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On :5aturday afternoon, the 25th
of April, at four o'clock, Mrs. 0. B.
Mayer entertained the "Emery" Club
and a few friends in honor of her
gnest, Mrs. J. Wells Todd, of Lau
ret s. The hall was decorated with a
profusion of roses and potted plants,
while the parlor was redolent with
the perfume of the satue flower, which
adorned iaitel and tables.
Miss Carrie Mayes greeted the
guests at the door and ushered them
into the parlor, where they were re
ceived by Mrs. Mayor and Mrs. Todd.
After all had arrived eh lady was
m.ven a stquhre of linen, on wh icislt
was requested to emibreider initials.
These were aft,"rwards gietln ti' t he
guest of honor to t'o made ' :- sofa
Illow as a -ouvelir of the ocYltion .
.\ each lady exc leed it I ain t
nth.llt* worh, it wa;ts decied that all
-h, nil iraw for the prize, aid Mrs.
o). . .l :' .n, of Charl-st I. vr v
thet luckl. t.umble.r. and wa,. p re"
aet,ted t \ :I~1. b -tts n\ith, a d tin1t\
a n d. l c a k e e , w a - - e r e l .
ThI pi'-res-i we re
M1 r-s .l. \v: - T i. f lm.ureni.
Alli C ,,tuit l r) \r . t f 1.aunrens,
\Ir- A :ni e Pteh-s.
M1r. \\. 1 t h .t
Mlt .I A\ ; ,r
Mr- \t. Y. la.r
.\ t, S ,,ll., ( ar,.. "te:.
Nir-. S. 1B i.1 -
Ni r. l;ar ' y .
.Nm- t.r , 'e \Ic \V ..rtor
\Ir- .1 \\ \l Sm.m .
\l1 1. C I
\I :- .\ :... "I i:: .. 3
Nh1 'A 1.
.\l r . 1 \ ?
N3 -r A i r .
t4 . . 'or Uf Mr
EK .lIhnt , f i4'inah-T .. h. NI --
fln bm~: NIr , If lanr NI 1K a:e
"ibd \v.-r a dlaint\ tabh. 4 hb u
st'- ,i raw - ;l rve .nsak u u
Seimal int a, irh 4 f I.hbghlt ful '.ai"i
Nlts (I' : I . I as to,f Ch r
.Ilis (t.Aim4bi b"stt,4 Nf i.rs.
in li ee tgo ib-ag. i i 4 'il'
\'1ilr14 Jlohn a1 s ardl.t ,vr 11
h 1r'.u t I ni .4 Iiit .
.\I rs 4.( .I Ell iii' r. 181l
Mrs 1. I n's is.ci fNohrv
is l'hauI in sOisted .ladrs, amnid
ain it servmgof fagr'Iiam,n n hot tffee.
The11 hloie wotn~as dak eadtifnanv
candlesii shd, lat ~so ight loveyrothe
beiautigfrgrictre. uti an pr
lThes a mn.uet e t u
ai 'ti)i 111gtire o f wism i andh rae
naeiim itohr eince. Iade.A
Mr.i Holas ois on e gaf NIhers
aI. lwa d, mak ain charmng hostgest.
Thoe,hnsnwm was beauti 4( W ifullv''y
dlated,4' largei vaes oferovely roses
ther. cnluon of hegm Ms.L
WI. Floy,rhaing wortnt hihs
s. 1, was p ar.ne ih a vr
p~rtty .~ white an Tecnsltin
N. rH. d ohnt one). Si l1
M rs. . II. PJotoli.
Ms. O. 81.0 Mater.
Mrs. W. I. Iluot.
11rs. Annit, Petoplos.
11rs. L. \\'. Floyd.
Mrs. A. T. Brown.
Mr1s. :. C. Jones.
Mrs S. J. 1elCatlghrin.
llrs. J. 1%, (ireotn.
NI rs. L. \. .Jones.
lirs E. Auld.
\t rs. \'. H1. C-irw\ilte.
.iliss lAucy 1teCaugirin.
Miss Nannie \icCaughriu.
Miss Mary Nanco. Fair.
'hu "l ory" (lub) was verv
-harming l entertainod by Miss Fanl
lielleCtaughrin oTiiihursdav morning.
I'hc hone was tratetfully decorated
tcitlh lovely rosos in cut glass vases
unti exquisitely hand-painted howls.
Dainty refreshtutents were served.
Ainontg tho siie present were:
IMrs. George Jo0h1stoIe.
Mlrs. O. .. Johntt"l, if C'haur
Mrs. \V. II HIunt.
1irs. Juo. \1 1 inardi
\ rt;. O. 11. \lave"r.
.1 rs. Annie 1tople.
M1rs. Jos. 1. Norwood
lirr. O. \1ei illlrhn+s.
Alr.. (Geo. M.o1wer.
lIrs. S. J. MIc(aughril.
ir". 1'. G. Ellisotr.
lIrs S 1'. Boozer.
lIrs. 13 II Jolnstoem14
Mrs. F. Z \Wilson.
llr-. J. A. Burton.
Alia l1in.~
l NI zt i iI tp .
\li-s largar..t Johnstn->.
.li i-Mar\ Nance Fair.
Ni FI.'auNit leIugTr::.
\1 ll t L cy\ \1ec( ntt r;:..
\1:i . .\Lh II .l ftA
i nrm e f ,,ut st- at .1 : -
r" 1- \\rr -t \
M1r- I. ' \
Mls u
NIr-. I) ii .Ish - , ,f n ..
l:- .\ Igar lIri:..
'd-- Enthli- I' 'V g :
NI:s-- NIary Nare Iif.u''
NI -.. Lcy Mle( '.tfhi
N.\ lKthe.l B >J/.-r.
NI i., (senevii.jev, B /z'r.
oni Thursiday 4'venliing. Thl',.e pre*watn
wvere NIlasdliaes I. 11 \\-eIch, \V. II
Noellye .NI Iall, Laurat Bln
(Carlisile, .\e( 'aughirio, .\lril, Pop.,
NIoweor, Nlessrs. I". N. .\lartin, 1.. A
(Cairl isle, \V. S. L anigfordl, J . N.
Mi Cantgblir, lBooztr, ( . ID. \Vi'oks,
Z I'. \Vright, J . T1. Miayes, B. II.
J ohnistonie, \V. H1. 1 [unt, \Vi lbur'.
11h0 Prosplerity c'(orresp indenit of
The0 S)tatt, writinlg unider diate of
M1ay 2, says:
Theli literary utoros is wasi iniost d1o
lighitfully ointortained by \liss l)olla
Bowvers at her hloixn T'uesday after
11oon. "''lri and1( 1"' was t he
boo0k discussed and intetrest ing papers
wero roadl by NIris. ( . Y.1linter anid
Alise Blanch iii.IiI iibler anrd I essio
HT hostess 1lii the disibu Ilted
parniuplets tied wit hi daiinty blue rib
bon)1 and oil thei 'over wals wVritton,
"A I te rary (ourit ship." O n open.
ing they woriot founid to contain0 po(o.
t ry with blankls to ho tllied wit hi tit los
of well kno(wn b)ook', ohl anid now.
Theiy woro then subtinittedi to th
judges, anm the guests were invited
to thle dIiing roornl wheiro daiinty roI*
fresh mn' is were served. Gli returni
ing to thet palrl)r t hey found t hat
and1( Miss IKvai Lestr had ti~lied . They
drow0~ for t he orize amd is esterm
won it, a silver monnted cold cream
Thoso prtis.ent were: Miosdameos
C. T. Wy'Nchc, 0. Y. llunte r, J1. S.
W\ heeler, lisets 1lanch Kibler, Eva
Letter, Fraies Rawl, Marie lleagin,
M1ay Lee Barr', Ethel Counta and
13ttsio 13owors.
The previous meeting of the club
was held at the residence of lHev.
W. A. 1Lutz, and was eharmingly
onte'rtaiiied by tht president, Mrs.
J. It. 1)i nglohof.
"Lovely Nlary" was the book dis
cussed anl papers were read by Mrs.
F. F.. Stchui port, Mlisses lessit' Bow.
ors and Annie Bell Wise. Mrs.
\\heeler submittted N1 rs. (Urn Bur
dett's club rules, which were adopted
by the club.
IDe'lightfu I refreshiments were
se'rvedtl. Those presont wor': Mos.
lattes \\'yche, II nter, 'hooler,
Schtuilpert, adil Mi sses Bov:rs, lran
cts liawl, Blanche kibler, Della
liower-, F.va I .ester, I.ula Moseley,
Armile hll \\isP.
M rs. J. N. 1ire ili et''t " aitt h iil
Ii't,'n t r M l'f V . 1 , 1t itst,il, (of
('hatrhltt,n, 1~ Sturda y aftrrnoon.
'II e' lt, w o, l'etanutifully de'cortattMIl
\vitli a prr In' ih ' of rosos. A very
tlett ,t lhitlt wa"xs sptttilt at Iunegins.
Icet's a i te a'. R!l st rawb r ie' s Wt' r
,tVt'J*d. I here' wee a'btit .teen
ill\v tt'e Ilot* t.,
iln lht'.t Sfartuaey Mr is. Belcber
gave' a leielt" a iart of small folks
at hr bttemie in I arriuingtot Street.
I )~iir- int ite rra rtifi inpilg guit's Lep'jt
Ito "lt,lIr,'t. ,tetrttint'd utti two
tcil. " I', a "realv ttly" pi(eie
' : u\ -- -- n i . t.he 'a rd un1 rt''
I:- r
- -" t -r
- -t '.- r 2
in : ah:.a n re han . fw i t m
0-8.-----e wn ho floo wt e l h' e
iutr duI ti I a! -b whi ebi wil nerover
b e rep' p- f~ r'in t he i enunittoo t(o
wvh ib f t. will berfrrd Th
trmih iif the~ ttittter ies that the cooer
he'a.hIt h-auth-er of thle I(opeublicani
of epblti ansti.. ini thle Neortheorn Stfates
wh ompathizi' withi t he Southern
ettfort s t solve~ ih nlegro) problemi,
matil who .inst ify laws whichl will pro0
vonut thle we'ahh ande int elligeiuce of
thei S CuIthlerni St at Os beiniig dIon: ina ted(
by t hie meost ignioriant olomonett of the
populat ioni. Many men in t ho Nort h
who hiavei (apital invested( ini enter
prisor, in S mi hoerni St ates wvould resist
to t he tternaasot an y attemnpt to break
dlowni thle presenit electin laws, wviihih
insur seur501 ity fo thir property.
ThisH whole maittter wasH fought, out
in B lhpublicani caiuc*usts durinig t he
tirst si'ssioni of I ho last CJongress. An
effort was then maido by Messrsarrum..
paciiker and I( Olust eadi , wVithi th help ou
of Secet ary of t ho Navy Moo ly, who
was a nuunbri er of thl'e liouse fromt
NI assac'h uset Is at Ithiat Itimo , to ha lve
thle 01pul icanol s of thle I Iouse adopt
NMr. Cainnpacuiker's b)ill for reducWinrg
repiresenitaftionl inl proportion to the
liittions pu1 jit uploni sufflrage made a
pairt y meas'uliro in ihe l 1ouse( of Bejp
rOeuialt ivesI. Ini thle Ii rst caucusil in
whlic th Ile it ter wasi birought up thle
ad Ivoenltos' of t his pol icy hiad a muajor
it,but a fewv of t ho wiser heads(lf, ini.
ch idin.g Speaker I[enidersoni and liep
re-oetat ive Ctannuon, of Illinois, pro
venteid actio anl td suceed1ed in
hilving the <inest ion positponed to a
futnUro caucusi. \\'hen1 the next cauculs
iniet MI r. (Ornmnm.km or Ii;d ,...i .op
ters found themselves in a minority.
Still a third oaucnre had the question
tip, and then it w' detinitely killed.
Mr Cannot's apposition to the t
scheme is so pronounced that, with
him in the Speaker's chair in the
next House, it will have no chance
of serious consideration. Etforts will t
be made, in faot., to prevent it coming t
up in any way and to shut otT any
members who are disposed to advo
cate it in speeches, for fear of the
bad effect that it might have on the
Presidential election in 10- it is
an open secret that. President Room,
velt acquiesced in the shelving of the t
question in the last Congress and I
that he is anxious to have it kept in
the background until after the ele.
ion. The shrewdest politicians i't
the lRepublican party ali udvocate
this policy. They realhi' that they
are going to have a very dillicnlt tinetl
in holding in line with their parth I
thousands of Democrats in t he Nort h
aid West who voted for Mr Meiin
fey both times that he was a caidi
date, aind that ain attack otn the elec
tion laws of the Southern States at
this tii wonlld Ie the sutest u\:\ ol
driving thoae men awy:i frin tiwir
el un beinig t he fav, red m z it or
weddings, that issue of The Deo-er
gives special space t. arti 's .f i
terest to the woman who ex p'a- -.o. I
to be a bride 'Brides and Bri-lt'
Atten1dants," "The e1Ie l;r:dt's
Tronsean" and "Womai's ad a nl
Fancies'' all eater to this or:' 1t1 iet,
and even the tictionl loans to iht h: lt.
for "Laviny's Wedding. w ' :
"l'tlia's Snccessful 1'lay" ha : a
ruu1ncy as a theme The iZ,
and millinlt"y shiw :n h hI
are charmingly 5umn,ey a:..i
sad so t.o srt '''ra-11 1. ~ i :.:. .
h:.l 1' L :I:ts ,,ra .-:
s:de of w m,st:'S att:r l. 1:. L r
sry pcr:. t. -f :he lc k --l: e
Ct:.lrre':'s Snutuner \ acat iona," nd
"A Ct erry Hipe Dri!.'' sh [r"as'.e" of
rtir freeti:n an.i wh V"5.. . ,ut
r= A new depart:,.tl ,.A
.':zle- ' f..r t.- i;:t- .ks.
n'. -rttr r -,dt-r. are :.,v:ti t" edit
: a-h rtmuaerat_n "\\ at Wm
es are 1)_itg" and "Help. A-no the
W t.i A , textrteme. ,v ::tere-:[.
art:.e treats of "Lab.lr. ving De
\ ir. f r Wo\tieen," ind ttht- H-n '
partu:ents of "Enqtue'ltti lint
'T et TaleI Ch at," "h1..\ A: wrai
and "T'1he KitchenI K:nIgdom"i are
no:.e'f them: pertitte I1.:ig n
Lu:ryCllegc tommenh.ement Pro0.4
'r ammen
Jun . 3: R.arr.al meetI).g *of hard
of Trustees: 6: 3.'. Juno cflI'ontest for'
milin orattory,.
Jun Hi . 11 o 'clock,.' adirez.e i bfore: t he
Alumni Assiociationi . :3, addr'es be'
torte it itter'ary Socities by Ia.'ii' ilent
Hetnry 1L. Smrith, of I avidsaon E.ollege.
N. C.
June 10, 10) o'clock, annual commnnce.
Constipation is nothin n ore
than, a e ogging of the bowels
am.l nothingi~ less than vital stag
nation or death if not relieved.
I f overy ,constipated sufferer
cou.ld realize that he is allowing
p)oisionous filth to rema.in in hise
system, ho would soon get relief.
Constipatjon invites all kind of
contagion. Headaches, bilious
ness, colds and many other ail
nionta disappear when coasti..
pated bowels are relizeved. ThIed
ford's BlaekDraught thoroughly
cleans out the bowels in an easy
and natural manner without tho
p urging of oalomiel or other vio
ent cathartics.
BIe sure that you get the ori i
nal T[hedford's BIlack-D)raugmt,
mnade by The Chattanooga Aledi'
cin Co. Sold by all druggists in
Morgan, Ark. May- 25i, 1001,
I cannot recotmmendih1e df ord's litack.
Draught toohbighty. Ikeep it in m- house
all the time and have used It for the la,st.
ton years. I never gave my chil'iren
any other laxative. I thin kI could
nlever be able to werk without it
on account of boing troubiedi with
coinstipation. Your medicine is
New Idea Woman's Magazine.
Brides, graduates, and flowers are
hw dominant features of the first
south of summer, and the J une
umber of the New idea Woman's
I aga.ino treats of them all, "June,
ho month of Hoses," is a practical
-ral paper, by Benjamin B1. Keech,
harmingly illustrated. Sarah Slater
ontributes a noteworthy artice on
Juno Brides;" Agnes Warren de
eribes "J un., Fetes;" and Kate Mars
un writes of "A Woman and her Pin
lonoy." in addition to these dir
inetly timely themes, the several de
artments of Society Fads, Good
tonsekeeping, Embroidery, and
lomo )ressmaking receive novel
reatment, characteristic of the season.
he short stories and verse are of ex
ept ional excel lence.
King Edward was welcomed in
ranno with great demonstrations on
' day afternoon.
1W ~ iP
Costs 0*25eq
Or mai.t 86 cents to 0
Duros Eruptions, Sores, Colio, Hive
Worms. '1iFiET1mr'.A.
Two Daily Pullman VE
Between SOUTH a
The Best Rates and Rc
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stear
Nashville, Mempi
Louis, Chicago, NE
Points South and South
and Jacksonville anc
and Cuba.
zrFor detailed informatior
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columnbia
?HRaoUC.,n THE. sOU
ExUent Jiervice Quick TIj
An, Trip is 'a PIeasure
Travel via-TiIE, SOUT1
Th~e Finest Dining-Car
for detailld infornaation as to Tickel
vations addresa the nearest Agent
P.eseerder 'T,ftri. H aneg.r. Ge.eI Passenge
A passenger :
d.. c.omfort, equLipped
For rates, S'.:dl
a on write to
A Horrible Railroad Catastrophe in De
troit, Michigan.
A train load of Polos, numbering
about. one thousand, who wore on an
exourson from Chicago to )etroit to
colobrato one of their Polish holidays,
while gathered at the station to take
the return train to Chicago woro run
into by a "'fl) or" from the Wost on a
parallel track. ''ho people woro
thrown in the air and dashed to
oither sido of the track. Many of
them woro ground under th wheels.
'ren to tiftoon woro killed, and about
thirty injured.
Two negro stable boys and 32
valuable horses were burnec to death
in a liro which destroyed the stable
of W. Gould Brokaw's estate at.
Great Neck, L. 1., Saturday. The
loss is about $)0,O(0.
FETT Cures Cholera-Infantum,
Diarrhoea,Dysentery, and
the Bowel Troubles of
Children of Any Age.
Aids Digestion, Regulates
POW the Bowels, Strengthens
the Child and Makes
E, Thrush. Removes and Prevents,
-- EAST -- WEST.
stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
iers. To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
I al points in Florida
i, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
3. 3. Puller, Traveling
sst.G4enl. Pass. Agt., I
AH, GA.j
n e Conv.enient .he:edes
Tra.p to those who
Service in the World.
a. Rateu and Sleeping-Cr reser
J. Ci rAI*s
General Passenger. Agent,
Wimino-t n. C.*
H. 0. BEA'TIES, Receiver.
in Iafect June 1,'1902.
Iwtweon Anderson and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
No. II. No. 12 dtation. No. 11 No. 9
P. %.1.. P.M. A.M
3 10 1t M ............... elton ............... 8 20 10 60
2 48 93;1........ Anderson F. 1)......... 8 40 11 10
2 45 '130....... a n erson 1'. D........ 8 46 11 18
........ 12......... W est Antltlson....... 3 49 ........
........ 901)...............DUonve r.............. 8 69 .....
........ 0110 ...............Anatun ..... .... 4 05 ........
........ 8 5i ...........1'ontdt leton ........... 4 11 ........
........ 8 47.........hrry. 4 18 ........
........ s 44...............Adtau s... ..... 421 .......
.. . 8 2 ..... . lanitn J ne t...... 4 33 ......
.. $.. 25 ...............ta ontt .............. 4 85 1 ........
4 40 ........
8 06....... ..W est Union ......... 6 04 ........
8 00............ W alhallai ............ 6 09 .
All rogular trains from Bolton to Walhala,
h1ave preedene over trains of s%mo olas
n ovitng itt tito Opposite direotton unless oth
tot wise speolleil by train or(Ier.
W%In at) sto at t.he following stations to
ltakt on anid lot oil passengers: Phinney's
Jttes and Satn y Hprings.
J. M. AND1RitEltUN, Superintendent
CllarlestoR aid Nstcrn Carolina R vCo.
Augusta and Ashovillo Short Line.
(Shedule to E1'oot March 1, 1908.)
(litatl Down.) (Read Up).
12.46 pm.........l,v Ne wberry......... Ar 3.10 pin
1.60 pm . .. Ar laurons ............. Lv 2.02 pim
2.117 pm.........lv Laurone.. Ar 1.80 pm
3.3:1 pm......... Ar Spartanburg... l,v 12 01 pm
1. a'v .........vtpa rt anburg..... Ar 10.25 am
..32 p . ......... Ar Salutdta............... L . 3. 89 am
+.11 pa......... Ar iontlors "nville Lv 3.05 amd
' ......... \r t- ''h 1 .. ..... .. l,v 7.05 ain
a.- pm .....,L Newb-rry ((.N ,,j. ) 3 10 pm
. , a . Iti r .................. Ly 2.02 pmn
. 35 om... Jv%ur.n.................Ar 1.45 'm
I 1.11 .\Ar - Ilnw')oI........... .1v 12.44 1
. ' - ar \ m;t . a............... Lv 10.10
. t-n I.t .\O:gutat....... .......Ar 11.66
' p ..... 1 Wntf frt......... .Lv 7.56
r.I, t3 ......r 'orl toyal .......... Lv 7.40 a
ri 4 pt ... l.v N. wherry (0 S.at.)Ar :1.10 pa
I 0 ptui A r L tnr""as .. .........l.v 2.02 pm
2 . v . I,v 1.a uar n, ............... t 1..5 pin
''i,pin ...A r 't'uti e .. I.v 12.15 pmn
For Itl'a th " Info' u,itioni 14.l,::ivo to rates,
GEt1. T Itt: % N, c4ert. Ag . Uroenvillo,8 C
N:RNl' w I \V11.1.1A 1s, to. . l'atsa. Agt.
AUtestit. id
1'. M. I. '. r -t"n. 'rattlle I amtt. r.
(E:astern Standtardi Tin o.)
Sout It bott.l. Northbound.
Seia fl Itt In 1-eect Atgust 26th 1902.
8 401 1m, Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 put
10 1111 Al liens 6 19 pm
11 165 umt l4Ibtrtout 5 17 ptn
12 :h pan Abievilio 4 0i pan
1 22 ptn Grenwood 3 35 im
2 15p:r A r Clinton (D)i'r) Ly. 2-45 pn
ut Ii) t.tn Lv (lenn Springs Ar 4 00 pin
12 If" pm: Mparlanburg 8 30 pi
12 2 1it n reenville 3 25 pm
(lanrris Springs)
1 1,111 Waterloo 2 35 pm
I U. ' a. " r 1.t1tens (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pm
53 52
202 t.v Laurena Ar 1 50
2 Li " Parks Ar 1 42
2 22 Clin ton.. 1 341
2 84 Uoldville' 1 17
2 4:3 ..Kinard. 1 10
2 49 ..Uary... 1 05
251 ..Jalapa.. I 00
:111 Newt)orry 1246
324 l'tospe-rIty 1232
:1 44 . ...8lighs.... 12 23
3: 3 ",t Moiuntalin 12 19
31 6I ...Chaapin... 12 DI9
467 Hilton 1202
4 id White itock I] f'9
4 (-7 Hallintia:> -- 1154
4 17 ......Ir n o..... 11 46
4 24 ..Leaphart.. 11 40
4 45 ArColum)bIau,v 11 20
i1 35 LvColun+bitt (A.c.t..)Ar I 10
6 20 Sut,ter 9 50
9) 2:) A r Charleston, Lv 7 01
'Ir'tt1 'a 'i2 arrive and depart front
c\ t 1)1 dIopo)t.
'irtlras 22 ar1 8~i fron A. C. L. freight depot
wVest Ilorvatis street,.
For Htates, ' Ttae Tables, or further informam
ti(on callI on anty Agont,, or write to
w. Gi. (Itl LDS, T. M1. EMERSON,
Preslenot. Traffic Msanauger.
8ot. AgI. Ootn'I Frt. A 1'asIs A gt.
Colina, s. 3.U. W''Ia~idnestn. N (I.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass o1 water, tea, or coffee withouat
patienit's knowledge.
White Ribbon Remedly will cure or
liest roy the dliseased appetite for alco
holic stimuahmjts, whether the patient is
a confir'med inebriate, a ''tippler,'' so
2iaI drimker or drunkard. I mpossible
for~ anyone to have an app)etite for alco
holic lhquors after using Whbite Ribbon
Indlorsedi by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrts. Moore, press superintendlent of
Woman's Christian Tlemperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "'I have
testedl White Ribbon Remedy 0on very
<>bstimate dirunkards, andl the cures have
beeun manly. In many cases tihe Remedy
was gwien secret ly. I cheerfully recomn
mendi andl mdaorse White Ribbon Reme
dy. MVemblers of our Union are dle
lighIted( to find( an economiical treat ment
to aid us in our tempierance work."
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trial pack
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Tlown
sent.l (for years secretary of a Woman's.
Christian Temperan".e Ufnion), 218 Tr'e
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in Newv
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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