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She Finds it Easy to Get in the Fror,t Row
of the Chorus.
Red hair ha., alw %%1, beer,hi: to
indicate a quick tellper. Iut bood
That the students:; of thi, pR-t 3id not
go: or if tho di the k1y i ht,
suit of :ho'r i !i m
says the 1'NsgT'. nn f T .v
ty 1 s e a g t.n Rhi:ler . , sit
be en ir. : \r.: ,ar :
ta e bi:- s ;: t: er: a -d w r
the M MI:D'l'ei \ .
A Lt ' h - . .
A - -
i- . e . - .
f -
a I u r os :, w,pe - 'h*
-h il fuo ii i 1 . ..
90' m 'T ta t-, I .i.e
it Ily f1 eI atl.a .d a l i
Ite hir diru-.r I hiot fit it h..
pres e wi i t h la- char m , Iftw
as tlt( o tcutoe.ea t ciii- tu wi
wis h hir, i ji wibt nhr
" iie e i~i t ii i.ir *-n u.t hit ai re
in iI it- i ti tall titi ti w h t e u -hu I.
faihng sitylhe~ re hat lihe h,jld w
lin h way 't f c irigIntPti.ilii
alway siio.usit hiir i'wn h n uthuirr i
ly andii you caot li eange it I
"Omtheiron t h bown hialiitiredmis
suge lsrtion, nat:ttvu r iot a ton w oi s
thii- prevaihn fo tIt' ,i in ru ti hlitr it
cono rsurgtte I re i a to an s nuesw rlu
t has't i u h t mi v.1 ilgu Itrdr i. 'i
"ii in di it'r QIlt a lt 51> b" lir, Iut .
ThliKE iti linN 'tIOF WnE oi r.
"rain shrrn i livethani- j r14 I iiei
to I d mre' than the' evenir di beii
iver btr < w crii )Hi o to g th t is u. ds has
aottig, of arit it and ono, 11u
made* tbis shat of hair fashionahle
jnPt at the time whon the god
blow-hesi hsir -was itising its novet\it.
"Thi, tro nt"le' m p"roding the \l
(it of nral red is not in tho tlwtr
itself, bnt in the fHct that Witi snrh
hair the skin is iwIuys trau, 1-nsrt,
t ht, t y shti and brows ar.' an tact
match, arhd E'\'t1n the c.,ltron tnxttir
'f the 'E's is p* nliei to tho type.
''edo a rt t' i of t hoxt i !texl
work. had I .-nn to!! vyn in ni
ti I half a . in,.'zi t:P' th1Ae t ;
:t\i.r"s for nr\t nesaacn the lo'aA;
w1ma,lsr: h' ebasenic tti have .i h".
iee' w! be" a ra" fx rei " b
t he re w\" be mansr!\ on ,
ihe 'E i1ar tempI Ratn It ? ha e
I ; t. t h c' ompE)ii.) . I havre s'.r,.\
r sa I that red hMire3 .
a rl'tier'4 ::1 t tim]er ait;i :'.
xl. tSis. s id ta hxl': hf r" " e.
Sof WOMO:-.
" t. ." Del -nv l all t"1,t e% t ?. t: I
Pn petrAnl P7nt
r - 1i- - t ,.
-- ir -e , A)tc.
Sr. l"ie i m dg t aken tt d 1 1
. a nd . a h vngthS .
that he wl e y as prolnge.
Wh AAMtIVsey) has prolgd
It han prolonged many thouisand lives
it haic Mr. andl .\r.cvin<i,c lnil thce
is no0 other ruiicinie in tiin- wotrbi whi
Will keepil th yuitc-mI; cin norma contclit b
p)rceent thei decay ofr the tissuesc, strenc'Igl
en 'he heart actilon arid encrichi the' lb
like Duiffy's l>ucrc M\alt W isk ey. It is
absolutely pure stilmuclant andl tonie. fi
fromt fusel cili ;utui cither diangerousi tlgi
dIienhc tso eocomo ini most~ wiik ies.
('ures grip COnistumpction,i bru'onc'hltis Ia
tarrht, asitihma, malriia: iand all low r'vc
dlyfluc'siac, alnd livigortecs tihe brin,c
makes the ol youn )g:I c keep thce vou
nitronK. Do niot fill youcr hodv fulli
drugs and iecdiciunes whlich icoisn lihe :
D)uffy'c Pure alt Wh( ithev is~ thc mc
whiskey recogn ized byv thc'e vernnii.ru
? meCdicine. Th is Is a gcucraintec. It
absolutely pur 1e ancd c'ontainsu no (usia <
It Is pres(''cr i byover 7.non)) do0''r 0)
usedi exc'lsivelyV in icveri ').))0 holspit,
It is thec ounly r'e'iabcl'' and1 a hti'O)) l'v
stimnulanct ancd tonicj. it hira sav.'cl
livesi of millions1 ocf pe'ople thce pas
years who have useud It. as their' os
aition ttfe4tlyv cle ar,if that were r.a.l
ly n1ed,ed, andi he ha1 hit right out
from thas shoulde in what ho has
t \1I Ani hati to yi. in (Ntlellitting
th wvht\le. ma1ttter.
A . hap- bhatn ahv'.aty n td ('hief
t:l1mm11ti as;1 it.AilIti to Charlhstli
to ma1ke R thCVtIgh iisU1t igAt ion of
tho wholo Afair Atnd to report on th
Ions t hAt hi found in Charles
t H l . n d l 's p t i l l to l o o k i n to t hei
r .n- hnii' pr at0 osideoneo. of whidb
00:..p' %%::t w 'S%med . ' hit\f tala
tt:' tt hy 11, t hi ! iol\,r tA a i, as A
1'tr 1, { b ii: ropov-,. Division Chie{
1 t w oha. boo' ol'ponde-i for ton
.";Zsvo 't:k of diser'tPton inl
.,i:" r ,:'sie. n't inen. in which
he - wa na and hly of illioit
10 i -".g st': o., Bint for tho un
.wnt 0n,'t "n. 0-n i h Chief
'.:t i\tTir wouhl
, r e..\ reI'y d,igt Withi
brbt,111An, adu
r l that ho a
.. . . 1. \\ .e.i i hter
-Ch t 1f
A- !. N1 ur tS1 tf.7
\\'to . *at \
'ibl m IV . a oity ful Of hPO
Lvr ~o a., wno h. ve been marra
- o ppy union many years beyon
- r bohhah- an i la-art.y
'77ou<7 gh-'~'~ .50 years of
I r 73n I'leasure in
- n77 7r7.7 o,k. I know' ~ 7 oor77
77n7life I f,7l7 . 7771wel to
77 77 ' h1 n7 77ry 7n7 r.71 I would1(
on7 ret~ j7 n. - ,. . - m~*7 73 erfet heath i.
tI v' rs7.n7. C7'('estr ('ounity e '
Say's leyclaud Betrayed The )enocratitc
Party In The Hour Of Its
Gratcst Need.
'ml. J. Bryan apiaking in Kansaa
City, Missouri, to theo toast "Dtmoe
raty" at the bantquet given by tha
I)t>mocrtatio J a0kson County vlub at.d
newspa pr mtn of Mstalotlnri t'ompli -
lutntary to Sonator Wilm. .J. Stont',
at wllich the ,drtss did not begin
util after midnight, eritici ed ( I'ttv
land and his sultporteis who are
nhaking friends among Dminuerats.
''he asst>niy was made upof rop
r- etitat i Iio Missnri l)moerats nt
the remilarks, of 'Mr. iBryan mot with
aPplaust' from his hoarors. le spoko
as follows;
"'t' invite all who have t rate.l
from the fold to comno bsk if thov so
iS1't>, but we want them to 'tav in
after t he. oem. We had fonr v'?irs
of Cloevland and after his atdminis
tIat i'on was over we found ourselves
w'eaker than wet had ever t'een' b'efomii
ase we had boon 'et rayed by
t 'st' so ealled harm-1on1\iiers. Clove.
!'1d and his fo.lo oers sho\iv." th.,il
nuteltt.s t l\t'1> :111ieans 1'\ dt'seri in1I
n' in nr hour of "nreatest need andl
su'.pp'rtog. the li'nNiut'eats. 1'he
l.t:11 ra: par! w' n a " . - h: ' .ory
i>D' w' '1ieb tae our part. ir't,
, ppa,r; :lnty\. 1lut Cl-t'lte land ' h t 'tl
the D'mcrat: part . and it carr:'d
: n of his ad: il tr;alti n
C .eTa.ere::-+v,rdw:s.a ter-e
+s w r \110 it 1 1.1"te y of ,,i vew
+ r. : . r .\p:s fo a whole
e: r. ''W . r- apa r -t1.
i _- tot. -u -eib t t- \ i:bek r
the t we
-b.1,ansnt and
- r ,r whw ts ttn lbtn
J w bre iu:e rf hV
I ~ ~ v nt e Dvilc).
' tth rrh.\' 1'rit'tCS in
-r cd pit sfr a whle
f L atated." sd m
Only '.-n a po ero atist- evrv.~
hodv. a~' ..Iti.ma h
EAo ',cj RS~: nAb
d'p ka theigole weddni. h. ai
MS. An.A VI.aINGOD, 84 yearstold.
*nn'f -r- will ,an ria.,l ne n,,,,
G.aIpteyenne,L h'nerniutonn.dle
Onlyraio, sei1 try ati. ey.
4, 6fyarssa frufelyevinPre Malt
d tei gnde wnedin g ti,
jiraemak "TeOlQ'7 me'
Sold At All I~V~Dispensarsod
r'irec Mat $.0 aVmII(~ Ntle. ( Refu eja
Ireognized 1E, - it is, the onll whlak
>y the G~.jfaovnm ant s a l
. al able meaica .lebi .t sent freI
iff ' lMlt \Vikey Coan. Rochue.ai
Woman Suffrage In The South.
Mitss Belle Kearnoy of Flora, Mis.
stasippi, in an able address before the
National Stuffrage Convention in New
Orleans, made a strong plea for the
enfranohisenent of Southern women
as the only honest solution of the race
qluestion in polit,io. She said in
part :
"The enfranchisement of women
would,insie unmediate and durable
white snpretma,y, honestly attained:
for, upon Ltnquestionable authority,
it is stated that: in every Sonthern
Stante but 'no, th",re are more -'du
eated wotm"n than all the illiterate
v.'ters, white and black, native and
foreoign, comnb ned. All the women in
the South who can read and write,
ten oat of every eleven are white.
When it comes to the proportion of
property between the races, that of
the white outweighs that of the black
immeasurable. The South is slow to
grasp the gioat fact that the enfran
ehismont of women would settle the
race question in polities.
"I have heard it said in the South,
Oh, well, suffrage may be a very
good thing for women in other see
tions of the United States, but not
herte. Our women are different.
How are they unlike those of their
0\ m1 sex elsewhere? They are evr
taml.h as intelligent as any upon the
face of the earth; they have the same
deep love for the home, the same
devotion to their country.
'1h, .t"s, but, yon see, if the white
womuen were allowed to vote, the ne
?;ro WOlt'mn would have the s5rne
privilegte, having to meet them at the
polls ou a basis of equality. That
ditlirnlty won;d be settled by having
stpr'e- p"lling places. When the
fit R
2Address SOUTH
T wo Daily Pullman V
Between SOUTH
The Best Rates and R
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stea
Nashville, Memnp
Louis, Chicago, N
Points South and Sout
and Jacksonville an
and Cuba.
Posmrvrasy Tus Satc
~ c'yFor dletailed informatic
man reserv'ations, etc., app
board Air Line RaIlway, c
Passenger Agent, Columbi
butllot is given to the women of tho
South, you will find that, these dis
tiut voting precincts for the two
races will be quickly establishqd.
"It is useless for we to attempt", at
this lato day, to refute the objections
raised against woman suffrage, for
every obstacle to its progress has
been met years ago, and every argu
ment. for its existence justified. It
is no longer a qenstion of right, with
tb people, for th-it old battle Ii.s
bean fought; it is n w iily owt' , f
expediency, and opposi i. t by pr.
" defend womuutu .1 ifr .tg Lefoitc
a Li-,nsianaaudione,, wonl lit a work
of extreme snpt,rerogation, for this
noble State has the oebit of hat ing
empowered by constitutional Iaw, all
tax ptt.ing women to Vote upon all
questions huhiuitted to t he taxp:f ori.
Women are permitted t., exereotth'.
right of voting in some form in 'ort -
three foreign countries and provin
ces. Complete enfranehisomont. is
enjoyed by women in the Isle of Man,
New Zealand, and Feulerated Austra
"In 18(W full political equality was
given to the women of Wyomiug.
Colorado, Utah and Idaho have since
followed, granting unlimited sniTrage
to women. Besides these four Stiutes,
wit h their full enfranchisement, there
are 25 other States in this country
that have partial suffrage for wo.
"The South, which has wrought so
splendidly in the past, surely will
measure up to its responsibility in
taking the forward step of woman's
enfranchiseme[nt in order to ronder
justice to its own tiresides and to fix
the status of the white race for fu.
t tire yours."
lavo mado Dropny and it s om
plications a specialty for twenty
years with the most wonderful
su oess Havoourodmany thons.
and cases.
1 J DR. IE. E. EEN'S ON.,
eJ Boa . F Atlanta, cla.
-- EAST -- WEST.
estibuled Limited Trains
aute to all Eastern CIties
Washington, or via
molrs.---To Atla nta,
hils, Louisville, St.
3w Orleans, and All
hwest--To Savannah
d all points in Florida
n, rates, schedules, Pull
ily to any agent of The S
r 3. J. Puiller, Traveling
a S.C.
-... ... --.....
H. C. BEA' TIS, Receiver.
In Efoot June8i1o902.
uot wotn Anderson and Walhalla
VAMr0t1'N1' W STBO
Mixell. Mixed
No.9. No. 12 Otatione. No. 11
1'. M. A. M. P. M. A.
3 10 9 65...............Belton............... 8 20 1t
2 48 1133........& udorson F. D......... 8 40 11
2 45 930........ ndoreon P. D . 8 46 II.1
........ 1125,.......W est A nditron....... 8 49 ......
...-... 909...............Denver.............. 8 69 .
........ 101...............Autut......... 40 ........
865 ....... ...Pontdi ton........... 4 1 .
841 ..............eliv.rry............... 4 18
---.- 8 44..... ... .. ... ............ 42 ..
8 28 .... J l t iai Ju et ...... 4 t.1
--....... > - -........ - t'nte",-s.. ... ...... -4 .5 ..
. . . . . . . .. . .4 . .....
- -. t U .. ....... .. 0 ' U a .I.. . o .
\Il r.gnIIIIr it'..i i . ~ 'lItoit to walhl t'
!"uvt pInrteit sl.e ovur 1nti. of' a i u cla1s
S lvist fit ItI ' '1o.e tt lrcc l tcsn 1nlt-a u !i
I'AvIs Spec. 89t(I1IlesI 1 it"r. , urder
IViII it a- mlop Itt t ft luwtng ationa to
tIit on tind -et fill {tanger"s: 'hiuiney '
''-1 * *t * ' M. a e . maim 1 nt, 'nud
k;U?CtU,Slu dicstlbIJdroEllila hwv t,
Augusta and Aahovlo Short Line
(tI;,h t " i.. eYt r. t.x \ It ell ', lut.s.)
.A .........Lv Ne wborry ........ Ar 3. 0 pn
.0 pin .'r Latrs9ta ........ L .04 3. *
%2.t.7 p.........Lv Luruia.. Ar 1.) pm
':0 IPm.........Ar Sarlatnburg..... Lv 12 01 pm
3 - Pin. v Irttiburg..... Ar 11.26sri
6.2 pi .........Ar Sautl a............... Lv 8. 89 am
('.l pa..........Ar tieut dersonvillte lv 8.05 am
7.15l lr.........A r \etwvillo,......... Lv 7.05 am
.2.I6 p . v Newborry (c.N.a 1,.) 3 10 pm
1.60 A'. A r i,attr n ..................y 2.02 pin
1.65 pm..... l'v auron .................Ar 1.45 rm
2. 1 pt .... Ar ro nwoo .............Lv 12.44 pm
. n.A Augustia.........Lv 10.(0 amn
2 .91 p m ..v A ugust ai..........Ar~1i.66 am
2 .0 p ...... A r I -'a1ufort. ......... Lv 7.50 atn
6.I5 pm...... Ar Port. lioyal .........Lv 7.40 t in
17 4 pm ... Lv N;w1 herr' ( N.&)Ar 8.10 pm
1 10 pim.... Ar Lattrun . ........I - 201 pm
2 91 pmn .... Iv i in r nu ............... .16 pin
.. pt ..... Ar (lreenvillo...... Lv 12.15 pm
lr't urt h'r infornetuion relativo to rates,
t'te' . 0 , II 0o, ( r Ittir 15
-lEO. 'r 1310' r N, tIon. A g . Glreenvill o,8 .
CN: c T WI1.LIAMS, ho-. 1ase. Agt
'1' M !: "l n,'l'u1{UN( Auitu6ta, da.
TV. iii. 6.- i Ie in Traitilt 4 altta 1 r. a
(Let-lt"rI) SI andard Tin t .) ,
SoutI bounu. Northbound.
Selclii '. in ECtlf"i A ugust 25th 1902.
8TATIO . 8.
8 40 am I,v Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pin
1I o5ii 9911 A t.lone 6 1 pm
It 11t 111; n lberton 5 17 pt
12 .S pin Ablhevilt. 4 0 pin
I 22 pil ir nu ni 1 8 3) in
2 h6. A. Clinton (ttn'r) I.v. 2 4.. pm
(O.& w 0.)
In 1k) 00ll) I.v tllentn Mpritigs Ar 4 (5 pmt9
12 15 pin Sparln mburi 3 31, pin
12 2 pil (i r.(t !It' 3 26 pill
( Hlarris 81 ri.rl w
1 1: ;-m wn a'terloo 2 35i
S{. 1 . " U [ - ( it1 ,'rt i % 7 . s .
1":; 52
I .,. s9?
2u- 1. -".t i - A t i !N
219 1'arkn Atr 42
222 .( irtl on. 131,
2:31 44.lvi:, 117
2 43 -i a ard.. 1 10
2 49 .(ary.. 105
21 ...xlapa.. 1005
:13 (tewberr) 12 48
3'it Proaperit3 1282
3 34 ....SiIghs.... 12 23
:3 311 Lt Mountain 12 19
3 61 ...Chapiu... 1209
3 67 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 69
4 17 Ballen tine 11 64
4 17 ......I rmo..... i 46
421 ..Leaph,rt.. 11 40
4 45 ArColumblal.v 11 20
pln am
I 65 LvColunbia (A.o.L..)Ar 11 10
( 20 Sumter 9 60
9 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
'1'rainc 63 a511(1 !2 arrivo and depart frotZ;
now u9nion d(pot.
TraIns 22 r.d 8i from A. C. L. freight depot
u 'est Gaorvais street.
For Rates, Time Tables, or further informa
lion call on any1 Agent, or writo to
Presi<dent. T raffic Manager.
Bo' . A gt. 9'en'1 Frt. & Pmas A gt,
f'onu' lit.. Fl. C' wIinmi n. )n C
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
platient's knowvledlge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure orZ
destroy.the diseased appetite for alco
holic stimulants, whether the patient is
a confi.'med inebriate, a "'tippler,'' so'
cial drinker or drunkard. Impossible
for an,yone to have an appetite for alco
holic lhquors aifter using White Ribbon
IndIorsedl by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Chistian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, 'writes: "'I have
tested White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate dlrunkardls, and the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin-U
tmendl lintd mdorse White Ribbon Reme- U
dly. Members of our Union are de
lighted to find an1 economical treatment
to mid us5 mi ourl tetmperance work.''
D)ruggists or~ by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writing Mrs. A. M. Town
send (for .veairs secretairy of a Woman's
Christian 'Temperance Union), 218 TPre
mnitIt St., Hoston, Mass. Sold in New
herry by Gilder & Weeks.
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