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Will Be Delivered By Dr. J. A. B. Scherer,
of Charleston-An Bloquent and
Scholarly Speaker.
Rev. J. A. B. Scherer, Ph. D., pastor
of St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, Char
leston, has accepted the invitation of
James D. Nance Camp, U C. V., to
deliver the Memorial Day address in
Newberry on the 9th of May.
Adjutant 0. L. Schumpert, through
whom the invitation was extended, on
Wednesday recei ve(d the following letter
of acceptance from Dr. Scherer:
Hon. 0. L. Schumpe; t, Newberry,
S. C.- My I )ea r Sir: The invitation
signed by your:;elf a'id others honors
me, and I am eager to accept on two
conditions: 1. That it will not be ob
jectionable if I elaborate from an ad
dress that was printed in the News and
Courier last Su,uday entitled "Teachers
in Gray"; 2. That I can reach home in
time for my Sunday work Without
tiaveling late: than Saturday mid
Please let me hear from you at once,
Yours very truly,
Jas. A. B. Scherer.
Under these conditions Dr. Scherer
will arrive in Newbarry either Friday
or on the early train Saturday morning,
and the address will be delivered in time
that he may leave Newberry at 3.10
Saturday afternoon.
Dr. Scherer is one of the foremost
preachers in the Southern Lutheran
Church, and has a reputation for bril
liancy of thought and oratory enjoyed
by few young men. Those who had
the pleasure of reading the address re
ferred to which was published in the
Sunday issue of the News and Courier
are in some manner prepared to judge 1
the excellence of the address which Dr.
Scherer will deliver in Newberry.
As soon as it is definitely known at
what time Dr. Scherer will arrive in
Newberry the time for the address will
be announced. The various committees
will be appointed by the Sons and
Daughters probably this afternoon.
Baby Took Deadly Drug.
The youngest child of Mr. F. J. I.us
sell, aged about sixteen months, swab
lowed a quantity of a deadly drug on
Monday evening, and during the whole
of Monday night the little boy hovered
between life and death. During the i
whole night Dr. W. G. Houseal remained r
continuously. The battle was against
fearful odds, but was successful, and
the child lived.
The bottle was thought to be out of
reach of the children, but in some way
the little boy managed to get hold of it
and was discovered in the act of drink
ing. Dr. Ilouseal was immediately
,ummonced, and with the success men
Prof. Walter Peterson.
Prof. Walter S. Peterson, who has
been teaching at Sally, has declined an
offer from the Sumter Military Academy 1
and also from the school at B3lackville,
preferring to remain at Sally, wvhere he
has given such satisfaction that the pa
trons of his school have prevailed upon
him to agree to remain wvith them fori
three years. |
Prof. Peterson is a son of Col. W. G.
* Peterson, of the Longshore section of (<
this county, and has many friends
throughout Newbprry County who willj
be glad to know that he is meeting withj
such success in his chosen profession. |
Meeting Sons of Veterans.
A meeting of the John M. Kinard j
Camp Sons Confederate Veterans will
be held in the court house at 5.30 o'clock
this afternoon. Some very important|
business, including the election of re
union delegates and sponsors and menmo 1
rial day arrangements, wvill come up for ji
consideration, and a full attendance ofli
members is earnestly urged.
Miss Dickert In Georgia.
The following is corresponded to Thel'
Herald and News from Tennille, Ga.
M iss Dickert is a daughter o f Col. D. 1
A. D)ickert, of this county, the author|
of Dickert's History of Kershaw's Bri--||
gadle, and who is wvell known in this|
county and throughout the State. Miss|
Dickert's many friends here will be
glad to know that she is being so hap
p)ily entertained during her visit to a
sister State:
TfennIille, Ga., April 28.-Miss Gussie1
D)ickert, one of Newberry, S. C. 's, I
charming daughters, who is visiting her 4
sister, Mrs. Geo. T. Dickert, of this|
p)lace, is being delightfully entertained(l
(luring her stay here. Amoug the re-|
cent honors shown her, wvas the placing
at her disposal, by President Daly of
the W. & T1. R. R., his p)rivate car No.
25 for a trip over the road. She left
i. yesterdIay with a party of friends for
Dublin, Hlawkinsville and other points of
interect, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Dickert
Tccompaying the party as chaperones.
Tecar will be stopped at Hawkins
*ville long enough to allow the party to
drive over the historic old city on the
banks of the Ocmulgee. On the return1
trip, a short stop will he madfe at Dub
lin. The party also anticipates a brief
sojourn at "Idylwild" the inlandI
"Tybe", possibly the most beautiful
* spot of nature in all this country,
where the hanging moss on the tall
cyprus trees reflects itself in the crys
tal waters of the Ohoopee. From this
point, Miss Dickert and party will re
turn to Tennille. L.
Mr. G. W. Suber, of No. 1, was mar
ried on Wednesday to Miss Eloise Mc
Meekin of Fairfield Conntv.
Constable Bison Arrests a White Man and
Seizes a Gallon of Liquor at
Constable J. R. Eison while at Whit
mire on Wednesday succeeded in making
one arrest for violation of the dispen
sary law and seizing one gallon of
The man arrested is a white man,
John Metts. Constable Eison was
standing in a crowd when Metts walked
up to a gentleman, delivered him a
quart of whiskey and received a dollar.
It seems that the party had sent for
the liquor before Mr. Eison got to
Whitmire, and that Metts did not know
Mr. Eison as a constable and delivered
the liquor in his presence. Metts was
arrested on the spot and carried before
Magistrate Fant, who committed him
to jail. He failed to give bond and is
still in jail.
Metts' story of the affair is that the
gentleman to whom he delivered the
liquor had asked him to go overand buy
him a quart from some negroes who
were selling. That he went and paid
for the liquor, and was simply being
paid in return when he delivered it.
He says he will engage attorneys and
right the case to a finish.
The liquor which Mr. Eison seized
was one gallon, shipped to Lewis Iland.
A. diligent search failed to disclose the
dentity of Lewis Iland, and no one
laimed the package.
Miss Mary Thompson is visiting the
'amily of Dr. T. T. Moore in Columbia.
Rev S. C. Ballentine, of Whice Rock,
ipent a few hours in the city yesterday.
Bids for the erection of the new
)uilding to be placed on the Newberry
Jollege campus are asked.
Miss Neville Pope attended "Hip Van
Winkle" produced by Joe Jefferson in
,olumbia Tuesday night.
Miss Bessie Simmons is in Spartan
mrg in attendance upon the May fes
There have been only a number of
mall cases in the mayor's court this
veek, drunks and disorderlies, etc.
Mr. J. L. Dickert recently opened a
irst class grocery store in the old Rus
ell building.
Mr. Tench Boozer, who is with his
mele, Mr. R. J. Miller, in the restau
,ant business in Columbia, is spending
6 few days at home in Newberry.
"Bob" Taylor will lecture in New
>erry under the auspices of the Woman's
"lub some time during the latter part
o May.
Mrs P. G. Ellisor went to Clinton
[uesday on account of the death of a
elative, Mr. H. Y. Vance, of that
Mrs. Frank Lyles of Columbia, en
oute to Greenville, stopped over in
ewberry a few days this week to visit
ier sister, Mrs. C. M. West.
Mr. W. P. Houseal, of the Lutheran
lisitor, is attending the sessions of the
lutheran Synod of North Carolina at
Mr. anid Mrs. R. Y. Leavell went to
Ther aw (his week to attend the mar
iage of Mrs. Leavell's sister, Miss
knnie Evans, which took p)lace on Tues
lay night.
Mr. S. J. McCaughrin leaves to
lay for Boston. He will remain
'lorth for some time, but thinks he will
'e located finally in the Soutn, probably
Rev. Prof. W. K. Sligh will preach
.t Mayer Memorial Church Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock. The pastor,
ley. J. J. Long, will fill the pulpit of
4ew Chapel at this hour.
The Junior and Primary Union will
neet in O'Neall StreetMethodist Church
his evening at8 o'clock. Mr. E. Cave
laugh will teach the junior department
Lfnd Miss Nellie Chapman the primary.
['he public is invited.
Col. Jno. M. Knight, of Sumter, spent
few hours in Newbrrry on Wednesday.
301. Knight is editor of the Sumter
lerald, and one of the best knowni edi
ors5 in the State. He has been an im
>ortant factor in the rapid growth of
umter during the p)ast few years.
301. Knight has many warm friends in
gewberry, who are always glad to see
Mr. William Coleman of Whitmire
mid Columbia is here, lie says that he
ias been more than satisfied with the
inancial responses to his proposal to
>rganize a big trust company here and
1e has been surprised at the favor
vith which it has been received b)y those
is yet not interested financially. The
najority of the stock has been taken
md the organization will be p)erfectedl
n a few days. -State, 26th.
The Book Store.
Mayes' Book Store is advertising bar
gains in Books, Stationery and every..
thing in the line of a first class business
>f this kind.
N4ewberry Gets Two OffIces.
A t the meeting of the Great Council
Junior Order U. A. M. of South
[Carolina, held at Lancaster this week,
both of the delegates from Newberry
were given State offices. Mr. C. C.
Stewart was chosen treasurer and Mr.
P. H. Kempsen, chaplain.
Rev, 3. D. She.ly Resigns.
Rev. .J. D. Shealy has resigned the
pastorate at Bethlehem, the resignation
to take effect with the next meeting of
synod. Rev. Shealy has accepted a
anll at Delmar.
Company Organized To Erect a New
Building To Take Place Of
Thompson Street.
Rev. E. P. McClintock, Col. Jno. C.
Wilson, and Messrs. M. A. Carlisleand
George S. Mower have given notice
that on or after May 5th they will ap
ply to the Secretary of State for the
issure of a certificate of incorporation,
pursuant to the provisions of an act "to
provide for the incorporation of rc
ligious", etc., "associations or com
paines", in behalf of the Associate Re
formed Presbyterian Church of New
berry, S. C.
This is the first step in the movement
by theAssociate Reformed Presbyterians
of Newberry looking towards the erec
tion of a new church building to take
the place of Thompson Street. The
movement has been agitated for some
time and the efforts of those in charge
have met with a gratifying success.
A new church building, of the char
acter contemplated, will be a source of
pride both to the congregation and the
city, and will be in keeping with the
spirit of progress manifested by the
city's other churches during the past
several years.
The following is from the Ridgeway
correspondence of The State of a
recent date. Mr. Davis is a son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis, of this
At 8.30 o'clock on Wednesday eve
ning at the Baptist church, Miss Lula
Hinnant, daughter of Mr. W. Y. Hin
nant, was married to Mr. Dan Davis of
The church had been tastefully dec
orated with garlands of green, tied with
white ribbon love knots, palms, ferns
and bright-leaved begonias, making an
effective background for the tableau.
The bride came in with her maid of
honor and the groom with his best man,
Mr. Erlich of Chester. On reaching the
chancel the bride and groom paused
beneath a white silk canopy, and the
Rev. D. C. Freeman, former pastor of
this church, in a solemn manner pro
nounced them man and wife.
The bride was tastefully gowned in
white organdie trimmed with ribbon and
lace. The maid of honor, Miss May
Hinnant, sister of the bride wore white
organdie and lace.
The ushers were Messrs. Joseph Par
ker, Frank Hinnant, John Wilson and
Herbert Ruff, Jr.
After the ceremony the bridal party
and a few friends wero entertained by
the parents of the brii
Chester will be the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Davis.
Known In Newberry.
J. A. Wright, the young man who
attempted to commit suicide in a hotel
at Greenville this week by opening the
veins in his arms and cutting his throat,
an account of which appears elsewhere
in this paper, is a brother of Robert T.
Wright, who was engaged in the butcher
business here with Mr. Cabaniss during
1898 and 1899. Mr. Wright is pleasantly
remembered in Newberry, where dur
ing his stay he made many friends. He
is now manager of the dispensary in
Athens, Ga., which position he ac
cepted at the request of citizens after a
scandal in the dispensary affairs. His
brother, the young man who attempted
to end his life, is also remembered by
meveral in Newberry.
Only Two More Games.
There will be only two more games
of base ball on the college diamond this
season. The next will come on Monday,
the 4th, at which time Nlewberry will
cross bats with the College of Charles
t;on. This will be followed by the last
game of the season here with Clemson
:m Wednesday, May 6th.
The College of Charleston has a good
team, and the Charlestonians will put
up a good game. Everybody knows
what kind of ball the Clemson Tigers
play. The score here last year at the
end of ten hard-fought innings was 1
to 0 in their favor.
Mr. Ben H-. Caldwell and Miss Mattie
Brown, daughter of Col. Simms Brown,
of the Caldwell section of the county,
were married at the residence of the
bride's father on Wednesday. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. Chas.
M. Boyd, of Prosperity.
Mr. Davidson in Charleston.
Dr. J1. R. Davidson, assistant p)ost
master at Newberry, wvho has been in
the city for several days, returned home
last night. tie is well known here,
having served as deputy marshal for
one term, but got out of that rather
strenuous office to seek a more quiet
retreat in the Newberry postoffice.
While serving as deputy marshal Dr.
Davidson made a splendid record as a
man of daring and whenever he was
sent after a desperado he did not return
empty handed. Once or twice he went
into the mountain regions for moon
shiners. With a bullet-proof coat and
a rifle he defied the whiskey-making
frpternity and captured the dare-devils
right off the reel. Some of his exploits
would have made Old Sleuth look like a
jumping-Jack. When it came to chas
ing bandits he could do it "to iuent the
ears." After being in many "engage
ments" he escaped without a scar. It
came to pass finally that the wild men
took to the caves as soon as he reached
the foot of the mountains. --News and
Strawberries and Cream,
The ladies of the Woman's Home
M~ issionary Society of Central Methodist
Church will serve strawberries and
cream in the store room formerly occu.
pied py Myers; bakery from 4 to 10 p.
m. tnoday.
A Former Newberrian, Now of Alabama
Who Served Under Capt Jno. M.
Kinard In The Great Confilct.
The following letter from a former
Newberrian, Rev. G. A. Hough, now
pastor of the Phoenix City, Ala., Pres
byterian church, was received last week
by Mr. Jno. M. Kinard. Capt. Kinard
to whom the letter refers was the fa
ther of Mr. Jno. M. Kinard and of Mrs.
E. H. Aull:
"I chanced to see today in The Her
ald and News your notice of the meet
ing of the John M. Kinard Camp on
Wednesday next. I have long been
away from my native and much loved
county and State, but I feel that I am
a living member of that camp, though
in a different State ---named, as it is, for
one whose precious memory I cherish
and love, my captain, the bravest of the
brave; yet who had a heart of tender
ness and sympathy for the highest and
the lowest; principles of true honor
which made him great; whose commands
to his men echoed the tenderness of his
nature and inspired them with confi
dence, making them give willing sub
mission and cheerful obedience on every
"My heart yearns for the scenes of
my boyhood, and one of the sacred spots
that I would visit within the limits of
the old home land, with a vase of flow
ers from the richest garden, would be
the mound beneath which rests all that
is mortal of the brave Jno. M. Kinard,
who laid his life upon the altar of his
country for the right.
"Accept this, if you please, as a brief
expression of the honor and the love
which I bear to the wise and gracious
commander of Company F. 20th 4. C.
V., of which I was a member. And
may the principles which prompted the
establishment of your camp go down to
unborn generations, and be perpetuated
Rev. Mr. Hough has many relatives
living in Newberry county who will be
glad to note the above expression of
his love for a man whose meimory is so
highly respected by the people of this
section and of this State.
Our Stuck is full of ever'thirg
new arid pretty to a.t rn the hat of
the summer girl Como arid see
what we have to shmv you.
The Rier MiIIry COmIIay.
up at The herald & News.
The Herald & News.
piece up at The Herald & News.
. safe as spring water, and
will cure any living person suffering
with Constipation, Indigestion, Dys
pepsia, Liver, Kidney and Stomach
troubles if it is taken in the stomach.
Please try the samp)les.
17 smokhe at The Herald & News.
Ibeautiful p)atterns at The Herald
& News.
Kald & News.
Head& News.
~ery at The Herald & News.
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W ANTIED)-You to know that free
Samples of K(alola will be left at.
your home this week. Kalola is chrys
talized mineral water containing the
mfedIicinal prop)erties of four note'd
springs of acknowledged power to cure
Constipation, Indigestion; D)yspepsia,
Liver, Kidney andl Bladder troub)les.
Please try the free samp)les.
W A N T E D)--Mlanager for New
Branch of our business here in
Newbcrry. Write promptly, with re
ferences, The Morris Wholesale HIouse,
Cincinnati, Ohio..2t
Milk eo Leonhirth,
2t helena, S. C2.
()0 BUSH ELS Kentucky Cotton
2Seed for sale. A pply to T.
C. Pool. .i. A. 1 3UwrtON.
MONEY TO LO)AN - We ne'gotiate
ivloans on implJroved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest oni
amounts over one thousand dlollar~s,
andl eight per cent. inte'rest on amounts
less than $1,000). Lonig I imet andC easy
p)ayments. Hu tnt, Iluit. & Ilutnter,
A tt.oruneys
Lleads to the doors of 'The NewbI erry
Steam Laumndry.
Steam D)ye Plant of The Newberry
Steam L~aunrl'y.
Nfies some; Not hing but giving sat
isfaction satisfies The Newberry Steam
.. ets washed so the nap wvill come
back on them liJ'. r ow and put them
away so the moths wont cat. them up
by having thern washed at. The New
berry Steam Laundry.
I,tLM MINI STERM should remie-iIher
1. we give a liberal qiuantity of thre
L ongmian & Matrt inez Pure P'ainuts. to
ward the pa inting of Churches, piarson.
ages, or inistit s'ions suppohxrtedl by volin
tarv contributions.
Note: IHave done si for Iwenrty sevenr
y'ears. Sa les : rns of mil Ilions of gal
lons; pani.ted nearly two mnillioni honses
unrder gua ran te to repanint if nio sat is
factory; The pa int weanirs for pe rii iny
to eighteenii yeatrs I iniseed ( il mui st be
adlded to the painit (done in two minirutes).
Aeitnial cost t henr about $r 25 a gallon,
5 Mannple free Soldby hei nr Ants.
IWe Are Matling Unusal.
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly su)rmg m aterials of the latest
tyl3s aid colors. We can show you
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Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crep)es. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is exc3llent--ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques,in fact we can supply your
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong departments,
36 inch Taffetas at $1.00, $1.12i,
$1.25, and upward are all good
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Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
s;un, Sea Island, Cheviot. Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
C. & G. S. MOWER CO.
That it pays to trade with us.
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start to finish.
We Carry Large Stock.
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Prescription Pharmacists, Newberry, S. C.
'We Live Fronm what we Eat.
What we eat, therefore, should be
This argument applies to every article in the
GROCERY LINE but especially to CAN GOODS.
We' offer you Il'ore, i.uiiilterated, t be very 1 mest ( :'ality in thei world,
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3000) can lb. TonmItoAes, hev~y weight atI. only~ 8he per can
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I150() cns 15. lb. I.a behrries heavy wegh atol'0 e a
200() cUms 2 1lb. lI'khIerries he v eighit at only tOe por can
2000 can 3 l A each s h avy w eight at only 12A c p)er can
2000) cans 2 lb . KJPeaches heavy weight a onf1y J100 per canLf
2000 cans 2 lbi. S. Ieansie heavy, weight~ at only Oe per cai
1000) canis 3i lb. P.* PeachesJ)e heav y weight at~ only 9c per can
1000 (cans 3 lb. S. A pples }heavv weight at only 8 1e per can
2000 (*an1s 3 lb. (Cabbage heavy weigh t at onl1y 4e per can
1 000 cans 3 lb. Pear's heavy weight at only I15c per can
2000 cans 2 lb. Sah noni,tall heua vy, weight at Only 8Ac PI Ca
Every can guaranteed, or money refunded.
The Fair and Square Dealer.
Fire Narrowly Prevented-Early Potatoes.
The Mill Moving Steadily Along.
Prosperity, S. C., April 29.--Rev. H.
J. Mathias and family left this week
for their new home in Lincolnton, N.
Dr. J. J. Dominick made a business
trip to Greenwood last Monday.
Mr. K. Baker, of Greenwood, spent
several days this week among our peo
Capt. Merchant frightened away the
robbers attempting to enter the C., N.
& L. depot on last Saturday night.
Mr. J. C. Schumpert is at home again
after his trip to Georgia.
A fire was discovered this morning by
Capt. Merchant among some straw
against the spoke and handle factory
building, near the C., N. & L. depot. A
little negro had set a match to some
straw to enjoy the fun. Capt. Mer
chant's getting on the scene so early
prevented any damage.
Miss Essie Holley, of Fairfield, is vis
iting Mrs. J. H. Hunter's family.
Mrs. Warren, of Columbia, is visiting
the family of Mr. F. E. Schumpert.
The Literary Sorosis had a very in
teresting meeting at the residence of
Mr. L. S. Bowers this week.
Misses Annebelle Wise and Lula
Moseley went to Columbia, attracted by
the play, "Rip Van Winkle."
Rev. Edwards, of Newberry, is visit
ing Rev. G. R. Schaffer.
Dr. G. Y. Hunter made a trip to Co
lumbia this week.
Mr. G. A. Maffett is showing potatoes
raised from his planting March 29.
There is certainly some electricity in
his soil.
The merchants report dull days, which
means that the farmers are busy.
The mill is stea'ii'y moving along.
Besides placing orders for machinery it
has developed life in our town over the
On Friday, May 1st, a new mail route,
No. 3, will begin from here, Mr. Joe
Hartman is the mail carrier.
The People's National Bank has a
meeting for next Monday for organiza
Postoffices Of Hayne, Reuben, and Sondley,
In Lower Part of the County,
The postoffices of Hayne, Reuben, a.d
Sondley, in the lower part of the county,
have been discontinued, the order going
into effect this morning. The mail for
these places will hereafter go to Poma
ria, touching there the free delivery
The new mail route from Pomaria
will start with the discontinuance of t he
above named post offices this morning.
The route is from Pomaria along the
Ashford Ferry road to the residence of
John A. Cromer; thence back to the
residence of Jos. L. Keitt; and from
Mr. Keitt's residence along the old
Buncombe road to Pomaria. The route
will be daily. W. S. Seybt has been
appointed carrier.
It's What You Save.
Few men realize what a dollar a
month saved will amount to in a few
years, if put on interest. The Com
mercial Bank calculates this in this is
sue and the figures are wonderful.
News from Excelsior.
We had a fine rain Saturday night.
Our farmers have been very busy the
past two weeks, and a good portion of
them will finish planting cotton this
Mrs. Lovelace is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Enos Counts.
Mr. Ivans Sease is now at home from
Newberry College.
Mrs. Win. Werts of Mountville vis
ited relatives andl friends in this section
last week.
The grain in this section has gone
back considerably and will not nake
what it at one time promised. Trhe
grain all has a red color, andl low lands
are drowned out. The grain has suf
fered from too much rain.
The regular service in the school
house next Sunday afternoon as usual.
Some of the public roads have been
worked and some have not. The roadls,
howvever, will get better now after the
winter rains are over.
Glad to see Prosperity is moving
right on to put in that cotton seed oil
mill. Let every fellow p)ut his shoul
dler to the wheel, and if you can't do
anything more, sp)eak a word in its
Our rural d'elivery of the mail through
this section will commence next Friday.
Our people are thankful to Uncle Sam
for such a service of their mail.
Our school closed last Friday after
noon. Our assistant teacher, Miss Alva
Waters, has returned to her home at
Jalapa. Sigma.
JM .n ar 'ii 9 acile and buirn ai.
night? I haive the be'.t t,rLal case for
11 ting~ Spwet.ntcies and Eyeglasses, anid
can fit, t.he ma.st,al diilt eyes, with I he
proper g1lssce I have fitted g la.--ser
for the best aieople ian the co'unty and
canI it you. I us5e. only, the best grade
C'rystaline lenses. Comoa and give me
a trini and he cotivined. Strictly oe
prio to all. GUY D)ANIELA,
Je rwuler andl Opticialan
I.0.0. F.
Mf'EICTS 1V l'ltY l"RIDlA Y N IG I'
iat 7 30o o'clock at t.heir hall atIL the
G (raoaed School bu0ildling. Vlsitors cor.
cIall iv ed
taly Ivi J. M. GUINN. N. 0.

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