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City Council Replies to the Communications
From the Commissioners-Appropria
tion of Funds Refused-Sewer Mqt
ter to Be Settled Later.
The City Council held a regular meet
ing Wednesday night and took up for
consideration the communications from
Commissioners of Public Works, which
have been published heretofore in this
The first communication taken up was
the following, which rel .. s to sewer
age and will explain itself:
To the Hon n able the Mayor and Council,
Newberry, S. C.:
Gentlemen:-The late decision of the
Supreme Court of South Carolina, that
the management; of the sewer depart
mecnt in the city of Union, S. C., vested
Sin the City Council, must apply to all
cities in the State.
And as the council placed the man
agement of the sewer system of New
berry at its inception under the control
of the Board of Public Works, the
board would now call the attention of
the council to this decision of the Su
preme Court, and inform your honor
able body that they are ready to turn
over to them the sewer system, to
gether with the funds and all material
and supplies now on hand belonging to
that department, and would request the
council to arrange at as early day as
convenient to assume the control of the
Yours very truly,
T. C. PooL,
Board of Public Works.
Newberry, S. C., May 21st, 1903.
Messrs. James McIntosh, C. E. Sum
mer and T. C. Pool, Commissioners of
Public Works, Newberry, S. C.,
Gentlemen:-The Town Council has
been unable as yet to see the opinion of
the Supreme Court involving the matter
referred to in yours of recent date rela
tive to sewerage. We understand thatI
the opinion in question is now in the
hands of the State printers, and that
the advance sheets of the State Reports
containing same will be sent out at an
early date when you shall have a reply
to your proposition.
The Council also took up the commu
nication from the commissioners in re
gard to a reserve water supply. The
following was read from the Commis
sioners to Council:
To the Honorable, Mayor and City
Council, Newberry, S. C.:
Gentlemen: The Board of Public ]
Works having addressed a communica
tion to your body, as to the necessity
of a reserve water supply for the city,
with a business proposition in regard to
financial matters, and by request ap
eared before your body to consider
the same on the 4th of March last, and
receiving no communication from you
in r egardl thereto, can hardly believe
that you intendl to treat them with -the
4iscoutrtesy of failing to acknowvledge
en the receipt of a courteous and
polite communication, and hereby direct
,heir secretary to call your attention to
imatter, and request that an ans
'er be given the board at an early day.
'or the hoard considers this a matter
~whichi the city is very materially
oneerned and that some satisfactory
rangement for a larger supply of
sere water should be arranged for
tonce. Resp)ectfully,
JA M:s Mc INToSuH,
T. C. Pooi,a
Board of Public WVorks.
After discussing the matter at length'
d eonsidering the different proposi
4ions submitted by the Boar d of Coin
.~Issioners, both verbally and in,
Sheir first communication to counc Il,
deeided on the following and so ad
dressed thenm:
Newberry, S. C., May 21st, 1903.
Messrs. James Mcintosh, C. E. Sum
mer and TI. C. Pool, Commnissionersof
Public Works, Newvherry, S. C.,
Gentlemen: - -I beg to informn you that
at a meeting ofC the~ Tle,n Council last
Nievening your request for an appropria
tion of $3,000 at our hands, for the
pur'pose of extending the water works,
wvas duly considleredl and declined.
If you or the citizens of the towvn (Ie
sire an extension of said system and
will submit to us a petition signed by aI
majority of the freeholders of the town,
as shown by its tax books, we will order
a sp)ecial election for the purpose of I
ssigbonds tome h oto same,
Laws of this State of 1902.
We dlisavow any intention on our p)art
of treating youi discourteously. While
it is true that we made no written ac
knowledgment of your communication,
yet the undersigned did personally ac
knowledge the receipt thereof to your
chairman, and spoke to him about the
matter, stating that formal action on
your request would be deferred until a
meeting of the full council could be
Most respectfully,
J1. W. uuH IA niyr',
Test One Sack
Of ''Clifton"' flour and you will find
it makes more bread, better bread, and
gives better satisfaction thani any flour
you can buy.
Are you acquainted with ''Clifton''?
A trial sack will convince you it is the
Merchants Who Will Close Their Places of
Business at 6 P. M. During the
The following agreement has been
circulated among the merchants of the
city, and the undersigned have agreed
to close their places of business from
June 1st to September 1st, at 6 o'clock
each evening- Satutday excepted:
May 19th., 1903.
We the undersigned merchants, brok
ers and firms, of the town of Newberry,
do hereby consent and agree tq close
our places of business at 6 o'clock in
the afternoon of each day from June
1st, to September 1st, 1903--Saturday
E. A. Griffin & Co.
J. W. Kibler & Co.
Edw. R. Hipp.
J. W. White.
The Ewart-Pifer Co.
C. & G. S. Mower Co.
Blackwelder & )avenport.
E. M. Evans & CQ.
Livingston-Lominick Co.
Hayes & McCarty.
Todd & Cozby.
Purcell & Scott.
R. D. Smith.
Wm. Johnson.
A Newberry Lady Highly Complimented
in Charlotte, N. C., at Elizabeth
The Charlotte Observer of the 16th
instant, has the following to say of
Miss Lillie Belle Hallman, daughter of
Rev. S. T. Hallman, of this city, who
is a member of the senior class in
music at Elizabeth College, Charlotte,
N. C., and her many friends here will
read with delight the nice things said
)f her:
Last evening at Elizabeth College
wo of the seniors in music, Misses Lii
ie Belle Hallman and Ora May Hoffman
;ave a pianoforte recital. They were
issisted by Misses Ashe Gaddy and
Nelle Watkins.
Each number was rendered by the
young ladies with the power and skill
;hat gave evidence of careful training
ind natural talent.
In Miss Hallman's playiug the chief
)oints that were noted were her clever
nterpretation of her numbers, her ex
:ellent technique and her ease and
,race at the piano. Miss Hallman is a
iative of Newberry, S. C., and has
een four years at Elizabeth College.
Both young ladies are pupils of Miss
tuth McLinn and she has good reason
;o be proud of her two students. Dur
ng the years of their study under her
,hey have gained much of the excel
ence of her own technique and ex
A good rain now would help the gar
Mr. R. C. 'erry is having an exten
ion built to his residlence.
Mr. Clarence L. Brown, of the Barn
veIl Sentinel, p)aidl us a ple.asant call
Some arrangements should be made
or sprinkling the streets. The dlust is
lmost unbearable.
Mr. J. J. Puller, the popular repre
entative of the Seaboard Air Line, was
n the city yesterday.
Mr. T. N. Parks has moved into the
iew cottage recently built by Mr. E.
(. Morris on Nance street.
Congressman Wyatt Aiken was in the
ity yesterday looking to establishing
'3 or two new mail routes.
The Bell Telephone people -will soon
ec ready to put in the new phones.
They are now connecting the house
Mrs D. E. Schumpert of Newberry
isited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cole
nan at Coleman, last wecek. -- Saluda
We have received an invitation to
.ttend the commencement exercises of
he Columbia Female College, on the
9th insit.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. D)avidson left
ast night to spenfd a week or ten days
a Charleston. They may visit Balti
sore and New York before returning to
he city.
Mr. James Wood Davidson, who has
cen spending a while with his nephew,
4rs Jas. R. Davidson, of this city, left
zst night for his home at West Pond
leech, FIa.
Owing to services being held dlaily in
he Central Methodist Church the Pri
nary and Junior Union will haoid its
nleeting in the A. R. P. church this
~fternoon at 4.30 o'clock.
While moving the large boiler from
he old Pool brickyard out to Mr. Mat
hew's vesterday, the wvagon broke
lown near Pool's stables in town and
dIr. J. R. Green had considera ble trouble
retting his heavy load mocunted again
mnd to its destination.
Tho clay having been exhausted Mr.
I'. C. Pool has abandoned the old brick
rard near Rosemont Cemetery. and has
~ormed a copartnership with Mr. B. C.
Wlatthews, moved his machinery to the
Vlatthews brickyard, and will make
>rick there on a more extensive scale
han before.
Preaching at Cannon Creek
There will be preaching at Cannon
Dreek Church next Saturday 11 o'clock
n. m. and Communion on Sabbath, wvith
Lwo sermons,'one at 11 o'clock a. mn.,
the other at 1 o'clock p. in.
There will be a praise service at 10
s'clock Snhhat.h morning.
Many Offenders Before the Court Wedue
day Morning-Fines Aggregate
Over a Hundred Dollars.
Wednesday was a big day in ti
Mayor's Court, and some of the negroE
who have been making night hideous i
the neighborhoods where they live wei
taught a lesson that they will not soo
A gang of negroes, among the num
ber being 'Thurman Kelly, Jno. Davis
Charley Aiken, Anna Glasgow, Tenn;
I Whitener, Thomas Simpkins, Tom Fry
Mattie Henderson and Janie Gallmar
were up on a charge of singing, hollerin,
and creating a general disturbance nea
the heart of the city on last Frida;
night, complaint having been mad
against them by citizens of the towi
who were disturbed by them. Eight o
them were convicted and sentenced t<
$5 or 30 days on the chaingang. Th,
case against Charley Aiken was dis
Tom Fry, Ed Williams and Anni
Glasgow, all colored, were convicted o
cursing and fighting. Sentence -Ton
Fry and Ed Williams $10 or 30 days of
the chain gang each. Anna Glasgov
$3 or 9 days in the guard house.
Tobe Brown and Pink Allen had t
fight Monday night and as a result Tob<
contributed $10 to the city, in preferenc<
to spending 30 days on the county roads,
Pink was fined $3 or 9 days. He pait
Sue and Ellen Hardy, colored, exer.
cised their muscles by throwing irons,
pokers and the like at each other,
Ellen fought in self defense for whic
she paid $1, and Sue was given $5 or 3(
days. She is resting behind the bars,
'Tom Fry refused to pay street duty,
preferring to serve 30 days additional or
the chain gang.
Ti arman Kelly, another negro whc
has never been known to work, refusec
to pay street duty; and went to thc
The result of the past few days court
represents something like $100 in cash
to the town treasury, and upwards of
300 days work for the town on the chain
Policeman Koon Wednesday after
noon carried Randolph Williams to the
gang for 4 months; Thurman Kelly for
60 days, and Tom Fry for 90 days.
Truly, the way of the transgressor is
Closing Exercises Held Last Friday - Htgh
Percentage Made by Pupils--Trus
tees and Patrons Pleased.
Mr. Thos. E. Wicker closed one of
the most successful terms in the history
of the Dead Fall school on Friday last,
15th instant.
The patrons and trustees of the school
were invited to the closing exercises
and were present, and the pupils were
examined by the trustees and the high
est marks were made by Raymond
Dominickc, Julia Dominick and Henry
Werts. Raymond D)ominiek made 85
per cent, in arithmetic; Jul ia Dominick
made 100 per cent, in fractions, and
Henry Werts madle 90 p)er cent. in ge
ography. Carey Fuhir.: and Floise
Werts received special mention for
good reading.
There wvas a general exp)ression of
satisfaction by trustees and p)atrons.
Comnplimentary Rtesolutions Adopted at
the Recent Meeting of the Grand
Lodge I. 0. 0. F.
The following preamblle and resolu
tions were unanimously adopted by a
rising vote at the meeting of the Grand
Lodge I. 0. 0. F'., held in Columbia
the 13ith instant, and shows in wht..t
high esteem our townsman is held by
his brethren in the order he loves so
'"The Past year has beeni a record
breaker in South Carolina 0(1( Fellow
ship. The great increase in member
ship and interest is due to the masterly
leadership, the unexcelled energy and
skillful management of that true gen
tleman and diamond hearted 0(dd Fecl
low, Past Grand Master, .J. M. Davis.
"Odd Fellowship never had a more
self denying and grander leader. To
his superb generalship, his indlomitable
energy and his unswerving andl never
failing dlevotion to dluty, are we in
debted for the wonderful increase of
membership during his faithful admin
"'Therefore, be it resolved, That the
sincere thanks of this Grand Lodge are
hereby expressed to Past Grand Master
Darvis for the able, impartial and faith
fuil manner in which he has dlischarged
the dluties of' his high office.
'"Resolved further, That the pictur<
of Past Grand Master D)avis be pub
lished in the first page of the Jlourna
of p)roceedhings of this Grand Lodge.'
Caution I
'This is not a yentle word-but wher
you think how lhable you are niot to pur
chase the only remedy universally
known and a remedy that has had th<
largest sale of any medlicine in th<
wvorld since 1868 for the cure andl treat
ment of Consumption andl Throat an<
Lung troubles without losing its greni
p)opularity all these years, you wvill b<
thankful we called your attention t(
B3oschee's German Syrup. There are s<
many ordhinary cough remedies made by
dIruggists and' othors that are cheap an<
good for light coldls perhaps, hut foi
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup --an'
especially for Consumption, where the.i
is diflicul1t expectoration and coughinj
(luring the nights and mornings, ther<
i.s nothing like German Syrup. The 21
cent size has just heeni introduced this
year. egularsize 75 cents.Fosa
hvyW. Ea Pelham & Son. Fr a
The Anniversary of the Closing Bxerclse
to Be Held June 1-3.
The Herald and News is indebted tc
Misses Addie and Ellen Werts, of the
graduating class of the Prosperity Gra
ded School, for an invitation to attend
the anniversary of the closing exercises
ofithe school, June 1-3, 1903.
The following is the program.
June 1, 8.30 p. m. Ex( 'cises by pri
nary and grammar gra( s.
June 2, 8.30 1). m. Class exercises.
Address by lon. 0. B. Martin, State
Superintendent Ednr'sntion.
June 3, R.30 p. in. Recital by music
class of Miss Wise
Class 1903: Anna Geige. Efhie Hawk
ins, Lena Lester, Addie Werts, Ellen
Werts, Lucy Wheeler, Lucille Wise,
Isoline Wyche.
The Head of the House
Can't help being jnterested in some
thing that will protect the health of the
family. A pure, scientifically milled,
flour will do this and "Clifton" is the
name of such a flour.
Fire in the County,
A tenant house on Mrs. E. A. Liv
ingston's place in No. 10, was burned
Monday evening. Loss $175. No in
Letter to G. W. Summer, Newberry, S. C
Dear Sir: We suspect you'd like the
tale, how a woman beat two hardware
dealers in Girard, Pa.
We tried our best. to get those men
to sell )evoe lend-and-zinc in that
bright town; mad failed. iwiuctantly
took M rs. L. R. Howman, drhuggist.
They said they couldn't sell paint for
more than $1.25 a gallon. Mrs. Bow
man can. She has sold about all the
paint, that has been sold there since.
She knew Devoe; had sold our artists'
materials. Ilad some sense and force,
besides; she easily learned that cheap
is dear in paint and told the people.
Mr. Burt Young bought a gallon Dc
voc for rooms that had always taken a
gallon; had half left.
Mr. E. Ht. Tiler, jeweler, painted De
voe, and says it, goes further--no par
Mr. John lanna, grocer, thought it
expensive before he bought. it; brought
back nearly half of his paint, and said
it was the cheapest job he ever had.
Mrs. Bowman reports universal satis
faction. So much for a cheap-paint
town with a bri ht woman in it.
yolrs tru ',
P. W. DI:voE & Co.
P. S. - -The Newberry Hardware Co.
sell outr paint.
A Coming Marriage.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage df Mr. Marcus L. Spearman, of
this city and Miss Katharine Dunbar
Ashley, of Trenton in the Trenton Pres
byterian Church at 11. 30 o'clock, Wed
nesday June, d inst.
Ml iss A shley is an attractive and popu
la:rt young lady, a general favorite il'
the connnunity in which she is known,
and is a daugh er of M r. 1,aurens Alonzo
Mr. Spearman is a popular young nan
of this city, and is one of our most. suc
cessful young business men.
The hlorald and News joins his hosts
of friends here in extendling congratula
tions in advance of' the happy event.
Absolutely Pure
I)paper a .t -Wooten 's.
(, 1c H UJSII El,S Kent.ucky Cotton
/ Seed for salle. ALply to TI.
C. IPool. .J. A. ilUaRTON.
Out' St. ck is full of everythinug
ne0w and,t ,ri to n'wlor'i tho hat of
their sultmmer g.irl Comio and so
Carey M. Williams et. al, lPlaintiflf,
IDellan M. Wheeler' ef al, IDe fendanits.
iN that by oi'dei' of the courmt herein,
all p)ersons holding claims against t.he
e'staite of Eliz,abethi Ann Williams, deC
ceasedI, aire r'equired''( to prCeent the
same, (lily afttested, to the uindersigned
on or' before thle 3rad day of Ju tne, 1903i.
All creditors~ of said deceased ar"e en
joi ned from prloseicuiting their' demandhf(s
in ofther proceed' ' ings.
MaIster's ( )tliee, Mvaster'.
Notie atf FIll Settlemelnt.
.I will imatke a final settlemnenTton
the estate oif W. I). I al fater'e, 'eceasedl,
ini the P robate C ot, t for Newherri'iy
C out ty at II o 'cloek a. it., on Thurms
dany, dlw 30th (lay of May, 1908, andi(
immediately t herea fter'i aIply f'or' let
|ters' disisisoiry as adinlIistraitor of' sauid
I e'state. J1NO. M. KINARD.)
UurTwoBigSto res
Are full of good reliable mer
chandise--the kind that it pays
you to buy, particularly when
you can buy it at the reasonable
prices that we ask. Every week
we have been adding such new
as well as staple goods as we
deem desirable, so that today we
present an unbroken stock.
Before buying your mid-summer
dress see our Sheer lovely Per
sian Lawns, French Lawns Very
Sheer, Swiss Organdies, Dotted
+Swisses,Mull Chiffons, China Silk,
Silk Chiffon, etc. Lace Bands are
in great demand. We have them
in variety. Our Wash Goods de
partment is full of pretty goods.
Muslin from 5c. upward. Ging
ham, Madras, Duck. If you need
Black Goods of any kind, cotton
ware or silk, we can supply you..
Ask for what you want, whether
it be a Jap, Taffeta, India or Fou
lard Silk, we have them all.
In our Shoe Department you
can find the latest styles in Ox
fords, Sandals, Land Boots, etc.
Our line of Ladies', Misses' and
Children's Shoes is a very popu
lar one and gives satisfaction to
our customers.
The Same as if in Person!
You Are Sate When You Order by Mail tromn Us.
nIInTt , as~ your Ion i4' .' dy1% oni depos14)it until you a&re
isurp you are ii.',i istiedl wit hto od o li 'rderedl. \v~O meanLf
nlot prov44 -auO ~sfail Iry1.
For' Omisonfl.f W ri te for S imnples.
Add ress All CoImmn ient ioI ns Maii Order Departmn't,
We Liue Froni what we Eat.
Vwhat we eat, therefore, should be
This argument applies to every article in the
GROCERY LINE but especially to CAN GOODS.
wec otie yo4U I'l.. ii tl:ruort, lohe very I'ines()lt 2 + in the world,
6>r il 1 ne' i> , u ate f'ollo wing I,ow P rices,.
3000 can :s 8lb. 'i omi os, l o-lvy weight.~lu at only SMac per cani
200(0 (canS 2 lb. T''oiadot lo.a I ; y' weight a onl lly 5)C pr can
1500) (;ans :; ib). lVIkbI' lerr\' In : w i t at on11ly 10c per (nn
2000) cansi~ 2 lb. I fkhI erries heav weighit at onl1y S e per cani
2000 (cans :3 lb. S. l'ace hea vy weighi t .only I 2ie per eani
2000 (ans 2 lb.. S. Peahe hie;vy weight at oniily I0 p) ~ er can
1000) cans ~3 lb. St r. 8ean.is hva vy weight atI only 9e per can
I100() cans~ a lb. P.* Pea(ches hiea vy weightI at oniI' 9e per enni
1000 cansl :; lb. .* A~ ples beni vy weighI 1. at nl 0 -1 pe ennl ct
2000 can :; 8Ib. ( 'abIbag' e evy we cighit at onil'y .le per cani
1000 cans:8 lb. P1earis hea vy wveight at oniv1 151 per' can
2000 cans~ 2 lb. Salun>n,tall hieavy weight at on'ly 8k e p~er can
Every can guaranteed, or money refunded.
The Fair and square Dealer.
s- All Needed is the Asking to Get Them
Get Up Petitions.
Newberry is entitled to several more
e rural delivery routes and can get them
as at the simple asking. Let thoso inter
n ested get up routes leading from the
e city and back, embracing a hundred
n families and present them to the au
thorities and the petitions will be grant
ed. There are several sections of the
country that are not now covered by
the present routes that should have the
privilege of these mail facilities. The
Herald end News stands ready to lend
any assistance to parties desiring to
r get up petitions for routes, and Post
y master Purcell will also co-operate in
B the movement.
I Those who do not now get their mail
f daily should look into this matter.
3 There should be free delivery on every
public road in the county.
F Children's Day at Methodist Church.
Graded School Commencement.
Prosperity, S. C., May 20.
Last Sunday was Children's l)ay with
the Methodist here and a very pretty
service'was rendered at Wightuan
Chapel. . Mr. T. A. Dominick had the
services in cha-rge. These were varied,
I consisting of recitations, singing, re
sponsive reading, a solo by Mr. Jas.
Quattlebaum, an address by the paster,
Rev. Shaffer, and an offering. A very
large audience was in attendance.
Mrs. .J. A. I)ominiek and Miss Pitts
of Kinards, have been visiting in P'ros
The frame building belonging to Mr.
R. I. Stoudemire, and now occupied by
Mr. G. A. Maffett has served its day
and generation and must give way to a
better. A brick building will take its
place and some of the material is al
ready on the ground. AIr. Malfett, we
understand, will occupy Mr. Kinard's
old stand - two doors from his present
place--until the new building is finished.
The stock and fixLures of M r. L,. [I.
Kinard were sold last Saturday at pub
lie auction.
The six o'clock closing is now in op
The side track for the Oil Mill is now
being put lown.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wise, are off to
Harris Lithia springs.
The time for our school closing is now
at hand. The members of 'l'enth Grade
finish their examinations this week and
the general examinations for the school
will be next week. On Monday even
ing June 1, the primary and grammar
grades will give an entertainment. On
Tuesday evening the graduating class
eight in numher will give their enter
tainment and at the same time there
will be an address by Ilon. O. It. Mar
tin, State Superintendant of Education.
On Wednesday evening, Miss Wise's
music class will give a recital.
- Mrs. Lovelace is quite sick. She is
nowvv:ith her dlaughter- Mirs. E. G.
Counts. We are infoirmed that her- son
Mr-. Oscar- Lovelace is also quite .ack at
his home.
Al isses Ethel and P'earl H al fare have
been visiting Mrs. Wyche.
Ex-Gover-nor- Bob Taylor-.
The Womans' Club of this city~ have
secur-ed Ex-Goveror Bob Taylor- to dle
livei one of his famous lectur-ees her-e on
June 4th. Secure y'our- tickets early for
this event, you will miss somiethiing
A Capital Idea.
It has been suggestedl that the tr-uste-s
of the Graded School take up the mat
tei- of puirchasing the vacant lot in
front of the school building and utiliz
ing it foi- a play giround or pai-k for the
school childr-en. One eniter-prising cit
zen has signified his willingness to con
tiribute $100 as his share townards secu
ing the lot for this pur-pose. and ot hers.
dloub)tless will cont ribute liber-ally if the
movement is put11 on foot andl putshedI in
the prop~er manuner. What sayc thle
A Firm Griip
On a good, long life is what, you will
have if you select youri food care fully.
Therefor-e choose "'CiiiFTlON" flouri for
your bread and you will have a first
class health food three times a (lay.
Is Often Made By the Wisest
It.'s a fatal mn ist ske to anegl ct b ack -
Hackaache is the( ti:O t syi. tom of
kidnaey ill-'
Serious comipl i cat ionuas follow
DJoani' K 1idney l'il ls (euraa them
prom ply. ..*
Don't eli' 'ito a .s
Unt,il it beora'e- diab, tes I Br~ihts
dRead n hat ti.- ,c rat. a-c.on say .:
Capt. I). W~ .-. keeluper of :he
Wood ( ouant,y In lTrm-try, Il'arkars baarg,
WV. Va . sayv: " I ha-l to i!o atround( try
inog to evadea pat in ((l ont-uitly, atwareC
1-.h'at a fo ase staep. j -rkl or- i wist wioul d
- br-ing pun 1 -hmnt t, anrd I w a- afraiad to
tanadle~ anyt,same for Ia-ar o aa'i reinlader
in the shape of a t win.- af lain.I
trad1(1e at IDr a1 N. Murdochti'-? iaru sator-e
- on 'lThir-d slat m a a nha - arl oti eut. ,i t o~it
I get ini thedraag lint- a-va-rv a im,, ' I onmF'
In. It wva t.haera I le-aira-ne abouit I) ato's
Kidney ['i Ills anod I took< a s'pply haomae
awithI mra and u-da themii AIlv wife aas-1
thema and may sister. NIr .\ AmArick, of
No. 6415 Seventh st.a, used thaem.
I l'a cuet d a hae liar--- a us, I amri
' ! inia t.hecit every few. das s anid enne uhl
I stanatiaate the-a r asrks I hatve maaade.
Foraua sale by aull. deh-r.'. I'eb-.. 51)
r enis a- abox Ioa:t ''r- al i burn (' - , liuf
a falo. N Y , sole a:gaets for thie U 8.
I Reemba-i r a- iahe anaae -.- D)oan's-anod
i take no oatha..
I . 'or s-ale ina Nt-wherr-ay by Wma I'. Pdi
liam .S Son.

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