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One of the most charming social
functions of the very gay season
through which Newberry is now
passing was the delightful entertain
ment given by Mrs. F. A. Schum
pert at her home on College street
Friday afternoon. The halls and
rooms were beautitully and taste
fully decorated with potted plants
and spring flowers. while trailing
smilax lent to brilliancy a rare fresh
ness and daintiness. The table in the
dining room, where elegant courses
were served. was a thing of
beauty. Red ribbons. suspend
ed frotn the clhandelier. surrounded
by a mound of ivy. reached the
four corners. InI the centre under
the canopy which was formed and
resting on a centerpiece of rare lace
over red satin. was a tail and slen
der cut-g.ass vase fl! ed with maiden
hair fern and deep red carnations.
The house w a:-Kened and chan
delahra shed a soet roseate Light.
making the scene one ot rare
beat v. The color scheme of green
and rec was Car:l ed out in the ices.
The guests were received by the
hostess and her .ster. ML rs. Robin
'on, and Mesda:nes 1 K. Gilder.
l. 1.. Schumtert. .n. E. M. Evans.
In the reception:' ha1l they were
served with schaitpagzne w:th fr:i(
by the hostes' charmiing daughters.
l:\-cs Mv: 'fie :: :1e?s:C >.:utn
pr,aided by MIi-ses Thyra Schum
pet t. lBess:e Gi. ler anl. Mla: 1nerite
In eve:v :e,-e t th en terta:n
Mrs. 1. T. Mave'
M rs. 0. MceR. -m
Mrs. A. . 5. L...
Mtrs lDav::: \\'e;'.
Mrs \\' .H
Mis. \\.H Cari.
rs. . Ni. MKartn'
Mrs. F. L . \\i,a:..n
Mrs. iS.i \'oen.
MI:s R. I> Wr:ght
M:s Maie Fx
Nir. \'. \aru:a
Mrs. t. H . ann
Mrs. Robe:t LeI e
Mr-.. A. P. UV'
Mrs-. A. . Brw
Mrs-. T.' H. HIl
M;r-. S.Wl.
NMs. WV T. HIarte2
NIr-. u. L.. SChuampetm
MIr- . Ednuard. Scho. t
Nrs. P. G. E'.H-or
MIr'. E. M. Evans
MIrs. I Hollingswerth
M rs. C. J. Purce:
Mrs. WV. A. Jamie,ain
Mirs. R. D). Smith
MIrs. J. W. M. Sinmmons
NIrs. H. A. Robinson
Nrs. S. B. Jones
Mrs. J. E. Norwvood
NMrs. A. C. Jones
(On WVednesday morning the
handsome residence of Mirs. Geo. S.
Mower was the scene of a dlelight
ful "'Collar Bee.'' The halls and
rooms were tasteful ly dlecorated
with a p)rofusion of potted plants.
ferns andl cut flowers, while numer
Otus electric lights lent brilliancy to
the dainty' scene.
The guests assembled at noon
and were received by Mrs. James
McIntosh. Each lady was pre
sented with a collar and materials
for working it. For a time silence
reigned, while each and all plied
their needles imost i nduistriously.
The work wh'en finished was col
the collar considered the best was
award.:d a prize. Before the pre
sentation of prizes, however, a de
licious luncheon was served, con
sisting of five courses, each of which
was a triumph of the culinary art.
The dining room presented a pic
ture which will long remain with
the guests as one of the daintiest
and most exquisite it has been
their pleasure to enjoy. The en
tire scene was a symphony in
pink, and this color was lavish y
used in flowers, candles, shades,
and the ribbons festooned from the
chandelier. Battenberig mats took
the place of table covers. and pretty
placec-ards with bouquets of:ilie
of-the valley and pansies dire te..
ea,h lady to her intended seat.
The centre piece was an e<a 't .te
arrangement of pink Carn;tions.md
smilax. while s . 1
graced the ribbon drave:ies
AXt the close of the inn:en!:
guests were again ulered into
par'l'rs. whiere. .iil ::l h :::(
:ne:nt. the pri:Cs w e aw .
Mrs. \\. 11 H w.tr e
o:~ the :ust prze .t Neine
lodar. wh:.e MT. A H es
M:-s R \
In :- -. T
M:r'. :a. :i: .
MM r. A.
X" -C
IM r. I n
Nceve dreamed o t r
No a though or~ a . wih ..n.dm.
Dhea mother, do' epadrge e
Yo muttl i ' happy I :.ed
I a po ised t)Vi .i his I e
Ani ifhei shol rehrt oI a
From thea, rd%f ri . l'lippin
u still he wim wiln to gem. rae
Soeae ep (iOlt fragran and g ree.
My clotn, myfe hapyue a:tin ket
Give tol Mgi ho ly thdeal .
Myu wist arell oin1 v this paper et
YoIf e I ha ve caled titlm-; withe .
Tod igoh to bright . ) hom aov.
Bu rhan the kind, fath:erwhogae hie.
Thato he taehe agai i his: lo~ rve.
Now lthng yr t arm .osl tbout me,
MywLet m ellmyh on your breast,
Fon riu knor th am ldOe leavingyu mte,
I o o am linavm,g,mou, mot. r.
Multiitllioualrc Careifu In Cash Dis
It requires a huge staff of clerks
and secretaries with an almost end
less army of bxxks and records to
give away the money of John 1).
Rockefeller, the Standard Oil uil
lionaire, according to the Chicago
Just how much is given and jtst
where it is given is a secret between
Mr. Rockefeller and his trusted
cashier Fred T. Gates. These two
ate not te:ling anyone what is g>ing
ou, and they will not even admit
that any form is growing out of the
business establishnent. It is a fact,
however. that to conduct the char
lttes Of the millionaire scores of
persOns are always busy.
The system is like a huge mail
o::er business. The only difference
is that the -e,quests for money come
into the o;iee, and instead ofsendiug
Sines of .:ds the otice sends
to the needy. I.ike everything
con nec ted with the Standard
concern. this department is a
\e:.opm;ent from a small beginning.
how :ch greater it will grow can
not be :edicted. It is growing every
day and the force needed to operate
i:. is be:ing. .added to as time pro
-\ the head of the disbursing de
.i (:.. nt iRev Ired T. Gates at
a :nnuster. who was forced
" his charge by the ever in
upon himt by NIr. Ro k
- ..y ne had no time ;o:
n. -e but the chari:v bu
. ..: .t\ to pass t~i: V
.:i. He can not
op.e re~ading1 o: th
ho:a:ae~c og:iaini
t :r i : . ed.t o .nvest:lgate
n the varlos cases
-:ideration The
-.e ::o. ::ta.s .re Ia.-e a
-h -he tna:
the '. -
- ven di:rect
an app ied through
Des~ at the -:a
n tne mla:rit y ot
t' of the giver is lost
eaches its daesti
ng aid aini :naniy
- begg':ng po)ur int
-day. They are
by' the clerk- and(
t - b in-.tesslike Ixianner.
*........e dhi5po ed of in
K> ..~x .Somie go to the p0
* -:ne patrticflar ho-.pital tor
A er the >iftinig procss has
ne i ni-.hed the remainder go to
Mr . G'ate.. Hie takes them in turn
and! Spon> o: them as they appear
t'o de'erve. No titne must be jogt,
It i-. a wl: undier.stood maxim that
r* n mut be prompt to be etTec
I de- I si hatlf an hour afte.r the
erh-,:. th- ()tlie thtre will be
A ... 'ents of Mr. Gaites out on
ni a'. ene Tlh V have iat
t .. .:. no':- their jud gment ini
n-:eded. Thliis, h. -we-e
nv ceptional cases that can
tihed through the regu
-a . c: : e.l organiz/atiims.
The ' - nrgent c e~ are tabulat.
edan :n t< the soc:iet ies wb~ i
. :-ee are to be inivest 'ated
i *sid: that the eca-.es are cent
by the
if - -
n -f he a: g i- who be p
te res appi!es'in all these case,.
. r iecipett i ms hwsm
dllin'itioni to dI. his share. A ni ! to
this end. gi tts are otten imade ont
There have ben cas. wh.re
loans have been made to persons in
actual need of the money to tide
over difficulties, The borrower has
in these cases been helo to a strict
accounting for every cent and made
to pay it all back to the salvati'n of
his self-respect. Many despondent
men in this way have been given a
new start in life and have been made
to feel that they have been helped
to help themselves without the loss
of manhood.
Charity pure and simple is applied
wherever it is needed, but in these
cases it is mostly women and chil
dren who are aided. I lelpless cases
are found every day where the help
is given outright and without ques
tion as the need is obvious.
The rule that guides Mr. Rock
efeller in his business is applied to
his charities--consolidation of forces
to reduce operating expenses and
a thorough knowledge of details.
Over it all must be that secrecy
that shrouds all the operations of
the giant concern and which alone
make it possible.
The matter of feed is of
treCm.ndouLs importance to the
farmI11Cr. \Wrong feeding is
lo-. 1igt feeding is protit.
The up-to-date farner knows
Wha. tk' feed hs COWS tO get
the 2~n.:.hi- pig, to get
t:d if.he
-~ ~: i.-.z 22-. l. I- te
e and a blood
t, nemia?
B..........z:n ia mixed
C L r.Oil in it
1 d)( and mucble,
dn.- S make bone
It the Standard
f 0d for delicate
e 12rn.
Send for free
t e.- :s the
~'a-y bottl of
Scott& Bownie
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. ano $1: all druggists.
Gall and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
mernt since or
ganization - -- $9,200'
- ,r
n~ rk for '. .- [tnMr.i e .pbed A.
4 ~r cdfrt .J 1rV I Andi .In e I uf
Nation Bai of Nehberry S C
Capital - - - - - $150,000.00
Surplus!and Profits - 96,866.88
General banking business transacted
with promptness. Special attention to
collections. Correspondence solicited
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at the rate
of 4 per cent per annum from date of
deposit.. Interest payable January 1st
and July lst of each year.
M. A. CARLISLE, Prest.
I'. .S DUNCAN, Cashier.
. W. M. SIMMONS. Asat-. C'r
Free Chair Cars Unien Depots.
For full information, pamphlets,
rates and tickets, address
Tray. Pass. Agent,
No. 1 Brown Bldg., Atlanta. Ga.
Two Daily Pullman Ve
Between SOUTH a
The Best Rates and Ro
Via Richmond and )
Norfolk and Stean
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
,erFor detailed informatior
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
The Great Highway. of
Exee.min .feve Quick 'Ti
Aay Trip to a Pleasure
Tiravel via THE SOUTI
The Finest Dining-Car
For detailed iniformaton a.s to TIcket
rationa address the neareat Agent,
W.^A. -ruPn, B. H. HAaD,
W.StSN -rOM. b. C. WASCO
NIO rTi aN
A passenger service
and comfort, equipped w
Dining, $Ieeping 'nid Th
For rates, .Schedule,
tion, write to
Miss Ida M. Snyder,
Treasurer of the
Brooklyn East End Art Club.
"If women would pay more attention to
their health we would have more happy
wives, mothers and daughters, and if they
would observe results they would find
that the doctors' prescriptions do not
perform the many cures they are given
credit for.
"In consulting with my druggist he ad.
vised McElree's Wine of Cardul and Thed.
ford's Black-Draught, and so I took It and
have every reason to tharak him for a new
life opened up to me with restored health,
and It only took three months to cure me."
Wine of Cardui is a regulator of the
menstrual functions and is a most as
tonishing tonic for women. It cures
scanty, suppressed, too frequent, irreg
ular and painful menstruation, falling
of the womb, whites and flooding. It
is helpful when approaching woman
hood, during pregnancy, after child
birth and in change of life. It fre
quently brings a dear baby to homes
that have been barren for years. All
druggists have $1.00 bottles of Wine
of t. anlui.
-- EAST -- WEST.
stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
lers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Traveling
sst.G~en1. Pass. Agt.,
ne Convenient Jchedules
Trvp to those who
5-ervice In the World.
a. Rate, and Sleeping-Car reser.
n the
Lunexcelledt for luxuir
ith the latest PulIms,:
aroughfare Cars.
flaps or any informa-.
loneral Passenger' Agent,
Wilmington, N. C.
g. 0. BEA'TIE, Receiver.
In Effect June 8.1902.
ietween Anderson and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 Stations. No. 11 No. 9
P. M. A. P. P. M. A.
3 10 9 66...............lelton............... 8 20 10
2 48 933........a nderson F. D......... 8 40 111
2 45 930. .... ndorson P. D..... ... 8 46 II 1
........ 9 25........W est Andt-rson....... 8 49 ....
........ 9 09...............Denver.............. 8 69 ....
--...... 902............Autun............ 4 06 .....
........ 8 65 .... ....Pendleton .......... 4 11 .....
........ 847...............Cherry............... 4 18 ......
---..... 844........ .Adam s............. 4121 ......
. 828.....Jo taniu Junet ...... 4 83 .....
------.. 81 ...............S i neca.............. 4 a5 .....
-440 ........
8 03,...... ..W eet Union ......... 6 04 ........
.-.:-- 800............ W alballa............ 6,00 ........
All regular trains fro-n Bolton to Walhala,
have precedc nce over trains of a sme class
n oving in the opposite direetton unless oth
urwIse specifetd by train orter.
Will a.mo stop at the following stations to
take on and let Oft assengers: Pinney's
JaInes and Sandy Springs.
J. 14. ANDlt sub, Superintendent
Charlstoi andlAcstern81arolina Rfi Co.
Augusta and A8hevillo Short Line.
(Febedulo i , t fdet latch 1,1903.)
(Itead Down.) (Read Up)
12.43 pm.........Lv Newberry........, Ar 8.10 pm
+.60 pnt ..- Ar Laurens............. LV 8.02 pm
2.07 pm.........Lv Laurens.. . .. .. Ar 1.80 p
.30 pm......... sr 8par"taburg..... Lv 12 01
3.41 pm.........L v dpartanburg..... Ar 0.25 a
5.31 pm......... Ar baluda............... Lv 8. 89 am
.- pe......... Ar Hendersonville Lv 3.06 am
7.15 pm.........A r %sheville........... Lv 7.05 am
2.40 pin...... Lv Newberry (c.N.&L.) 8 10 pm
1.5 p ..... Ar Lauren9..................Ly 2.02 pm
1.55 pm..... Lv Laurene .................Ar 1.46 pm
2. I pin .....Ar Greenwooa.............Lv 12.44 pm
5.20 1 m . ... Ar Augusta................ Lv 10.10 am
t ;>o pm......L Augusta................Ar 11.55 am
6.0 p.' .....r Baaufort. .......Lv 7.50 am
6.45 Pm....... Ar Port Royal....Lv 7.40 am
12.4b pin..... Lv Newberry (0 N.&)Ar 8.10 pin
.. 0 pm..... Ar Laurens ..............Lv 2.01 pm
2.49 ptr..... Lv Lauus ..& 1.85 pm
..5 pi...... Ar Greenville........... Lv 12.15 pm
For further Infornation relative to rateg,
ec c+ll1 on, or add res
GEO. T B Y Gen. A . Greenville 8 C
ERNE T WILLIAMS, en. Pas,. A gt
Augusta, da.
. i. r": r .'n T'raflo Manager.
Columbid iewienL,L2Co.
(Eastern Standard Tin e.)
Southbound. Northbound.
Schrdute In Effect August 26th 1902.
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
10 50 ain Athens 6 19 pm
11 6 am Elberton 5 17 pm
12 . a pm Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pm Greenwood 3 36 pm
. I6pi Ar Clinton (Din'r) Lv. 2 46 pm
10 0) am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 4 00 pin
l2 16 pmn Sparlanbure 8 30 pm
12 2 r m Greenville 3 26 pin
(Harris Springsi
1 12 pm Waterloo 2 86 pm
1 44 n a r Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 I7 pm
63 62
202 t.v Laurens Ar 1 50
2 (9 " Parks Ar 1 42
2 22 ..Clinton.. 130
2 34 Goldville 117
2 4-4 ..Kinard.. 1 10
2 49 ...Gary ... 105
2 54 ..Jalapa.. 100c
310 ewberry 12 48
3 24 Prosperity 1282
'334 ...8 ghs.... 12 23
:3 39 Lt Mountain 12 19
361 ...Chapin... 12 09
3 57 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 69
4 (7 Ballentine 1154
4 17 ......Irmo..... 11 48
424 ..Leapbart.. 1140
4 45 ArColumlbiaLv 11 20
4 55 LvColur"bia (A.c L.)Ar 11 10
6 20 Sumter 9 60
9 20 Ar Charleston Lv 7 00
Trelnti3 and 62 arrive and depart from
new tunion deupot.
Tran 22 r d 85 from A. L . .freiht depotr_
ion.al onany Aet,or' wrte toas
Colubla. 5. r'- W11minefon. O
No taste. No odor. Can be given in '
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
p)atient's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
dlestroy the diseased appetite for alco
hohec stimulants, whether the patient is
a Contiu: ed inebriate, a "'tippler," so-(
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
f r anyone to have an app)etite for alco
holic hiquors after using White Ribbon
Indlorsed b)y Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
\ entur~a, California, wrItes: "I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
>bstinate dru'tnkards, and the cures have
been many. In many'cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
mlendl and indorse White Ribbon Reme
ly. Members of our Union are de
ighted to find an economical treatment
o aid us in our temperance work.' .--1
D)ruggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
ige free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Tfown
(entd (for years secretary of a Woman's
?.blristian Temperance Union), 218 Tre
nont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in New
>errTy by Gilder & Weeks.
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