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Mr. J. Epps Brown Promoted to Special
Agent to,Vice President of the
Bell Company.
News reached Newberry yesterday that
Mr. J. Epps Erown has been promoted
to the position of Special Agent to the
Vice-President of the Southern Bell
Telephone and Telegraph Company,
with headquarters in Atlanta, this being
now the home offee of the company.
Mr. Brown is a Newberry County
boy, and his rapid rise in the telephone
business since he entered it as manager
of the local system at Americus, Ga.,
five years ago,' has been watched with
interest and pleasure by his many
friends here. His progress has been
truly remarkable, especially in view of
the fact that, having no influence with
the officials of the company when he
began, his every promotion has been
upon merit pure and simple. The posi
tion to which he lia just been pro
moted is one of the best in the service,
and carries with it a great deal of
weight in the counsels of the company.
Five years ago Mr. Brown was ap
pointed manager at Americus, Ga., it
being understood that he would be al
lowed to continue his local insurance
business in connection with his other
duties. From this position he was ap
pointed chief clerk to the superinten
dent having in charge all the business
of the company in Georgia and Florida.
Following this, and when the General
Manager's office was moved from New
York to Atlanta (I ebruary, 1901) he
was made special agent to the General
Manager. Mr. Brown was afterwards
made purchasing agent, and in this po
sition purchased every particle of ma
terial used by the company, averaging
nearly $200,000 per month, or two mil
lion dollars per annum. This position
he held until his promotion to the posi
tion of Special Agent to the Vice-Presi
A record like this is something of
which Mr. Brown should be proud, and
Newberry takes a just pride in the fact
that one of her sons has made so re
markable progress to a prominent posi
tion in the business world.
The Newberry Conference of the Lutheran
Church Was Held Last Week at
Colony Church.
The first session of the Conference
was called to order on Thur-day morn
ing by Rev. Z. W. Bedenbaugh, presi
The following officers were elected:
Prssident, Rev. W. L. Seabrook; Vice
President, Rev. J. K. Efird; Secretary,
Rev J. J. Lang; Treasurer, Mr. Jeff
The attendance of both clerical and
lay delegates was unusually good. In
It, teresting discussion of doctrinal and
practical subjects was participated in
by Revs. J. A. Sligh, W. K. Sligh, W.
L. Seabrook, J. K. Efird, W. A. Lutz,
.Dr. G. B. Cromer, Mr. J. Quattlebaux
and others.
The devotional services on Saturday
was conducted by Rev. J. D. Shealcy.
Sermons durring the Conference wvere
p)reached".by Revs. P. H. E. Derrick
and W. G. Seabrook.
The next conference will be held at
St. Paul's church on Friday before the
fifth Sunday in Augaist next.
An Exclent Inprovement Patented by Mr.
D. L. Harris, of This
Mr. D. L. H-arris, of the county, has
secured1 a patent on an improved guano
distributor. The patent is now on ex
hibition at Mr. F. A. Schumnpert's
hardware store. The dlistribultor as
-implroved by Mr. H-arris, has a force
feed and an automatic cleaner, making
it possible to use damp guano, a p)ress
ure being exertedl by the force feed
andl the machine cleaning itself with
each revolution.
The invention is something that
farmers who have to wvor y wvith (lamp
guano have been hoping for for a long
time, andl it is believed that as soon as
it is testedl satisfactorily the machine
will go into general use.
Appointment of Midshliprmn.
Abbeville, '-. C., March 28th, 1903. -
Dear Sir: Kindly state in your next
issue that I have been requested by the
Secretary of the Navy to name an ap
plointee, as M idshipm'an in the U . S.
Naval Academy, from the :3d Conigress
ional IDistrict.
An examination for this purpose wvill
be held at the Court I louse in the city
of Anderson, Wednesday, April 8th,
beginning at 10 o'clock ar. m. aind clos
ing at 6:30 p~ mI.
All applicants must pass5 a p)hysical
examination before they will lbe per
mnitted to standl the ment al examinat ion.
Trhey must be at, least five feet tall, and
free from serious physical defects; they
must residle in the D)istrict.; and must.
be between t,he ages of lifteeni (15)
and twenty (20) years.
Candidates will be exa mi ned mental
ly in reading, writinrg, punct.uation,
spelling, arithmetic, geography, E'ng
lish, United States history, world's
history, algebra through quladr'at ie
equations anid plane ge'omeltry, thrIouIgh
first five books.
Very respectfully,
Wyatt Aiken.
Test One Sack
.Of " Clifton'' flour and you will find
it makes more bread, better bread, andu
gives better satisfaction than anry flomr
Mr. J. C. Swygert, Jr,, of Peak, was
in the city yesterday.
Mr. Jas. A. Burton was in Columbia
on business last week.
Mr. T. K. Johnstone was in Colum
bia the past several days.
Mr. W. Carl Summer is with the
drug firm of W. E. Pelham & Son.
Mr. Ernest Werts, of Prospeaity,
was in the city a few hours yesterday.
Mr. R. J. Ryan, Special Agent of the
Mutual Life Insurance Company, is in
the city.
There will be a game of ball on the
local diamond Tuesday afternoon be
tween Clinton and Newberry.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Newberry Savings Bank will
be held on Thursday.
The special term of the court to try
the negro Strother will convene on next
Monday, Hon. G. Duncan Bellinger pre
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer has practically
finished for the present his canvas for
funds for the new building and has re
sumed charge of his college classes.
Several of the street lamps fail to
burn about as often as they furnish
light. We suppose they have caught
the spirit of economy and are saving
expense by this course.
There is urgent need for a few street
lights in West End. The mill is a pretty
large taxpayer and should receive some
consideration. Two or three arc lights
should be placed in this portion of the
The Mi isses Jennie and Dora Mann, of
Newberry, who have been visiting in
Charleston, were complimented with a
farewell dance on Tuesday evening at
the German Fuseliers hall. The Misses
Mann left on Thursday, but their
friends are glad to know that they will
return for a visit during the summer. ---
Charleston Correspondence State.
Lake's County Map Wanted.
It is desired to secure a copy of Tom
Lake's map of Newberry County. Any
person having one which he is willing to
dispose of will be repaid by letting it be
known at this office.
Street Duty.
The city council is now taking steps
for the ce" -.tion of street duty, which
was due c che first of March. Police
man Franklin was on the rounds yester
day notifying in person those who have
not paid.
The Luigi Family.
The Great Luigi Family Shows will
exhibit in the city today. They are a
unilue company of entertainers and
are spoken of in terms of merit where
they have played throughout the
To Locate at Warthen, Ga.
Mr. A. F. Counts, formerly of the
firm of Counts & Dickert, left yester
day for Warthen, Ga., where he will ac
cept a position wvith a leading mercan
tile establishment. Mr. Counts has
many friends in Newvberry who regret
that he wvill engage elsew~here in busi
ness, but who wish him much success.
County Board of Education.
The State Board of Education at; its
meeting held on Saturday, appointed
the various county boards, to be corn
missionedl on the first of June. The
board appointed for this county is com
posed of E. S. Werts, county superin
tendent of education, S. J. D)errick and
E. 0. Counts.
Entertainment at St. Paul's.
The ladies of the Missionary Society
of St. Paul's wvill give an entertain
ment on the 7th of April, beginning at
7.30 in the evening. An admission of
ten cents, and five cents for children,
will be charged. The proceedls wvill go
to the wvorthy objects of the society.
The p)ublic is cordially invited.
Delegates Grand Lodge I, 0. 0. F.
Messrs. C. L. Illease, Theo. D aniel
son, and W. M. Thomas have been
chosen delegates from Pulaski Lodge,
I. 0. 0. F'., of this city, to the Grand
Lodge which meets in Columbia in May.
Grandl Master of South Carolina .J. M.
D)avis, who is a member of the Newv
berry Lodge, wvill attend andl will pre
Tax Executions.
Oni the sixth (lay of April the TPown
Council will issue tax executions against
all property on wvhich claims for de
linquent taxes aire held. Tlhis leaves
only one week in which to Ipay delin
quienit taxes. The gentlemen of the
council say t hey (10 not wish to pmut any
one to extra expense, but sutlicienit no
ti(ee has been given. and dlel iquenit
axes must he paid(.
Blusiness College Secures the Armory
And is already equipping it with type
wrliters, t ables. desks, etc., pirepiara
tory to the opening of tIhe Carolina
lhusiness College t omiorro w, A pril tIhe
1st, at. 9 o'clock. Morning session will
he from 9 to 12; afIternoon session Ifromi
2 to -1.30; night session, for those who
cannlIot a1tte'nd during the lay. from
7.3(0 to 9.30. P'rof. Getsinger will Ie
glad to call oni any one and explain
fully thle work if1 word is lefit at the
armory or~ a card nmailed niot ifying lim
of such dlesire'.
All who enrioll ini the (Caruolina Ilusi
ness ('ollege durming th liriist week witll
be allowed a dleduIctionl from their
t.ution of $5.00tt oIf thle ir bo1k keep ig or'
stenography coulrses. A ftler the Ii rst
week regnlar rates will be chared.
Board of Directors of the Carolina Mfg. Co.
Accept Mr. Carlisle's Resignation and
Elect His Successor.
Mr. James A. Burton was on Satur
day elected President of the Carolina
Manufacturing Company to succeed Mr.
M. A. Carlisle.
The business of the Carolina Manufac
turing Company has steadily grown and
it is now of such magnitude that it re
quires the entire time of the president.
Mr. Carlisle, who is President of the
National Bank of Newberry, noti
fied the Board several months ago that
they must look out out for a man to
take the presidency as, owning to his
duties as President of the Bank and his
connection with other enterprises, he
would be obliged to resign the position.
The Board -appointed a committe to
select his successor and this committee
has been fortunate in securing the ser
vices of :.lir. James A. Burton, who has
been agent of the Southern Railway
here for a number of years and who
is one of the brightest and most active
young business men in the community.
Mr. Burton intends to devote his entire
attention to this business. lie will
have the assistance of Mr. E. A. Car
lisle, who has been for years connected
with the company and is thoroughly
familiar with its affairs.
The Board accepted Mr. M. A. Car
lisle's resignation as president to take
effect on the 15th day of April, and
elected Mr. Burtor as his successor. A
resoiution of thanks to Mr. Carlisle
for his faithful and eflicient services as
president was unanimously adopted.
Newberry i: Iproud of The Carolina
Manufacturing Company. It is one of
the most substantial enterprises in the
community; its business is growing and
it is a source of gratification to the peo
ple of Newberry that. wherever the pro
duct of this factory is sold it is regarded
as the best of its class.
Before consenting to take the presi
dency of the company, Mr. Burton made
a thorough investigation of its affairs
and expressed to the Board his great
satisfaction at the condition in which
he found it.
Mr. A. C. Jones in Walhalla.
The following is from the Keowee
Courier of the 25th:
Mr. A. C. Jones, of Newberry, was
in Walhalla yesterday and today. lie
came up to visit his sister, Miss lula
.Jones, who has been quite sick. Miss
Jones accompanied her brother to his
home in Newberry this morning and
will spend a week or more, taking
needed rest before resuming her duties
in the Graded Schools. Her many
friends here hope for her early return
and complete recovery. Mr. Jones is a
nrominent travelling salesman for the
large dry goods house of Arnold, Con
stable & Co., New York, and although
this was his first. visit to Walhalla, he
has many warm friends here who were
glad to see him .ad will always gladly
welcome him to our town.
To Institute New Lodges.
Grand Master J. M. Davis, of the In
dependent Order Odd Fellows, left yes
terd(ay for D)arlington, wvhere he wvill in
stituite a neLw hlge. lie has organized
a lodge at Aikent, wvhich will be insti
tut ed on the -1ith of April, and one at
Pacolet, whlich will be instituted by W.
.J. Rice, of ( olumbia, on the sime day.
Mr . D)avis has also organizedl a lodge at
Greenville, to be institutedI by Hon. C.
L. Blease, and one at Brandon, to be
institutedl by J1. E. L iddell, of Green
ville, making seventeen lodges insti
tutedl under his administration.
Very Badly Needed.
Your contribution for the supplort of
two htmndred orphans at the Thornwell
Orphanage, Clinton, S. C. , for the cur
rent month. And it is needled NOW.
W. l'. Jacobs, President.
A Firm Grip
On a good, long life is what you will
have if you select your food carefully.
Therefore choose "'Chl TON'' flour for
your bread and you wvill have a first
class health food three times a (lay.
An Opportunity.
Never befoere in the history of New
berry have our young people had the
oppjort.unity of secuiring a comp)lete
business edulcation at home. This is
nowv oflered by the Carolina Business
College, which gi ens here on Wednes
day. E'very pierson, young or old, wvho
needls instuttion in any of the comnmer
cial branches should tak advantages of
fered by this school. I'rof. B. W. Get
singer', who has for many years been in
charge of the Conv ~erse C ommercial
School of Spart anbur'g, is business
manager of this school, and associated
with him as principal teacher will be
MIr. L . M. Cochran, a graduate of the
C i t adIe and a man of' several years ex
per'ience in teaching. A siiilar school
wals (est alishedi in J1anu Lary in Green
wood whIich now has an enrollment of
over It0 andt is dloinig veryi successful
wvork . Somie o f thle IpupilIs there are
Iinriishin g their1 coursesC and exIpress
hemiselves as be(inig highly pleased. As
lar-ge or Ilarger school is ('xp~ec ted in
N ewheny mad we ti miust t hate(very young
man who desires; hroinot ion or a goodl
posit ionm will tatle adlvanitag(e of this
sc hool.
.\lris. .\lunirot l hil 'imd died on Thuars
lar uid wasm buiied at We'st En>d ceiia
m-. ain t .ath ma f hits age. lIe wvill
Ilhe lile;md of the llouse
th1ig thfat u~ d i ymt e the healthI of' the
al y.iii :\ftpure. i o-nit ihally imilled,
dtoor wviff (0 1 hii : I '' t illn is the
One One Day and the Other the Next Ex.
perienced Saturday and Sunday
In this Section.
Saturday was a beautiful spring day,
even for the Piedmont section of the
South. The air was laden with the
perfume of violets and wistaria, and
the gla(-throated songsters of the for
est were serenading nature. It wa
good to live here, to take delight in the
pretty skies, to bask in the warm rays
of the sun and to pity the people of
colder or hotter climes. In fact, all
was so lovely that the people feared
there must be a change and consulted
the local weather proplhet. IIc said
there would be no rain until four o'clock
Sunday afternoon, and Newberry re
tired Saturday night glad in the thought
that a beautiful Sabbath morn would
greet them on their waking.
Sunday morning about four o'clock
the rain began to fall, and by four
o'clock Sunday afternoon it had rained
continuously for nearly twelve hours,
and by four o'clock Monday morning
continuously for nearly twenty-four
hours, and yesterday was not. at all a
delightful day. If there ever was a
dismal, disagreeable, dark, dirty, mud
dy. stay-in-doors day, Sunday was it.
Rain poured from leaden clouds, the
mercury dropped and the wind rose.
The streets were almost. deserted, nid
in most of the churches no( services were
held. A few were brave enough to
risk coming out, and they are still
mourning religion frozen by the (o1(1 and
misshapen umbrellas made the sport of
the wind. It really wouldn't have been
so bad except for the sudden change,
and the confidence of the people that
they would experience some more beau
tiful weather in view of the prophecy
of the local weather man. Everybody
yesterday was trying to explain how it
happened, and the generally accepted
theory was that the clouds trie(l to do
what was expected of them, but really
got so full that they couldn't hold in
for another twelve hour's.
The cold was not severe enough to (o
much damage to fruit and gardens. Farm
work will probably be delayed for a
week or ten days, but unless the situa
tion becomes worse, no great anotit
of damage will have been done.
Moseley's Millinery Opening.
The spring millinery opening of the
firm of Moseley Bros., at I' rosp)erity,
took place on l"r iday. The millinery
department of the big store was pret
tily and ; rtist ically decorat ed. h'le
walls were draped with the predomina? -
ing colors of the season. combining wit h
the banks of potted plants. to Iproduce
a beautiful ellect. lut this, pretty as
it was, was but the background to a
far prettier Ipicture. The real display
was the spring illine1 y itself' the ad
miration of ladies old and young, fron
far and near. It has been said that to
a lady the acme of earthly beauty is a
pretty spring bonnet jlust before .aster.
The bonnets (lisllaye(I combined beauty,
style, and effect, and M\lrs. WN. A. M ose
Iey, Mrs. C. TI. Wyr-he, and Miss E-dna
F'ellers, who are in charge of the milli
nery department for thme Messrs. Mose
ley Brothers, are receiving the conigmrat ui
lations of the ladies of' Pr~osp erity up onl
having arranged the prettiest millIinery
:>peni ng it has be'sm thei(1r pleasun>r to
see im many years.
Dots from St. PhIlips.
The farmers are busy no(w prepmring
their soil for another erol).
There is a good prosplect this year' for
:mother crop~ of fruit ii' it. is not k illed.
Last Saturday and Sundlay we had
the hardest rain we have hadl this y'ear.
[t was etIuIal to a young flood.
The St. Philip's Social I ,iterary So
:-iety will have a debate t he first Sat
Lrday night in A pril. The subject is,
"Resolvedl, Tihat TliIllman was ijusftinedr
in killing Gonzales. '' We hop1e to
have a large audience that nightI. Thel
:leflenders on the aflirmative asideC are
lH. C. Banks andm 1E. L,. Ilal fac re. T'he
negatives are G. II. Rnuff and IP. I".
lIIlfacr'e. TIhe pulic is -oriaily invit -
April is almost here, and the first
lay is all fool's da~y.
Miss Nancy L omiinick is v'isiting at
MVrs. W. I'. tuifl's.
Tihe wveather ha.s baein maing the~I ii
mneadows~ turnm fronm a d eam c olor' to at
acautiful green.
Our Ilittle fown K alui is ini a pros0
>erouls cond(itioni. It lhas senti otut a
obacco drummner and a fruiit t rec sale
nan. Its merchaints carry large stocks,
imd they do0 goodl buisiniess. All thle
oiwn needls is at railr oad andi in a few
cears it, would rank withI NewbIerryn.
March 26i, 191). F'eat himrt op.
ectter to R. C. Willliams, Newbe'crry, S. C.
Deari Slir: Ilior's an it er'est ing s!.-y
ibout pitf. We give you t lie nlaine it
he4. story-ftellb -; writ.e himi andi fimi Ioim
ill about it.
P~enn. , patiited hi. hiouse with IIlevoe
.3xeensive, but lie bo'muh it. A ft er
li ishing the job , he aroiught bac~~'k iiear
ly half the am,iut aiid said it was the4.
-hleatpest job~ of paiint ing hie (-ver (didi.
Write to Mr.I ur i Young andl Mr. I,.
1' lIIiler', of thio samie pilamc. AlIso to
Mr. Ii. II. Stephnsonm, ( lashieri oi ()il
('ity' (PIa. ) Saviings Hank.
It is thbe eh'mapemsItpaint ini the worb'Im
hierause it is alt p:ait.. it covers5 iiis
surface to the gallon, aiid it. weairs
There's going to be ai lot of this paint
used in New berry. Wh len it. gets a foot
hiohl. it nevir lets up; anid the p)aiintei
who uses ),,voo Lesad <un1 Ziine is going
to save' money for his pamtroins.
Yuriis truily,
New% Yor'k.
I'. 8. Newvbe'rry lIardw~are C ompan)
Citizens' Meeting Held on Thursday Night.
Addresses and Nominations.
City Prospering.
Prosperity, March 29. - A citizens'
meeting, for the purpose of nominating
municipal officers for the next ensuing
year, was held in the city hall here
Thursday night. The meeting was well
attended by old and young men, and
was characterized throughout by the
utmost harmony. Addresses were made
by Drs. C. T. Wyche and G. Y. llunter,
both these gentlemen calling atte?ntion
to the prosperity of the town, past and
present, and pleading for greater and
renewedi energy and unity of purpose
among the business men.
The following nominations were made:
Intendant, Dr. G. Y. Hunter; Wardens;
A. 11. Ilawkins, 11. P. Wicker, A. M.
Lester and R. C. Counts. The election
will be held on the 13th of April.
It was decided that future nominations
be made by primary.
Death ot Mrs. G. F. Long.
Mrs. G. F. Long died at her home
in the county at 11 o'clock Friday, in
the 66th year of her age. For some
time'she had been critically ill, and the
end was not unexpected.
Mrs. Long was a good woman and
had lived a life of long usefulness, and
her death is sincerely mourned by all
who knew her. She was a faithful and
consistent member of Colony I.uttheran
Church, and it was here that her re
mlaits was interred on last Saturday af
ternoon. She wau married to Mr.
1,ong in the fall of 1853, and I'o
almost half a century they bad walked
life's pathway together. sharing each
other's burdens, rejoicing each in the
other'g joys. 1lad death been stayed
but a little longer, they would have
celebrated their golden wedding th.s
Mrs. L,1ong leaves live sons and three
daughters: C. A. and G. IF., .11r., of
Trenton; J. L., of )allas, 'Texas; U. T.
and J. M., of California; Mrs. .1no. C.
Gioggans, Mrs. W. W. Speaam1an, anl
M iss Nora Long. Mrs. Long was a
sister to the late I'robate .1ldge Fellers.
Sheriff Captures a Negro.
Sherii11' liuford captured yesterday
at Gollville, Willie lirown, wa nted in
Inion county for assault with intent to
rtlae. The clue which led to the cap
tire wa:: an intercepted Iletter, writ ien
by lirown to his mistress asking her to
meet him yesterday on Mr. lilalock's
place. where he was working.
Dispensary for Pom1aria.
'l'he town of I'onaria will ask tile
St ate loard of Cont rol for I he est ah
lisliment of a dispensary. ThIie election
upon the question of dispensary or no
dispensary was held recently, and the
dispensary carried in:animously.
''he town was recently surveyed by
Mr. F. W. Ii iggins, and tle pilot made
shows it is 2,000 yards in di:aneter,
with the centre at llolloway's.
Ar'e youi ne<piainitedI with "Cl'ifIton?".'
A ti'ial sai'k will convmnee you it. is t ihe
best tlouri ma:nufactur'ed.
Some People Have Learn
ed How to Get Rid
of Both.
ccti ef'I, sepYit' ti,h in.
Anid you (iican't. get rid of 'he bac-~
neheii c iol' .ii eniie ie Ik 'li-- a'ce
If thec kidlney~s ti-e wil ati strongi,
I)o n' 1Kidnecy I 'is makeilc. strlong,
hiea t.h ' kidnies s.
NIir.I t nlenry Mi i-phy v. of 6(1 lIroad say, ~
M. minji, 'P'einn., pr'ofessiortal iu
weaknl( ess ti,i 0oss thle Iiin-- anid itlienhli
w. i.he kidnhey scretions~ imiiinteit
Siat mxy k Idneyx were eit.h'r oivertiaxd
it bxeene ebri' niec. I cgot, n blox of I )iaun's
K ide . I'ills axit Ifaineri & lia! tra'
druigv xl strc. 'l'hc'y inerformiedl Io-ir
wo k ver y sat.ixfaclorily'. I know of ac
griea ' tmany cix.h- r'' inc Alemphdis whoiv
ha henbe,l'cly )ai'.K de
l'' .osler y a'l d i'iiri . Iiln'i c i i
, ti b' : i n x a i fori i htt 'i''dS.ats
I S.A bunch of keys. I''mdc er
w. ic be'rwaridedl byv leavxinig at.
I his ofhiee.
l. JNh's. It. I, Pa'iysi nger, Ni'wbrry'n.
1.Aplyl to M. .\I. lifordl.
Il 1. DAN P W1-11TS ofthe tacet
days isenii'i stctk of' giids at. c'osl.
'alt and secr batrgacins. 21.
13 J. MI I,l,1-:lt idesires to anuc
II. to) tlihieole of Newherry'' I hat
hei will hi' glad toi seei themi when tc Ivy
best resiurancits in the c'ity' at. 12018 Min
stree't , oppuosite the e'it.y hall. Ini ad
ilit ioni to thlis, lie has thiree niieelv
f ini nishxed roomsii andiu ('an furn'tish fbithI
boardi'c andi lodging.
[limprove Youtr Dairy Priodteut.
When you ke'ep a cow, keepi a good
onie, it pays you Ito d0 so; anid theire' is
inonec to citual the Jer'is('y. IPart ic's Ide
siiousl oif iimpo'ving their mxilkeris f':
the da;ir'y wvill be (specially itere'sted(
ic kntowVinrg t hat "I,Ordl G;ry( Cout,
a I horouighbred hull, Sire IRalph of'
W aterloco, I )amne, Du)ichess .Myrt le;re
c'oi'ded in Amierican .Jersey (Cattl I Club11
Itegisteri, under No. 55.115, will b e kept
We Are Magilol UnSuaRI~
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly spring materials of the latest
tyles and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--ask to see
the IViacli-as, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your
wants :n white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong de artments,
36 inch Taffetas at $1 .00, $1 . 1 2i,
$l .2 , and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very Leautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
stun, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
bef)re the line is broken.
come and see us.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized Chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above ill Color:s and 'white.
we have many "'Odds and Ends'" in our*
"'Brought Over'" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blanket~s, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
are being sold extremely low-really less than
New st ock ladies' and men's Red Golf Gloves
Buitlerick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready. Come to
The Plc6WeeYo e Your Money's Worth,
We'I wob lii lm ii to ak, throug theII I
co1 I lumns of i' you paper if then-iis any
ii ysp'epsia ,,d ve Trub- ta hasl r
I/ a tSi . of (f1< i, ait, hial I cs t [ ownn'ssa,
Anvu NU.x. ia hLhehs desG Spices
dent feelngs,Atleph- tnes ionese:
sohlforman ea s I in:l Divlizdicun
tos,an hwwh to M-repon . Caioriithrios
ofl k ost. I If you never' tried Auguiet
I ll'liwer, ii Iy l Ieen o t le li rst . W t
'h'ilave n e knon of :!ih.s fiig.1 I so,lI R i s
. . Gi.: I. We v.N AtS.B J ne '

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