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Number of Newbehrans En Route-Will
Reach New Orleans This
En route.'New Orleans, May 18.
The special train over the Southern,
carrying the South Carolina party
bound for the Confederate Reunion in
New Orleans, left Columbia at 7
o'clock this morning, passing Newberry
at 8.40. Sheriff M. M. Buford, Mr. L.
M. Speers, Hon. F. L. Bynum, Mr. O.
M. Jamieson,* Mr. Wm. B. Franklin,
and M r. Jas. S. Spearman ar+ among
the Newberrians on board.
The party goes via Atlanta, reaching
New Orleans tomorrow morning. Many
in the party will leave New Orleans
Thursday, though some will remain
through the week.
General Carwile, commander of the
South Carolina Division, will join the
party along the route.
Jno. K. Aull.
County Board bismisses A Petition For Its
Removal to Mt. Tabor, Heard
Mr. C. A. Epting appeared before
the county Board of Education Satur
dy, presenting a petition signed by
about twelve or fifteen persons asking
that Swilton school, in the lower part
of the county, be removed to the old
site at Mt. Tabor Church. The reason
for the request, as set forth in the
=, petition, was the desire to vote a
special tax for the support of the school
which it was impossible to do under
present conditions. The petition was
dismissed, and the school remains at its
present site, near the residence of the
Rev. J. A. Sligh.
" This matter which has been in the
circuit court several times, and in
which the Supreme Court of the State
has been called upon to render a de
cision. The matter of the contentior
is the site upon which the school is
located, some of the patrons preferring
that it be'located at the old site at Mt.
> Tabor Church, and others preferring
the present site near the residence of
the Rev.' J. A. Sligh.
As the matter now stands, and under
the decision of the County Board ren
dered on Saturday, the school will not
be moved. There was a full meeting
of the Board.
Will Begin on June 22, Continuing One
Month-New Courses of Study to be
The summer school for the teachers
of Newberry County will begin on the
22d of June, continuing for four weeks.
The session will be held in Boundary
street graded school building.
County Superintendent of Education
E. S. Werts has recomended that Prof.
S. J. Derrick, of the faculty of New
berry College, and Prof. Barney L.
Jones, now superintendent of the
Laurens graded schools, be appointed
teachers, and the appointment will no
doubt be made in accordance with this
suggestion. Prof. Derrick, during his
connection with the work of the college,
has taken an active interest in the
meetings of the county teachers' asso
ciation, and is well known and highly
esteemed by the teachers throughout
the county. Prof. Jones' work in
Laurens has been very highly com
mended, and by his ability and his
good work Prof. Jones has placed him
self in the front rank of the school
superintendents of the State.
In addition to reviewing the work
heretofore had in the summer schools,
additional work will be done this year
in History, Civics, Nature Study,
School Management, and Primary
Work. Also as much work in Litera
ture as will encourage the formation of
a school library in every school not now
possessing one. Special attention will
be given to this very important mat
R. M. Nance has been recommended
to teach the colored summer school.
Grand Lodge K. of P.
The Grand Lodga Knights of Pythias
meets today in Orangeburg. Senator
Geo. S. Mower is Grand Chancellor and
will preside at this Convention. Col.
Jno. M. Knight, of Sumter, is Grand
Vice-Chancellor and will succeed Sena
tor Mower as Grand Chancellor. Mr.
J. A. Summerset, of Columbia, is Grand
Prelate and will be promoted to Grand
Vice-Cha9cellor. Mr. E. H. Aull, of
Newberry, is a member of the printing
committee and will attend the conven
tion. The representatives from New
berry Lodge are C. A. Bowman and J.
A. Blackwelder.
.Flowers for the Dead.
The day set apart for the decoration
of the graves of the Confederate dead
was observed in Greenwood. The ad
dress by Mr. R. H. Welch, of Newberry,
fnt the sacred occasion and was well re
-ceived Mr. Welch is a young lawyer
of promise and is a student of his coun
try's history and a close observer of the
political trend of affairs. Trhat the
country has not lost what the South
fought for is true, though her flag went
down and truth and liberty were crush
ed to earth for a season. -Greedwood
News & Views.
The Head of the House
Can't help being interested in some
thing that will protect the health or he
family. A pure, scientifically milled,
flour will do this and "Clifton"' is the
Interesting Exercises by the Teachers aid
Scholars on the Occasion of
Rally Day.
The Sunday School of the First Bap
tist church celebrated "Rally Day"
Sunday 'afternoon, and the exercises
were very entertaining and instructive.
A neat sum was realized, which will go
towards the erection of a i .w church.
The following program was carriedout:
1. Hymn by Sunday School.
2. Prayer by Pastor.
3. Statement by Superintendent con
cerning the occasion.
4. Hymn by Sunday School.
5. Question and answer exercise be
tween Superintendent and classes No.
6 and 14.
6. Talk by Mr. Wilbur.
7. Bible Reading by class No. 11.
8. Scripture recitation by class No 9.
9. Hymn by Sunday School "Build
ye on the Rock Foundation"
10. Talk by Dr. McIntosh.
11. Recitation-Building, for Eternity
Miss Rebecca Mahon.
12. Recitation- The Mite Song-Master
John Paysinger.
13. Song by Sunbeams.
14. Read=;,g-Bettie's Mite-Miss Eunice
15. Collection.
16. Recitation-The Model Church-Miss
Bertha Davidson.
17. Song-When He Cometh-Misses
Dennis and Pool.
18. Announcement of amount col
19. Prayer by Mr. Hunt of thanks
giving for the offering.
20. Hymn by Sunday School.
21. Benediction.
The Second Annual Reunion of Confeder
ate Veterans to be Held July 4th.
-The Program.
Some of the Confederate Veterans of
this city have received an invitation to
attend a reunion of old soldiers which is
to be held on July 4th, and those who
attend are assured a delightful time.
The invitation says:
A very interesting programme has
been arranged for the day. A parade
of the old soldiers, companies of the
militia and bands of music, horse races,
mule races, bicycle races, prize drills,
base ball etc., and a regular sham bat
tle between the militia as the yankees
and the old soldiers. Have secured an
old brass cannon, in perfect shape,
which will be used by the old soldiers
in the sham battle. A company of old.
soldiers will also be furnished with guns.
Dinner and free admission to the
grounds will be furnished all old soldiers.
Special trains will be arranged for so
that all from nearby towns wishing to
visit us on that day may do so and re
turn to their homes in the afternoon.
Mr. C. H. Cannon was in Spartanburg
last week.
Treasurer Jno. L. Epps visited his
brother in Spartanburg last week.
Mrs. Z. W. Bedenbaugh, of the
county, is visiting relatives in the city.
Mrs. Jno. Eargle and children are
visIting relatives at White Rock.
Mr. W. H. Hunter has some of the
finest beans wve have seen. He is eat
ing them from his garden.
Rev N N. Burton will preach at Enoree
Baptist Church on 4th Sunday at 11
o'clock, a. m.
Rev. A. J. Bowers will preach at St.
Luke's Church oil the 4th Sunday, at 11
a. m.
Mr W. Z. McGhee, the popular repre
sentative of the News and Courier, was
in the city yesterday and gave us a
pleasant call.
Mrs. Verser of Richmond; Va., is vis
iting the family of Mr R. Y. Leavell.
Mrs. Win. Johnson' leaves to-day for
Mt Pleasant, S. C., to visit Mrs M. G.
G. Scherer.
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer will attend the
Commencement of the Theologecal
Seminary at Mt. Pleasant, S. C., this
Mr. J. H. Hair was called to Granite
ville S'aturday afternoon on acount of
the serious illness of his mother.
The police of the city have begun to
take their ten days vacation, Police B.
E. Koon is off' this week.
There will he preaching at Unity next
Saturday and Sunday at 11 o'clock, by
Dr. McClintock and Rev. H. B. Blake
ly, of Troy.
We published in our last issue a list
of the firms at Prosperity that had de
cided to close at 6 o'clock. Mr. A. M.
Lester wishes to be added to this list.
Marriages in West End.
Friday evening of last week Mr. Jno.
Danielsen and Miss Sallie Oxner, both
of West End, were united in marriage,
Rev. G. E. Edwards officiating.
By the same, on Sunday evening, Mr.
J. N. Brown and Miss Janiie Parker, of
Goldville, were united in marriage.
A Serious Runaway.
A horse ran awvay with a buggy in
New Brooklyn, near Mr. Grave Jones'
store, Sunday afternoon and seriously
bruised the occupants, M r. Douglas
Tompkins and Miss Daisy .Jones, about
the head. The buggy was a complete
A Firm Grip
On a good, long life is what you will
have if you select your food carefully.
Therefore choose "CLIFTON" flour for
your bread and you will have a first
class health food three times a clay.
Her Sponsors And Maids In Floral Parade
-Oldest Living Veteran
Other Matters.
The following paragraphs, in regard
to the part taken by individual represen-.
tatives of this city hi the great Confed
erate Reunion in Columbia last week,
are from the columns of the News and
The floral parade took place on Thurs
day afternoon.
Following the representatives of Col
umbia's Camp Maxey Gregg caine the
handsomely decorated carriage of Gov
ernor Heyward. Real cut roses and
sweet peas covered the wheels, body
and canopy. In the carriage was the
sponsor from Camp James D. Nance, of
Newberry, Miss Vinnie May Wilson,
and her maids, Misses Thrya Schumpert
and Ellie Huiet.
Mr Robert Bowe drove Miss Neville
Pope, maid of honor to Miss Bessie Gil
der, sponsor for Camp J. M. Kinard,
Newberry, in a buggy, which was beau
tiful, simple and artistic. Bunches of
lilac wisteria fell gracefully over the
back of the seat and over the lap board
in clusters, hiding the hubs, while its
dainty vines twined the spokes of the
wheels. Miss P?pe wore a pretty gown
of lilac and green and carried a schiffon
parasol withfjunches of nodding wis
Next came the automobiles of Colum
bia. The first was a beautiful auto,
banked with clusters of read and white
roses. Misses Minnie Bollin and Janie
Trenholm and Messrs Pelham Wheeier
and Bland Hammond rode in this mag
nificent vehicle. Miss Evans, of New
berry, Miss Mabel Tarrant, of Newberry
and Miss'Boineau came next in the auto
mobile of Mr B, M. Wilson. A large
photograph of Gen Wade Hampton, sur
rounded with the colors he loved so well,
were seen on this carrage. Mr George
Dial and his wife came next in a daintily
decorated automobile. Dr. E. M. Wha
ley, Mrs Whaley, Miss Susie Manning
and Miss Ethel Willis occupied the next
automobile, which was decorated with
pink roses.
Miss Bessie Gilder, sponsor for Jno.
M. Kinard Camp, U. S. C. V., of New
berry, with her maids of honor, was in
a beautiful float well up in the front of
the parade.
* *
Mr. R. H. Edmunds of "The Hub"
offered an umbrella to the oldest vet
eran attending the reunion. - It happens
that no choice could be made, for there
were two who were 91 years of age,
James Garned of Richland county and
D. W. Livingston of Newberry. Ninety
one years-and served through the war!
Men of such hardy constitutions are
rare indeed, so Mr. Edmunds gave two
* *
At the ball tendered the sponsors by
the sons of Veterans on Thursday night,
the following Newberriens were present.
Miss Thyra Schumpert with M r. J. S.
Miss Ellie Blancd e Huiet.t with Dr.
W. F. Eberhardt.
Miss Vinnie Mae Wilson, with)Mr.IF.
H. Domiuick.
Miss Bessie Gilder wvith Mr. Cullum.
Miss Lizzie Glenn wvith Dr. DeVoie.
Miss Neville Pope with Dr. T. T.
Methodist Service.
A protracted meeting is in progress
at the Central Methedist Church this
week. Rev. Watson B. Duncan, of
Laurens, who it was announced would
be present to assist the pastor has writ
ten that he will be unable to be here,
and the pastor, Rev. Mr. Zimmerman,
will conduct the services himself. The
hours for service each day will be 4.30
and 8.30 p. m.
"Rooster" Caught.
Jno. Suber better known as "Rooster''
and the negro who escaped on the train
several weeks ago while being taken to
the chaingang by Mr. Mike Counts, was
captured in Columbia last week, and
was brought back by policeman Koon.
He has been sent to the gang andl will
serve an extra thirty (lays.
A Home Company.
The following is taken from the Col
umbia special to The News and Courier,
and as will be seen elsewvhere in these
columns, the'books of subscriptions tc
the capital stock will be open on the
21st inst:
The Home Loan Trust Company, of
Newvberry, capital not less than 10,030;
no more than 500,000. George S. .Mower,
F. N. Martin. J1. A. Burton, W. G.
Houseal, J. E. Norwood, J. A. Black
welder, B. C. Matthews, Van Smith,
E. H. Aull, F. L. Bynum are corpora.
The Mayor's Court.
The Mayor had only one off'ender be
fore him yesterday morning. Randolpi
Williams, colored, who only a fewy dayl
ago finis.hed a thirty (lays sentence or
the gang. -Yesterday morning lhe was
up on four charges. Three cases o
petty larceny and one of carrying
pistol concealed and of illegal size. H<
plead guilty of two of the charges an<
was convicted on the other two. The
sentence in each case was $10 or thirt
days on the chain gang. lHe will servi
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