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The Testimony Concluded --Able Argu
ments of Counsel for State and Defense
-Sentence on Saturday.
"Guilty with a reconnendation to the
mercy of the Court." Such was lie ver
dict in the George Strother rape case,
brought in by a jury of his country late
Friday evening.
Strother was sentenced on Saturday
morning and on Saturday afternoon was
taken to the State Penitentiary, where lie
will spend the remaining day,M of his life.
Judg' Bellinger, in sentencing Stroth
er to life inprisonient in the State Pen
itentinry, told him that he might con
sider hiniself very fortunate in the out
come of this case. It was left to the jury
to say whether you were guilty of using
any force in this case. There was room
for reasonable doubt, atd there are niany
who, had they been on that jury, would
have voted to find you not guilty. Vet
at the sane tite there was enough testi
nmony to justify the verdict, and having
reached the conclusion that von were
guilty, it took a very merciful jury to
recomtumend you to mercy.
Judge Bellinger said to the prisoner
that the main reason he was found guilty
was because the wonian in the car e was a
white womnan, and whenci th is was takent
into consideration, Strothier mnight coni
sidler himnself (ortunate in being allowed
to comne before his country and v'indicate
himnself. Even whent only white p)eople
are coticernied in such cases, the inian
guilty or illicit intercourse carries his life
si his own hands in this State, iiot that
it is alwKiys takeni by what I consider the
cowardly tuode of lynchi ug, but the rela
tives anmd initinediate friends of the young
womnan snake haste to put htiti out of the
way, and 1 (1o nt know of a single case
int this State, said the sp)eaker, where a
mnan has wreaked v'engeance upon1 thme
other mant whlo has wrecked the fsnuily
has beeii pun ishted when brought inito
court. Y'ou will nt be senitected~ to pay
the death penalty, hut your liberty will
be takeni away front you. I do not be
Ileve there is a negro ini South Car-ohlina
who had a muaster or boss whoi woul be
grility of the deed which youm confess you
Ave been guilty of. oum helong to a
tseration which k niw nto tuaster. iad
'yO on the stand here sa id you did nt
k lw to whoni your father belonged. You
16Otig to a race that has furntishied all the
t9f that the South has sufTeredl fromt
:vitbin this last generat ion There is a
~erginm class of citizens at the North who
av attemuptedl to school yout in the he
lef that all the Southern people are your
eetWiles amnd that your on\v' friends are at
tiae North. Now you have recei vedl fronm
the hiand1s of the State the very best that
shte could give you in this case. You hnd
9,called a special termt of the court ini order
to prevent violent hands b,einev nlailuon
you. You had a dhefenise as good, as
strong, as conscientious, as ellict, as
eloquinent, as any imill ioniaire in ti s coun~
try' could have b)ought You had a fair
trial ar.d your defense has been honestly
and conscienitiouisly coniducted
Judge f3ellinger said it was the first
time in his life lie had1( bleen calledl upon
to sentetice any one, but lie dl not be
lieve lie would see any cause afterwards
to regret having nassed( sentence upon at
violator of the law. The sentence of the
court -I have no dliscretioni ini the matter,
the law prescribes it-is that you, George
Strother, be confitned in the Slate Pen i
tentiary at hard labor dluring the whole
p)eriod ouf your natural life.
MOTIoN F~OR NEw T'R IAl, OvERnIitig.
The Judge's charge to the jury was con
eluded at about half-past three o'clock ont
Friday afternoon,. The jury were absent
for over three htoure As sooni as thme ver
(dict was reached the at tornteys for thme (Ie
fendant, Messrs. 0. 1, Schmumipert anid F.
11. Donmintick , entered a motion for a new
trial, which was renmewed ont Saturday
mtoriing. IThe tmotion was promtly
overruled by Judge Hellimnger and the sen-.
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The crowd which heard the case on
l0riday was not as large as on the day pre
vious, but every seat in the court rooti
was taken during the morning hour, and
the evidence and the able arguments of
counsel were heard with close attention.
h'lie prisoner (luring the entire day sat in
the dock apparently calm and unmoved.
This manner he mtaintained to tl"e end,
even while sentence was being passed
upon him.
The special court, after a ;ecess fromn
the evening previous, reconvened prompt
ly at 9 30 o'clock Friday morning, and
the defense proceeded with the taking of
its testimony. The first witness for the
defense was
a little boy of 9 years of age, the son of
George and Ella F Counts sworn, who tes
tified. Know Miss 1;ninia Bowers. She is
my aunt. Do you recollect (lay she was
helping your mother to quilt? Yes, sir.
Brother Ilbert and myself went piece of
way home with her. Mother told us to
go. Where was your father? Was he at
home? Father was at saw inill. Have seen
father this mouing. Saw him st Jim
Shealy's. Stayed all night with hin. Saw
him this morning. le imet us out on the
street. Did you tell inc yesterday after
noon that your father sent you home
with your aunt? Objected to by solicitor
and objection sustained. What did your
father say to you this morning? Objected
to. Did your father say anything to you
this morning about being at the muill?
No, sir. Did he say any thing to you a
hout it last night? The little boy shook
his head negatively.
Mr. Dominick stated that counsel were
taken entirely by surprise because Oscar
had stated entilely different to hin and
Mr. Lcinpe...l).rt yesterday.
The defense then closed its case.
Mr. 0. A Couiits was p)lacedl oni the
standl. Mr. Domninick objected to his
testianony being entered on the ground
that while his absence the (lay befoire was
excusab'e, yet on Friday niornting lie had
been told by the Solicitor that lie would
be nieedled and still in v'iolation of the or
dler of the court passed preCviouisly lie had
gone to tieet his childrent td had brought
themtn to the court rooni.
Objection wuas overruled
Counts testified that oni the 19th (lay of
February lhe w~as in his fiel cutting
biriars. D)id not know Miss lmimia llow
ers was at his house till lie went hloie toi
dlinnier. On the afternlooni was at Jimu
Sbealy's saw mill L4eft saw muilt about
siundcowii and wvent straight honie. Uot
hone about dusk. l,ee Kemlpson and~
ILat Shealy went piece way home with
mie WVent to) saw illh walking to see
about getting sonic cedar posts. At sa'w
inill were Frank Shealy and Clifton
Shiealy and a negro. WVien I got home
two little bovs were at hoiii. D)id tnot
see Georuie Strother that evening. D)id
not see Miss Emmna lBowers that day after I
left home. Saw her at church tile next
Sunday Have never seen George
Strother anid Miss Inina Blowers to
Cross-examninationi by' Mr. Schiumpert:
The mill wvas moved there ini Februnary
I hauled logs there ini February, can't give
any day of month or- of week hIlow (1o
you happen to remlemlber themi that this
p)artic ular day you went to the mi ? Ile
cause 1 be ped put up sciTloldinig. Got
homie f romii cutting briars about 120o'clock .
WVith reference to path leadir.g to D)r.
Blowers' house was about a ile away.
Saw Miss Ilowers at ehurch following
Sunday for first tiime after Thiurs;day.
She was with her umother. Stayed last
night ait Jim Shecaly's. Met "chdren
comling to court this morning. First
heard of occurrence on Tuesday before
Strothuer was arrested. WVas at saw amill
WVhat were you doing there that day?
D)id I say I was there i uesday before he
was arrested? asked Coun:s. I can't ex
actly remnember thcise dhates I found out
Tuesday aft er the crimie was comtmiited
It was Thuesday I went to saw mill WVas
that cday you heard it? No, sir. I heard
It on 'Tuesdhay lIn cle \Vahter Counits told
mme A nd( you had talked with si.ster in
law on Sunday following the alleged
crime? Ves, sir. And yet yodu did not
find out anything about this alleged crime
until the Tuesday following, notwithi
stancdiing that y ou had talked with youir
sister-in-law on the Sunday before? No,
Redirect: Counts denied Strotlimr'
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Thursday only to. yard. for
Ribbon, Liberty Satin and me
white and black, Nos. 40, o 5
'hursday 17jc., worth all over
Remember this is for Thurs. for
statement as to Counts seeing the affair
and whipping Miss Iiowers, claittiing he
was at saw mill
Cross examination: Isn't, it a fact that
you whipped your sister-in-law, that it
was you that nade those scars on her
neck? No, sir. Isn't it a Cotnltuot rumor
down in that country that 3 on are keep
ing this woman? No, sir.
sworn, testified that he rernemubered day
George Counts came to saw mill to see
about cedar posts. Left saw mnill with
Counts that afternoon and went piece
way home with him. That was Thurs.
(lay, the m9th day of February. Did
not hear of alleged crime till after Strother
was arrested.
Cross-examination by Mr. Schamnpert:
Live about a mile from Dr. fowcrs. Was
at home during month of February. You
went about in the commiunity, did you?
Don't think I went any in February
You went to church, though, didn't you?
Yes, sir. And you didn't hear of this
alleged rap, till two weeks afterwards?
On afternoon of day Strother was arrested.
Where were you on the 16th day of Feb
ruary? Was at home. Where were you
on the 23d day of February? Was at
home. On 24th? I)on't know. On 25th?
Don't know. Witness couldn't tell var
ious dates when lie was at mill. Well,
when did you reuiember that you were
there on the 19th1 (lay of February? Well
George Counts told ne it was on the 19th
day of February. Did George Counts
also tell you that was the day you were
at the mill? No, not then. Did you and
Counts have any ta.k about day you were
at the tuill? No, sir.
testified that on afternoon of 19th day of
February lie and others were at his saw
taill and that Geeo-ge Counts was there;
got there abost x :3u o'clock and left about
sun-down ini coinpany with Lee Kenupson
and Lat Shealy. Heard of alleged crime
about a week afterwards. Counts had
been to utill two or three tines before.
Cross-exanmined, said lie lived one and1(
a half tuiles fromn Dr. Bocwers. Was tnot
going to attendl trial unless sent for. First
heard of al leged1 crimne ab)out timne Strothier
was arrested.
sworni, corrobated testnony of Cliff anmd
bat Shealy. Said lie heard of alleged
crime ab)out eleven day's after it occurred.
WVas not cominug to trial, but was sent
sworn, corrobateud Lat and( Cliff Shealy
andi Lee Keiupson Said lie lived about
one mtile from D)r. Hlowers' andu in sight
of. George Counts'. H[eard of alleged
crime while at saw mnill day Strotlier was
arre -ted., Just got to court this tuornitng,
wa.s not in Newberry yesterday.
was asked ab)out the note mentioned in
Str:other's testimony and dleniedl having
written one. Did not know negro Roland
Mayes anmd did not know a negro had beeni
run off the place oun account of rep)ort that
she had written him a note.
Cross-examiination: You say you dhidnm't
write t t note last July? No, sir. When
did you write it? D)idn't write it You
didn't write a note and1 when Strother
told you lhe couldn't readh didn't you
write something on a p)iece of paper and
show it to himi ini order to test if lie could
read? No, sir. Miss ltma, have you
any of those scars on your neck now? No,
sir, ildoin't think so.
This closed thieevidence, and the argu -
muents of counsel were begun.
miade tl'e openinig argument for thet de
fense, lie said hie had beeni criticized for
taking this appointment but lie had 110
apologies to make and( intendedu to do
his duty. This is a remarkable case, a
case which should cause any commnunity
to blush51 with shame munch less 'a
county with Newherr-y's great pride.
Mr D)onuick reviewed the testi
mony1) Thiere were only two wit
nesses George Strothier implicates an.
other, but that other (denies it flant footed
Where was this crime, as told by the
womian, coimmiitted? On the top of a
lill in the open. Gentlemetn, have you
ever heard of a miore p)r:posterous story!
She went on hoime wherc she found her
imothier. D)id she tellI her mother? 0.
not, peOPle in trouble iiever go [to there
mother for solace! She w.aited till
next miotting atid ' ian, tnok ,a he ro
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Our inanhood in a case of this kind as
serts itself and says that such shall not
be. I ant not saving what I wonld do
o'ou know what I would do.
Is this a case of rap.? I tell you plainly
antl candidlV that it is not There isn't 'a
Single cenent of rape in it frot begin
iiing to end .Vot tell ihe tha t at negr1
man cotilt in t popolous cottunnnity
conutit such a crime upon a white womtan
and still be living today and stanling a
i trial before a jury of his countrv! You tell
tue that thing could happen in South
Carolina or inl a civilized coinmtunity any.
where! No, there would be no George
Strother here today. IIis hones woult d
be resting somnewhere in a valley bencath
the sod in an unknown and an unnarked
grave. This is a populous cotmnuity,
nuiiberiig the best people of South Caro
lina. Here this woman says this dastar.I
Iv critne was connitted upon her in the
broad open light of day, when the stilt
was shiniug and lighting up the hillt and,
the valleys,that under circncuisaices like
these and in the open the purpose was
Mr. Schunipert then reviewed the facts.
Ilad it been true, she would have been
borne down that night with the weight of
years. Next miorning, what does she do?
Waits till after breakfast, and then, not
yet having told the miother who bore her
she goes out and tells her brother! Is
that how a virtuous woman wo ul have
actedl? She bides her tinte. Not oiily
that, what does Dr. Bowers (o? Just look
at it as you please, isn't it a burning
shaune? \Vhat does that brother do? L[e
waits through the (lays of the following
week and the week after and then cotnes
itto court and tells his story to a jury of
his country! Where was George Strotlier?
Was lie seeking to leave? Why on the
day ie was arrested he was on a wagon
b)elonigiing to att uncle of Miss h1owvers'
brother in-law, Walter Counits, coining to
Newberry to tiiove his sister to Prosperi
ty ! That is a coninulnity of people who
woiiu1 take the law in to thiei r hanads
quickly. Whlere are these people? There
isn't a one who cones here to hold upj thei
lhands of the prosecli uton. Why, they hadu.
tr o d cown with benchl wa'rrants last
uight to get the Shealy's and( those work-.
ing at the saw tumi I, who were inot comning
toc cou rt! I )oes that look like Strothier
was cjuilty? T'wo days after they say ihis is
ocutrage was conntmmitted Strothier goies toi
lie hione of Mliss Blowers amid has atalki
with her brother. IDidl yout ever hear of
such a thling? Cani you conceive ticit suchj
a thig coimlbl happen if this were trite.
IThe very next (liy after hie ihatd beeni nt
rornmed by hiis sister lie talks pceacealy to
i "negro! IDoi't you k now ml this wet e
true thiat th lin-iegro wtoiul havye led toc
pcarts unknown, that lhe nev.- woul have
heeni there?
Col. Schnmttpert ini scathIinig wouick e
vie wed thme demeia nor (if ni iss Ito wet S oct
the staind Not one time, while dletailing
the horrible, beaslly details, did t a bihish
itiantle her ehe k oi did a teat tf wo mn:nct
hy tmodtesty bedim tier eve! ,;e<,ge
C'oiunts says lie was at the mill l'h
State sends out its drag inet to brting it
wtitlessese to prove ani alibi oci the ptart oft
a witniess. Mr. Schtunpert then took til
lie testimiiomiy ini regard to the nted s:idt
to have bceeni written b)y Miss Howers to
Rolanil Mayes, a negro who wats run~ ccl
D r. I lowers' plaice thmirteent years ago.
You will be askedc to cotntviet tIhis imeg oc.
Coniviet hiint of the ecrime withl wh ich hei
1' Iharged ? WVhy), t here is nmo evidenice of
t. <>nt general printci pIes? Von are swo rn
toi bring ini a verdict ini accordanice with
them testitnommy.
ini imy httiic way I hacve dischtargedl
niv dhuty as I saw it. antd I apphea,l to vou
.s tmeni to discharmge youir dutty, let the (
coutisci eueces be whatt t hey ttay.
SOI.tToa slti
miclressed thle juiry fort thle State. Coutnsel
tor the cdefenise have totld you there is tji
ividletce cof rampc, and thact is till they have
;id except onie or t wo reasontts for say itng
it Count tsel wht firist add ressedh you too0k
t ucpont hiiniself to maicke ani attack frcicc
,.t:n t to finiish upont IDra flcwers' cinctmti .
toi this affirti. I,ook at thce test imonity anid
see whet her you cani pIlace you ciintger on
asiingle syllable otf te,tititouv thtat will
l )'iiou tic the cone;tioatStt hli e ithler
<tog Counts or G eorge S-trthtier hadm'
bieeni c riminalIly inu timate with1 M is low -
trs,t xicpt George Strothert hiimself. Antci
f youM blIieve G eorge St rther yo cnuitlst
bcelieve hitin alone anunicorro (it sated.j
.\tnil yet t hat is the only1)testiioiyy on
hiave to cointradhict Miiss IBowers A jail
btirdl fromt Grceenwoocn County, altcogethbet
ilnt of hiis own ,nthlii tim icf ,,d he,.
)n1S yi
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ndise from 15to 25 per
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Leading Stor
rberry, -
ther olT to a hog pen :tn t.l,d hlii then.
And what did 1)r. lIttwers do? i)i< lie do
as any self-respectiIIg rltatn w%ho reslpects
his fautily wvoul have done? No, lie
was too busy practicingm on1 ther peo"ple,
tryiug to save their lives to p rt tect his
own fnttnily! Hie waitedl twelve Itng
day's, debating, lie sav;, what "ourse he
wouhl pursue! During that titne lie
tiust.have spent twelve sleepless nights
thinking of the beautifutl protection lie
was affording his sister.
Mrl Domninick reviewed the testintluny
on the Rolatnd NlaN es negro incident and
again referred to the length of time that
elapsed belore )r. Howers fittally sent
across a county line to get a brother-in
law to swear out at warnit against a burl)y
negro for ravishing his sister! In truth,
in hii own words, he h:d a itnind slow to
work. The :;peakhe said he had respect
for any tuan who iespected tihe law, but
there were people in this ease who had
too iuch of his respect \Vlhy >r. How
era held a peacable conversation with the
negro after the alleged heinouns crite!
Gendetnen, the reason for this and for
Dr. Bowers no taking action sooner, the
reason, gentletnen, I hate to say it, is
that I)r. Bowers himself did inot believe
the story.
Mr. Dontinick referred to the length
of tinte that hae elapsed before any of the
witnesses heard of the afait . If I )r.
Bowers believed this story, lie coitnitted
a critne upon that cOntnluu;ity by allowing
the negro to remain foi tw- Ive days On
the very day Strother was arrested he
was cominig on Walter Counts' wagon to
Newberry to inove Walter Counts' sister
to Prosperity. And yet Walter Cotits
is the uncle of a brother-iu-law of Miss
Bowers, and the negro is il 1rute, an as
sassin, a ri,pist! I know it is an awful
thing for us to stnl hl...e and ask you to
take that negro's word in pre ference to
that white wotnan 's, but we so ask you.
George Strother tol the truth and all the
circunustanices hear him out . The speaker
s-tilt lie did not upld4 any poliey which
wvill ptut the negro Oin termns of e(pnality
witn tihe white, but, he saidc, if yovon'4))'t
believe that negro is guilty it is svour dut) v
to find ta verdict of not guilty , let the eon
sequenices be what they nmay.
MR. SCrti'wir
asked that the Judge charge that in all
cases of rapie wher-e prisoner :ahit s Cot)
ntectiont, that is not ant afirat 221i ve dleflense
and( the state iust go forward ando prove
its case as though that wer nc ot in it.
that the defense is not requniredl to prove
the COtnniectiout by the p)repoilelr:uice of
the evidence.
Mr. Schiunpert thieni adIdressedl thle
jutry. lIe cal led attenition 1t lhe facet that
lhe ando Mr. D)ontiik wer-e not paid at
tot neys. It is the b ast of the p)rofessioni
of our state thwt whetn thle court1, as it alI
ways dloes in felotny calsees, where t lhe dle
fendanut l)e white or black, is tiutaile to
etnp)loy-coun tsel in such-1 eases it is thle
boait aiiil pridle (If the 1har2 of Soluth Car
olina that cotutsel who are app)jointedl a -
ways resp)and( proitinptly. WVe are here
the friend of the eonurt, thle friend Io(f thle
prosecutrix, the friend (If the jnti y, the
frienid (If the prisoner, to see t hat thle pIris
onier gets justiee 11u1ler- thle ha vs (If Sonu th
Caurolina.- We ate simy d111 Iischtargintg a
soletin (lilt ,-. That is no(t ;nr- -ljint, I
2a2n sinily hier- to assist vo4i2 to tttike that
verdlict respotnsive to tin1 tsttimony andi
otne that wi I mee-t with the c,inutnendla
liti (of the best Cletnentt oft therCit i.i-ushtip
of South Carolinta If vou t hink that
prisonler is no(t gudtty thent it is you2r
soletin <hit>y as c'iti. tts and as, ju
rorts to littd a verdict of not guiiltyv and
I beleieve you w1illt I 1.kert to the facts;
with s:il ness andu withI sorrn. w. The wi21
ntesses in this case are nieither mty friettds
to love nor1 my~ tieemies to hteo. I nievet
saw that good woman nt 21il sheo wen2t on2
thie standi(. I adovert withI saolness to t
testitinony becau e it is algaint my 2)Vownt
pe-ople and( tuy own ciolir those whlo ate
here int tmy lieart. It wtll tnot avail tne
onte iota if t hat man2 i gioes free save thait I
will bow mty head itt soIrrow~ t iflndt tis
~'Ievtece thi ittunt goes to the gallows for
it wi:l be~ ai blow to this granl ol state i,
South Carolitma whose nroudiest boa,st it
is that shte eniforces the l;t;w withloutt re-gard
toI the conItsequ tentces.
Raope is ai htinou2s (eritte Ititmakes
our blood tintg;e ini iur ve-ints whetn we
hear that the santltity' of a womttan htas
been inivadled Yea, we go~ fmit her ando
take the law tuto ouri oIwn hauis Andto
what's the sentimuenut that tunderlies it? It
is that no( white wottani shtall go on thle
stand( and( lbe requlir-ed to dlishi (lit this
bitter alk to a vata, gupi .,i, ....ic.
ould you? You will be
d have to pay for the v
a reminder that we are
er in prices, making re
Jepartment will and $1 -9,
to the Public )0 do:- Ladi
1y. 100 )r' lad
list, whito anti colorttd, worth $1 2
worth 75e., all1 sizs. 100 prH. Lad
ilors 98e., $1.- t atl worth $1.
20) prta. Lad
td Utlrskirt, your worth $3.0
skirH, t tieht<I a il enlI wortli $1.7
rti $1.00. 200 prs. Met,
icoly Ir inintotI 2Ie- on. worllt $2.0
C1ortintH -I:i. ,Stlr<da, 2()() pr"H. Alon'
200 1 rs. MoIn
ats for Sat uitily t. 20() 1tim ['i
tin Week.
T"he State huat> p'ro ve I its r.tse beyoitl a
rea>:oultl tlt tbt, :1111I : nt guingi tt tleal
:tlotl" with thy tt' t iit u t , for that is Ill
with which we have t <le il
Li' e S liciti r lto k tu is l iowets'
lestiint iv It W;e, tt'v lting;, lit) <lotht,
hlut it hadi to) b , t;one thitight with ntinler
the atsstunti1tt, (r fa;t that for ('very)
wrong the tiw hi.s a rmrtiiitV I)h>tt' say
that 1bet'attst" w iIs which atre sitilftl were
i)ket ty he ie ilei t i testify that shie
is ntnworthi yI If e lit"f'
1it. Se se then wtent into) the tletails of
the testiniont ad it<luie all ttttsnally
;tioig agttinent. t,emrge Sthother's ex
pitnation of the allair <,otest't hear the
tanlip of truth IIt)ti it.
( untsel s:Ivs this is :t 1e"uliar ease. It
s )eeuliar inl its horrot' ;tol inl the facts
>f the testintony ealetilei to yOu. liss
iwers w as eritieisetI for not telling her
ruothtel, 7) y"ears of age, antil then for tot
elliig a yottntg wotna"tt lint, gentlinett,
NyiLe you ate Coilelritug this, eoisiilC'
Lhose seaus out her neck, whihei have not
'et beret ei(xplaine<l Ith1,aghout You a-e
net by the un reatso)nableness of 'George
st rt)ther's story. There is not one word
>f corro)oratitt, and if there is anyh'cly
i, this ease who nee<ls errobot ation, it is
,eorge Strother Whty <liti Strother's
vife not ltenti(on the niote that Strothier
;ays Miss BIowers wroIte anti wlich he gt t
is wife to real for him. W'hy was not
is chil who he stitl hrtiuglht it to hitt
The ar)lnent of tointisel takes the tli
rection that you ought not to hang this
legrO, heetitse the connn t lity i<l not
autng hitit- tha von ought to fin ia ver'
liet of not gui ty in o'er to et nsure lake
lowers for not oitntnitting :ntutler
flit is the at tittle their ttrintetnt takes
What we woutll have tlne has nottl,ig to
10 witit it \Ve wioithl Inive cotttittuid
nur<ler hail w'.e kiilletl IG eorge St rothier.
Whatt attitudie woutiil yo)ti pitt y'oiirselves
ii biy cnsuintg Jake ilowers for' not
:otttiinitt intg iiuttalter? Ja.ke lowers ton
hati Sat tnay Io t nin g tlisphlrye<l th
tightest type of titathxisi. le htl faith
ni thle eiliee of thle latw, ;at he has
tete<i the ntoblesi<. Chitistiani itnti lhe
~othl( litive aet i<I i tither the irettinstaiuces.
)ite of the highest <iti es knownvt to
itittlatittyI is atit obilsetvancte of law.
'ensure I hr. lIowers for actitng
lie iol e Chiristialu genltlfetna :' 'hait hte is
sayv to Ititi thait his Pa ith iin tie law tt
ii his <ot ittry is vatiin titiul t it hiereaftet
te itlist take the law into bi. ownl hliuls
it oter tot (obtaini justice! Jake
towers wais right in thle sight tof Guitt' an<it
inati atlil <of tilie law. \\hat tituist lhave
teet the tittteinlitig' etittiotis iil the
irt'eist of .1a ke lIott oni i ti t tit S at tilatt
ntorninitg wheni lit htesitateil ublethier toI
tit his faith itni a juny ofi hit' eontr y, ort
itesttntitit tititr<le1 I tiliv tint have <dotie
vhat lie <liii, yont titay not have <ltte whtt
e liil, auth coiunstei fut ilefenise wotlnl
ott have ii cne wihat lie 'li<, bitt lhe was
S t. tatle ally tier i skl ltl o'al l l ;11ye
s y,heiti iii 'l t, 1'; s\ i~ o tic ve<Ie i f t es
Ivtiec I itte iv iet it itisy it byi
tlel ha t itner this ii enhe p n-Ct
ihedl aini t lts ii ii;eiy' thre)r tii-rs
ise ahise relti tha hywrergti
>CtiClittingse l the Itt'r o es hetriti
h (;hltest. i het. .A
\ u coiito 'liti' eter n A45.11b
IltlieIheld aftert, thete, ( oitfot
itt,iMa 2Une ch:f .ue d,h jtu y. the
oih'Int'i wan |in ane ilel Thces ur tr
firedt I',' t'( :in' tnten' e tofI t htgIs
ia slift ni ndntI brnght ii a7 vei
isa e i tate f .
senl Asstemblyt') of the' PretsbyitrinaiI
Churi in athet' S A.eit
('A.,t ehl tIo eleso, S.Calfr
es 1st!
only too glad to fall into
,ry same goods in town,
ready for you with the
sistance impossible.
worth $2 00 and $2.50.
on' Sailor Hats 23c. each worth 50c.
ios' Oxfords and Strap Sandals 98.,
iea' Oxfords and Strap Sandals $1.25,
ioa' Oxfords and St rap Sandals $1.95,
't Low (it Oxfords, all sizes $1.25,
's Low Uot. Oxfords, all sizes $1. 50,
's Odd P'ant s 98c., worth $1. 50.
'. Odd Pants S I.89, worth $2.50.
Itsols 3Uc. each, worth Tc.
Itenis of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
The Anlerstonl city Kcholols kayv
Mntgagd ia place for an oxhibit at the
St.. Louir Exposition.
M1r. Shepherd Nash, the popular
Clork of (.mrt of Sumter county,
died at his home in Snter last. woek.
'T'hn t rustens of Andoerson county
iinvo dterinined to cun8olidat.o the
rural schools and to arrange for tho
transportation of pupils living at a
It, was reported from E Igelield on
Iriday tiat Ctptain Ois Vhite, on
whoso account the Tilluan trial was
po'stponed, ham e,ntiroly recovort d
Mil was oi t I1e1 st roots.
John MAlt-on, ia whito farmoer fromn
A1tbbevillIt, was arrteste'd at. Anderson,
l<'ridlay cbargod with atoalmng $ll<
froI 1. A. JByson, of Atihovillo, With
Whorn he roomed th iiight. before.
TIhoI pHon, theo labor agitator, wh1o
was in NowbOrry som3nw tim1o ago, is
mO Spart.anh11 urg. H~le has a ronseod
8sympathy1) alImong t he operat i ve, b)ut
so far 1n0 action11 hbeeni taken.
A whlite man30 and a1 negro, both1 of
whmwere (drinlking, engaged inI a
(c113ontlrry hII Spartanbn)Irg OI F'i
<iiay, 318 a1 retl t, of whIichi t.he ilo
1'0 (C. McLA.diams, of Anlder4on, 311
altto)rney, w(ent 3 to lho honIdgnIartersa
of t he Order of t he Mysic Chain, at
Ilinchburg, Va , 1last week, to maklle
application111)1 for the appo1intment~ of a1
receiver forI the1( order.
Thie (enginaeer of thle Tonno38,414
(haorgia and( Sonth CJarolinia lail
uond, a1 11in4 p)1ojoeteud to roun from3)
Cha3ittlanlooga, to An1ders4on, has1
reached Anuderson. lT, promIotors
cIlaiml it is an1 indmleIi)I1b3 (eJi1eIy
No Ande Ilrsonl caial has 111 boo )0k'mI
Ollicials1 of the( Somborln railway
and1( the(1111S bassties '")0' of MS)ir1 ii)
buirg had0 a11 ttteded con)1ferene oil
ho be ubjoet oIf gmod roads)1 01on i Thurm
h ut it is thoughit that 8some( plban wil
he in vo)Ived.
ubia'11)3 some1 iii ionlgo, were pae
(0ourt onl Fridaiy. Thley a1re 310110(
l'I ioe 0l(iowea~.Ivmille, 1BaI losbu1rg, Cami~j
a razor mi ItiOhlandm (Counlty Ilast
NovembIIer, wasE 8entenhcedi ini Colln)
1)1 a1 o nirlay to b)e hianged onl May
20. li I&'he d e 1 and tbe plrisoner
iareot ne3 (grooH This8 will be4 thle
Ii rst han1 gin iin0 iOuichland for mnany

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