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It is seldom that a reputable journal
prints as great number of falsehoods in
one short article as were contained in
an article which appeared in the last is
sue of Collier's Weekly, des.ribing the
condition of the mill people in the South.
It was distorted and discolored from
start to finish, and where it touchod up
on the subject contained hardly aline of
The writer of the article, who is a
woman, claims that under an assumed
name she worked in the cotte;n mills of
South Carolina and "saw the inside of
the cheerless existence" of the South
ern mill women. 1Here is one sentence
in which she describes the condition of
the average woman operative: "After
a 'ear or two in the mills her face has
hardened; her eyes grow vigilant. If
she has any morals leftshe will become
fighter, adlefenderof herself. Whether
yielding or iitpregiable, dennie in cer
tain st ttlements carries a kn11fe in the
belt of her wrapper. " The journal in
which this appeared has an immense
circulation, reatching allost. every part
of the conuntry. It is probable that
even now the North is expending car
loads of "pity" 'for the Souhthern mill
women, and that in varlious sections
movements m-e on foot "to lift them
from their pitiable condition.'
It. Is a great pity that. the sympathies
of our Nor"therna Inethern should he so
misdirectedI. In this State, at least,
the mill i p'oleit are contented and p ros
Iperous and t'orm a liss of citizenship far
mlore wort hv I han t hat in which the
writer oIf the article containing the
above sentelite should be placed. The
writer mieint ins that "a certain South
ern city would estt'tm my lift' very
lightly it I should enter t under my
own mnaie." I she received any con
siderat io t atll in any Soithero city,
it would be as an object of wonder on
account of het'r ability Ialiciously to
falsi fy.
The Goo))) Ro:ads A.ssoc'iation for- this
count y which was ofrganize(d on Tuesday
has Ibeforlete it a bro(1 fiel forlusefulness
and the opportunity to make itself' a
p(iwer for go(tII t t he people of every
section of the county. We hope to see
the peole take an interest in the move
mllent artuI carry it forwatrI to a success
ful end. We have had elnough (1alk in
favor of good r tads. What we want
now is some kirnl of action looking to
wards seci'ilg good roads.
Eight or lln years ago the mention
of Ien 'l'illman's name in Charleston
woubli have called low,n showers of
hisses. 'i'ouight Mr. Tillman will be
dined by the business and professional
men of that city, andl there is unbottnd
etd enthusiasml in preparing f'r t he
event. 'I'le dinner is giv'n as a token
of Charleston's appreciation of Senator
TIillIman's etlfor'ts ini her behalf. Timeuts
ehiange and oen change wvith thenm.
la litr 'iIit. ch Wilson last. wetek comi
ptletetd th lt 111thi yeat' ofC his coninectlion
wvithI thle Abbileville I 'ress andl linner.
EdIit or WVilIson hats iuide th It I'ress ando
lainner uo of the brtig.htest shjeets ini
the Staute, and alter nearly a Ihalf een
tury devo tti to jut lalIisis, wields the
saume tI uenit pten whIiebt chiarac tetriz'ed
his youthi. We i ongi'atui ate fte IPress
and lBanner andI its edlitor.
fT' aritith- ont It' first pag~e tundler the
cnpt ionii "raudf in Thie 'onst i iution,"
is fromi the' News andI Coturier. and is a
very able argm'nt.
News froml Excels1or.
'T' reguaru sei'vice nex'St Sxncday af -
ternoontut at ;3::t0 o''clouck.
Sunday wa~is a ra:tiny (day atnd unfit for
WVith thle coot intued rains thle farmers
are still behind withI their wvork.
Some (if onur ear'ly gardener's have
beanis upl andu look ing nice.
Mr is. M att ie C'took, of' O'Neall sect ion,
visited in t his coiiinuni tv last, week.
Mr u. Iria N at es a fteor spenmhng a few
dlays wi th his fat her's family here has
ret urned to (Coluimbia.
Griain oin low lands is being dt'owned
ot by the 'onltinueiLd t'ains.
Mr. WV. J. lilanuton has r'eturn ted to
his hiomet at Graunitv iflle af'ter' a few
days stay in this section. Mu's. Islan
toin will remain severcal days ioinger
wvithu her f'at.hei''s famiily here.
Mr. J. I. Wheeler of C. oluimbia is up)
on a visit to his br'other, Mr. T.X I,
Wh eelIeri.
Glad to learn the rural mail service
thi'oughi this section will be putt on the
first of May. Thids has been a long felt
desire and our plet)( feel gt'ateful to
Uncle Sam foirsuch a mail service. Send
us the mail.
Rev. .J. A. Sligh preached an intere s
ting sei'mon in the school house Ist
Sunday afternoon to a full audience of
peop)le. Mr. Slighi is ani able pureacher
and his sermons are interesting anod
vei'y much enijoyed.
Rev. J1. K. Etfird of' L,ittlfe Mountain
spient Monday with Mr i. L. S. Shealy's
family hteie while oni his way home
from Conference att (Colony church.
Miss Cora Shealy and brothe' of near
Little Mountain are oin it visit t(o their
brother, M'. L~. S. Shealy, and family
of this community. Sigma.
A Hr m GrIy
On a good, long lif'e is what you wvill
have if you select your food carefully.
Therefore choose "CLIFTON' flout' for
your' bread and you will have a first
class health food three times a day.
'Old Steve" Campbell, a Knight of the
Axe and Saw, Has Passed to His
Last Reward.
A famous woodchopper has passed
rom scenes which knew him long.
'Old Steve" Campbell, a knight
>f the axe and saw and wood-horse,
vas found dead in his room Wednesday
"Old Steve" was for many years a
amiliar figure on the steets of New
)e, y. His age nobody knows exactly.
FIe claimed he was nearing the cen
.ury mark, being in his ninety year.
l- ew, however, believed him on this
oint. However that may be, he had
een in the world for a long, long time
tnd had passed through scenes many and
var).ng. He served in the Mexican
War as Lieutenant John C. Simkins'
,ody servant, and wen through the
,ivil War as a body servant to a Con
rellerate soldier. When freed from the
;hackles of slavery he was the proper
y of a Mr. Robert Ligon, of Green
ville. Steve claimed that Ligon paid
en bales of cotton for him, and that that
was a very small price for the article.
Everybody in Newberry knows of
Steve's ability as an orator. When the
3pirit moved him to a display of his
powers of oratory there was no trouble
for him to get an audience immediately,
ad he was always heard with close
ttention. Some time ago the Observer
Irinted several of Steve's orations.
Jne of them, the rendering of a speech
by Col. Simkins after one of the battles
in the Mexican War, was q1uoted as fol
"Rumage of great happiness from
whence is the great origin. Is it not
from forests green when the broad
!annon bursts into the sea.
"No, from my glories I borrow not
from cooling drops. Far worthy unto
the lustre of our bravery.
"if thanks never were given, let
them be given as now. For this is con
hidered to be one of the first miracles
[hat was from Canaan by Galilee in the
time of man's infancy, which means at
its commencement.
And Steve had others of the same
character and tone. Blut it was not
upon his ability as an orator that Steve's
fame chiefly rested. lie was the most
noted woodchopper in these parts. The
old line, "Woodman, spare a tree,"
however, beautiful its sentiment, had
for him no meaning. lie was a wood
choppor by trade and by choice, and he
chopped wood even on the last. day he
spent here on earth.
Ile went to his humble home Tues
day afternoon at 7:30 o'clock. Next
morning a woman living in the house
with him attempted to wal(e him, and
failing called upon Mr. E. I'. Bradley,
who lives near, to see what was I he
matter. Mr. lradley opened the door
and found Steve, ii, his own word; as
given at the Coron.'r's itiuest. held
Wednesday morning, "lying iii his
r,ioni on his pile of rags ot. his left side
on his lace dead." The verdict of the
('oroner's jury was that Steve c'ae to
his death from natural causes. $12.G(2
was found on his p)erson.
Steve has claimed f'or the last t wenty
years that about. a quarter of' a centuiiry
ago lie had something like $300 in green
backs whvlich he was1 afr iaid t, P ent rst to
a batu<, aind whlich he kept in a cigar
box. WVhen finally persuaded to p)lace it
in the hank he found t hat the rats had
completely destroyed his hoardings.
l"romi the blow he never recovered.
Steve was a type of niegro( that is
last passing away, and with thlie e
aire passing the bonds of' afYect ion that
bind the two r'aces in thie South.
St. Paul's Items.
We had anotheri siege of' rain, Sun
dayi~ and Sunday night. We hav'e had
too much r'ain Cor' the( small grain. Tlhe
Carmers ai'e hadly behind wiithI their
farm work.
The entei'tainment at St. Paul's
by thie ladies for the putrpose of' i'aisinag
money(~ for' NIissionai'y puriiposes, will he
given then pt h of A pril at. Ihe school
house at 7.30 p. m. Ev~ierybo~dy should1(
avail themselves of t his h oi'ot unity
both to help MIissionary woi'k and to
listen to a goodl enter'tainmenf at a vei'y
low trice. The adminission 'is nmly' ten
Several of the nleighoris miet together
andi worked thle road from neai' St.
Paul's church to MIr. I, I. E'pting's
plIac. Tlhis piece of roadl( was in a
baid condit ion, almost impassable. It
is nowv ini godl c'ondit ion. Push
Ap'il 1st 1903.
Letter to W. A. Jamieson, Newbei'ry.
Dear Siir: MIilk, so much a (quar't-par't
water. Is it milk'? hlow mutch sat is
faction will it. give? I low nmuchi nouri
isbhment '? I low iiany c'ustomer's wuill it
MIi xed paint is the satne as wvat eredl
milk. It seems t.o be cheap, hut it
isn't. D)evoe lead and zine is rich milk,
it's crieamy milk! seems to be costly,
but isn't. Covers rnore squar'e feet to
the gallon; covers it bet tei'; makes labor'
go further: lasts moi'e years than any
mixedl paint; lasts moi'e yeariis than
lead and oil.
Th'e cheapest paint ini thie world,
made by the oldest concer'n in A merica
149 yearst' old.
Mrt. J . J. 1 Tall, Sheflield, Pa., wr'mites:
I had always used 40 gallons of lead
and( oil far my house; this summer I
bought 410 gallIons of IDevoe I .eiad and
ine for thle same house and had 10
~allonis left. Yours t r'uly,
F. W. D)evoe & Co.,
Newv Yor'k.
P'. S. Newvberry Ilar'dware Co. sells
I I.notified not to obstruct any high
vay or ditches on same. Any person
o doing wvill be p'roscuted to the full
~xtent of the lawv.
Sunervisor N. C.
Dil Mill Company Chartered-The Town
Blection-Personal Mention.
Prosperity, S. C., April 2.-Our peo
ple had the opportunity of taking in
Luigi's shows. This medley arrived
here on Saturday and remained several
Mr. J. I. Wheeler, of Columbia, has
been on our streets for several days.
The time for our town election has
been incorrectly given. The correct
time is April 14. We had much inter
est manifested in the nominations,
which is virtually the election. Dr. G.
Y. Hunter, who was nominated for in
tendent, has served the town for two
terms and this service has been shown
to be acceptable. Messrs. A. H. Haw
kins and H. P. Wicker also come over
with a record of past service. Mr. A.
M. Lester has not been in service re
cently, but for many years he was town
clerk. Mr. R. C. Counts is a new man
in our town but is not a stranger, and
we fondly exllect from the gentlemen
nominated that the town will be cared
)r. A. F. Lanford, after an absence
of some time, is again with us.
Our school has secured State Superin
tendent O. H. Martin to make the an
nual address on the evening of June 3.
Mr. S. B. Schumpert was with us a
few days recently.
1I r..1. M. Counts and family spent a
few days with relatives here.
Messrs. II I' Wicker and It. I. Stou
demayer attendedt the Newberry Con
f"rence of the Evangelical Lutheran
Chuich at 'olony last week as 0-legate
antd alternate delegate.
M r. .I ov Ha rt man has received the
appointment as tail carrier for route
No. :.
We ar' glad to come again to the
stulbjec"t of' il mill. The board of cor
porat ors I his week secured i comtmis
:tionr t' h t b' S ' ret ary of State. I lere
thw. are: W. '. 'ugh, I,. A. Sease, It.
'. ('. IHunter, I)r. G. Y. Hunter, A.
II. Iaw1ins. I. S. Blowers and A. G.
Wise. 'Ilhe inorporated name will be
h'lle Prosperity Cotton Oil Company.
MIrs. .1. H. T. Scott, of Little Moun
t;ain, has been visiting here.
Miss Cert.rudle Uobb, who is tetrching
at l,i t lv N! ountain, spent Saturday with
her home people.
Aliss ,May I,ee Biarre has returned
from a visit to Greenwood.
Mrs. C. B. Martin is visiting relatives
in our mids,.
M r. A. Ml. ,ester has bought out the
Ibusiness of Schumpert & Lester. The
business will continue at, the same old
Miss Manie Rikard, of Long Lane,
was visiting relatives here the past
D)r. J. I. liudenbaugh returned home
from the medical college. Where he
will ll'rmanntly locate is not yet set
Rev. II. .1. Nathias spent. a few days
recently in I,incolntn, N. C.
Mr. W. W. Ilodges was here this
wI)s Prom Utopia.
Nirs. H tagini whoi has benen suff'ering
great ly w it Ih rhlemn Iatism, it is gratify
itng to nte.,' is able to be0 out. again.
Our ytung p eopfle' ai'e practicing t'or
Eaistr t' urett'ise's to he held at New
'h ai m' E'a.der' Situnlay. EvNer'y body
comer atnd t'inug baskets. All day ser'
lI mi rotad s., batd roatds, is the cry of
t he pt'oplte. Pizie p)ools seen here and
Sther'e ailotng theii public roads, dlesignate
I hie signs of timtes. Mr. Fred Schump
er't is one of' the un for'tunates. One of
his mules was~ lwtizedt out of a mud hole
one (lay last, week, it. is said, andl his
wagon hiad tto be taken out by pieces.
WVe had pldenty of rain the past week.
l'ai'tnei's have p)lowedl butt little.
NMr. Willie llerber't, after having
hid mea .sles. came home for a few
wveeks to rest , anid r'eturnedl to Wofl'ord
C'ollege Nlondtay.
'The I)eotple of' New Chapel seem alive
to every goodt work. Tlhey have prayer
mtinitgs every I"riday night, in which
the young and ok1( take an active
anee meetings, atnd every thing wvhich
leads to the uplbutildling of God's Kintg
(1om r'eceive no0 neglect. Surely the
yountg have good influences thrown
at'outnd them in this community and(
shoul grow iup to be Godly men and
wvomnen. All seasons fin~d the christian
people o)f U topia wvorking for the Mas
ter'. 1t is not just at the beginning of
the Newv Year' and then thrust aside
till atiother' New Yeat'. St) many have
hatd sio mitch to say aboutt comnmencinig
with the New Year to (10 right! While
it. is a dutty to for'm resolutions at the
begintning of the New Year', still it is
no less a ditty at aniy other titme. At
all tmes we shioutld bie retminded of the
faict that GodI is jutst as necar, to hearti
and see, as at the beginnting of the Newv
Year'. I wanit to impress the idea that
wte( cant tiurnt over't the new leaf at any
time a's wvell as New Year's (lay. Ti'ue
we ar'e more apt to sit (down at the end
o)f the Oldl Year', and drtaw the curtain
aside andl take a look into the past,
couti nmg up all our sorrows and(1 clas
uires, somie withi r'egt'ets andi( some wvith
joyous hopes for' t hm illusive future.
lhut thIouigh troutble after tr'oublle, like
billow after b)illow rolls over tus, we can
r'ise above t hem. 'God iometimnes
shuts the dItoor and shuts us in that he
may tell to uts some precious thoughts
agatin."' Yes, lie speaks to us through
griief aind pain. T1henu you wvho are
weighed down beneath a load of grief
timd pain, take heart. What though
we must hear a buirdlen? Have not
)>thiers buridenis too?
ilr. lired Long's wife passed from
ear'th to her' eternal home oin Friday.
AX kitnd and loving mother andI a devoted
wvife has gone to her reward.
IHig rivers and big creeks again.
March !0th 1a
T. J. W. Writes Interestingly on Union
Academy Subjects.
Don't get worried, brother farmer.
There will be plenty of sunshine. All
in plenty of time to plow and plant.
Our interesting young friend, J. D.
Quattlebaum, has made a shingle ma
chine and will be ready soon to saw
There were several porkers butchered
last week owing to the cool spell which
our farmers have passed over, and
still a few more are awaiting another
cool snap.
There will be Communion Services at
Colony church on next Sunday, and
also Communion Services at St. Philips
on the second Sunday.
Prof. and Mrs. D. A. Quattlebaum, I
of Delmar High School, came over last I
Saturday and attended Conference.
They spent awhile with their parentb.
Mr. L. A. Griffin and mother spent
Saturday night and Sunday with rela
tives in this community.
I should have said that Miss Essie
Sheely, sisterlof Mrs. Quattlebaum, was
in company with them.
There has been no corn planted in this
immediate section that I hay ieard of.
We attended the Conferonce at Colo
ny on .3aturday, and had intended to
give a full account of the meeting but
it rained us away on Sunday; therefore
we failed to get the full proceedings.
There was a good attendance on Satur
day, and we were glad to see so many
ministers present and nearly all tak
ing part in the discussion of the various
subjects. The fourth subject which
reads, "Can Any One Who Neglects
the Sacrament of the Alter and the
Public Worship of God's House be Con
sidered a Member of Good Standing in
Our Church," especially centered quite
an enthuiastic discussion. This is get
ting down to the brother who consti
tutes himself a Christian, but when it
comes to the point for the church to say
what must be (lone with a person who
wilfully neglects his Christian duties it
is a hard problem to solve. The Con
ference, so far as it went, was not
only interesting but alsovery Profitable
to those present, and we believe we
ought to hold Conference oftener.
We are just back from attending the
Good Roads Association which covened
at the court house last Tuesday ac
cording to a previous call. It would
be useless for me to try to go into'any
thing like full details of what was said
and done, as we are sure the Herald
and News reporter, who never fails on
such occasions, will give a full account
of the meeting. Although if he would
report all tlat was said he would have
to increase the size of his paper to about
twelve columns. It is well to say
enough, but some times there is danger
of saying too much. Nevertheless was
glad to see such an interesting meeting,
and hope not only to see the inter
est kept up but to see it continue to
grow and spread until it has fully
aroused a feeling of enthusiasm all over
the State. 'The good roads subject is
not .nly one of the growing issues of
the day but the time is fast approahing
when it willI almost be the only issue.
We people are in the habit of only (10
ing things just as necessity commands.
The present county government lawv
which has been in operat ion for the past
nine years, andl which we said wvas im
practicable and would prove a perfect
failure, has almost brought that point
where the people are beginning to real
ize not only there is something needed
in this respect but that something must
be (lone. It must be remembered that
Editor Aull has been advocating this
movement for several years, and what
%ver may be accomplished in bettering
the condition of our highwvays may be
credlitedl to him. And with due con
sidleration to our Supervisor I say that
E. HI. Aull should have been madle
chairman of this organization, for the
truth is the truth; he is the head of the
movement. But I have said enough
as I know your rep)ort will be about as
much goodl road talk as the p.cor le want
t o read at one time. So I wvill conclude
what I wvant to say in fu ture letter.
April 1, 1903. Tr. J. W.
Card of Thanks.
Mrs. C. M. Cook de2ires to extend( her
sincere thianks to the many who showed
kindness to herself and family on the
occasion of the painful accident to her
The ChIcago Stars.
A representative of the Chicago
Stars, the female baseball aggregation
now touring the country, wvas in the
city this wveek trying to arrange a
game. Failing to secure the college
park from President Cromer, or any
sympathy from Mayor' Earhardt, he left
Thec Head of the Housc
Can't help being interested in some
thing that will protect the health of the
family. A p)ure, scientifically milled,
flour will (10 this and ''Clifton'' is the
name of such a flour.
Lthat the books of subscription to
the capital stock of the Prosperity Oil
Mill Co. will be open at The Bank of
Prosperity, Prosperity, S. C. at 10
o'clock A. M. Saturday April 4Ith,
1903. .
Test One Sack
Of ''Clifton'' flour and you wvill find
it.makes more bread, better bread, and
givea b)etter satisfaction than any flour
you can buiy.
LOST.--A bunch of keys. Finder
will be rewarded by leaving at
his office.
Mrs. R. L. Paysinger. Niewberry,
Apply to M. M. Buford.
New stock of Men's and Ladies' Red
Nool Golf Gloves at Wooten's. tf
close her sewing rooln for one
nonth, or until further notice.
ONEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
loans on improved farm lands
t seven per' cent. interest on
mounts over one thousand dollars,
nd eight per cent. interest on amounts
ess than $1 000. Long time and easy
>ayments. hIunt, Hunt & Hunter,
W'ANTED.--A man to sell Sewing
W Machines. A No. 1 contract to
ight kind of a man to start on, with
rood chances for promotion. Experience
tot necessary. Call on ur address, The
inger Manufacturin Cu., Greenwood,
R J. MILLER desires to announce
e to the people of Newberry that
te will be glad to see them when they
o to Columbia. He has one of the
)est resturants in the city at 1208 Main
treet, opposite the city hall. In ad
lition to this, he has three nicely
urnished rooms and can furnish both
>oard and lodging.
thy lady or gentleman to manage
)usiness in this County and adjoining
;erritory for well and favorably known
[louse of solid financial standing. $20
atraight cash salary and expenses, paid
.ach Monday by check direct from
teadquarters. Expense money ad
ianced; position permanent. Address
Phomas Cooper, Manager, 1030 Caxton
Building, Chicago.
DO one o ,i ,ehc" unl burn at
night? I have the best trial case for
i ttng Sp et-tele. stnol dEerlates, and
-,n fit th" mI -t dIitlicnlt uses' , wvich Ibhe
,roper g;iLaSs I have fitt.ed gl.-ses
ror the best people it+ tho county and
tat' lit you. I use onl% itI - bst r'= t'd
r taline lenses. Com and give mhe
t trial amd he convinced. Striet ly one
prie tc :2.t. I1Y DANIEf.A
.1 ew'ler and Optician.
Have just received 2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result 'tan be
pbtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
i38.00 per ton.
First announcement of
the New Store.
I have bou it the stock of Counts &
Dickert, and I am going to conduct an
11-to-date grocery business in their old
I extend an inv!tation to my friends
>f Ne wherry and the surrounding county
:o drop in and see me. My salesmen,
I. P. Aldridige and Clar ence 1. Sligh,
,vill be glad to see them
Next door to Mimnaugh's.
If you are wanting an liaster
[lat you wvill find correct and mnost
lesirable npto-date styles at
The Riser Millinery Co.
The1 following druggisis r-(e ue the
holders of M\UR NA conuponrs to bring
themi in at once aind secure absoluto
13y free, the regular sn hott.le of theo
Great Preparation, M1UlNA WI NE.
For saile onliy by Gilder & WVeeks.
1 ..0. F.
at 7 30 o'clock at theh- tiul at the
Gra<ted School bul'ding. Viniora 'or'
d ially Invited
TP S H-udson, Secretary.
It is What the Reader
Has Long Sought.
Peph wI e rd1 ad v e f. e-nint- about
cures ona te b-. m *ie:n A. - t h--yra.
they wo'aIer -f 's it,-'n.ents a.e irue.
If true. was ie f timpur.try or per
ms menci ? Read , jj (s o am l)to n's
li idn<e v Pill..:
W. I t' d<e, ''f i tmet t street, ac
(WnunIIth t 1 -. i e II 'f i [lr'ow ''iTo jacc~o
mn ' lh< --e.hps I 'n"w what wvill cur ie it,
bi r. r '(dV I e.ver ca~ime aross l"or
mionth, I wi as nlaJIued with b-'ekahele,
not sh r*' pains. iiu' -I S i acin a a the
tilne, onti imiadl lmt fee'l miisernb,l Ic
got ni eie -- n ilff .: s '.oe ..i. 0,
fromr clootoes, and it, seemiaed to relieve
eve -V . ileaurinog of Do'in's Kid(lney
IPilst, i took a. '' irse t th"' t eat~ime'nt.
Thle3 o tired me, anid Itha: cerr mis beeun
matng [ w''l P" '- -it.. ihis In a
periont I ,.ter0. iew ori 0 .' re*plyo to 'aos
ic0mm' ne ation mail ed t.o me."
For '--te tby aill deloers. P'rice, 50o
iint.s. Poter-'.Miibur'n Co , llffalo, N.
Y., so a tgrnts for the U. S
Ren eimber t he name--Dfoan 'at-and
takn e n- oer
l Easter
g, Rabbit E
5 c(
fl! a) Nunnall
'I ' Fresh,
!Violet, Car
9 9 Crab Ap
i Gilder &
Particular P1
9) *i NEWBEF
Lets Tolk
A nice new Spring
Bonnet and a nice n.ew
Spring Dress and a
nice new Spring Suit
are all very nice, but
there is nothing that
adds so much to the
comfort and attractive
ness of the home as
nice new Furniture,
Carpets, Couches,
Loun<es and Rugs.
Nice new Iron Beds
that will not scratch or
wear cut are a com
fort and a deli; ht,
Winter or Summer.
Nice new Bed Roarn
Sets in solid Oak and
Walnut. Elastic Felt
Mattresses and Dex ter
Mattresses cannot be
All these nice ne w
goods at the new firm
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Prices reasonable.
Nothing but new
goods, and everything
to be found in an up
to-date furniture store
With bugs on the bed?~
Every one is at times.
Some check them al
once while othersallow
thiem to multipiv until
they are all over the
house and then find it
a task to exterminate
the past. Why not use
;a bot tLe of our
when first they are dis -
covered and be re
lieved at once. It is
eaisy to apply, and un
like most preparations
it is not greasy or
sticky and does not
soil the bedt clothing.
PRICE 25c and 50c
W. G. Mayes'
. 2th.
gg Dyes j
y's 0)
...Ca.ndy i&%
60c. I b. '
xtracts: iii
e Rose, Etc.
Weeks, 4a 0
r Drug Store.
R fY, S. C.
We nave a Full Line of
~aster Novelties.
With latest aisprovements,
on accennt, ofrthe absence ofwhffletrees.
For Information Con
cerning these Harness
Hardware and General
Agricultural Impliments.
" It Is a little, thing to speak a
word of coinmon comfort."
It ctbu tl o.
it costs almost nothing to
guarantee to refund the
money if Vinol does not
prove effective for colds, run
down conditions, thin, nlc..
vous people, and aged folXis.
I.ess than two persons out
of a hundred are not thor
oughly satisfied.
Win. E. Peham & Son,

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