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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, March 27, 1903, Image 4

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r itiU IIuUM I.AS1'.
Preslent Will Alluw' Nohi t1o Sc i e's.
Negro Titt'01 ut t t t in11.
(' N w am1'h t (' ftIrt''. h
WasnHlinglton, Maurth ;>I Ali Not 1t
OR (1r.11m'+ 1y ndt ;!+ tr l\'iv lat the1
tr1tN1lry' dlepar1't lllN t I Nd I'pproved
hl' will he o mm o t'tI1111tltt I t r 1I'' on1t1
I ho till'l11 aIt t't 'r1'1\ of t he t to st of
%Ita toI Iont o t' it atl s m nedt t ia
reg illsted!% t11 1'0 0 i'tau i'll 11k,'h 't's I 4,"
'e --1 \,1' i ti'i al1 ht \ 'llm It''.tl
1s to11 o " IItam-' \N l lCrnwo t mol ,t
n mtl 0S l I t'Il' i I '-"h1 the 5 9 1) t t
~u n
{ 1Y
-; h':0'
1t in t1 I b1 ' ;n . '" }" il
n'o hop t - -
1t I l \o ' . lf Il:i et' vl r' ' - < o
tnt h l it- he 'i inIt 1' '
meu t "in' it-'oith a -'ht' i - oir'
jhitt'!I i ' i\o s \ 'tll ' tS.i IO.
11'i t itM itt tti- 5111 t i Oil l in
itwo 'tt 9 i tttl'ltiittit of \ie,eii
ti ti ittitit t' l It t r ilt'~i tl I t O
ath \Jhnui'i ease,ind it Blit li'tCr
I)ion i stnattt utor l'ha i's en,h
ht.de,t iritt I y sttt ll t41ott idonts
wasti tte u torth test ftti sof ti,t
hende 6.4u nwthe wilhenSatr
nitf ' th 1 0 ie ,
::1tYAN'S LA'T1S'f AMbt'TION.
the Min who wats Hiimiself Twice befcnted
Watis to Letd the Deltocrttic Parly
to at Thirdt 1)cftet.
[_Nt%wn nuid lourior.](
Wanhitngtun, iArm-h 24, - William
,1 oning t Irynn asplirt H to t.hn poai
tion of the thnirntum of the ) imo
tratiI' nalionai tommittat in tho next,
V11'14itlrntiatl tntulnigii, Dlr. Iiiytl
it ill 111it, hnn tontlltid d the fnet that,
ho ontortninn th1in ninhli'ion to
oVi I IronlInitnt i omotrntle i Ind -
ors iti \4tnohingtonl. t1hot IoH wan
Il'1h-' st"v'tutal wo114kn ago ho tlkoid
With ,t ena\tr,tontlt, of Arkilins , the
po ont i'hnirman 1:' i th t om1i(tt\t\;
Wit Seti to' t ' ir 'tn k, of l't\1111 NNe 41;
1\111t 1' l'attt 1'Nt1, of t' ol'adtt, 11nd\
kitllt\r tit\'t'( i,t 19, lit,iisi l t ' iM i I
.laimes t,rin'1, of 1'it(H1burg, and
asked t hi,. s11p t1 l'o t'a'1h of thosett
ht\ thn t\ nit thr se sg1gt' on of 1tt his
t'hwn 1111ch1ip .At til !:'tlnio timtt Iho
1n'I ne n. 1t. 11 'i\ o\n'h t h.' ltt'essit \ f(o
t itolit ''t tt t' As AM b om itl1\\
ilil#\N < t ,t,l \lr Itl\lin is InI 1:0Al)),O y 03 1 1t tt,f' th \ 1 1.t1)i l'
I1 '1;1Y 1,I ft\ ' il l t \ 1 ,t 'i 1 1 ;l , :'l. t ,,
05;, 1 in 0 oa1sunt\
I\1.tl E s 34 t (h b O b it
t tl ? 1 'n 1 1 I
l\ 1 t1 v 'i-A A \\ 1t h fl tIli
. t h \t
t, \\ . 11 ,,! t'
IIt ',;, .! i,. " I i .t
1 ~ ~ 0 0-,II,
/ .4
t ~ \\ tt' \ I i -'
1,, \ t,ae
IN th
- A
1 -*
nI 'I d V of.Ie ithe Tyig Tm s
Negro Rule.
b e Gr .l lev ii Of 19t.
I l ' 4ll . tIt 'll if l [I l4
N an:. II. -r'm ,'h(opowerst
I 3 .i ar2 14 Cth 4 44i h ll0V4tr
-4l~ 14 i-rn' 1to Sand g'rms
tu it 'Ctwer .44'l .4(10 j \- th
.1 ii \ it' i.m i st K tit' tililt, .
.' '.. drtl1 li,t' 141 Ila t'rn: ity i di
DI r . wnith a foaitt inat litn'hand11 at
Iinii t' hel l 1 tC. iilt il ililti n 'i t
NIe-(Ithi4l Wigt-s t n.11 litubey hat
C' N it (l'l h Sntttrt is'Iiieliton
n\vtt'tI~ to 4)h4 wtIVi tr. li4y t(lpt
hritimaty o kil i le gan to
norew tir wha )t was known ntd it
1i'oLI 18. thei nuts tinn I heeta ient
theoutnrflor hurrinti to Iho obturohus
wil niotitlld the ton t to hurry to Mr.
A ntdron'H tInm. Tht womern tml
ohilironi woro hurrild hono n.1 tho
utiln got. their nrim I il w orl 4otk
glathorl ll al M r. Andorrson'H. Tho
nogro0on lu1ul Iov0d off HntyiIg they
kill him. ''ho mtijority of tho whitr
:n11n wwor il favor of killitng out the
nrtgroon Iat onm, but. t older monit
rtNt r neti itth n. it6 il to1114 Wore tolt
to th Ingrs nnd 0 11 thiey wotr" told
thtat if thoy woul d.1 tiptortt mnd go
home and go to work they would tnot
h'll molootoel The uneIgoeg titnlly
go41omld to do lio, taid after pIIoinig nt
Runni it Air. l happill'1 rawitneno
iho whit.' peopl dilpmred to their
hIomei. Mona lutorning eairly tho
Ml n-ill', T. \1. I'oyin ger, wean giumg
o Mtt ('hlappell's with a warrant to
1rtest h;im, whten juttt tlovo I.on1g.
o1'os It Witas nar'sitek by iu t'r'wd of
g\m't\'. gotIhle.d at t'Lob,' 1ingos'.
Ito tinultly got Away from thom. T'h4
log S r Olllet l in tIii woods
It*ar l.tlgtholr'' Stotr. l'ho whito
c1tot's WOro trin on the 1in1 and
n a 'h' t t ifn t it white mo o u
.. 00 lt tl at i Ingshoro's Stoto. Ihm.
im,is of W hat' mon enmote fully ar med
atl equ,i1n' I f or any emrrtgoney.
t' , o m0n w ol ly) h'rd to
'r r.i1, i nt 1!e :' bit'r 1m 'n did snit.
ved 1 kpot t. he boys f ron ope
;lt t l't t hai 1 el ia~ t 's 1\ " ' Silt'
1;n:3 ' ,'",l'tllt., . " i 1r11VIAl to
.1 l: thl,} ' t . , ' " s :,t I lt'i to
\.u 1:a-o t''..day mnot ctog and
, < . f b his aupnrt'au :o at the'
Then \!esa: s ,1 1B.
hh i 1 l'lt'as ia;!,i \\ It
11 1\' h d t le 15 'atet
n'lt b r b a ontla h tot { hoy .m -
tt, 't , ai b ont e of t Iti n ai..
s( n hib k'ithl This (rc'rwd of
I;t ;'' 111'" hur A t ' 'It Ne b r \ Anl
{t- h ttgr, Ile)e'' :11:.l 't aried
u- .1 icni be rn They
lrt ;t ,l itr itr w - wit h t hP a 11ntird
1a. t. \N tl+ \c. : 't'. \'i .if ~Oattr;,t
1 thetr head= tho,t t.
si wt ar : I he C-r-ow.i ti.t had
b ' Ihe 4 m:l pt t,
iix:p e. Itt hika ,.3 t t her . uMe baie
oocp m Ir hie :.t.s :;..d h disperst bt
th i e e .0,et l i orn.- were
b r . :;. er . d.r--tion . a-d
nit C , b. H.urton's tonSe a
I- 11;... :b ! l Wd : ear. andt I ~
,'igr~ n.o:. :sm i marchmgc doNn i t h
..r.is i u tOn th.l en their caps
hhymoie and . noite-r mnrebehe
ii front of tho Btirt.on gae This
'raWd Wa>a fromi No. 7 Towvnahip.
Hero the Nia arn ed t hatitund reds of
vbli moi. hUnd het at Lzgtlhcro all
he zner:.ng. l'hese liegroes halted
ni fr.nl of tho tgate aunt started to
ito over Ithe i hos, t h i r gnit:s were
:iele'1h np by heir otliceers, Loue
kiey hogall to ret reat. I r the wean
hwo tho negroes who heard the horns
Get Children
Started Right
Measles, scarlet fever, mumps
and( wvhooping co)ugh are unuiver
lally p)revalent.
WVith all these, the disease itself
is often trivial, but the after effects
arc vetry seious.
half the people suffer fromi eye
trouble (Iesutlt of measles), or
bronchtial, car, or kidhney trtoublle
(result of othier diseases,of child
Now a childl in robust health
will throw oft these diseases. A
weak ailing child will p)robably
suffer all its life.
We have just the, medicine for
puny, ailing children. It is Vinol.
It is pileasant to take, it is free
from dtangerous drugs, it is nlour
ishing and gently tonic, it helps the
food to digest andl gives strength.
It has beeni used in this town
wvith great success when children
were slowv in getting over whoop
ing cough and measles.
It seems to give them a start,
and they b)eome btight and
healthy. Used with Vinlax, the
bowel regulator, it is safe anid sure,
both for ailing children and bur
dened mothers. Take home a
bottle on our guarantee of money
back if it's not good. Don't let
your little ones remain weak and
W E.Pelham& Son
( hl'y hn1'ill o 11111 11ui11hr of wIIitl1
pe11opI11 who h11an 141 l it . l'oslig 4)hr44,
t ho) ti 114141111I to I i n11111 .411. .1tt,.
nt. i1ar1t that night i r. (.Iltunoy
I'CVI n11', who wa 11 t1ovitig to I,t1111r'tIIn
(hon1y), wa'n NtopeII11 b Y 110gro00N 1llnr
tl. (1. Mto wt'n t onitilnlol . ilI 1II itll
Ih I lr5{ro+44 (b11'1'1i ii Itl hi w1ng( ti1 II
to .1, . Mt 4''iw I ,' 11n111n , loft. Id
wngoll n1'a1o 11n111rn. lift 1mot111io11
(thII oth hlo'rn 1.', (it vnn it ver'y Wiill
llighlt ) lift {to) to the ltnm ilntl n1ai11
itn it I1 14on voi4't. AI n tIlloll IhitIlh111o11
;1bonb111'1 A eio 11'! l''t rvart, AI tsI''1h I
ht+ 1 11! &t' II' 1111 1't'1m' tl nin11 o
1h g 'tl lth who %it- d1 114it4t. Thel, wiIt,
i 1't ' o t ht Il 1444t 1 4 44I4t' I 't't'et io ti tl
toik to 11%t' 4 n111s1", Illtlkiig 1n
41111% t \)1 'hllo~ 1 t',111' lllltlI t'tt1114t tt
o\t1'tnlllllntto ti1mll I't IN wtIllo t 111
("'happ l'11" wal, thelt m11'tgulit+tl no
gre't w\or1' 1t1l,til, host It c' sA
l)uffy''s I\'y Malt Whikhcy Cures tiron.
chiti, Gri)tls onsumnption and All i'i
cases of the Throat and Lungi.
If v.'lt' .lr 1 i u l' t'ak
1'ti,d 1 ' t :i \ ... \111 , o'il4 ' t'1 1'l.'ll.'tlltl., it
' l a \\ . is: \ 14 :1, sF ,1 h.' 1.
F11n::1:77. .7 ,1 Ilt4. 1,t',' 3 tt 4il . tt'
0 . had g'ine th
) ' ; : eH , c'1 1:an. ( t k1-1Qt l,t
n dll\' 1 ., Z 1
\ . ' Pu ubles~
\t:;.. to it1 1 ' t' 11eP4i1,d
u% I
ASfi: key. h . n .h hA
I'... . al
- - naysfound
-1. &: . It
Ouffy' hske Pue Mare you geyh
genuine. n41-pu on 4cen e.4 i
nin f l o h excellence f this
n441re ost.ily t hartnful .tl'emane
uffy's' nneltgt he, stur %it-u Iet4 it. It
414the4 fnly afrolu ely 14 iiure mlt
nenI41h-MI' 54ng qual*itie,. t.ook for
?te trd-ak ''Th ld 44 hleist."'
41n ou4r Inhet.
S . . th l - ' - ' year-. 1 1 i re
- ":4 4v - d 4 :rs .:.d1 u4sed ex
by 4' ' Prounent hospitalS. The
Sold At All Dispensaries,
o'r d.re, I at $1 .' a b.ttl,. 1, P- 1P,:..!v whis..
4ey roog~r:z.ed by th. G'.; . -. :2. : : m dl
4 klI -1.t free t' .any ra:d. r of this paper
'tho Will 'tr.i:t. lly .lit Whiskey Comn.
Pany. R~olhest.er, N. Y.
--T HE
Natioial Badl of Nowbiry 8 C
Capital ---- -- --$150,000.00
Surplus and Profits - 96,865.88
(heneral banhIkit4 bine-.I4's Is gL.cLtd
i'ollctions)'414 . ICorr .,poi ' ce 491 4oicn.t
Savings Dopa'rment.
)tpotsts atllo,w.. 1i44.tI't' 1 t the41. lt'te
of1 I i'C.4 er 'ei :4 an4nu414n fr-'tn d4:.It of
decposit,. I nt444s 4r 4 ay abb-. .4 annary,t 1sNt
.ttti. it i . I 44 1i M M4 N , . '.. "
Froo~ Cha41iIr Car1s Union04 Depoltts.
I')1or 41 l'nil i nform tion4, pamphletsI-( ,
N'o. 1I ltrown 1t1ldg. . Alanta.1 (4n.
U latrge. hoek of par
Whie Cure it . ror:ret
worn ilunily dropped. All XOpt th
Nowberry orowd that hattl nttako
+onu. to t.ho poultonttary.
'1'hia eld1od tho (Jhal pll wai
1ii it. not beu for .ionry liurtot
A. .1, lingahoro, A. K. TrIbio an
it low othmr toool h1ondd inotn, tho iu
Two Dally Pullman
[3etween SOUTH
The Best Rates and I
Via Richmond anId
Norfolk and Ste
Nashville, Mern
Louis, Chicago. 1
Poitlts South and Soi
and Jacksonville n
and Cuba.
's ivm TY l'ti: Si
ow''For detailed infortunt
m11an,1 reservations, etc., .a
board Ar- Line Railway.
Passenger Agent. Colm
~' Address SOUT
The Great Highway
Aar Telp teaPla
The Finest DinIrg-Ca
For detaIled Itforenaion as to Tic
vations address the nearest Age
W+ A. 'fUaul. S. H. H A
A passeniger ser,
and comfort, equippe
Dining, Sleeping L: id
F~or rates, Schedi
tion, write to
o groeo of No. 0 Township won1d bav
I hoon exterminhted. Quito a numbel
I of tho white wonon and. ohildrot
worn Hont to Greeuvili,, but the)
P. foon returnod, and 'inoe that tim
i, the No. 0 nogroOn have boon amont
(I t ho Iu0Ht, iigrooo of the county.
c3tibulod Limited Traitns
'oute to all kastern CtiCs
Washington, or via
:mers.- To Atlanta,
)his, Louisville, St.
Jew Orleans, and All
thwest .To Savannah
nd all points In Florida
tOw:'lr LiN1'' 13T-I' 1-h:N
ion, rates, schedules, Pull
ply to any agent of The Sea
or J. J. Puller, Traveling
bin. S. C.
Asst. Genl. Pass. Agt.,
Time Convenient -shedules
ure Ti-ip to those. who
r Service in the World.
kets. Rates and SIeeping-Car reser
Q9UG H FARg or V'{L h
-Cu ba.
rice unelxceIledt for f o:
d with the latest IPuL';
Thoroughfare Cars.
tie, naps or any informna.
4. 3. CRAIG,
Gecneral Passenger Agent,
W~iImington, N. C.
H. C. BEA'T=, Eeceivear.
In fect June 8 .1902.
tetween Anderon and Walhalla.
MiIxed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 15tations. No. 11 No. 9
1'.'M. A. M. P. M. A. M
8 10 965...............JIellon............... 8 IC 10 60
2 48 988........A nderson F. D......... 3 40 11 10
2 4i 980........ +ndorson P. D........846 1116
9 25........ West Andrt son....... 8 49 ........
90 .Denver. .8 69
------- 1 02.............Autun......... 4 06 ........
85. 'o ndloton .......... 4 11 ........
847...............Cherry............... 4 18 ........
844....... .AlanN.............. 4 2t ........
S28..... Jo (lan f r Jun et ...... 4 3 _......
11 ...............s ntce a.............. 4 r6 ........
-"."" 811$--.--.....West Union . ...04
0 Wahalla ......... 609 ........
All rlgilair tr.iriN fr<r JIelton to walhala,
li9Vl+ proerdt,ic over trains of s tine class *r
Hs uvlig In the Op )0Nite dlireotton unless oth
of wli Npeuoeelt by train order.
Will asteeNtot at, the following stations to
k,on asnlo o rtsengors: Phiuney's
J1,I11a" t n ul lsyt , rigs
.1. I'* At lhV14. Super Intendent
Gharlcil and.,Wostcrn.Caroina Rwv Co.
Au1guHta and AHhevillo Short Lin.
Hettela mi Iri'tffnlt July 6, agog.
Iu vu Augiistit...... ... ...0 10 a In 1 66 p in
A rtIvi tIruonwa l.........12 44 p . .
An. elormN. ...................... i
.List1renv................. I 41 p iu JO 80 a t
W alerlto iill. 8.)... I 12 p in
(il'11 vlln.......... 12 22 p in 980 am
(4lonit HiringH.... - -r1 p rr
Hpartanb urg......... 110 p in an
itil ul ................. 1 38 Is in
*r 11t1d4a1H i ltu....I.~ 0 a 08 IIn .......
ANhiovlllo,........... 7 16 i in ...
' lt% 4,A tlte vll... ...... il3p in
UIC'5iiViIsi 2 ,r ~ i 1 41 p mi
7 00p m
itt rll l'.. .........2 0 It ~ains 1 0 1 to
Art Ivyu Wnlorliooi(II. H.)... 2 83; p in .......
Oieu)twoolI .......2...... 7 5 pii
Lo41,v At intlHin ..b...................... 7 2 i a i
Ati t a il...... ......2 1) 1) in 116 p n
A ri tv ' l11) 1 li , . . ... 1-6 111
N1uw4.(tIiIahlrry Ji2in
e ........... 42 p mt
l'1.11 1ui 26 put
riv u it -o-.- -.............. 7i 2 i n n
A omb HrIn.. ...... 1 i) in
i.,l rv1 t' st r b141 1 H l la . ... 1 ) 1 1
lIwt'Irryu ----.----- 12 r) p n
n ilonr. 1 p 'ptn
%1 i v i i 1 ..................2 2 1 n
' N v. oIt 1 , o iir .. ...... :' i (i pnl
S Pit rianhtWri..--.---- Ie' 19 2. Ag n
ll n -111a... . .. .. 1. a., p mu
Il ort t n1 l II.l I,bt bellwv-oIn Nn1wborst3y
t.d (It(ir lvlle. a nrtn :b'irg n d W'on)
'I-lnnt:l lo . fr"tu N-%ho ry o in ('l binoubl.
S%% ber-y a 1, u.1'11. bti t iln ty,
1''or 1v t" l fllrtu tion, w1 to.
8KitNk 1' W 11,1 i1tMS, (lo , A . 1a . A gI
.,A ur (18in. (in.
I. . a i rtulli' \l17 per.
12 .i~ pn Aheviio 0 pm
(E itelt1 Hnatnlat<d Tit, a,)
siuI'h br"uno(. Nortl,boun(1.
Meh du t.i t jir ec( Au rntt 26th 1902.
y'TA'Il O%.
8 10 A t inta (.A1,t.) Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 111n , 1 "10 H 6 11) pmn
II t Jitm EClher(ou b 17 pm
12 ..prin A bbevillo 4 0 - pn
t12-- pm (Grecnwood 3 :1 ~, m
2 15p:, A r linton (Ulnt'r) Lv'. 21 : pmn
(a.&W 0.)
Il0 tIt io Iv (4 ein Sprilgs Ar 4 lI pmtl
.2 16 p1In ;parianbur)' 3 30 pn
1. 2 rt Ureenv!lle 3 2 pum
(Harris Springs)
1 12 Iin Waterloo 2 35 pim
I I.: iin ., r Laurene ()In'r) Lv 2 17 put
-02 Lv I.auttn:l Ar 1 NJ
211" 'Parks Ar 1 42
2 2.' -11iItu:.. I 3)
2 21 t-old i 17
24 ..Kinatrd.. 110
2449 . ary ... I105
251 ..Jalnpa.. 10
1 .U N\ewh.(rr} 12446
:124 Prosicrity 1282
3 r4 ....)11ghu.... 12 23
339 L,i Mountaiti 12 19
36G1 ...('hnpiu... 12 (,!
1,7 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Ioch 11 t.9
4 (7 I(allentino 11 64
4 17 ..Irmo..... 11 46
4 2 4 ..L.eaphart 1i 40
44~> ArColumiblaLv 11 20
1.5 vUolun bia (Ac .0L.)A r 0
6i 20 Sumittr 9 50~
_ 91 20 A r Chnrlustons Lv 7 0
TrainiM 55~riid 32 sirive )t d (Iepart friom
no0w uiiOn depot.
Tr-fI 151122 tt, d d'a tron; .\ . C. L. freight d'pot,
West (leren is srn et,
For RIates, Timo Tables, or further inform*a
lion call on atny Agent, or write to
President. raffHc Manager.
So'. Agt. (lqn'1 I"rt.& P'ass le gt.
No taste. No oor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patienft's knowledge.
White Rtibbon IRemedy will cure or
destroy the dliseaised appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tiPppler,"' so
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
for.anyone to have an appetite for alco
holic liquors aifter' using White Ribbon
Indorsed by Memibers of WV. C. T. U.
Mr's. Moore, pr1ess superintendent of
Woman's Christian TPemper'ance Uinion,
Ventura, California, writ.es: "'I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cures have
been many. In many eases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
menld and indorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. Members of our Union are deC
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid us in our temperance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Trown
send1 (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temperance Union), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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