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Memorial Day Pixed-Delegates and Spon
sors Chosen-New Members-Pen
sion Rolls Discussed.
eeting of James D. Nance Camp
6, U. C. V., was held in the cour
Saturday morning for the pur
making arrangements for Me
electing delegates and spon
he reunions to be-held in Colum.
New Orleans, and the transac
such other business as might
up for consider..tion.
meeting was called to Order by
mander J. W. Gary, a large num
of members in attendance.
The question of selecting a speaker
d making arrangements for the prop
er observan-ce of Memorial Day was
taken up and discussed, and it was de
cided that the offer of the Daughters
of the Confederacy and the Sons of Vet
erans be accepted and that they be
allowed and requested to make such
arrangements,'ac'.ing in conjuntion with
a committee from the Camp. These
arrangements include the selection of a
speaker. Commander J. W. Gary, Ad
jutant O. L. Schumpert, and Chaplain
E. P. McClintock were appointed on
the committee from the Camp.
Adjutant Schumpert called to the at
tention of the Camp the fact that .the
10th of May, the anniversary of the
eath of Stonewall Jackson, which has
ieretofore been observed in this State
as Memorial Day comes this year on
He said that so far as he was individu
ally concerned he saw nothing inappro
priate in the observ:!nce of the day on
Sunday, and he was agreed with by
many others. But there were some
who thought differently and in order
not to offend any, he would not press
his. views.
Saturday, the ninth day of May, was
fixed as Memorial Day.
It was announced that on this day the
Daughters of the Confederacy will con
fer upon veterans whose applications
have been favorably passed upon Crosses
of Honor, provided the arrangements
for securing the Crosses may be made
in time. .
The following were elected delegates
to the State Reunion which will be held
in Columbia May 12, 13, and 14: J. Y.
Culbreath, O. L. Schumpert, J. W.
Gary, J. L. Connelly, G. B. Aull,,E. W.
Reese, Jno. A. Cromer, G. S. Nolan,
D. A. Dickert, Jno. C. Wilson, Dr. Jas.
McIntosh, T. J. Oxner, E. McD. Heller,
Dr. S. Pope, J. F. Glenn, M. M. Buford,
E. P. McClintock, J. H. P. Cromer,
Alex Singleton, I. L. Britt.
The following were elected delegates
to the General Reunion to be held in
ew Orleans May 19, 20, and 22: M. M.
Harris, Wm. Franklin, L. M. Speers,
M. M. Buford, O. L. Schumpert, J. W.
Gary, D. A. Dickert, J. S. Spearman,
E. P. McClintock, R. C. Carlisle, J. Y.
Culbreath, Jas. McIntosh, J. S. Blair,
Jno. C. Wilson, M. A. Carlisle, J. A.
('romer, W. H. Wallace.
Miss Vmnnie Mae Wilson, daughter of
Col. Jno. C. Wilson, was chosen sponsor
to represent the Camp at the State Re-.
union in Columbia, and Miss Neville
Pope, daughter of Cheif Justice Y. J.
Pope, sponsor for New Orleans. Each
of the sponsors is requested to appoint
two .maids of honor.
Col. 0. L. Schumpert was made
chairman of both reunion delegations.
SDr. Jas. McIntosh was elected Third
Lieutenant Commander to fill the va
cancy caused by the death of Thompson
A communication from the Chamber
of Commerce, Columbia, asking that
the Camp prepare a float to be used in
the floral parade at the Columbia Re.
union, was referred to the Daughtere
and Sons.
The following new members were
elected: J. UI. Livingston, Co. H.,
Third Regiment; T. J. Hayes, Co. A.,
Fourth State Reserves; J. B. Lathan,
Co. B., Seventh Battalion; J. C. Dick.
ert, Co. E., Third flegiment; W. L.
Atchinson, Co. E., Third Regiment
Warren H. Jones, Co. C., Holcombe
Legion, Seventh S. C. Cavalry; Jno. F.
Kibler, Co. G., Thirteenth Regiment
D. F. Dominick, Co. G., TLhirteenti
Under the head of reports of commit
tees, Adjutant 0. L. Schumpert re
ported that his committee to confei
with other Camps for the purpose o:
requesting the passage of suitable pen.
sion laws, had communicatedl with the
various Camps throughout the State
but at the meeting held in Columbii
had been able to secure delegates fron
only nine or ten. That these had gon<
before the legislative committees, bu
no action was taken.
Adjutant Schumpert called to the at
tentlon of the Camp that the pensio:
lists throughout the South are steadil;
increasing every year, aInd complaint
.are justly becoming more numnerou
that there are those receiving pension
who are not entitled to them. He sai
that this abuse ought to stop. The Cor
federate Camps had made themselve
responsible for the pension lists, and h1
thought the best solution to require a
on the pension rolls to belong to th
The old committee on this subject
with Col. Schumpert as chairman wc
Furman First and Wofford Second-The
Standing of the Six Contestants
A Notable Occasion.
The contest of the Inter-collegiate
Oratorical Association of South Caro
lina, held at Greenwood on Friday night,
was one of the most interesting events
in college life in the State during the
past year. The first medal was won
by S. M. Wolfe, of Furman; subject,
"Is the Work of the Poet Done.'
Second medal was awarded Mr. W. K.
Greene, of Wofford; subject, "The Gos
pel of Wealth."
The averages of the various contest
ants were as follows:
S. M. Wolfe, Furman.................91.83
W. K. Greene, Wofford .................90.16
Guy W. Davis, Erskine...... ........85.33
G. C. Merchant, Newberry..........84.83
F. C. DeSaussaure, Clemson.........82.05
J. H. Thornwell, Jr., Clinton........78.66
Newberry, as is known, was repre
sented by Mr. G. C. Merchant, of
Jalapa. Speaking of Mr. Merchant,
the Greenwood correspondent of the
State says: "Mr. Thornwell was
followed by Mr. G. C. Merchant, of
Newberry College. Mr. Merchant is a
member of the senior class, and a na
tive of Jalapa, Newberry County. His
subject was "Paul Kruger." His eu
logy of the rugged old Boer president
was striking."
Mr. C. W. Riser, of the Excelsior
Society, of Newberry College, was
chosen president of the Association for
the ensuing year.
Maj. Robt. H. Welch is in Greenwood
on professional business.
The fines in the Mayor's court until
the 25th amounted to $82.85.
Hon. Geo. S. Mower has gone to
Laurens on professional business.
A statement of the expenaiture of
the sewer fund is published in another
Mr. E. A. Griffin, of Charlotte, spent
runday in tne city with his father's
Sheriff Buford brought from Wood
ruff yesterday a negro wanted for vio
lation of contract.
Miss Agnes Summer, who has been
teaching school at Colliers, is at home
for the summer vacation.
Miss Mary Nance Fair, who has been
on an extended vist to St. Louis, Mo.,
and Columbia, has returned home.
Mr. W. E. Merchant, Prof. W. K.
Sligh, and Mr. Robert Norris attended
the oratorical contest in Greenwood on
last Friday night.
A number of delinquent tax payers
have settled accounts with the town
during the past several days, saving
the costs of executions.
Have you got a savings bank? Nearly
every citizen in the community has one
and the thing to do is to put the coin
in it.
The Ewart-Pifer Co. address a talk to
men who want to dress economically
and that strikes the average citizen in
this community.
Mr. G. Fred Smith, who has been at
tending the United States Court in
Greenville, was called home yesterday
on account of the illness of his wife.
Rev. H. J. Mathias, who has been
serving the Lutheran charge at St.
Luke's, has gone to Lincolnton, N. C.,
to take charge of a pastorate there.
Misses Bessie Gilder and Thyra
Schumpert and Dr. J. K. Gilder will go
to Columbia today to attend the play
by Joe Jefferson in that city tonight.
Sheriff Buford captured at Slighs last
week Lewis Young, colored, wanted
for violation of contract. The Sheriff
had been in pursuit of Young for some
Hey. R. C. Ligon of Newberry, and
Mrs. J. E. Lindsey of Jonesville were
visitors at the college this week. Both
have daughters here. -Chicora College
cor. State, 25th.
Mrs. S. G. Moreland, of New Hamp
shire, while on her way to a visit to
Greenville last week, stopped over in
Newberry for a few hours to visit Miss
S. L. Holland.
Messrs. C. C. Stewart aud F. H.
Kempson, delegates from Newberry
Council, No. 46, left yesterday for Lau
caster to attend,. the Great Council of
the State Junior Order U. A. M.
Misses Bessie Gilder, Thyra Schum
pert, Lucy Speers, and Nannie and
Lucy McCaughrin and Dr. J. K. Gilder
and Mr. C. E. Fant will attend the
musical festival at Converse, Spartan
burg, this week.
Mr. F. J. Harmon gives notice that
Ham Miller and his family are under
contract with him for thir year and
wvarns all persons not to hiid nor har
bor him or his family under the penal
ties provided by law.
Banks at Home.
The N ewberry Savings Bank has
adopted a very convenient system of
deposits installed under the supervision
of C. 0. Burns & Co., of New York.
They loan free to any one a handsome
private home safe, securely locked, the
- key being kept by the bank. In these
i home banks small deposits may bo kept,
,' it being required that the home banks
a be carried to the Savings Bank and Its
s contents deposited every sixty (lays.
s The only condition is that as long as the
I bank is kept $1.00 be kept to the credit
- of the holder, which may be drawn out
a upon the surrender of the bank. Four
o per cent. interest is paidl.
The Head of the House
Can't help being interestedl in some
thing that will protect the health of the
*family. A pure, scientificallyr milled,
5 flour will do this and "Clifton"' is the
name of sucha fioum,
Sermon Preached to Pulaski Lodge by
Rev. S. H. Zimmerman of
Central Methodist.
Sunday was the eighty-fourth anni
versary of the foundation of the order
of Odd Fellows. In obedience to a
proclamation issued by Grand Master
Davis, in conformity with a proclama
tion of the Grand Sire, the day was ap
propriately observed by all subordinate
lodges throughout South Carolina.
On Sunday night an anniversary ser
mon to Pulaski Lodge of this city was
preached by Rev. S. H. Zimmerman,
in Central Methodist church. The
members of the order attended in a body.
Notwithstanding the very disagreeable
weather, a large congregation was
Rev. Mr. Zimmerman's theme was
Friendship. His text was taken from
I Sam. 18:1: "The soul of Jonathan
was knit with the soul of David, and
Jonathan loved him as his own soul."
The speaker said that the poet must
have been thinking of the love of these
lovers when he wrote:
"Our souls by love together knit,
Cemented, mixed in one,
One hope, one heart, one mind, one voice,
'Tis heaven on earth begun."
For surely the spirit bond that links
the angel with humanity is love! It
was far from his purpose on this occa
3ion, however, to measure the love
which knit those noble souls. This is
"As well might'st thou
Attempt to purchase heaven,
To vend the stars,
Make traffic of the skies
Or measure out what is immeasurable."
But we may from this example draw
3ome lessons which beautifully illus
trate the principles of our beloved order,
and which may be helpful to us all in
all the walks of life. 'Th' speakcr re
ferred to the fact that we never think
f Jonathan as a prince, but as a man.
Ihe prospects and the crowns of princes
may be destroyed, but the character
which made them true men is imperish
able. If you would know the best of
history, know the best men and women
>f history. History is enriched with
manhood and the great ages of the
world are known by their names.
The speaker said that man is made
for fellowship. Friendship is one of
the laws of our being. In other words,
fraternity is natural. It is one of the
mssential qualities of real manhood.
Selfishness, envy, etc., are unmanly
md hence unnatural. Soul quality con
ititutes true greatness, Hence man is
:apable when he is kind. Friendship
is seeking the society and welfare of
mother or others. It is an essential
Iuality of real usefulness or greatness
VIr. Zimmerman gave some of the beau
;iful instances of friendship in history,
-hat of Epaminondas and Pelopidas,
Pamon and Pythias, Orestes and Pyla
les, Jonathan and David. Of all these
the friendship of Jonathan was the
brightest because it possessed most
:learly the quality of disinterestedness.
Whenever men have exhibited real
Friendship, they have also shown their
belief in God, and the immortality of
Lhe soul. Friendship tends to develop
manhood. Our intellectual and active
powers increase with our affection.
Elence Friendship is in the world, be
:ause God is in the world.
Christ died for those who loved him
riot. Pythias loved Damon, and David
Loved Jonathan, but though the sinful
world did not knowv Christ as its friend,
yet Christ died to save men. Greater
ove hath no man than this, that a man
.ay down his life for his friend, but God
:ommendeth his love to us in that while
we were yet sinners, Christ died for
Escaped Erom Moving Train,.
John Suber, colored, commonly known
as "Rooster," who some time ago was
sentenced to the chain gang for thirty
:lays for vagrancy, made a bold and
successful dash for liberty while being
carried to the gang last week. Mike
Counts was in charge of Suber and two
other convicts. Counts with his thres
prisoners boarded at Newberry the
Southern's passenger train going to
wards Columbia. Just after the train
had passed the crossing belp~w the oil
mill, and while it was running along at
pretty good speedl, Suber who was on
the end of the seat, just as the conduc
tor p)assed between him and Counts
madle a break for the door, and leaping
off the moving train, escaped. lie was
followed by Counts, but just as Mr.
Counts reached the platform he slipped
and was thrown off the train.
The train was stopped andl ran back
for Counts, who wvas p)ickedi up in an
unconscious condlition. iIe was soon
revivedi, however, and with his two
other prisoners, went on to the location
of the gang. Suber is still at large.
On The Iiamond.
In a p)retty game of ball in Spartan
burg on Friday afternoon, Newberry
was defeated by Wofford. The score
was 5 to 3.
From Spartanburg the New berry Col
lege team went over to Clemson, wvhere
it was scheduled to meet Clemson on
Saturday afternoon. The game, how
ever, could not be played on account of
rain. The Newberry team retur~ned to
Newherry Saturday night.
The next game wvill be with Carolina
in Newberry on Thursday afternoon.
The Clemson game will be played on the
college diamond Monday afternoon.
These two games promise to be the best
two of the season.
Test One Sack
01f ''Clifton'' flour and you wvill find
it makes more bread, better bread, and
gives better satisfaction than any flour
yua n buy.
Money Now in the Hands of Clerk Goggans
-The Names and Amounts to be
Clerk of Court Juo C. Goggans has re
ceived frot the State Pension Department
Newberry County's share of the pension
appropriation The total amount for this
county is $3,675 55, to be divided anong
159 pensioners
Clerk Goggans is ready this morning
to begin the distribution of the money.
He has received frot the State Board a
request not to pay any one except in per
son, or when the pensioner is not able to
appear in person, on written power of
attorney signed before a proper officer.
The names of those who will receive
the pension money from this county, to
gether with the classes in which their
nanes have been placed, and the amounts
which they will receive, are as follows:
CLASS I. --$72.00
J. N. Bass, Newberry; J. J. Gallman,
Newberry; W. R Jones, Newberry;
George Lester, Prosperity; J. ). Smith,
CLASS C, NO I.-48.oo.
IH. D. Cannon, Little Mountain; 11ilt
Rainey ; J. Phillip Kinard, Slighs; Preston
J. Kinard, Pomaria; G. 1). Lathrop, New
berry; M 11. Livingston, Newberry; F.
D. Moats, Kinards; G. Sam Moore, Pros
perity; G S Noland, Newberry; 1'. M
Smith, Slighs; ' P1. Williams
CLASS C, NO. 2. ---$17.35.
B. F. Boozer, Prosperity; W. J. ileden
baugh, Newberry; I). T. Boozer, Pros.
perity; F. A. Boozer, Prosperit) ; Levi
Britt, Newberry; V. D).,Cloptont, Whit
tuires; LE S Cromner, Newberry; J T.
Calmes, Newberry; J. ). Cannon, New
berry; Joe. T. Crisp, Gary;J. B Chan
bers, Newberry; I. J. Davenport, Silver
Street; W. P. I)avenpor t, Longshore; R
S. Davidson, Reuben; W T. )enuis,
Prosperity; I). A Dickert, Prosperity;
John A I;nslow, Whitnires; W. P. hnl
ter, Slighs. G 1) rant, Prosperity; W.
1t Franklin, Newberry; Levi J. Fulner,
Derricks; .J. It Gaillard, Newberry; Wal
ker M. Glymplie, Pomaria; W. W. Griflin
Joppa; Levi Gruber, Pomaria; J. I Kib
ler, Levi Kibler, I,esterJames, Prosperity;
1) W Livingston, Newberry; 1) T. Liv
ingston, Rt 1 Liuingston, G S. Living
ston, Slighs; V. C Myers, Prosperity; 'T.
J. Oxuer. Newberry; Ilacket 'oague: J.
iE Quattlehaun, Slighs; H \V. Reese,
Reuben; W. E. Rutherford, Prosperity;
Jas. A. Riser, Pomaria: I). E. Sease,
Helena; John Sheppard, Chappells; Geo
A. Sligh. Newberry; F. Mt Smith,
Glymiphville; J. W Swindler, Newberry;
G. W. Thrift, J. V Talbird, I G. Tur
ner, J T. \\ red, l'rosperity; Ilelton
Wicker, Sondleys; Jonathan WVerts, Old
Town; V V. Willingham, Newberry.
CI.ASSC, NO 3.--4800
Ananda Bridges, Slighs; S- rah II.
Bright, Newberry; lImeline Cromer,
Glvmphville; Mary I Dickert, Pomaria;
I t Hunter. Newberry; Margaret
Kinard, Poinaria; B. t ,ake, Utopia;
Susannali C Quattlebaum, Prospeitty;
Rebecca J Thompson, I Utopia; M. C. B
Wheeler, Kinards.
CLASS C, NO. 4 -$I7 35
Catherine Bedenbaugh, Prosperity;
Sarah J Bishop, Joppa; Rebecca C lBoo
zer, Prosperity; B. A Brad ey, Newberry;
C. C. Brooks, Prosperitv; Louisa Brown,
Craven Ilill; 0. li. Crooks, Newberry;
Francis L. Campheil, WVhitmires; Ann
S Camps un, Newberry; T C. Cannon,
Newberry; Caroline Chapman, Prosperity:
Elizabeth Croner, Craven llil;; lIarriett
A. Crouter, ilayne; Margaret 14 Cromer,
Reuben; Mary Cromer, Newherr ; Re
b)ecca Cromear, IIaynte; -Mr'. -aret ( .
Clamp, Nenwberry; Ilettie L. 1J~L-venport,
Belfast; Catherine D)eH-art, Pro)sperity;
Hart iett R. F,pps, Prosperity; Margairet
lEpting, Newberry; lizabeth Felker,
Reuben; J. E. Fellers, Newberry; S L.
Garlington, Newberry; Mary C. Griahamn,
Reuben; Jane Ilavird, Silver Street, S C
Ha'facre, Newberrv; NanIcy C. IHarris,
Rebecca J. Hendrix, New berry; Jane
Hlendrix, Silver Street; Miarthia I lerbert,
Joppa; Emily Hlorton, Jalapa; Cophironiia
Hardy, Sallie Ilolt, Newherry; S. It
Hienry, Newberry; Saraih L. Johnmsont,
Newberry; Rt. J. Johnenaa, Ind(epend(enice;
10 izabeth Kelly, Potnaria; S. C. Kintard,
Newberry; S C Kootn, Poaanaria ; Julia A.
Kihier, Newberry ; Mary Anin Long,
Nancy Livingston, Catherine Moon, L
M. Merchant, Nannie l~. Merchant,
Prosperity; S N. Moffett, Newberry;
IIar iett F McCarley, Whitmtire; F. S.
McGowan, Newberry; M. M, Manna,
Newberr y; L ou isa L~ Maye r, Prosperity;
Elizabeth Metts, Little Mountain; Jane
A. Montgomtery, Newberry; D)ollie Norris,
Prosperity; IElizabeth C. Neal, M'ary
Nesly, Ne w berry; M. S Pert y, H elena;
C L Rhody, Prosperity; Nancy E
Richardson, Slighs; Prance Rikard,
Newberry; Margate A Ringer, Walton;
Margaret Reeder, I tlepenidence; S. A.
Reed, Newberry; Nancy Stockmtian,
transferred fronm Lexington ; Mary M.
Stuck, Julia Sanders, Old Town; M J.
Senn, Newbert y; Elizabeth Shiealy,
Slighs; Miarcella Schawtz, trans
fered front Iexingtont;
Catha~rine Rt Shealy, P'rosperity ; Bliza
Shieppiard, P'rosperity; II. L Slighi, New
berry; Jos. B Sligh, Slighs; Naney M.
Speer. Longi,shiore; Mary F. Stilt w-ll,
Prosperi-y; Nancy Sw ittenber-ig, JalIapa;
Sarah TIodd(l, New'err y; IDriu-illa Tyger,
Pomtaria; I M. Wertz, Slights; Rt. MI.
Information Wanited.
Any information as to the following
inquiry in ai private letter will doutl tess
be appreciated:
Kemp, Trex., A pril I1(, 1 903.
Mr. II. M Hlenry, Newberry, S. C.
Sir-I wvish to inquire of you if you
know anything of P'eter' Ilentry or Frank
Henry -Frank l:eing Peter's son or
Thos. Stevensoni. Stevenson and( Peter
IIlenry are uncles of my muother, who
was a Carlisle before she married.
If you know anything of t he people
you will oblige me by drtoppling me a
card. Iloping to heatr from you soon, I
am, Yours truly,
Installation of Rev. C. M. IBoyd.
Rev. Chas. M., lloyd, who has for
some months been filling the pulpit.,
will be installed pastor of the A. - . P.
church at Po 'spe'rity on l"riday evening,
Miay 1st, at 8 o'clock. Rev. l'. P'. Me
Clintock, D). ID., and Rev. 11. II. Greer,
of Ora, wvill be present, the one addr-ess
ing the pastor and the otthetr the people.
Trhe paistors of othet' chur'ches (of the
town will also lie prese5(nt andi( will make
short t alks. The public is most cot
dlially invited1 to at tendc this ser'vice.
Arte you acqutainited with "'Clifton?"
A tiil sack will convince you it is the
hest flour mannfactured.
Through Bfforts of Board of Trade, Road
to Steel Bridge Has Been Put
in Condition.
The road leading from Newberry to
the steel bridge over Saluda river, work
on the improvement of which was re
cently undertaken by the Board of
Trade, has been put in good condition.
Some idea of the work done and the
cost at which it was done may be of in
terest as serving to show what could be
done throughout the county.
The road covers z distance of seven
miles to Dead Fal :. It had become in
such condition that in at least three
places it was impassable for even bug
gies, and there was hardly a short
stretch in the whole road that could be
covered with any convenience to the
traveler. Mr. W. S. Spearman, in
charge of a force of ten hands, put
down two hundred yards of corduroy;
sanded two hundred yards of clay; fixed
fifty bad holes; and opened six hundred
yards of ditches. The work at a total
cost of $10.00, putting in good condition
seven miles of the worst road in the
Selling Home Raised Corn.
At this season of the year, when the
South is being flooded with Western
corn, it is a little refreshing to see a
farmer who has raised enough corn to
supply even his own needs. On Satur
day the streets of Newberry beheld a
sight which at this time of the year it
has not often been theirs to behold.
Mr. Sam Noble, of this county, brought
to Newberry and offered for sale a load
of home raised c>rn in the ear. Mr.
Noble does not farm extensively, but he
has recognized the greatest ne"-d of the
farmers of the South -- home produce
for home consumption.
Organized at Pacolet.
Ion. Cole L. Blease by appointment
of Grand Master J. M. I)avis went to
Pacolet on Saturday and organized a
Rebecca Lodge with 59 members. This
has been a very successful' year with
Odd Fellowship in this State and Grand
Master Davis is receiving congratula
tions for the success of the order under
his administration.
The Care of invalids.
This is the title of a neat little book
bound in cloth containing 42 pages and
giving some valuable information re
garding health and the care of the sick
issued by the Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York, 32 Nassau St.,
and it will be sent free to any one who
will take the trouble to write for it.
Heavy Frost and Ice
A minimum temperature of 38 was
reached on Thursday; on Friday a min
imum of 34. There was a heavy frost
and a lii,tle ice, white potatoes being
killed in spots.
W. G. Peterson, V. O.
Tis Will Interest Many.
To'l iiick,y initro)duce 11. BII 1. ( ln.dan
ic B 4)ud Blilm) i.he famlIous blood04 prli..
li-cr, o ew homes, - e will s.-nil ahl
iio-u:.ly I reo10.000t,reaI.men Is. B 13 I.
:lniek-~ly eurec- olhi ulcers, xcrofulIa, pain
futi swellings, achles andl( paLins in hiones
L)r joh11 t,, rhen f)Lmaim, ca.s rrh ,1)pl m plesa,
fe-.e-lng erPiIi.'onoils, ee11, -c-~mia, itch
blee-ding'u, f stercin) - - * antI eveni dead
't C tticer. II B B aU -iiu stores0 $1.
l"ori free treantmn t ii aI,birs-< lil oad IH.t in
L': , A\tlant.ai, Ga. MI 4 dieline i:at at
fre.- mialjial ad1vie Llv'en sirrtil (eured
an-es, after all e-lse faLlI-. II. B I heal.
Lery sre and0 make iiil,s t,be bilool i)lpure
isudt rich.
~IG BAGINS in D). G;oods,
3 lting, Shoes and Ilat.s,
At Copeland liros.
NOT~IE.- -I forbid any andl all per
1-a sons from hiring or harboring
amMiller or any of his family, as
they are under contract with me for
the year 19031. 3t F. J1. IIAlRMAN.
NOP~EL.A NI) BROS. can sell you a
nice suit of Clothes and save you
enough in the price to buy a nice pair
of Shoes.
UYyurfoy's Suit from Copeland
13 ros, and nywe 25 perI ceint.
.1. Apply to M. M . Bufordl.
M AKE MONEY by buying your
I. Shoes, OxfCords, anid Strap San
dials at Cope.land lIros. They save it
for you in the price.
3 ' E E the beautiful Embroideries
L 1aces, Fans, Gloves andl Miius,
and you wvill be surpriisedI at the low~
prices, at Copeland Bros.
OR pretty Shirts and Straw lIIats,
' opeland Bros. is t he laceI.
night1? I hav th iie bestILI j t. i (a4 for
can: fit thei ml it dilimeult i* ws, wih tbin
proper)l glasses5 I have fint -d gla-i
for the best Iwole inr theo (douniy andl
Crystaline N-n-1 s. (>rm-- iin I give t
a trial ands be eonvcinceil. Strict ly ont
prtIce to al. (U Y D)A NJI EnS.
.Jewailer tti an )pician
If youi are wvanting ani isterI
II at y ou will findl O cre an most1105
deIr-uabl.. n to-date st yles at
The Riser Millinery Co.
Knights of Pythias,
Newh1Verry'I ImA)Ig-e N o.t
aJ odge will be held on the 2nd am
4ith Tuei 5 sy nights of each mnonth a
8. It. Visiting 1(nights cordially wel
comned. Ti'lOS. E. ElPTI NG.
1(. of R. andl S.
C'rotwellI id Bluildling.
We Are Mrina Usnl
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly spring m-terials of the latest
'tyles and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong departments,
36 inch Taffetas at $1.00, $1.I2i,
$1 .25. and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
s;)aun, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
Men We Want To Talk To.--Wo beieve that if 'very mun in
Nb'w he'rry wats a elr i nitg export --if every inanti in Nbbwlbarry ktww
the 'b Ib p- i i t i the cae'i -t hat ory man ini .New'brry wvouabi
('ono lb rni ght tI ' s fori iJIli i lhig. Idtachl wovok 'v. wdll pb-l
lisha i n li rg iit bIn this subjbeL This8 we''s' argmno i sl'a 18
~To The Man Who Wants To ie4
4' lun ing I he~ best i-1I a Ih -ssencer of t rn tbn)fonomy. (13 ehllo'ith-I
iin is chenpiijxr Iii-m poorb i'lot.inag -no11. mat.t.r whlat thet respect(!iv.b
ifa ntebw. m 1 ai the J
MAl'rSOF o iii a ft. I the l-- iyr
NolWhna t b ysH i aaS . LA f. Oin i-A (bir
T from1u fhbInesbtheb itt ( li'
A ih eir-r- . bIuri hi inhib G at'a Su bil ior l
heEwart Piter HIfjCJoPN~
OufitrstoPrtcua-M n - ewery1-8.1

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