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An Excellent Program Arranged--Th
Various Conunittees Who Will
Have Charge Appointed.
The program for Memorial Day,
which comes this year on the ninth of
May, next Saturday, and the various
committees appointed to take the occa
sion in charge, are as follows:
11N a. m. ---Meeting called to order in
the opei a house by Adjutant O. L.
Schumpert of the James D. Nance
(amp, U. C. V.
Prayer by the Rev. E. P. McClintock,
Chaplain of the James 1). Nance Camp.
Annual address by the Rev. J. A. B.
Scherer, Ph. D., of Charleston.
Bestowing of crosses of honor by the
Daughters of the Confederacy.
Benediction by the Rev. Geo. A.
Wright, Chaplain of the Jno. M. Kinard
Camp, S. C. V.
The following committee will have
charge of the opera house-the decora
tions, arrangements, etc.: Mesdames
W. H. Hunt, chairman, J. M. Kinard,
eorge Johnstone, L. W. Floyd, E. M.
vans, J. D. Davenport, W. H. Car
Ile, C. A. Bowmln, J. E. Norwood,
E. Pelham, O. McR. Holmes, E. C.
Jones, Misses Lucy McCaughrin, Moriat
Martin, Lizzie Glenn, Nellye McFall,
Mary L. Burton, Laura Reagin, Cora
Dominick, Bessie Gilder, Myrtie
Schumpert, Ethyl Boozer, Ruth Wells.
To take in charge the monument on
the public square: Mesdames O. L.
Schumpert, chairman, Bernice Martin,
S. Pope, C. F. Boyd, O. B. Mayer, R.
D. Wright, W. G. Houseal, D. B.
Wheeler, M. A. Carlisle, E. R. Hipp,
J. Y. Culbreath, T. O. Stewart, S. J.
Wooten, A. T. Brown, Willie Ruff, F.
R. Hunter, Misses Fannie McCaughrin,
Thyra Schumpert, Vinnie Mae Wilson,
Neville Pope, Lalla Martin, Bessie Car
lisle, Mary Nance Fair, Gordon Weeks,
Edith Henderson.
Mesdames A. P. Pifer, chairman, E.
P. McDlintock, M. C. Meggett, L. P.
Ewart, E. 11. AnlI, 'W. T. Tarrant,
Mattie Glenn, L. C. Mayer, Fannie
Fant, Geo. McWhirter, T. J. McCrary,
Geo. A. Wright, Misses Ola Wilson,
Ammie Tarrant, Bettie Bradley, Lizzie
Griffin, Tilla Cromer, Hattie Leavell,
Lizzie Glenn.
Mesdames Y. J. Pope, chairman,
James McIntosh, Mary B. Wright, S.
G. Welch, L. M. Speers, Pauline Hol
land, W. K. Sligh, W. F. Ewart, C. J.
Purcell, S. P. Boozer, J. A. Burton,
Alan Johnstone, T. C. Pool, W. Y. Fair,
B. M. Dennis, George S. Mower, P. G.
Ellisor, G. B. Cromer, A. H. Peoples,
W. H. Wallace, F. Z. Wilson, H. D.
Smith, C. H. Cannon, Wm. Johnson,
Misses Bernice Martin, Emma Wilson,
MIaud Langford, N annie McCaughrin,
D)ouschka Martin.
The following committee has been
ap)pointed to help whenever and wher
ever called upon: Messrs. Jno. M.
Kinard, J. N. McCaughrin, T. H1. Pope,
H. K. Bloyd, F. N. Martin, F. HI.
Dominick, E. A. Carlisle, W. C.
Schenck, J. C. Wilson, Jr., Amos \Yells,
H. L. Speers, H. C. Holloway, Rex
Evans, W F. Eberhardt, John Mayes,
Jesse McFall, M. L. Spearman, Z. F.
Wright, Frank Mower, T. K. John
stone, J. K. Aull.
Carolina Defeats Nlewberry.
In a game of ball on the Newberry
diamond Thrursaday afternoon char-acter
ized at times by good work, and at
other times by p)laying as sor-ry as any
seen on the local diamond this year,
and throughout by kicking, sometimes
justifiable and sometimes not, Car-oliina
dlefeated Newberry by a secore of 11 to
8. The game up until the eighth in
n fing was close and interesting, the
score in tIre beginning of the eighth in
ning standling 5 to 4 in favor of Caroli
na. In the eighth, however, Newberry
simp)ly went to pieces, andl six times
did a man in gar-net and black cr-oss the
In tIre sixthr inning Martin, who was
p)itching for Crolina took occasion to
play some ver-y dirty ball.
Simpson, who was in tIre box for
Newberry, was not in his usual excel
lent shape, but pitched a good game
andl one that would have wvon had he
receivedl the 3upport which Ire should
hrave got.
The score by innings was as follows:
R. HI. E.
Newberry 00 112 0 0 13- 87 9
Carolina 1 0 1 0 1 2 0 6 *-11 10 6
Struck out: by Simpson 3, b)y Mar-tin
6; hit b)y pitchedl ball, Simpson 1, Mar
tin 1.
Passed balls: Cabaniss I, Smith J.
.Stolen bases: Newherry 4, Carolina 1.
U mpire: Capt. S. J1. McCarughrin.
Time of game: 1.30.
A Firmr Grip
Ona goodl, long IifCe is what you will
hrave if you select your food carefully.
Therefore chroose "'CIFT1ON"' flour for
your bread and you will have a first
class health food thr-ee times a (lay.
Thre Head of the House
Can't heclp being interetstedl in sonic
thring that will pr1otect the hrealthr of the
family. A pure, scientifically milled,
forwill do this and ''Clifton'' is the
name of such a fln,,r.
The Commissioners Purchase Various Ar
ticles To Cost Over $4,000
To Be Delivered Soon.
The County Commissioners, at their
meeting held on Saturday, gave to Mr.
W. A. Neal an order for road machinery
at a total cost of $4,155.47.
Mr. Neal has several times appeared
before the Commissioners, pressing the
advantages of his machinery. It was
decided; however, that the matter
should bQ.postponed until one of the
members of the Commission should have
an opportunity to see the workings of
the machinery in actual process of road
building. Supervisor Schumpert and
the Secretary of the Commissioners,
Mr. J. B. Hunter, took a trip to Fair
field County and to Gaffney, in Chero
kee County, recently for this purpose,
and were very favorably impressed.
After hearing the report of these gen
tlemen on Saturday, it was decided to
The machinery purchased includes:
One rock crusher complete, including
elevator, bend, and screens.
One traction engine.
One road machine.
Two dump cars.
One water tank.
One roller.
At a total cost of $4,155.47, to be paid
in five years, in manner as may best
suit the county, and to draw interest at
the rate of six per cent. per annum.
The machinery is to be delivered by
August first at the latest, but it is pro
bable that it will be delivered a good
deal earlier than this, probably before
the first of July.
The machinery is of the most modern
design, and first-class in every particu
lar. The outfit, while probably not as
large as might. be used to more advan
tage, is nevertheless complete, and with
it rapid and good work may be done.
There were no no Master's sale yes
Mr. E. A. Carlisle was in Columbia
on business Saturday.
Miss Carrie Carr, of Birmingham,
Ala., is visiting Mrs. Thos. E. Epting.
The next county examination for
teachers will be held on Friday, May
Frof. J. B. O'Neall Holloway of
Williamston spent Saturday in the
,The Montgomery hoise on Adams
Street has l:een sold to )r. James Mc
Intosh for $1,000.
Prof. Thos. W. Keitt came down from
Clemson College on Friday and spent
Saturday in the city.
Tne rate from Newberry to Columbia
for the State Reunion May 12-14 is
$1.10 for the round trip.
Mr. Asa Hall, representing the Halls
Nursery Company, has been selling a
number of pecan trees in the county.
Mrs. J. A. Burton and daughter,
little Miss Goode, left yesterday for a
visit to relatives and friends in Au
Mr. and Mrs. C. B1. B3easom and little
daughter, of Newton, Mass., are in the
city the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. B.
Mrs. Bessie McNeil, who has been
visiting her father, Mr. J. Hi. M.
Kinard, returned yesterday to her home
in Augusta.
The strawberry festival by the Mis
sionary Society of Central Methodist
Church on last Friday evening was a
very enjoyable affair.
Miss Agnes Srmmer' attended the
piano-forte recital by her sister, Miss
Susie Summer, at the Presbyterian
College of Charlotte, N. C., on Fri
Associate .Justice Ira B. Jones has
torn dlown the 01(1 house on Boundry
Street opposite the Graded School andl
will erect four nice cottages on the lot
for rent.
Mayor J. W. Earhardt, and Major F.
W. Higgins, who have been serving on
the juries in the United States Court
in Greenville, have returned to the
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer, who has been in
several Northern States in the interest
of the prioposedl new c .lIege building
and on other business has returned to
Miss Mary Wood, of West Endl, who
has been ill for several months, went
to the hospital at Charleston on Friday,
wvhere she will be operated upon. Shie
wvas accompaniedl by Rev. G. E.
Mr. HI. C. Moseley, of Prosperity, one
of the dlirectors of the Columbia, New
berry and Laurens road, wvas here last
night. Prosperity has a numbeir of new
enterp)rises on foot, and Mi'. Moseley is
one of the most loyal citizens of that
town.--The State, 1st.
Mr's. Auld. of Greenwvood, is visiting
her brother', the Rev. S. 11. Zimmerman.
Mi's. Auld was married in the old Meth
odist Chur'ch, which was succeedled by
the handsome new Central Methodist,
of which Rev. Mr. Zimmerman is now
Mr's. Alice Stock dlie(d at her' home
ab)out two miles from the city on Satur'
day, in the 37th year' of her' age. Tlhe
remain wereo in terredl yesterday morn
ing daughter of W. F. Suber, of Saluda
county, andl a sister of Mrs. W. P.
D)avis. of this city.
Test One Sack
.Of ''Clifton'" flour- and you will find
it makes more bread, bettei' bread, and
gives better satisfaction than any flour'
Plano.Forte Recital Given at the Presbi
terian College Highly Praised by Char
lotte People.
The Charlotte Observer has the fe
lowing to say of a piano-forte recit
given by Miss Susie Summer at ti
Presbyterian College of Charlotte c
Friday night. Miss Summer is
daughter of Mr. C. E. Summer of th
city. Miss Summer is a talented mus
cian, and has received the best trainin
in this country and in Europe. Ti
Observer says:
M iss Susie Summer, of Newberry, E
C., gave a *delightful recital in th
Presbyterian College auditorium las
night. The programme, strickly classi
cal, was rendered with the taste an
skill of an artist. Beethoven's sonats
opus 26, the opening piece, was worth
of special mention; the grand tone o
the Andante leading up to the Scherz
and then on to the solemn wail of th
Funeral March, which was relieved b
the cheerful notes of the final Allegro
The skilful fingers of the young de
butante seemed to interpret the
thoughts of the great masters repre
sented on the programme with wonder
ful insight and clearness.
Miss Elma Warburton and Miss Ger
trude McFayden assisted Miss Summe
by giving beautiful vocal selections wit
an ease and grace which reflected grea
credit upon their teacher, Miss Mathew
Too much cannot be said of the gran<
closing selection, Mendelssohn's "Rond<
Brilliante," with Miss Summer a
piano soloist and orchestral accompani
ment on organ and piano by Dr. an
Mrs. Fisher. With such finished artist
as these to assist, the effect was beau
tiful beyond description and was a mos
fitting close to this charming entertain
The Charlotte News, speaking of thi
recital says:
Miss Susie E. Summer's piano-fortc
recital last night was a very succesfu
one. The recitalist showed every evi
dence of a thorough training, botl
technical and artistic. The broadl]
classical, as represented by Beethoven'
A Flat Sonata, the dainty lyric, as it
the pieces by Tschaikowsky and Chopi
were alike intelligently rendered. The
audience was dismissed in enthusiastic
mood with Mendelssohn's brillian1
Rondo in E Flat. In this Miss Summei
was joined by Dr. and Mrs. Fisher wh<
gave the orenestral parts on the orgrr
and second piano.
Constable Perry Arrests a Negro am
Seizes Two Gallons of Liquor
at Chappells.
Constable T. 1. Perry arrested
negro and seized two gallons of liquoi
at Chappells on Friday.
Fred Herbert, the negro arrested
was given a preliminary hearing beforc
Magistrate Ropp, and bound over to th<
circuit court. It appears that lerberl
had worked up a considerable trade it
the community in which he worked
selling the liquor at ten cents a drink
His headquarters were at a spring
where he kept his liquor in the cool. 11
was not necessary to go to the sprinf
to secure a drink, however. ierberl
had obviat - 6his difficulty by establish.
ing somewhat of a free delivery, carry
ing his jug around with him on thl
streets and dlispensing to the thirsty.
The liquor seized wais two gallons,
marked to R. A. Green. No R. A.
Green could be discovered in or around
Chappells and the liquor was declarec
contraband and sent to Columbia.
Newvberry ys. Clemson.
The game between Newvberry am
Clemson, to be p)layedl on the colleg<
diamond Wednesday afternoon, will b<
called p)romptly at four o'clock. Thi:
announcement means that the gam<
will be called at sixty minutes past
three, and not at 4.30 or 5.00 or som<
other'time. The hour has been made4
earlier for a number of reasons.
The game will be the last of the sea
son, and promises to he the best.
Clemson has the strongest college tean
in the South, as she has had for th<
past several years. Newberry take:
insp)iration from this, and always put:
up a strong game against Clemson, am
this year the Newberry boys are hoping
to win.
But wvhoever wvins, it will be a greal
game and worth seeing.
Petition for Rural Mall Rtoute.
The p)ostoffice dlepartment will be pe
t.itionedl to start another mail route ii
this county, starting at Newberry an<
running along the Pr.osperity road t<
J. C. Neel's; thence to Jeff Gallman':
and along the Columbia road to D. A
Ruff's, to Walter Wicker's and alonl
the Columbia road back to Newberry
Better mail facilities arc needed badl;
along some parts of this p)roposed route
andl the route will no dloubt be give)
when the facts are prioperly presented
The matter will be referred to Con
gressman Wyatt Aiken, and the peCopI
of Newvberry County are sur~e that h:
wvill use his bost endeavors in their ir
An Appeal from Colored Baptists.
Rev. F. R. Wallace, pastor of Neo
Bethlehem Baptist church, this city
with wvhich the Baptist State Convet
tion meets this morning, applealst
citizens of Newberry, and especiall
t.o merchants, to help his p)eoplle in th:
entertainment of' the delegates. Mor
than 309 preachers will be in att endanc
andl the people of' this chutrch havehIee'
very heavily taxed b)y their effortI
which have resulted in the erection of
handsome new cliuirch bil di ng. Ar
aid wvill be appreciated by Rev. Wallat
and his peLople.
Arie you acqluainted w ith "'Clifton'
A trial snek will convince you it is ti
best. flour mannfactrm.
r- Reunion Delegates and Sponsors Chosen
Camp Reorganized-Member
ship Increasing.
1- The John M. Kinard Camp, Sons of
%l Confederate Veterans, met in the court
o house on Friday afternoon for the pur
,n pose of reorganizing, and making prop
a arations for the approaching Reunions
is and for Memorial Day.
i- In the absence of the Commander,
p Mr. Z. F. Wright was chosen comman
e der pro tempore.
lion. F. 11. Dominick, for the coni
mittee to pass on applications for mem
e bership, reported that about twenty
t six applications for membership had
d been favorably passed upon. The names
of the applicants were read, and they
were declared momhars of the Camp.
It will be recalled that at the last meet
e ing it was determined to have a thorough
y reorganization, and a committee, con
sisting of Messrs. Jno. M. Kinard, W.
F. Ewart, and F. 11. Dominick, was
- appointed to pass upon all applications.
- The twenty-six applicants whose names
were passed upon now constitute the
r antire membership of the Camp. It is
a probable that the membership will be
t doubled within the next few days.
- The following delegates and alter
a nates were chosen for the approaching
Reunion to be held in Columbia. The
3 present membership entitles the Camp
only to three delegates, but the pros
pects are that the membership will be
- considerably increased before the Reun
L ion, and in that ease the alternates
will act as delegates: W. H. Hunt, F.
H. Dominick, W. F. Ewart, L. W.
Jones, Jno. M. Kinard, Cole. L. Blease.
Miss Bessie Gilder was chosen sponsor
of the Camp for the Columbia Reunion,
and she has been requested to appoint
two maids of honor.
The following were chosen delegates
and alternates for the General Reunion
to be held in New Orleans: J. Y. Mc
Fall, F. L. Bynum, I. 1. Hunt, Jno.
M. Kinard, T. H. Pope, C. M. Leitzsey.
The delegates will select a sponsor
for New Orleans.
lion. Cole. L. Blease spoke in high
terms of Dr. J. A. Bt. Scherer who will
deliver the Memorial address in New
berry on Saturday, saying that he hoped
there would be a full attendance of the
The question of the appointment of a
1listorical Committee created a good
deal of discussion. It was finally de
cided that the Commander should be
instructed to appoint three members of
the Camp on this Committee.
The officers were appointed a com
mittee on constitution to. report at the
next meeting, to be held in the court.
honse Friday afternoon at 5.30.
Rev. Geo. A. Wright was chosen
chaplain of the Camp.
Another New Mail Route.
A new mail rout : from Prosperity,
with .Joe Hartman as carrier, was start.ed
on the first of May. Leaving Pros
p)erity, the route runs to George Noel's;
thence to the residlence of Jeff'Gallman,
and to the Cross Roads at John Crosson's;
thence to l 'achman Chapel and to J. A.
C. Kibter's; back to Andrew Counts'
and across to T. L. Wheeler's; thence
to the residlence of .J. Caleb Cook, J.
W. Hlartman, J. M. Werts, and S. P'.
Taylor; from here to J1. Creighton
D)ominick 's, and thence along the Calk 's
Ferry road to P'rosp)erity.
Letter to E3. M. Evans.
Dear Sir: You sell good goods -and
give full measure. It's a uleaisant, way
of doing and it pays, besines.
We do it the same reason, and it
has made us the foremost p)aint-house
in the United States.
Short wei ght and adulterationsi are
the vices of business. TIhey are a nat
ural resp onse to the demand for cheap
ness. The-world is full of them-the
grocery wvorld and the p)aint world, and
every kind of wvorld.
IYou knowv andl we knowv that it dloesn't
I pay. People change their grocer or
,pamnt man as soon as they find it out.
We don't know about groceries-you
tell your people about them-the tul
measure ar.dl unadlelteratedl paint is
Devoc Lead andl Zinc.
Fewer gallons-takes less D evoe ILeadl
andZiAne than of mixed paints to paint a
house. Wears longer- -twice as long as
lead and oil mixed by hand. Yours
truly, F. W. Devoe & Co.,
New York.
P. S. Newnerriiy H1ardw~arec Co sells our
> Paint.
The Same as
SYou Are Sate When You
ICx teriencied Lad(1ios with go
shlop for you, ando thlere is n]
muent, as your monoy is or
Niure von aru saut ified withk
that we profer to have you
e For Comparison \
a Address All Communicatic
We Are Ma11I IJilSOIsa
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly spring materials of the latest
,tylos and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your ?
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
Black Silk
is one of our strong departments,
36 in ch Taffetas at $ 1.00, $ 1. 12?,
$1.2-, and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Peaude Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Department is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Home
sppun, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
[.&..mon[ CO.
M o n W e W a n t T o T a lk ' 'o.-- "X n l a n' H ut r 11.ry , ,m 1i n
Nowherri sa a ltti 11 port --if IIvery nm in N w berr lu ,w
ca.Ihl s ralii to is forll lo hs ilothing. 1'aii-h wV. li w. XI wd l . b
ishI i Hith I aruiionuii'nt lin this subljl. This w XV'l'n argouiillit 8
~,To The MVan Who Wants To e
So los ho. (4.of I11in1 es le raer
fe itPie til'
Sutis- o- PatiulrMe,I ew eryI-8. I
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
Be good to your land and your crop
will be good. Plenty of
in the fertilizer spells quality 1
anld qcuantity in the har.
vest. Vri1e us and
we will ind yt,ou Z ,
je,", by next mail,
o 1 m .>" e y w in : a
9 N. .:Streed
Ncw Verk.
up at The Herald & News.
The lorald & News.
.l piece up at The Herald & News.
.OUNG Apply to M. MA. Buford.
safe as spring water, and
will cure any living person sulfering
with Constipation, Indigestion, D)ys
pepsia, Liver, Kidney and Stomach
troubles if it is taken in the stomach.
Please try the samples.
smoke at The HIerald & News.
B beautiful patterns at The Hlerald
& News.
k ald & News.
Herald & News.
G ery at The 1lorald & News.
cigar at The elrald & News.
W ANTEI- You to know that free
Samples of Kalola will he left at
your home this week. K.alola is vhrys
talized mineral water containing the
medicinal properties of four not (i
springs of acknowledged power to cure
(onstipal.ion, Indigest ion; I)yspaepsia,
Liver, K<idnev and I lulaide'r t rouhles.
Please try the free samples.
W A N T 1 I \I:ulager for New
XW Branch of otur busini'ss hire in
Newberry. Write pr"omptly, with re
ferences, The Morris Wholesale louse,
Cincinnati, Ohio. 2t
M.1O1A LI,- Milk Cow with young
en clf. Geo. Leonhir"th,
21. Ilelc'ni, S. C.
6(>n UlI El l,S Kentucky Cot tonl
Seed for sale. A ly to 'I'.
C. Pool. J. A. 1i'rn'roN.
['I ONEY TO LOAN---We negotiate
. i loans on improved farm lanls
at seven per cent. inte'rest. on
amfouints over one thousand (dollars,
and eight per Cent. interest on amount 4
less than $1 ,000. Long .i me and easy
payments. Hu tnt, lHuntI & IIlunter,
A it.orneys.
LleadsI to the (loot's of Th'le Newberry
Steam L,anndry'.
Stea DyePlant of Tlhe Newberry
LNfies some; Nothing but giving sat
isfaction satisfies The Newhierry Mt eam
nvore'ens ache)' anel burn a
r:irhit? I have the bes't t.rial t'4n for
litting Spectac's and l'yeglasses, and
(an lit the most, dillibcult eyes, wit.h the
prop er' lasses. I hiav~e (it ted gla msses
for tbe best lieople in the iannly' and
can lit you. I us;e only toe h,e, grade
Crystail ine lenses. (Co me a 'lu teive me
a trial and be' con vine d. 8'tri .tIly one
price to all. G(tJV I)ANN ltLS,
Ounir Stock is f'ull of' .very'thinig
niew and prttty to adorn Ih Ihalit of
the' siituinr girl. Comno awli son
wvhat we hamve to show' yon.
if in Person!I
Order by Mail from Us.
odI tasto do niothiing olso but
o such thing as disappoint.
ily on depjosit until you anro
goodIs ->rdored . Wei man
-etuirn anythinig t hat shonld
Vrite for Saimples.
ms -Mail Order Departmn't,
FON. S. C.

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