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H A L>_. b1"r.
In Spartanburg Coutmy a few w-eks
ago a school teacher shot and xille one
of his pupils, having a pistol on his per
son in the school room in plain violation
of law. Now we have a myport from
Anderson County of a teacher being
shot by one of his pupiis whom he un
dertook to punish for perpetrating an
April fool ioke. -
When teachers and pupils in ur
schools carry pistols in the school iroom
eonceale.i on their person in tiagrart
v.olation of law it is time to call a ha-t
somehere and ehow The pisi.
tot ing habit i h: in any place and .t
n h l>1m . b::: her.l .: gets :.:. : he
scho!\? ' o ..'t shold make the :ih,'..
ful0 }:it i:" , . .
MoreS,lrin. l,n t legih '. :. . h rc
li sent !" ,:: ,:,.. -:\ 1" n : . h.
at io f t :;1 w '. '.
l i ed 1 stro.ng, i " "
n t t g .,e t.. heh ..
their :: n o i . -
jlUdget :!;L
po is
lawv enfer~N1
ol,' :,
8; a allI 1""r t'" .. .c
pilnl g tup . 't ..
for I's
of 4tll a1711r . :a".t l .
teach lttr . l ' h ltr n e .t
v 1li wt
The :rhtit i \"" t tt"
vio 1at st v \ - -
Ion is wh
41 411 a l1 11 al\ ,' tC . L -
rig t' 1 Illspvctl4 lt ?:, it 11:sull \\"U... .
to10 casb perj'wa ilv'
vi o latlaig l tht w ' t 111
I44 jIYtll t'1 ' I t''" : l:'r t "
so 'll. Iol
e ntae from4 he n
privilege fi r hi s yei1u
the probilty is itw
We. 1 .as1gt tyear 4i't wa 'n -
mgf ltt'rt m''Vectin. len n.
1(f rI em r4'eillg ' v ir Ii
d ea m1ore4 for4l't il:e i 1-'' -
sI(114 ' l :i t' at -'i~tc'i~1 111
allt WS 'it n-alx 1.. ' -i ai ':s '1 a'
be ite ani'4'4 niore :11114414 sal 114111
142 S44.1 that is 1don' the( -.' ''t1 '''1
he reti11 uer an w'w.
w e hought Ite 1( re .e th -141
thes 'taxe we taken14 -4)gadti
wold got'on min it sle.:t --g. i
his ft r 14li:1r. a T h (111' ax -'':1 01 .1
byte onsum1' er' hid y liIill '\-r.
oflargetiI rev:s aen he fctsts:t1'i14'
ahnoe of theie (pinio t' ha''tl'1'5 Il 11
tlonreA revlen'ughfof the e''iI'a
(ax11 andve t 1' e.l di pciirect'OU y' b. 0I( e
foun tiypuro.11 llectsthya~
hee Conf1d1rate S1l (huniouwll be4. (ha
penessad then thIelf the caperit-du
fpoir sonll the oli eas towfiIlil hanve i
WeO1(I14 aretglad to hve te'( lion.rG
'The trial of C'ol. James H. Tillman
it is said will take place in Oolumbia
next Monday. or rather the case will be
called at that time. J1udge Ktxgh will
be the presiding judge. Quite an array
of able counsel will appear on
both sides and the trial will attract
wide spread attention.
A Pirm Grip
On a good, lon life is what you will
have if you select your ftkoi caiefully.
Therefore choose '.'LIATON" ilour for
your bread and you %vill have a first -
class health ftkk1i three times a day.
Of the Clerk and
Treasurer of the
Town of Newberry
for Quarter Ending
March 31. 1903.
'.and last "r'port . . ;
of l or cia
T~ I -. \ :k' .a 1 kt
e ;rt,t
nIl Mars Cou..rt . 1 -
T it. cash re'eipts . .... 90 S
To: a. cash disu1rsument ' .. . t
u --
n bnk
. . t. . .. .. .t
.. n<........... ... ... o
Nsecured . .7..... . ... . 2 1
('a s . a . ..... ..... . :: . 5 1 1
L 2 9. \i i
('tarai tu al . ti, toac.
Surlsandundivided.pr..i......Aa2 i i
Depos itai ats. ........15.a 70 ?S
22.199 20
ltPsonfally ;ape:ared beftre rte, .1. L
Na twatod, ( 'ashierg <> he N aw ha.va
Saiving~s lBank, anda indad a th athat te
tave' stutatment is tru alto thae beasitaof
his knowvI'lege. and l hae.
.l. 1-'. NOlI\\'()li. ('ashier.
Sworan(a to efor met this -:ix thIa da of
N'. I'. foir s. C
.JA5li.:; Mtl . iI.
MAre you acquaint.d with ''('lfto.n?"
A tral~ suack will convec fat' '.t.. t ih
lt('t flour mono.afo,-n. u
4 a onywnnn boe
w:ten h\'vien w%ho know, tell
\ :u all .1\hout
Th< v are nr cei \ c\vry i.anl
Iho n %n' t 'i ,tn\ a p)ow, and
w h. d:. to aet the most out
Newberry. . C., March 21st,. 1901.
I frm ,H is H on. Y! J. Pope, Ch:c:i
ustice of the State of South Carolini.
otice is hereby given that a spec'a.
:errm of the Court of General Session-,
or Newberry County. S. C.. will be
hien on the t th day of April, 19C.
e.: we'tek it tw\\essarv.
Sp.-'ae take noti.
.tN0. l'. GOGANS.
~.C X& G. S.
Stockholders Meeting
Knighlts of Pythias,
- -.g,, . ,.44 -N , -
- T H r .'r i..
Have just received 2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its uIse. Cash price
$38.00 per ton.
Nw stoc1 (k oif Men'~*s arid luu'i es'Rd
\\ e0l Goli' (;loves at Wotenr's. tf
Stains andi finishes floors at
O1A ~RNo Shellad No Oil! No Yfi
night mit can to usod
nioxt, molrninug.
flaies Pine floors looh like kdrdood
Whet her Painted or not.
AA4c us for Blookiot on Treatmont of Floora
Manufactured hy Detroit White Lead Works,
and sold by
Deaeer & Aobb nah en erally:1
For Four Days, C
9 o'clock and Ei
Easter, the day that every I
off. Order your Spring attire N
in Newberry can lay claims to I
placed before you. Come prer
for they will melt like snow bei
those which will greet you at th
p e . ~Sneer \\'hute India Il.nen to go at
('ilo th S:.
%!S. 'heer \\'hite Indi: 1 -inen to go
it Sii . wo0' th _:;c.
-is' \ d . .h \\hite india i.inen
to io ,.: o 't rth ige.
\\ bite l'erNi.in . \\'l i- Chiffon.
\\ -.e tL :' ( in S ik Persian
.awn. S,.n .\1.I, 're , a \Muslin.
lnii.i Bati-te. all the latest novelties
in \\'hite toods for waist. and dresses.
at,l rediuleed in t11e s time proportioni.
.\\ t it? (t'i. llin:it\ llre sc' . 1 \ , NLs. to a
pattern. Eater carni\t' p ice 69c.
worth 1 t\
h 'ort pattein-. Ea-ter earniva price
. \'. yd'. to the pattern.
e.n.. 10 d. to the pattern.
..........1...1,. oitlrt'.
'- e rd attend the Bigger
. tIi i
H 'es n ho are \waiting fc
The Lead
The Ewart - Pi er
Newberry S.
Mr-. Careful Dresser
I New Spring St
r E ;-. T (J
whieb i - the r. rex er.
The clothing
Schloss Bros, &
the, fam Ious rnak
Clothine~.,in- the
All their. ga.r
o K.ts be.a? thi'.
. Main Street, Ne
Big Easte
ommencing WednE
aiding Saturday Nig
idan, Woman and Child wants to 1
ere and there will be no regrets v
:roader, brighter or better asso
)ared for the Big Carnival, and dc
ore the beaming sun when thes
e opening of the big Carriival Sal
5 bales Sea Island wort h 6kc. all over town,
carnival price 4c.
2000 white Red Spreads 59c. worth 9uc.
25o doz. Fine Husk Towels, carnival price
3-c. each. worth Sc
5 cases 36 in. Percales, New Spring styles
carnival price 4dc.. worth toc.
2oo bolts of Cottonades to go on sale at
half price.
Now for your Easter iosiery.
2x) doz. Ladies' Fast Black Hose, carnival
price 5c., worth ioc.
200 doz. Men's Half Hose, all colors and
black, price 25c., worth 35c.
150 doz. Ladies' Lisles Thread Lace Stripe
Fast Black Hose, carnival price 23c.,
worth 35C.
About Your Easter Hat.
Why not follow the good judgment of
80oo other purchasers since Sept. ist.
and buy your Easter Hat from us.
Our -.aster styles are at your command.
t5o styles to select from. The only
successful Millinery establishment has
ever been in Newberry. We are
growing with the city. Prices in this
department to suit the pocket book.
t Four Days Carnival Sale evei
r "Persimmons ' can get them wi
ing Store of NewbE
Compall, veryth nn
ION! IOrtrip
R espect fully pt aes&ko e
~atbermng of
v Coore DrembGody
Ours,al gtrae is Bla i
~'eGoods ofust reces
y Tshousnands odLaws. w
thbieprices ery Lse e
Sibbos, and grads.nBaka
White GoSho s of All ki.
All S
250 Boys' Kne
375 Ipairs of M
shitoW ina
in Street. TR OUFB3L
With bugs on the
Every one is at
Some check th<
once while others
shown is from them to multiply
they are all ov(
house and then f
Co., Baltimore, at task to extern
'the pest. Why ni
a bottle of our
-World ', when first they ar'
- covered and b
lieved at Once.
18't.ABEt, O GARMENTS easy to apply, an
e~~~~~like most prepara
it is not greas,
~ 'sticky and does
Wbleale,D;aps )soil theb bed clothi
Slagsa PRICE 25c and
Gua.t~jSUS OtI. \A 0 B TTLE.
b CW. G May
r Cornivol!
)sday Morning at
ht at 12 o'clock.
ook their best is just four days
vhen Easter dawns. No store
rtments than those we have
n't be misled by other sales t
e bargains are compared to
Wednesday morning.
The Finishing Touch
lo a beautiful costume is appropriately
given by Drew, Selby & Co's. Shoes
and Slippers. No other shoe has so
much of grace, style and distinction.
No other shoe so completely harmo.
nizes with irreproachable elegance of
dress style for all occasione. Sandals
and ' xfords $t.49. $1.98, $2.49, $2.98.
Men's and Boys' Easter Suits
l;aslr' Ties, Easter Shirts and Easter
Shoes for this big carnival sale. We
have received the best lot of Men'sand
Hoy's Suits ever shown in Newberry,
Now we mean exactly what we say
there is not a single suit in the lot
worth less than $io-these suits are
Black, Blue and Mixed, and we have
decided to throw the big lot out at
earnival price, $6 49. A big lot of
Boys' Knee Suits, 8 to 15, carnival
price $1.98, worth $3.50. Another
lot or Boys' Knee Suits. 8 to 15, car
niva: price $1.49, worth $2.50.
too doz. Men's and Boy's Fine Madras
Shirts, carnival price 23c., worth Soc.
lo0 doz. Men's and Boy's Fine Madras
Shirts, carnival price 49c., worth 85c.
I00 doz. Men's and Boy's Ties to go at
19c., worth 25c.
2S cases Men's and Boy's Shoes, carnival
price $1.98, worth $3.00.
held in the town. Bargain
thout "the longest pole" at
rry, S. C.
cked and jammed full of New
r'ed in the past few weeks, and
rth " N'4w Goods. The~ goodsm are right and
an 'how yon [now one of the i.argest anid most
aretandi,1ise that. will be shown 1(n N owherry this
'vw arri vals atre' ah t he latest t hings ini
Bo. s' Clothing.
dc ('olors. Extra Pants for Men and Bog~ s.
H',ts of all kinds.
IBig line Shoe's & Slippers for Ladijee,
IMen, Misses, Boys and Obidren.
T lhese Shoes and Slippers are of
ithe very hest n,akes.
nds, High Gut and Low Cut,
tyles and Prices.
Paut Stuits ait half prie to close.
~n's Odd Paunts at half price to close.
Land Bros.
U Watches, Clocks,
E D$ilver and Plate Ware,
bmes Out Glass and Table Ware
m at suiTABLE FOR
unt e dding and irthday Presents
rd th Key winding Watches
iinate' Changed to Stem
>t use1 Winders.
gd,is Eduard Scholtz,
It iS JOweler and Optician.
di un
I' me' tnd b)urn at
Or - at tra c1as for
not e', - 01 % cutlasses, and
h'ntee, wit,h thme
ng, ;.', s h ave littedi glasses
ac .riaml andic . Pa ine'd Strictly one
5 14'0 It aL. (1UY D)ANIEL4S,
e S *Jw"er and Opician.
---Apply to M. hM nnfond.

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