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__ ?7ewberro __
0' ~
_____ 1865.
_____________ _ ~ eraW a ii ems
___ ___ __ FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 1908 TWIUEAwpv1c~ ~I A VPAU
VERY Clotr
buy from u
S..Line it seer
the woolen
Friday, April 1 7, 1
'ollars worth of Brand
Grand Dlsj
t, Big Shipment Qu(
Former Newberrian, Now of Texas, Writes
Interestingly Of The Days Of "No
More"-The Newberry'of Old.
My last closed with "true bill,
Daniel Goggans, foreman." In a
Herald and News, sent me by my
Id friend Dr. S. G. Welch, was the
lure of Mrs. Hun Herbert, so well
emembered by wife and me as a
sprightly, handsome girl, and also
one of Goggans' daughters, upon
which I involuntarily exclaimed,
'True Bill, Daniel Goggans, fore
man." Afterwards I saw "Ex-Con
fed's" account of its origin, which
may be true; but I think it came
from the fact that Goggans was often
on the grand jury, and his known
common sense, stern uprightness of
character, and fine qualities as a
citizen, caused him to be made fore
man-and that thus the affirmation
A certain squad of mischievous
young men, (they may have been
"YEx-Confed's" crowd), rocked thle
log house in which two women lived,
and as they charged they sang this
b)at.tle cry,
''Hail Columbia, happy landl,
If I dlon't kill you I'll he d--d !"'
\The grand1 jury vinwed1 the caso:
result, "True bill, Daniel Goggans,
foreman," (doubtless.) The court in1
'terviewed them: result, guilty and
sintene of several mont hs ini jail, by
udge O'Neall. I don't think they
ever forgave the good 01(1 1Jndge.
They had a rollicking t ime in the
debtor's room in the oil jail, ai p.eu
SIarr old1 gent Fran k Prie being
Ijailor; t.hey afterwards be<'miu good
citizens and1( energehe, pro gre'ssive
In the days of "noI( more"' was the
circus, pure' anid simple --o sd
show barnacles-thle tenuts of tiny
proportions, con.pa)ired with Ithose' or
the present day ; pitch - umd nnlv in
Thos. Pratt's spring lot, I lihtedl wit bi
tallow candles, iin wooden circular
chandeliers; clownus irresistibly
comic; cute trick', of ponies, etc.,
etc. The kids thought everything
magnificent, briliiant, lbewitching,
side- sphmtting. WVithI it Daun litice's
negro minstrels. Here are coline of
the verses that linger in my memory:
"WValk in Sambho, dlon't standl dar a
Dec peas in deC pot, and de lioe cake a
''0 Rose, (de coal black Rose,
I wish I may be shootedl--ef I dlon't lub
"'Old Zip coon's a mitey apt scholar
(three times)\
Possum tup de gum st.ump, coonley inl de
e wI
iing Merchant is j
s is fully 20 per (
ns like the sunshi
s from. which our
:he great 30 day opporti
New Clothing, Shoes an
play of Straw
en Quality Shoes
Suits-Prettiest Line
"One day I walk in Adams'street,
Dis lubly creeter I did meet;
I wink, she blink, like a bag of sut,
Rose the whites ob her eyes, and gib a
great strut;
So clear de kitchen old folks, young
Clear de kitchen young folks, old folks,
Ole Vir-gin-ny neber tire!"
Then Rice's popular song:
"First upon de heel, den upon de toe,
And ebery time I wheel about I do jis so,
Wheel about, an turn about, I jump Jim
Oh, how the urchins tried circus
tricks! Every little fellow that had
melody in his soul made the echoes
ring with these songs.
In my last, going from the Baker
grove, I jumped to the Gum Spring.
I love to linger around the grove
where Baker preached. His powers
over the emotions of an audience
were unsurpassed since the days of
As we go up the road to the Black
Jack we meet wagoner Spence,
driving his fine six horse team, the
four front ones, each with a chime of
bells, and as he cracks his whip.
sprinkles off a little shower of bell
ringing and goes melodiously on
his way.
Next we are at the Black Jack,
famous in its day as the stopping
place of immense droves of Ken
t.ucky hogs, horses and mules. Big
Dave B3oozer, who afterwards blew
off the top of his head, reigned su
premue. IHe was' a sharp, keen trader,
a jolly laungher. lie also mnerchani
dised and sold liqnor, miuch to the
sorrow of the good women and chil
diren and brought misery to many a
poor family. He prospered and be
coming rich wVas esteemed a goodl
citizen. The manty poor women and1
chil dreun above alluded to might well
have said:
'"Tell me I hate the bowl,
Hate is a feeble word,
I loathe, abhor, my very soul
By strong dlistrust, is stirred,
When'er I see, or hear, or tell
Of the (lark beverage of H[ell."
Passing on by the Beth 10den road
we sect on thI'.' left a double pi ne t ree,
said to have been a famous (leer
sitandc, and1( at which (Col. Pat Cald.
wvell was often.
Nowv we are at the famuous (Gum
Spring. Hail, bubbling silver spring,
gently flowing! How often wve have
slaked our thirMt with its pellucid
waters! How much better thban im
i bing the ''dark beverages of hell !"
Alcohol is only as the spur to a tired
horse; wve can only eeop uip onur force
by rest. and sleep.
Next on the right we see t he
dwellIinrg of long ,Jinanie Sloani arnd
his most excellent wife, Jenntie. lie
ressing for your
ent. cheaper tha
ne has been wov
Clothing is mad(
unity begins and you c
d Gent's Furnishings ju
and Felt Hat;
and Oxfords-- R
Ever Shown. Rome
had a sure robust, common sense and
rectitudo of Ohrist. She was of the
excellent of the earth. I had a kind
affection for them and often visited
them. I boarded with them while
going to school to Mr. Galloway at
Head Springs, also Dr. G. W. Glenn
and his nephews, Thos. 0. and Jeff
E. Brown, two lovely and intelligent
little fellows. Wash was strict upon
them, and I proposed the next time
he was hard on them, that we would
pitch into him; luckily we didn't
pitch, for Wash would have worn us
out. Mr. Sloan and my father had
been Covenanters and warm friends
and when my mother came to pay
my board, he would have none of it.
While here Mr. Galloway appeared
with his bride nee Miss Martha
Speers. She had rare intellectual
attainments and unfeigned piety.
"Love, sweetness and goodness in
her person shined."
Long Jimmy was a pious man.
After supper he would sit in a chair,
leaning against the wall, sleep for an
hour, then wake up and hav,e family
Passmng through a strip of woods,
on the left we see the grave of He
ferivon, a suicide. There wvas more
than ordinary cruelty of death anid
forget fulness about that grave so
"To dic, to sleep.
To sleep, p)erchance to dream. A ye !
there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death wvhat dreams
may come,
When we have shuftled off this mortal
On the next hill was the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Kellar. She
belonged to that true blue Presby
terian Scotch Irish family--the Gla1s
gows-and was a worthy representa.
Live of them.
Opposite Kollar's stands lHead
Springs (A. R P.) Seceder Church.
H're worshiipped my fathers anid
here I helonged. "'I thIiink the herb
of grace growvs strongest and swveet
est ini count ry churches.'' As I t hinkc
of it, hallowed memories andl purer
aspi ratimonwe tir to life ini my heart.
Father' anid mnothers can give t heir
chii ldren no. hetter gift, [no (dearer
heritage than constant associations
with a church. WVhat we put in their
hands may van,ish. What. we puit in
their hearts, wili live after us and in
heim. They who have beeni I aught
in their young dlays to attend some
one church regularly, have one of
the sweetest luxuries the heart can
enjoy. Here our highest impJulses
are dlevelop)ed, our most saIcredl hopes
formed. "Wherever he mvay roam,
old1 music, o1ld faces, teahm:gs and1(
aissociations1 will be wafted he mn
n in P
patronage--we a
.n elsewhere. So
,en into the fabric
in't afford to miss it. 2C
st landed. Prosperity V
s. The Lates1
ie Latest Shapes C
mber the Store for Sr
ran domu drift of rec'llectlion, frou
none knows wlt're, to soot he, warni,
illUmliullbte his heart softly, like a
gentle potent benediction." ''wa;
a long plain wontther houardedd chtireb,
all the appoiltments primitive, with
the pulpit in the end, one aisle,
hard comfortless benches.
The congregation was of sturdy
men and comely women; they were
a good looking, subst ant il, reposeful
people with honest front and n;ilablo
Thee. A. J anvier in H;trper's Mag
azine, says that in I(1I8, deacons,
elders and parsons in Connectient,
with a clear conscience owned slaves
and branded them like cattle; and
the pious old gents made their slaves
attend worship, following at a re
spectful distance buthind them and
sit in the "nigger's pew." So at
Head Spring a few negroes, "not
lranded," occupied thbeir a-ppropriate
place in roar of the congregation.
But negroes in a Presbyterian church
remiinded me of old Mose and his
Miaster. Mose had been ai Presb)y
teriani. Attending a big meeting, he
joinled the M',. E. Chuiirch, whtereuponi
his Master said: "1-ow's t his, y'ou
joined the M E. Churchi? I brought
you up bet tor.'' Moso repilied: '"Yes
Massa, dait's so; de Presbyteriani
peOoll am1 a mitoy line pleP(, andI
dIe church ami a miiteoy line chlurebi,
but Massa rlori't y ou think it am11
p)owerful 'dimat' for a nigger 1"
The first p reache r I remembI eri
there wasI th li ev. Samzi I. P resslyv,
of whom Car wilIol in his reim in isconso1
gives a good sk{etch. libi lived in
town ont Caldlwell Streiet, (opposiitol
Chanclellor dJohnstone, his wairmi
frien~d. Hei was iumed iumi iz 'ed man.
IIin hiad wondelriful p)ower'i oveir hiis
conigregat ions both11 ini and ont of the
plulpit. I1 IenIlt iv:tedu right living
rather thanil e rooed. In hiis sermn lS
he s4ounde1Id t h' dleep pl'icus of t hie
boart. lI t hadl a r'nti qiualit y of
peasivyen oss t ton had all the es
senitials of t rue E'lignac1I,l( I1Iu hand
ta walrm hea'~rt fuill of g'intlei kindnies,
wa'ts a b)eneiet ion. liie was fondl (if
micMl and playied well oni thle violiun.
He wvas of tioo etthoe a ir it, to en
dorse close comuinonli a111l t hni priae
tied~ by the4 S,'ce rs. Tak Le him all11
in atll, Newherr vr tVI unV i Ia patrer',
abler, be'tter man thlan Sami,. P'.
I love to l igor ab~ouiI (t O Ien
herea fteor resunnil.
lavo jn ist Ilearnedi'i thIiat mlly xxcel.
itlnt friendi, Thus) W. I Iolloway, hats
passed'( over t hie river, t he mayst ic
river. lie was anod n s1fnlrit i -
lone are worthy c
bright and snal
s, and our prices
0 Suits piled on bargain
'alues and Poverty PricE
Creations Pr
ambined With Best
riart Dressers. Theri
Zen,I, whorn I ret,lomlber very kinndly.
"Soon-but, by gradual steps across the
The regal sun will steal from east to
So year by year, from youth's brave
morn and noon,
Life cools into its sunset unawares."
J . M. (:aoiH.
Houston, 'exa,
31518 Travis St.
Items 9f More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
A regro convict in Abbevills county
who wont in swimming with his
shackles on was entangled by them
and drowned. A companion convict
who was with him lost Colncionseilss
:,ut was revived.
The Christiai Crusadoers, whio iave
been co[ndulCtinlg a three mont hs'
meeting iln Spartanburg, have closed.
It is reported1 they accomlplished1
muitch goodl in the city, especially ini
the tendi(erloinI section.
IBy a vote of 31~3 to 176 G.roonjwoodl
on Monday for the lifthI time refused
a dlisp)ensary.
Somewhat. of ai 51nsationl wats
caused( ini Spart an burg Ilast wook( b)y
the Iindinig of blloody tools in a miar
ble yard. One theory is that a iur
der waLs cornmiitted atnd the body
carried away. Aniot her 1that the
whole afiair was a hoax.
Allenidale is to hiave aL now~ nil inill.
lie wvork t.o heomneennon e n thle
first dlay of May83. Savannahi capit al
is be'hiind the lprojec(t.
Th'le nmarriage oIf MI iss Till ie C.lancy
Alaiund, dlaughiter of Mlr. and .~ irns.
J1arneis Odell, of liifort,. and who
is niow, playVing 8 star i'ngagenirt ini
Suan F"rancisco, has been annom!:ced(
to Tlhomasii Cornielins I )orinnii, thle
son1 of the enmini'it New Yo.rk clbenie
.Johni Shaver, aged about 'it) years,
was5 shi.t nuiid hilled six iiiilcs from
Jiahrist on ori Monday 1by lit ifus I)nrst,
a youn rg man8. It. sensuis t hat 1)n1rst
wanted Shaver's son to w)~ork in his
Ii ld. Sh aver wVan td hO iis mon to do(I
som,et hinrg else, anid he. wvords, re
unit ing in thle shoot inig, enIsued'
TlhI growving a1(1nd sipping of
stralwbo'rries hats houcom e aine IJ1jg
inidust ry in MJarioin count y.
I .:st week D r. 1'. 11 Gausgne, (of
Mau 'rion, andi all thle miemb,hers of hii's
st-rickhen ifromiiI i( the ol teets of poison ill
food, suippsd t81( o haI ve bieen in aL
vaitulla ext rnict
Af it. Every suit
ppy is our SprAi
are as thorougi
counter at prices neve
s for the next 30 days
-iced to Suit I
's Only One. Come
A }rO'(t ti % "(I 1 ; \ ' r 1' n are(I 1
it (ongnr(% it f( l. dayN :tgo. IhIo
('glbo h (tangh04 in a tront
Alonzo I'ike, p; 4% hit' n11111, s:Iriou
ly (11t t in-gro InI V14once '1n sat.
nrdlay nigh(. TIh(e no;ro hn(l ruin in
to tho whitO Inlr:n -na b icycv.r
J. N. lloward, aL ftl:r clr.inaiming to
ho travolinfg agnt of th o (JurtiH
'ublil iig Co, r-cu ro(I abou01t 75
HuhHcript ior,r: ill ('ohln lia to t ho
Saturdl- Ev(0ninlg I'ist. Thill- Mubl
scrile'rs h'tv(+ rn oiv(-(1d 1 n) Ipal r raml
tho pubhlish(r-+ hravo rece"iv%1( Ito Hub.
Hcrip tions, but Hloward re-eiv du th lo
T homas If. I;on ksnh, it promrin(ot,
farinor and oil izon of no a-r(.ta,
commanaittI ti u llvIik by 111H
thront with it rraz" r on timiaty rnn
intg. No en("rs(1 a+Ms;igo,d. \Val tIH ,
wek, witt wogii bulb4it('iI wo liFt inF hit
head, ha nilIotu yeOFit b i' n di vId.
I Thiei genera Vimpfresin iis th'u a t he fl
doron4 for thiel arres t of J.,lii W. oor
anl- insura4ic agen~\t wiil L~ ho4i Fast wit
ctlaimedI bi e wast Fiuit - l toig - Io Itrh
i-.di t muio ney, wi chiii ' i I e cop anyFit
warrt fort o hs iiir in t reenie.
Thei'F''' i alleg preoachier lirton hasiiFui
ben oiionsed from 1he FroX villo(
aYt IL.jtintone of nit yi dys (bil woi.
of Clothing you
ng and Summer
fly shrunken as
named before. 8,000
it the Big Corner Store.
Every One.
Shoe For Ladies.
to See Us.
Al plection wals hol in AnrorHOn
oil Timistiny 111>011 I ho el( t ionl of
isnin pg $2>,Ot) worth of Mtro ot tnt
I,toventi+nt bod1 and $1.,(00 worth
of bt0nc18 for thu (,roltiont of a 1o1w
oool ilibli ig. IBoth carriud by it
nuijority of nonttrly four to unej.
li It hoavy Htorin on Moinday It
t011onoinout housu in which w0r-0 It
negro wonanut and hor baby t,wo
wooki old was totally domolishtod,
but no harrn dlono to tho nt>thor" ad
t,ho child.
M1iM0 liinor C'our4 who has io haH
tipotnt tho past four yours in AlatMkat,
has rottrnd to h r b+>toni4 in Imdige,.
tie,ld. ShO 11118 1 0011 bo iunt, for t(On
A nogro a- l)0011o nrrote<+l in 1r
hangton for horHe+ Mtenlin;g. Il .Nunt.
albout it in it MyHt*n 'tic way, hiring
linIuHlf to <lifiur+nt fin orM, gitirig
theoir ho0r8ss.
nlors w4)nt 4)11t. nIIaItt.rikel Tuesdally.
They 813 sa they don1't kniow wyhit thoy
iaro Mtri kinog for, and1( t ho pi iIc 800111
to hnuvo the4 ilIIpress4ion thalt I hey3 arem
toilling t h1e I ruth.
In 11 wvreck of t ho Southuernk's fat
uinil flyer nionr Lexiing'ton, N. C.
was1 fonal I,op jtlll a .ill ol1111(f I)uis1)es
. Volog 1n,1 iII lir41IcH ge 3
I)irnpier, ('oIntulli I Idf salIiJmOlll
111n3, nia1 )1t 1 M:)l (l he s i lyIigeI1l~
la1dy I ~in Sannalh, to1 wuhoIu Ill he
14n1iCe(14. There4 wasH a witrrah i ,
I.)nnpier for MOIInet ion.
ufnet airlrM, relpr4esor.tii1 se4verl hn)111
4dreds (of IIrliior101s of A uneorj it CI 1
tali, begani att N4'w O rleans1 to lu,
11(ddressll oppoi'd lablor ulIn,i 4ti
thait "'orgaized i labor1 known01 but W on1e4))4
lawi-th. 1 o1(f physViei fore44, 114 thela
of 114i11)) I id 'al1ag1ja1, 1114 jatg of
(lrovemr Clovohnnd, inI a11 tdh1r4'8
dI(ohvorEd( ill 1th4 ConIc4lr1 hall of Almi(j.
(401 S<Iotnro (ineden, Now York, 11n
(If 111h11negro p rol in res.-t8 (Il South1)
orn laonh!.erM, t hat lIinstInct ba111
lift, hIm barltni t 08 iOtl ([l to

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