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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, April 14, 1903, Image 2

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k7 '\' v*' h \e r\t i,e.
abl'.I\snesa'ttl }'i
St. te, b, .
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A'sLS 8'-,
Ib1\ttt.~t at ctt iu' I tt' KXL \I t h al,
Ii u ti -- -t h e'
~It\ a gvc1 ii. '\ lACe tIt iitd th.'
Mr. W. S. Spearmani i,, ini charge Of
th, fr'm\ werking the r ad to tht teel
twitianc untder the aurtspit s \f the New
btrry Rwahri kf 't'ad, it had gut teni
n su'h midtiti.\n that it w asunpassale
iti a t i t'a,t, in ste liat\s a
ho%-st tvu d wort pas over we i\vad
MO' Ct> It\r\ has aytnlli"II\I
tnough in this ne thitig to jiusti,\ i;s
t.l 6t" Aas \\'tIl as ti t'c\cph' \\h. .i' '
tt tt tl thtt' %\\%,i 11tt \\'tht }2a,{110
t hs t\\3\ tlt ft'tnl no dtp
ati.' tt :e tPlo ' ' i t taitilti. t' al t -
l sj gto thert ; atsi ce i
' ti a great de,o al
.3 t h
4. \
No Stronger Evidence Can
Be Produced.
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- C.
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l t ll iJ a
- e----.;x ..7
RcntnIscences of No. t.
Inu my last letter 1 wrte about stint\
o' tht, Odst inhabitanlts of this town
ship and itn a futuv at'r wish to ha\
ily\t! to say about them, but inl this
art i%et' it is dt'sit\ to w'ite stirathing
of he' t'wts, ehnt\ht\s anid svlhwils,
'Ilgu ttt\v'illt', mltllt\i inl h\llor of the
\ uil\t s. Wh. olgt'' li\t\i at\d w\i a
pt ti; . the W\ sttrt pat't of tihe
hip., ?s sittatt\i Oil the wt\sttrt
sdnerth A famou\%s lslandi -'\1\1
itldt eat' tihe l.viyre s lie, it is
11 2i' f t'tl l-i1tt 0f tht toW tl
st'. ;i''ble busints. is
\: . i ' t f r t t\'r' t, w\'i h
\ Z;t tt'-ra tlh !\llathlla t ,
\ l\\\t 1 \ f$ \\ltmantt an.i et.e
\ cit;:. :n. this setittnt
s . to0wnt anid is .
0 si'' d. thrath am ut'
\~~ ~ ~ .:\ .c\''a~ hert, y'i6.: lic\
\ . \1 ;r. W Holow-; run a
* '- ener - , g. ai
7 C
~ t \' '~ C * - - C~
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S .
l~ ci
t 1n
.\ tr-. -Ak~C' e\.
L'uttt Oil Mill Mov.ment --Stcel Bridge
Near Wysc's l:rt'y Ready tir Puble.
l' opk Wiing and Cuming.
K''. ty thoulwat<v tt wife, o:' 'Mt. Carmuel,
spott a few days in towtl visiting his
sister. Mrs. 1). M. l,atlgfon1.
Mr. Netmeth Biaker, of l;tot\wo.kl,
S, C,. was with us again a few days
twveit ly,
The oil iil movemelint is wcell on its
way and the p-'limiinar steps are beingti
\'e't t\petitod, the st..k taken, and a
all tIade for the or ania.at ioi,
Capt. 11. S. lte\er has tuovtd his in
suratr' ttlct fruli the store of I:owers
& lt\minit"k to tppet- main strett in the
buaildiing knlown as thet Whea' hotuse.
Il'\ \tlt\w wt' byMr, David Cromer,
Mr. ', G, Aldridg'. of I atesbury. is
vtsitltg Mr. A, M. t.ester's ftmily.
Mir, anid Mrs. A. G. Vise have l<
tt-t'tt\l (tti Atlanta.
The steel 'ridg . over the Sahda
rver tear Wyses ferry. is neady for
the t:elitig pui,- This will add a
nait :et ientct:te atod be a onsidterabile
5..a.v' :'tt; ' tells and ttme, to the %
ple as th'y evme ai g\ .
M:. H. . l'1 un:ts has t v ;pi'\c\ed
't:. aster at th:s Ix'int for the C
N & 1. t tt;N . R, U. t ts i a
S~"e cen t' \ \ give .:p the s:t! t
"s. : ': wae k s e r ige.; e bi :, - n
1t w:e \\ he 1 ::hea eh,a
e . . .
t i.
The ise Milry o
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
Be good to your land and your crop
will be gooI. Plenty of
:n u e: t i attt s)pll yutiiy I .
amni tluitty in *he har- f
\\'t itr ts and , -
wi;! sei'ti you,
hv\ ' e C t 1i1ti .
L t.t WORL's,
i "ti:t'EN o your yes taehe altid burln at
iht?' I havtt tilt tbest trial a:, ft..
tittluig Spertacrles an,1 yl as:.es,t "tnt
e ttl tit the tuoast diitlttult eyt s, w ith h.
pro prr g-lasseas. l havel t tt t ,--,
'ttt' tho best t t 'sple it: the xto : .1 d
o z1 it you. i uSt * nl te b: traf e
Crysta%ittt lenses. COnd' . i t
ai trial andh I t Ctt\-itt e.d. tit r y , :-.
pri,e: : all. G . DA1N I -1'
,1ewt'er antiUd ::t i;.
Have just received '2
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained bi aipplication
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent,
b its use. Cash price
cars.of per ton.
bta ed bs a
Th yild rs ie Tse
forthtofiry er cet
h Ts usegh.s Cahprc
.m . li N '
Stokhodes nd ii'
0 S N ||( 0 |0 a
uc n Eail appi. .
n4htso-'.Ye e
* ..-1 0S.1,.
5 Pilt [00[5(00 lik idi 00 . 1
....r..A...m.... .
The Ewart - Piler Compa
Newberry S. C.
Mr. Careful Dresser
YoU are lteapeetfully
invited to it pie't onr gathering of
New Spring Styles
&c., &c.
whie'h is the n',st extensivo assembly
of getl) letn I' apparel ever shown in
Main Street.
\larelt thirtr-.tirst,
Ninotti hundre I and throe.
The clothing shown is from
Schioss Bros. & Co., Baltimore,
the famous makers of the "Best
Clothin' e-in-the--World."
i\ t t ! "--. T itois
labe1:~ i
Main Street, Newberry, S. C.
Our store is packed and jammed full of New
Goods just received in the past few weeks, and
they are still comning.
11 .iak of ItaLr. w vrth 1.' New Gioods. T[he g Ih are right and
- e&n very I.w. WVe can ,h w yo.u new e.:. of th.e iare -st and most
date *;ek . ' Me rn lise thi tt wi.1 hel show i n Ntewberry this
* Inrzclui d in t he ntew~ orsvyal ar . l the~ ia'.st things in
* Dr..t- ~'VtMenx's Clotbing.
I t)r.-s 0 *c~13 s' Cit. bin g.
a~.~rae~. B.ak intlC'~orsiExtAra Pants for Mon and Bo)ys.
~ of ~:kind~.Hats of all kindk
'~t ILawn'Big lineo Shoes & Slippers for Ladiep,
deisa ae M.'n, Mis~ses, Boys and Children.
i ~~ These' Shoes andt Shippers are of
N * ..,~ ~the very best naakesi.
Shoes of All Kinds, High Gut and Low Cut,
All Styles and Prices.
I' Bo' s' Knee Pant Suits at half price to close.
E i r- of Nh n.'s O MI Pants~ at half price to close.
Copeland Bros
STEA l.UNuuRY With bugs.on the bed?
* Every one is at times
once while others allow
Ihe people want our them to multiply until
laundry because it is they are all over the
t he~ best. It always house and then find it
gi o evie n task to exterminate
in~ quality it beats the the pest. Why no.t use
rest. Wealways make a bottle of our
prompt deliveries with- BUG-.I.-.CIDE
in the city limits, and whnfr- hyrds
~ve ~ atyour covered and be re
aundry quick we'll do lieved at once. It Is
ttnm:a very few minutes. ,easy to apply, and un
A lb a<d the mighty!like~ most preparations
v'si because the peo-.i is not greasy or
S nw emk l ticky and does not
O non a w itae asl soil the bed clothing.
hsulie a hiea PR ICE 25c and 50c
''~~ St1~~ 'A B O T T L E .

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