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The Excelsiors Opposing Government Own
ership of Railroads, Win Debate.
The Orators and Essayist.
1he anniversary celebration of the
literary societies of Newberry College,
held in the opera house on Friday night,
was one of the best and most interest
ing in the history of the societies. A
large audience, composed of the people
of Newberry and surrounding counties,
heard with close attention the well pre
pared speeches and papers.
The chief interest, of course, cen
tered in the debate, in that it was soci
ety against society. The question was,
"Resolved, That the government should
own and operate the railways in the
United States." The Phrenakosmians,
represented by Messi3 . L. M. Bouk
night and M. E. Abrams, upheld the
affirmative side of the question, and
the Excelsiors, represented by Messrs.
G. P. Voigt and W. B. Seabrook, the
negative. Some good, strong arguments
were produced on both sides, and the
question was well handled, both on the
practical side and as to its relation to the
American theory of government. 'Th
decision was awarded the negatives,
representing the Excelsiors. The judges
were Col. Geo Johnstone, Mr. T. J. Mc
Crary and Prof. Greer, of Erskine Col
The Phrenakosmian orator was Mr.
H. H. lIaltiwanger and his subject
"The Dying Race."
Mr. H. J. Black, of the Excelsior
Society, delivered an oration upon the
subject, "Manifest Destiny." The
speeches of both these gentlemen were
well received.
Miss Helen Hunter represented the
Philomathean, the young ladies' society,
reading an essay on "The Sword of
Lee.'' I-Ier paper showed careful prep
aration and Miss Hunter was very lib- 1
erally applauded.
Mr. I. S. Sease, of the Phrenakos- <
mian Society, presided.
The occasion was very pleasant N
The Farmers' Mutual Insurance Associa
tion Prosperous-Election of Of
ficers and Directors.
The annual meeting of the stockhold- s
ers of the Farmers' Mutual Insurance
Association of Newberij County was
held in Newberry on Saturday. The
company has experienced a healthy s
growth during the past few years, and t
it was shown by the officers' reports t
that $21,000 in fire and storm insurance r
had been written since the last annual s
meeting, the amount carried in the I
company now being $163,COO. 1
At the meeting on Saturday the old
officers were elected, as follows: Presi
dent, Jos. L. Keitt; Vice-President,
R. T. C. Hunter; Secretary and Treas- I
urer and Cenerat Agent, L. I. Epting. I
The following directors, one from
each township in the county, were
chosen: Township No. 1, H. 11. Folk
No. 2, H. I". Cannon; No. 3; E. S.
Keitt; No. 41, ,J. C. Abrams; No. 5,
D).W. Hiarrie: No. 6, ,J. M. Counts;
No. 7, 10. L. Leavell; No. 8, W. 10..
Lake; No. 9, R. T. C. Hunter; No. 10,
L. Q. Feoller's; No. 11, .Jos. L. Keoitt.
A resolution was piassed calling a I
meeting of the p)olicy holders, to be
held on the first Saturday in August,
to ,on)sider' an amnendlment. to the con
stit.ution relating to insurantce of' vacant.
houses and such other' matters as may
comed up foi' consideoration.
I mmediately after the meeting of,
stockholders the dir'ectoi met andl
adIoptedl an amnendmenlt to the b)y-lawvs
pr'ovidling that no building shall be in
suredl when stove pipes do not enter
flues belowv the ceiling or plasterbt -'
and1 that all 1policies covering buildings t
where ther'e is not this safeguard, oi' it<
is not immediately taken, shall he can
. The company wvorks on the e't opera
tive assessment plan, and cari'ies only
. fire and adcident insurance. It has
been of great benefit to the farmers of
Newherry County especially, and is
now~ in a flourishing condition.
SSheriff Buford Brings to Newberry a Negro
Convected of Bigamy Last Year.
Sher'iff Buford captured in Savannah
on Fr iday night. William 1Ilunter, col
ored(, convictedl of' bigamiy in t,his county
dur'ing last year. IIlunter' was released
on bond after his arrest. atnd sk ippied.
The case was trtied in his abhsence last
JTuly, and he was convictedl and a sealed
verdlict rendleed.
'The Sher'ilf for somie ti me has had in
formation as to his whereabouts and
recently located him as5 p)or'ter on a
train running between Savannah and
.Jacksonville. Mr. Hu ford( securted requi
sitioni paper1s and wvent to Savarnah on
Thmursd ay night. I Ie capltttred his nog roo
on an incoming tr'ain l"ridaky and r'e
tur'ned to Newherriy with thne prtisonert
on Saturday.
Polikofi's Slor'e Broken Inte.
George Summeri'i andl Mooch Boo'zer
wvere boundl over t.o the circuit
cout,t by Magistrate Chappell, TPhur s
(day morning on the ('harge of store
breaking and larceny. It seems that
about 5.30 o'clock Friday mom ning the
two negroes br'oke a glass ini the front
window of P olikoff's st.ore,' on Main
street., and1( t cak t.her'efrom a pair' of
shoes. PolikoIl came to thte st:ore a fewv
minutes later and1( seeing the broken
glass, reported the matter to P'olice
man H. FL Koon. A half hour' later'
Mr. Koon had both negroes under arr'est.
Sutumner adlmitsi atnd accuses Hke. t'
Boozer assert.s his in nocce(.
Summer wvent 1.o jail and Hoozier' gave
Mr. L. W. Floyd was in Columbia o
Col. Geo. Johnstone returned fror
'olumbia yesterday.
Mr. H. B. Wells went to Colnmbi
on business Saturday.
Mrs. Sylvanus Stall, of Philadelphij
is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. L. Sea
Mr. A. T. Brown left yesterday fo
Atlanta and Tennessee to buy horse
and mules.
Mr. Jos. L. Keitt, of Newberry
spent yesterday in the city.--Columhi
Record, 21st.
Mrs. Ella Propes and children re
turned Saturday to their home it
Charlotte, N. C.
Prof. 3, L. Jones, of Laurens, visit
ed relatives and friends in Newberr3
the past few days.
Miss Marie Lathan, of Little Moun
tain, has been visiting friends in th<
city the past several days.
Mr. A. M. Wray went to Columbia
yesterday on business connected witl
the Southern Cotton Oil Company.
The annual meeting of the stock.
holders of the Newberiy Warehousc
Company has been called for . the 20th
>f April.
Misses Marie and Mamie Boineau,
rfter a visit to Mrs. E. M. Evans, re
;urned to their home in Columbia on
Messrs L. ). Wilson and R. L. Shealy,
>f Columbia, attended the exercises by
he literary societies of t he college on
,'riday night.
Mr. W. W. Scholtz leaves this week
or Pittsburg, Pa., where he takes the
oremanship of a green house for a
lorist company.
The Young Peoples Society of the A.
Z. P. Church, will serve luncheon on
)pening Day in the store recently oc
upied by the Meyers Bakery.
The many friends of Miss lula Jones
v;ll be glad to know that she is improv
ng rapidly from a recentsevere illness.
Iiss Jones has won many heat is since
he came to Walhalla.-Walhalla Cor
espondence State, 22nd.
Rev. C. E. Edwards went to his home
a Marion yesterday. He will perform
he ceremony in the marriage of his
ister, Miss M,aud Edwards, to Mr.
V. 1E. Nesmith, which takes place at
darion on the 2nd of April.
On account of the bad weather a very
mall audience was in attendance uon
he children's missiona y exercises in
he Methodist church Sunday. The
hildren, however, all acquitted them
elves with credit. Master Keifer
Vicker was awarded the prize for the
irgest mite L.3x.
To Pill Strikers' Places.
Six of the negroes connected with the
ewberry plant of the Southern Cot
on Oil Mill Company, were ordered to
lolumbia yesterday to fill the places of
trikers in the Columbia mill.
The Paytont Sisters.
Tihe Pay ten Sisters opened uip a re
urn engagement to a large audlience
it the opera house last night. This
levet' company needs no introduction
o the Newberr'y theatre going public,
having ptlayedl a successful three nights'
mgagemient here in FebruaiyV.
The plays are c,lean and the special
ies bietween the acts ate above the
Tlo-nights bill: "Hound fly an Oath."
Matinee tomorrowv at :1 p. mi.:' "Lady
kudley's Secret.''
To lRepresetnt Newberry College.
Mr. G. C. Merchant hats been chosen
is orator t.o rep)resent Newv1 n r'y Col
oge int the State lntecr-colleg:ate otra
orial contest to be held in Gireenwcel.
mn the 24th of Apili. The prteliminar y
ontest to select the Newvbet ry College
-epiresentative we s held ini col legt
hap)el on last Tuesday evening. There
,vete four contestants, twvo *..-om thre
'xcelpor Sceiety, and two from the
ihrenakosmians. The faculty, acting~
is judges, di~d niot reach a decision anc
1r. F. G. Crout and Mr. Mer'chant or
l'hur'sday afternoon contested for the
tonior before a committee cormposedl ol
30o1. George Johnstune, D)r. C. D).
Necks, and Chief JIustice Y. J1. P'ol
Mr'. Merchant's subject is "Plaul
On the D)iamond.
Thel~ next. game of bail in wvhich the
NJewberry College boys wvill engage will
ne the game wvith Carolina ini Columbria
>nt "riday n fternoon. Carolinia hats a
4ro(nig teamt, burt the Newberriy l'oys
tre lookitng for a scalp), and say t.hte
might as well get, a good one while threy
.ire at it.
Conehr Jer'e 10. Cocke hans arrivedl an<
has put the btoys in training arid is sure
eeedinig pretty well in rmaking theni
Lnnderstnd what steady ptractice atn<
hardu wvotrk m(eans. lie hadtr t.he lean
out Ott thre diamond yesterdn'iay a ft ernoon
and under his irnstr'uctiont sotme very
pretty pract'tce' was1 engaged in.
The game ott Friday eveninig he' weed
Newbletrry and Enrsk inc was a salk
over fot' the visitors, andr thre beauintti fr
lrsk<i ne barninr loatedl itnt t'rrumph oi
te Newblerrny gr'andl stand. The gamn
for thle fir nst sever'al inings wvas
dloutit, hut. t.he Ihomie btoys wet to pti('c'
and tIre visitors wvalk'd arondr thi
b)ases with Itnonic to say them naLy.
It. has been suiggestedl by a martnup
tree that it would be a great deal hett
for all coincernied if tIhe Newherry Iboy.
instecad of payinrg so muchi attentiont
visitinog banners, woutld gat. one of thle
ourn nde Car' for' it.
n -
Good Roads Association for Newberr
County to le Organized on the
31st Inst.
Supervisor Schumpert has called
convent ion of the people of Newberry
to be held in the court house on Tues
day, the 31st inst., at II a. in., to con
sider plans for securing good roads an
r to form a Good Roads Association fo
s Newberry County. This action wa
taken at the request of a large numbe
of people throughout, the county, wll
recognize good roads ats one of th
cunlty's most pressing needs, . 'id tha
now is the time to take action lookini
towards securing better roads.
Rlepresentative citizens from th
several townships will be present at th
convention and all who are intereste(
in the movement are cordially invitec
to attend and take part in the delibera
tions and in the organization. Th(
movement, properly carried forward
means a great deal for the county. II
means an organized effort on the part
of the people to secure better roads.
Everybody is complaining of the roads,
and everybody has formed some opin1
ion as to the best possible plan for im
provement. But in a matter of this
kind individual effort can not accom
plish any thing. An organization, with
co-operation among its members, car
accomplish a great deal.
'T'here should be a full atten(lance of
the people of Newberry County at the
convention next 'I'uesday.
Pleaded Guilty Before Mayor Earhardi
Yesterday Morning--Disturbance
In West End.
Robert Williams, colored, pleaded
guilty before Mayor Earhardt yesterday
morning to a charge of violating an
ordinance of the town by selling whis
key in violation of the dispensary law,
and was sentenced to pay a line of
$25 or to serve thirty days on the public
works of t0e '-ity. Williams was caught
on Sunday morin!:; by constable '1'. B.
Perry, Chief W. U. Harris, Policeman
Bi. E. Koon, and Mr. W. A. IHill. The
negro lives in Mr. .. 1) S. L.ivingston's
yard and conducted his ti allic in liquor
at his home. On. Sunday morning his
house was surrodillded by the Oflicers
named above, and he was watched. Ile
was seen to sell li(uor toa negro, Lewis
Chiles, and was then arrested and his
ho ;e scarc"hed. Several half pint bot
tl. full of whiskey and several empty
bottles were found, and three empty
one-gallon demijohs, marked onle-x
corn. The liquor was ireached through
a trap (loor.
'lhere were several other cases before
the Mayor, all of them brought on ac
count of a little disturbance at Jones'
store, in West lEnd. Saturday Carolinc
Williams, a negro woman, was hit ir
the head with a rock and considerably
bruised. Hler husband, John Williams
had been in the store with her. As soo1
as t.he woman dropped, af'ter' being hit,
in his owvn wvords, lie ''tore out.'' Whc
hit the wo man wi'll priobal)y never' bc
known. (Charges were brought against
Mr. G . J1. Jones, for cui'sing and draw
ing a weight on Jlno. Williams, it being
claim:ed that. it was a weight in th.
hands of' Mir. Jlones wvhich caused Johi'
to " teai' out '"; against Angus Jones,
Mr. G. J1. J1ones' son, for drawing
knife on J1im liveder', Jlohn and Carolin<
Williams' sont, it bieing claimed that th<
dlisturba1~nce wasl c'aused by Angusi put
ting the Iil'e of J im lieeder in danger
against J1ohn Williams for striking
ICaroline Williams int the head with
rock,* it. be4ing claim;edl that. J1ohn " tor<(
out.'' because Jlohn had hit his own wvif<
in the head andl was afraid of beini.
hut I.; andl against .John Williams f'oi
cursing and using abusive language
All the cases sav'e the last were dis
missed. .John wasi the only loser, be
ing sent.encedl to pa~y a fine of $2 or t<
serve eight. (lays upon01 t.he pub)lic work:
for cursing.
To OrganNze Board of Trade.
T hose. who signed the p)etit ion to or
g'anize a~ Board of T'lrade will meet a
counc il chamber this aftet noon at
o'c.lock. All ot her's initer'estedl are in
G tlld to be pre'(sent.
I Dea thi of Mr'..C. Cromier.
Mr. J1. C. Crtomer' (lied at. his home a
MIt. P leasant. at 10 o'clock on Sunda;
ntight, ini about. the fifitiet h year of' hi:
age. I le was a brotheur-in-law of'N Mr
.1as. Ej t ing, ofI t his cit y. The fun(r
took place yesterd (ay a fternoon01.
A Little Care Will Save fhi
Reader Futher Trouble.
W: 'h 1the id y) ser'' h-n .
Thle di ehia'g's not) 4.xce4.sive' 01' ir
('oit sin ic bric'k due.-t. ike si dimenl
DottK idney)' lills will d10 this fo
ie *' w 'n he'y'r'' .sM<I
Ir Jh' Z4 1 - . (' iy A\u'hlor', r'e'oid
4. a ill li ' e t 1t -et, Newp'1ort., Ky.
iLy , "A i o liho as never ha
1 I a'4 me' C 0' k I . V 4 ompintitt 10i ani
*4 its l in '1 ''oI - n sen)rC('y g!ang
im i;e ( us e D 0n i Nny '41'i:i an
take na con 1w 'i' r-.m tT
Is at har
L nest lur<
spring business in th,
ceived more new spri
town combined. Tel
than any one else wit
cash and can sell yo.
chants of Newberry c
Now For Your Easter Outfit.
The merit of our Black Goids At*.ck c,in he
seen at a Ihance. This stock w')uld do
credit to a city of a illiion inhabitants.
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Georg W. h' Pom n l t , lit ud
- e 01)U ltt ,st ( l-: T A Nt <>0 '. i t <>1'
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of ArLi, 19PtlS'3, t the hn het h\ ki,hh:rw
lt eeo al l i atii .ulitn,or ptrlt l o la ndi
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ac,more o l:, froni in tt on I lar
ed nai t ' E stlt lit .l.lii sitt wt\ . li'n
th ot yltof the pribuii'ofs.l. N. bha itt It
Maretin, diecesd m.dttiit thhuVib H V NII
Won t b i in ah an the re '
(Xucae oan cpd n p (nn ittw
'or Bu!
id . We unfurl our ban
3h out into the new sec
e history of Newberry.
ng goods than all the
I me the r-a on why I c
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the business a
ard Schmpletoe de\
0 h trade, cc
'0101- and opticianu. with polite ne
careful attenti<
I) ('ON\'NTIONS OFI 'TillS a iuar
ii ing 1 nights corially:1K wvel jj[ ~ I~4'
IIII~ Tlildi. . A UTING.
ner, and in daed ear-.
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