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Friday, April 17,
dollars worth of Branc
Grand Dis
Big Shipment QU
112 Inhabitants Killed-Houses Crushed
Like Egg Shells-The Floods
May Follow.
Vancouver, B. C., April 29.
Overwhelmed by countless tons of
rock, this morning, shortly after 4
o'clock, and with probably 112 of
its inhabitants killed almost instant
ly, the little mining town of Frank,
in Southwestern Alberta, is threatened
with complete destruction by flood
to night. Old Man's River, which
flows through the centre of the town,
is dammed up by the falling rock to
the height of nearly 100 feet, and
the entire valley above thn town is
flooded for miles. A big body of
water is pressing with force upon the
dam, the only protection the town of
Frank now has, unless the river shah.
find another channel. Should the
impromptu dam break the entire
village would be swept away.
A dispatch from Frank says:
"A t remnendously loud reverbera
tion shoojk the whole valley of t.he
Old Man's Rtiver this morning at 4.10U
o'clock, and scarcely had the inhabi
itants of t his town awakened to ua
realiz'ition of the impend(ing daniger
wheni from thle top of Turtle Moun
taiun, overlooking the settlement, mil
lions of tonis of rock were hurled.
"Tfhe Frank mines, opjerat ed by
the Frenmch-Caniadiani C >al Company,
across the river from t lhe t own,, were
seoen to be buried under huindr'eds of
feet of rock just as th moring l ighi
was breaking. Inside of livt' mini
utes from the first thiunderona~ shock
and before half the town realizedc
what had happened a small force of
men had started to the relief of the
miners, despite the great risk the~
ran of being b)uried uinder the rocks
which were still being preci pitated
from the lofty mnountain topi. Thi
volunteer relief force was unable tc
get into the mine, but managed t(
get near enough to determine that
not a man at the workings had es
caped death. Many3 were fearfully
The diater wa5s not confined t<
the vicinity of the mine alone, foi
many of the (dwelling houses in the
town of .Franik wvere demiolished by
the falling rock. Some of the oo
cupanits oif t hose houses es5cape)r
(death, hut many others wore in
stantly killed. It is c'onservat ivel)
estimated that. the loss of life wil
exceed 10() and the latest returni
pince the number of dead at. 112.
hing Merchant is
As is fully 20 per
ms like the sunsh
is from which oui
the great 30 day oppor
I New Clothing, Shoes a
play of Straw
eon Quality Shoes
Suits-Prettiest Line
At 4 o'clock this afternoon the fol
lowing conservative estimate of the
loss of life was made: Men, wometn
and children, killed in their beds as
they slept, 82; miners working out
side the mines and instantly killed,
12; imprisoned in the mine, 18.
The latest reports are more roas
suring, in that they state the flood
may be avoided.
Desperate Deed of an Embarrassed Bntcher
in Greenville, S. C.
News and -Jourier.
Greenville, April 28.--J. A. Wright,
proprietor of a local beef market, at
tempted suicide this afternoon in
room No 37, of the Southern Hotel,
by cutting a gash in his throat and
several gashes on his wrists and arms
The act is said to have been the
result of despondency over financia]
circumstances. It is known that
Wright was due the Cndahy Packing
(Jompany, of Atlanta, a sum of money
for which a mortgage on all his prop).
erty was given this morning. About
2 o'clock, after having signed the
mortgage, Mr Wright went to hir
room, leaving a call for 4 o'clock.
At that honr he i ponded to the
knock of the hotel porter. At (J
o'clock the clerk went to Mr WVright's
room to deliver a package, and found
the door loeked1 on the inside. The
clerk climbed through the t ransom
and found W right lying onl the bedl
with his head hanging diown on the
side, his throat and armus cnt.
IPhysicians were at once summiiioned.
Theri r opinion is t hat the wounds will
prove fatal. Wright is about 2 1
years 0old, a niative of Atheniw, Gr
lie has been here only a fewv weeks
but. had madie a number of friends.
M~rembers of the original U. S
Steel Corporat ion have receivec
notice of the dlissolution of the orig
inal syndicate and of their fina
share in the dIistribut ion of profits
aggregating 20() per cent. The3
long ago received their originaml casl
deposit an~d 20 per cciii, divjdends.
A true bill has been returned b3
the Atlanta g,randc jury against (1. Hi
Sims, the defautlting clerk of u
Capitol City National [lank, charg
ing hinm wvith thle emnb.zzlement oi
nearly $100,0()0 of the bank's fund
Sims was tried anid s4entonlced to cih
years in the Federal prison.
FormerPresident Grover Clevel ai
jis in St. Louis, where yesterday h<
delivered the dedicatory add(ress a
the Ernoition.
pressing for your
cent. cheaper the
Ine has been woN
Clothing is mad
tunity begins and you c;
id Gent's Furnisings j
and Felt Hat
and Oxfords-- TI
Ever Shown. Remo
Iteis of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
General Miles' extended report of
his trip through the Philippines,
dated February 19, has been made
public. Atrocities perpetrated by
United States troops are hotly con
domned. He says there is less liquoi
drinking than among troops in this
Memorial Day was celebrated in
several of the Southern States on
Monday, the anniveisary of John.
ston's surrender.
George Francis Alexander-Sey
mour, Lord Yarmouth, a decendant
of the proud duke of Somerset, and
an American girl, Miss Alice Cornelie
Thaw, of Pittsburg, were married in
Pittnburg on Monday.
King Edward arrived in Rome tc
visit the Popo on Monday. He waE
welcomed at the depot b)y King
Emmanuel, and the two mnonare'hE
kisesd four times. Both were ac
corded a great popular ovation, the
crowvd numbering about 400,000.
All obstacles to the putting in of
the sewverage system at New Orleans
have been removed by the Supreme
Court deciding the legalhty of the
bonds. Thc system will cost $12,.
Chas. A. Towne delivered a nota
b)le speech at a Democrat.ic harmony
(dinner in New York on Monday,
saying that real harmony is to be
found miore' in co-operation of effori
than in vociferation of good inten,
G4eneral (*omez, the dlistingunishIe
Cuban leader, whble in .Jaickson,vilks
on Mond(ay gave out an interview ii
which he said that Cunb4 is "getting
along well."'
Ini a wreck on the Northerr
Pascific just north of Bulffako, K(an.
on Sunday niight eleven men worn
killed anio twenty-five were injnred
A stock train crashed into the rea:
end of a work train. Misreadling o:
orders was the cause.
Presiden,t Roosevelt wasi greete<
hy 50,000) peop)le at Omaha, Neb., or
Monday, an1( d dressedl 10,000 at t he
(Co,l 11iseu Moniday niight.
Th'ie imdi5!''ippi Hiver at Memiphii
roseO a loot aibove thei dlanger l i
Mon da ni ight.
Tlwo whit e ruon wore sevorely chats
timed by whliit eenpps in NashvipI
nd,on Tuesday, for beating thet
wives andl oter miscond1nt.
It is reported on reliable authorit
' that the wedding of Mss nut
n in Pi
patronage--we a
in elsewhere. So
(en into the fabric
an't afford to miss it. 20
ist landed. Prosperity V
s. The Latesi
ie Latest Shapes C
imber the Store for Sr
Hanna, younge'st. daughter of Mark
Hanna, will take place at Thomas
ville, Gea., June 9. Senator Hanna
owns a magnificent farm at Thomas.
Three persona committed suicide by
means of carobolie acid in \Vashing
ton on Tuesday-one a former clerk
in the census offloe out of money and
employment, the secoad a real etate
and insurance agent who had become
despondent, and the third a young
married woman.
The President's trip carried him
across Iowa on Tuesday. He made
an extended address at Des Moines,
and kissed a number of babies.
Congressman-elect Win. Raudoiph
Hearst, proprietor of the New York
American, New York Evening Jour.
nal, Chicago American, and the San
Francisco Examiner, was married in
New York on Tuesday to Miss Mill
cent Willeon, daughter of the presi
dent of the Advance Music Clo.
It has been decided by the board
of visitors that the office of chairman
of the faculty of the University of
Virginia will be discontinued, and a
president of thiis historic institution
A resolution introduced in the Flor
ida legislature on Tuesday, proposing
an amendment to the constitution
providing that the school money be
apportioned to white anid colored
schools in the ratio of taxes p)aid,
lacked only two votes of succeeding.
Leopold Wertheimer, a wealthy
dry goods merchant of New York,
was shot three times at his home on
Tuesday b)y a discharged emloyee
because he refused to give the man
Both houses of the Virginia assem
bly have vot ed to place in t he statuary
hail at Washington its Virginia's
quota life size statues of Robert. E
Lee and George Washington, t.o cost
A dlisastrous lire occurred in Chi.
cago on Tuesday, the Internaitionial
Salt (Compatny beoing burned out.
The loss is estimated at $1,250,000.
Big Michigan lumber dlealers have
bought out a large lumber plant in
Florida which has been closed for
elevent months. The platt wil.1 he
started again imrmediately.
it trouble ammong cotton mil op01
eratives att. Liannret t, Ala., Luciius
IOgletree shot and instantly killed
John L. Potteor, fataltly wvounded
D)aniel Zachbry, and then made his
escape. TIhe operaitives were on a
strike anid Ogu-tree had been ap.
r pointed gate keeper and as such he
1 ncame involved in thn qarrewl.
lone are worthy <
bright and sna
s, and our prices
0 Suits piled on bargair
alues and Poverty Pricf
Creations Pi
ombined With Best
mart Dressers. Ther
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
J. A. Brier, a negro, has been ip
pointeud bailiff in the United States
court, at Charlest 0n to u'eed a
compotant white man, Capt. Isaac
H. Daggott. This makes two negro
bailiff1 in this court. The appoint
inent wwi made by U. S. Marshal
It is reported that kaolin beds in
the lower part of tichland county
will bo developed and a crockery
manufactory is to be built in Sumter
by Northern manufacturers, who
will own the w',ole enterprise.
The Columbia 13aseball Association
having for its object the organization
and support of i strong summer
team, has bEeen chartered with i a capi
tal of $1,500.
Sunday, which was th1e eighty.
fourth anniversary of the foundation
of the Order of Odd I"ollows, was
very generally obsuerved by this
secret society throughiou' the State.
The great carnival of music53 in
Spar(anhurg is im progress this week
anid so far has been one0 of the mot
successful over held hoth1 as to $the
number in attendlance anid the
Senator A. C. laatimeor was called
upon02 at the national andiu inter
national conlventioun of t he (Good
Rtoads A Hsociation1 ini St. 1aonis 0on
Monday. Hie spoke( from t he staIndl
point 'or a farmer andiu also as a
legislator, declarinag h ighiway im
p ro vemnnt th iin ost liopo~5 rtanlt siub.
joet biefore Conre~rss.
The ( cornier. stone of t he b ig steel0
plant at. Brunswick, of wh ichl ex
Senator Mc iLau rina is vice pro,i dent
and1( counisol,. was laid yesterday.
Mr. Mcl ,anrii waIs 'rior of the
T1here has bo(onl aii epidii oif
bicycle stealig in Columbiai recent 13y.
It is bel ieved t hat thle t hief is the
saime onie w ho operat od sneens'ifully
im that city somei~ time ago.
Mr. Hlenry V. Vanrce, aged 410,
and1( oiie of the miost. ppular cit izens
of (Clintoin, (died( at his home ini Clin
tin on Siunday moruining.
TUhe S) 1, th annvornariy of the
Winyah' ii[nigo.( Soc ioly3 at (1(orgE4
t.ownr will be ob served Maiy I . Thliis
society is one of thle oldest instit.u.
tions ini t ho couin try, having for its
oblji4et in the bieginiinmg the eist alish.
ment andi su pporl oif thle Wmya
Inidlgo schiool, whiuch for moro~ than
1 0( years su)ppl ied t he pla1ce of pri
mary andm high school andl ollege
)f it. Every suit
ppy is our Sprir
are as thorough
i counter at prices never
)s for the next 30 days a
Iced to Suit E
e's Only One. Come
for all the countu ry hot woeoi (Charle -
ton and the North ('arolintt line.
'I'he U. S. (ourt at (Ireenville has
decided for the plaittitf, in it verdict.
of $5,t0, t he eaIse ef intman & Co
vs. the \\'alha lla CotIotn Mills, an
action to recover damages for failure
of the mills to receive cotton con
tracted to be delivored. The case
has beon taken to the circuit court of
Uokeebury farmers report that, the
wheat crop in and around Cokesbury
is almoest a failure in contsequence of
the rust.
An oil mill is to bfe Iilt, at Bolton,
to be ready for operation in the early
1). C. Brown, of Andeirson, has of
fered to invest $20,000 ini a cotton
mill at I va if he can get $30,000
from citizens of the townt.
Art' . r Sinuinons, a negro pretacher
near iseatufort, was canght sellinug Ii.
quor ini hiis homne, wihiclihe iosed as a
chuircht. A fteor a desperate tght with
conistablies he wais captured.
The tourist season is abrout over,
ando thet hot els itt Caumden, which
have boont largely pat ron ized by
Northern t ouristsa, are p)reparing to
close for I th sum nnr.
Thie faruous paint ing of Mr. and(
Mrs. Ital ph 1 zard, of South Carolina,
exteut ed by (Copley in 1 774, has
boont soldl to the lHostott Museum of
Fine A r ts for $S,t)t0.
Mr-. Da)vo MIoore, of Camdeln, wasn
atccidlentlly shlot byv a pistol held( in
his own hanud ont Tuiesday. The
wound is patifnl hut ntot niecessarily
fat at.
MIr. Me( !ormnick, abosut 7(0 years of
age, who livedi irt the inill villag~e at
i ilotnt, was~ killd oint t hi I,ittleo Pe
D)oe t rostlei two in ib>s noirtht of D)illoni
Tuesdlay atftern'oon. 'VTh traini was
st oppedO(, at b)oat priculred, andt( the
bodyl (cairried to D)ill on.
AdJI Gen Frost P'ooh-Poohis All Opposition
To It anid Issues a Circular
C3olumbtia Cor. News itndc Courier.
Thore has boen a great deal recent
Iy saidl ablout the' Dick mil itiat bill and
its efftoot. There reatlly seems to be
a mtoutittsin mi'ade out of a mole hill,
There is nothinig remarkable about
the bill and the only provision to
which objetion has been offered is
that relative to tihe right of the Pres.
ident to call tihe militia out, and that
is nothing now, it is contended, but
has beeni a right nince the Govern.
mernt was estahlished, a tbm po-:i
Df Clothing you
ig and Summer
ly shrunken as
named before. 8,000
the Big Corner Store.
very One.
Shoe For .Ladies.
to See Us.
aility of suh a thing is so remote as
lot to he regarded as an impediment
o t he advantages to he gained.
(ion Frost has been receiving very
many letters askinfg for his views
upon varios phases of the Dick laws
and Ho aRs to cover asH many points of
thle inquiry Its poHIsible and to save
Limo in replying to questions as they
may arise, after a caroful scudy of
the law and considerable correspond
once, ho has prepared the following
circular of infornlation, which will
be of especial interest at this time:
(lEN FI1o8'I's C1mULCjJAl( LETTEl.
Dear Sir--Sine there Heems to be
solo Il11sulI(lertanding as to the
ntent of the )ick bill this depart
mnit (Ieems it advisable to issuo the
rollowing statmnmt for the benefit of
ilI concerned:
''ho olject of I ho )ick bill is to
4ocure uniformity in tlhe equipment,
raining arid diilineI of the militia,
vith thle regular army as the stand
trd. This law as it no0w stand(s was
passed b y Conigress, receiving the
4tpport of all the .'outhiern, Repro
leontatives and Senators. It is not
barsh nor dIrast ic in its requirements.
Fl'h prinicipal features in thle Dick
bi are that it provides the ways and
meanuts of soonirinig this uniforms, equip
moent, traiming atnd discipline and
gives live years as ai limit, to reach the
standard given.
We dlesire to emphasize, first, that
there are nio revolutionary changesfQ.
Second, that. thle inspections to boh
made' ay Col Morris are with refer
ence to the s lalidaurd of South Caro
lina's requtiremuents uinder the South
Carolinai law.
Third, that there is to he no muns
torinrg into netivye servie unless the
Presidernt should1( at sorne time oirder
out the militia uinder Sect ion 4, thle
same law as has be~en in force and
effect 5i[1Cce 1 2.
F'ourthl, t hat ihe- -nil itia have live
years to cormply with the provisions
of this bill. As regards organization,
armarmnent, eq(fuip150r , etc, tihestatus
of the rniilit.ia bill will niot. be materi
ally changed. TJhe States will con
trol the militia the same as hereto
fore, except as provided for in Sec
tion 4. T,boe opportunity for greater
proficiency in the service is offered.
Very respectfinily, John D. Frost,
Adjutant andiu inspector General.
Geon Frost is receiving assurances
from most of the companies of the
State that they are anxious to take
advantage of tile privileges offered
under the p)rovisions of the Dick bill.
General Nelson A. Miles and Hon.
W. ,J. 1Bryan addressed tile Good
Roads Convention, in tihe interest of
good roads, at St. Louns on Tueda.

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