of
workers until yesterday morning.
The accident occurred without any
previous warning or spectacular feat
ures. Swift and terribie Lihough~ it
wvas the deatih was nevertheless comn
monplace whon compared with a falU
from the topmost story, or a man
crushed by a p)onderous picco of
Dixon, a laborer, stopped for a
moment and paused in his wvork to
look down in the collar to speak to
some one there. Heo half lay on thre
sixth door, his head just projecting
over the shaft. Suddenly, without
warning, the elevator descending al
most noiselessly anid with t he terrific
force of unimipodod gravity, struck
the back of his head, crushing it
horribly arnd breaking his nock. The
elevators are used for 'onivenienee ini
carryinog b)uildi[ng material to the
various floors, andic when unloaded
are dropped to the ground floor to be
again ladeui.
The men 'rear at hand wore st ruck
aghast with horror at the awful sight
as thle negro met. his doom11. Almnost
instantly, however, orngineecr raised
the elevator anid the liinp, nerveles
form, its head hanging loose anid its
features crushed into a pul py mass,
was lifted out. D)eath had been in
stant anAnna.
UIoes and
;old at Cut pr
your Shoes a
ened, going in
your Clotl
3 Shoes and Clo
15 days. Bargair
South Carolina Lover, Just Parted from
his Virginia Love, Killed in a Railroad
[News and Courier.]
Richmond, Va., March 1O--Joseph
E. McArthur, the prominent, young
business man of Gaffney, S. C., who
was killed in the wreck at. )anville
this morning, was returning from a
visit to his sweetheart, Miss Agnes
H. Beville, of this city.
Mr. McArthur, after a visit of nov.
eral days, bade Miss B3eville good
bye late last. night and started home
They were to have boon married in
the fall. The young lady was com
l)letely prostrated by the telegram
announcing the horrible death of her
Spartanburg, March 10-.Joseph
McArthur, who was killed at Dan
yille this morning in a railway wrec,k,
was the oldiest son of Prof Me Arthiur,
of~ (afi'ney, ex.county superintend.
ent of edufcat,ion. He was a young
man of attractive manners, with a
fIne business prospet. F'or seerl
year~ lhe was in business ait Gaffuoy,
tput was travelling for some commer.
cial house at the ti me of h is deathI.
TillE STORlY OF TiHE wREiici.
Danville, Va, March I10.--10 arly
I.his morning the south- boumnd South.
ern tailway fast passenger train,
standinig at this stat ion, wvas run into
19-y the niorth boun F)1111 lorida flyor,
rAaniting m1 ihe death of Jotioph E.
McArt hur, of Gaffiey, 8. 0. , a pass
eonger, anid W. K. Neal, of Itural llall,
N. C., an overhiauler, who wasi, con.
ling: ir b)rakes. Jioseph (Colemzan,
ani employee of the roadit, whoi( wats
asalmLig Neail, was ta~ken to thle hot,.
pitanl, where one of his arms was arn
pu tated . Both enIgines'~ were wreck.
ed anid several cars <lamiagetI
The Brain of An Anit.
Al though alt ant is a t iny (reiature,
yet its brain is eveni tin,er. But al.
though it is niecssarily sinailler t ian
the ant's hiead which contains it, yet.
it is larger in propot ion, accordi ig
to the ant's size, t han the brain (If ainy
known creat ure. The hoest writers upon)J
iints those who have mallde t he list on
ishi ing i ntellIigenco of t hese little in.
sect s at speeiatl at.udy and11( are obl iguol
to admit. that. they display reasoning1
ability, !alenilat,ioni, reflect0 ionland
good1 juidgement. Slch (inallit ies of
brmain showy at more thantj ordinary in
stinct, and w(e are niot surprised to
hear that the alit's big brain carries
out our idai thait lie possesses atli igli
er intelligence t han is showni by
other wvorkors of his size
ices for the i
nd Clothing
this grand c
iing and S
thing at such F
is in every linE
Fate of a Brutal Negro Who Attacked
Little While Girl Near Parish,
TIampa)i, Fla., M1arch S1. -- hour3
Thoma, colored, who attempted i
criminal assault on the ton-year ott
daughter of Porter Keono, on Friday
was lynched near Parish last night
after being positively identitied by
his victimn and having admtittted hi1
ThoIt5naH wais capturde yestorday
afternoon soutih of 1'arisl, and tfter
being taken to tIe ,,nm of haii o
wias h anged to it t ro e.
Last Irid -ay t ho ton year old
daughter of Koene was sent to the
home of a neighbor to Purchase veg
otablos. 'Ih ouiiighlor's wts only i
half a mnilo distant, and when the
victim of the assault arrived there
sIhe was sont a short distance fromt
thte farm to procure1 r thet vogetablt..
There t ho negro saw hor ande itm
mnediately fol lowinig, camto upl antd
attempjtedl to assault. hter almtost with.
iln sight of the farmt htons. TIhe lit.
LIe girl, wh1ena she finally maunatged tc
tsenipo, ran towards hert own hiomte
and1( the ntegro followed hier. Mrs.
Koeeno, alarmod at bor dauightora
ftbsenace, had1( stairtedl in search of Ibor
1%nd( immeittdiately after shte haid left
ber home site saw her Ilitt lo d1aughteLe
ruinning toward her witht the negrc
in pursuit. UJont soeing Mrs. KeOlm
the negro drew a pistol ont her itnd
thtronttod to shoot her if shei ca-nt(
further ini his dlirection.
The alarm was irntmodtiately gi ven
11nd( posses of citiztons bogan a acaroll
for the negro. If e was locatedi at
ieveratl ptlacos, hat. managed to~ es.
mipot eachlttiimo until bie was finally
GiNiiltAL NEiWS NiOTliS.
Items of More or Less Interest Contdensed
tiutside the State.
U rover (Clevoland has gi von out u
staitoemonet saying th~at lie is out o~
polities for good, attlhouigh he is al.
Watys ready to acet jII itI a(lVisor
enity 3 if 50 deOsired.
l"olgetr (Green Ihais boon indicted at
Now Orleoans for rn rder ont his state
i'met. thtt somte tirnie ago hoe per.
,nadedl( htis wife to dlie with himt, tht
boa thI took mot(rphlinto, shte (dy'ing and1(
bet recoverinig.
President F'ransis, of the St.
L ontis I1)ositOirg wats receivedl in:
iundience bay Ettmperor Williamt, of
Sermnv.tuy this week.
0 E S
mi ss.
ext 15 days.
at such low
ut price sale.
hoes of us.
>rices. We want
;-Queen Quality
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed.
In the State.
The l'roasury department has com
itenced to pay the claimti growing
out of the Charleston Exposition, in
accordance with the Act of Congress
appropriating $100,000 for that pur
pose. That amnount will pay about
(10 per cent. of the claim1s.
Two murders in (lroenville County
resulted last week from gambling.
In one caso both part iot were colored.
In the other which resulted on Sat.
urday night. the partiers were Vest.
Ft'ller and 11arl lPlOyd, both white,
l'oyd dying on Monday.
''he 1)010 eoni hagi opened an1d a
tournaenot has been in progress at
Camiden dluring t his woeok, the prai
cipa'&l teamsii beinrg t hose from A iken
and1( Camideni.
The U. S. Suipremie Court has af
firmed the op)inionI of tihe SouthI Caro..
linia Supremie Court inl the case of
anro. lBrown field, a negro charged
with 'murder, and Brownfield wvill
hanilg. The appeal was taken on thle
gronid t hat while four.-fifths of the
peopl)1 of the communiiity in inch
t he t rial was held wore negroos, t here
was niot a niegro onl the jury.
Over 1 ,000 bl)sE' of (cott<, (.1were
sold ait toni cenIts aI pound at ( roni
woodi laist woElk.
Work has begun on the noew Je
rome hotel in C~oluhiiija. It will
c'ost abont $50,00 anid will be open
by October 1st.
Governor Hteywardi will p)robabdly
accept the inrvitation to deliver thei
alumni add(roAs at the approaching
c nmmeCien it of W\asington and
LOC University, of wich hie is a
A young white mani, K. K. Janiie
soni, of Umion County, cal led out the
Columbia Firo Department b)y t urn
ig in the alarm from the A'.y lmu
Tuesday. He says he went to thie
Asylum to visit friends, and thought
to ring the door bell. lHe was finled
Charlos M. Schiwab), who hans been
aibroad for 11hi health, hats set sail for
New York. lie is muiich imiprod,(l
A n oil train was wrecked at O)lean,
N. Y., on Mond(ay night, killing four
teen byst anders andl se'riouisly wound
inig fourtoon others.

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