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ind Tiger King Calls -n the Governor.
Other Matters Relating to Dis
pensary in Charleston.
Columbia Cor. News and Courier.]
Vineent Chicco, of Charleston,
came to. Calumbia last Wednesday
to consult with the Governor over
the blind tiger situation. Chicco has
been raided so often that he thinks
he has been specially singled out for
persecution ou the part of the con.
stables and he seemed to make com
'iplaint-in that regard. However, his
/main point evidently was to convince
the Governor that disaster would re.
11suit if he insisted on the strict en
forcement. of t,he law. It was some
'what of an anomalous conference-a
leading and acknowledged blind
tiger dealer pleading for a compro
mise -but the Governor was rather
glad to meet him, as he considerel
him somewhat of a representative of
the business in Charleston, and he
desired to have all illicit dealers to
understand his position thoroughly
and unmistakably. Chicco evidently
thought it was in the power of the
Governor to compromise the matter,
Sfor he said that he and many of the
dealers would be utterly ruined if
they were forced ont of the business.
SThe Governor talked very plainly to
him and told him that he would be
compelled to enforce the law, and ad
vised Chicco and all others in his
Sposition to close up at once He
.told him plainly that there could(1be
no compromise with the open1 or se
cret sale of liquor. Chicco said he
wanted to get out of the business,
but seemed to think if he could sell
"on the quiet" it would be all right,
but, of course, such a prop)ositionl, if
it had been1 directly made, would not
Shave been entertained for a moment.
Although Ohicco pretended that
be was on the verge of roin), he ap
peared very cheer ful, and when int ro
duced to Chief Constable Hammett
said he was glad to meeit him and
asked him pleasantly to call wvhen he
came to Charleston.
Chief of Police Boyle had a very
pleasant interview today with G*ov
ernor Heyward. Mayor Smyth and
Chief Boyle had a conference rela
tive to the dispensary situation in
Charleston, and it was thought well
that Chief B3oyle-should c3me to Co
lumbia and make the police depart
ment thoroughly understood.
Chief Boyle had a letter from
Mayor Smyth and said, by way of
preface, that he wished to discuss
the matter without feeling or per
sonalities, and that he had no pur
pose to criticise anyone and would
not do so.
He wished for tihe police depart
ment, as Mayor Smyth had pre
viously done, to assure the Governor
'of the co operation of the police de
partment ini the effort to enforce the
disnensary law in Charleston, and to
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say that the police department would
do all that it could legitimately do
to co-operate.
Under the opinion of the corpora
tion counsel the police have no right
to enter a man's store or place of
business and make arrests without
a warrant, while the constables have.
A constable, however, could make
the arrest and take the prisoner out
on the street and the police would
co-operate and take charge of the
prisoner. The opinion is that the
police, however, have no right to
enter a store to make an arrest, but
the officer would be in duty bound
to take charge of the prisoner when
turned over to him. Chief Boyle
emphasized the fact that there was
no friction between the police and
the constables in Charleston.
Chief Boyle stated that the main
purpose of his visit was to assure
Governor Heyward that it was the
purpose and the desire of Mayor
Smyth and the police department to
assist in every way possible and to
co-operate fully in the enforcement
of the dispensary law.
Governor Heyward stated that he
was glad Chief Boyle called upon
him and delighted to have the assur
ance of the police dlepartment and
Mayor of Charleston that it is in
tended to co operate in every way
possible in the enforcement of the
dispensariy law in Charleston.
[News and Courier.]
Vincent Chic.-o, wvho went to Co
lumbia to have a talk with the Gov
ernor about the b)linld tiger situation,
has returned to Charleston. Yester
day he consented to tell what, hap
pened when he braced the Governor.
Acco-ding to Chico the interview
was in part as follows:
"Now, Governor," said Chicco,
"you're a genitlemian; aill the Hey.
wards are gentlemian. And i'm a
gentleinian, anrd all the Chiccos are
gentlemen. Governor, tell mue
what, are you going to do about this
matter ?"
"T here is but one thing to be (lone,
Chiic,co,'' the Governor replied in
positive tones, "you'll have to quit
this business. It is my duty to en
force t he dispe*nsary law.''
"unt, Governor, I've got a wife
and niany children. I have to supJ
port them. I've got to miake a liv.
ing; that's the proposition I'm up
"Well, you will have to close your
establishment, Chicco, unless you can
make a living without breaking the
law. Promise me you'll cease vio.
lating the dispensary law.
"Governor, I've just told you I'm
a gentleman, and if 1 was to make
that promise P'd break it, and then
I'd be a liar. And no gentleman is
a liar.
"Very well, Chicco,'' replied the
Governor, decidedly, "you've go to
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respect the dispensary law or take
the consequences."
"I can't give up my business, Gov
ernor; I've got. to make a living and
I don't know how to do anything
"All right, Ohicco; you and the
constables can settle that."
SuddenlyChicco's face lighted with
hope. "Governor," he whispered,
"I've got a proposition to make to
"What is it, Chicco?"
"I'll quit the blind tiger business
if you'll appoint me a member of the
board of control."
What the Governor said Chicco
refused to divulge.
How Georgia Regards the Propost
tion. The Idea Probably
[Atlanta Constitution.]
Governor Terrell has as yet re
ceived no word from the governor of
Wisconsin relative to the appoint.
ment of delegates to a convention
proposed to be held in Atlanta for
the discussion and settlement of the
race problem.
So far as is known not one of the
Southern governors has received any
communication b)earing upon this in
teresting proposition which emnat
ed from the Wisconsin senate.
Governor Terrell's views with re
gard to the matter are wvell known
In his recent speech before the Geor
gia Society of New York he advocat
ed a cessation of discussion of the
negro question as the best solution
of the matter. The governor's views
as expressed on that occasion have
been generally and favorably com
monted upon all over the country.
While lhe hais not expressed him
self upon the subject, those who know
his views say Governor Terrell would
tako no part in such a movement,
anid would not name delegates from
Georgia to attend such a conven
"The indications are", said a promi.
nont Georgian at the capitol yester
(day, "that reports sent back to Wis
consin about the way the proposition
of the Wisconsin senate was received
in the South have thrown a deal of
cold1 water on the scheme, and I would
not 1)e surprised to see the coniven
tion dropped. I do not believe the
southern states would take part in
any such plan, and, as usual, it would
be entirely a one sided affair.
"I am glad to see that the Tenines
see legislature has taken notice of
the matter in it.s resolution requiring
the governor of that state to decline
60) appoint (degatoes to attend the
p)roposed1 negro convention. I don't
believe the governor of Tennessee
wvould have done sio under any cir
cumiatances, b)ut it is interesting to
note the sentiment of the T1ennessee
legislat.nre on the subject."
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Items of More or Less Interest Conden.
I: the State.
W. L. Logan, a white farmer liv
ing at Phoenix, in Greenwood County,
committed suicide on Wednesday of
last week by shooting himself in the
right temple with a small pocket
derringer. His wife was in the
kitchen cooking dinner at the time.
Constables in Greenville County
captured an illicit distillery 22 miles
from the city at middle Saluda river
last week. The outfit was being put
in readiness for op rition. It in.
eluded a steam boiler, three ferment
era, and 500 gallons of beer.
Senator Tillman attended the meet
ing of the board of trustees of Clem
son College last week. He expressed
himself as well pleased with the
work of the institution.
Senator Tillman has accepted the
invitation of a number of business
men of Charleston to attend a dinner
to be given him in recognition of his
services to that city in many matteis
affecting its welfare. The plans for
the function are yet to be put in
In the negro church row at Mt.
Pleasant church, near Johnston, on
Sunday a week ago, Joe Hammond
was shiot to death by Jim Henderson,
and others wvere wounded. There
were two factions in the church and
the brethren, expecting troub)le, went
armed. Hot words led t.o the shoot
Statist.ics recently gathered show
that the eight cotton mills now in
operation in Anderson County coin
sume annually 90,804 bales. Last
year the total crop of Anderson
County amounted to 46,000) bales.
Gov. Hleyward has p)ardloned Cary
Washington, of Marion, sentenced to
life ini the penitentiary for murder,
Jos. Mumford, of Florence, sentenced
to hie for rape, and Thos. Brock man,
a white boy convicted of larceny of a
bicycle in Spairtanburg and sen
tenced to one year ini the peniten
The directors of the penitentiary
are taking steps for the erectioni of
a new ofice building and quarters
for the penitentiary gnards. The
building will represent. a cost of $15,
(Goy. D. C. Heyward wvill deliver
the annual address, and State Super
intendent of' Education 0. IB. Martin
will deliver the literary add(ress dur
ing the coming commencement of
Sumter Militairy Academy and Sum
ter Female Seminary.
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April 21 is the anniversary of the
foundat ion of Converse College at.
Spartanburg. ienorial exercises in
Ihonor of the founder, D. E. Converse,
will be hold at the same time. bov.
Heyward has been invited to deliver
an address.
A charter has been secured for the
Augusta and Columbia electric rail
way. It is proposed to build the
line in the counties of Richland, Lex
ington and Aiken, connecting at,
Aiken with the Augusta Aiken line.
A Peruno, who conducts a blind
tiger on East Bay'in Charleston, has
been bound over to court on the
charge of interfering with and ob
structing the constables in their raid
of his place. He attacked one of the
constables and attempted to use a
Capt. Smyth, of the Pelzer mills,
is at the head of an enterprise to build
another cotton mill near Belton, to
be run by electricity generated from
Saluda river.
Gjov. Heyward has received from a
Northern newspaper syndicate a re.
quest for a statement of his opinion
of the outlook for tihe Democatic
party in 1904. "Whom do you favor
for president ?" "WVhat will be the
issues paramount?" "What will be
Bryan's influence ?" etc. TLhie ques
tions are signiflcant. The syndicate
rep)resenf a 250 papers.
The Chief Issues Strict Orders to the Con
T1he Secretary of State Friday
issued a commission to U. B. Ham
mott of Unsrnw~ell, recen'tly appointedI
chief of the liquor c'onstabulary.
Comissiiiions were issuedM J1 K White
and1 J. W. Sea of Spartanburg, ap.
pointed constables in the new organ
ization, the flrst unames selected out
of over 1;500 applications.
Mr. H1am mett, wilo is a temziperate
manr himself, has issued the followv
ing order forbidding the constab)u
lary to tipple, a p)ractico charged
against tihe constables freely in thle
To Division Chiefs: On and aifter
this diate the use of intoxicating li..
quors by members of the State conm
stabulary force will not be tolerated.
Any constable against whom the
charge of intoxication shall be made,
will, up[onl conviction, he suspended
30 days for tile first offense, and upon
conviction of the seconid offelse lbe
will be dismissedi from the service.
You will communicate this ordler
as quickly as possile to the various
con,stales under your di rectioni.
U. B. Hlamumett,
Chief (Contable.
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Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the Stale.
Gov. Aycock, of North Carolina,
has declined to afppoint, delegates to
the race convention propoHod by Wis
consin, to he held in Atlanta.
J. Pierpont. Morgan, accon panied
by a party of rolativca and friends,
was in Wlashington I1riday and Sat.
urday. He calleod upon the Prosi.
(lent and a number of Senators.
The French government has given
notice of its intention to enforce the
law in Franco against teaching by
religious orders.
The inquest into the murder of
Edward I Burdick, which created
such an immense sensation at the
time it occurred in Uifalo several
days ago, will be held today.
Mr. and Mrs. Pennell wore both
killed by being thrown from an auto.
mobile in Buffalo last week, Mrs.
Pennell having livedl for only one0
day. Pennell was suiionled in the
Burdick iurder caose oin account of
previous meetings in New York, with
Mrs. Burdick.
Justice D)ay, of the United States
Supreme Court, is seriously ill with
It is reportedl from Montgomery,
Ala., that Mrs. M\arsylla Keith, of
that city, but who was horn ini South
Carolina, has celebrated her 11luth
birthday. She is the mother of 13
children, 2 of whom are lhving.
A recent issue of the Congressional
Record contains a list of trusts coin
piled by the government. There are
800 of th(emi, with a capitaoliz~ationi of
$1 4,000,00O0,000.
The will of the late EdXward Li.I
liardick, recently murdered in Ui-f
falo, has been made public. His
wife, whom he was suing for a di
vorce, lie cuts off without a cent.
$2,500t goes to relative~s and the other
p)roperty to his three children.
Wim. Hlolt and a negro, name un-.
known, met a horrible (loath inl the
county near High Point, N. C., Fri.
(lay afternoon. Mr. HoIt and the
negro were cutting feed with a steam
cuter when the fly wheel burst, man
gling both Mr. Hlolt's legs and kill
ing the negro~ instantly. Mr. Hlolt
died an hour later.
Mrs. Catherine D)anze has boonD
locked up in Philadelphia, charged
with having murdered her husband
a year ago. It appears that she pur
chased the medicine from a negro
"herb" doctor, rayin himn$ 51,
ring Dry Goods, Milli
nan, woman and child
ich I am only able to
Shirt Waist, all the Spring Styles,
md Slippers.
the car load, and in the next few
atest line of Spring Footwear ever
ing Millinery.
from the great Millinery Markets of
)e found at her post. If you need
omne direct to headquarters.
J osepli Powers, a young white
man of Newmarkel, Ala , had t difli
eulty with another white man, J no.
Winkle, recently, and on Friday tried
to exterminate Winklo's whole family.
lie called at Wnklo's home and
opened fire through a window, shoot
ing five persons, including a baby
and two women.
The Czar of Iussin has issued an
edict providing for freedom of re
ligion throughout his dominions, and
although Jews are not specially
named, it is understood that they are
inucldd in the doero. The poas
ants are at once to be released from
the burdensome liability of onforcetd
labor, and reforms are to he effected
throughout the Czar's dominionr.
I'his is regarded as the greatest re
form in Russia since the freeing of
the Serfs.
A Flying Fragment of Iron Struck Man
In the Forehead, Crushing the Face
and Skull.
'lThe State.]
Sumter March 13. --Mr. John F.
L~aughory was seriously inljuredl in an
Fccident, resulting in his (leatil at
1 2() tonight, which hap)penedl at the
plant of the Liukons Lumibor Comn.
pany this afterternoon about 4.30
o'clock. Mr. Lauglhery had gone to
lie saw mill anid was standing up
at the engine when it ran away, the
governors refusing to check t he speed
of the fly wheel, wvhich was 10 feet
in dliamieter. Mr. L4aughery sprang
t owards the valve to turn off the
steem wheni the exp)losioni eanmi, the
fly wvhool burst to piscos, and
Mr. Lanughery wvas st ruck( on the
right side of the face and head by a
flant piece of iron, his face and skull
binig crusihedl in. Whentii picked up
hie was in an ulnonlscioust condition.
lHe has been takeni around to Dr.
Mlood's infirmary. Engineer .Joine~r
was also in the engine roomt when
t lie wheel burst, but escaped without
injury. One piece of the wheel flew
upwardl and tore a large hole in the
roof, aniothier section struick a wheel
about 1 5 feet distant, and1( although
the other wheel was rtlnning and
was running and 26 inchies in diam-i
etey, tort) it to p)ieces. Some parts
of the wheel landed oni the ground a.
far as 75 feet away from the scene
of the accident. It is impossible to
say this afternoon the extent of the
damage or how long before the mill
will start up again.
The death of Mr. Laughory has
sp)read qjute a gloom over the city
and on every side people can be been
talking about the accident and its
t errible conisequencees.
T1hie question of dispensary or no
dlispenisary will be voted on in Green
wood on the 13th day of A pril. The
dlispnlnary was defeated a yare ao

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