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In his annual address to the Southo'tn
Cotton :Spinners' Association which met
at Charlotte, Piesident George B. Hiss
said in part:
"During the past two years manufac
turers using American grown cotton
have failed to secure a proper margin
of profit and it has been during these
last two years that cotton 'manipula
tors' have held their greatest swaa'. It
is estimated that between 80.01,tXX1
and 10,tXX),tXk bales of cotton are
bought and sold annually in this coun
try while we actually produce an aver
age of but 10.tXk,001 bales annually.
"Except in a few special fabrics, the
price the 'mnupulators' have fixed for
cot ton today is out of all proportion to
the price the manufacturer can realize
for this product. is there not a remedy
for this situation' If the cotton manu
facturer couhi arrange to buy this year's
supply of raw stxk by making h:s pur
chase during the pericd covered from
September 1 to leW1emb1er i of each
ar (as is largely the case with car
~ori1ctnpt:terl there woa>i K bu
shght opportunity for the 'mar'; :iator
to inggie a prot:. out of the :ew hun
dred thousand bales : :.:t:e :p by
these purethase
This is what th:e So:' r:. .;rmer has
been w an:inlg for y't.,:s. N: < t ry fall
he near"s the armt s:ory. hat the
Nort hr an,i a.: :rear sp:ers are
no: . the :n r!.e.a:. i art wating for
V . Swen :ese spnners
t ha: . lwe r rice t - pinched
Si t . P'esideni :iss :s right ;
it:". 7.. w hl go in the market
:me: .lam: and buy
of he n i.0:oani Ce 'ewould
.rninae :s: : '.< n mills
' t :, s"ction : . : k in the
l1 n':. c i):: w s c ea a inothing
a:: a aoa. w N o' curtail
i :h.::. Tr.: No:ern spin
to w c'.: to: :i' e.:311i. i A n
h, }.i . .:t >o: : :; r:.. .. ters do
no: hy t. e fa!: In fact
we ar e :.. v ''.yarn mills
.:.; c: ie:S . - it. It
w :o..'.i 0e . .us. :f the
ma:1ia :uro-" . r......t cton in
t a t .:a.t n: det Hiss
at t".:y' 1i -' :. ' grower.
nr. is due
\::i :. . ... . an :'.d the
:em;and has ab
:t. Take our
New *'or inz:anee and we
ha n. a. . 1. i': McCrary could
h:s co:ton for the
stockhe - b, .mg ~what he has on
h : tha: by m.anufactu1:ring it into cot
::le wout have much more
pro b httng down until :'ext fa'l
and st"ing his cotton than by running
the in.:. Of cour:se. such a policy would
not do for his :,bor would suffer and be
d. The price of cloth has
n lt incre'asei in proportion to the price
Vf ct n whi ch! sh iws that supply and
deo. . hae .ot1ng to do w:th the
::.' . tf ::n. lBesides the producer
i r,n,: ..n thet 1a:st betnt titedl by thisc'.n
d:::r of , r. T he price Of t::OnI
rarte:y i a ces in time to help the mar:
w\' pr ies it.
If th ;anu fac turer-s would do:
Sre dent i s suggests and buy their
sup : in the t imre men1t ionedl and direct
fro ine u produce es it would great ly
hel. T hisnhas been the custom (of the
Newbe-:rry mlills for years.
Cot ton is sellingz nIw as high as 12
eens and may go higher. but it is dan
ger-ous to f. ol with the speculator and
the manipulator of the markets. The
m:mru factured article will not bring that
price at pre'Lsent.
A Good Roads Conv-ent ion is to be
held in Anuderson next Saturday. Sev
eral genne lmen are to make addresses
at that :tim'. The agitation is good to
create a sent i-ent m favor of road im
proveme-m, but what we want is a prac
tial plan for road b u ilding. We believe
tha re wo uld be li:ttle trouble to secure
Ph mea: . . - rpeople& could be con
vince tha: i- w.uld be wisely expended,
itwould be- a g. d invest nment but along
wit h the mone.v must come a revision
of our en tire road law prov iding a prac
tia wayfo its wise expendituire,
I'resident lRoo*-evelt is still on his
western1 trip. I in Saturdlay he was cut
o:f by a sc w storm and had gone into
steuon I or a couplle of (lays. The
government runs on just about as well
whe-n the P'residient is away as when he
is home. P re-sident Hoosevelt has b'een
on this trip for several weeks.
Lutheran Church for Spartanburg.
D)r. 8. T. H allmian. who is at pr-esent
it. ebarge of the Lutheran congregation
(If this city. staitedl today that it was
the purp)ose of the Church to send a
regular pastor to this city next Novem
ber after the meeting of the Synod, to
assume permanent charge of the church
here. "It is also our purpose," saidl
D)r. IIallman, ''to get the general mis
sion board as well as the state board
interested in our church here, thus in
suring the necessary means for success
fully conducting the work" D)r. H-all
marn is very hopeful of the work here
and is much gratified at the growth in
membership of the church herc A
flourishing Sunday School has also been
recently organized by the Lutheran
Church here and meets every Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock in the Converse
street school building.
Test One Sack
Of "Clifton" flour and you will find
it makes more bread, better bread, and
gives better satisfaction than any flour
you can buy.
Are you acquainted with "Clifton
A trial sack will convince you it is t
best flour manufactured.
Uno koting to be Seld With Whmre
aptist Chwh May 3o-June t.
-The Program.
The Union Meeting of the Reedy
River Association will be held with the
Whitmire Baptist Church Saturday,
May 30, and Sunday, June 1.
The following program has been ar
10 a. n., devotional exercises by Rev.
H. Fowler.
1. Verbal reports from Churchee and
Sunday Schools.
2. The Duty of a Pastor to his Peo
ple-- Dr. Jas. McIntosh and Mr. W. G.
3. The Duty of a People to their Pas
tor Revs. G. A. Wright, N. N. Bur
ton. and L. W. Swope.
4. Missions. State. Home. Foreign,
Orphanage, Minister's Aid (one or all
icconding to time at the disposal of the
b,dy or wish of the speaker) - - Messrs.
James Suber. R. Y. Leavell. F. H.
Longshore, and all the ministers in
Se'rmon in the morning by Rev. L. W.
Swope. and at night by Rev. N. N.
Burton. with Rev. G. A. Wright alter
The ladies will hold a meeting Satur
day at 4 p. n Representatives from
all the churches and woman's missionary
societies are earnestly requested to be
Dots from St. Philips.
Farmers are busy trying to keep
down the little grass as it comes up.
It is coming as thick as the hair on the
back of a dog.
Cotton is a poor stand. Some had to
be planted over and some replanted.
Good st.ands of corn, although worms
are killing some.
Gardens are looking fine. Wheat
and oats have come out and will make
more than once thought.
-We have preaching at our church,
St. Pauls. every first and third Sunday
in the morning.
Mr. T. J. Wilson and wife, of Colony
congregation, and Mr. B. B. Schum
pert an wife, of Grace church. Pros
perity, visited our church yesterday
and dined with our pastor. They were
at one time members of our church.
The St. Paul's church council at a
recent meeting elected Mrs. Maggie
Sheely Organist and Miss Erie Epting
assistant organist.
Our Sunday-school is in a fiourish'ng
condition. Average attendance good.
Enrolment ninety-five.
The President of the graveyard asso
ciation wishes me to say that on the
first Sunday in June in the morning
there will be a meeting. This is the
annual meeting, and all of the com
mittees are to make their report in
writing. A good attendance is desired.
The ladies of the Woman's Mission
ary society will have a box party at the
residence of Mr. Geo. B. Aull. There
is much pleasure anticipated for all
who may come. 10c. will pay for a
box of something nice and the name of
one of the fair sex who will be the
partner of the yurchaser of the box for
the evening. This entertainmeut will
be Saturday evening 23d, commencing
at 8 o'clock. Amusements for all,
young and old. St. Paul's has one of
the best missionary societies of any
country church. Push.
May 18, 1903.
Cotton at 11 Cents.
Col. C. J. Purcell sold on Saturday
100 bales of cotton at eleven cents a
p)ound. If the farmers of this county
could get that 'price for their cotton
this fall it wvould be a great thing for
the county. A mill man in Charlotte
sold 1500 bales Saturday at 12 cents.
The price will go back before the next
crop is harvested.
Induced Dr. Howard Company to Make
Special Price.
After a great deal of effort and cor
respondence, Gilder & Weeks the
popular druggists, have succeeded in
getting the Dr. Howard Company to
make a special half- price introductory
oE~er on the regular fifty cent size of
their celebrated specific for the cure of
constipation and dyspepsia.
Dr. HIoward's specific has been so re
mrarkably successful in curing constipa
tion, dyspepsia and all liver troubles,
that they are willing to return the price
p)aid in every case where it does not
give relief.
So great is the demand for this speci
fic, that Gilder & Weeks have been able
to secure only a limited -supply, and
every one who is troubled with dyspep
siat, constipation or liver trouble should
call upon them at once, or send 25
cents, and get sixty doses of the best
medilcine ever made, on this special
half,.price offer, with their personal
guarantee to reftund the money if it
does not cure.
We wvould like to ask through the
columns of your paper, if there is any
erso~8n who has used Green's August
Flower' for the cure of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, andl Liver Troubles that has
not been cured-and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, des pon
dent feelings, sleeplessness- in fiact,
any trouble connected with the stom
ac h or liver? This medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond with
you and send you one of our books free
of coat. If you never tried August
Flowef, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
have never known of its failing. If so,
something more serious is the matter
with you. The 25 cent siso has just
been introduced this year, Regular
size 75 cents. For sale by W. E.l Pel
ham & Son.
G. G. GREEN, Woodry, N.. J.
Ds a Utka
Mr. Walter 1, Herbert ts away at
tending the Sunday-school Oswatn
at Spartanburg.
Mr. Dan Ltvingston has a vry swd
Mr. Jolih Payainger and family, vis
ited his fat .er, Mr, Sam Payainger, to
Mr. and Mrs. George apt:t last Sun
day with Mr. Kunkle's to ally.
Mrs. Elisabeth Boulware is very sick
at this writing.
There seems to be a disease among
horses and mules, as Mr. Tom Setaler
lost a valuable mule not long aince.
Gardens! Why, we will soon hear
the pot boil. Mr. John Payringer will
be the first, so far as the writer knows,
to enjoy beans and Irish potatoes, and
Mr. Toni Setaler the cabbage.
Some have had to plant their cot ton
Miss Minnie Reighley visited her
uncle. Mr. Berley Cromer, last triday,
returned hone Sunday.
Cops are bad behind.
Owing to the inclemency of the
weather the picnie was not so largely
attended. but a very good crowd any
way. ice cream was served and en
joyed if the weather was cool.
We are told Professor J. S. Wheeler
will move away soon, much to the r
gret of all the people of Utopia. He
and his amiable wife will be greatly
missed here, in the church as well.
May 22. 1908. 'erona.
Letter to C. H. Cannon, Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir: Messrs. Leachman & Ede
lin, Grafton, W. Va., had been selling
a paint, which they thought well of;
and this had occurred.
They had sold a customer 1S gallons
of it to paint his house. A few years
later. they sold the same man Oevoe
lead-and-zinc the same number of gal
lons to paint the same house. He had
7 gallons left.
The point of the tale is: 11 gallons
Devoe paints an 18-pallon house.
Of course this isn t all.
Why does 11 gal'ons Devoe go as far
as 18 gallons of other paint? Because
it is a paint, all true, no sham, and
full measure.
But that isn' all. Devoe lasts longer.
No. no: you haven't got to wait ten
years to ind that out. Ten thousand
people know it. We've got their names.
Our agents know hem; they think a
heap of Devoc. i 're's no difficulty
in showing your townspeople what to
expect of Devoe. $10 will paint a $15
house: and the paint'll last twice as
long. Yours trulv,
F. W. L1vof & Co.
P. S. --The Newberry H1ardware Co.,
sell our paint.
Full Court to Hear Cse.
In the case of S. C. Fulmcr vs. South
ern Railway the Supreme Court has
been unable to agree on some constitu
tional questions which have been raised,
and an order has been issued by Chief
Justice Pope calling the entire court to
meet next Saturday to consider the
case, together with ano.,her, against
the Railway Company. This court will
include i.l of the circuit judges except
one. It will he remembered that this
case went up from Newberry, and the
plaintiff is represented by Johnstone &
Welch, and involves the right of a r:.3.
roadi to charge excess fare when tM '
passenger for any cause fails to pur
chase a ticket.
Advertised Letters
itemaining in Postoflice for week end
ing May 16, 1903.
B - Miss Cara Berry, Clem Brenam,
W'I! Bowers.
C- Miss Fanny Caldwell.
J-MIss Lilla B. Jones.
K-C. Kissick.
M--L. L. Moore.
Persons calling for these letters wvill
please say they were advertised.
C. J. Purcell, P. M.
Cures Rheumatism or Catarrh in a Day.
Treatment Free.
B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) cures
the worst and most stubborn cases by
draining the poison out of the blood and
bones, and building up the broken dlown
constitution. Aches and pains in the
bones or joints, swollen glands, drop
pings in the throat, hawkmng, spitting
or bad breath, etc., all disappear
promptly and permanently. B. Bl. B.
cures where all else fails. Druggists,
$1. Treatment of B. B. B. sent adso
lutely free and prepaid by writing to
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe
trouble and free niedical advice given
until cured. B. B. B. puts new color
in y our skin and makes the blood redder
and more nourishing, stopping all aches
and pains. Over 3000 cures by B. B.
It is What the Reader
Has Long Sought.
People wi I read advertisements about
cures mtade by nmdicane. A~s they read
they wonder If the st4ltements are true.
If true, wats tihe relief temporairy or per
manentI? Read , his ease about. Doan's
Kidney Pill.:
W. HI Clarke, of It,nnett, street, ac
count,ant at, the Rioh Bros Tobacco
W'orks, WIh'- elig, W. Va , sars. '"Tr
my b.ck n'hes I kn.aw what. will cure it,
Diati's Kidn.y Pills. They are the
b st ri-mtedy I over came ai.ross lFor
mo,.ths I w is p'arued wit h b.ekache,
not,a Iir In painls, hut a d ull aching all the
tirre that madeO me fe'-I miserable 't
goet, med ine,. on d itTe et, occ .iins
frota doctors, an ii. st em. d to relieve
mit for 'hn a lane, but it. was soon as b dI
as eve'. H,-arir g of Doan's Kid nry
Pillls, I took a~ course '-f thle treat ment..
Thai eured me, and that cure h-'s been
lasting I will coarroborate this in a
per-omnal int,erview or in reply to any
commuaa;nintion mail,d tam me "'
Eor sale lby all doLters. Price, 50
cents. iFoster Milbuarn Co., B3uffalo, N.
Y., role agenats for th+ U. S
Reametmber tho namae- DonnatI- andc
take no Other
[For sale iaa Nowherry by Wmn. ii. Pol
ham & Sn.
Soft and crooked bones me:
bad feeding, Call the disea:
rickets if you want to. 'T7l
growing child must eat ti
right food for growth. Bon
must have bone food, bkx
must have blood food and a
on through the list.
Scott's Emulsion is the rigl
treatment for soft bones i
children. Littledoses every da
give the stiffness and shaj
that healthy bones should hav
Bow legs become straighte
1oose joints grow stronger an
firmne.s comes to the soi
Wrono food caused th
trouble. kight food will cure i
In thousands of cases Sco tt
Emulsion has proven to he th~
rig).t fol for s, ft bones ii
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE. Chemiste.
409-415 Pearl Street, New Yoi
. and $1,00 ; all dn,ggist.
Wagons-Car Load
Call and see our line.
Purcell & Scott.
. waists at Wooten's.
paper at Wooten's.
9 BUSHELS Kentucky Cot to
..1 . Seed for sale. Apply to 'I
C. Pool. J. A. BURO.
leads to the doors of The Newberr;
Steam Laundry.
Osborne's Farm lm
plerments, Mowers
Rakes and Harrows.
Purcell & Scott.
Steam Dye Plant of The Newberr
Steam Laundry.
.Nfies some; Nothing but giving sat
isfaction satisfies The Newberry Stear
See our ad for Mow
ers, Rakes, Harrow!
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
ONEY TO LOAN-We negotiat
I. loans on improved farm land
at seven per cent. interest o
amounts over one thousand dollars
and eight per cent. interest on amount
less than $1,000. Long time and eas
payments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
A ttorneys.
WE have the best cleaning an
VTpressing department in any es
tablishment in the South at tile New;
berry Steam Laundry. If you want t
have your clothing to be in keepin
with the best dressers you must hav
your work done at the Newberry Steai
Lasun dry.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
rows and wagons fo
sale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
,D'o your eyes ache and burn
nigh t? I have the best trial case is
fi'ting Spectacles and Eyeglasses, an
can fit the. most dilllcult cee, with th
propeir glasses. I have 6itted glasse
fjr the best iieople in the county ac
cani 6t you. I use only the best grad
Crys9talne linnees. Comn and give ir
a trial and be convinced. Striet'y 0r
price t-0 all. GUY DANIELS,
Jeweier and optician.
Our Stock is full of everythin
new an1d pretty to adoru the bat<
the suImmer girl. Come and et
what we bave to show you.
The Riser illinery ColsDay,
N(oice of opIilE l o of Snbscriptio]
A.Issued to us by the Secretary<
State as Corporators of the Hom eLo
and Trust Company of Newberry, S. C
books of subscription to the capit;
stock of said proposed corporation wi
be opened on the 21st day of May, 190;
at the following named places in ti1
town of New berry, S. C., viz: TI
National Bank of Newberry, the Cor
miercial Bank of Newberry, the New
berry Saving,s Bank and the office<
The Herald and News.
Geo. S. Mower,
F. N. Martin,
W. G. Houseal,
J. E. Norwood,
Van Smith,
B. C. Matthews,
J. A. Blackwelder,
E. H. Aull,
J. A. Burton,
Frank L. Bynum,
Winthrop School Scholarship an
Entrance Examinations.
award of vacant scholarshipsi
Winthrop College for the admission e
new students will bo held at the Count
Court House on Friday, July 10th, at
A. M.
Applicants must not be less than fil
teen years of age.
When scholarships are vacated afte
July 10th, the y will be awarded to thos
miak ings the highest average at this em
The next session will open about Sed
tember 16, 1903.
For further informattion and a cati
l o addres President D. B. Johnsor
e Fat FieId
makes 4 't purse.
A ('ertilizer without
dsuliit. en
is not comle1kte.
(tur bo.ki Ire complete treatises
meu %. k n-v
All complaints of this
kind yield readily te
our reliable
Pain Reliever.
r It has unusual healing
and soothing powers
upon the inner lining
n of the bowels, and it is
this property that
counts in such a rem
It cures pain in the
stomach, cholera, chol
era morbus, dysentery,
diarrhoea, and all simi
lar ailments.
PRICE 15c and 25c
W. G. Mayes'
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA.
d TIONER Y at the
Tablets from 2 cents
-each up.
Beautiful Writing
s Come and see.
Also a line of nic~e
Cig ars.
g UST ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
fFresh Nabisco, Athena, Chamn
,a pagne and Festino Wafers.
AFULL LINE of Canned Meatt,
.t.Canned Vegetables and Cannedl
Fish at S. B. Jones'.
N ''PIiNMONEY" and a complete
fhe of Heinz's Pickles in
.glass at s. B. Jones'.
U(LIVES Sauces, and al kind. of
0 - --- -__ __ _
Hu yler's
Lowney's and
Bak er's Cocoa,
and Flavoring E xtracts
At S. B. Jones'.
Dried Fruit:
California A pricots,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones'.
SKnights of Pythias,
~Lo wvill be0 held on the 2nd and
8t 00 Vsdyngih of each month at
comned. THIOS.E. EPTING.
K rtn r an. . of R. and S.
HoI Wathr God
Now at C0ea
Just. aceived in past few days in D
things, in fact our stock is very 'large anc
tier styles and better values cannot be sh
and we will match or beat any prices nan
Don't buy your Summer Dress until y
Swiss, Persian Lawns, French Lawns, Or
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One big lot Colored Lawns to go at 6c.
One big lot Colored Lawns Organdies F
One bi lot Lawns, Organdies, Batiste,
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Lovely Silk Mitts and Gloves. in long,
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The Shoe Hous
Ladies' Shoes, Oxford and Strap San- g
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styles and best makes.
One whole side of our store and under
tables and on counters packed with
An immense line of nice N<
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Outfitters for
"Quality Rather than
"How Good" Rather I
Call In
and with pleasure w4
will explain and fin(
you the best ma.
chinery of its kin(
on the market.
Osborne Farm Implel
others fail.
Just received, Car loa<
one to suit you.
Don't fail to call aroun
our purpose to supply y,
able price.
"vve are ti.
The Same as
You Are Safe When You (
Experienced Lad(ies with goou
shop for you, and theroe i n
ment, as your money is onil
- sure you are satisfied1 withb g
that we p)refer to have you re
not prove satisfaetory.
For Gomparison W
Address All Communicatior
Election of Treachers.
AT4 P. M., ON THUIRNDA'rY, .Jume
11.4,1903, the Trustees of Newbeirr
School District will eheet T'eachers for
the Newberry Grade.d Schools for the }
s lei yai~ beginning Sepltember
A Superintendent, at the salary of
One male teacher and eight female
teachers, at the salary of $35.00 a month
A Male Principal for the Colored
Schiool at the salary of $40.00 a monith
Three Female Teachers for the Colored
Scool at the salary of $25.00O a month
The term of service of the teachers
chosen shall be the en-.tire ischool year,
except when the,y are dismissed for
cause or are permitted to sever theirh
connection by order of the Board of
Applications may be filed with the
undersigned. F. N. MARTIN,
Newberrv, . C(. May iSecreotary
aud.Low Prices I
d Brothers!
ress Goods and Silks, some of the new
complete in this department. Pret
own you by any honse in Newberry,
id, no matter from what source.
xi have seen the beautiful lines of
gandies, Chiffons, Silk Mousseline, etc.,
ces on all.
a yard worth 8 1-3c.
nd Dimities at 1-3c., worth 12 1-2.
at 1c a yard, worth 15c.
wisths, at 10c, 124c, 16c, 20c, 25c, 35c,
ihort and medium lengths.
3ry and Ribbons.
e of Newberry.
Men's Shoes and Oxfords, Patentj
Colts, Vici and Velours from 75c. t
The best $2.00, $2.50 $3.00 and $3.50
Shoes on earth. Every pair guaran
w Clothing, nobby styles.
Suits for Boys for $1.00, $1.25, $1.50+
$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
Better suits can't be made for the
'511 for everybody.
Straw and Felt Hats,
es to Suit Every One.
to $3.00.
n's Furnishing Goods ever shown in
id prices can't be beat.
r Ladies, Men and Children this spring.
d Bros
-iT Y
than "Cheap."
We have on hand a
r load of Osborne &
flowers, Rakes,
and Harrows
rients t ucceed where
i of Wagons, all kinds,
d before buying. It's
ur wants at a reason
L. AND Eco-t-t
if in Person!
Irder by Mail fronm Us.
3 WaY!
I Iasto (10 nothing else but
suich thing as disappoint..
y on deposit until you are
o IS ->rdered. We mean
turn aInythinig that should(
rite fo r Sampie .
s -Mail Order Departm't,
ON, S. C.
Watches, Clocks,
iluar and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Vedding and Birthday Presents
Cey winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweleand Oica n.

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