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Serious Accident Suffered by Herbert Cooa
at Shops of Carolina Manufactur
ing Company.
Herbert Cook suffered a serious acci
\dent while engaged in running the large
Jiaper at the shops of the Carolina
Manufacturing Company early Wednes
day afternoon. He was feeding an end
for a coffin into the shaper when in
some way his left hand slipped and was
so badly cut by the machine that it was
,'necessary to have it amputated. The
operation was very successfully per
formed Drs. W. G. Houseal, J. M.
Kibler and T. M. Smith.
The shaper is one of the most dan
gerous machines to handle in machine
shops of any kind. There are two in
use by the Carolina Manufacturing
Company and Mr. Cook was running
the large one. He said afterwards
that he did not know how the accident
happened, that his hand slipped and
went into the machine, and that it felt
"like a hammer had struck it," and
that he pulled it out and looked at it
-"and it was all torn to pieces. He was
- taken home immediately, and the opera
tion was performed.
Mr. Cook is a young man of about
eighteen years of age, the son of Mrs.
C. M. Cook. He has been with the
Carolina Manufacturing Company for
some time, and by faithful attention to
his work had made himself valuable to
his empoloyers and was steading rising.
The accident, in many respects, is a
very sad one.
Prosperity Oil Mill Company.
The books of subscribtion to the capi
tal stock of the Prosperity Cotton Oil
Mill Company will be open at the Bank
of Prosperity tomorrow. The corpora
tors are L. A. Sease, R. T. C. Hunter,
W. A. Pugh, A. G. Wise, G. Y. Hunter
and A. H. Hawkins.
To Meet Carolina.
The Newberry College baseball team
will go to Columbia tomorrow, where
tomorrow afternoon they will cross bats
with the team of the South Carolina
College. Carolina has one of the strong
est teams in the State. The New
berry boys are in good shape and are
confident of victory. With the same
battery and a good deal of the same
support which they will put in the field
tomorrow they walloped Carolina last
year to the tune of 11 to 2. The game
promises to be one of the best in the
State this season.
Palm Sunday and Holy Week.
In the Lutheran Church of the Re
deemer the theme of the morning ser
mon on Palm Sunday will be " The
Many Crowns"; that of the evening
"The King's Business." At the special
services during the week sermons will
e preached on Monday night by the
..ev. J. J. Long; on Tuesday night by
the Rev. A. J. Bowers; on Wednesday
ight by Rev. W. K. Sligh; on Thurs
lay and Friday nights by Pastor Sea
- ook.
__The young p)eople who are to be con
--.rmed on Palm Sunday will meet the
~astor at the church on tomorrowv
-(Saturday) afternoon at three thirty
Mr. J. W. Smith in the City.
-Mr. J. W. Smith, Agent for the
- lerchant and Miner's Transportation
Jompany, now located at Savannah,
was in the city yesterday. Mr. Smith
jis a son of Mr. Jenkins H. Smith, of
'the M' Pleasant section, and a native
pof Newberry County. He has had a
rapid rise in the transportation business
since he entered it twelve years ago,
N.and the position which he now holds is
second in importance in his company.
-Heiwas promnotedl to this position, with
out solicitation, over numbers who had
been in the service for a longer time.
-Mr. Smith's many friends in this city
(are always glad to learn of his success
,."and were pleased to see him yesterday.
Concert In West End.
*The members of the West End base
\ ball team will give an entertainment in
\ he Old Chapel on Saturday night for
-he benefit of the team. The enter
I tainment will consist of roaring farce
-comedies and specialties. It has been
well rehears~ed and the boys say they
~rAare going to give a good show. The ad
~'mission will he 10 and 20 cents. Doors
ope at 7.30i, p)erformance beginning
at 8.
An Enjoyable Occasion.
The exercises of the Children's blis
.sionary Society of Ce1tral Methodist
V6 httreh. which~ were held some time ago,
Pwere rep8uted by requ(est on Tuesday
?night. AIL. the ch'ildren acquittedi
fthemselves wjth credit. A collection
for the causeAvas taken. A brief ad
dress on childi'en's missionary wvork was.
'J made by the pastor. Rev. S. 1H. Zimer
Carolina Business College.
Few people in Newberry realize the
importance of the course given by the
Carolina Business College. Our young
people may obtain here at home at very
greatly reduced cost a thorough busi
ness education. As complete course
and thorough training is guaranteed as
is given in any business college and
when the saving is 2onsidered it is an
unusual opportunity and should be
taken advantage of by overy one at all
interested in book keeping, stenography
andl typewriting, p)enmanlship, and other
commercial branches.
- "Clifton."
Are you acquainted with "Clifton?"
A trial sack will convince you it is the
best flour mimufactured.
Mad Stone Test Applied To Miss Lula
Werts, Who Was Bitten On Sat
urday Afternoon.
Miss Lula Werts, who was bitten by
a bull dog the property of Mr. Oscar
LeRoy, on last Saturday afternoon,
accompanied by her brother, County
Superintendent of Education E. S.
Werts, went to Charlotte this week to
have the mad stone applied to the
wound. Superintendent Werts and his
sister returned yesterday morning.
The stone was appliod but failed to
adhere, and the physician, Dr. Donna
hue, gave as his opinion that the dog
was not mad, and that the wound, which
had almost healed, would not have any
serious results.
Miss Werts was bitten on Saturday
afternoon~ while in Mr. LeRoy's yard.
The dog up until that time had been
very companionable, and was not
thought to be at all dangerous. Later
in the afternoon Mr. LeRoy was him
self bitten while attempting to fasten
the dog and the dog, which was thought
to be mad, was immediately ~.illed.
Miss Werts and her brother went to
Charlotte on Tuesday morning, with
the result stated.
Annual Meeting Stockholders-Report of
President Very Satisfactory.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Newberry Savings Bank was
held at the bank yesterday The rE-port
of the president and board of directors
whicl w is submitted shows that the past
year -d been a satisfactory one, and the
condition of the bank was entirely satis
factory The two semi-annual dividends of
three per cent had been paid, and the
balance carried to surplus; making the
total surplus something over $i9,000.
Arrangements for the coining season had
been made and plenty of funds to mee
all demands The individual deposits
have also increased largely during the
past year.
The following directors were elected:
James Mcintosh, J. 4. Norwood, geo. S
Mower, Geo E Hawkins, W. I) Senn,
O. McR. IIo'mes, B. C. Matthews, Jas.
K Gilder, and R' C Carlisle. The
hoard met immediately after the adjourn
ment of the stockholles and will anee
again next Tu6esday at noon.
Claude E. Greneker of Pittsburg is
in the city.
Miss Gertrude Carwile is visiting
Miss Bessie Brown in Laurens.
Mrs. S. H. Zimerman and daughter
are visiting friends in Columbia.
Dr. J. K. Gilder, of Newberry is in
the city. - Greenwood Index, 1st.
Mr. Pope Davis has moved into one
of Purcell's cottages on Nance Street.
Mrs. J. Chesley Dominick left yester
day for Cross Hill and Spartanburg to
visit relatives and friends.
Mr. W. T. Harrell has moved to
Blatesburg. He will be followved by
Mrs. Harrell in a few (days.
Miss Sallie- May Burton left the first
of the week on a visit of several wveeks
to relatives and friends at Batesburg.
Mrs. D. D. Wallace, wvho has been
viting Mr. and Mrs. WV. H. Wallace,
returnedl to her home in Spartanburg
on Tuesday.
The work of' placing the large poles
to be used by the Bell Company along
the streets has been going on rapidly
for the past week.
Mayor J. W. Earhardt has been con
fined to his room on account of sickness
for the past several days. D)uring his
absence Alderman Van Smith has been
acting may01r.
Rev, C. E. McD)onald, of Winnsboro,
wvill preach in Thompson Street A. ~R.
P. church tonight, tomorrow andl Sab
bath. On Sabbath the Sacrament of
the Lords's Supper will be adlminister
The Shriners.
A number of Newbherrians wvent to
Columbia yesterday to attend tihe meet
ing of the Shriners in that city today
and tonight. Dr. L. D. Boozer and Messrs.
S. H. McLean, Frank Mower, J. G.
Daniels, G. M. B. Epting and A. J1. S.
Lang ford will have tihe degree conferred
upon them tonight. They wvere ac
compained by the following, already
members of the Order: Messrs. Geo.
S. Mower, W. E. Pelham, 13. C.
Matthewvs, E. [13. Wilbur, andl F. H.
A Successful OpenIng.
The Carolina Business College, under
the management of Prof. 1B. WV. Get
singer, opened in tihe Armory Wednes
(lay morning with an enrolmlent of
twenty p)upils9. This is the nmost suc
cessful Opening yet expeCrienced by Mr.
Getsinger in the various colleges of this
character whlich he has established
throughout tIhe State.
Death of an Infant.
The infant child of Mr. J1. R. Thorn
ton, of' West End, diedl on Tuesday
night and was buried Wednlesdny after
noon1 at Rosemnont.
Miss Anpie Armstrong, of Baltimore,
Secretar'y of the Woman's Missionary
Union of tile Southern Baptist Conven
tion, will he in Newberry on Saturday,
IApril 4thl, andl will talk of her work to
the Woman's Missionary Society of the
First Baptist chlurchl, at tihe chuIrch at
10.30 a. mn. All ladies interested in
missionls art aost cordially invited to
be present. Mrs. W. HI. Hunt,
Organization Perfected-Township Associ
ations Provided For--Resolu
tions Adopted.
A Good Roads Association for New
berry County was organized in the
Court House on Tuesday morning. The
convention which resolved itself into
the Association was held in obedience
to a call issued by Supervisor Jno. M.
Schumpert recently, and was attended
by a number of representative citizens
from different sections of the county.
There was a great deal of discussion,
but all were agreed that some action is
necessary for the improvement of the
public highways, and the only question
is as to the manner of doing the work.
While nothing of very great importance
was done at the meeting on Tuesday,
the people have been brought together
and their efforts for good roads will
hereafter be organized and directed.
The organization of Township Associa
tions was provided for, one Vice-Presi
dent of the County Association being
elected for each township, and it being
made the duty of the various Vice
Presidents to organize Good Roads As
sociations in their respective townships.
Thus will the whole county be organ
ized into a body working for improved
The meeting on Tuesday morning was
called to order by Hon. Cole. L. Blease.
Supervisor Jno. M. Schumpert was
made temporary chairman and Jno. K.
Aull temporary secretary. Supervisor
Schumpert in a few words thanked the
Convention and stated the object of the
meeting-to organize a County Good
Itoads Association, and then, if thought
necessary, to organize in the various
The motion to organize the Associa
tion was put and unanimously carried,
and the following committee, one from
each township represented, was chosen
by the representatives of the various
townships to draft a suitable constitu
tion: Township No. 1, E. H. Aull; No.
2, W. C. Brown; No. 6, W. A. Hill;
No. 8, I. P. Cannon; No. 9, W. T. Gib
son; No. 10, T. J. Wilson; No. 11, Jno.
F. Banks.
The following were enrolled as mem
bers of the Association:
Township No. 1. - .J. H. Chappell,
D. Q. Wilson, E. 11. Aull, W. H1. Wal
lace, G. D. Lathrop, J. Claud Domi
nick, Eduard St ' oltz, 0. B. Mayer,
J. B. Hunter, J. C. Neel, Arthur Kib
ler. F. Ii. Di,minick, J. Cal Neel, Cole.
L. Blease, Van Smith, W. H. Suber,
J. C. Duncan, John Cousins, J. W.
Reeder, J. K. Aull.
Township No. 2. C. L. Leitzsey,
B. B. Leitzsey, W. H. Wendt, J. C.
Brown, Z. F. Counts, J. D. Nance,
Olin Lane, S. J. Cromer, T. W. Folk,
Chris Folk, B. H. Cannon.
Township No. 6. - D. S. Satterwhite,
J. i. Counts, Henry D. Boozer, David
Pitts, W. A. Hill, J. L. Connelly, Ver
non C. Wilson, H. H. Abrams, T. Press
ly Pitts, F. D. Motes, P. Clark Smith.
Towvnship No. 7.--M. J. Longshore,
Win. R. Smith, Jno. R. Scurry.
Towvnship No. 8. -1. H-. Boulware,
I. P. Cannon, J. Fred Schumpert, J. M.
Nichols, J. F. Cromer, D. L. Ham.
Township No. 9.-W. B. Harmon,
G. Sam Moore, R. T. C. Hunter, W. M.
Lester, W. T. Gibson, N. R. Lester,
.J. M. Schumpert.
Trownship No. 10.--T. .J. Wilson.
Township No. 11. -Benj. Halfacre,
Jno. F. Banks, Bowman Graham, D. A.
Ruff, J. L. Keitt, G. H. Cromer.
The report of the committee to draft
a constitution was submitted by Mr.
E. H. Aull, and the report as amended,
was adopted andl made the constitution.
It follows:
Section 1. This association shall be
knowvn as the Good1 Roads Association
of Newberry County.
Sec. 2. The purpose of the Associa
tion shall be to use all means wvithin its
p)ower for the improvement of the p)ub
lie roads of the county; to awaken in
terest in the subject among the people
at large; and to receive, p)ublish and
discuss any wvell considered plans for
local, State or national action or legis
Sec. 31 The oflicers shall consist of a
President, one Vice-President for each
township, andl a Secretary and Treas
Sec. 4I. It shall be the duty of the
President to preside at all meetings of
the Association; to call special meet
ings wvhen in his judgment the cause
may be p)romoted; to use his best
endleavors to awaken and keep alive an
interest in the cause of good roads5, and
to p)erforml zuch other dluties as arc re
qluired of a presiding officer.
Tlhe Vice-Presidents shall organize
Township Good Roads Associations in
their respective townships, and it shall
be their (duty to work up an interest
in the success of the Association in
their respective townships, and in the
absence of the Presidlent of the County
Association one of their number shall
The Secretary andl Treasurer shall
keep a correct recordl of the proceedilngs
of the Convention and be the custodian
of wvhat ever funds may be paid into the
Association alnd dleposit the same to
his cre(dit as treasurer in b)ank.
Tlhe terms of the officers shall be for
on. year and until their successor~s shall
have been1 elcCtedl.
Sec. 5. The County Association shall
meet at the court house at Newberry
once every three months. Notice of
saidl meeting shall boe pub)lishedl in the
papers of the county at least two weeks
before the time fixed for the meeting.
Sec. 6. The oflicers as providled in
this Constitution shall be0 elected at this
meeting nnl nnnually therafter bm. i.
majority vote of the members present.
Sec. 7. Representation from three
fourths of the townships in this Asso
ciation shall constitute a quorum.
The following officers were elected:
President - Jno. M. Schumpert.
Vice-Presidents- -Township No. 1,
J. H. Chappell; No. 2, W. C. Brown;
No. 3, J. H. Smith; No. 1, jt. C. Car
lisle; No. 5, W. C. Sligh; No. 6, Ver
non C. Wilson; No. 7, Jno. R. Scurry;
No. 8, I. P. Cannon; No. 9, R. T. C.
Hunter; No. 10, T. J. Wilson; No. 11,
Jno. F. Banks.
Secretary and Treasurer-Jno. K.
The Constitution as adopted is the
exact original report of the committee,
except in one particular. The report
of the committee made a quorum neces
sary to transact business twenty-five
members. There was a prolonged dis
cussion on this section. The discussion,
however, did not adhere closely to the
point at issue, and a number of gentle
men made excellent addresses on the
value of good roads and the purpose of
the Association and the good it may ac
complish if properly conducted.
Immediately after the report of the
committee was submitted lion. F. H1.
Dominick moved its adoption.
Mr. R. T. C. Hunter moved to amend
so that fifteen constitute a quorum.
Mr. W. A. Hill thought fifteen too
small a number to represent Newberry
County in a Good Roads Association.
Two from each township would be a
small enough number for a quorum.
To have any influence the sentiment of
the county must be expressed, and that
cannot be done by fift en men. New
berry has lived in miud long enough to
recognize the importance of this move
and he did not believe the interest of
the people would soon (lie out.
Mr. Hunter spoke in favor of his
amendmcnt. If as many as twenty
four men, and no more, come to a meet
ing several times and can do nothing
for lack of a quorum, the movement
will soon be (lead.
Mr. Hill said this Association will
shape legislation and should not act
with less than twenty-five members.
Mr. Blease said the Association could
not legislate, but could only suggest.
lie had seen meetings in this very roon
of far more importance than what
coulk be done here, of no more impor
tance, however, than the question to
be agitated here, of more itportance
because it, had more power, which could
do nothing for lack of a quorum. 'l'lrce
townships were not rep resented now,
and in one of these, No. 1, it had taken
a man yesterday two hours and a half
to drive ten miles. lie favored making
the quorum fifteen.
The discussion was carried on by
members, pro an-1 con, and ti e ques
tion of instructing repre:centat ives oi
the question was 1brought up).
Mr. F. 11. )ominiek thought the
whole matter of qu(i.rum a :y small
one, but the discussion had already
brought in that eternal bugaho, poli
tics, forcing Representatives ini Hie Leg
islature to take a certain course ofI ac tion.
Newberry is the banner county of the
State, andl she has as ma ~ny had roads as
any county' in the State, andI if she can't
get twenty-five meni to come out to
suggest imp)rove'ment s in the roads, she
doesn't want a Rump P'arliamen t of
fifteen men to represent t wo thlousand
voters. If our roads are in the condi
tion they say they are, and which the
speaker said he knew they are they
certainly ought to interest t wenty-five
men sufficiently to cause them to conme
to the court house occasionally and
make their wants known.
Mr. E. H. Aull said the whole ques
tion hinged on wvhether it would be
better for the movement. to fail to have
a meeting with only twent y- four menm
bers, or to have a meeting with only
fifteen nmmbers. lHe agreedl with Mr.
Hunter on the number fifteen. So
far as the Representatives are. con
cerned, every Newberry Rep)resent a
tive is in favor of goodl roadls. 'What
wve wvant is to get a sentiment b)ehind(
the Legislature wvhich wvill make it take
action towards securing good roads.
Mr. F. W. Hliggins spoke in favor of'
fifteen as a (quorumn.
Mr. J. L. Keitt moved that the Con
vention be composed of delegates from
the Township A ssociations, representa
tioni from three-fourths of' the town
ships to constitute a quIorum.
Mr. F. H-. Dominick opposed this.
Every man her'e has as much right in
the County Good t'oadls Association as
any (delegate from a Towvnship Associa
Mr. C. L. lHlease in a strong speech
saidl he wvas surprised at the course the
ar'gument hadl taken, and( at some( of
the references which been made. When
a man goes to the Legislatur'e as a Recp
resentative of Newberry C ounrty, and
sits there and waits for his el)(let to
dictate his ('ouriSe of aiction, he~ is uin
worthy his seat. Whet her lit Ie ini the
Senate or ini the Il(ouse', it is his diit y
to vote as he thinuks right and for t thle
best inltiests of his teople, not moat t er
what or how miany curise's nmy V: show
eredl upon0 his headl. When theit people
go to the ballot box andi vot e on1 a cer
tain mneasur'e, it is thc dutty of It' Repl
i'sentative to ob'r I heir voice; lbut
unless they dIt go to tie bll!ot box and
exprtess their' sentiimnt lhe mutlst uise
his own .jud(gmnent. It is all n ionsensee
to t,alkl abou,it t his conivenit i,tn shapinig
legislation. On ot' t hlit ht.I irod bll s
ever introduced in I h I tgi-i re was
by a Newberry mnt, a.d at itbody 's
sonmethinig, to at tempt to do somthtling.
Who is i'esptonsilt ftor th had rtods?
So long as thlie law aillows a muan to pay
$1.00 for himtselt' andt negroes, ini lieu
of r'oatd work, so long will we never
have good r'oadls. Somodtty has got t o
w,or'k thet rtnmls lIhe 'avo,c! CXtj,
Keitt's Aesolution. No township should
be allowed to dictate in this Associa
tion, and as the section stood No. 1
could control the Association.
Mr. Aull opposed Mr. Keitt's amend
ment, and moved as a substitute for
the whole matter the section which was
finally adopted and which is r ection 7
of the Constitution above.
Mr. J. II. Chappell said an hour and
a half had been spent and nothing (lone
but discuss politics. We have come to
express ourselves with reference to
good roads. A man without an opinion
is worse than no man at all, and a m'n
who is afraid to express his opinion is
worse yet. What we ought to do is to
say how much we are willing to be
taxed for good roads. I now pay $20.00
and am willing to pay $40.00. That is
my speech.
Mr. Blease offered the following
resolution, which was adopted:
"Resolved, That it is the sense of
this meeting that the Commissioners of
Newberry County build good roads for
this county and that they take such
steps as in their judgment are neces
sary to make such improvements at the
earliest possible day."
Mr. P. C. Smith thought it would be
advisable to have it stated where the
Association thought best work should
begin and how conducted.
lion. Arthur Kibler said that a good
deal had been said about Representa
tives and their duties and the thought
it would be well for the Association at.
its next session to express its sentiment.
lie thought if a majority of the people
are in favor of taxation, whether by
bonding or otherwise, their Represen
tatives would be willing to do what was
want.ed. This is the groat question
now before the people and the delega
tion from this county and every other
county would like to know what the
people want them to do, and I for one
am willing to do what I think is best
for the people, and would like to have
an expression from them.
It was moved and carried that the
committee appointed to draft constitu
tion bring subjects for discission at
the next meeting.
The Association then adjourned.
'h, (omIittee me1t immediately afterI
the adjournment of the Association and
adopted the following subjects for dis
eussion at the next meeting.
"Should the chain gang ov put oil
permanent work." --- E. II. Auill.
"Should we have a separate road fmud
and how it should be expended. "---W.
A. lill.
"llow much tax should be levied to
cre-+te separate road fund."---R. T. (.
Immediately after the adjo)urnment
of the Association Col. W. A. Neal was
heard by the Commissioners on the im
Iort ance of good roads miachinrrv. The
Commissioners decided to Postlponle tire
m:rtter untill tomorrow, when the
mat t.er will be again consider arnd the
proprosit.ion of Col. Neal actedl up on.
It will ire garthered fromr the report o1f
tire nmeetinrg of tire A ssociation given
atbove that it, wats the sen.se (of the
biod y that some act' ion sh ouk be o takenr
hy thre C oimissiorner's immriediately.
Eastr~ and liaster liggs.
l'ast er is near at. hand and tire rahr
brits are holding forth in tire sirow win
dow'.s. A pretty supplily of eggs andl
dyVes of all k inds, and( everyting in tire
l>ist er line can be founrd at Gilder and
Weeks' drrug st.ore andl Mayes boo0k
Mr. Ha:m's Dilstributor.
In thle last. issue q f The IIlerald and
N ews it was stated that MIr. I). L,.
IIlarris hadl secured a p)atent on air imo
was incorrect. It should have breen I).
L . H1am, wh'io, it is wvell knIownl, lives ini
tihe U top1ia sect ion of this con rty. Bu t.
tire nme of tire invent or does not arffect
ire value of the inrverntonl, and( MIr,
llamr is alreadly r'eceiv inrg thbe conrrgrat i
lattions of tir( farmers.
:BIeautiful Furniture l.ine.
Mesnrs. Kiblber, IDenn iis & Co ,sire
cessors tol R.. V. I,eavell & Son, ht:we onr
the b)rettiest linres oft furrrnire' ever
brought to Newhrerry . Iin anothter eol
umnri thety cal iiatte'rtionr to their stock
.eerythring in their tar-ge sn tre irew
arnd up to date.
Of thc Coiiditioii1ol Thu Balik of Pos
purity, Piosporsty, 8, :., at thu cl!osu
of Blusilless March 31st, 1903, lIn Ac
corlaice with all Act of' Ilic UuiiraI
S.lanrs andu D iscounirts .. .... $1,0o:16 85
Dune frorm Haniks... . . . ...,5:;o 9n:
Cashd arnd Cash I t.ems. .. ...7,;8t2 14i
luliriniig aindt tixtures ... 2,554 94I
O)verdra t...... .. .. ...2,17.1 :tx
Catal:u stock paid in . . $22, 551, 00t
Du)te to other taniks ....... .:7..5
P'rofRs . . . 851 (12
IDepoits.... ...... ....29,079 00
l'ersoniallty e:urine hefor'e mte .1. F'.
Browne, Cashier, who birnig dulty siworn,
says till abrove statemenrt is correcnt toI
hott of hris kiiowtege and bietief. Swrin
ht bfore tme tis :3st iday oft Marchi,
I':. W. Wi-:lTs, Il.s|
N. I'. for S. ('.
A. . ige.
We Are malinl UnuDSual
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brightect by the appearance of love
ly sprng materials of the latest
tyles and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particulr 'y Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--.ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong departments,
36 inch Taffetas at $ 1.00, $ 1 . 1 2i,
$1 .25, and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
spun, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
Dress Goods, Madras. Ginghams, Pr cales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fan-cy Damask,
Mercerized Chambry, Eic., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and White.
We have many "Odds and inds" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
are being sold extremely low -really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Rc J. Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready. Come to
TePlace Where You Get Your Money'AWorth,
20 yds Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
At .s ETob nER'. At 0.KpErT ER'S
AI' 'wiiMit 0.LTT E'S,.0 (LE1T RS
At 0. KLETTNER'S, 1L.1 S!jtrwoh
.\I rII.>II's F"ri;it ,itrM I doz. .) gals. I *I m t
at 9 , I doz' qis. at 730. pir
sI v i b Ivgood *NC lefr8.0
I ~ lV*t6.it) Jl IIr. l vbert cnl i4. z
- A Fir anS.ur ;Deal avrtim0e. ir

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