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Sponsor James D. Nance
Maid of Honor.
Miss \ innie NIae \\'ilson has l.
Nance Camp, No. 336 U. C. \', ft
ia Division,i nited C.o nfedt.rale \
MI) 12 1.1. She is the da;tuIiter
"Judge of Newberry Counly.
NIiss Wilson has appointed a
lluiett, dautighler of Nits. \I. C. ih
lauglter of Col. O. I,. SehtIunpert.
Mr. E. S. Coppock Passed Away at His
Home Yesterday Morning at 2 O'clock.
A Long Life.
Mr. E. S. Coppock died at his home
in the city yesterday morning at 2
o'clock. For a number of years he had
been in failing health, having sufl'ered
with paralysis, and the (nd was not
Mr. Coppock was born near Smyrna
church, this county, in about the ye:u
1832, being over seventy years of age
at the time of his death. During his
early years he engaged in farming. I I
came to the town of Newberry in the
fifties, and in 1858 he engaged in the
clothing business.
After the war he and Messrs. I t. D).
Wright and Henry Whitmire estab)
lished a clothing buisinless under the firm
niame of Wright, Coppock & Co. Later
the name of tihe fArm was changed to
Wright & Coppock, Mr. I lenry Whit
mire withd1rawving. Messrs. Wright andh
Coppock c'ontinuedf in business together
after Mr. Whitmire's wvit hdrawal for
about fifteen years, when Mr'. C'oppock
withdriewv. Later M r. Coppock engaged
ini the hardwvare business with .I r.
Wim. Johnson.
In his palmier dlays Mr'. Coppock was
considleredl by many of thew oldler citi
zens of Newberry who haive achieved
success in their chosen walks, as one (of
the most suc(cessfl andl promising busi -
ness men in the commnunity.
.: r. Co~ppoc'k ent ered th Con((I)federat e
service and at thle time oft his deathI was
a faithful mlembe)lr of .htllms I). Nanlce
Camp, No. :3;, UJni ted (on federate
li I was a member of the Priesbyterian
-Church. le leaves a willow a1nd t wo)
daughters, Mr is. E. M. Evans, of this
city, and Mrs. WV. M. Grillin, oIf Geor
Attempted to 1(ob Money lDrawer'.
Nathan Suber, colored, was given
$10.00 or thirty days by Ma yor Earhardt,
Wednesday morniug for' a1n at ftemipt to
r'ob thle money drawer ini J. W. White's
stor'e onl Tuesdlay a ft ernoi n. Subler',
wvho hadl been in tile rear ol I l he st ore for
some little time, wa&itedl for' his chance
and op)ened the drlawver. .\ r. White's
attention wvas called by the in ginug ot
the alarm bell, and just as h14 tu rnedl
the negro Ibolted for t.he dto '. lie was
chlased foir several locks'l andi( cau13ght.
IHe hiad not1 suic'eeded c inl getting any
money but31 pleaded guilty on~ We'dnes
(lay to the charge oft at temp ting to rob1
the driawer', aind rivedi 'll the se'nten'3ce
Newberrzy D)efcats Charleston.
Thel( gamie bet wveeni Newberriy College
andf the College of Chlarlestoin ,n1 Tlhuris
day after'noon w'as ver'y slow. Th'le
score was 26 to '7 in favor of the New
berrry team. H its, Newherry 22,
Charleston 6i; errors, New berry -I, Char'
leston 13;~ struck ott, by llmier and
Simpson l3, by Coward and leunderson
A F'lrn Girfp
On a goodl, long lif'e is whlat you wvill
have if you select youri foomd carefully.
Therefore choose "'CLI lTlON" ' lour for
your bread and( you wvillI have a fi rst -
class heailthi foodl three t imes a (lay.
Camp, U. C. V., No. 336.
Maid of Honor.
en chosen Sponsor of tile 1:mes 1).
r the reunion of the South (Caroli
eterants, to be held in C'oluinlia.
of Col. Jnm. C. WVilsoni, Probate
Sher A\laidts of' ionor 11i!:, iI]liv
iett, and i,ls Thyrat chinimperl.
Miss Moriat Gary is in the city visit
ing Miss Sara Pope.
Mrs. M. E. Smith, of Seneca, is visit
iting her son, 1)r. Van Smith.
Mrs. T. C. Duncan, of Union, is
visiting Mrs. George Johnstone.
There were several small cases in the
Mayor's court yesterday morning.
Col. 0. L. Schumpert and Col. W. 11.
If unt went to Columbia yesterday.
Mr. A. Forest Counts who has been
in Georgia is on a visit relatives in
Newhe rry.
lion. Jos. L. Keit.t went to Greenville
yes1erday on0 business connected with
the Alliance Exchange.
There will be an ext ra c'onnlnunication
of Amity Lodlge, A. l". M ., oin Fida&y
evening to con fer the E. A. degr'ee.
Thel Con federate Reunion in Colunm
bia L:egins on Tuesday. A large dlelega
tion fr'om Newberry County will at
Thle regular meeting of the Womain's
Christian Temperance Union wvill be
held at the Central Methodist, Church
Monday afternoon at I o''lock.
Newberry College goes to Clinton to
morrow to cross bats wvith the Presby
terian College of South Car'olina. To
morrowv is anniversar'y (lay in Clinton.
<apt. Geo. A. Shields, of Columbia,
attended the meeting of the stockhold
eras of the Newberry Cotton Mills Wed
nles(hay morning, and1( pridied over' the
Ilon. Wyatt A iken, C'ongr'essmnan
from this I )istrict, was in the city
Wedniesday after'noon andl night, shiak
ing hands with his many friends in
New berry.
TIhere wilf be no services in the l"ii'st.
lHajtist Chu rch on Snuday, owing t o the
absence of' the paistor,' Rev. G.. A.
Wright, who is in at tendance upon the
Sessions of t he Southern Haptist Coun
v'ention in Sav'annah.
The 'Ready Wor'ker's" of the First
Haptist Church will conduc' a handker
chief sale in the store next to lH. C.
Williams, ' this afternoon and evening,
beginning at 5 o'clock. Str'awberriies
andl cream and cake will be sei'vedl.
The many friends of' Mr'. ,Jno. C.
Goggans, ,Jr. , (df this city, and who is
now attending Clemson College andl
playing with the C lemison ball team,
wei'e glad to see him upon the occalsiol
of the v'isit. of the team to N ewh erriy or
TIhere will be ino prneachiing in West
End( Hant ist (Churche: n Siunday morning,
the pastor', Rev'~. N. N. fluriton, beingi
in attendance uponli the Sou thlerni I apt ist
Convent,ion in Savannah. Rev. Mr.
IHurton will lake in the reunion at Co.
hiinhina on his return friomn Saivannahf.
C;ollege NiKht.
IBecause of I.he inelemen t wen tIher el
the last eveinig apploint ed for1 thle col
lege night. ser'vice at the I~ Lthermni
clhiui''eb, ai post poniemenl'lit wats necessaXIry,
The ser'vice will be hel niext Suinda.
e'veni ng at 8 o'lock. Thie olYr ing.
will he for thle ( 'llege Eindowimeit
The Hlead of the House
Can't help being interes tell "in some
thing that will prote('t I le health at' th<i
famndy. A filre', sc int itically milled
flourl will do this aiid "C lifIton'" is t h
niime of' suc a Ilour
Board of Health Recommends Dead Ends
Be Flushed Twice a Week- -Others
Once a Week.
At. the last meeting of the Board of
Hlealth, the Board expressed as its
opinion that the water hydrants on
dead ends around the city limits should <
be flushed at least twice a week, and <
those not on dead ends at least once a v
week. t
This action was taken by the Board v
after receiving a communication from r
Mr. F. M. Boyd, the superintendent of j
the water works and electric lighting i
plant, in which Mr. Boyd stated that t
the matter had before been under con- n
sideration by the Board and the Con- t
missioners of Public Works, and in t
which he asked that the Board of d
ilealth make a recommendation in re
gard to the matter. Mr. Boyd in his I
communication stated that he thought <
the hydrants should be flushed twice a a
month in the summer months, and pro- fi
bably not so often in the winter months. s
After hearing the communication the s
Board of Health took the action stated c
above. b
The health officer called to the atten- '
teittion of the Board several drains in t
the city upon which, in his opinion, e
some kind of action should be taken. 1
The Board condemned several.
Directors and Officers of Newberry Cotton i
Mills and Carolina Manufacturing Co. r
Chosen For Ensuing Year. t
The annual meeting of the stockhold- a
ers of the Newberry Cotton Mills was y
held on Wednesday morning, Capt. Geo. b
A. SIhkIds, of C'olumbia, presiding. The 0
following Board of Directors was 1:
chosen for the ensuing year: James 1
Mclntosh, George S. Mower, D. 11.
Wheeler, M. A. Renwick, W. T. Tar- t
rant, T. .1. McCrary, 0. B. Mayer, H. 0
C. Carlisle. F. Z. Wilson, Z. F. Wright, t
John M. Kinard. s
The directors met immediately after C
adjournment of the stockholders' meet- r
ing and re-elected the old officers, as I)
Pr(sident and Treasurer--'1'. .1. Me- t
Crary. h
Secretary- George S. Mower. t
The annual meeting of t he stock hold
ers of the Carolina Manufacturing
Company, was held on Wednesday. t
''he following Board of i)irect.ors was
elected for the next year: J. A. Burton,
G. W. Summer, M. A. Carlisle, R. C.
Carlisle. I). H. Wheeler, J. J. Lane.
At a subsequent meeting of the direC- e
tors, the following oflicers were elected:
President, 'l'reasurer and General
Manager-- .1. A. Burton.
Vice-President--Geo. S. Mower.
Secret ary -- E. A. Carlisle.
A Large Gatheriie.
'There are 3i3. pastors and over 150 C
lay delegates in attendance upon the 1
sessions of the State Colored Baptist t
'onvention in New Bethlehem Church-.
Rtare Bargains.
S. J1. Wooten specially invites the s
public to call at his store and see his bi
many rare bargains. lie will ha-. a
startling announcement to make next a
week. h
Newberrian Dies In Philippines. t
Mrs John W. Norris, of the county, 8
on Wednesday received a letter from a
the Auditor of the War Department, at
Washington, D. C., telling her of the
(eath of her brother, John H. Reagin.
Mr. Reagin died at Hotel de Espana,
Manila, IP. I., Marce 10. 6
Teacher Complimented. P
A t the close of the Mollohon M ill school
on last Monday MI rs. Long, the teacher,
recceivedl quite a number of handsome
presents-plresents wvhich any teacher l
would highly appreciate. Mrs, Long
says that the children she has been
teaching (huring the p)ast session have
been a source of very great p)leasure I
to her.
Mr.. Barron To Be In Newberry.
J1. T1. Barron, Esq. , of Columbia, who
oc(cupies a high position in Masonry in
this State and who is well known and.
beloved by the craft, will be present at
the regular convocation of Signet
Chapter, No. 18, R. A. M.. on Monday ,
night next, to confer the Royal Arch
The Southecrn Cross.
Thel Sout Ihern Cross of. Iionior willI be
con fermed on Saturday, Memorial D)ay,
by thle local chapter D)aught.ers of the
Con federacy, up lon all veterans who
have miade applicntion. Under the rules
governinig the bestowal of this badge of
-hnrap)plicat ion for it miust be0 mfade.
Thel v'eterians who have madle applica
ion are reuestedl to be on hand prompt
ly andl in) personu, as the cross will not
he best owed e'x(ept upon the veteran
himusel f. All those who applied last
Jlune but who failed to attend are re
qui ested'( to be prmesen t and receive their
(crosses alIso.
Opiera lhouse and Monumnt Comittees,
i n lhe repor t of the apploinit mle nt of
MIenimial IDay C omm i ttees, which ap
Ipeared ini t he last issue of The I lerald
aund News, the following names in some
manner wVere left out through mistake:
- Opera II ouse Comimittee : Misses
lHessie Simmons, Nellye Me l'all, Ger
t rude ( arw ile, amInd Mary IHu rtonm.
Monum nt Ci(ommiit tee : MIisses Sara
l'ope ainl A cl i i)anvids,
Warehouse Sold to An Unknown Purchaser.
Store Closed for Rent---Personal
Mention, Etc.
Prosperity, S. C., May 6.- Mrs. M.
U. lIedenbaugh has been visiting in
Xditor II. C. Bailey, of the Carolina
News, Chapin, S. C., was on our streets
Mr. J. S. Barre, of .Johnston, S. C.,
s among his friends here.
Mr. Andrew Kinar<d is now at. Pona
'in, painting Mr. James Setzler's resi
'I'le people at Colony are tputting a
iew coat of paint on their church.
Mrs. A. L. Bedenbaugh went !o L.au
-ens this week to attend the funeral of
ier brother.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. I.athan are visit
ng in our town.
Mr. W. A. Moseley has sustainc<l the
oss of a mule.
The meeting to organize the People's
Vational lank has been postponed till
text Monday.
It is rutored here that the warehouse
mas been sold, but to whom it, does not
.et appear. It is known that the direC
ors have accepted the oiler of this uu
nown buyer, and only the closing part
s to be enacted.
Mr. l.. 11. Kmlard's store was closed
n1 rosponse to action for rent. We re
ret this interruption of his husihnss
tull hopel he may arrange I( continue.
Prosperity oil mill will locate near the
N. &,K L. depot.
hupreme Court Decision, In Which The
Case, Thrown Out of Conrt Here,
Is Remanded.
The following is it synopsis of the
lecision by the State Supreme Court
n the case of Clara IU. ln tthews vs.
dw. It. llipp. This was an action
rought. for $660 for ' reatal of the
tore room forimierly occupied by Nr
lipp. 'I'he cause was brought to the
ourts of this county. and a non-suit
vast: ordered by the presiding jtdge and
he case tl'ownt out of court. The
rlaintill' appealei, and the appeal was
tlstatined, the Supreme ('ourt overrull
ng the lower court and ordering that
ie csae again be brought to trial. 'T'le
yno psis of the opinion follows:
('lara U. Matthews, tpp ell:nt, vs.
(lwar<d R. IHipp, respIoiulent. Iar"ol
ease. Tenant at wil 1. Statute oI
rauds. Nonsuit.
This is an action for $660, being the
ental of a storehouse inl the city of
4ewberry for the yemr 1899.
Ot the close of the plaintili"'s evi
ence the defend:mi moved 'o a non
uit on the 1ollowing grounds: 1 That
he phuntiif failed to show allY valid
ase f'or t.he yem- I8! ! of the property
escribed in the complaint. 2. That the
lainti' had failed to show any ust' m11ut
cuptt ion of the premises in (luest iol
or the year 1899, by the defenidant.
The circuit cout1. (Judlge h lughf
vet r'tling the secon<i ground and sus
ailing the first, granted the defend
nt's motion al dismissel the coml
'laint. The p)laintill applealed.
A parhol lease giv~es a tenian t a righlt
If the lease is f'or' a ternm kess than 12
nonths the tenant would only Ih' eniti
led1 to hold po0sse'ssioni f'or' te t imei
tipuol at ed a fter ente(ring into possessioni
If thle pr~zemises.
A Iparol least' undtiiiak ing to give a
enant a r'ight of liosst'ssion f'oi' a longer
ermi than 12 mnonthls is w i thin thle
tatuite of fr'auds : nevert heless ifI thlit
enant is permitted to enlteir on the
wiemise's by vi rtuie of such'I agi'eemenit
ze shall have the iight of poss(ession f'or
2 months from the ti me of stuch entry,
mt no longer.
A par'oI lease unditer which the tenant
oitei's upon01 the( prnemises shatll after' the
ei'm oif 12 mon th s f'ron the i ime' of
slter'inig on the premises have thie effec t
>f an estate at wvill only.
If a landlord i'efiuses to pellmit a teni
mt to eniteir on the( lOli~' prmie umtler a
mriol leatse lit aic tioni shll Ie Inbrought to
'harge him upI n asuchI con It'actI even
f the lease is not for a termi exceeding
2 months.
See civil codet, sees. 2-117, 265>1, 2651;
lillhouse v. Jeliminrgs, 601 5. (C. 392, 3s
'. l'. 596, wher'ein the views ex pressed
ire not tin con1l i. w it ti he doc'tine
umloiunie(< ill Ilellanms v. Pat ton, 1II S.
. .15.1, 22 S. IX. 6t08.
Th'le facts ofI the Iwe'tsent,. case' wer'e in
lispu te( the plainlt]iff cont ending t hat
he patymients of1 r'ent were. mitle' inder
>ne' 'O cn rat anid tIh' (It'f dalnt inlsist
ig t hat they wvere made It underl aniot her'z
('1n d ntirely is ttin t ontrc ('t IiI
willan thatmets wre shown '"ft nov
valid lade' u'oh-r li p'aril 1eaeo9.h
pIe o radthe defetiaz ''itii' ndnts'
thely icn inedIle in ossn ig t er h'
ormit lion,i iintlaw,c of t. he Itt'e t'iit hen
chied tat he wasttg'( intoer tnat.lt
va'lid east foi ythe yar 8'
stonlt % o f he pretmie aftter th' ei ra-itt
tion of't on yea 'from tet t i he en-'
t'dt'nde aowvoid ltse Cot' wilel a
tenanItlt ill adtern a cre
afe ie yal from the timt hefis
aterall ott. I conit. in d i i po.lit' of
retly'i( hae inftrred tht, the ltnner tl
WVe AIre making UDSual -
To serve you well this season. Al
ready all our departments are being
brighted by the appearance of love
ly spring materials of the latest
tyles and colors. We can show you
now the new things in dress goods,
Batistes, Etemines, Voils, Mo
hairs, Crepes. White is very good
particularly Mohair. We have
them, our stock of white cotton
fabricts is excellent--ask to see
the Madras, Damasks, Oxfords,
Piques, in fact we can supply your
wants in white goods wool or cot
ton. We have them all.
is one of our strong departments,
36 inch Taffetas at $1.00, $1 I 25,
$ 1 .2:, and upward are all good
values, you can't get better at price.
Also 36 inch Ptauce Soir and Peau
de cygne. Many new things in
wash goods, some very beautiful
novelties among them. . Our Do
mestic Departnent is full and con
tains everything that you may need.
Prints, Percales, Ginghams, Homme -
s)uin, Sea Island, Cheviot, Dimities.
ELEGANT new Walking Skirts,
come and make your choice now
before the line is broken.
Come and see us.
Dress Goods,. Maidras, Ginghams, Prcales,
Soiretite, Lace N ovelties, Fancy D)am ask,
Mercerized Chamnb'y, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the ab)ove in Colors and WAhite.
WNe have many "'Odds and En'ds'' in our
"Brought Over'" Goods that we are selli ng
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Win ter Goods
are being sold extrernely low really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Red Golf' Gloves
Butterick Fashion JBooks and Patterns are
ready. Come to
ihe Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
We Liue From what we Eat.
what we eat, therefore, shoulid be
PURE, WliOLE OME und the VBijY BEST,
This argumentCfl applies to everv art inm the
GROCERY LINE but espe~cially to CAN GOODS.
Evry can guaranteed, or money refunded.
The Fair and Square Dealer.
3lemson Defeats Newberry in an Exciting
Contest by a Score of Six
to Live.
The game of ball between Clemson
mnd Newberry on the college diamond
Wednesday afternoon was a fitting
lose to a season full of fine exhibitions
f the national game. '['he home team
vas up against the strongest college
eam in the South, and though they
vere defeated it was by a very narrow
nargin, and the Newberry boys are
ustly proud of their work at every
oint in the game. From start to finish
he contest was close and exciting, and
iot until the end of the game, when
he score stood six to five in favor of
he visitors, could the result be pre
licted with the least degree of certainty.
Simpson was in the box for New
lerry. lie had plenty of steam and
urves to spare, and pitched good ball,
,lowing eight hits and striking out
ve men. Dendy, who tossed the
phere for the visitors, was in fine
hape, with his slow ball allowing only i
ne hit and striking five. Cabaniss
ehind the bat for Newberry and Max- I
tell for Clemson held everything within
heir reach. In fact, almost without I
xception every man on both sides did 1
is full share.
For the first five and a half innings
here was no score on either side and i
or the most. part it was three nen u1p
nd three men down. In the third a
ming Sitton, who on many a field has
nde a great reputation for hard hat
ing went (Iown before Simpson's speedy
urves, three times madly beating the
ir. In the fourth Clemson was pre
ented from scoring only by Coleman's
eautiful throw from left field, cutting
fr a man at home, making one of the
rettiest and closest plays seen on the
ianmond this year.
In the sixth inning Clemson piled up
tree to her credit. Dendy took first i
n an error by Roesel, and Chisolm went I
first on a hit. advancing Dendy to I
?cond. With two men on bases, Weir
)nnected with the sphere and sent it I
>lling towards first. Harms left his
ag and chased the ball. Captain
Viles, going towards first. to receive t
1e hall from Ilarms, failed to manage
is feet and while he was plowing up
he earth l)endy scored and Chisolmn ad
anced on third. Chisolm scored on
ad well's bunt. (,oggans, next, sent -
little fly to Fuliner on third. h'ulner's
tachinery failed to work and for the I
iir I time in one short inning a Clem- I
)n man crossed the plate.
In the seventh Newberry pushed a
ian across the plate and broke her 1
hain of zeros also. Simpson took first
n an error, and Fulmer for Simpson
.ole second and third and scored on
lenson's connection and a fumble by
oleman's third.
In the eighth three men wearing the
carlet and silver gray reached thef
oal and the sidL lines and the grand
Land went wild. Harms, Riser and o
abaniss were on bases. Fulmer hit
> short. Goggans threw home beaiu
fully, but the catcheri failed to hold
10 ball and the three mna on bases
oredl in ordler mientione'd.
Clemson followed with three imre
~ores, two men coiming home on a t wo
ase hit b)y Sitton.
In the ninth Newb)erry was able to
~ore only one man, Coleman chasing
time from third on IDendy 's wild p,itch.
Iemson declined to take her p)art of
ie ninth, and the pirettiest and closest
ame on the Newberry dliamonid t his
3ason ended with a score of six t.o five.I
ewberry 0 0 0 00 01 31,5 1 8
lemson 00 00 0 30 3* 6i 8 6i
Struck out, by Simpson 5, by D)endy
;balls, Dendy 1; hit by pitched hall,
ase on Simpson I, D)endy I ; wild
itches, Dendy 2.
Passed b)ahl, Maxwell 1.
Stoleni hases, Newberry I, Clemson 1.
Twvo base hits Sitton and Roger.
Time 1.20. Ur'pire, Rev. W. L. Sea
The line-ump of the two teams was as
Newberry--Simpson p, C'abaniss c,
[arms 1b, WViles 2bi, I"ulmer 3b, Roesel
3, Coleman If, Riser e f, Olney rf.
Clemson-Dlendy p, Max well c, Wood IIb.
aldwell 2b, Rodger 3b, Gogganis ss,
hisolm If, Sittoni ef, Weir 1 f.
Special Reunion Trainus.
O)n account of the Rteuinion to be held
1Columbia next, week, thec Soumtherni
till operate spiecial trains inito Ciolumib.a
the early morning on Wednesday and
'hursday, leaving Columbia f'or the ump
ountry ini the even inug.
The rate oun both roads is $1 . It for
lhe round trip.
C:oifederate Portraits Requested.
Tlhe ladies who have charge of the
locorations at thle opera house will b e
glad if any one having port rails of Cion
ederat.e soldliers or vete(ranls will lenmd
hem to decorate the stage on MIemiorial
T1hie mnoiInument and opera house comn
uit itees are requ ested to mewet, at. theirm
'esp)ective plac(es ait four o'clock on
.rid1ay afternoon.
A t four 'cloc'k oin Satuirda~y a fterniooni
he four cornmii Itees and all int(re'stedl
md( those wvi hI floweris to contributm e,
tre requmesterd t me't at the monmen i''it,
vhere short. e'xerc ises will be held Ibe foi
lispuersing to decorate I h' graves.
A priil 29th, 1903, Iby Rev. .tohn ,1.
bong, at the home of the hr ide, NiMr.
Simloni I . Sheely and MIiss L ula I'.
Thet ly, both o f Newt herry Couint y.
-- "Clon."
Arie y'ou acquhiainit d with "Cihf toni ?"
A triial sack will c'onvince vou it is tIh'

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