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Its Object the BQucation of the White Child
First-In Session in Richmond, Va.
The State
Richmond, Va , April 23.-In order
once for all and forever to set at rest
the intimations and suspicions set
afloat concerning the Southern Edu
cation board, t he representative of
the State today sought an authorita.
tive statement 'rom one of the prime
moveis in tLe board.
The gentleman selected is ia native
of North Carolina, who has attained
conspicuous success in the North,
Walter H. Page, editor of the World's
Work. Mr. Page was asked several
direct, unequivocal questions con
corning the board's purposes as they
relate to the negro and negro educa
tion. Mr. Page answered directly
and positively every question.
The State's correspondent told Mr.
Page plainly that he had come here
to see if there is a nigger in the wood
pile. To this Mr. Page, after answer
ing the queries put to him, replied:
"You will find when the wood pile is
turned over not a negro, but an un
educated white boy. That is what
we are after."
"Mr. Page," I asked, "does the
Southern Education Board propose
now or' ultimately to encourage or to
approve the coeducation of the races
or social equality ?"
"No," emphatically replied Mr.
Page, "nobody ever for one moment
dreamed of any such plan."
"Does the Southern Education
Board propose now or ultimately to
foster negro education before the edu.
cution of the white children: that is
to say, is negro education the primary
and white education the secondary
object of the board ?"
"No," said Mr. Page, with equal
"Are these two purposes, or is
either of them, negro education first
and negro equality, cherished by the
northern gentlemen, Mr. Ogden for
instance, who are officially prominent
in the Southern Education Board ?"
"Certainly not," said Mr. Page.
"Are these purposes, or is either of
them, cherished by the General Edu
cation Board or by any of its pro
moters ?"
The"s questions w"re itiswored atll
in the n-gative by H . Pagi with
great earne:tl ners, Lu, in t hn Nane
friendly spirit in whieh t.-y were
asked. H", doelared hit eiiro w_!d
complete co(itidenen in the northern
gent lemnen who are asso'ciated withI
him in this work tad djerhre, I t hat
they have noI dlesire or remote pur
pos (o push niegro t"dIucat ion ahead
of wh ite educat ion, hut are honestly,
earnestly desirous of assisting the
wvhite peopile who, nieed1 education es
wvell as the negro, thme white child
coming first beeanse, as Mr. Page
expressedi it, "'There is a manm, anid it,
is the moan we wvant to reach.''
D)uring t be latter part of the con
versattion with bNM r. Pagn t here w as
present D)r. Cliarles W. Dabnsey,
presidlent of thte University of Ten
nessel', who is4 oneo of th lit'ld.1 age nts
of the hon,erd. D)r. Dabnaey, a south
ramnor sumnthlerutnimn,gave hieaurty
assent to all t hat Mr. Page had said,
as didi Dr. Charles D). Melver, of
North Carolina, aniother director ando
field agent.
These assurances ought to be suffD
cient to convince all who are inclined
to be1 suIspicious and re'sentful of the
"moverment'' of the larger puirposes
of the board T'he St ate will speak
T1he featunre of today's session of
the Southern Education Coniferenice
was the magnificent address of Dr.
St. Claire McKeiway, enoitor of the
Brooklyn Eagle, and the feature of
that address was a glorious trib)ute
to Robert E Lee, which bronght pro
longed applause and patriotic teams
from a great audience of northern
and southern men anid women. Dr.
Mocelway's address was in his bril.
liant style. His symupathietiei under.
standing of southern conditions and
problems won the confidence of his
souhern hearers, whose approval
reached its climax when he said:
"The greatness arnd the grandeur,
the magnanimity and the modesty,
the consecration and the courage, the
example and the incentive which
Robert E Lee personified on the
field of war and in the still air of de.
lightful studies in collegiate shades
will be not only forever a benediction,
but forever a transforming influence,
not only within Virginia, not only
within the South, not only through
out the republic, but across the seas
and around the world wherever is
known the name of Robert E. Lee."
Preceding Dr. MoKelway's address
were the reports of the field secreta.
ries of the board.
Dr. McIver related the work being
done in South Carolina and compli.
mented liberal provisions for school
taxation. Among the South Caroli.
nians here are State Superintendent
of Education Martin, President Sloan
and Prof. Bain of the South Carolina
College, President Johnson of Win
throp, President Snyder and Prof.
Gamewell of Wofford College, Presi
dent Pell of Converse, County Super.
intendents Wallace of. Richland,
Brooks of Laurens, Stevenson of
Fairfield and Berry of Marion, City
Superintendent Edmunds of Sumter,
Col. J. J. Dargan of Darlington, and
Dr. A. J. S. Thomas, editor of the
Baptist Courier.
Jas. A. Hoyt, Jr.
The last day's session of the board
on Friday had a large and enthusias
tic attendance. The following s) li
cers were elected for the ensuing
Presidant-Robert C. Ogden, New
Yoi k.
Vice President-Edgar G. Mur
phy, Montgomery, Ala.
Secretary-B. J. Baldwin,- Mont
gomery, Ala.
President H. N. Snyder, of Wof
ford College, was made a member of
the executive committee.
Addresses were made by Dr. Ly
man Hall, Dr. Lyman Abbott, editor
of the Outlook, of the Georgia Insti
tote of Technology, Josephus Dan
iels, editor of the Raleigh News and
Observer, and J. H. Kirkland, than
cellor of Vanderbilt University, and
a number of prominent northerners.
Georgia May Parker Poisoned by Corro
sive Sublimate Given by Mistake for
News and ('ourier.
Bauiberg, April 23.-The saddest
story whic has beeni heard in this
town ftr many years iy now being
told. It is about as follows: A lit
tIe girl, whosie mnothler was dead, was
liviug with her aunt and was sick.
Her father went to a drug store on
last Sunday for some calomiel. Tfhe
package was delivered to him, the
child's tinit gave it a doe. They
immnedliatly discoviered that the child
was in a dying couditioni. They took
the little one and carried it through
Main st reet in g re.at di,t recs t o
another drug store in the hopes of
securimg re-lief for it, hut the.-re was
noue. Th'le little sp,ark of hfe. de
parted while t bey. were on tibe si reot
Corrosnive sublimate had be en given
and not (alombel. Actirng Coroner
Lightsey .nItumon)Iedt a jury and theO
verdict wa: "G."rgia .\ay Carker
came1 to her dleath by a dfrog admiin -
istered to her by Josie England."
This probably is t he end of the sad
Assistant Attorney General for the
Postollice Departmtenut at WVash ing
t>n, Jas. N. Tyne, ha-, been sum},
marily dischnargeud by the Postmua-ter
General b)ecauIse Mrs. T'yneo secretly
abstracted from a safe ini the die
partment all of Tyne's p)4aer and
records. T'yne .vas sick and in bed,
and it was with i u knowledge that
Mrs. Tyne acted. The whole matter
has b)een referred to the Attorney
General o,f the UJnited Sitates. The
affair, which comes on the wake of
the recent postotlice scandais, has
created an imns ne set ation in
(Col. Joseph Kyle Rickey, who is
said to be the originatJr of the fa
mnus drink known as "gin Rickey'
died suddenly in New York 1ast week.
An autopsy disclosed that he had
taken carbolic acid.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The United States, Great Britain,
and Japan, will protest against the
action of Russia in seeking to acquire
Manchuria on the ground that such
action is an open breach of faith with
the three former countries, Russia
having pledged herself to help main
tain the "open door" in Manchuria.
The governments of Prussia and
the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg
have decided to expel the 235 Mor
mon missionaries in those countries
on the ground that their teachings
are incompatible with the laws of the
Mayor Tom Johnson says he thinks
the more talk of nominating him for
the presidency is a positive injury to
what be ia trying to accomplish in
his home city, which he says is his
present field of usefulness.
Just before leaving for Europe this
week, Andrew Carnegie said with
regard to his gift of $600,000 to Tus
keegee: "The race problem will be
settled by education and in such way
as Mr. Washington is now directing
that policy."
The body of Jingo, a dead elephant
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The Bank pays 4
The Syste
thrown overboard while en route
Liverpool to New York on March 12,
was sighted l,5oo miles from New
York on April 17. The body had
been floating thirty. six days.
The New York Board of School
Superintendents has excluded "Uncle
Tom's Uabin" from public school
libraries because "it is not of grett
historical value" and "has served its
The Manufacturers' Record says
that significant of (levelopnelts in
the South and of changing conditions
here is the fact, that over 1,000 iniles
of inter urban railways have boon
recently projected, two of tho most
important of those in this Stato.
Ten persons were killed in an ox.
plosion at the plant of the North
western Star Oil Coupany at MAinno
apolis on Thursday. The lalnl,
valued at. $-10,000 was totally de
An'row Carnegie ias given $600,
000 on the onlowment fund for 'us
keegee, Booker \W ashington's negro
university. 'T'he only linit wit bi tho
gift is that, seitable proviso'rn shall
alwayb, he made for Booker and his
Three n(etgro lyniehors have been
convicted at Bluotitld, W. Va., and
art aBauki Acconi
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o "3 NF.W YORK<
sentenced to three years for attempt
ing to lynch Charles Godfrey, another
negro, lust February.
A soldier is confined with leprosy
in a house near Fort Screven, Ga ,
built especially for his confinement.
The soldier could have been dis
charged for inability, but the sur
goois desired to study his case. This
is the first ease of leprosy ever in the
Presideut lRoosevelt, who has boon
alone in Yellowstono Park study
ing nature, hts rejoined his touring
party and will continue his western
A resolution has boon 'int roduced
in the Florida legislature requesting
the Florida delegation in Congress
to institute charges of corrupt influ
once looking to iilpeaclhment against
J udge Charles Swayne, of the Court
of Florida.
Russia hlts detuanded that China
sign at. agreement coding to her the
sovereignty of Manchuria and exoclud
ing other natiois from tilat count.ry.
The demland has greatly excited
Japan, who is talking war.
'lhe British have suflred a dis
astrous defent in Africa. Col. Plunk
ott, and tarly all his conltuanl of
10 men were annihilated on April
LtWithl the NewUe
R RY , S. c. _.
re- WATC
ne Safe lik teon
is unokdan h o
ne Saeoi, li thoe si
ner lokdtnhe Nu
ris;rinocandr th Mr
10. They forinod i part of an ex
pedition into Somaliland
There witas a riot in the Illinois
legielature Thursday of last week
many of the niember indulging in
free fit fights. The discussion of
Chicago atreet railway franchisee
caused the muddle.
Senator latt.iwor hats boon drawn
into the postal depitrtmetnt. acandal.
Postmaster (1nc'rtl Payno Rays that
before Mr. Latimor left Washington
he presented chargoc to the Presi
dent against First Assistant Payne
regarding his language concerning
women clerks. Mr. Payne, however,
Hays Mr. Iatimer'H charges were not
im connection with tho present inves
Thoro is indignat ion among gov
ernmont oflicials ait. the action of
Puerto Rtico in continuing proceed
ingH againt Unito<l States naval oili.
cers at San, Juamn ehargod with smug
An unknown n,'gro of ahout 1'7
years was lynhedtu near Santa 1,e, Ill.,
Sunday aft,irnoon for attempting to
aHanlt Ithe tn year old <1aughter of
Farnor Iranson I)avis. Aftorwareds
tho white tot, attacks negro work.
11101), killing many and wounding
other .
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Items of More or Less Interest Condensed+
In the State.
The plumbers' strike in Columbia
has come to an end. Both (sidens are
on friendly terms and no further
trouble is anticipated.
A negro was convicted in the United
States Court at Greenville for obatruc.
ting the mails. David iSherard, the
negro, refused to get out of the road
with his wagon to let Mr. Trescot,
the mail carrier, pass. A verdict of
guilty was returned by the jury inl
ton minutes.
The supreme court has handed
down a decision that bonds voted by
Union for putting in sewerage go in
charge of the city council and not the
commissioners of public works. The
eonmissioners claimed they were the
proper ones to take chargo of the
money and there has been a good
deal of litigation.
Union, who some time ago voted
to tax herself for the support of the
proffered Carnegie library, has ap
pointed committees to take charge of
the matter and the library will be
placed at an early date.
Ike Edwards, an old deaf negro,
while walking on the track near
Hodges on Wednesday last, was run
down by a train and killed.
The naval reserves wore called np
on at Beaufort last week to prevent
a riot, the occasion being the carry
ng of Iwo negro prisoners by the
sherilf fronn the jail to the depot..
With the a'sistance of the reserves,
ptte waVs kept.
''he Villiamnstol. (ollege of ( reen
wood has beenn chartered by the sec
retary of sttte The institution will
be olfered to the South Carolina Con.
foronce in perpetuity.
It is now almost certain that, the
government, will -establish a naval
training at ation at Paris Island, Bean.
Crosswell & Co., of Sumtor, have
bought. t he right from -ho coca cola
people to b ttlei and soll <'.ien c bi)I ili
Sout h Ib;ar'litun, atnd have establishi
e d p ais n ts a t ti mcl ' " r mid tt Cu m -
M,iss "lore co Jo-., (Coogler, sia
ter of the lnt , J. (G ordlont (oogler,
was onrrietd ial \libt, outn, nt.e
ite i.st. , l l ir . .1. \W. l hler, of
I:I t-o t)lkli'h, mo t.
(tnl-ar R-1y. it le~gro, Wits cap
Iur.'1te i t ,re''en ftransporing Ii
rer s aag Kin''g w r. et on Thturs
ci cen icut.
A litu eh nieio ..i rI e f 10 yeare was
bor e id to <beob ar lher fatther's hiomie
ini l,ett-ter last, w-.'k. Shie livedl
lonei enout.gh t) el ihat a rat knoickted
tover a lamtp, t hee latinyi falliny into
hier h,ip m.dlt' senin' hter ai re'.
112' ,I:aex o' 'ri , ro'e foundt a few
li n--mi' de'5:r il-ry m i )in le kons~i
< oun .. s e r y icr t rf I f ee' u eri
~ilI hel niveear tt into cm.
li[n ry C. B rickman tu, an tengintee r
at Blackshiirg, wiilIe altt(enit tig to
.open a eoggedi val ve of thlie at.ir~ pio
of his t rain a fe w das a ago, sist ainiedl
k thle p,aincful loss of the tend uef tine if
C~horokoeo hia- secu red ~, good ~ut rIas
muachiinmery andc htas puit it tto workm on
e t he jimpJWirnonLt)of h er roads T.'he
imachinery wats purchiased from WV. A.
Neal, Jr.
. G. E. Wavra, .Jr , of Coluibiac, who
bo artded thte sou thl bon d SotthernI
Ira in at. Col untbia a little ill, was
feounda dead in his sonat wvhen the t rain
reached Chest cr Thuiirsday igh{.lt.
W avra was a natie of (Gor i man y. It
is rum toredl hei wars drugged and robi odl
antd the. ve'rdict of thle in<quost is
teagerly awaited.
lThe peeople about (Conway are vr
a cctessf ully enigaginig in t rack f o reim
mng anid haveoshipuped alrceady qumantti.
* ims of st.rnwherries.

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