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i i \u.'.., i-,1I 1 e .
The ( Col hinil ia. Nt'w be. r\ and I.airen
Railroad is abiit to estatilish another
train betw\en this city amd 1I.aurens It
is proposed that it :-hail lave 1.auirents
in the mo ttrniing and, ret in1g. leave
here at .1 o'estici; ii the at.'rnoon.
T above ist frt\ min h5e Giht. i iItiia 'or -
r'esltntl lee i thte Nt'\\, : i i ('orier.
:m!d a Simi11;t- :,ttemen'tt :li t't'r d inl the'
Utiilullila State. W e ht ett' it is true.
lhe t C.. N. & L.. shoul have put this
train o onig agil o and \\e trust it will
~t wI hout delay. It will please tle
patrttns of the rtoad all the way from
I.:ltrns to i limiia. and we believe
w'iil pay the rtoad.
i-i,t 'ttl t1 I.. 't'tS al' S '. ln.-' o
'0t, I.'t ' 1. ll . ,I
1'T he': .. pl ,t+ 1'.u e :it t;'ttar see ing :t
g :'et t t'. \ . : t he t' . t:t.
t . :. : : .
A. .
.n , . I; nest neis of it' ie iet ins
It' ('istie t' lavii's ife blo-im
withs's thmt instte red:wa :ealtI tird, ite
minent'~~Li lus a t lh ltiwhat i t at hi-d
SLhLlst lint lt i'heaVeli ab Iii- iii. l1
hai thet' conlsiaon of t'im reii iiliou Ie e
eres' s thLety thcety wasli et t teiidei
tonc thi iithttSertr and Trill aeasurer
Mr. i I. e . ,nlolgnes ed. Thy e'u mi-niute
ofh hi'smt ing er he reat an approved
Rev.i;iic Dr. \lind tok ask11t.8ep.
Srocier. whoconstitute (1iislli coutite
had ioi1 yearst iaske oth le ndulgeie
toi the, ailter andn wolde to asm
fIurt' hr inulee.1iiii Tey werie grantie
*ioTe report o thelTrasurer shoe l
Pesidnt. i kon Mavr drpoted thisa th
Siciety hic had canvalied maing ountv
threute pals lstorstii.( in twheyvariom
church1.0e hai n ae woind ofle
ATheise had be supied. h herri(
clarl bee onid tnrapnstt thie re..aio
thet e hough thLtel eendewspaper it ht
any cnuale ton purae anhl ant
oher wants henc knon helph theihuahe
Rev. M.. Zimmera thas acolld
in to eai the rerking of the ''esrr l
the money colleeted two years ago wawt
still in the treasury. lie knew that
s'rtme should he kept to suply the local
ltced, but either it ShoulI bt used for
this I'u)pose, or sent to t1he p arent or
ganization. Ile helieved that there
. :til people h1 the . u: ,n
11iiles. The counI shoui I be canvas.ed
by del.gates appointed.
'l'he cr'legat ion was canv as:rd for
new t mmb11ers. and t welve were SCecunt'd.
l'he :.nn ds t's of mt'ubers are Iifty\
cents Aget'eral cecit'rtion amnnullt ing
to a"1 as I akt-1
'Thle foil-iug otlicers were elected
ft" the ( nsumlg year: I'resident. I)r.
0. 11. ayer: ' Vice- I'resident. W. 11.
\\allice:Sc'retarv and Treasu rr. -. A.
t'arli"le: 1lpositorv. W. G. Mayes.
West id Defeats Mollohin.
in a spirited game of ball. played on
,h, West -nd diamond Saturday after
nt''ln. West l.ntl detf'atel Mollohon by
a 't're of 1t to .
A Hlandkerchief 'ale.
The 'eadv \\oikers of First 1:iptist
t'hurch w iil ctonldutct a hanlkerchief
na. the G,ranite I'roIIt , formerly
;'ae.I 1 Mt'yrs' bakery. on 'ritlay
t'1'i1o00l and evelling. beginning at 5
t'!to,k. lee cream and cake dani st raw
ries ' will be set'rved.
Mr.N. II . t'okretll ditd at the home
of thetr b'rother Mtr C'. l.. Hav1 ini o
.; ;a x: d was bied in R ost'tll'n:
y : unay aftei nt On. She w. as a
5: C. 1.. ad }};, '.c v
turnedJ 1_otse.
u, . t - ' Phcu i. .Smt'ir t: arr m'l:"': \\ ba
reatmnt r..'
r ha beah 't...'diapea
prompt y .and ....man.t..y.........
eure wt>~ he:'r al tlse fails'. l) rg'gist s,
I troublet anid tre' meicail 'advice giv~en
mi yourii :;kin antd rmakes thme ltoud 'rle'
and more nourishig, stopping Ill ahs
antd iainus. (h )r :'' 000 (eureis by~ II. Vt.
With bugs on the bed?
Every one is at times.
once whl thes allo
them to multiply until
they are all over the
house and then find ii
a task to externminate
the pest. Why not use
a bottle of our
Iwhen first they are dis
covered and be re
lieved at once. It is
easy to apply,. and un
like most preparations
it is not greasy or
sticky and does not
soil the bed clothing.
PRICE 25c and 50c
W. 0. Mayes'
ent' a pound is
S1V. Y; wman paid for
2 -12. Is of flesh.
\ e .:- Cia and weak and
"aid (n, dllar for a bottle k i
Scott's Emulsion, and by t
ng regular (loses had y
twelve pounds in weight bwl
the bottle was finished.
Fight cents a pound is
cheap for such valuable na
terial. Some pay more, some
Iess, some get nothing for
the r m :1wy.'. YOU ('et your
m('ney'S wo(rth w\hent yo u buy
\\k will send you a little
t ret .
' + I ( )\\N F'. (i M ts-rs,
.w>) Pe. l Stcet. New York.
;or. and S. :all druggists.
No Stronger rv dence Can
Be Produced.
r.'ct . W hat
- - nh s :n y'ears
- -, b* - i. utuu
a b ack. an
- aV er tnd
- -.1 i d-. the
, *. te ,s: .
It's QuaIitu
In all the affairs
of life, it' quail
ty that counts.
T ii- Q ihe heaId of theo world's
r i f vas1t (ent .rp)rises, the
bl>b-d ini t baought an1( d ation
ht win1 u ai
The quallity of the work donn by
is what makes(1 it ai pOoent factor ini
the world no d-tuakes it, count
upon '01 havinig th best.)18
\\ il'e mak a peciltty of elQainig
andt pre'sing i9uitM and1( ski1rtN. Dy3e.
ing atl kindi or nearing appairel.
111al al withlout reniovinig thei feathI
I,auct ( 'aisIg for i*ext 8) day
lauIInd'eed at 25 eentl per*' wind(owV.
Goods called for and
delivered anywhere in
the city any day.
Let us know
your want.s and
we will do the'
L B. AuII,
spng andrsm mme needsufro areg
ON'T LAY BACK while others are for
The word, "Well we will look around,"
hand the people find what they want al
an assortment, no such styles and no
can in all truth be called Newberry's Gi
ness that is being done under this roof proves I
We lead in Dress Goods and Silk selling.
carries or does the largest Dress Goods and Sill
if we did not offer the people the largest stock,
most reasonable prices to select from, gathere<
38 in. Black Peau de Soie worth $r .75, for this sale $t.19.
36 '' '' Taffeta worth s1.50, for this sale 97'!c.
27 '' China Silk, all colors, Black and White, worth 6oc., now 45c.
40 Colored Ftanines, all shades for 19c., worth 35c. and 40c.
49 '' Black Dress Goods Voiles l;tamines Albatross fine Serges and Mo
hair 49c., worth 75c. and 85c.
i case fine printed Organdy and I)imity ;c. yd., worth roc.
High grade Lawns in Novelty Pattern %north 15c., i8c. and 2oc., for
this sale 122C.
I case Plain Black and Navy Blue Duck worth 12sc., for thissale 8.c.
t " Shirting Calicoes, all over towii c.. for this sale 3/c.
i ' yd. wide Bleaching, no dressing, same count as Fruit of the Loom
,c. yard.
So Tailor Made Skirts worth $,; oo and S,; 5o, for this sale $t 98.
..o and 15.00, '' '' $2.98.
Another big shipment of Tah.le Iinen ::, 3 and 3% yds. long half
2c\ tine Parasols steel rod.t and natutral handles 39c. worth 75c.
2co " " '' S9c. worth $1.25
I ' " ' '' sil ver tounted handles $1.24 worth $2.
t i.o doz. Misses' Ilose. sizes a to ' worth 15c , special for this sale 8c.
t.:A doz. Ladies' Irop Stitch Ilose worth 25c. and 35c., for this sale 22 %c.
Thousands of vds. .;6 in. P'ercal, tew spring style 5c. yd , worth woe.
" Coti,tnaties to go at half price.
No matter what prices are quoted you in th
lower. Yours for bargains,
The Cheapest St<
Low Prices on Seasonable Goodsl
At Copeland Brothers!
Our Stock is Large, and All New Goods!
Just Arrived in Past Few Weeks!
In D)ress Goodj(s andi Silks. btter values and prettier styles will not be shown
bany house in Newberry t hi. season. "and we'll match or beat any price
named, no matter from what source." 'W\e can showv you all the new things in
Hatistes, Etemines, Voiles. Alohairs, C'rept's, Grenadines, etc., and in wash
fabrics, White M1ercerized Madiras, D)amasks, Oxfords, Piques, India Linens,
Organdies, Lawns, etc.
The Shoe House of Newberry.
Ladies' Shoes, Oxford and Strap San- 0 Men's Shoes and Oxfords, Patent
dlals from 50c. a pair to $3.50. All Colts, Vici and Velours from 75c. to
styles and best makes. o $5.00.
One whole side of our store andI tunder The best $2.00, $2.50, $.3.00 and $3.50
tables and on counters packed with Shoes on earth. Every pair guaran
Shoes. L eed.
An immense line of nice New Clothing, nobby styles.
Suits for men for $5.00, $6.50, $7.50, iSuits for Boys for $1.00, $1.25, $1.50,
$9.00, $10.00, $12.00 and $15.00. |$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
Better' clothing can't be bought for the iBetter suits can't be made for the
price we name in any market. ! price.
HATS! HATS!! HATS!!! for everybody.
A grand display of Straw and Felt Hats,
The Latest Styles, Prices to Suit Every One.
From 25c. to $3.00.
T1he biggest display of S111litTS and Men's Furnishing Goods ever shown in
this market All new and latest styles and prices can't be beat.
Come to see us for anything to~ wear~ lor I ,adies, Men and Children this spring.
We know we can andl w;ill save you some money.
Copeland Bros
Outfitters for Everybody.
wanted. Stockholders Meeting.
We would like to ask, through the rII NUl E'IGO H
cotlumns of your palper, if t here is any ISochlderNUA MofTNwG CoTE
tersont who has used Greeni4i's Autguis' ut il Stockhokber othe inewbunrry Cat
Fl ower for the cure of~ Indigest on henMls tdNebeheldS. C,onci Wedne
l)ys tepsia, andl I,ie T'rou bles that. haihr tNwer, .C,o ens
not. been er.an we als mea their day, the 6th (lay of May, 1903, at 10
(esults , c as 1 sour'tomch 4 fem it.114 t o'clock in the forenoon, for the election
ri Slltion o food, stbitali ost :is of Iirectorrs for the ensuing year, and
tatvous dyspepsa, htadache'tst,\i. d Ison' o the transaction of other business.
dlent. feelings, sleeplessntess in I ae G.0 S OER ereay
any~ trouble conniect ed with thle st om: (ewberry, S. C., April 25, 1903.
achi or~ liver? Th'is miedlicinle has b eten
sol ormay easint all civ ilizedlt011 nights
trties, antd we wish to corresptnda with K ihs o yha
you and send vou one of ouri books4 fre 5 fP ti
of! cost. If you never' trtied A ugusit CABTLF! I-A
l"low~er, try a 25 centt bottle first. WeN~ pn ag.. I .o ,~ o
have never known of it.s failing. Ii so, '''Tl~)CNETOSO Il
something more set'ious is th lim iat.ttr S AE OVNIN FTI
with you. l'Te 25 cet size has just I Ldgel~ will be held on the 2nd and
beent introduced thtis ye'ar. Regulm .Ith Tuesuiay nightts of each montth at
size 75 cents. I"or sale 'hy Wv. E. l'tl- S 00 Visit ing Knights cordially wel
hamt & Son. t'icme. TIHOS. E. EPTI NG.
('. G. Gue::N, Woodhury. N. .1. K. of R. andl S.
(Crot well HoIttel Buildintg.
NOsons from htiinig or h a rborin -i
11am Miller or any of his faimily,. as T ACE CURTAINS NEXTI 30 DAYS
they are uinder' cont.r'act with met for' la >ejtr Wintdowv25 cents a window at
the year 1903 a31. 1". J l ~ateN '1l N'ru I-... cr,- ta Laundry
going their way to this store supplying their
;atest stock of merchandise in South Carolina.
is seldom heard in this store. On the other
:much less than they expected to pay. No such
such values can you find elsewhere. This store
reatest Store, and the immense volume of busi
:he allegation.
It's not a matter of speculation as to who
k business in Newberry. We could not do this
the best styles and most varied assortment at
I from every corner of the store.
" " Sea Island to go at 4c., worth 6c.
SuLpose you try Buying Clothing and Shoes at Dry Goods Store
Prices. It knocks the 3xclusive Shoe and Chothing
Business clean out of the Ring.
50o prs. Men's Fine Shoes 98c., worth $1.50.
300 prs. Men's Fine Shoes $:.49, worth $2.00.
400 prs. Men's- Fine Shoes $c.90, worth $3.00.
Ladies' Oxford Ties and Strap Sandals,
500 prs. Ladies' Oxfords to go at 98c., worth $i.5o.
Soo prs. Ladies' Oxfords to go at $1.49, worth $2.00.
300 prs. Ladies' Oxtords to go at $1.98, worth $3.00.
300 prs. Ladies' 2, 3 and 4 Strap Sandals 98c., worth $1.50.
300 prs. Ladies' 2, 3 and 4 Strap Sandals $1.49 worth $2.00.
250 prs. Ladies' 2, 3 and 4 Strap Sandals $1.98, worth $3-oo.
1oo0 prs. Boys' Knee Pants worth 35c., to go at 23C.
500 prs. Boys' Knee Pants worth 65c., to go at 45c
300 Boys' Knee Suits, all sizes $.5o, to go at 98c.
200 Boys' Knee Suits, all sizes $2.00, to go at $1.49.
300 Men's Suits, new spring styles worth $6.50, to go at $3.98.
300 Men's Suits, new spring styles worth $8.5o, to go at $4.98.
200 Men's Suits, new spring styles worth $io.oo, to go at $7.25
125 Men's Suits, new spring styles worth $12.50, to go at $o.oo.
50o prs. Meni's Odd Pants, Odds and I,nds worth $2.oo and $2 50-if
we have your size, your choice for $i. 19 pr.
reach of one hundred miles around, I will be
>re in the South.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized Charnbry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and White.
We have many "Odds andi Ends" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
are being sold extremely low-really less than
New stock ladies' anid men's Red Golf Gloves
.Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready.. Coment
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth,
BOX PAPER a l' la,lIN E of Canned Meats,
VISITING GA RDS 1)NoiYimacmpe.
and everything in the as at"s- ."'
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the nI Sal(x n l id or
Tablets from 2 cents . Sie,
each up. adFaoigEtat
Beautiful Writing A .B oe'
Comeandsee.oDe ' Fruit
Alsoa lne f nceBalierns Aprcos,
Cigar Fan Etaiss
At S. B. Jones'.

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