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U4. Ht. AU 1,1, I;lros.
Solicitor Sease is to be commended
for his action in recommending an
extra term of court to be held in this
county for the purpose of trying the
negro ravisher now k iged in jail. it
is only by meteing out swift justice to
persons who have committed this crime
that the evil of 13 aching in this State
and throughout the country will ever be
stopped. The prime cause of lynch
ing has ever been the delay of the law
in bringing to trial th( e charged with
crime of the nature of. he one this ex
tra term is called to investigate, and
the loopholes of escape made possible
by this delay. If the people are once
convinced that the law is able and ready
and willing to take charge of those
with whom it has been to deal the
crime of lynching, now so common
throughout the countly, will cerse.
There will no doubt. le those who
will criticize the Solicitor for calling
this extra coot on the I;rot''d that, it
w ill entail additional expense to the coun
ty. There n dll no (oub)t be some addit ion
al expense, but the total cost. of this
extra coml t will b; less than y 00, and
it should be rememhercd that the cost
would be something if the ease were
tried at the reg llar term. lIt the
question of cost is not to be considered.
Those who talk about. that should put
themselves in the re -it ion of the l'ople
i'l the connunity in which the outrage
was committ 'd. mnd then they w ill not
tnink of the small cost to the county.
Some will say the negeo should have
been h. nehed. That Iosit ion cannot I .
justified under the law. and the people
of the community :we to be commended
for the forhearance which they dis
played in permitting the law to take :ts
course. The question of calling the ex
tr'a courit was up to Soiit it ur Se' ne.
The Iw,\ gave him the anthority to call
the extra court if in his .iudgi.ent the
Iulit" good deanmded it. lIe came to
Ne'wherry and went in the tornmunit\'
and plersonally in' est igatei. It is but
fair to hin to say awhen he came
he a' tippiosed to the idea of calling :n
e\tra com: .b afIr lsonai vsit
to the community :n which the outrage
was committed and an interew with
the peopile. he decitid it was best to
have the case sii1 soei of and -nce Ls
r'etllest for an extra \ V shtv:ld
think the call for an extra coY:: 1s not
baseid on the fear o: a ' ng: in this
case. but to iet it b' dt' nstrated that
in cae's the ;n' w h w was
dicei there shuh be a fa saa n
trial od t had. r w.: .ltw :a
jhat is b.a1 doa Tt i all an- one
tkind. getA a: to ot-n tne th r
eumtane- n the infortion bfor.
hi Siitoru tSasecr ate w.lvra
die ugdecp there cost, ara . atwil
bea trisallo thit noao!e ca wt any
reasone objec on tfhat is!account.
Wen as. Iyt ire ewspapers that New
berry geire to ut a cordessted ir
wa ifter ind the city fowei:. fr
hi finmcin efor blowvin th-e water
ou orwell.ga ut theatrubl as
abotin( thi tway. Mt ahnd 'he machin
heaso stated thte ( camprwsorthryu
a sonlicten tfhate acbout.fu
tie the wll ticneaou fpiften seconds.
Anryd esirfe toa iut apu(mpdupe alit
tewater tean th iety delown..h
Aouto two yer as sabvll anduth:
ouctyo ourwllfu the tsarouwas wrat.
abIt din'thi ay. Whern tge machine
wa tr,tcompress orciewa ae otrw. u
inhA in dimeasten. Thistea epns
tiod wood well redbuet fiftom sonds.n
Athenafter cordt it woode up a hlt
e waerd aogrtd of prpoind Tohrae
for oaihewe pum for Newbell' anditing
Ma)it o b th earn thateou air pump gra.
eenlrhl. acie Nwbsterynd anyto.
thing5whicihi may. nowt bei Tnhand wx~ei
frwod wgad trdei fo oNew-n
hressadraer. od fwo oahl
Weha thtito of hePres and taner
Mill, bist learrya our ir asur has
bee avery criaf Nwelcomned an dn
thisnvsi wih mayhowbhimnand,l wic
cano be gladtoired it aot forftew
ifons th (or ifte es aeither. e
Newberry may not needl a compreseed
air p)ump as badly as she needs some
other things, but our well has stood
tests sufficiently thorough that our'
commissioners would not be afraid to
risk two or three comp)ressedl air pumps
on account of any lack of capacity.
Nor does Newberry want to disp)ose
of her Knitting Mill. We need more
enterprises like this Knitting Mill, and
before many months we are going to
have several more. We see but one
solution of the p)roblem with which our
brother of the Press and Banner finds
himself confronted. lie will have to
move to Newberry. Newberry is the
best town in the country anyway.
A Remndcence of No. 1.
Mr. Editor: You have. no regular
correspondent from No. 7 Township,
and I.shall try to write something of
her and her citizens which it is hoped
will be of interest to some of your
readers. Having been a resident here
for only two months, I am not yet
familiar with all the names of her old
est citiaens or of the ante-bellum settle
ments, but I trust by the time the end
of this reminiscence of her, her people
and her towns, is reached, they may
be better known than at present.
No. 7. Township is very nearly a tri
angle in shape. The upper boundary
runs along the Old Island Ford, which
separatesatt from Laurent cominty to
Saluda river. The eastern boundry is
Little River. The old Island Ford road
was a Revolutionary highway, and is
one amongst the oldest public highways
in the State. Could it talk, it, might.
tell us of many daring deed done by
the American and I;glish soldiers in
the dark dayz of the Revolutionaary War.
It might also tell us something of t he
Whigs and Tories who ran rampant,
over t! section of the country, both
sides being well represented in No. 7.
With such men as Cinningham and
Williams, the Tories and Whigs kept.
this section ini a continual dread. Not
far from here is the old William. Ford,
on Mudlic Creek, which Cunninghan
abandoned when he learned that. Col.
Washington had defeated the Tories at
Stoney Battery.
Among the e.rly set tIers of this part
of the country were those of the name
of Chappell, .1 enl: in-, Williams. Seuri ,
Vaughn. Wells, Moon, Boazman, \Vat
kIm1s. Andrews. Rludd, l)iekei t. and
I,ipst'omb. These were some of the
earliest settlers, but since then m:Iny
changes have been made. In those
tdays the land was owned by a few 1 X1h
and prospero's men, cultivating what
they covd w ith their slaves. The tow a
ship at that time w' vet t hinly set
tied, and teday has in it a less numi .r
of white people than any other tow n
ship in the coun-ty if you take out a
small piece around the town of C'hap
l ;lls. Some of the children and tZ'antld
children of the old set t iers have g; iow n
u'p and tacn their places. but the m:1
1oritY of thu stead\ veomari' of his
ton I hip of to-day came fr r d' l ferent
sectiors of this cototy and from other
'ounties Mr. Hopkins \Wiam-s at o:a
.Ime w.-, the la-gest land+ ouer :1 .
:his ton nship. H e ran a store at .:
:tden'ce an the p -ee is ' ow
Ul- .05,T61- -.ER" \."
Ah' 'ti o o
Yet i hislovei hn ter
SIe te dear fet
Noainig 1r thin' thfe \rl oat
he godnstet
TstN fore beor the , in
etin isaturjeL- sw e
"Not l is l bt tone bforv"a
W N hut ie's h confit,t to find a\ t t
uiet y.'l tet
And wtait foth all efopectiant1 jy
Toi wlctome theet.
" Not lost, but gone bfor" Ah soon,
God halretoe
He ce th to i know to par,i.'.ng
" Not lost, but gone before!" . 'is thus
God pourl is oarm
ln wounded hear'ts, and for unreost
Gives wondouots calm;
( haJnging the lamentat ions sore',
To praiseful ptsalm."
The A, B. C. of It.
A kidney edutcat ion at arts wit h: Back
ache means kiiney ach(', lame back
means lame kidnfeys, weak back means
weak kidneys, cure means D oan 's Kid
ney.Pills. Read abotut the free distri
bution in tis paper', and call at Pelhamn
& Son's D)rug Store Saturday, March I..
Fresh Lot Just Reccived.
We have just receivedI a fresht lot of
''Clifton'" flour, andi will kceep it in
stock .regularly in the future. ICvery
sack is so1(1 with the guarantee that it
is the hest p)atent flour in the market.
n.... & ca. y
Advertised Letters
Remaining in postoflice for week end
ing Mari 7th, 1903:
B-Miss Carrie Boozer.
C-Dolly Caldw,ell, Edd Cromer.
" -Katerine Flamington.
11- Frank Harvey, J. R. tlair, Mrs.
Lillian llunt.
J --Miss Josie James, E. J. Jenkins.
K E. C. Kirklond, Mrs. Emma Kibler.
1. - Geo. Leonhirth, O. S. Long.
M --Miss Erelia May field, J. S. Miller,
Eddie Mose, Miss Ola Montgomery.
S ---Secretary Knights of Damon con
chive, 1lanp Sligh, Eugene Smith, John
M. Suber, Walter Summers, (col)
W"-James Waldrop, Newton Wilson,
Eddie Williams.
Persons calling for these letters will
please say they were advertised.
C. J. Purcell, P. M.
Itchiness of the Skin and Eczema.
''he only remedy in the world that
will at once stop Itchiness of the Skin
on any p>art of the body that is abso
lutely safe and never failing, is )oan's
Oint meat. Free sample at Pelhanm &
Sons )rug Store, Saturday, March 14.
I.ctter to C. C. Da%ls, of Newberiy.
I)ear Sir: The cost of labor in paint
ing a house is three times the cost of
the paint. You seem to save a little
when you buy a lower priced paint, but
you certainly add to the cost of labor
when you pay for spreading more gal
You don't even save on the paint.
1)evoe l ead and Zine costs a little more
thun mixed paints, but it takes fewer
gallons, and the cost is actually less.
Wears longer too--longer than mixed
paints, longer than lead and oil.
You don't save a cent.
Mr. '. Loch, a painter in Magnolia,
M iss,., w\ it es:
Alter years of expet iments with
nuxed pants, I tilld that yo'" paint
covers more surface to the ga'ilon than
ay I have ever used. For dersit.y and
wearii'; lualities it cannot be exc'elled.
C'ompared w :th lead and oil: A house
belonging to the late President of the
Croton River Bank, at Hrewster, N. Y.,
(tcost $31.( Al) was painted wit h lead and
oil in I at a cost of ' 100. in '87-- three
'ears it w"a'. repainted \ ith )evoe at a
cost of S350. In '97 the house was still
all right.
Results: lea". and oil- cost $4(0, wear
thre' yea : Devoe cost $350, Vearl ten
years. Yours tityl".
l . W. l)':vre &. Co.,
New York.
.S. Newt t. yv llatdware Company
"Clifton" in Towel Sacks.
A. 4>-lb sac ks in which ''Clifton"
s Naced are made of regular
The oar in these sacks
han that i' the or
A - for- .. : toni
.:1t H y' & \ic arty.
It:hing Piles.
. -Ter from that ter
T ente wod -bu whe.
- dy th t a ha -r.~r
nec re ntreat-~
ag:ts rsiothrs ha are~ chea no
*er'Coughs rncitis Troupand
perial for onsumtLin re there
d el expetortio and ough.ing .
rm *h r.gt andg mornins, thereI
notinglik erm~tat Syre p.-he '.i5
nt siz hasjt been itrhod.ut this
ar.- I eg rlar size 5 eetis. Fror sale
y~ W.~'-i E. Fehr(o& Smto. weet
Nohtce p(o in al Disghr
:-rig he ciharge.onng,thr
sLThiCE Ike ;zlErB GylVp TEN2
.t s-ha thet unrintdwil apply
r etterse-<hamsr & Son nsraor
t Jpersonal estate of Calhoun F.
d deeaed on Tuesday, April7
'n'..t il a. m. to the Probate l-our
a r .\ehrr Ci,(ounty.
Newberry, S. C.
D~apital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200 ~
A mlani working by the day is patid p
or the Li me lhe puts ina at work, but
ivbenl that man11 saIvC' a (dollar for his C
lay's labor it' wourks for him nights,
is well as days; never lays oil on aic.
Aomnt of had wYeat her anmd never gets
niek, bti g ,oes right. ont ear-ni ng h im i
min icomet. Ii's a nico thing Lto work
ror money, but it's maneh nicer to
haveo imoney wVorkin.g for you 'Trv
it- open01 a sainigs acecount with n's
(1m( gost 01ome money working for you
M1ake a ldeositI in lhe Savings do t
hmrt tnen11t toilay atnd lot, it begina to
w~ork for you'i. Iterosi (cmpiulted m I
*t por centi J anuary I and Jul1y I of'
auch ye-r
G3 0 TO .J. 1'. COOK FOR (,l10AP
U G.rocuries.
New stock of Mon's and Ladies' Ited
Wool (olf ("loves at Wootei's. tf
" Apply to -1. M. Buford.
Olt SAl.N'. New erry Roller Mill.
F'or terms apply to ). L. Boozer.
TOlIi FOR SALEl1.-Will work
L anywhere. If you wanit to buy
Ia good horse eheap apply in person or
atdre!. Miss Anne O. Ituff.
IBoundary Street.
Newberry, S. C.
M ON]-Y TO 0LOAN---We negotiat
. loans on improved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest or
amounts over one thousand dollars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less I han $1,000. Long time and easy
paytmets. Ilunt, llunt & Hunter,
('All.l;l) CONVOCA''ION O'
. Si inet Chapter, No, 18 R. A. M.,
will be 1teld Friday evening, March 13th,
1903, to confer the Royal Areh degree.
Visiting eompanions cordially invited
to at tend. VAN SMI'TIl,
secreta ry.
Millinery ! Millinery I
Everything new and striking. Th
street I ats are ready for display. Call
and see them. It is a pleasure for us
to show our goods.
The Riser Millinery Co.
I. 0. 0. F
iE 'i' i' I 'l IY '' I l)A Y NIG Ill
. 7 ) ath>kit t at tIw ir ball at t.he)
Cralt'o'I ho !M il e \'M"! I i er- ; o ..
di( lly iIviteil.
.1. Mr GiINN, N C
Have just received 2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
fortv to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
$38.00 per ton.
An Opportunity Worthy of Your Notice.
It you :r with 'idney disease or
Lny a:ent ar.s:i,g tro'm an improper
.le it t!he i: nc or urinmary organs
:his o\Vfr we make to the peoule of
Newberry should interest you. in the
d.lancemn:t of medical science. the
dney*. the organs of the greatest im
-,rtance to iuman health, have not
en r.eg!ected. and in placing before
ou such a cure as Doan's Kidney Pills
h' .-re:e:!r r:.cognize how 'far so
any* Utan:s of the makers of sim
ar. pr. 'arat :ons have fallen short of
r e'.aims. be lingz conv inced that no
emedy fcor~ kidny co'mplaints in exis
e ee egl D*an' kidnev Pills for
uc aien- -trenethenetd in these
ornvicti"r.v byetters that are daily re
ei.tl of 't work thev are doing for
*t.n rl' i etit. l l-.cks _and ,voung
*ae.s ar --:r :ln-tan tt e from
eve-r-e--a e . ater.e*, ar'.d ny a lame
raetd. : st ehnd 't-invAigurated
d.fsdwt wlf With such
mediJc'r..- an 't!vr of this kirnd can be
nade without k.esita!.ey. for while we
ose- th.: lrx wt give to you, we make
frier.il that a.si-t- us-in the sale of
nary other-.
Full Bo,xes.
>f 1 )ar.' - iri'r.ey Pills wfl be given
ay fr'-e to -very per-son suffering
vith kidnrey ailmnts at the unideesigned
aldress. F-irst come, first ser ved, and
mly this one chanc(e offered. F-or those
n the country who cannot call in time
box will he mailed upon receipt of
our cents to pay postage. Rernember
his is not a sample box, but a regular
ize box of D)oan's Kidlney Pills, whicn
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istribution one day only, Saturday,
4arch I.Ith, at P'elham & Son's Drug
tore. Cut this advertisement oult andl
rirng with yi~ou, Sole Agents for the
Jr ite<i Stat es, Foster-M ilburn, Co.,
tuffalo, N. Y.
Not Our Steady Growth.
III1--s Ir - .
Jainuary I. I-dr -8 'd,4110 29
Jan ua ry 1, 1 .& :; I 030 .9o
Jlan.uary I. 1900tM $ fN".80.1 90
January11912 --817.10iii .
anuary I, 1903-$163,161 61
rhe Commercial Bank
JNo. .t . K I.\ t I, P -e. ot
Z I'. WV RIo. Ipr. ('ashier.
I,. W. Ifi.Ov, ( en. NI on. Newb erry
)i .\lill.
('. o. S.M ir o f it lico- .
W. II. l I1tN'' t\itor'.i'y ti bl anw and
obecitor for ihe hitank.
ewhterry I1,ant( and Secugrity ( u.
ot ton lillIs.
A. 1. 4 lnuSON-. I'Ia'uier.
.lINO. .\I. KIN A lilh I':-*l-ie t.
WVe pa v -n :e iii sa m ii X p.
tent, i t -al - of
A ,1, OVl'lRSICIlCits AltlC ll'RiCBXy
L.notified, t hat they must work
norrespective r'oadls on or he fore
pi ,.130. Any, one knowing of a
ection of road having no overseer wvill
dense notify me.
J.M Cut lPeiR,
The surest-and most
positi.ve cure for Rheu
matism, Neuralgia,
Lame back, Stiffness
in Joints, Cramp Colic
Toothache. Price 3I
cents per bottle.
Dr. C. T. Wyche,
Prosperity, S. C.
S. B. Aull,
Jalapa, S. C.
I. H. Compton,
Gary, S. C.
I. M. Smith & Co.,
Kinards, S. C.
John Ropp,
Old Town, S C.
T. T. Ruff,
Sligh's S. C.
Zeb Coleman,
Higgins Ferry.
W. R. Reid,
Chappells, S. C.
H. H Ellis, Old Town.
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Craven Hill, S. C.
IVII. E. Peliham Soil,
Prescription Pharmacists.
to grow spring cab
bage from the seed.
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plied the ground with
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dying after planting.
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every day. Plants that
are from eight to ten
inches high.
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that we have seen on
the market, and cost
you only
25c. PER 100
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Mowers and Bakes.
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Thomas Disc and~
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
wly seds sometimes Fail to Grow.
Seeds, like iudiyiduals, have their peculiarities and different
natutres, and to know the nature of t he varioui varieties is
one of the principles of successful gardening; some sorts
will wi'hstand great moisturs, whilf; others will perish; some
are liablo to attacks of insee', and are completely eaten up,
while others can withstand such assaults.
Lima Beans, Okra, Cucumber, Squash, Melon, Pumpkin,
Corn, and Wrinkled Peas have very delicate germs, and if a
suc0ession of cold, wet weather succeed their planting, they
will imvariably perish in the ground; on the contrary, Peas,
Radish, Lettuc(e, Turnip, Onion, Beet, Snep Beaus, Carrot,
Salsify, Spinach will withsH and quite a spell of such weather;
therefore, many :ailures result from the inexperience of the
planter in either selecting an improper time for sowing, or
in covering small delicate seeds too deep, but when failure
occurs with a person wh;, is familiar with the sowing of
seeds, the reason is invariably beenuse they are worthless
from either had harvesting or too old td grow; the latter is
really the principal cause, and to guard against this, pur
cshase your supplies from
Particular Pharmacists, Corner Drug Store,
and his Expert Crew of
Have Arrived.
M It. PANNILL will paint your roof t
stop it from leaking and guaran
tee his paint and work. His celebrated
Roof Point is a Pure Mineral Paint-no
acid and benzine dryer, but strictly ;
Pure Linseed Oil and Oxide of Iron.
Gan give best of testimoniali and
references from such firms as Standard s
Oil Co.. A. C. L. R. R., N. & V . R. R.
Va. Beach and others of like )rom1i
nence. The soofs are cleaned off With
steel brushed and the paint is ,ut on
by his own special crew. Me. Pannill
can be seen at the Newberry Ilotel and
will gladly examine any roof free, and
tell you its condition and
Save You Money.
Watches, Clocks, MUST BE
SiverndPIateWaroW IN EVERY
Cut Glass and Table Ware I H 0M E I N
Wedding and Birthday Presents fl ruggists requests the
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Winders. Grea' Preparation, MURNA WINE.
~c~c1 ~ For sale only by Gilder & Weeks.
Eduard Scholtz, I- _ _
Jeweler and Optician.
Natioila Bank of Nli'98y 8' C i
(EwrTAsLIsFiu iN i87 I. I
Dapital----- - - - -$5,000
surplus and Proilts -- 9680.8
sollections. Coresoind.onee stoilet ed
Savings Departmont.
Deiposits allowed i nterest at the , ate O
>f 4 per cent per aiintnm frm date of
lreposit. Ini.eress payable .Jmnasr a t For Information Con -
er'l July 1et, of echI1. yearLt.
M. A. OARrAsrx, Prest. Cerning these H arness
.i wV. M. $NMoN. At,. ('r CALL AT
First announcement of DEALERS IN
the New Store. Hardware and General
3. B. SUMVMER. Agriculturaj Impliments.
I have bou ght the stock of Counts &
)ickert, and I am going to conuc(t an
pto -(ate grocery >usi51ness in their l
I xtenld an invitation to my THEiendsRR
fNe wberry and the surroundling county
a dlrop in andl see me. My salesmenm,
.P. Aldridge and Clarence H. Sligh, EA
till be0 glad to see them.Repcfly olct
Netoo B o SMmauh', the business of this
Nexdor o immaghs. community. With the
- latest improved ma-.
~"~2chinery and the most
00d appove methods""f
Wooiis cleaning the linen;
thorough knowledge of
Best for the i .. the business and most
WOD'liW EF3- FO 103 complete deviCes of
(nuied tree oni ij..), is een th. trade, co bie
got iii"g " 2111 u s auI ul. w ith politeness anid
wod, .orade io m. ,.l: d,, careful attention to the
WoRAsS "TAd N1)hPvi wants of their patrons,
aljsova: smens they trust to please
thie best qualites ol,:aiullh. everyone. Their work
1 ook v r~i110 (P is uaranteed to be
Ln ll'oIitif. first class in every
T. W. WOOD & SONS, o articular.
Seedsmen, Richm~ond, V. Tug NevgggySg> Lodiy

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