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Charles M. Schwab Shows How Unhappy
Life Is Made by Money.
[From Interview in New York Even
ing Post.]
In a few moments Mr Schwab re
turned, and, in response to my glance,
stopped before me with a genial
smile of inquiry.
"Do you work for money Y" I
"I am glad you want to talk about
that," he replied. "I am becoming
interested in all that question lead
to. Of course, I don't work foi
money any longer. Last year I
could not spend 10 per cent of my
income on anything perta'ning tc
"There was a time when you did ?'
"That was my whole ambit ion once.
When I was a poor boy 1 dreamed of
riches. When I began to work, I
worked for nothing else. I worked
hard. I schemed and struggled tc
get up in the world. I wanted to be
rich. I wanted money to spend. Until
a few years ago I believed that thit
ambition was the only incentive tc
effort-at least to commercial effort,
and I had my doubts about all otho
kinds. I used to considor all tall
of philanthropy as so much rot. I
believed altruism to be a fad, a soP
successful men threw to their con
sciences, and t hat t he thing called
'cOn1science' was a creature of the
world's cant. I believed that, all
met, like myself, really wanted to be
rich that they might live luxurious
ly, extravagntly and spend what
they plmased."
"'Your views have changed Y"
"Yes. They are still changing."
" When did the change begin ?"
''When I found myself possesset
of more than I colc spend for mt%
own goo 1. Ai my incoe incroaaed
I triel to live up to it. I discover
ed that it was more than I could dc
profitably. I could not eat and driul,
it without ruining my health. 1
could not take pleasure in what 1
possessed beyond a limited amount
I discovered that 1 must draw the
line soewhoro if I wore to enjoy
anything. And since then the line
has been drawn constantly closer
The simpler I live the better I feel
if to day I weo compelled to choos<
between living ip to $500,000 a yeai
and $500 t year, I would choose th.
"That is very interesting.'"
"'It is interesting. And it is true.'
"Anid what are you wvorking fo.
"I1 ama trying to find that out. The
old incentive is gonie, but I find my13
self just as eager as before. P~erhapa
it is the interest in tihe game. And
yet I dlon't think that is all, I ant
not altoget her .atisfied withI commer,
cial sneen~a [ would lik.i to (10 good
wvithI my surplus.'' He smiled in am
earniest, friendly way, and add~ed
''but it is hardi to see just how.''
''The world," I said, "seems to be
very much in want. just n1ow of
recoigniz/edl idleal. The old( inispira
tion of lib'ert y seemts to have lost itm
force. 'lThe (dream of liberty may bec
followed by the '1eam of alt ruisim.'"
"'1orchaps that is so,'' hie replied.
'"It is cert ainlly miore tha ar ad
Cheap IRates vIa Southern RaIlway.
On the (lates named be(lowV, the South
(ein Railway will sell sp)ecial roundl-tri~
tickets as follows.
To Nashville, TPenn., account of GAen
('ral A ssemblly, Cu mberland P'resby te
irian church. Rate of one fare plus
twventy-five cents for the round trip).
Tickets on sale May 19th, 20th and 21st,
wvith final limit .June 1st, 1903.
To St. Louis, Mo., account of dedi
cation ceremonies, Louisiana Purchase
Exposition. Rate of one first class fare
for the round trip. Tickets ont sale
April 29th, 30th atnd May 1st, good to
leave St. I ouis not later than May 4th,
To Atlanta, Ga., account National
Convention, B. Y. P. UI. of America.
One first-class fare p)lus twenty-five
cemits for the roundl trip. Tickets 0n
sale .July 8th, 9th and 10th. wvith final
limit July 15th, 1903.
To Richmond, Va., account of South
ern Educational Conference, Rate of
one and1( one-thirds fares for the roundi(
trip. TIickets on sale April 20th andl
21st, with final limit Apil 28th, 1903.
Solid vestibuled tralins. Elegant
Puallman sleeping cur service. Unex
celled (linig car service. I''or full in
formation ml regard to schedules, tick
ets, etc., apl y to any a gent of the
Southern Radwa' y Company, or
R. W. Hunt,
Division lPassenger Agent,
Charl eston, Si. C.
In ai light, het weeni "flicers an d i bree
robb)ers, ini aI suburbJ of (Oheveland,
Ohio, Saturday itight, onme rolbber
was killed, one de~s peratelhy wounded1(,
an(d one .lrivnat otf1
Counsel Announce That It Will be'Called
April 13.
Columbia, March 27.-Solicitor
Thurmond was in the city yesterday
and while here gave out the infor
mation that the trial of James H.
Tillman will begin in this city on the
13th of April, the second week of
court, and that an entire week will
probably be given to it.
South Carolina College.
The South Carolina College has
issued an attractive circular, an
noancing Spring Term for Teachers,
of six weeks,. from April 13 to May
22, designed for teachers whose
school term may admit of attendance.
By special act of the Legislature such
students 'are exempted from tuition
and other college fees. Their only
expenses will be for board.
A number of special courses, es
pressly designed for teachers, are
offered: In Chemistry, a course in
Elementary Chemistry, and in Lab
oratory Prattice; in Modern Lan
guages, English, German, Spanish;
ir. History, South Carolina History,
and Methods of History Teaching;
in Philosophy,Psychology and Ethics,
Applied to School Problems; in Ped
agogics, a practical course, adapted
to the needs of the class; in Ancient
L'mgnages, Elementary Latin, and
Elementay y Greek; in Mathematics,
a course in Arthmetic, and in Alge
bra; in English, a course in Gram.
mar and in Rhetoric; in Biology, ia
practical course in Botany ; in Phyr.
ia course of Elementary Physics,
with such apparatus as may be had
inl schools.
In addition to such special courses.
teacher-pupils are allowed free at.
tsndsnco upon any of the regular
college classes. Courses are open
to the rreo election of teachers, under
proper ri guiat ions.
Thescl cours.s of instruction are
offerod as supplementary to the
work of the sunr ner schools, or in
lieu thereof, when attendance on
summer schools may not be practica.
le. The purpose is, as in the sum.
.ner schools, to elevate the work of
teaching in schools of the State-an
object which seems especially ep
pr.priato in connection with the
Normal Department, already estab
lished in the South Carolina College.
The same circular also calls special
attention to the Normal scholarship
--of $40. 00 each, wit bfh exem ption
from college fees--recently establish
ed by the Legislature in this College.
Tlhese scholarships will go into effect
next session.
Cheap Rates to New Orleans, La, Via
Southern Ralw~ay.
On account of the Con federate Veter
ans' Reunion, to be held at New Orleans,
La., May 19th to 22nd, 1903, thc South
ern Railway wvill sell round-trip tickets
from all p)oints to New Orleans, La.
andl return, at rate of one cent perP mile
dlistance traveled. Tickets wvill he on
sale May 16th to 21st, inclusive, with
final (late to leave New Orleans without
validation May 24th, 1903. Original
p)urchasers of such tickets may secure
an cxtension of tihe limit to June 15,
1903, by depositing tickets with the
Special Agent at Ne w Orleans not earli
er than May 16th or later than May 24th,
up)on payment of a fce fifty cents.
Thc Southern Railway offers conven i
ent schedlesc and most excellent ser
vice, and every effort will be made to
assure Veterans and their friends at
tending the Reunion a most. pleasant and
cors'fortable trip. Unsurpassedl Pull
man accommodations will be afforded,
and the service in every respect will
be~ all that couldl be desired.
Full information and p)articulars as to
schedules, etc., will be cheerfully fur
nished on application b)y any Agent of
the Southern Ra.ilwvay, or
Asst. General Passenger Agernt,
Atlanta, Georgia.
Rteduced itates via Atlantic Coast LIne.
R ichm iond, Va.--Southern Educational
Con ferenice.---Tickets on sale from
points1 .n Virginia, April 20th, 21st and
22nd. Final limit April 28th, 1903.
From all other points, April 20th and
21st, final limit April 28th, one and one
thlirdl fares.
Savannah, Ga.-Southern Baptist
Convention and Auxiliary Societies. -
Tlickets on sale from all points at one
fare for round trip, plus1 twenty-five
(25) cents, May 4ith to 7th inclusive,
fmtal limit May 20th, 1903. An exten
sion of the final limit until June 1st
may be obtained by dleposit of tickets
with ,Joint Agent at Savannah, ei py
mient of fee of fifty (50) cents.
New Orleans, L a. -United Conted
crnte Reunion.--Tickets on sale May
16;th to 21st, inclusive, final lhmit May
24th, 1903. An extension of final limit
to .June 15th, may be obtained by dec
posit of tickets with Joint Agent at
New Orleans on p)ayment of fee of
fifty (50)cents. Rate one cent per mile.
Call on Ticket Agents for exact rates
andl any other information, andl see that
your tickets readl via the Atlantic Coast
Line. Approved:
W. J. Craig, Gen. Pass. Agent.
1L. M. Emersonn. Tranmi Manager
A great Queen sits in awful power,
And with a mighty hand,
Rules all the nations of the earth
In every enlightened land.
A greater power than hers, my friend
No monarch everewayed;
Her rigid rules by all must be
Implicitly obeyed.
These iron laws, perhaps you'd think
By some would be ignored;
Not so; by all they're quickly grasped
And reverently adored.
Both high and low and rich and poor,
Obey with single eye:
If all thus bow with one accord,
Why surely, so must I.
Then listen, as I tell to you,
Just how she dealt with me,
And I know that with an honest heart
You'll bear me sympathy.
I'm but a trifle in her sight,
Yea, less than anything;
If pomp and spendor's not upheld,
By Mammon's mighty king.
My every form she moulds and pads,
Its nature she'd.prevent;
With God's own image modeled here,
She's not one-half content.
Round it she clasps an iron shield,
Imprisoning my breath;
Just break the bonds-ah! that would b<
More terrible than death.
In other ways, she does it shape,
(Does she not know the best?)
I will not name them all just now,
Perhaps you know the rest.
My every garb shall be just made
As her desire shall tend;
My hopes of being anything,
Upon this must depend.
And then my gait too must be formed
According to her taste;
Sometimes I must a mincing go,
At others, bound in haste.
Her carmine touch is on my cheek,
Her lustre in mine eyes;
My hair and face too must be steeped
In her immortal dyes.
I may not laugh a good round laugh
That stirs the soul within.
Instead, must play upon my face,
An idiotic grin.
1 can't keep pace, I'm always wrong;
Please tell me what to do;
Before I learn one-half her rules,
She gets up something new.
If a lapsus linguae I should make,
Or use a harmless pun;
She's seized with horror, and alas!
I'm evermore undone.
My bosom friend I would embrace,
And fain would press the lips;
With churlish smiles, she bids me to
Just touch the finger tips.
My learned friend, I would address
(Oh horrible to tell!)
Even in the simplest form of speech,
'Tis-Qui Mademoiselle!
In tears I'dl grasp my doctor's hand,
Who saved my mortal frame;
In stiff formality he says
Dear madain-now for shame!
My teacher too is harsh and stern,
He who has taught n , how
To solve life's problem from youth up,
Does scarcely know me now.
My p)astor too seems hard and cold,
More rigid yet hisibrow;
Instead of greeting heart to heart,
His is a frigid bow.
The stylish throng around his side,
In gorgeous robes arrayed;
I'll whisper low, now please don't tell,
For these he loudest prayed.
The humble poor in tattered garb,
All wretched and forlorn;
A t God's own heart, she scoffs and jeer:
And points a hand of scorn.
Now come with me to Death's (lark (do01
(Here reverently I trea4)
Mark how for youth through life to ag<
She paints the narrow bed.
And see beneath the casket's lid,
Where naught but dust can hide;
The fallen ree, unnaturally
She places on its side.
Here .Jesus taught us how to weep,
And dlid no tears restrain;
She countermands this great relief,.
Andi bida us to refrain.
With sombre veil, she then enshrouds
UJs all that remain;
The King of glory lifted this,
And rent its folds in twain.
Here Queen of vanities, thou'It stop,
No further canst thou go;
Earth is the only stage to act
Thy vain and empty show.
And now to you, to me, my friend,
This blessed boon is given;
Her Majesty's deceitful arts, -
TPhank God! can't enter heaven.
Hlayne, S. C.
Lutherans Plan to Itaise $1,000,000 F'uud,
York, l'an , Marelb 26.--ltopresen -
tatlive~s of ihn boardls and bnevolent
R,won'i)es r the (Gonoral Sy nod of the
Eviang'ieni Chiurch ini the United
Sta'os meit in the e ity to day and
deocided uponbI aL planI to cronto a
INven'iothI (Odtary Banovolonico
["und for t h. g'eneral ui"e of I he
Gieeral 3ynodt. Lutnhern churches
will bei asked W givke o0 con)t, ia dlay
rone year. 'Thle fund, if sulccess
The Emigration of the Blacks Has Already
Begun--M'kelvlin of Alabama The.
[The State.]
Advices received at the Mexican
embassy at Washington tell of the
recent importation to that country
from the United States of 100 negroes
who will be employed along the line
of the Vera Oriz and Pacific rail.
road. This move is experimental
and is being watched wiih considera
ble interest. If successful results
ensue, it is said that large importa
tions from the Southern States will fol.
low in the effort to solve the present
problem of finding laborers in Mexico
who are alike competent and willing
to work.
To atnAlabana negro asmed MoKel
vin is given the creoit for inducing
members of his race to emigrate t'
Mexico. McKelvirn was at one time
employed on a large Alabama planta
tior, bit. lator went. to, Mexico, where
he claims to have found better wages.
He returned to Alabama and distrib
uted large circulars among t he negroes
3 telling of the advantages of tlho Mex
ican country an(d of the opport 'nitic-s
it olferod poor negroes who watnt'd
work in the conntry. His cironlars also
contained as an iludueinent the as
surance that, tho negroes would not
be subj?'ct to the order of "white
trash." This last feature apparently
proved a drawing card for MoKelvin
had atn tronblo in persuading 100
negroes to r-,tiirn to Mexico with him,
where he fonnd work for them at
$1 50 a day. Most of this first impor
tation have been emnipli)yedl on the La
Jnnta plantation of George C.
So far the negroes, it, is said, are
quite satisfied t.id-( are in tlurn proving
satisfac.ory to thoir emplo ers. Mc
Kelvin has made the claim that he
will be able to induce a million of his
race now in the southeri Sintes to
emigrate to Mexico and several rail
road contractors are endeavoring to
arrange with him to return to the
States and canvass the south for
lahorers. McKelvin, it. is nnderstood,
will make a return trip within the
next few months.
One-Way Settlers' Rates.
The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Company will participate in one-way
settler's rates from Ohio and Mississip
pi river gateways-Cincinnati, Ohio,
Louisville, Ky., Evansville, Ind., Padu
cah, Ky., Cairo, Ill., St. Louis, Mo.,
and points beyond, also in basing rates
from Alemphis, TVenn., (tickets not to
be sold from Alemphis proper), for
points on and North of the line of the
Frisco System (Memphis to Kansas
City), to the destinations located on this
system or to wvhicht this company forms
part of an authorized ticketing route, at
rate of one-half of the standard one-.
way fare plus $2.00.
Dates of sale include from and be
tween March 3 and November 17, 1903.
For further information see ticket
Josh B3illintgs sized up pretty ac
curately the mian wvho thinks he is it,
whenr he said:
"The man who( never makes eny
blunde rs iz a very nice piece of ma
sheonery,-that's all.'
A Word to
It is a well known clinical fact
that babies who depend wholly on
mother's milk never have cholera,
and are exempt from two-thirds
the ailments which afflict infants.
Some inkling to this has chccked
the resc et to artificial foods and
begun to make it " good form " for
every mother to nurse her own
baby -- when she can.
Some try it, and grow weak and
sick under the strain. With
others the milk flow is insufficient,
and the poor baby is at last given
over to the tender mercies of the
milkman with his corn fodder, and
stale slops, and worse.
If any mother within ten miles
of our store reads this, we want to
give them a hint. Try Vinol.
There are many mothers who have
found that it enabled them to take
more nourishment, restored their
strength, and made baby healthy,
hearty, and happy.
Vinol not only supports the
mother's strength but transmits
to the babe the foundation for a
healthy childhood.
Vinol contains no dangerous
drugs. We are willing to tell you.
just what is in it and give you the.
money back if it don't help you.
Don't doubt, tryit
W.E.Pelhamn& Son
Thedford's Black-Draught has
saved doctors' bills for more than
sixty years. For the common fam
ily ailments, such as constipation,
indigestion, hard colds, bowel com
plaints, chills and fever, bilious
ness, headaches and other like
complaints no other medicine is
necessary. It i rigorates and reg
ulates the liver, assists digestion,
stimulates action of the kidneys,
purifies the blood, and purges the
bowels of foul accumulations. It
cures liver complaint, indigestion,
sour stomach, dizziness, chills,
rheumatic pains sideache, back
ache, kidney troubles, constipation
diarrhoea, biliousness, piles, hard
colds and headache. Every drug
gist has Thedford's Black-Draught
in 25 cent packages and in mam
moth size for $1.00. Never accept
a substitute. Insist on having the
original made by the Chattanooga
Medicine Company.
I believe Thedford's Black-Draught
is the best medicine on earth. It is
good for any and everything. I have
a family of twelve children, and for
four years I have kept them on foot
and healthy with no doctor but Black
Draught. A. 1. GREEN, illewara. La.
Two Daily Pullman Ve:
Between SOUTH ai
The Best Rates and Roi
Via Richmond and \
Norfolk and Steam
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
misrFor detailed informatiori
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
The Great Highway of
5aseat Jervlcs Quick 7
Any Trip ts a Pieasur
Trvevl via T Hy 330U'i
The Fineat Dining-Car
For detailed information as to Tici
vations address the nearest Agent
W. A. -UrKr. S. H. lIaRn
....me.. .sft . n MamnerC . Pasg.e1
Fr rts ceue
tio, ri to
A asenerwev
[atioial Baiik of Newherry S C
apital - - - - - $150,000.00
urplus and Profits.- 96,865.88
General banking business transacted
ith promptness. Special attention to
lloectione. Correspondence solicited
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at tbe rate
f 4 per cent per annum from date of
eposit. Interest, payable January let
nd July let of each year.
M. A. OARLISLE, Prest.
T. .S DUNCAN, Cashi."r.
.1 W. M. STMMONS. AP,".
Free Chair Cars Unien Depots.
For full information, pamphlets,
rates and tickets, address
Trav. Pass. Agent,
No. 1 Brown Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
p avo made Dropry and its coni
pliatin apoiatyfor twenty
yrawitho most wonderful
anooesa. Have onrod many thou~
and oasos.
-- EAST -- WEST.
;tibuled Limited Trains
ite to all Eastern Cities
Vashington, or via
ers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
,rates, schedules, Pull
'to any agent of The Sea
J. 3. Puller, Traveling
, S.C.
sst.Gfeni. Pass. Agt.,
ime Convenient Jskdules
e Tr-up to those who
Service in the World.
Is. Rates and Sleeping-Car. reser
---C ub a.
unIexcelledt for Iuxm7~.
ithi the latest PuII:nr2a :
ioroutghfare Cars.
ilapjs or any informa
General Passenger Agent,
Wilmington,. C. t
H. 0. BEA' TIE, Receiver. ....
In Efect Junes8 1902.
liotwoen Anderson and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 t3tatione. No. 11 No. 9
I' M A M. P. M. A M
8 10 9 66...............BI lton............... 820 10 60
248 9 88. nderonF D......... 8 40 11 10
2 4 930 ...... andorson P. D........ 8 45 11 16
-- -.. 2.....2 ...Wost Audoisoi....... 849 ......
..... 9 09...............D enver...........,.. 8 69 .......
902. Autun.......... 4 05 ........
........ 8 50 ..........Pendleton ........... 4 11 ......
. 847. ..Cherry.............., 4 18 .......
844.. .Adatis......... 421 ........
828 .Jo. danih Juuot...... 4 33 ........
.T) ..... neei... 4 40 .
80-.....- ..Wtst Un1on . 44 ....
--"-"" 800 - .. W althalla ......... 609 ........
All rogilar Irllin fr. g Ilelnou toWaala,
have precedunco over trains of s ImO olass
, c vina in I ho oiposite direotton unless oth
o' wise speeltied by trun order.
Will ai.o atop at I he following stations to '
take on and lot oP assengers: Phinney's
James ant Sandy Springs.
J. t. AN1b1M , Superintendent
Charleston ald,WostclrCaroiliua Rwv Co,
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line.
Schedule in Effect July 0, 1902,
L.eave Augusta.........O.......10 10 a in 2 56 p in
Arrive Greenwood...........12 44 p in ..............
Anderson ........ . 7 10p m
Laurens.......... 1 45 p n 1030 a 0
WaterlooIH. 8.)... 1 12 p m ........
Greenville............12 22 p in 930 au;
lenu Springs...... 4 45 p in
Spartanburg......... 8 80 p in *1 00 a in
bnluda.................... 6 88 p m .............
('tillandorsonville..... 6 08 p in ..............
Asheville................ 7 16 p m .
Lea i'o.Ashevillo......... 7 05p in ..........
Spartanburg .........12 01 a in 8 3 >p n
Glenn S>ri - s.....1 00a m ..............
Greenville .... .......12 15 p mn 1 45 p m
Laurens....... ..2 05 p n 6 80 p m
Arrive Waterloo(11. 5.)... 2 33 p m ..............
Greenwood............ 2 61 pin 7 45 pm
ieave Anderson ............................ 7 25 a in
August a............. 6 20p m 11 85 ain
leavo Colu..bla.l-..----...... I110 am
Nowberry .............. 12 42 pin
Clinton 1 25 pm
Arrive ( reenvill'............. 3 26 pm
tipartanburg ........ 3 30 pun
Glenn Springs...... 4 00 pin
Leavo Glnn Spa ings.... 10 00 ain
Spartan burg....... 12 01 pm
Ureonvill.. . 12 '5 pm
Arrive Clinton.................. 2 22 pin
Ne wberry ...........--- 00 pn
Colurt bila.. ........... 4 80 pm
Fastest and Host Line between Newborry '
anaad Gree.nville. Spartanburg and Glenn
Connectio -s from Nowbo ry via Columbia
New berry ant Lt.urens Itallway.
For any Information, write.
EKtNE T1 WILLIA MS, Glen. Pats . A gl.
Auuusta, d(a.
T. M. . 1 n Ti'ranik. Manager.
(Eastern Standard Titr e.)
Southbound. Northbound.
Sce lule in E31'act August 26th 1902.
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (u A.L Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 am A thons 6 191 pm
11 66 am Elbertoi+ 5 17 pm
12 .h pin A bbevile 1 0' pmn
1 22 pim Greenwood 3 3] tin
2 lib.,. Ar Clinton (01n'r) I.v. 2 4:i pin
(0.A w.0.)
10 00 Riam iv Glenn Springs Ar 4 00 pmni
12 16 pin Mparianburi 3 30 pm
12 2 pm Greenville 3 26 pin
(Harris Springs)
1 12 pin Waterloo 2 85 pm
1 42 .IL ., r Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pius
53 62
P M. Ph.
2021.v Lauren . Ar 1651
21,11 Parks Ar 1 42
2 22 ..Clilnton.. 1 341
2 34 (1oldvl11- 1 17
2" 4-t ..Kinard.. 1 10
2 49 .Gar y... 1 05
2 4 ..J lapa.. 1 otc
:I to 1ewberry 1240
3:24 1'rosperit3 1232
3A-i . ...Slighs.... 12 23
:339 t.i Mountaln 12119
3 fi1 ...Uhapin... 12 09
3 57 HIlton 1202
4 01 W Ite Rock 1) i9
4 1 7 1allenstiue Il t
4 17 .....v o.... 11 -ad
4 1..Leaphart... 11 40
9__ 20_ A r Chuarlestoni Lv 7 00
'lr n 3a n d 2 arrie ~a' d depart, f rom
,Pan 2and 85 from A . C. L. freightdepot,
(let orvals street.
FrRates, Time Tables, or further informua
t-ion call oni alny Agont, or write to
Presidtent. Trantec Manager.
Sof. Agt- G.4n'i F'rt. & Pass A gt.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of, water, tea, or coffee without
p)at.ient's knowlIedge.
White Ribbon Remedy wvill cure or
destroy,the dIlseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confb:med inebriate, a "'ti pier,"' so
cial drinker or drunkard. mp>ossible
for anyone to have an appetite for alco
holie lhquors after usin gWhite Ribbon
Indorsed b)y Members of WV. C. T. U.
l jrs. Moore, press superin tendlent of
Wo .an's; Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, wvrites: "'I have
tested While Ribbon Remedy on very
obstmnate drutnkar~ds, and1( the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
mend andi midorse White Ribbon Reme
(dy. Mviembers of our~ Union are (de
l ighted to fin an1IlI economical treatment
to aid us ml our1 temperance work. "'g .
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writing Mrs. A. M. Town-.
sen<l (.for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temperance Union), 218 Tre
mont St.., lBoston, MaPss. Sold in New..
herry 1by Gilder & Weeks.
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