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'S (I i~iL
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-5 -- ~ - ~ ~ - ~ -- - ~--- - -- - - - '.-.~ - - -- -- - -
__ AX~FI(
Keeps the wheels
spirit that keeps t
point of this busir
3 We could hardly
10o pcs. White Mad
worth 25c.
30o PCs. 4o inl. India
200 pcs. Bookfold L'
10 pCs. White Orgat
1oo pcs. 36 in. Engli
35 rolls of Matting f
200 large size Rugs I
20) pcs. fine Colored
lOU pcs. fine Colored
Another big pile 36
Another big pile ligi
I<x 1)ots of Cottona
150 bolts of Cototti
1oo bolts of 36 in. I
1oo bolts of Table 0
50 bolts of Brown Li
2t bolts of Brown Li
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
A verdict of guilty with recommon
dlatiou to mercy was found in theSpar
tanburg court last week in the case
of Blanchard, white, charged with
the murder of the colored blacksmith,
Martin Hardy.
Work on the second cotton mill
for Greenwood is well under way and
is being pushed very rapidly.
Georgetown has been full of North
ern lumber buyers and commission
men seeking stock for the spring
trade. All the lumber mills are run.
ning steadily and there is demand
for every bit of the output.
Father Prevost and his party,
representing a number of French
Canadians who are desiorous of emi
grating to the Soutli, were in the
lo.%or part of the State on a tour of
inspection last week.
The S. C. C. I. building at Edge
field was burned lagt June and the
people immediately $15,000 in honds
for the erection of a new building
The11 proposed1 purcharsers (desiring to
test the validity of the bonds tbefore
payment carried1 the matter to the
supreme court four months ago, but
no decision has yet been reached.
Edlgetield is fearful of losing the col
loge if somethiung is riot s'on dlone.
Admi irad Beardl lie hias twio J apa
nese servanits an. Beaufort who are
canrig for a millIion silk worms, re
cently brought from J apan for the
pul1rpose of testing thle utitlity oif t he
imlk industry in andu rounid (Goorge
Th le C 'mminencem ienti e xceries of
Clafflinr U ni versit y, at. Orangeburg,
wvere held last we.ak. The enirohunent
thei past. , year r'ached 6tl
T e ivw. of iAlutltliun int Diarion
CJouant.y is4 tli'-rousi of beiin,ig the
county senit anid several pet it ions are
being circulated aisking t bat an elec
tion be ordered to dietermniine upon
he removal of the coiunlty seat from
Marion to Mullinis.
The farmers in and( atrounyd \illis
t.on report that t he n' aragus season
just closed has been thle bost ini a
goodl mlanty years.
A mule while dIrawinig a pilow at
A pplet on lamst woek caime to hi isd(at h
in a very unusual manner. A gnoen
b)ee piloting a swarm atligh ted on his
oar and was followved b)y thle oither
bees. Ini his efl'orts to free himself
lie bui. enraged thle swarm, whlo stung
himl so that he died.
L. L Copelaind, post mast or it
B3ethune, in Ktershawv County, took
the tratin for Columbfllia t.wo weeksi ago
and has niot beern heard of since. IIlis
family is greatly (distressedl. 1 L is
rumored lhe was short wvithi hiis
turning at a rapid rate.
he factory fires burning,
less, still the selling muc
;erve the people the pasi
ras and fancy Lace Striped' Goods
Linen to go on sale for this week 9c
nen to go on sale for this week roc s
die, 2 yds. wide, special for this sale
sh Long Cloth special 12 yds. pieces 9
or this sale 15c, 19C and 25c yard.
or this sale 98c and $1.49 worth dou
Dimities and Organdies to go at 5c.
Dimities and Organdies to go at 9c.
n. Percales, the toe kind to go at hal
t spring Calicoes, as long as they is
les to go at 9C worth I 2-.
Ies to go at 3Ao worth e20.
ileeching, no dressing, 5c worth -e.
ilcloth for this sale 15e worth 25c.
nen for this sale 100 worth 2i 2-c.
nen for this sale 15C worth 200.
Recently a puppy with four tails:
was horn in Laureiis county. Now
comes t lie report. from t he sane eonn
ty that aumong nine pigs born last
week one had two tails of the regula
tion length, one on the side of the
Governor Heyward, standing on
the porch of the house in which he
was born, addressed over 750 Rich
land people at. i shool picnic at
Eastover on Friday. Lient. Gov.
Sloan also spoke.
Spartanburg has recently pur
chased from W. A. Neal additional
good roads machinery aiid will push
work on the improvement of her
A woman emigration agent was in
Laurens last week seeking to entice
negro servants to leave their employ
ers to go North with her. She
aroused some excitement.
Reports of diamage done by the
hail storm on Monday a week ago
are still coming in. It is now re
ported from Beaufort that a number
of truck farms wore entirely do
strcyed, and tha 1' at. the naval station
a thousandi( glass were brokenm, to me
pliace which ill Icost over$7.
S. E. Brunson, wh1o was struck by
lightning in the hail storm at Flor
ence, it is niow thought wimll recover.
Thei post ofics depart moent has sent
an inspector to invest igat e t.he hold
up of the niegro) imail carrier in Teni
TUhe namie of ,John Li.. Mel anrmin is
prominiently mientioneed ini conneet't ion1
with the p)residlency of thme linos
wvicek and1 Birnunm ghmamn .., to snem
eed( C~ l. Mlachmn, resignied.
Unempro fessiom nal buirglIa rs onmash ed
thme plate glass- windol,ws ini Sylvanc's
andit A very's jewelry st'im's ini C olum
biai I"ri Ilay vmoring,~ bti goti very~
Themm ltaltO diM)spensar dlirectors.
hmavem suNspm.rmlbal themm licens;e of Jonr
McSmyre, inist ilier, of Caimdenm. It
is said t hat he has beenv sel lin g thle.
produncts of his still qu ito' promiisen
ousl y.
Hotll ay I ies, the young farmer at
WValhalla charged wvith the vmurder
of his wife, wasI adunited to bail in,
the smini of $2,000 by Ch1mief dn st ico'
P~ope in Columbia on lFriday.
Newberry College Conmmnencmen t Pro
June 71, 11 o'clock, bachcalaumreat.e scr
mon1, bcy lev. C. E. Weltnier of A\ugust a,
Ga ; 8:30t, a1ddress to the stucdenits by
Rev. D). M. llamsay, D). 1)., of Char
leston, S. C.
J une 9, 3:30, annual meet ing of Hoard
of Tr'ustees ; 8; 30, J1unior cont est for
meda(hl in oratory.
J1 une 9, 11 o'clock, address he fore the
Alumni Association. 8: 30, address Is
fore the Literary Societies Iby P resient
Hlenry L. Smith, of D)avidson College,
N. C.
Jimue 10, 10 o'clock, annual commence
Small profits and quicl<
and does more towards
t be right. Every artici
to go at 19c A Big Ut
worth 15c- 250 Parasol., natr
vorth 15c' 200 Parasols, silv(
25C worth 50c. worth $1.25.
5c worth $i.50. oo Parasols, silve
worth $r.50.
worth So Parasols, silver
worth Si :c . ' worth $2.75.
p rice,ome Direc
1OO doz. Corsets r
makes -.-short
each. No stu
any want in our line conr
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
''welve nen while eating dinnor in
the caboose of a work t rain at Dextor,
a small station on the Canadian Rail
road, near Port Arthur, Out., wero
killed or burned to death by an acci
dent caused by a passenger running
into the rear of the caboose. The
caboose overturned and caught fire.
In a tunnel disaater on the N. &.
V. Railway, in Giles County, Va.,
on Thursday, nine men were killed
and three fatally injured. A gang
was double tracking the tunnel, and
when the earth and stone for the
tracks had been removed a hnge slide
of rock fell striking the gang square
ly and with the terrible consequences
M. J. Pearsall, Esq., and )r. Frank
Daniel were killed last, week near
Moultrie, Ga., by the motor car, in
which they were returning home af.
ter a fishing trip, colliding with a log
car on the Georgia Northern railway.
T1hie annual meeting of the Iron
and Steel Institute was held in Lon -
dou1 on Thu rsday. TJhe annual ad
dress of the Presidlent, Andrew Car.
negie, who is thle first president not
a lBritish subject, was delivered.
The alddress wais a very able and
remjarkable one.
Th'leBrit ish .A mericanTobaccoComi
paniy made(1 arranigemients by which it
will acquire absolute cont rol of the
T. C. Williams Co., of ltichmond, its.
primiipal comnpet it or, and the largest,
tobacco comipaniy in thle country.
The price top be paid is $2,000,000.
Them Irish land bill passed its
secanid rea1dinag in the~ H-ouse of Comn
miensO lai-t wook by ai v'ot of 'I48) to
The latest turn ini the post ofice
invest igat ion is Ihe ret irement, by
ordleri of IPo stmai lsteor General P ay ne,
of August WV. Machen, general su
pierintendenit ofi t ho free (101ivery .sys
Stm, and one of thle most widely
known governonit oliciasI mn the
United States.
Iiin a lit do ring t he recess hour
at the Manning school on1 l"riday,
TIoimmiie Hodlge, a1 boy3 ini short pants
about fift eeni years of age, cut and
p)ossily faitally wounided his school
mn to. Arithu r lIiarvini, abot I 8 years
Whila thle claising iixer'ises of a
schl, iiear Iic.kory (I rove, ini York
counity, waraa in prgrs oi la'riday
ighrlt, N'ir:, lRlle .Liassio, a 'i-yeair
o'al lit. io grirl, wvho wvas playiing arounid
the ontside of I he buibalinag, wals shot
andl cripllad for life by ai younmg man
in the (ro)wd who wiis undler t he in
Ilenco of lign11or and was firing his
Pistol promiscuiously.
turnover is now the pr<
filling working men's d
a, every item bears the e
tbrella and Para
ral handles and .tcel rods, 39c, your
r mounted handles and steel rods,
r mounted iandlles and steel rods $i
mounted handles and steel rods $i
n1ade by the R. & C., \\. . inid I'.
medium and long waists, your choi
ch a range of excellent Corsets to s<
ie to the greatest and li\
H 'S,
le will not be Paid Salary or :ees Under
a ItulIng Made by the Treasury
)eparl ment.
Washington Cor. News and Courier.
Collector Cru m's leiand ipon the
Secretary of the Treasury for his
April salary, in the shape of coimmis
sions and fees, has been turned down
by the accounting oflicers of the de
partment. When Dr Crumn was strug
gling for a place at the public crib
he declared that it, was not the con
pensatiotn of the ohice, but the glory
of being a Federal officer, that he
was after.
These fees and commissions do not
amount to a great deal, but, under the
ruling of the treasury department,
Dr. Crum will receive no pay until
he hai been confirmed by the SenatO.
Should he not be confirmed at all by
that body he will never receive a cent
for his serviee unless Congress by
special legislation should provide for
such payment.
In submitting his accounts to the
department for the month of April
I)r. Crum included the fees and con
missions to wvhich he is entitled.
T1he department has written himi that
these fees will have to be withheld,
and calls his attention to Section
1,701 of the Revised Statutes, which
iB as follows:
"No moni.ey shall be paid fronm the
treasury, as salary, to any person aip
poinitedl during thie recess of thle
Senate to fill a v'acanicy in any exist
ing office, if the vacancy (existed1 while
the Sentato 0was hii Sessioni, ar1 i as by
lawv required1 to be filled by and with
thme adlvice and conisent,of the Senmateo,
until snch appoinitmenit, has b e~i oi o
Iirmled1 by the Senate."
The vacancy in t.he Chiarlest on
col lectorshiip beganm last. Si pt emiber.
It. was not tilled unrt il thle Senate
Mpot, when thle President sont .t lhe
Senato the namlie Of D)r. Crm. Thle
Senate failedl to conftirmi the noinua
tioni. WIVhen tIme exrseio mit550 iOt
to the Soi.ate, b)ut failed of ac(tionJ by)
that body. Th'be vacanicy, thlerefore,
existedI while thle Senaott was ini sos
51ion, alIthough, techniiical1' ly epak ng,
it existed prior to thle ass.embilinig of
Con g ress.
Unmder thle rul ling of thle conitrioiler
aund others D)r. (Crumii conl h iave boonuJ
paid1( hit feuis hadl the i'res4idlent aip
poLinmted him o whIeni thle v'acancey wast
first 2reatedi. TIh i wouild have boeon
the fillinug of a vltaancy when the
Sonmat0 wiI not1 in sei05ori. Thei coin
troller of the t reasiurer anid the aiudi
t ore oIf tihe depart mieint hiavii passed5
lIuo this sainii forum of claiimf ailmunm
her of t iimies ho'fore. Alri. TriacewellI,
th p rosent I con t r(oller of thei treins
iiry3, renderi aii'i lonbg op)i n in ay 9,
IN9 ), ini thle ca~s' of lamiilton (.
El'wart, who had beenu appoinlted1 a
J1udige orf the Western dlist rict of
)gressive American spi
inner pails than anythii
tamp of honest value.
sol Sale.
choice, worth 75c. Almost every
S9c, your choice, and nigh
,2, )your choice, yourself
.9S. your choice
:No Fancy ''""1'"l
S.ett for I
:()I Is I ,;(1I
N., the stalndalrd .'o Irs. I il
CC Of the lot I 3c w,ortIth $
lect front in) the .( ( pIrs. \Ien1
20c) 1's, Me1
rest store in Upper Car
The C
I11 n, severall tim11es sllbnlitll('l i. thw
Seiiit e, flliled of coilfit;tti(n.
1r11a CASF. OF .innol; 1?1.Al'r.
I tins (Ib, how(vwr, AIi. iwlart
first assmned the (uii(es during a ire
COHS of the Senate, and ithe controller
hold that his salary coulld be paid
him. Mr. Ewart. took charge J ly
13, 1898. 11is name wast set to 1hW
Senate the followig I)cemher, but,
formver Senator Marion Butler r' 'e
such a fight oI the nomnulation that
no aclioll wils t aken. A pril 13, 1896,
['resident McKinl(ey issued another
recess appoiut.Iueut to Mir. Ewart
The vacancy in the Judgoshi1p had
really existe( prior to the first ap.
pointnont, inasnich as Mr. Ewart's
na1mie wtas first sont to the Senate
January 13, 1898, but he did not at.
tept to take the position, pending
act ion by the Senate. 'Jn idgo Dick
had resigned, to take offect upon ihe
appointilent anl qualiitict ion of his
suecessor, but is the Senate failed to
act Judge Dick held the plae(( and
performed the duties nut ill Jlly li,,
1898, when Mr. E'wart began the per
formance of his duties. So far as
the salary was conlcerne t he vacancy
did1 not. exist uti l the recess of (Jon
gross. 'That. is what savedl Mr i lwart.
I f he could have ent ered u piol 11h4
dulties whien hiis namule wals first. sontl
to the Seniate3 he would not1 have been
entitled to the salary. The conitrol
Ier held that there ws n1o vacanc3
un11 ilI the resignationi b ecamie opera
tivo. Ini t hie Chlarlestoni collect orshi i
the recess vacancy was utot hled andi
lhe vacancy Ox isted when [the Senatt
Theii fort y ighlth Hess ion of thle
Sout herni Japt ist Cionveniti w(1 e~VI
calIled to) oirder in1 Saiviana on Pii
dat~. I', Go I'Caghl, of A rk anisi,
has bi eei 'e 4)leeted4( presMident.(
Advertised. Letters
C \ Mrs. Sindly Chahners1(1. F.dIwan
('ot ton, Mr s. Marmy Ann Crer. I.. S
I) Mr's. S. I". )eirrick, ,Ilon I )i'an
TI. TI. D)uganis.
I" W~\illiami (innije.
SI l Kijahi IIamouin, MIis-i I,iddllh'II:w
kins, Mr's. ,1. C. lf;ayes.
1K Mrs. Sallie 1 inardl, !f. 1. K ing
A. CI. L. L. IU.
MI lord Mlangiimi, (:>).
V/ 1. II. VIice, Insqf.
A pil 25, I190)3.
Il Charlies I lit ch (2).
NM I)anu Miedy.
Sluimonl, M iss I illaL Sunnnler's, MI ist
MIoiniai Subier.
I '('rsons en;lling for' I hi-ie let ters wil
pleas1e say t he(y, were' ad1 vert isedl.
rit of doing business,
ng else while selling goo
Piles of Spring Fabrics
day New Nililuerv rol in. (Jur a
t. tfur hats for style and quality for
If yol are not :llr:a(lv one of our
to investig.tle th1is in:tgnilic (nt stock,
brim I'he I)r(ew ; elby :n(t C.o. f(
>. a1nI Wolfe Ilriis. Ior inisses and chi
nen are' somne of Ithe t'elebr:ltd lines ,
es' I.ow C:uit shot and Strap S:aida
es' L.ow Cnt Shoes , . nd1 Strap ti.uida,
's J,ow Cu Sos. tot this s:ate $i ..1
'S I C ut S h oes fIo r Ihi- salo $ . .1
|| ' I i |
heapest St
mn Earth.
WAS IT WI:i MUkltlIilt?
c)tails of tie Ter"rible Atlair Near Wal
haIhi Which Was at Hrst Supposed to
be Suitcide.
The.. tateluo a1t" lromld" told of the
arrost of ioyt IllavoH of ar \'atl
hailla, chargo(t wtith $ho inurdeor of
his youtig wife. Fiirthor lotails aro
nowy obtinablt'.
On Stnday rnriniig, April 26,
about ti uli uip, 1lo) 1 lIlyos wont to
tho bonto of it itglihbor and toh( him
that his wifo had killed h orHolf. The
coronor was itiliod ati wout to tho
SCon 1, but did not oinpanol i jur)
not attaching any bla1iio to
uly oneo. ( )nt Sait irdlay last. Mr. J.
'. C'raino, 114 fat hoc of AIr-f. Ilayos,
socnroil witrranit frorn Jno. F.
Mamon, linagistritto for. Contro town
Hhip , 11nd(1 on Alol Iilay, tho -1(it inst,
Ir. .Ilayes wa1,s Irongh1t to jail. J)op
ity Sheribl' 8hroter c'i'tiod I r.
layos lown I', ( 1hwi"y for it p roliini
inar) houringi osterday1. Col. Ut. T'.
Jonos of th liru If J' yuies &. Sholor
wats 1rosMlnt roj rosmlitinig tho de
rnIp snlt It i v . A ft (1 SW ain tg Itic(iof
half it dozti witntesss t ttnagistrnate
sotit t.ic i tti ca i ji tti cout aritu th de
feudant wats birittght bactk to1 jail.
Whien the neoigbtrs iif NI r.1 a Ins.
Hayesfl reached'i the14 hiomi of I t ter
ible ItragedyI tey fio n irs. IIlayes
in bitdea. She wits lying withI
boIic' i t h e gu . A ns te tr
oll'. The, slit peneutraI ted t ho head
wheire th body wait~'ls lying.
(iluin lI ergisoin, coiloredu, one4 of the1
wiitneisses, swor,ti saitu that ho board
it giunI sit>i .ait <>r noar Ilityes' iiiisct
on St nn i) o s b,lht wooni It and
tt l[4I i ttitik Non lolf this,evideneti
it ught out fr rtiti. hep -lii iry wavs
any roiI re 4bred ihantit ii but I
piofor iI in in tb bd wasin t1( found,
ittipsitint of ithttun, the .ir
poinr Ii. lt' hev i n o t hesottar
c,>njisiet lOl runO : 1eidenc qi ht io t
wabgus o iny. otitiit.A
ai nive (if nuio inor Atlitt nttio whi
founlci wii i bout asil fowit1(s
"li , lO loy i siI g ofod ito n o b t
prefero dit tot t frnor ing C th air
d ioition ~r i oct ia 'i5l ualii ha
and 'tis this same
ds is the pith and
are melting away.
illers -tre bus day,
the prices asked have
culstom)ers take it upon
h;tiis; 'Thle Irving
iblren; L,aws A\. Croc
VC arry.
s for t his sale( ))ti(.
Is for this s:ie $1.1(
wor0lth $1.5.
worth $2.(i).
T111; NIitt AN) Till; MAILS.
A Negro Rural i-ree )elivery Carrier
lidt Up it Armed Masked Men
In Tennessee.
wasHiiigtin ('or. Nw a\R In<l Courier.
SMrious troulbll broko out in a now
1)laeo in tho postoilico tlopartmuent
last wo(,(k. Postillistur (Ioeoral Piayue
rec'ivod ttelogranIs froit 1)otal otli
(cils in TeiI 11vo stoatirig that Johi
C. AllgootI, a negro rural froo (liv
ory carrior at Gallitin, had hoorn hold
up whilo porforniing his duties by
titaskeod n11111 Ind told to loavo the
servico at ence, Intudor throats of
Postunaster (i,nural ayno sum.
pord(lo(d t ho Mervice on i h routu pond.
ing inlvostigation. IIo looks l)u
t ho mattor as vorv serious, as therF
ire aany nogro c.arrirO"H in tFJio' rnriJ
froo dolivory distiCt of the South
aid a susp)'nii('i of a largo part of the
Hervico is oilUHi ,:.' if tho whtit( poo.
1plo n111intaint th(+ir p)rosent attitude,
Ir. (Conigor is th( rulratl froo di
livory i1sptotur for .h0 Sitate of Ten
noHH881. I'ho routo o(n which tho
troule ccuirrid was put into offect
by the depaiirtmenit oni the lirst. of
Nlarch , and( ther woro frl i ve appli..
(Sants under1 iho civil service rules for
ainJ1)0 tinen t as8 carrior. T1heo th ree
itali wvhio stoot0( hi ghost iii tjho oxiat,
inaitioniV'iIE w r t ll ngroes. Theo high
est( oin I ho liHt, Allon Dilyard, received
the aippoinitiit, a1s ther wasH 11o
optiont f3 or Wlhod poti8iceI oil iils
pilae antd the secItonid man11 on thei list
was 1110 appinted l ohn Ci&. All good.
Thliis cas8o is relgarded8111 as nro So
(cause1 it vidvol it crim11 of hold(1
ing uip Itho maiils and proip)it atos(
aniow tho raeo ptrIolm in t ho South,
in spbeakling oif then affair toight,
"Tihere aro only3 t wto Course le1 1(ft
open(1 for Ithe depaanienti : \ o mutt
Oit her susp1endl h ihe rra free dehivory
service' in 11hos1 <lhIriets where I lhe
wthiito petople object to nelgro cairriors,
or wot muist sendi Uniiteo- l ttes 8so1.
ii1rs to pr)1 iotct thes car r iorts ini the
pe1rformlancee of thiir lut its. It wouhld
not) beh praote toi i giv(e them a1 iii
laIry giu ard, and11, ath houghi rio deoi..
resl t. will be a( 1 IlerIian t snapon-8111)1
si on of t ho brasiness8 il <ii st rieot 8wh1ore
such1 t rouleo occurs. A fter rur1thter
inveostigationl anid re(port, It (cas8 in
Tonnosson(t1 will p)robab11ly bo referred
to the( deparanooJu(41t oif just ice.'"
Ti11hi latst ineCdi<lI iii ITInruOess
is11 regarded0(1Ihorn as8 aillothier i por
tant phseH of1 the raico plem(( ill
the Southi. linui ta1tivu (1aines0,
of T'oJinosseo, i whose dist riot tbore
ar1 several1 niegro rurah crarriors,ox
pandthu 5011thbrn sild o)f thIis
qjuestioni, b)y saying iooIit thati the
wV1oen and1( chiildrni in the sparso(ly
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