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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, April 28, 1903, Image 2

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~A~a V
nw rP'~slo' '~ONP~.
.a. -~ -'
The ~ ~ a ~a' (\a~~*a.( ~
q)fl~. "a a 0
Iun~hi~i. O~)c 'a '~' .> ~'.'. ' a a
e~-~ ~
* a, .. a. a'
aM' \ N'
a. ' .-*
N,. *.
a' ' - . ,.a.a , . - - -
I. - -.
a4i-'Ia ~ -
~)L* ha' ' -- .-. * -- .. a
fj~a*fJj~ .~' *a~ *. ,,> ,,.,, -
w ltt d 61r P'ntiYU, tho bat<c fo'r
( tle in~ t'h 4 itti ftlr tb( he '\'ti 1\'Nl t l.
We hsivt r~ tklh theA~hteew
:"' tes ll',l tlf tlit tic,ii nts ttt it
\\"cllhj hv ''e )WI sit tIt 'r o'Ati;t:~ic
to, f ' hk\'(' 't atr3 tO \rh'nl tht'zzt
;11t il.:t V b'li i1'S~ 11i1 tt\ hs\'t hst1 th('
(\v'i sj"ne i byt h sn11'c onetc.
1"1: Al 1IO ? 'A ARI,)ltl.
" t,t t?fSN1 tl' he v
)i 11 a''
o1 t 1 i '1 It.0 . t
,t 1 ; 11?S 1 : f c~ ilCt . S)i l'y1'
1\i ;1111 ?i 1N1' ' ..jl
I%% ". h -k T
t.. . . . ..-ttt 3 , 11C1117t.. . ,
;t : 111f . \3 i
" l i "S l l t : , t . :
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
14e gt to your land and your crop
w il be good. Plenty of
A"i %;i itit\' itn the hat.
\\ untwon'gowomnfor
ltt i r o
S.* th' house of
' -
Aostt day inh: 0t.
: . t r,: i me a.1- a h numb r of
!,a. One of the' women,
- F h Rng'm, who at.
t c ceA and w1g
:w' :1.d:'1g1i.h caly part
h i si D n we-.- 'of
ni .aere . as C'1owvs:
t numt 5:... P.
. . . . . ..
a c
~ ~$~-R1TMENT
- - * -VT -LNS
- s - '
~j(j -f~ n I
- V~ *r( -~r
Newberry's Biggest Store. W,
trade. If we were we would nE
with big value giving is eviden<
this store. We are and shall cc
country that this store is the m
lina. With every purchase to t
Fruit of the Loom Bleaching fv
25(0 yds Colored Dimities and Lawns t
4 c . worth 8'!c.
t ;io yds. French Batiste and Colored j
Organdie 9c., worth 15c
SoSo Fine imported Dimities and Organ
dies !.C., worth 25c.
Soooo yds. New Spring Shirting Calicoes
3e., worth 5c.
,;ooo-) Fine Merrimack Foulards 6ytc ,
worth toe.
40,xO yds. 36 in. Spring P&rcales 4e ,4 -
worth 1ox.
So xO yds. Sea Island for this sale 4c.,
worth 6eC.
;ooo- yds. Heavy N" ewhekrry" Mills Drill 5e.,
w"orth -e
r,'oo vds. Plaid Hotnespun, best quality
4 c .worth 69 ..
:va ds C'Ottonade,;, n1ew Styles 9e
w"orth ise.
o r 1 1 1 5d . l 'o t t o l tl e s , lh ea \ \ 1 . 1 t y 1 C , 1
'oxi 25C. i
,' ' ds. 36 in. Mleech, w ' t dressng
4 -. . worth 61c.
uw Large Size Pictures i . worth 25c.
0 vcds. White India Linen io;., worth
~ 4o in. India1 ..inen1 4 _e.. worth 1
:: :: CG F:neII Inia :ne.n me , worth 1 cc. -
F=ine Wi t e i , . worth
n n\Whit 1saske: t. a for ~
No matter what prices are
e . Yurs for bargains.
Low Prices on Seaso
A t Copeland Brn
The Shoe House of r
A gran,d diFsp ay of Straw
Th Latest Styles. Prices to -S
From 25c. to $3.C
Copeland I
Outfitters for Everybc
to hHrsMeeting. W i
. Cut Glas
.4.,',4p4 ' 1;,.i , ,':~Wedding a
& tM /O ir* 149 (94&04 We1. 1, IP' 4', I Ih i
se $ 4 ir a, ij W Um
Deata.& M nm-- Themwhe
e are never feeble or faint heartec
3ver expect to be conquerers. Th
:ed by the busy scenes that daily
)ntinue to convince the people of
ost economical and satisfactory s
he amount of $5.00 we will sell l
r 50c.
2% and 3 yd. lengths, half price. #
2000 White Bed Spreads 59c., worth 85c.
2000 fine White Bed Spreads 89c , worth i
o500 yds. best Black Taffeta Silk 22in. wide
49c , worth $t.oo.
- 3000 yds. Colored Spring Dress Goods, 40
I in. wide 21c., worth 4oc.
}% 2000 yds. Black Brilliantine, 50 in. wide,
49c., worth $1.00
250 doz. all Linen Handkerchiefs, special
5c., worth ioc.
25o doz. Ladies' Fast Black Hose, special
5c. pr., worth ioc.
oo doz. Ladies' Fast Black Hose, special i,
t 21c, worth 20C.
100 doz. Men's Half Hose, Black, Tan,
Blue and Red 5c , worth ioc.
25000 yds. Fine Embroidery and Insertions
5c., worth 1oc.
30000 yds Fine Embroidery and Insertions
;9c., worth i5c.
3000 fine Parasols, steel rods and natural
handles, 24c. each, worth Soc.
.250 fne Parasols, steel rods and natural
handles 39c. each, worth 75c.
200 fine Parasols, steel rods and silver
nounted handles 75c. each, worth $1.oo.
200 fine Parasols, steel rods -nd silver
mounted handles 98c. each, worth $1 .50.
Shoes, Sandals and Ox=
ford Ties.
It.) cases Men's Sunday Shoes, for this sale
9Sc., worth Si 50
io cases Men's Low Cut Shoes, for this sale
$1.25, worth $.75.
s cases Men's Vici Low Cut Shoes, for this
sale $1 40. worth $2.
2 cases L.adies' Oxfords. Patent or Natural
auoted you in the reach of one hu
rable Goods - SOME
fthers! N E w
in Past Few Weeks! JUS
~ ~ Dress Goods, Ms
Soirette, Lace
All the above ii
We have man
gewberry. "Brought Over"
~)'Q'a 24rrtquite cheap.
V'~nr !mri i'to Blan kets, Over
'Li ~~~Y aid ~ are being sold ex
1 K . ' r . p i r g u r a - c o s t .
ND BO YS. INew stock ladi<
nz,,n.r, Butterick Fa,sh
anos ready. Come to
La't s rrnade for' th
everybhod y.
anId Felt Hats, V W
uit Every One. The Place Wh6
so vershon i A E Y CI
3 ros With bugs on th(
Every one is at
Some check th4
ody. once while others
IC them to multiply
they are all ove
63, CRS, house and then f
,IflkIAI a task to extern
flu Plate Wvare, the pest. Why n
s and Table Ware a bot tle of our
nd Birthday Presents when first they a
dig W thscovered and b
ding W tces lieved at once.
Vinders. easy to apply, an
' like most prepar;
b' it is not greas
i $90% Nisticky and doel
soil the bed cloth
rd Scholtz, PRICE 25c and
Th anrd Optician. A B3OTT LE,
1A IN NI'X'i' 30 DA YS W. 0. MVay
in/Ai 1f .45 ldow at
I battling in the interest of o
at our name is synonomou 11
surround each department in
NJewberry and the surrounding
tore to deal with in upper Caro-.'
0 yards of Androscoggins o:
Tips, iIcel or Spring Heel 98c., worth
20 caSes Ladies' Oxfords, Patent or Natural
Tips, ieel or Spring Heel Si 45, worth $2
25 caSes Lalies' Sandals, t , 2, 3 and 4
straps, all sizes $1.49, to $3-50.
25 cases Children's Shoes and Slippers just
open (1, all Sizes 49C , to $2.
The Clothing Department.
1000 prs. Boys' Knee Pants, 5 to 15, special
for this sale 23c., worth 40C.
1000 prs. Boys' Knee Pants, 5 to 16, special
for this sale 48c., worth 75C.'
1 0oo Boys' Suits, all sizes, for this sale 98c., '
1 oo Boys' Suits, all sizes, for this sale$t.49,
worth $2.50.
50o Prs. Men's Odd Pants for this special
sale, 98c. worth $t 5o.
300 Prs. Men's Odd Pants for this special
sale, $1.69 worth $2.50.
250 Men's Spring Suits, just landed, for
this special sale, $5.98 worth $to.oo.
200 Men's Spring Suits, just landed, for '
this special sale $8.50, worth $12.50.
oo I)oz. Men's Colored Madras Shirts for
this special sale 48c , worth 75c.
ioo Doz. Men's Fine Suspenders for this
sale 23C., worth Soc.
200 Ladies' Fine Trimmed Hats for this
special sale 98c., worth $i 50.
200 Ladies' Fine Trinued Hats for this
special sale $r 49. worth $2.50.
ioo I'tdiws' Fine Trimmed Hats for this
special sale $2.50, worth $5.00.
1oo Doz Ladies' Sailor flats for this special
sale 25C., worth Soc.
ndred miles around, I will be
.dra~s, Ginghams, Percales, 4
Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
1Colors and White.
y "Odds and Einds" in our
Goods that we are sellina
coats, and all Winter Goods
tremely low-really less than
is' and men's Red Golf Gloves >
ion Books and Patterns are
re You Get Your Moey's Worth.
SI KyUST' ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
tJFesh Nabisco, Athena, Chamn
ED ~pagne and F'estino Wafers.
A FULL LINEi of Canned Moats,
Sbed? 1.Can ned Vegetables and Cannedi
Limes. Fish at S. B. Jones',
am at -__
allo " OW N O Y''~ an omlt
u nti I glass at S. B. Jones'.
~rthe - .-~- _ _
nd it 0LIVES, Sauces, and all kinds of
l I n a te Cond(liments at S. B. Jones'
At use __ __
H uyler's
D E Lowney's and
e dis-- Bak er's Cocoa,
e re- adSpices,
it i andFlavoring Extracts
d un- At S. B. Jones'.
y or
not Dried Fruit:
50c CAlifornia Apricots,
Pru nes,
re' n Peaches
OS andRaisins,
E. At S. B. Jones'.

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