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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, May 15, 1903, Image 2

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TRU ii'RAtt4l'10
VA t, '
1i 1T \f
1t\ l I h t .
oI; l1; 1 ll I r l 1; tI t 'H 1 1 - :l -
la I .l :11'1d r tn \
I l'\ t l'u 11(i t t' '' . lt"''
t'lh t'i 'll' ll . II 1. :I;s, 1I I t
liitti tl 'tl';il''\ i jer'
Illlt tI lt' 1 il( \ I' i'il lt+sl .n1.I : : ,
:;u ltl tt l it t :rl.| 11 "t' .1 ' Ill 1 \\,
fall u;r W ts Ilt.ill'l S. eqiitli \s
t( liIt ti w ' I it It; \n t \\ lIt :1 ne
I'li ti il:It' j i Ii II I I t Itll it ' lt l
. i tSt \ill Ie :Ut' \
til'tl I. '1'< iit ' ti IU t
r'' iti 'et'. t. i . I tist- } 'l t ht:t
a li ii re ilo in :t .ilic ~tP
a lti t it' iil tI hltf t' il[ l -
l~'i itt' h:it'i s . V1( Al 1 t -ili te lvitl'
no lie u t o: 'ii iii 4.hli,- ti' SX liiiiiti
C011111 :st'< an\ . ;1 1 \ |\u
t' iltt'tea'('.i.\It".it -;lv
I...' '. \V l itlns Intei'slillgly oil 141101
Ac~nen sui'kas.
O11' yomng f1"rtiend, M r. N. G. (:h111a.
who ha s been inl t't)lumbti:: fo0', ,or t g1 1.'th,:1tthel a f\\
six t'r eght mon~'*t hs, i pending at few
asat homelt.
Tht' est11'inuetd c0ol Spill pult a st:.y t'n
I ht i1'ct1NS. COt t ' e til ly'I1r llast It
mdit ' mtuch 1 th d ' r th' ai s l wet' k
e oms up. In somei 'et ionsth
nphlti11ng of' cotton is being- ph.ntt'd
T ".1he budI wo'rmts have' 1)I.yV'd h:n'.a I
i t
\ has homt' of t' Ir:t potato I
\\" t anr. abu the ir
\1 ,: '.':1t1:11)f :1I"..u t hi ' utini
hind ht' has 1nad1
I f 'th: : e.
I : i' l t) ; ' " t . \ It t' -. " . .
1'1 It :l > li,. t7' \ EIi' Inn
11 't : ; i It t l st t .tS :I!.t I !!: ~
II itt ii ii lIliIE~ t ! il
It I t'>I iE > n. lii. 'lii'. \ t.,
tt l t
Absyofutel Pur
tir a nlin
'hinetyl' doesn't ito work hy itsolf It.
:kes oney to rnil im.aclhinert, and if
V., pay all tIe Ilo rnev i for achine'ry,
V' are"t st ill not making much hleadway
n1 road bu:ildling. ltut w1o still hople to
Wee good resM,t; ttolll' from t his invest -
ltnt . Do-l't. let I h int'tere'St die out.
Nt' hope't Drt. ,tayer will comer down this
vay1 soonll and organiztt anlothe'r stIuadl of
lands :ndtl show us what c'an h' (one
\'ith ::11) inl lii direct ionl.
We are srr\ it learn that M,I..J. \.
'. sib!ltr i. ::ull'tring with grip.
Ni1 :!nI M . li V. 1i tnt 'l \ t u p t1
o Newvherr.\ tod y on :a viiI t.) their
t'la:lt i., e. T. .1. W ,.
1l a y 2 1:, la:.
Nlection of Teachers.
Ti uttit I ot he Newhbe'r1y School
),st r', t w ll hold t hei r :amial elect ion
he'., 11n tt1 hurlsdlay. .Iun .110". The
': a h cted:
\ :t', 2.,:tndont. at the ':nlaryv of
' ! t tt ht r and t'igh't t'nmalo
\ : i t he co! redt school
e: s forv t he colored
of nta onth
\ 't ti and
S.n an\ :hour
ne Learn
-. Get Rid
r, V-- . l ,~ t'.
- l :l -' 0
" ", r t ,a . IIu l:t a.
1 .t ,\ \\'ln I: 't
eithe sigeo i ut
eiverthingl foun in ut
TpALES of allains
AtLae!sOdSa d
No h' r ar
Jim Dumps gased out on sidewalks hot
And looked in vain for one cool spot ;
And vowed he ne'er again would eat
A lunch of heat-producing meat.
Once more has " Force " restored his vit,
Although 'tis hot, he's " Sunny Jim."
The Resad y-w.4re esreal
makes comfort possible
on a sweltering day.
Hoto. Ht-" to Koes Coot.
"'Force' is a blea>ing to hot humanity. I 1nd
since eating It --ai 1 want it every morning
that I am ahlt to go through a hot day with much
more comfort than when 1 n1od to eat hearty
neat breakfast&. It has taught me how to live.
" It l. Ci.AYHINOSR.
And wti t'tyes art' tie re r i t Iif ta! a:iV man or womn11 can po -
s ss. Ar t "ur t' 's w l' I),i I iu" rI",v i ou te'ven to tht i!lte' t.
di e.ee: W\henl Irr:tatit1 t- 1 ntl.t ," - slight and LI,be in0on1- -
\'tl,l lnt :eat t'rtept0Ib , few rt'ahl thet l'onditionls that exist,
6 111 smlalt trt ltts 0lrow\
YCUFR CHILD' S EYE SIGHT. Y t u are rosponsiblo for
O '!%ht of o.Ir eh i : i ," rti frowns, for squints and when
he re er icois at a p:':ur t'oos. dot he hold it too near or too
far- I't iittle thmi)s tr't t;i< t'1 :han tih ehild and in many csses -
ea be overeone if disoove'rtd in me. I especially insist on 3ou1r
t'rtr ine t' ehldien !. You n eav save the'n a lift.'ine of strain
and , Cak Siht. : iS a tluty %it t-'.v your btild and I don't charge
for att l ong you.
These Letters Speak for Themselves.
l~ i ~ N-b ", lerry. S. C.. May 14, lt 3.
I)o.ir Sir: It e t' n'' mti pi twi , ur," II state t.o you that the 14
els syoui tited lilr .\11". Ritt:t "i +;tt O,'t-I tr prove d entiruly' sat.is
factt'try in e'ery partit :ar. h"a-lily recomnnend your work to my
riie. di- Very truy.
. Ino. 1I. Kinartd.
Streenvilit'. S. ('.. April 9, I9tJ3.
D1 . 1. ('rt' m. Spartaih:t're. S. t
f I)t'ar s:r: Y.- it tr , i. r v.-ivoit askine abi.':t tmy Jautghlter's e ts
for wi\' hi) \oui tittt'd t - -. It i'es me it- -ur1 to report tlItt.
ilour ^.yQ. t have ti V In r- i at' 1 fc'i i tion. She hats not, coliitiline
of hieitt:at'tIe -ilce - :I- tc l,le.1't:I ' w -tring, Ihem li n td says they R(' a
-re it r i f to her if tV ey w .i . -1h1o dtoes ltot wear them constanitly,
otnly when rea.ine, \wVitin_ or' 'o ..' work. \i-hinr v-.u much sue
ie n in toi vo -ti"n I :tn. ver. t iily. Mrs. W W. Keys.
' nOIe sint'ee.en where many fail'' is t'u' in the treatment of eyt.
tro le,t'. I havo !'ad ph.--nl''memn.1 su e ss'5 Il thet trti lNent of e is
1 rouitle-. pronltnlil'oid i, t-1 ,' -. \ i1aniiy. ('l'oni.' and dIitflie ilt oases
are ily s )pecialt . N t m .t: w I n yl ou :.- constlted, 1101' what -')
d.i..coui raLiingad ItVI i'''or I rt'nt uii r 1 ou have r'ce*ived, do not despair,
ti .t C 411 i lit. a n t 'r ' I'l , - will remn tber that mutst, cases of
'ri"-rv"es can he uo-eil it\ it nis . without cntting. Don't miss the
p ot' u nit.\ to ti it
- - [ti t- fa m o u sll e y e' s p in ' tlM . 1 le w P1 , re -ma in in \ te n b e ;rry fo r a -,b o r t'i .
tlimlt. Consulitat tin fre''
Office Summer Bros. Clothing Store.
Mi' t iss Fannie I limon and ' EVEF
made(lt appjlicationi to me to se..t aprit to~L ' hl~VN
it.em a homestead in It.e re..al and per-I ..Jli I
no:.ail pr'oper'ty of' the late Tlhos. L.
IIarmi'onl, ~in acc'ordance with thNe V ER
Statutes insuch casesmaendpo
vided. . II. RIKA RD.
Maserstfier \)i Nebrry folounty.gst rqiols
.ate' Omee,-- April 1. 10.. .oerofMRAcposo n
STIATIE OF SOUrH'l CAROLINA.thiii.a.ocanscuebole
COUNTY OF NE\V li'BERRYf.t,tereua iz )tleo h
ters of Ad holderis4ofiMURNAt conponii to Aring
any J.C.ileeso,, 1\ .. rat .ud Gra Prprain MRA.WN
W ii ERiLkthdA -OTHCE--lIi. H\
maden uit toe to ranto ahim ad tI
t,ers f Admiist,raion Nfwbnerey-aS o
tredlitor's of the said W. .14.1 'h .\ilb-,
t cetased, that thiey, be and( appeni ir he(E'AISD N17.
fore ime, inl ithe Couri t of I ''rot.cit. o lb Cptl-------$eoooo
liel (ait Nov.betrry ( ourt u1411-(', S. ( . lin
l"iiday, May 29th. inst, a;e nun.urlsan rfis- 9685B
Siet,ion thlereof, it 11 o'cloc 'k ini I lie fort~ . (.Ioalbn ig bsns rnat~
nloon,i to. Showit tcauste. if any I i y
whyt te idt'l Aomin.zjot.r.Corespodeceholiile
( ~ ye1 tnde ii~ it'~. For j Savi ngs hyparldent.Wek
a .i: al Bdof herryi8l(
"3''' h(E . TABLsHDINT. I87.).
Capho holi- -- $5000.0
wVttn olg o h disoio i t rom t-sFSpcua tenti ouses
io e trt.e . colvl ~ OL t. i ~tit'alesx.icrs oresndencelsoicntedot
Giivt IIe 01 un d , tn h.d :tit.4 at-he .aho n~hl ah Fi ute
Domini,'i 19o03.pl t B E Jlin
A J.iitt mu. n Lo J. le'. hn Of e'.;,01 rt
.l w aroacn sch olarshis tev&vips1 in' 21 nlAe. esmr n
Jo stud1t.ey will b hed itiat o t h onty
mA kint mughsto. hveges athan if- I tC OUot ttr
FoW rheichoar iir vaat ad cafter ~ itilt h rcioi11( (o'l
oglneth thdliey w1('il' be . awade to (i.hliose ji fte aibidn, gebet
Sok111 .C 'an g seiiatDpepart.
.....................-DeArcitt Fanklowed irneta ,h rouba,
I * 0 0 F.of 4(p. clant, al(pe ifnumtfom ae now
NO. 20. n fiie a. A.berry, S. ., wih o-.. e
dli, tn' i..,t.i.as l~:.the comtt-ortenanst-yehouse
3. M. CU NN.aNCsi atre of'jit and.t Albs. aatt
'I'S i n.i~t~S''.'Foritr cAs ori oe-hal csh9Fr0ur.e
h' av te bst ceanngs mn Ormatio ply WANB E. Jlian
MRS. LIZZ.inIheEotth BR.OPHY, ew
NI Otctobe Csonteve mnthrs.
he net sesstiiig wil openi abot'I'Iep- r ' FortyBULDINGrs onMTTEE FOpi
a'tem lbers 1903- ' .It ltit .iNtwberr Cobeg inies ale
F o f rth r for ation atl aen a pr s s f rt e sen et io and co mL e
ouitwotk (Oneat he ewbi'Iy St ArchitJneto Frank . Kcitbu, Clubia
PLASKIIit' LPGoN.20mnaiertNebrr,S.C , it Geor
Modern Medici
Thousands suffer
each year fron dis- I
tressing dyseniery or
from sudden attacks
of cramps or cholera
morbus. The wise and
thoughtful keep in the
house a bottle of
Which never fails to
relieve and cure.
25 cts. BOTTLE
Prescription I
In a Critical Case
W ht>ro it, )fl imaporttant
that tho mediciuo is ex
actly 'right we invito you
to bring your proscription$
to us.
Gilder & Weeks.
Good strong hiandles.
Blades that will
hold fil a(dgo.
25. to $1 5t).
Gilder & Weeks.
Particular Pharmacist:
One always cheats I
tunity is wasted. We
an opportunity has Ue<
fail to visit our store in
and there inspect a hot
goods. Every departn
and patterns correct at
Just received big lo
in beautiful patterns to
lot at 6 1-4c.
Black Mercerized SI
something new at $1 ,0
and $2.50.
The prettiest Oxforc
market at $2.00 pair, v~
line cheaper ones.
Full stock Patterns
S. J. WC
Call and see my !ina~ of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
* Smaaithing arf)ws,
told on easy terms.
cIice of lIP Sttlemalli .
the estate of W.). IIalfacre, IcC ased,
County at 11 c'clock a. mn., on Tlhurs
hay, the 30th dlay of May, 1903, aInd
mminiediately I hereafter apply for let
Le disisory a dinistrato <f ' aid
Admer iut. W/ U. 1Iafr, ..'d,...,
nes for Pains
Rheumatism and
ieuralgia, always ex
:rutiating and hard to
.ndureare readily over
:ome and cured by
:hat orince of remedies
This great medicine is
Fast finding its way,
because of merit, into
into the homes of rich
and poor; warranted
to cure. Internal and
35 cts. BOTTLE
You Need Have no Fear
Abou,nt any prescription
that com*e to Us. It will
hnn !Illed vxactly n order
Gilder & Weeks.
make hard roan oasy
5c. an,d 1oe.
Gilder & Weeks.
, Cornor Drug Store,
v, - S. C.
iimself when an oppor
therefore declare that
an wasted by all who
the next thirty days,
ise full of seasonable
ment complete. Styles
guaran teed low prices.
Dimities and Batiste
go at 5c. yd., better
<irts, adjustable waist,
J, $ l.25, $l1.50, $2.00
is and Sandals in the
veli worth $2.50. Full
for June.
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beau.tiful Writing:
Come and see.
Also a line of nice

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