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Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The buildings of the Louisiana
Purhuse Exposition were formally
dedicated on Thursday, President
Roosevelt and Former President
Grover Cleveland delivering the ad.
dresses of the occasion.
The Ottoman Bank, at Salonica, in
European Turkey, was demolished by
a bomb on Thursday. The Turkish
postoflice and other buildings were
also attacked, resulting in a panic in
which two were killed and two in
jurel. A detachment of 2,000 troops
was called for. Fifty other dyna.
mite explosions recently occurred in
the city.
$5,000,000 is to be spent by the
government in permanent improve
Lmtents on army posts in this country.
c1'he allotment for the different States
has not been made public. South
Carolina gets very little.
Rev.Theodore Bratton, D. D., a
native of South Carolina, has been
elected Bishop of the Diocese of Mis.
The full supreme court decision in
the case of the negro (Giles vs. the
Alabama Constitution has been made
public. Giles, who was disfranchised,
sought relief, not only for himself,
but for 5,000 other blacks in his
county. The court did not finally
pass upon the question of constitu
tionality, but declined to give relief
on the ground that "the case was
The slide from Turtle Mountain
upon the little town of Frank, N. W.
T., continued last week. All the in
habitants tied after a number of lives
were lost.
An agent of the U. S. Express Co.,
at Britt, 40 miles from Mason City,
Ia., was compelled on Thursday by
two maskei men to, open the safe in
his office and permit the robbers to
take a package containing $10,000.
The extensive plant of the Cres
cent Powder Co., near Hollidaysburg,
Pa., was wrecked by explosions last
week. Of 30 employees, nine were
killed outright, and all the others
Burglars entered the postoffice at
Ravenswood, W. Va., last week and
blew open the safe, escaping with
$10,000, without leaving a clue. No
one knew the place had been robbed
until the postmaster opened up next
The general land ofilee at W~aish
ington has issued a patent to the
State of Florida for 3,000,0000) acres
of land in the Everglades, recently
adjudged to that State. The lands
wvill be dlratined, and( it is thought
pnft ini cultivaitionl.
Rear Admiral Barker on Thursday
of last wveek succeeded ltear Admiral
Hligginson as coimmiander of the North
Atlantic squladron.
Th'le worst foiest fires ini thle history
of P~ennsylIvama were iaging Thurs.
day niightl. A million d->)ihrs wvorth
of pbropeirty around( Braford wvere
(destroyed Thursday mighit.
Theii cornierstoneo of ilhe $ I0,000t,000
steel planit of thle M ohaiwk Valley
Steel aLnd WVire (o. was laid on
Thursday.lii John L. Melbanurin, vice
p)residenit and counsel, dlelivered the
Roosevelt to'ured1 Kansas the latter
part of lasat week, making a number
of addresses. Hie made a point of
shaking hands with a negro police.
man, leaving one station.
As the result of a lire at WVest
Point, Va., thirty families are home
less. There was no lire protection.
Loss ab)out $1 25,000).
In the third trial of James Iioward1,
who killed Governor William Goebel,
of Ke'ntnocky three years ago, the
prisoner wvas found guilty and senten
ced1 to Ii fe imprisonment in thle State
Penitentiary. The jury first reported
it coulId nou agree, but was sent back
with i nstruciions from the J1udge to
remain uiutil1 it (did agree.
Officials say t hat the postoilice in
vestigations at WVashington will not
ha cnclurded beforea nther month.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
E. L Depo, a negro at Santuc, in
Union, says that he was shot at in
his home 25 timcs one night last
week and found next morning a let.
ter threatening him with "hell, death,
and destruction" if he didn't get out
in 86 hours. He says it came from
colored enemies.
The Methodists of Greenville have
already begun making preparations
for the reception of the Methodist
Conference which meets in that city
next December.
Blacksburg's chief of Police cap
tured last week in Arkansas a young
man, J. C. Duncan, a native of
.lacksburg, who some time ago went
around among his home people asking
them to cash checks for him, that
the bank had closed, and he needed
the money immediately. Having
every confidence in him, his people
readily cashed his checks. The same
night he left for Mexico. He had
n' -noney in the bank.
Work is being pushed on the streets
and avenues of the site selected for
the new female college at G reenwood.
The building will stand at the head
of a 70-foot avenue, and the site will
comprise 18 acres of what is known
as the Reynolds property.
During the past two ) ears the
oyster canning bisiness at Beaufort
has had a wonderful growth, and
there are now six factories in opera
tion there. In some of the factories
the daily output often reaches 100
Lee Walker, a negro, was con
victed last week in Clarendon of
rape and sentenced to ten years in
the Penitentiary.
H. S. Jones, a young man of Co
lumbia, fell off an Atlantic Coast Line
train near Charleston last week and
had his arm so badly mangled that am
putation was necessary. He is un
able as yet to tell the circumstances.
The postoflices at Clifton and at
Converse, in Spartanburg County,
were broken into one night last week,
but the rnbbers secured nothing to
repay them for their trouble.
There will be no further effort to
require the Seaborad to enter the
union depot in Columbia. The rail
road commission, however, will re
quire this road to build a new pas
senger depot at an early day. The
depot will be erected on Glervais
Thelm Loan and Exchange B:nk in
Columbia is to increase its cap)ital
ization from $300,000 to $500,0)00,
and is to become a national b)an king
inst itut ion.
In reognit ion of Col. . G . G ibbes'
services to his State, the Palmetto
flag was at half mast on the State
Capitol on thle occfaion of Col.
iblbes' funeral in Columbia Thurs
day afternoon. The~ city bell was
Thlere' is oni exhibition in (Cobunb,lia
a hiandsomoiin g'obI hueaded mumbr,,ellu,
inscribed with ap propriacte inhigia,
and it, is to be p,resenmted du nring t he
reunion to t he oldest visiting vetern.
Lang, Riodger4, Wilson, antd Wood,
who robbled the y>'stoflice at G4reers,
were conivictedi in dhe U. S. Court at
Greenville last wee's and sentenced
to live years each in thle Atlanta
Fire broke out in the store of Mrs.
M. A. Brook at honen Path F'riday
night and1 for several hours the town
was in danger. The los is e'stiited
at about $8,000.
The work of ereting a newv sohool
'.nilding in Anderson will soon be
gin. $15,000) bonds have been
T1he Paris I 4land training staution
at Bleaufor-t will s4oon he reopened by
the government.
The caseC of M%rs. P'lume Hall, re
cently pardoned by the Governor,
has excited much interest throughout
the State, and in several instances
subscriptions have been taken for hei
Commanding General Jno. IB Gordon Is
sues Circular Givtng Date and Pro.
gram-The Attactions.
Veterans, New Orleans, La.,
January, 28, 1908.
I. The General Commauding an
nounces that, according to the cus
tom heretofore in force, which leaves
to the Commanding General and the
Department Commanders the fixing
of the date of the Reunion, the Thir
teenth Annual Reunion will be held
in the City of New Orleans, La., on
May 19, 20, 21 and 22, 193, Tues
day, Wednesday Tursday and Fri.
day, respectively, those dayd having
been named by our host as satisfac
II. With pride the Commanding
General also announces that 1490
Camps have already joined the Asso
ciation, and he hopes that many
more will file F.pplications before the
Reunion. He urges Veterans every
where to get. together ani form them
selves into Camps, and send at once
to these headquarters for organiza
tion, papers, so that their aid may be
secured in carrying out the benevo
lent, praiseworthy and patriotic ob
jects of our Order.
III. He begs that Camps already
Olle Dollar will S
I'ts What You
Save, Not
What You
Earn, That
Makes You
Will loan you, FREE, a
home. When the Safe
keeps the key, Drop s
safe to The Newberry
ence and the amount, i,
is then locked and han
to get a little safe-the
ited on your Pass Bool
The Bank pays 4
The SystE
organized, and those about to be or
ganized, will at once set about crea
ting an interest in this great Reunion,
which promises to surpass all hereto
fore held. Let Delegates and Alter- 1
nates be chosen, and every prepara
tion to take part in this gathering.
Not alone the City of New Orleans, i
but the State of Louisiana, as well, I
has invited us to come to the metro. F
polis of the great Southwest; and
let the survivors of the "Lost Causo"
be not backward in accepting this f
invitation. I
Few cities of the South offer such
attractions to the ordinary visitor,
but her sufferings and hardships
render her doubly dear to the heart C
of every Confederate. It was upon I
her old men, too far advanced in ago
to take up arms, and her noble wo
men that wore heaped all the barba
rities the ingenuity of a brutal But
ler couild imagine; within her bor
ders was the home of the gallant
Beauregard, at whose command the f
first shot of the war was fired, the
hero of the first. Miwnassas, the able
engineer who planned the defenses
of Charleston Harbor, which so long I
successfuIlly resisted the terrible at- I
tacks of the powerful Federal Fleet, I
and here his spirit sweetly sank to I
rest; here lived and died the beloved I
Geo. Moornan, the inspiration and
Itart a BaRk Accoi
MONEY. e e
44 lzlzey Sav
Handsome Private Homn
is handed you, it is secu
pour coins or bills into it a
Savings Bank, where it i:
vhatever it may be, is pla<
ded you again. Don't pu
supply is imited. Remne
per cent. Interest on
im Installed ur
CO 13 21 Park Row
ifo of the great Order of the U. C.
V.'s, for which ho toiled night and
lay, and to whose efforts its wonder
uli snccess is entirely duo; here
abored and administered spiritual
onsolation the sainted B. M. Pal
nor, who regarded it almost as a
.eaching of the Holy Vord of God
.hat the doctrine of State's Rights
lhould be uphold even at the great
acrifice that was Ilade for it, arnd
vho, in the last hurs of his life, re
erred lovingly to his Confederate
iniform; almost the first life that.
vas sacrificed on the altar of his
ountry, that, of the notle Colonel
Jhas. .)roux, was ia residont. of this
ity; here, for a while, reposed the
>rociou ashes of Albert Sidney
Iobr,tou, b,-fore their removal to
heir home in our sister State of
t'exas, inl theo inaglnifice nt tornb int
Ilotairo Comet ry; here passed away
he groat and only 'President of the
Jottfedorato States of Amnericn, Jof
orstn )avis; and here, ont :all siles,
he mind and heart are stirred to
>atriotic onthutsiasmt by enduring
ntotltumttenrts in muarble or bronze to
ho glorious dead >f tlio past--tohe
toble column to t he innmortal Le
owerinrg over all; hero dwell the
nos t opeon.hearted men, and the
nost beautiful, patriotic atndi loyal
voment of the South. These mten
RRY, S. C.i
e Safe, like the one sh
-ely locked and The Ne
s you can spare them.
3 unlocked and the m1onc
ed to your credit on you
t it off, but start while y<
mber every dollar beion
Deposits in the Sal
ider the SupE
iginators & M:
and thoe Wolon stand with open
armis and cordial greet ing to welcome
the Survivors of the "Lost (ause" to
Lhis fair city. No better prepara
lionr8 have ever been iade for the
pleasuro and enitertainment of the
wearers of te (G ray The Commad
ing (General hopes that will be an
immensoe gathering of his old con.
rades, and Ithese ol heroes will go
back to their homes when liunion
s over, happior and bettor m en,
iinging the praises of those who
bavo contrihted so much to make
their sojourni pass delightfully.
IV. At. the request of its most
ealous President, Mrs. W. J. Behan,
Dommanding (enral takes pleasure
n announcing that the Confederate
5outhern Memorial Association will
hold its Fourth Annual Convention
it. New ( )rleans on t he sane dates ams
he United Confederato Voterans.
'ho openiing feature of the Conven
ion will bo t he usual J lioerson
Davis lmorial Serviee, which will
)o held in (lriot's Church ath.edratl,
ruesdany, may 19, l19tl:.
All Inited Confederato Votorans,
United Sotis of Confederate Vot
Waans, and Unitod I)aughters of the
.onfederacy are cordially invited to
istit at this solonti and impressivo
ereiiony in temtory of the first and
inly P'rosidilint, of the Confederacy.
rry SvusBaRk
ave the
Pennies, and
the Dollars
Will Take
Care of
hem selv es.
own here, to keep at
~wberry Savings Bank
Occasionally bring the
ycounted in your pres
r Pass Book. The Safe
>u have the opportunity
gs toyou and is cred
,ings Department,
mrvision of
mnuf actu rers.
The Commanding General sincerely
trusts that all who visit New Orleans
will take part in this beautiful ser
vice, if possible. The Confederate
Soldier cannot too often mark his
appreciation of the glorious women
of the South, and their noble work.
V. Many muatters of importance
will be broughti before the Convon
vention, among which will be the
proper steps to bo taken to teach the
young tnen, an<d the young woe on
who are soon to take our placos, that
the cause for which their fathers
fought, andi their mothc+r8 toiled so
unwearyingly four suffering years,
was right-was right then, is right
now, and will over be. No greater
effort has ben made to instill the
truth of history into the iniiul:a of the
rising generat ion than is put fort h
by the Historical Coummittee of our
Organization, of which (eneral S. 1).
I.oe is Chairman, and the Command
ing (eneral fouls that the Convon
tion should t(lopt eu astres to push
forward the noble work of the Coin
iitteo. I'rizees should b offorod for
the host school histories; old soldiers,
privates and othors, should 1) pre
vailod luon to conttrilbut"e their ox
perioices to t ho press, 1huis saving
much valuable matter likely to be
lost.; pulblishing houses shou0I be en
couragodt to opon businoss in the
South devoted to the intorost of this
oCin. '1hese nro so1ie of the sub
joets which t he Co iim1mamdiung ( lenieral
desires his beloved comralos to think
over hofore the mooting. That al
ple (imo may be givol to Ihe consil
eration of all nittors iholy to be
brought, up, four tblt) have homn al
lotted to the Convettionl utles the
hsis1108 e disp09(4)11 of soonler.
V I. Tho C'ommantlding (teneratl
ust earnestly' begs all ('onufetlerato
Soldiers, whether of the Army or
Navy, whether imemibers of Camps or
not, to moet in NOw ( )rleans and live
over for it little while in loving coim
radoship wit Ii each other the glorious
deeds of tie granlest armies the
world has ever known.
VII. The ('oinmtling; (lioneral
sincorely hope,s (ihat (ie press of lhe
entire con1totry will emndnetvor to st.ir
up interest in the coiniig lioeting,
and to this el lie it-eulets l at this
Order 1e publishel, anil editorial
commnent m1ae tht+reon.
Bv conlunaine of
J. B1. (iortlon,
G;eneral (Commanding.
Wm. 14. I ickle,
Adj't :ton. andl Ch1ief of 8tat1T.
Th'le l'Ciks dormfitedII t D)otors ini
Colrmlbiia ini a hinughiable game of
baistebaill by) a sc*ore of 2i to 10 on1
oisioli atgaiin biohi thait thle mimu
'iti e Hon e sc iptO i tlvah aeles asit
Thle.ardbd f Cwr ll
wa sem found i l i't C, Pa.,im I'atur.ii
I ilatl wi2ats uviioiy mdmolhlt dea
inthe forieistie T he los f hrem thle
youe ig Ist wi ts ld at. i,g. ) I lt )(). n itI
Thereonwte wit wolfatI ali trailo
wutireck at 1sf i oi) 1, <Sdvne r i ialk,
Vs, in ., th d oir n1ar Norwalk
vConn ~vI oehtt S;evral I tlr.-ti wire
killed., : 1
ACtolumia pri.et7, t. Fr<nnd
Ohiv, Saturibah, carge :wthth
'th ladyiws man rdered,t abinolnt a
wook a, th. Isus Pcted rimcestvl' S.ent
young ady wa livin . lti hNis,
Sthr Baptisii IConveniigc, SAgantal

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