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I1tlU 1 A toN.
Trhe propor- ion 1Of c'11ildreni to adult
population ml the South seems to be
mucth grtellr than im the, Northern or
W1'stern St:atteS. 1,'hs ikes an 1i
portant facl:tor in ialing with the
$ioo1 questitn in the Suth. in Sout.h
( arohna it seemt1S to be lower than in
:11y other State.
- -The ft 1;w.\\ g :igim'os, c'alullatte
mi statiies in the lnited States
tess sho t:il fr1 1m this -t:mldpvint
e baien of edat illn mn the Soouthern
. er than in other
semens of e e':i: In Tnnlsste
e u a~~ N\ e :h t w n: yar
t . the s c
- Va t n o
VI hee r
E it0 0 tn fr}Nb
I at :in T H r n e s
Th pabes n tner o olm
bi a e r trik an. ob d,:o
e\euti '' en ih ms si es ,s m tVk.x
tlabo movements1 :i m lumiac.i an to(1
ha ve a vr had e tfect general ly. No
st:I ile en accomipl ish any'thit ig nnlhgg
it is necessar and is bac'kedi by a
hea:lthyi pmuli sent iment.
Newi'erry~ CotlleKe CommnicemeiuntI Pro
mioin, by llev. ('. l'. Welt ner of Auguist a,
Ga ;8: :uo0, address to the4. studntits by
lest on, 8. (C.
. nt' 9, :8: .20, nimnal imlet ing o f lIoaryl
of Trulstees; 8;0. Juniiol' (ont est for
meh iinora 1 Itory. ill li oe'Ih
A lumnni Associjat ion. S ::30, address be..
fore t he Loitermtv Societljes by I 'resi dent
ileunry 1L. Smnit h, of' l)vidIson College,
N. C'.
June 10, 10 o'cloch;, annual commene
Ate you acrqiuitedl with "(lifton?".
A trial sack will conv inuce you it. is t he
hoot nlone ulntian art,. -ii('I
Mrs. Sarah Cureton, Who Dlc4 In Georg:a
Incidents .it Her Life Interest
ing to Newberry People.
The following is taken from the New
nan. Ga., Herald and Advertiser of
April 10th, a copy of which was sent to
Rev. 1). P. Boyd. As will be seen Mrs.
Cureton lived in Newberry for iany
years. and has here a large circle of re.
.atives and friends. Many of the inci
dents related will be recalled by those
here who passed through the troublous
days of Reeonstraction:
T'o-day i come to pay a simple tribute
to the memory of a plain, true woman
my beloved grandmother. Mrs. Sarah
Cureton. But in the shadow of a loss
etr pe<ctliar, of a sorrow so oppressing.
affection stands mute, witn no thought
but a pang and no language but a sob.
She was unadorned with the graces
b\ which seem to be estimated the worth
and character of the new woman. She
was rather a woman of the old school.
1*e a at a time when the South was vet
sparsely settled. but slightly advaneed.
reared amid those perilous conditions in
which men are made self-reliant and
st rong, she assumed the brave at t rihutes
a a woman. Trained in one of Nat ure's
SchoolS. where character assumes its
".-e proportions and simple merit has
st reward she early became aC
.ted with the stel 1 reality of tlhings
earned to love truth for its own
\\ was born in Newberry. S. C.. on
o 'ebr .arv, 1820. She was the
:'..e':f Frederick and Mary Schum
,e of ten children. All of
- vih-l, the last two of wlom
Sum rtand Mrs. Magda
c nl:afe lontlls. T'he
- Te
. '". .. : ' ': 3' k. . . ' .
n An th '..we~v et compani:
mutl he po.nhsw h:uwayse.
h!ruh a. the years- t hey -pentt :hr'
toe ther.i aweet, p athbet ic storv th
mlemory ot whih is a - rich legacy'to us~
T heir be:.ut iful count ry homne wa-s :il
"3y a~\ .~ .iv tor comftort and en.It'
met. .A, td t he diearl'11 5cene' o
'-l hmie'ts' h'us e g.at her the s weet est
recol lections of iny childhoodI. lHerie
t h appldes seemed t'he redlde-it, the t ree,,
Ihe 7-:3diest,. the brooks the coolest. the
wa:ei rime3ins the tinest, that ever
1:'Te'ti n1 mvavished vision or cbarmedl
propo: joud possibly come to any of
uIs than a visit to t he dlear old place.
In the fall of 16'9 t hey moved away
to Mloreland. where t hey wvere .u.ill lin
inig wvh'n she died. He're she spent her
last ihays, full of joy and pea:ce. As age
came on wvithl its enf'eeb lement s, and
deprived hero of her wonteul pleasures andI
enj .o,vment s, she did not grow pet ulant
and unipat ient , as many do. R at her.
as she t un. her tace Itull aigains t the
wvestern sky, the dleclining sun seemed
to shine more radiantly upon her. ' 'Shte
was an optimist by the grace of (;od."
|Never a sigh or a' regret escaped her
Ii ips. and she went down to her grave
-t'ipe in years and full of' noble deerts.
C oge Il'ark, ( a.. larch :i;0, I190:i
TIhe *John MiN. K inard Camtp Sons of
C'on fedora te Veteorans will meet at The
C'ommnercial Hank on iext Wednesday
afternoon, 22d A\pril, at. six o'clock.
Husi ness of great impl ortanice to bo
3no. M. Kina:-d.
A Firmu G;rlp
On a good, long life is what you will
have if you select your food care fully.
Therefore choose "'CIA.1FTON" ' loutr for
your bread and1( you wvill have a first
class anonlt i fo' en reen .t ini, a day.
Easter Services at Grace Lutheran Church.
Town Electioi--Personal and
Prosperity. S. C., April 16.--A beau
fiful Easter service was rendered by the
children's missionary society of Grace
Evangelical Lutheran Church on Easter
morning. Mr. R. C. Counts is presi
dent of the society. The offerings ex
ceeding $13.00. The society voted $25
for the Olympia mill district in Colum
Mr. .lames Quattlebaun spent a few
days at home recently.
l)r. A. F. angfor has gone to LAes
ville on a visit.
Our town election took place la3t
Tuesday. '1'he day was a quiet one and
abalit two-thitis of the voters exercised
the high A merican privilege. Dr. G.Y.
Hlunter was elected mayor: A. 11. law
kins. 11. P. Wicker. A. M. lA'ster, and
1R. C. Counts. wardens. These are all
good i men and we contidently expect
them to make equally as goo i officers
and this means that we will stillgo for
Miss t;ertrude Simpson. of the New
berry Graded Schools. spent last Satur
day and suinday with us.
Misses Della Bowers and Frances
liawl. of our Gradtied Sch1ool. visited
friends. the former in lAexilgton Coun
ty and the latter in EichliandCounty the
l:st of the past week.
The school here observed u o 'ridsy
as holhiday
The b:-week:- meetilliz of the hterary
a . .e: a :he i.utheran l :' e
S e e. Rai a has beer,
::- -" ' car, he haniPv
d Presiding Elder
bast )is:t 1'~hub were
2 '*I 's s'-' he ort,r
Nu 0:.c-ins. La. Vi
- - Theerfui fr
ger. Agent.
ATl.ata. Georgia
- - T kets o ':-.., ro
- . S ut en-a ts
n u all (>its a on
- to tth ~.ichir
1\. AUnTen
n nit n:il tJn.s
f: -5ge gent.
n. Ticketsn ale :ua
nel.ive, il limi 2t Nad
* . An ' - extensiono finathm
h. may "'-h be obtarid hvde
thn ayen of feeoft
ut een:1 Rate oneV ciet e i-.
( -a'on Tike Age nts eat rates
and an otherinformtonad seh that
your ticets rea vi thes oflatietst
W.J.Cru. Lae. Pass. Agent.d
H.M EmersonTriet anae.a
NUAddi'e:sro ontgaomenty. feaintif
Jane W.& Motgent,s ir at rae
Somery,h~ an taon adnstr.tatx
r.an teds.i teAtnant.~Cos
\3 Ih cort hereitn. awlse to.ethe
atONeherr S. A. nM da (a
m: te Wet al ors gofy se untlaw s
banr d da htee of Jrivat sa.) allt
NewbI)iry, inl ani Cost adindStrate,x
onanmg otnes.ighth ofean Cer,s or
othie ouh n by will srell h
biggestlot.da lo he t'ongng the e ostae
oftJ N.odrry, and a lot Monda Geo.s
layer the st ae of'ingy te with-o
Je ore W.( Montgoer at pvte sti) of ais
death.to'ln yngi h ono
onainredi of. 1*emoth ih onaine.mrs
or les pfrocnt frgom dams Stee and .
(t heaisi fulseued by bond Cot pur
ofh.sN.erote' and aag offemie. s.d
wahleave soametinateayme of
creit potoht.n i e. T ep r
chase'ro alt'b: Oe-uird toisre aane
dw) ei hofs1 mnt sm not hlresta
wreit poraeto andt iiasite poniet o
te Trustee befor)ie receiving dIeed, l'he
pturchaseri to pay for' drawing and r'e
cording dleed and mort gage.
Nowerreni'' S. C. Ap,.l l-a1 19om
A Little Care Will Save fhe
Reader Futher Trouble.
Watoh the kidney sterelions.
See th9t they havo the anter hu' of
Th" disrhtarges not oeessive or II
(',mtin no briek dust"like s din,rn L
)oan'e Kidney Pills will do t hb for"
'They walch t.he kidneys and curo
thema when the ''re siok.i
Mr John J.oli ois, ('mt,y Auditor, reseti
ina at 'ls Rsobert sittet, Newport, Ky.,
slay+, "A man who has never ha t
tiatlesche or kidney comttlainttt in any
of its manty forms'ean searceely gautt
the miserv a sutTerer endures who is
hnt 'yed day and nighti by .his far too
p "eta-ltnt trouble. 'o all such my id -
\ ie" i! pro -ure )oatn's Kidney Piis and
take a curst of t he treatmnt.. 'T'he
esult of the ueo of three l'oxes proved
to mnet that the remedy is up to repre.
sentationis and deseryes my un4uaulit d
irdorsement '
F'or sale by all dealers Foster- Mil
born t' l, ButT o. N. Y , sole agents
for tho 1'" itedt States
lememttber the name -ll).an 's-and
take no other.
Fot salt in Ne'wbhtrry by W'm. F' P
ham11 & F.
ONI0N S-''TS Thrt'e cents per quart
at 1'e\d & 'y's.
1 A VFN1\OR l' & e'AV\'FN A l'lli
lhave iu ~st nyect iva :.ah',t o f
Swifts anid ingha''s ans Snd bok
tast strt'os.
that R.:t Mutton. soli b l:v
cnp'or; & C.avenaugh'
' 'U: Nt .1 At'K lt1: SF:Vt'F.
Aply to M. M. lauoti.
1 M.-S. R. L.. l'aysinlger. Newh ie':rr..
( " 0 TV .1. P. C'00K P0 K'l A l'
New st.Nk of Men's and Ladies' Rei
Wool Gltf Gloves at Wooten's. tf
[ONFY TO 1.OAN--We neg-otiate
itar.s on improved farm lands
at seven t'er cent. interest on
a:; :am:s over one thorsand dollars.
eigh: "er cent. interest on amounts
cs.. :t:. S.?\\ L,A0ong timrle and easy
:a: ments. Hunt. Hunt & Hunter.
I J) 1. Ml1 .LER des:-to a:nounc
e to t'.e tvXople of Newber:v that
:0t' b ai to See thetm1 when they
-C.ol..:'i- lie ha'; one of the
esturar'.ts the city at 1:,tt' Main
* . o p .: ne. city ha'O. tin at.
hi. . "ht has thr!ee niteel'
sIed :omn a:, .an furn sh both
Ifyu: rant in an Easter
i . ....e ae at.. .a
T I e w r t w
you think how liale you ar not' tur
- 1[\"' 1)~ t Ni f
c th onl we.tr e ie unie r
largeot sale of at medcin an ather
menat of onsmtion andorect ndos
Lungirouble wiptot sin vis grea
opaTe alRthse Milear yo ilb
thnkhw iale your atentio to r
chsche onlya rerup. unerallys
mnyw ordnaremedyughaemedis hadethe
dl-aggstsae ohr that recinea indh
especialiny for Cosumton weren thret
i<met expectortion and Thoathind
durng theomgts witou loringis ghre
isnohinglik German Syrup. Thae so
godeongt sizohadjs beerp,dut his
Of-er Cough. Bohti, Sru-- n
epelfrntensumtin, hr W ther
Wo(ltrcu s epcoaiandElcuging
di thengt Dec. moni, there
is nothn hand Julae yrup1n. 'Ih 251.
Reedarom Ruhsle of cents... For9 sal
RWodrks piigand Eleing tric 7
Ree'd from saly ounwate.......)22 0
$5. 14 93
P id for sarlaries ........ .......$1530 09
i~ l dfor fuel and oil......... ... 1558 19
P aid for piping material.... 720 8.4
Paid for house wiring material 6714 99
Paid for repairs to lines anrd
lamps .....................g0 79I
Paid for permanent impr'ove
mnents to lines and lamps 37 81
Paid for carbons.. ............ ... 92 00
P'aidl for transformers .......... 284 37
Paid for otlice supp)lies, station.
('ry, e'tc.. .-.--............... 29
Balance on hand ........ . .... .107 9.1
$54 1 93
ki that MIiss Fannie H armuon and
Mr's. Maittie C2. llerbert have this day
marde alphcat ion to me to set apart t'o
them a homnest eadl in the n'ral andI per
sonal propec ty of therc late Thos. L.
I harmon, in accordance with the
Statutes in such cases made and pro
vided. h. HI. RIKARD,
Master Newberry County.
Master's Oflice, April 15, 1903.
Test One Sack
.Of "'Clifton'" Ilour andI you will Iind
it makes more br'ead, better bread, aend
gives better sat isfact ion than any Ilour'
Suitable Gfts !
Huyler's Can
dies always ac
ceptable and
toothsome, , the
best Easter Gift
to milady. Fresh'
supply just in.
Ett- Your doc
tors prescrip
tions are pre
pared just right
and accurately
Wm E Poiham& Son
Prescription Pharmacists.
Call and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
The follow ing druggists re.gnosts the
holders of MURNA c.n pons to bring
hem ini at ee. anid secure abscolote
ly free', th.. reenlar si. btottle of bhe
Great Pre'paration, MURINA WVINE.
For sale0 Outy by Gil Ier & WVe eks,
Natiollal Ballt of Newberry 8 C
(E5TABLISHE D IN 187'1. )
Capital--- -- ---$150,000.00
Surplus and Proftts - 96,865.88
Gene*ral banking busIness . ransacted
with p)romptnes~s. Special attention to
collections. Correspondence solicited
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at t,be~ rate
of 4 p.er cent per annum from date of
dep,osi t. IntLerest, payable .Tanuary 1st
anau .iuivly let of adh y ear.
. .\. CLARIuir., P'-"
S.a L)UNC AN. C'a.uhier
notSednottoobstruct any high
way or ditches on same. Any person
so dioing will be prosecutedl to the full
extent of the law.
Supervisor N. C.
Fir st announcement of
the New Store.
I have b)ought the stock of Counts &
D)ickert, andl I am going to condluct an
u-to-date grocery business in their old
I extend an invitation to my friends
of New berry and the surrounding county
to dIrop in andl see me. M ysal esmen,
J1. P. Aldridge and Clarence B. Sl igh,
will be gladl to see them.
Next (100r to Mimnnaugh's.
L1. OF.
* at 7 :to o'eleek' n'. their hall at the
Graci d 3e 'lo') be i V INltors cor
tinlly invited
J M GUINN, N. ('
TP. S huidson, Seeir -1.
Have lust received 2'
cars of cerealite-Top
Dressing for Grain.
The best result can be
obtained by application
in the next 30 days.
The yield is increased
forty to fifty per cent.
by its use. Cash price
$38.00 per ton.
If you experience any
distreEs after dinner you
should find these Digestive
Tablets an inmediate re
lief, and if their use is con
tinued for a little while
their tonic effect should
restore the digestive organs
to normal condition. They
(.o not accomplish the
"impossible,'' but they are
a good reliable, digestive
and tonic after-dinner tab
let. - Price 25c. per box; 5
boxes for $1.0o. Sent any
where by mail prepaid.
Particular Pharmacists
LetFs, Tolk
A nice new Spring
Bonnet and a nice new
Spring Dress and a
nice new Spring Suit
are all very nice, but
there is nothing thatl
adds so much to the
comfort and attractive
ness of the home as
nice new Furniture,
Carpets, Couches,
Lounces and Rugs.
Nice new Iron Beds
that will not scratch or
wear out are a com
fort and a delight,
Winter or Summer.
Nice new Bed Room
Sets in solid Oak and
Walnut. Elastic Felt
Mattresses and Dexter
Mrttresses cannot be
All these nice new,
goods at the new firmi
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Prices reasonable.
Nothing but new
goods, and everything
to be found in an up
to-date furniture store
With bugs on the bed?
Every one is at times.
Some check them at,
once while others allow
them to multiply until
they are all over thet
house and then find it
a task to exterminate
the pest. Why not use
a bottle of our
when first they are dis
covered and be re
lieved at once. It is
easy to apply, and un
like most preparations
it is not greasy or
sticky and does not
soil the bed clothing.
PRICE 25c and 50c
W. G.Mayes '
Tonic Elixir.
If you have been over
working and feel "run
down," so that not only is
digestion imperfect, but
your sleep restless so that
you feel worn out during
the day and are annoyed
by headaches and 'gei}eral
feeling of debility and
weakness, our Tonic Elixir
ought to help you. It has
been used very largely for
such conditions, and with
such general good results
that we will gladly refund
the money if you buy a
bottle and do not get the
desired l:enefit from it.
Price 75c.
Corner Drug Store,
RY, S. C.
A few booka you ought to read
"The SttarbuekM", "Dorothy V. ruoti,
of Haddoii Hall", "The Amateur.
Oraokaman", "The (4adily"4, "A Lady
of Quality", "Doiovau Pasha",
"Franeezka", "The Iron Brigade",
"The ('ate of a Ki(IB", "The Bath
Comedy", "(Oou Paul's People" and
mn any oth* r.i too numerona to mention.
In order to get the above books
before the peop'- I will :i-l1 thom for
the next () daysH at $1.10, worth
With latest Improvements,
ares ubrmeo, Orchdsts Vasyardists, aod lo
an account of the absence of w billetrees.
For Information Con.
cerning these Harness
Hardware and General
Agricultural Impliments.
The people want our
laundry because it is
the best. It always
gives good service, and
in quality it~ beats the
rest. Wealwaysmake
prom pt deliveries with
in the city lirmits, and
when you want your
laundry quick we'll do
it in a very few minutes.
We lead the mighty
host because the peo
ple know, we make all
their linen as white as
any snow.
L. B. AULL, Lessee.
For Sale.
I s the Pratt-Four tenant houses
md six acres of land. Also vacant lot,
eor cash or one-half cash. For further
nlformation apply to BI. E. Julian,
Ielena, or write

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