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The petition which is being signetd by
town and couoty oIlicials man I he busi
neas men of the city. askiig that the
tvo railhoads passing t h rough New
berry tuilte in the erection of a union
depot, is a step in Ihe right tlirect ion.
The Convelenict't' of lit traveling pub li
demtands improved dlepolt'fatilit it's in
Newberry. 'T'le, I \t" tltwepot s are so sit -
utetd Ihat the cIantge could he matlt' at
a minimtum of eosl. and it cit 's al
Vance withiii t ile past few y"e:iIs, r'-suIt
ing inl greatly ineneas'cltsed lrona"ge. wt'
believe will warratt the railroads in
such an t undertaking.
The ('.. N. & L.. ro:td w\ill ot'n het
compelled to build a wii' de'pt wht't ht'r
tl'y lalet' kindly to the pt'rject Itt a
11nion depot or not. 'lThe st rut urt' nttw
used by this road. :tnd whitch isdlig nititi
wit h1 th l name oftletol is not e\tn at.
its aurrangeienlt atl sit uat ion t'lose
to the t rack niakinlr it it:itin;t'ious. antl
it senms to is that this ro:I could
tnito wit II lhe Southern h i ::; 8 rt l
union depot( 1 at veryi lil t tl mm ' tst
li;tn a new tiepot w\oull ost
Ili EIU'.A loNAlA (IN ('111 1 1 .\llt.R
TIhe' 1'duct iantal.l :l mltrr :\
cal plilshedt ini it'l;hlmbt: n
b "tltevoted to e -
ei 11 11 1 iit' .e : It
t e iag Aest. i Ie
est~ muum b 1t .
wt ti how m ee'eiiu t, a nt
utlrestls, inhil,weng o
ts l b ier te ass 'lh't s:'II
lr:d AssI embln the ithii ib - i h
Assembly assd
law. which tog oii as a~ er
ihles i s at stin le rightlii ii. a-t.
prin mipa ttort itns ht int a ut e st 'i
rat Ater iitvow ie ole ti y i en Stit
hbeut i anmplitstome o s'uile iei
apulsoir catio bilsii. we ert witoe
haitng it en tahe malcin itses .in the'
couni' tu and tt iapigs talast ym-,
cli u t lgadie olt hat hnt'pyilil tdih
otal AsImy the petu opl o the higaee
hav had itnioppttunit y lie fulstd itiaem
andfto reach aoit dre ii ti ut whi'atev
tiosition ayibs tilatn, inr tar' mill
anag ihisei whot don minlt lodl pr
elimt ilto he od iha they areu'tn t"de
wo to theitromtionlt o th htighe st,
lte. tronest, andi thiie lilemst shumar
ita~tint agaist id. bIto in v th ils
"lefana ii aletimntal its. Then~
evid of lichilihibis ftoo apparn t was al
twh tan the troub'le t to hi iut
is ievit'l. t cliigw tha't thy' t can orel
i withot alegislton. Iniuiasel at
thei titduetitonlhvu tnnlunte ana tirnust
headr the purpoe frs whisbit ias at
itablished an t pincil ato which~ iot
p~tadoxes ighte nohaet inown.u h
belor the SttJrssAsoitina
T. 1. W. Writes Itttetestingly on Unloit
Academy Subjects.
Mir. Kditolr, if you don't know what.
kind of an auimnal the ground hog is,
jut own Iup.
Nir. .1. .. ( allniat lost at vt.'ry ltit'
hutg ltst week with cholt'ra, wvhieh tu'
illintnded to butchetr a.l atlut ats the
wetther t nedt (oller.
'I'here has h'tln at n'ttsidteablt' out -
otmt' in the gt'rainl erotl for the pla't ten
I helit'vt' t hat ht'th dit or of t'i'e llorahl
ad No\ws irtmisetti us that when ht'
t'.tne hat'k fromti llth 1 .0g islat unt' he
woulId int'reaso the sizt' of his papetr to
;m1 tighlit paget antd givet uts correspont11d
tilts nt0111 to swell. Hut as Cor oil]
par. \1r. Editor. we are nlot asking
tor 0t'Vr 'o0m1 inI or,der that we may
,plash :roltdtiti an lake I big show.
iut siuply w\'holn wt' gt't rt'eady to say,
wet liket to s:.\ rig'.ht then,li and tof hav'ing
I ho i'\ ilege of saying w1that wte would
II\t t,' sx.
Otur s,hoo t'I s'd last Fritiay ttn it
tl' mitkilt or abot' t th' 'lth t't' .1lv.
The I'al ;t'ns tnt't atu dt'cidted i to tun a
I I 'r lt't'1, itid alSo to 1a\ t' all t'X
hi't itn' t he 11 st'hool sein' t tno during11
CA N 'tS.ve'lI 11lus , t . 011 i t'tthorn
ti tIa'1 ''i I lht ' 1t't'1. aind it vt' \
:at t hat.
l,n t hit, :,' tIm id. I t'll m1t' tht in\' s.
h tt'l1a\ t :my I hingl t hat wvill inItt'r'st
be 1 wou l lk ' o ave it I
'.t'l'.fri 0' 1tlat 1\ Os fot abroad
\ \ , ,. \t : mt w;ll \ !. I:o Ic\ are'
u\ '.t' :ht' , a mllt. :1;:.d if it i" not
u\\ old 1 be!l ght, lt to ma:ket
nl''t , p .\ our
1 .v1
t\ I ii I
rl a -
\.. tl.ath r c.
n n S: .i ay this mionthi.
I Pb t . t riia, I ht plro~r:amme
Viii, uni nit' ;,tud aY iet in,th
Isali Ve. tbl men to iscus tihem,'V
yo. t last tto it e iai-uatitere st
it l tto tItIt; aitn mi e t}ilzl sNt't
I:n inn :. t' tIha :mlay-:shootli I mit
i 1,1 M V 'r. \. a. ist er. i it il i'~ t
Orti it body llttii of itlaw-i mkti must
laVe~ ii'i Vt a ortllt' it an Itt ,Iti ta l-yIl ae
ofi inet' tll gtit Iwe l i t' lIiet'l ls gto,n
tlait tmt'k what Itevl did, tnhat teyi
fa ile itoe' do,i tilt' cay angmily' that
Iit(r.i) t'iC o brin tabngt' toeteisipi
that'we'ha 17 19:1.e rd epewt
Prosperity News.
I'residenut Ge'o. It. Crollltr, L. L..).,
wias in our town the closing dtys of
st \'eekl.
Our vity oflicials have done- anlother
com enda bilt thing in providing
hitching rt'ks f'or I hie conve'nientc' of
tlt' la en>It wd ros rtguh iir:uly on our'
S'tt'stt'tS. has''o i
street. a (Iiptls
lliss larie t'lobb hA returned to her
post ats milliner inl the city of .11ar1ion,
Dir. Ira B. Natts, of himtia isis
hert visiting relatives.
P'rosert'ity has had svrat'v l organiiza
tionS r'ecet'lyt\' of a1 soeial Iatuet; i
Soril 'h.: Ita Sore)Sis. and :a Ins 'et
OI farmers are now utiing in Ihenir
Iirst plowing this; sas:on.
'Irs. Z. W. ilhtaughi has bt'
isitingjl- inl Columbia.
llIr. and Mirs. V. V-. 'tel'ump1 trl Spenl
-st Sunday at Chiappells.
.. hm tsuit for dtamn
tgt' against the Southe'rn has rece'ivedl
romtl t ht s11''it'rm t'lll't .1 tonltil'mat ion
f t h4low.' curt.
if i' cut s. l:obt. Brannon has beern visit ing
1trs. A. Kiinanl.
Mliss Nlay\ I.t'' larre is visiting he'r
i"ter. Mrts. Baker inl Greenlwood.
President Rtooseveclt the Politician.
W\heni P'reSidetnt Rioosevelt visitedt the'
'hml ItStonl I-:xpositio,n het was g,ivetn an
111e'i- at'med aln l'al'ty \' e'ttept ion,ll. I I:
air spee't led the eople to bliv\'
ihat durii I I u :myII of l the' W'hitte
ltusthe ret' e ttions of t coun
r otUld be drawn closer togt -iI I
m g Iiladl tha1t ilt was rece'tived so coUr
tacsd ?aresItted hspuidtbly.Thr
Iel ti1 lie 1t,,, 1hmigt'w ihl tIh it,rt
it' -,ill It' t11t l : tit llt :lll oli arl
n l :n-l, i . 'i3. tal 'I I t. nineIt ho'p1ital
I o . iit t'. }:lt' \ lit'\t , , 1411 t ain kl ltsh
I i
.: til .,,' is t }'', ' i t' 1 1 l \\ 4 i\ llt'
U ' u . I.
i t h therniii :110a tlihll Itlt be)
es. ir. lthI nt i -'te lltIua r a:t
ni. je' nts s t own st .mai't net ttei
luml shart -ush greate h:.
h t p a t ' t sta. s'e~ t't a I'iashi p t o'
h i-.' Thiey witlil hie th t'ertu'et
Cures 'ancera loo Poisonr.
No Stronger Fvidence Can
Be Produced.
I.'/k well to thesi revord. What
o. l ve don 1many timtes in yOtat'$
b.\ is tht' ht'' jual ntl' 1t, of flltltl
:\!y oil" W1i t h a d ballk, anly
- su fe' r is; flroml n1rinatry trollh)!s,
f, a n ktlney, lils, will IHnd Iin the
o IIt " evilnttte ll't tf that relief attii
o i a i iear t hattid:
\ir. ;. i i. 1\lr:, hl w\','ll kinown
l' iI: ICet of \\' 1 It' st.. l aveln , and
Ih Is '1 't A h't'at'. K v . tan-: "iDean's
i\ sIlttt\ I ' i t's at' hk* 1ItIe fri 'tls, tit
- oir olt kn \w til Itu th I'ie Ier l' \
:'i"'il't'lI ''l , I t alit a Id Ilot.hill,4 to
t i $ ti 'itt I tiir"i ina:tduo in 181)1 afr ,'
' II iith' rt' , Idv at tht' \'enttrIt
I I ! ' 'tl , ta'i t,ook at t'urlstl1t of tho
nIlt'It, at\iI, It h 'a r.',I mai'. I w%%as ah,
r '' t f rt ft tm all hack "tOht: fir
111hem ':s1r, t, hen I notiet'i at
: iIt'hlt'. a he' tsti l t. ( f i6t e-1t0, In
I1' -:tk A\ b'tX of 1I tn's I\id ,ey,
d p 1. l I have rece'tl
te ti dil 1 is i' tIlt 41y t I nin' , and huve
n I le arid tf o3,1 t\hIo ditt 1iot, t'ndlorstt
1 b1 - < i 11:: ma h-1 for i ",
1' "" "''~ h.\ nt llth 1' . 1 l' ' , 50t
-. . -'t, t r-\ Iiihurn l'o l itflat'i, N.
V .. :t ' ' 5tt 1 s
I Ilt lt'illt I ' t . tinsl'--..loa t', ---atid
l-.i ndlt. I'ifet & I-hrlha-dt. 1. ssees.
Matinee Wednesday 3 P. M.
The Payton Sisters Company
l . 't'ltt:'. \1a'1..t Nitg ht the SensatitI.
il \I1h t -,t i .t e"ntitled1
"For tier Childs Sake."
Prices 1 Oc., 20c., 30c.
lKVi- t-ree Mnd.tv Night if ae
+1t.1 one .lutid ,;te ticket se.
( , 1T. . '. V't)OU ( '0I C "E A\ '
WX an o A ' :md i.at:u es' ted
\\- t. ' ! ft;!ttve a: \Voot(en's. tf
N\(; .1;\l'N 01\ tIi "li\'I('E.
ApIIly to .\l. '1. 1 iuford.
\ A NTl. A m:mi to sell Sewing
\1:3t n \ \t . 1 contract to
to st:rt on. with
::;..'t. t. 'ot i on[lt . EXileriencev
n3i or addtllress, The
- Co., t;reenwood,
\\ ;1'1 \\'NNAA 'T). -I- T \o
rL h 3 t tittan to manage
S o' in and ad.oining
- \t- ate "arOrably known
:1" rt , r4 'i : m ii standing. $20
S :. ' a 'ndt xtnses. paid
day v cheek utirect Iron
xpena'ise mtoney ad
- Dona permiianentI. Add.hress
'naer. AlIanager. 1030W Caxton
N t\IY TO .t )A N.-We negotiate
n er 3et. interest on
er-i onfe I tousand dIIlS,
i :er cent. mnterest on amounts
n )!.a I.oing t imae atndi eatsy
rent. Humi. Ilunt & Hunter,
A ttornev's.
.\L - 1:10I.;GX1.:s
tIen !yan
I- a dte grade
ea . (mr and g1( ive me
. alan O)ptcian.
LI. 0O. F
.1. l GULiNN. N. G
Have just received 2
ca rs of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
('btainedl by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
$38.00 per ton.
Mvlillinery ! Milliner-y I
stret'iI lats ate retady for display. Cadl
and see themli. it is at pleasurte for tus
to show ourt goods.
The Riser Millinery Co,
Probate .:lge's &S(ie3.
S I'A l'E 01.' SOE1 'i (' t ii qi
J.l tlurr stelan. Phieitlitnagains
doorat ewhrryon aledayin April,
teal Qsta at:
acres, and1( b-nde byha lands of J1. A
Entlow, riousi1 Pisock,~ St I .uke 's
church~1 lhmd and ila wk ins, M inick and
J1. ('. WILSON, 1 P. N.(
Sou1 +1 thoir own praiseH. 'The
poplo apprrcinto what t hey buy of
18, and they im iko i) mistake. Wo
Holl at louwcst price t+, and we supply
only the best. and purest. tmeittinoH.
We empecilly Imvito attention to the
Now Crop, Garden and Field Seeds
that we sell - -- Land rot hsn artio es) it.
2 A' preparo Physieian's Pro.
twriptions with aceuracy. Every ar
tiolo put, up right, labeled and
wrapped correctly Ib
Viii. E. Peiaffi &Soil,
Prescription Pharmacists,
that the undersigned will apply
to the Secretary of State of South Caro
lina for a Charter for the ''Willing
Workers for Education," an education
al corporation whose principal place of
busimess vill be in the County of New
berry, under the provisions of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend an Act en
titled 'An Act to provide for the forma
tion of certain corporations, and to de
line the powers thereof," approved
March 5, 1897.
Dated March 20, 1903.
Don't forget.
when you want your
Pictures Framed.
We have the largest
selection of
in town, and our prices
are right. We are of
fering some bargains
in the PICTURE line.
to grow spring cab
bage from the seed.
Why not take a lead
by buying plants for
your early garden.
The rains have sup
plied the ground with
plenty of water to give
them an early start and
to prevent them from
dying after planting.
We have them fresh
every day. Plants that
are from eight to ten
inches high.
Our plants are the best
that we have seen on
the market, and cost
you only
25c. PER 100
Maves' Drug Store,
Caution I
''Tis is not, a gen'Ite 14word -hut when
youi think htow liable you are nOt to puir
chase the only remedy uniiversally
known and a remedly that h'as had th'e
largest .ale of atny miedicine in the
w~orIld since 18(18 for the cuI (re t n treat -
mentt of Consinnytion and Throat andh
laung t.roules without losing its8 great
popularity all t hese years, you wvill be
tainkfulh wve called your at t entin t o
lBoschee's Germain Syrup. There a-e 8o
many ordinary cough remiedies mtade by
drug~gists anm ot hers t hat are chieap and
godfrlt coldls petrhaps, butt for
severe Coughs, Uronchitis, Croup andl
espcCially for ConlsumptLoi, wvhere there
is dlifficulIt exp)ectoration and couIghintg
(luring the nmghts and mornings, there
is noting like German Syrup). Tlhe 25
centt size (dns just beeni o1trloducedl Ithis
en, 1 e ul r si'z 75 cents. For sale 4
liy. Seeods SOnieti
Stud, like individualH, hav' i
nat.nreI, anl to know the nato
O'n of theit priciople of Hut
will withHtand great m oistnro,
aro liablo to atintolc of iiitiv-s,
while others oran withMtand sue
Liut Bens, Okra, Unoun b.
(Jorn, and wrinkld Pens h11av)
Hnuu0HHi,IIn of t'ol, \vot wei. h1411
will invariab ly p1,orish in Iho i
ItadiHh,. Lot.tune, Tu'rnilp, On ioi
Salsify, Spinacsh will with;ioud
t horoforo, miany :ailures r+ mit
pilntotr int either 140ito tilt' alt I
in covering Htunal1 deliOatI' 1','s-4
occurs with a peron wh: is
sods, tho ronson is intvatriatl
from oither had harvesting or
rttlly the prinvilpal c'an81', a'
ch(sl Your supplion fC'om
Particular Pharmacists
First announcement of
the New Store.
I have bou ght the stock of Counts &
l)ickert, and I am going to conduct. an
up-to-date grocery business in their old
I extend an invitation to myv friend:;
>f Newberry and the surrounding count v
to drop in and see me. My salesmen,
J. P. Aldridge and Clarence H. Sligh,
will be glad to see them.
Next door to Mimnautgh's.
Newberry, S. C.
origani.z.ec. 1O9 .
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A mutn working by th d i-, pa;i
for the tim hH lnuts inl at wor;, hUt
whl-t that nan Sa,ve ia dollar >r hi
ia% s labor it works for hirn .. ht-,.
AA well its days; never lays , tl --oe
ont of bad weathluser and rmv r -t
icek, but goes right, on earni' tim
Il income. It's a nici' thling t. worl
For mon;ey, bult i's mneh a o-r
l!avt nu:noty working for y ou' Tr
I ---opIel a sain~iigs accont n -i hin
tid get some mloney~ wt>rkjig C r y. n
\Iako a detposiit in thle SHavin: 4 do
nartmnt today andic lot it be, in i
va.rk for yon. 1 uterest compeii edti
auc yor.
Note Our Steady Growthi
January I, 1897-8t1-,4It; 21'
Jainuary I, I 899 -$ *I2,32(i
.nnary I. 190)0-8lal].sna ti
Jaur 1, 1902-$137.10(11 .
Fanuary 1, 1903-$163,161 61'
[he Commercial Bank'
() H .'1AYi.Ci. Vice P'ri t.
% F' WRIGI'T. ('asahier.
LA. N. VoN , ~ ;1enI. M .n. '..' b
W 1. (XUNT A 't - -. n .
oliqiuor for 'h' Hank.
(i.(0. S. NOIoyiRi. Atdor, e .L
(I El . UA l 2. l',a'1.i NI '. *I '.
(i':l0 W.NMIM ,Pest Mos1n
\. .1 1(iisoN, I'at','.
J1NO. Mi. K I N A 1lo. P' blti.
Jali and see my line of
Jeering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated~
rhomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
holr ponhiarit ion and differntt
ro of th Vatriuu", vtriotios 1,
c!tesfutl gardonling; soute sort t
whiaI of htr4 n iI1 perish; tomet+
anid aro cr->inplttly entont up,
It RRHHa1111tH.
I', Stiutish, .\,"lou, Pumupkin,
Voty dlolicato gori, arid if it
tt,ltco"d Ith,-ir 1b"Uiti!'g, they
trtl,ult,; ot Ih.+ tcotttrtrv, PeN,
n, II.(tt, StIImp B aot , Carrot,
<1 piiti 4 a ), 1 of L41n0ob wttather;
fr.m tht inoxporlteci of the
mllt1r,1otr tim for mowing, or
y to' dto."p, but when fatilur.t
fnrllilintr with the Hovitg of
Iy b omu;;i(UH th.v are worthless
too old to grow; ti . lat,tor iH
.i to gnatrd igr.inUa thiN, pur
Corner Drug Store,
cr 'vs. o.
T!h., ,IO t.ir;g dlrliggisiM r"ogne-fil thet
bolorr of 11 Ul N A (.,.,potn to bring
Iy fr.'., th"' r0a.mbt,r ,iz". bottle ef tihe
Girtat -ion.t , MUlNA WI NI.
Fol orsab' b I.4 & W1o.4,"I
Lt o
For Information Con
cerning these Harness
Hardware and General
Agricultural Implimenits.
Respectfully solicits
the business of this
community. With the
latest improved ma
chinery and the most
approved methods of
cleaning the linen; a
thorough knowledge of
the business and most
complete devices of
the trade, combined
with politeness and
careful attention to the
wants of their patrons,
they trust to please
?veryone. Their work
s guarainteed to be
First, class in every
L,. B. AULL, Lessoo.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plato Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Nedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stemn
Eduard Scholtz,

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