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The board of health should adopt
rules requiring owners of property to
put in connection with the sewerage sys
tem in localities where t,he health of
the community is endangered by the
old system. The fact is the owners of
property where such conditions exist
should have sutlicient regard for the
health of their neighbors. if they are
indifferent to their own, to make the
connection without rules forcing them
to (1o it. Unfortunately, however, there
are people who are too selfish to put
themselves in the other fellow's posi
tion, and as long as they are not annoyed
or inconveuiencel and the health of
themselves and their families not jeo
pardized, they are indifferent and will
let the expenditure of a few dollars
keep them from doing what they should
do and what they would raise a row
about if the shoe was on their foot. It
is nothing more nor less than criminal,
and to reach such there should he a law
adopted and enforced.
Since the sewerage has been put. in
there is no exeuse for maintaining a
yard---a hack yard that is offensive
and( that is not only offensive, hut
places in jeopardy the health and the
lives of the tolnlltnit y in which it is
The sunitne' is c'tinlig ol antl we
should take e\v"erV ltrt'ecaut ion to pre
serve the health of the town anld tile
cleaning out otf small pla"es and lots
where stables :il cow., :te kept, and
other plhaes that are not in good sani
tary contltion should hav, t te atten
tion of the ht':tlt h otlitt'r.
Another ma1 t teir t hat shou1ld hlav' t hi
at tent (it of, li - b ian i tta f h t hl is the
tlnshing ut'ca:siotnally of the hydr(1:11nts.
TIhese \tn'n-' not tlushedl at all last suml
nui'1-, :n1tl havyt' nlot lt-t-il s;Illet' t I n'oir s
tl sujltet'lle dei l ll'n Ilits It1't' n t'l"ela gt,
thutigh the wttI' inl stint' tf them at
least htttints at t imiie. otfenlsiv' and is
at all t li t's t agn:lit :nt i npuI re. The
s 'il i Iltern lt II ltls ttt I t' 1( isi iotl
Ihat it iin:tIt's t it Ill I\w inii vu e and
poisonous the w a ter in t he hydrant he
coules it would n't aLfet the w"aeter in
t he itllain liis r''aust' i h-re is a conistant
tnrent., TI11 rtl 0:l\ Itt' tr"u(e, biut w\e
tiiit t ll t n l itluertak' - o i t' ot vi rn e the'
p ublir of I19 he orn l-";t nI ss of IheIt posi
tjoni, adi we thi'k itik' ste pilan is io
ht\ e th e u yit il't ;lit ' tnt'ly :111t1 i i
len ty l t us ttheii l. 'ThI cit hea lh of the
conlluni}' i s to> i t'l'tt't a gn it i 'e tri
ed w it'h. T i' istniltlissi rit ors t th
lie work"1s, w\e pnr'slunl-, could (lt this
with (t( Iiernlii i f i 'th plit rin e n
<ti'nt, or the Iat'd of health could Ie
tllire it. Ilnulist i nouit :d1ttwl i s It ays
sysltemiiits ti w tle' ks 11t i s is rei -dt'I
y a regulatin uf the ohtan'i of an-:'lti
illi of us. otlials and citizens, needl
to Iull og'ether adt c-ip4 irat in tver
elfort fs tihe het'i h of the ont ln ttl\.
\ater works and sw ar't bo
eonVte iet n, ' t'lit'e is itl rde of t hIrt'u
t'nt fotihuir stabtvii li an waist it
they t~ Iould prvt' h a th prni nut r:
T is ull' i t ilnnt' heituli ofiit' h tmsl' ti'.
Thsit'''in itu-'et sf t'he sytimsrn ttiuhi
do' te i imt''' ntsin t ha t h eyu~ treut
proerly t'uin'ged,i and hinoret tt'o' bI
eitt th'e' ple,g ft'he eneple must taki
idta iilofal thatm. Th'en ystenc uls
ten toait liol an not gi an' itndi'
hedat :an1 thould be managedti ftor tinil
publis odn wa1 ht hii tn'epuic alt hc
Te AIIii'It'h IIt tlai' t'tinks nit a is
Lile tio i'l p aetfte r~ foohit hall i'gamiies.
ht'. w'u' re ent('es :th ('roia Itinsahs
fyotiaul but ct wi be' g<i nil ews'A itoii
t he maest stt h' teole it int heStat.
Wtei nootu t'tt thma h ot ha tl
winde pn-vntd wit law hi s pugdiiiti'
$9st01 contes((ts a Thoi't tler re tm
smfirth alotera(Ift e. iti'olumba
ice hageiel mat (hariwth ilrv.at
frind(rsonh .\auttu not al issmuc amori
bte tanscrizteo tht.n uI ei ouuhi
lieo to ay it pohibioted 'sbyo lei'tslato
kust a hi in i ze I fciiighti isn proibtitet.
sTiret imslua i c nthangel,vat iteri
the sInr hit eot ie'i meta lp'hy
qalit t it haas 0 i:n me t . ( iarl.
boxerts.The ftis nothi' buent ti rai
the line of literature and writers are
giving the people what they want. The
trouble with the writers and the news
papers is they have caught the commer
cial spirit of the age and bring forth
such products as will command i price
on the market. The Mr. Dooley letters,
for instance, bring a higher price than
other character of literature. The peo
ple want something light.
Feed pale girls on Scott's
\\'' do not need to give all
ih- reasons why Scott's
Sulkioin restores the strength
and( Ilesh and color of good
health to those who suffer
freom1; sick bliod.
The fact that it is the best
p>reparation of Cod Liver Oil,
rich in nutrition, full of healthy
stimulation is a suggestion as
to why it does what it does.
Scott's Emulsion presents
'od Liver Oil at its best,
fullest in sLe ngth, least in
Young women in their
teens " are permanently cured
1f the peculiar disease of the
)oo:d which shows itself in
1all eness, wveakness and nervous
ss, by regular treatment
\h Scott's Einulsion.
It is a true blood food anm!
naturally adapted to the cur
the blood sickness fr
II1a11\' \')tI1g \\'Ollltn
We will he cclad to stn-d
a sample to any suffelr.
. .. ", l it . r \t t I tl" 1
SCOTT & now
.09 Pe.di si., New
Knights of Pythias,
T'I'''': ('ON\'lGTloNS Ol 'TillS
.t-lge w ill he hel on the 2nd and
1! h TIut'eday night, seof each1 1mnt h at
.u . \'i.,-itin1g Knights cord' ially w5e'1
tarnledt. i1(S. E. EPT'IING.
K. of It. and S.
('rtwell Ilot Hu IIn tiling.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
,Jewelert and Optician.
Staiinsi andt flnisht.s floors at
i0J lb shelld NoOH!l No mi!
Easily appied iad drios ovO?
~~ iiight, so i t. canii ho. usodi
neixt. mnhing.
da~ PiS fIoors00[ |.ooh I.ik id[dWood,
Whothor Painted or not.
kus for Itookiot ont Troatinont of iFloora
Manufactured by Detroit Whito Load Works,
and sold by
Dealers & .Jobbers Generally
w ' C u t to everyV bab)y,
- e year oae.i n ~, i this counity,onec
Ii un IiI iini. raw nCm. You do
Siunfaiturlinil - .ti large mniufac
toni'- a:ad libbes (If jewelriy andi(
speiin i thu san.ii., (f dollars for
to p ne it a way (liireet to con(iisumerl(s.
4 madit~ e '.iistribtin lg aigent for tii
locality. nirinig youri haby(I to thei
s tore ansd givet its n;nnue anid age andt
Syou will receive onie of thle> e beauo tiul
I xilver spoons all engrrav''d free oif cost.
Thi isnt a cheap artitele, but solid
sleofelegant dlesigi- 1)on't fail
to look over' the elegant linei of The
1l' a >tern Manufaceturing Co. 's goods oti
display at
B. . MRRJ~,- W/IIMIR, 8. 0.
Fat Field
makes a fat purse.
A fertilizer without
IS no4t cipl e 1te.
(hi li- bc! arte conplete treati,a3
a.n "rtiul ers. .tn'b
w1'ri t "'"t the 1.
4 I;Tft1.1 :c.
To the Teachers.
spective school sessions, your
registers, properly kept, must be deliv
ered to me as a final report. Any
teacher failing to bring his or her regis
ter along with the last salary warrant
will positively be refused approval of
said salary warrant until it is accompa
nied by school register. So please take
notice that your register must accom
pany your last pay warrant.
Respectfull y
Co. Supt. Ed., N. C.
March 16, 1903.
~ notified that they must work
their respective roads on or before
April 1, 1903. Any one knowing of a
section of road having no overseer will
please notify Inc.
County Supervisor.
Notice of Fini Settiomlct.
Notice is hereby given that I will
make a final settlement of the personal
estate of Mrs, Elizabeth White Fant,
deceased, in the Probate Court for
Newberry County, on Friday the 4th
(lay of April, 1903, at 11 a. i., and will
immediately thereafter apply for a final
discharge. All claims against estate
must be presented on or before said
date. Jas. K. Gilder.
Notice of Final Dis
-. L~that the undersigned will apply
for letters dismissory as administrators
of the personal estate of Calhoun 1.
Iioyd, dec ased, on Tuesday, April 7,
1903, at I1 a. Im. to the Probate (ourt I
for Newberry (County.
Newherry, S. C., March 21st, 1903.
from Hlis Hlon. Y. J. Pope, Chief
Justice of the State of South Carolina,
notice is hereby given that a special I
term of the ('ouit of General Sessions,
for Newberry ('ouiity, S. C.. wvill be
holen on thle 1thI day of April, 1903,
and( continue Inir one week if becessary.
All per'isons 'onlnectedl in any way
with sad com-iit will > lease take notice.
C. G. C. P. & G. S.
Sto00th0lde's Meeting
Puiaat to a Mictiliig of tho BOalil of
Uir1'olors' of tho lNworl'y Kllittilig
Mill, hohi1 011 17th Mal'ch, 1903, the
f'ollowilig 6o8oIIlll0118 wol'o Ad0111o0
lResolved: 1. That a meeting of the
stock( holders of the Newberry Knitting
Md il be held at the oflice of the Presi
dent of the Newberry Savings Bank, in
Newhberry, S. C., on the 20th (lay of A pril,
19102, at 12 o'clock M. foir the purpose
of 'onisidlering a proposit-ion of increas
ing the cap)it al stock of the said corpor
ation from $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 soa
to permit of an issue of 150 shares oif
prieferr'ed stock of the saidl corporation,
of' the par value of $100.00 each, ag
gregating the sum of $15,000.00. The
sl'id pr'eterred( stock shall be entit led,
for a period of five years from the 20th
(lay of Aril, 1903, to dividlendls from the
n(et 'airnings of' the Company, at, the
rate (of seven per cent per annum, p)ayab)le
simid-annually, and on the 1st day of
Jianuar'y, and the 1st day of July of
each year, the first, of simi-annual
dliv idendls be.ing (due and payable on the
1st. (lay of Januai'y, 1904.
11. TIhat in case of liquidation a any
time, the pre ferred stock shall take
and have precedenice over the conmnon
st ock.
Ill. T1hat t he holers of the said pre
feired stoek may at any time before
A pril 20th 19108, by and with the con
senit ot, aInd at a piciie fixed by the
lfoardl of I)irecctors of the said coirpoira
tion, ('ehange the amount of their pire
fe'.red stock for common stock, wvhich
shall be issued( to them by the Newberi y
Knitting Mill, and aft.eir such (exchange
is made in the manner aforesaid, the
holde'rs of' saidl pre(ferr'ed st.ock, sc) ex
c'hanigedl for comimon stock, shall be on
the same footing as the holders of' thle
'ommlionl stoc(k in the paiymfenlt of' divi
dendi(s, and mn all othe' iight s ant privil
I V. Th'at. the said New berry,~ K(nit I ing
Mill r'eseirves thle iighit to ('ither'! retire
the sa1( id preferred('( stock on the 20th
(lay ot' April, 1908, by~ paying the hold
er's thereof the f'ace v'alue of' the same
in mon'y, ori to 'oait inuei the same for
a period of five yeai's uponi the same
c'ond(itions it was issueCd
V. Thal~t not ice of the time aind place
and pur ipose of' such mieet-iings, and the
amount of incr'ieaise of cap1Jital stock, be
puiblishied in the Newber'ry IIer'ald and
News once a week for foui' successive
weeks prior1 to thew 2t0th (lay of April,
V 1. Tlhat ihe stock holders of record
on the above last mentioned (late, shall
have' a pre(f(eence of taking such pre
t(erred( st ock in pr'opoi'tion to the
amount he, she oi' they may owni, andl
afteri said date the same shall be is
sued to any outsider in any amounts
J. l'. No'wood,
Pries. andl Treas.
lH. C. Mathews,
Now For Your Big Six
APRIL 1st.
Two Thousand dollars worth of Ladies' fine
Muslin Underwear, conprising Ladies'
Fine Underskirts, Night Gowns, Chetn
ise, Corset Covers and Drawers, all well
inade and nicely trimed for less than
you can buy the material will be placed
on centre tables for this (lay only, Wed
nesday, and marked in plain figures.
Come Without Fail.
APRIL 2nd.
Black Silks and Black Dress Goods.
20 pcs. fine Black Taffeta Silk, 22 and 24
in. wide, worth 85., $i.00 and $[.25 yd.
We place the big lot on sale for Thursday
only 49c. \(.
The Black Dress Goods Selling
Still Keeps Up.
5 PlC. 38 inl. ali wool Taimise Cloth just
as light and cool as an organdie, for
Thursday 49c. yd., worth 75c.
4 pes. 'rench I,ustre, 4o in. wide, just the
matem ial for shiedting the dust to go Thurs
(day1 at .c., , wo th 850.
5 e. so i,r I'ta nine and Crepe de Chine,
the seasons craze to go at 98c. worth
$i.50 ''lnrsdav onmly. 1
The (
The Ewart - Pi er
Newberry S.
Mr. Careful Dressei
I Yon are
I inuvite d to mot n
New Spring S
NI I'N'S SU 11S, Tit
NlIlCN'S ltlT;, MIIN'S s
&c., &c.
A larc v thyfrt,
Ninueteenu hunu:re ! and lb r,oe
The clothing
- ch loss Bros. d
the fam ous mal
All their gar
inme ts bear this
Main Street. N
Days Sale. Competitive I
e Dlouse Furnishing Goods
Friday, April 3rd.
200 large White Bed Spreads worth $1.50,
for Friday 98c.
200 extra large White Fringed B- d Spreads
worth $2.0o and $2.49, for Friday only
"A $1.25.
Another big shipment of Table Damask in
short lengths direct from Belfast, Ireland,
2Y, 3 and 3yj yds. long to go at half
price Friday.
250 doz. all Linen Huck Towels, odds and
ends worth 20c., 25c. and 35c. each. on
center tables Friday only 6 Towels to a
customer for 85c.
200 doz. c'k Linen Doilies for Friday 23c. a
doz. worth 40c.
300 doz. c'k Linien Doilies, larger size 49C.
a doz. worth 75c.
100 doz. Hemmed Napkins, every thread
linen, worth $2 00, for Friday $1.39 doz.
1ooo prs. Nottingham Lace Curtains direct
from the manufa"turers, the price for
Friday only 98c., $1.49 and $1.79, worth
APRIL 4th.
200 prs. Ladies' Oxfords and Sandals worth
$1.50, Saturday 98c.
300 prs. Ladies' Oxfords and Sandals worth
$2.00, Saturday $t.4 8.
200 prs. Ladies' Oxfords and Sandals worth
$2.50, Saturday $1.95.
5oo prs. Men's Shoes for Saturday only 98c.
Theapest Store on
ION!Iu toei
Respectfully t
gatherng ofnl i
OUSElal rde, iiB,~
Uhoe , and Fans
iNOr toeis
018 U T hoesns of dollar 1
I pt data stock ofNw
alac DrreeGt,s
iths bulgrds n bIc
White whil othelkbd
fmbroe re all Lce)
lIhouse and ten.
aNotste ,of our
covere and'
lieve ar ofc
ai tet lik Rmo UreB
WVith isg non tr
WboesleDrpe S omek andc do
V C'Y~GTI ,,. j once the e ohe
Cwa~ic SDOlOi th e are ar
R CO.,atmr aWtskGoete
ewbery, S C he DRst Why
reakers For The Week.
oo doz. Men's Fine Negligee Shirts for
Saturday 49c.
200 doz. Men's Odd Pants for Saturday 98c.
300 Boy's Knee Suits for Saturday, worth
$2 00, to go at $1.39.
APRIL 6th.
25000 yds. Egyptian Colored Dimity
worth 8};c., for Monday 5c.
2oo0 yds. Fine Colored Dimities and Batiste
worth 15c., for Monday oc.
rooo yds. Fine Colored Organdies and Ba
tiste worth 25c., for Monday 15c.
1o0o yds. Fine Madras Ginghams worth
t 2/c., for Monday 9c.
2500 yds. 36 in. New Spring Percales worth
roc. and 123.4c., for Monday Sc.
200 doz. Corsets for Monday-Short, Me
dium and Long Waist-W. B and R. &
GU., al! sizes, 43c. a pair.
APRIL 7th.
1oo doz. Ladies' Parasols, Natural Wood
Handles, worth 75c , Tuesday 39c.
1 oo doz. Ladies' Pat asols, latest style
Handles, worth $1.50, for Tuesday 98c.
150 duz. Ladies' Gloria Silk Paras'ls worth
$2.oo and $2.50 at $1.49.
10 doz. Extra Fine Parasols worth $3.00
and $3.50, Tuesday $1.98.
2500 yds. of Embroideries and Insertions,
thme largest sh ipmnt ever camne to New
berry, worth [oC . 12%c. and r5c., Tues
day S. 2500 yd;. for Tuesday worth
20C., 2.c. and 35c. your choice toc.
a ld Nw forthis SJri] atll[
ack ed and jammed full of New
ived in the past few weeks, and
vort h o' New Gio'ds TPhe good1s are right andt
I canI shiow you now one0 of thes largtst and1( most
MIorch,and(iso t hat will bei shown ia Nowborry this
newV :rrivails are~ all the latest things in
Mn'Ur's CJlothing.
Bo.ys' Cl ithing.
aind C ,.'ora. , Ex: ra Pamnts for MenO1 ai BO, 5.
IHats of all kinels.
IBig li uO Shoes & Sl ippers for Lad ies,
I Me~n, Misses, Buys and1( (hildreni.
Theso Shoes andl Slippers ars oif
I be very best nanmiken.
Einds, High Out and Low Cut,
Styles and Prices.
JMen's Odd, Panmits ati half pricto Ii- lose.
dand Bros.
d P~rudenial Bianking and Trust Company,
of Richmond, Va., Plaintiff,
ie bed? against '
ti mes. George W. Pearson, et al., Defendants.
hi ~ITi L L Court im the above stated case, I
rS allo OWwill sell at public outcry at Newberry
LIni Court Hiouse on saleday (first Monday
yI nof April, 1903, to the highest bidder
ye r the there for, all.that lot or parcel of land"
f in d it and2~ being situate in the Town of
ery, in the County of Newberry
niinate and State aforesaid, containing three
acres, more or less, fronting on Hiar
rotUSe rmigton street on the North, andl bound-.
0(d on the East by McMorries street, on
EDthe South b)y lot of the estate of J. N.
I~EMartmn, dceasedl, and on the Ws
lotof illamJohnson, upon tef
.lowing terms: One-half of the )urchase
are d i s- monetobe aid in cash an< the re
be r- '"i"dr ''"''ve 'onhs-with interest
be r. frm (lay of sale, to he secured by the
) . I tiS hond1( of the.purchaser and( a mortgage
id u n- of the P'enises sold, with leave of the
purcl~haser' to auntici >ate his p)aymnent in
ra t10on S whole orn in part.I >urchaser to pay for
LSy or allIpa~per and1( to insur'e the prmie
forthebeefit ot the mortgagee for at
es not least fhve hundred dlollars.
II . 1I. RIKARD, Master'.
-i g- Master's Oflice, March 16, 1903.
E. ~ ANTED. A man to sell Sewing
right kind of a man to start on, with
gS"on chances Ior won-tion. Experience
not nlecessary. Call on or address, The
R E. Si"Bm."' f"'"t"rii" Co., Greenwood,

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