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Ti .t Au . 31 m.. ' s
z5 to At"t-.. r"i'. r'
The Columbia Chamber of Ct'mmerce
has appointed a committee to confer
with Southern 1ai:\\ay offeials looking
to better chiedules leading into 'o1i
bia from the l'iedmont terri tor.
The committece will ask for a sclhedule
from treenville and Spart:aurg to be
arranged so that the peplle from this
locality may leave home early in the
miigit . slend t he day in t'ohunbia and
return home hv bod-t im1e. Gre'till'
l)aily llerald.
We hope i tr'e that t'lnibina does
see at last the necessit v of bet;er sehe3
ules into that :" \ :'n hle ir th t ' t
We have bee, ;alking that for maa:.\
veal's ahi we I); i l\\uit come to
c l'ttIUSiin ilhat t't.um:ni w\anlte .d
scheituls froi ;I'.: sect io: so ar *a'
that is any of us 1. esi : to go :. :
Capital :. hs:vss. we wi0.Id .0'. t'.
to spend at ts: l:.e r. : , e 10ot
This is the .v' s : . n c: t : :t
whieih do,s no: .i t . ::.
into Coltlttlhi.i an a"d aftt : ,.
out. This mat tt ;
with the (.. N. & tA : t:.
('oa S :t vs .
ci t:- , i . .\ ' t t -
I t - - *
1 . t .
andtlt ti lL'li'c tn : rh i nlr:t
th e a t .'ih m. .
he tin.fth staay an e tiel
t:t.the ti 1t i f 't "t. k i dthe : . .
tfi chs t .l t n l,n e is I p rovid
midI that t:heer. is rtesponaile for the ttn
forecnent oft Ih iw l 'n~ I dir this lhe
the const abiuihrv t:m be ithorouighly or
hats noi other dat its thanii to look. after
tbhe enfo'rcemenit ofi the law andl t he di
recttin o the Ii tonstabihles. T'his law
wais preplared anitd in tttroued bty j ep-i
resentaive Aull.\i of Newh terrt, andit we
is a gttid h:iw. andi to its opierat ion
largely will lt tim the better enforce
menit of t he d is penlsary lhw. (;ov. Il ey
ward ha:s si-e itd a goo~d chief. andt lie
is selectinug good assist ants, and t hat is
the nmin thing.
Thte implroved condlit ion of the piublic
roadis since tihe rains have ceasedi should
not dll thle enithuisiasmi ini favor ofi'i mn
proved'( hi~~ighways. Tlheo rains wtill conme
againi and coltnseqjuent hail roads uniless
we imphrtove our1 system ol f road work
ing. The inuter' est slhin hlibe k ep t up.
The. tinm' to prepare for war is in Itme
ofI peace. The Itim to.. p ilreventI bad
roadls is to w ork Ithem piroperlty he fore
they become impi assabile.
The farmers shiouldl not be deluded
into planting a big cr-op of cot ton on
accouint of thew high price at the expense
of a full corn criop. A good rule to fel..
low in this sect ion at all times, it mat -
ters not what t he pirice of cot torn may
be, is to plant a sutlicient amount of
corn to keep the corn crib full on the
farm andl then grow all the cot ton you
can. We have preachedl this doctrnine
for many years, and we have observedl
that the farmers who follow it never
feel the pinch of low priced co(ttonh a1nd
hard times.
The Case Was Ontinue4 Today Tll the
July Tern of lburt. --On Account
of Absent Witnesses.
Columbia, April S. - James I. Till
man's case will not be tried at this term
of court, it having been postponed until
t.he July term, on motiAn of his counsel
before Judge Kliugh this morning. Till
man was in court, but was not formally
arraigned as was expected and he did
not have the opportunity to plead, as
.lidge Klugh in rendering his dte.ision
to continue said that it would not ad
vance the case or retard it to arraign
the prisoner.
T:'lman was brought from the jail by
-htri tC' (teman and they were ac'ol
pani.ti by Senator Tillman. Jim Till
.:;:: came into court and looked neither
e right or left and seemingly was
.o:s of the presence of any one in
he :vwied court house except his
.eanid his counsel.
lHe was dressed in a new' sack s'i: o:
:ar'\ co.or and his general ap'paancet
'as izt\' His face vas somew h:t
n:. :,. result of con'nm t er.t 1id.n: a
'.'...:i . 't g a .c t\\':t h M 1 '.l h t -t
none. lie had a drea,:\. -
ver.. but this has bee
earance with hm on b
n h is .stt roubie.
at:b e th e t"y: r '-'.: .
-as of the dcv.: as~ : * w';
0o b'e mrade. lHe ma:de
I h
- r
nt! tid S' er *
Aenit Ca.venaugh Pesig~ns.
NIr 1' atnagh. w h s m*'f
'*e-r~ agtLent at the. CaIm
i ertIt a i rt-r i is1te-s n NI> am t et
Mr '. ti'.Ia labnort ncnd n
. sera gervcerya busnes o Mhain t Chert.
nane ti sv} be obe d ale ilt mal
k: at hat ( thwl nex lS:ndath.-iy
and twisha him. abudan sueeessl in his
tow i hioflaor
at Services at 'eral Mthist C1mreh
Easelil eosrvdaghe'.ta
Methodis ('htrc Rsnx ttinday. ike
A t 11a a. ' . .eerises will betasi
~Volu ntary I''l'raie ofs rist'' ,v
.-\ymn:h e'Thi ing , jtrdh t-'orsakill
thalI e m:'T e S rf s( e.r.
.ashord S. I.Vt h ol.' IAvig
''l-ift up younr ileadis." Emerson.
tors weclcoe, andt strianlgers ill thet
city sptec.ially- invited.
Trib~e Organized at Grceenwood.
G reat Sac.hemi .1. 11. IIair, accotmpa
niied by Mtessrs. Van Stmith. E. S. Werts.
.1. M. Guinn, S. GI. Carter, TI. 0. Stew
art, .lr., and WV. A. 11 iii. of lHtergel
Tribe, Imtprovedl Order lRed MIen, to
this city, inst ituiited a t ri be of' Red Mar
Gr IeenwVood tb was olrganiized wvitli
W\yat t A iken. wvith a parmty of' Abhe
v-illiarns, wais p'resent a'ndI assistetd.
IHill and lIIon Wy'att Aikten wvent an to
A ndersonm fromi Gr'tetn wood andi insti -
tted a trlibe in A nder'son on Wednas
day night with 23 nmembters.
Glor'ious t imne' arte i't port ed ton bothi
wvood ar'e still asking. "WVihate he?
WVhare wvho?''
Pienic at Saludia Academy.
Tlhere wvill be a pienlic and exhibition
lit the Saluda Acemey t he eighteenthi
of this month. The pubillic is cor'dially
invited to attend anld bring well tilled
Newberry College Dhlats Homer Military
School By Score of 3 to 2-There
Was Star Playing.
in one of the prettiest games ever
seen on the Newberry diamond, New
berry College defeated Horner Military
School, of Oxford, N. C., on Wednes
day afternoon by a score of 3 to 2.
The soldier boys from the i'ar Heel
State have a goki team, numbering
among its members several star play
ers who are w\ell known in Newberry,
but in the Lutheran boys they found a
problem which they seemed unable to
solve. There was hardly a dull moment
during the entire game, and through
oat there was unbounded enthusiasm
among t he several hundred spectators.
Simpson's pitching for Newberry was
wonderful. The 11ornerites hadn't
found him at the end of the ninth, and
he allowed only three hits. Wiles on
se,ond. Cabaniss behind the bat., and
1ney in cent re, in fact, the whole
:eai. ga, e a strong support. For
Her::e:- t'':-wkett and (steen played a
T o 2j of the two teams was as
n - horner.
p Fv'erett
bit Turner
\ b rocket
lX le
.lamles, B.
T.he game is best told by
- [. ):'. theP bat. Cabaniss
n e':. din: Simlpson
d y: \ ies }it to
:~ abaniss. fo iip
} ' t to ftehe}r and
- an a\ we'-t no t y
- - ll g' i n :n t rd
- hv Merhant.:
N , .
- . . . .1i.'t. ..
' s i la.
at ~r.t irst }en
o ' t tid les~;~
R re gos ou onflyt third
out.Turnr faned Jmes, Bn. trw
('oema, ercant Hrrms all con-l
nrtwt tbal ut fail to beachrt.
ae.0 W.fale to connect with
imtsons twisters, FJaenner thrownu
by ecnd, nd Poolent harts lly o
tilney, who makes a beautiful catch.
. 'neiy thlrown out by secend;: Fuhiner
hits safe to tentrie andl steals second;
'ablan iss and Simpson hit safe, and
F"ulmer scores; Wiles goes down on fly
o centrev and lRoesel on fly to third.
t'rocket t beats the air; Ev'eret t down
on ly ti nely handled by Roesel ; Ostecen
hits sa fe: Woodruil fans.
'oleman thrown out by third; Mer..
chant goes to first oni error and st eals
second : 11i arms strikes out : Oilney ou t
ton fly to first.
2urner gets first on error, steals see..
ond, and reaches third on wild throw;
,lamies, II. goes down on fly to Roesel;
,lames. WV. hits to centrme, and Turner
scores a fter fly is caught by OnleY;
Fenner retires onl fly to t'ttcher.
Fumier gets tirst on error by left
tield: Cabani ss thrown out by short;
Simipson hits to short, who doubles to
second and first ; Wiles goes out on
centrie liner.
P oole bunts to catcher and makes
Iirist on lIIarms' error; Crockett hits
safe; Everett fans; Osteeni hits for two
bases, Poole stcores and Crockett goes
down at homie. IIlorner forfeits game
by refutsal longer to play.
1 2 ~ 41 56t 7 89 lR II E
Newherry 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 8 3
lorner 10 0 00 001l1 2 3 6
Strmuck out by Simpson it); by
E.veret t, 5.
1St oleni bases Newberry, 3; H orner,
lat teries--Sumpson andt C7abaniss;
Everet t andl James.
Um ipire, P'elham.
We all (El Newherr'y would win:
Lit tItle.1 ack horner stood at his corner
Watching Newberry bat flies.
lie said "'let er go''
But looked at the score
And t hats where .ack hIon--- he dim,
They Walked Away With the Newberry
Boys to the Tune of 8 to 3
An Orderly Game.
The game of baseball on Tuesday
afternoon between the Chicago Stars,
or the Bloomer Girls, and a l'cal team
organized for the occasion, i :sulted in
a score of S to 3 in favor of the visitors.
The game was played in the field just
beyond Mr. L. W. Jones' house, outside
the northwestern city limits, and was
witnessed by several hundred Newber
ry people. It was a very orderly game,
but at times slow and uninteresting. A
heavy rain was falling, and it was
agreed that only several innings should
be played.
It was evident from the start that the
Nevberry boys would go down in defeat.
The team did not work together well
for the very good reason that it had
been in existence for only a ver. 'iort
time and had had no time for practice.
On the visiting team there were six
girls and three men. Maud, one of the
girls, pitched the first several innings,
being relieved late in the game by
George. Maud showed up fairly well
in the box and sent a few speedy
twisters across the plate. George cvi
dently had played ball against some
very good ball players in his time.
For th; Newberry team Cagle pitched
a few innings and was relieved by
Adams, and Adams was relieved by
.lamieson. .lamieson was new% in the
box bu' t he girls couldn't tind him and
he succeeded in keeping the score with
in reasonable bounds.
The game throughout was one of the
most orderly ever seen in Newberry.
There was not one thing to shock the
most exacting and the best of spirit
prevailhd. When the visiting catcher
was hurt by falling while attempting to
reach a foul. .1 am;ieson and Cagle took
his place behind the bat and did honest
work in his stead.
The game was umpired by a man who
..me with the visiting team. One or
wO of his deisions were rotten but the
des were m'il?.
The Biomer Girls can lay no special
ut' 111 if h o 1ld
.:. ' b s u: on :i .is
R *o So. H
'iltrge. s 1 2 1
i.rke. cb ' 1 I
1'CVnntr. rf 1 C o
aartin. 3h 1 tl
iunbar, lb 1 n I
Emmnra, I f 1 1
Struck out, by Maud] *: by ('agle 1;
Vy .amieson 3.
Base on balls, by M aud 1: b y C'agle
'in] Jamnieson 6.
S-corers, John.stone and GilIderi.
Holy Week and Easter.
At the Church of the R&eeemer on
\Monday night last the sermon w~as
'reached by the pastor. whose theme
was "Spices for Christ,"' Prof. A. J.
Bowers, on Tuesday night, with the
theme '"Christ's Passion and Ours'',
and Prof. W. K. Sligh, on Wednesday
evening, wvith the theme "Going on to
Perfection'', preached strong, eloquent
and uplifting sermons. Last night
Pastor Seabrook's theme was "Lessons
from Gethsemnane".
The Good Friday night service will be
held tonight at eight o'clock, with the
full evening service and a sermon by
the pastor, whose theme will be ''Sin
ners for wvhom Christ Died''. If there
is one dlay above another in all the year
on wvhich those who believe in the Crut
citied and Risen Redeemer should wor
ship in his house that day is the (lay
which commemorates his dleath., A cor
dial invitation is extended to all to he
present at this service,
On Easter morning the subject of
the sermon wvill be ''Why wveepest thou?''
Following the sermon the preparatory
service will be held and afterwards the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be
adlminist ered.
A special Easter Sunday School ser
vie' will be held by the Sunday School,
under the leadership of Superintendent
Goggans at quarter before four' O'clock.
An addrliess will be delivered by Dr.
Cromer and an Easter offering wvill be
made for the buildling fund for the
Lutheran Church in the Mill D)ist.rict of
Columbi 1ia.
At the ('vening service at eight
o'clock on Easter Sunday the theme of
the sermon will be '"Saved by' HIis
Steel Biridge the Solutoon.
Parties w~ho travel the road between
Newbeirry and Saluda leading by IIer'
bert 's or Rouknight 's Ferriy, repor't
that the flat at t he fer'ry is in had ('on
dition andi sadlo in need of re'pair's.
Sever'al petrsons from Saluda County
who wvere in Newberry this wveek say
that many times it is necessary for
travelers to hire help in or'der to insure
a safe passage. The matter is respect -
fully called to the attention of the
Superv'isors of Newberry and Saluda.
The best solution of the whole problem
is the erection of a steel bridge at this
point. The amount of travel over this
r'oad mamke a hbnui(l imC alott necssit.
Are you acquainted with "Clifton?"
A trial sack will convince you it is the
best flour manufactured,
The Head of the House
Can't help being interested in some
thing that will protect the health of the
family. A pure, scientifcally milled,
flour will do this and "Clifton" is the
name of such a flour.
UMBER FOR SAE. -Appy 'to
S.CMrs. R. L. Paysinger, Newberry,
New stock of Men's and Ladies' Red
Wool Golf Gloves at Wouten's. tf
- Apply to M. M. Buford.
7 ONEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
loans on improved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousr nd dollars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less than $1 000. Long time and easy
payments. hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
.l thy lady or gentleman to manage
business in this County and adjoining
territory for well and favorably known
House of solid financial standing. $20
straight cash salary and expenses, paid
each Monday by check direct from
headquarters. Expense money ad
vanced; osition permanent. Address
Thomas Cooper, Manager, 1030 Caxton
Building, Chicago.
Have just received 2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
$38.00 per ton.
If you are wanting an Easter
Hat you will find correct and most
desirable up-to-date styles at
The Riser Millinery Co.
rknotified not to obstruct any high
way or ditches on same. Any person
so doing will be prosecuted to the full
oxtent of the law.
Supervisor N. C.
First announcement of
the New Store.
I have bought the stock of Counts &
Dickert, and I am going to conduct an
up-to-date grocery business in their old
I extend an invitation to my friends
of Newberry and the surrounding county
to drop in and see me. My salesmen.
J. P. Aldridge and Clarence B. Sligh,
will be glad to see them.
Next door to Mimnaugh's.
Tbe following drugg'ists requests the
bolders oif MURNA coupons to bring
then in at once and secure absolute
ly free, the regular size bottle of the
Great Preparation, MURNA WINE.
For sale only by Gilder & Weeks.
L1..0. F.
at '7.30 o'clock at their ball at the
Graded Scuool bui ;ding. Visitors cor
dially invited.
TP. S. Hudson, Secretarv.
For Sale.
as te Patt-ourtenant houses
andl six acres of land. Also vacant lot.
For cash or one-half cash. For further
information apply to B3. E. Julian,
Helena, or write
2019 2nd Ave., Bessemer, Ala.
The people want our
laundry because it is
the best. It always1
gives good service. and,
in quality it beats the:
rest. We always make'
prom pt deliveries with
in the city limits, and
when you want your'
laundry quick we'll do'
it in a very few minutes.
We lead the mighty
host because the peo
ple know, we make all
their linen as white as
any snow.
Th Newberry Steam Lmdllry,
I.. R. Al1li.1. I.enoce
' Easter 6
i "Rabbit E
t 5 ce
& Nunnall3
. Fresh, E
g Handker
Violet, Carn
Crab App
Gilder &
Particular Ph;
Lets Tolk
A nice new Spring
Bonnet and a nice new
Spring Dress and a
nice new Spring Suit
are all very nice, but
there is nothing that
adds so much to the
comfort and attractive
ness of the home as
nice new Furniture,
Carpets, Couches,
Lounges and Rugs.
Nice new Iron Beds
that will not scratch or
wear out are a com
fort and a delight,
Winter or Surpmer.
Nice new Bed Room
Sets in solid Oak and
Walnut. Elastic Felt
Mattresses and Dexter
Mattresses cannot be
All these nice new
goods at the new firm
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Prices reasonable.
Nothing but new
goods, and everything
to be found in an up
to-date furniture store
Watches, Clocks,
$ilver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
ounday, j
12th. ik 9)
g Dyes iii
..Candy .
30c. lb. chie
Rose, Etc.
Weeks, a
Drug Store.
R Y, S.C. C.
We Have a Full Line of
Raster Novelties.
With latest Improvements,
.n account of thbe absence of whitBetrees.
For Information Con
cerning these Harness
Hardware and General
Agricultural Impliments.
With bugs on the bed?
Every one is at times.
Some check them at
once while others allow
them to multiply until
they are all over the
house and then find it
a task to exterminate
the pest. Why not use
a bottle of our
when first they are dis
covered and be re
lieved at once. It is
easy to apply, and un
like most preparations
it is not greasy or
sticky and does not
soil the bed clothing.
PRICE 25c and 50c
W. 0. Mayes'
S h I ddr i res t an ounho
mnvlt retnn in eity a t10 Mal

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