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Senior Senator from South Carolina Makes
Flying Visit to Washington. Views
on Home Affairs.
Special to The State.
Washington, May iS.---Seintor
Tillman paid a flying visit to Wasih
ington today, leaving for the st'uth
tonight. le found time to altend to
a number of depsrtmtettal matters
and to give an interview excoriating
ex- President G rover Cleveland, whose
mention in connection with the I)emo
cratic nomination for president he
declared to be "an insult to the
"What sort of c;lrs lo they take
us for," he said, " to a-k us to vote
for such a inan as ('levelantI You
can't change 1)etmoorats th t way.
I.:u might as well talk about nomi
mating a lepublican as the heat of
the Dllmoeratic ticket. There has
been some inclination in South Car
olina to t'ok upon Judge Parker as
an available man, a man who will
prove accept able to dit"'rent fact ions
in the party."
Speaking of local matters. Sonator
Tillman declared Gov Hieo%werd was
making the "blind tigers" sqnee! by
putting on the thun.b screws a little
tighter in enforcing the dispensarv
ia w.
The senator was at the navy depart
went to ask Acting Secret!?rv I)arling
to assigni a coint11andant exclusivelvy
to the Chmtleston navy v-ard inste.d
of having th'at oiflicer sh'oe his time
betuween tht'rt' and Pot t li-vvl ('liar.
lestonlianl", it se'ns, h'v' beon much
wo-ked ip, abent th,- ta!k "f Port
Roy b ral r''tt.ir '' i ts a naval
'4tlioIn \r' int; 8--er.-' -r%* D rli' g
hi'i S.'nattor 1' i mn 's wqte1'6 ' unl 't
considerat ion.
A Well-Known Barber Slays Clay Knobloc
in Self-Defense-No Intima
tion as to the Cause.
Thibodeaux, L., May IS--A shoot.
ing affray which resulted in the kill.
ing of ox Litnt Gov. Clay Knobloc
ccurred oariv this morning in Main
s( rot' and creat"d a great deal of ex.
c;tewent. The :hoottiig was done by
James Garault, a well known barber.
The trouble leading up to the kill
ing is practic'ally unkeown. It was
'i.30) o'clock wh- tthe killieg occurred.
It took place in a section ofC Main
street that -'s usuaill (crowdled. Sev.
eral wit tesses of thbe shoot iegy were
fountd tut they ref usedi to) talk furthier
hant to say thIiat (IarraulIt shot ini self
The two men weore seen talking to
go'.her when suddenly ex-Lieut. GJoy.
Ktnouloc dlrtw his revolver. It ap.
peared thia t he xperienicedI sonie trot.
bile with the weapon and it failed to
explode. Meantime G3 arault whi ppedi
ti his revolver and opened lire on
his adiversary. That his aim was true
is established by the autopsy held by
the coroner, who found live wountds
ini the dead man's body. Either of
the several wonuds wonbt have proved1
fatal. Ex Liout . GJov. Kniobloe, it. is
understoodl, did not go a chanice to
use his revolver after (Garanlt got his
o ut.
Garault surrendteredl to the authori
ties immwediately antd is being held
for the present, t.ut it is certain that
he will be allowed bond.
Hentry Clay Knobloc was a native
of Lafourche p)arish. lie serve'd as
lieutenant go)vernior undler GJoy. Sam
ule D). McEnery, itow Uitetd States
senator. He has been practicing law
at Thibodeaox, where he livedl with
his wvife. He in survived by her and
one son, Earle, who is engaged in
business in New Orleans.
Governor Heyward Receives Information
That Many Negroes in Williamisburg
Are VictIms of Consumption.
The State, 19th.
The negro seems to be peonhilarly
subject to the ravages of consumption.
The governor yesterday received fromn
Mr. J. Davis Carter of Leo, Williams
burg county, a letter telling of the
alarming condition among the ne
groes in that county. T1he letter has
been referred to the State board of
health through the secretary, Dr.
James Evans of Florence. In his
communication, Mr. Carter, who was
formerly a member of Line legislature,
said to the governor:
"I wish to call your attention I
the fact that there is a section of thi
count;; where the colored people are
fast dying out from what. AeeUq to be
"In a radins of live miles 1 think
at least 12 dozen or more have dieti
in the lat 12 montha, and many more
have contracted the disease. All are
young, say from 20 to 30 years old,
they being po ir and not able to have
themselves treated. I think the State
should at least investigate the
A Plot to Assassinate President Said to
Have Been Hatching in California.
Oakland, Cal , May IS -The ex
treme diligence which was exercised
by the local police in guarding t resi
dent Roosevelt during his journey
through and his brief visit in O.k
land has been the sulject of much
comment, and this extraor.ltnary pre
caution is now explained by% the fact,
not heretofore hnovnt to the pullic,
of information received by th b an
thorities of a plot which, if carried
out, would have meant the assassina
tion of President lioosevolt in this
I ate Woenesday night l ayot 01
ney received a communintion signed,
". N.,"' stating that two wo An INmed
Charles (iirardo and Antonio l>ol
kinco, the latter an Italian, who tried
to kill the Emperor of Austria io're
St. Stephen's church in Viennta, las
agreed to meet at (irardo', bon'ls to
discuss the killing of the l'residci t.
The writer added:
"I heard (lirard.) was in eorr,'
pondence with Czolgosz at 1.as An
gel es."
The Io:ter was referre.l to tle po
lice, who decline to discuss the nlat
viess of a Man Who i,e Not AKree
With Tony Weller.
'1'ltt' nau who maurrie's a Lirl ju-t ,ut
otf sclool las need of Iutouch .Itrnoe d..
taet andt fuirtitidt, for' the tilt 3tl of
til n u"iuy will prouclli"' a Vilcint r'e 4
tution in her uiliad. .As slit ItIatis to
kilow her thusbant she who has nevtr
S In himl eXceplttwhen he hadl his best
coat on --she will dieem him a br'ut' natl
will be dtisalpploiiited an111d disgustcti, ifo
she will cttlmllpare tbin wit i that limpos
sible idcal of mni htid whicb every.
girl alls in ter iind and of which t',
of cttutrse, falls short. But with cx
ilerience will come wisdom. In tiilc
she will understand that her girlhood's
ideal. if she were to have hinu in the
flesh, would te tit unbearable prig,
and that her husband is ahotit as good
as men go and even--if she loves him
a little better than the next man.
A widow has all this knowledge of
mit'n anid of the world, whIch a spinster
lacks. A luan talks to a w4idoiw freely
as tee 01ne who tias found himui out. Shei
is ex)~per1t in thle ar ts5 of plea sinug him,n
andi if a bIright young widow sets her'
capi ftor a man lie can i escape heir only
by lIiht. A Widow hals 1no Illusions
antd no IdealIs. She Is well tralnedi and
utsedl to goling dotible, whIle the splinster
Is ain unlbroken filly and is bound to
kick tip ia god el w~hen shte first feels't
a tug ait the snaille.-San Franicisco
laioniisle lifte lIn Italy.
The fashionable season lin Itatly, says
LI~ngl V illarI In "Italian LIfe in Town i
anud Countrya'," Is from ChrIstmcas to
Inast et, thle time general11y kncown as
the ear inlival. At Na pIes, M essinia andie
somle othier lahces there Is also a suim
mer season. Coin enthlug on the pe
culIaritIes of Ifte amionig the iiplpe'r
elasses, Mr. Villari says:
"ItalIans, eveni In the grandeI'5 (st tah
lishments, do not wear evenling dlress
for (d1nn11: unless there Is a party. A
black coat Is entoughi for ordInary pur
L)oses. A few iieni who wish 1(o be par
ticularly fashoia ble wvear a smokIng
coait with a black tie, whIcb garment
Is sutflelent for all save vecry large (d1n.
ner partIes anid bal11s. On thle ot her
tialndt, t here are' occaslins whlen a manui
donis lils dress clothe~s by daiy. It Is de
riguieur at court functIons, even In
moinih Iigs. anad at weddliigs. L adle's
wear~ii hats at the thieater's exceplt oin
gnh li n ight s Th'ley3 diIsiy miore jew
e''ry I y eday tha lii CnEglishl ladles. Thell
hItl : in arlist ocralcy' have maixgn Iticent
jtwels, andii eveni in quite smallI towns,
whierze there Is 11o great wvealthl, the 01(1
famlit cs 4.aen mke ia tItle dIsplay. Thel
tall hat Is only nie'essary3 at xmarriages,
i'tee'rals an id iat court. Young iien of
fasionec wear it also wh len paiying 'calls
dutru theIIn season. Among the bowj
geolsie e'veninug clothles areO harldly ever
Two Ciever stateemen.
One erIsis In Lord P'almierston's lIfe
Illustrates the absolute good hiuimor
whIeb miay prevaIl eve wi vhen polltitia
enmiiity Is att Its wortst. L ord Deruby laId
made1k ian attacek upon01 hilin hi the uipper
house with such eniergy and1( 'loquIenlce
that the odds agaInst hxim secimed over
whielming. lBut lhe defend(ed himself
anud his liolley fromi the dusk of one
day3 to tihe dlawn of aniotheri wIth such
tact, dexterity and force of' appeal to
the naitlional senise of hioinor that he wats
acqt.ted of all blame by a majorIty of
Next (liy In palssinig through the cor
rIdor leadIig fromi an ianteroom to the
uppiter house one swIng door opened to
hIs hand and at the same imomenlt the
othieri to thait of Lord Deirby. They
were oppionenits, but they were also
mianly and sweet nalturedi menC. They
"I was Just thInkIng," said( Palmer
ston,. "wvhat a clev'er fellow lie was who
so nearly put me In a hole!"
"Ah" as the rejoInder, "but nlot.h
lug lIke the dlevernless of the fellow
who aot van out of on
What the Manner of Its Aerraag.
tent Telin to Ot Wosan,
"1 wouldn't attempt to judge a man
by his coat." she said gravely, "but 1
would not hesitate two minutes to
judge him by his necktie. It is an at.
most iufallible guide. Of course there
are ex. ct.ions. but the character and
i.:eileet of most men can be told by
the way it whi1hih they tie their ties.
Now, take the overelever man, for o=
a ltile.
"The tie of the genius has alrorded
much 'e.py' for the pen of the sat rist
and the peteil of the caricaturist. but
in realit) any little peculint fty or idio
syner:t"sy in dres'ig is generally the
out\ward antd visiile sign of vaunity
rather than of personal untidiness. The
atvera:;," iman. with ait ordinary share
of intelleet. schlot knows how to tie
t ie as it can Ie tied and is tied by
men with no intellect at all. lie may
possess a el,:"nting selection of the
best ties which Ih'oadway eatn supply
and does not in the least look eccentric
-n.ty, ratter. he often wants to be as
smart in appearance as possible, but
soluci ow he rarely achieves his object.
Directly you see it really beautifully
tied it tex,ept in the cases of military
wen and actors. with whom It is a
part of the training) which never
Imoves out of piace, following faithfully
the little iiiosynerasies of contetupora
y taeiv ism, you may be fairly certain
that y' u are not face to face with an
utnli i'n redt Si hakespeare or an em
btrynik' 'oethe. Of course. in the case
of a rich and important personage, the
lessi r detaits of the toilet are usually
left to the valet, but even then 1 defy
a mian of recal hiiitsto koep hip t!-: at
the ex:tt atile i a'enty considertble
it e. At eii-te; you will genernlly find
that by the time the soup t-.s .trrived
the evetning tie has shifted I.. position
or btle"ote oblitiuely set. This could
pro'ably he ea,ily avoided, only it hap
1e1s that the way in which a man
wmears his tie indicates pretty accurate
ly the wearer's intellectual apprecia
tion of triit"es.-Toledo Blade.
Put Yotrwelf In the Other One's
t'lnie and Answer.
The _ireat ta:sk of sound ethics is to
stimulate the social imagination. We
tmust tie cointinnilly prodding our sense
of social cottsetluenee to keep it wide
a\ akw. We must he asking ourselves
at eacti point of contact with the lives
of others such pointed questions as
liO woiltd you like to be the tailor
or u a she rw\ otan whose bill you have
nteilited to pay?
lIlow would you like to be the eus
totutwr to whomt you are selling these
adulterated or inferior goods?
llow would you like to be. the in
vestor in this stock company which you
art l';rmt.ttimt; with water?
llow\ woiuld you like to be the employ
er whose tite and tools and material
you art, w"asting; at every chance you
get to ],)-,if :nni shirk and neglect the
dtul . Oil are pi id to perform ?
lit. woult you like to he the clerk
or salesw\otan in the store where you
are re;aping extra dividends by impos
in: harder cemnditions than the state of
tr;itiand the tarket compel you to
ll iw would yout like to be the stoker
or wtl r 41 Ur inelhanic on the wages
yt itI. ai th ike eonditi onts of labor
Illow would you like to be the bust
te.s rivatl whtomi you dieprive of his lit.
tit' all tby utsing your greater wvealth in
tiii'ritry ittbroat competition? -
WVilliamn De Witt Hlyde in Atlantic.
Whnt Watigton Lacks.
''There is ito atvtenute iu Washington
wvih ineatsur'es iadeluiately up to the
ftull demnantds of civic beauty. WVood
wvartd atventue int lI'trolt, Euelid avenue
in lt'letind. Pentehtree avenue in At
lanta11, 1indepene~itn'lte avenue in Kansas
City~ at ii Summ it t itavenue itn St. Paul
are all exuluplehis of htandsome thor
Oughfi a res, whIere matignillieentt private
residletii'es re' st. int nutature parks.
Onti a hirge'r seale llrookiline, near B3os
toit, presen'its it chamrintg pictur'e of
sbliiurbatni detvt'linnienlt atlong p)ictur
esi' tad artistic lutes. TJhere is noth..
iingi at th kind in \\'ashngton.-W,ash
ittgtont i'ost.
An Arttnt'st Trials.
lBtowntly D anbiler certainly has his
owl n t r'ou bles.
iht er--.Why, I thought he was do
lng spiloimidly.
IBiownily lii' wais unitil he painited
suin int111 tio ntural.
P'ititlr-Ilow could thtat be?
llriniy- -Wecll, it dries utp the wa
ter it lt' p)ond so fast that he has to
'.ait in inw waitttr every two or three
v tys.. New York TIimies.
"I suppi~ose in te collecting business,"
said1 thle imilitivet tian, "nearly ev
cry ntin you go to see asks you to call
"Ask iie?" repilied1 the collector.
"Sot ue of them dattre mue."-Philadelphia
.t 'inc ax' Sareaurvs.
Mt. Skitiinit (on receiving a deputa
tioni fromi his eml)oyees)-WeIl, what's
thle tiat ter nowv ?
( ler'k (spokt'sti)-W,e wvant to be0
paid( (evt'ry week insatead of every
"Uight V'on get atll that's (due to you,
"Yes, sitr."
''Andi protyt 3 to at day ?"
"Yes, sir."
"Tihen why dJO you want to be paid
weekly instteiad of mtoiithly?"
"Plieaso, lir, it's so we won't be get
tin' the lumbago carryin' home our
wages."-Londont Answers.
To Mas'ket on stIlta,
An interestinig and picturesque cus
tomt in southwi~esterni France is that of
going to marki'et on stilts. Groups of
iou-ng imeii ad wotmten mounted oin
hiigh siHtilts ity lie seeni daily crossing
thle martshiy platins kniowni as "thte L,an
des." "ThI le Lantides" are cut tip Into
soimail ditches, poo01s and hummocks,
and stilts are in consequence almost
necessary to those who desire to trav.
era. them. .
Au author who lllustrats his own
novels has subitttd to an intorview.
"You ti1ti that It p:ys, don't you?"
"You 'vet---in lots of ways. Hbr In
StaUct, I get paid for the story'r,
"Then the Illustrations of the author
of a book are worth double those of the
ordinary artists?"
"Of ourse."
"Then some fool of a rich fellow
comes along sn11 offers a fabulous Rum
for the original irawings and wants an
introduction to You and invites you to
dine with him,1 and Your fortune Is
made and . our future is saf:e! It's a
great schem e. I tell y.ou, mnd nuthors
are fools who don't nake the most of
itr'--Atlainta Constitution.
Smsal Sav1rings are the Stepping
Stones to suerss and plenty -
$1.00 a month deposited in our
Will in 10 years amount to $ 1-16 00
$5.00 will in 10 years
amount to - . - 7. 0 00
$10.00 will in 10 years
amount to - - - -':I-460 00
We want your business.
1lamoo ample facilities to
accomllilmodate 0111' c
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry, S. C,
With latest improvements,
Grorsers, res ard It as e>pubcily ad.apted It. thcir sarp
en account of the absence of wshitltetrees.
For Information Con
cerning these Harness
Hardware and General
Agricultural impliments. I
First announcement of
the New Store.
I have bought the stockI ' of Counts &
Dickerit, andl I am going to condluct an
up)-to-date gr)cer'y bulsinless in their old1
I extend( anl invitat ion to1 mys fienlds
of Newherry' and .ltt' surroui'ngliI county
to dIrop in ndl see mec. My salesmeni,
wvill be gladl to see( t hem
Next (10or to Miimaugh's.
Watches, GIocks,
silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Win ders.
Eduard Schaltz,
Jeweler' and Optician.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - -- - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A umn working by t hi dayt is patid
for the tim1e1 he putls in at wvork, bult
when that mian saves a dollar for his
day's labor it worko for hinm nights,
as well as days; ne'ver lays i' on ace
count of 1)ad weather and1( ne(ver gots
nick, but goes right on earning Ihim
an income. It's a ni1co thing tot work
for money, but it's tmuchi nicer to
hiave money0 wvorking for y oul. '1Try
it--Open1 a savimgs a(coun t with Ius1
and1 get somni muonoy work inug for you.
Make a deposit in to Savings do.
partmentt today antd hot it begin to
wvork for yoti. Inteorest comtedttc at
4 per cent January 1 antd July I of
ennh ya.
C ti0
DYNP Ptklh)4A,
Ad.ress sc".
Two Daily Pullman Ve
Between SOUTH a
The Best Rates and Rc
Via Richmond and
Norfolk and Stear
. Nashville, Memp
Louis, Chicago, NE
Points South and South
and Jacksonville anc
and Cuba.
SrP'or detailed informatiol
man reservations, etc., app
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbit
Tb.e or ,ae Higihway
E teelAnt Sertuce ,Quick
Any 'Irip in a Pleas
rovoi vi,n THitE S O
The Finest Dinin-Ca
F'or detailed informnation ns to Tic
v'atlios.s nu.dJe,u the nearest Age
W A TUltri *e A
Dining, , *I
tion, riteic
s o,Q r it
aU KOO I %R3O1eitup'aour~
t h 2o It P AthntA1 .
i om do a" r"' et
-- EAST -- WEST.
stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
Washington, or via
ers.-To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
'w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
l all points in Florida
1, rates, schedules, Pull
y to any agent of The Sea
J. J. Puller, Traveling
t, S.C.
sst.G~en1. Pass. Agt.,
Yime Cono.nesgs Jw*ades
Lure Trap to thoe, who
r Service in the World.
itets. Rates ad Sleeptag-.Car ree..
t m excelled for luxury
.Hi the latest Pullman T
he :roup;bfare Cars.T
u. os or any Informa- N
It. 0. BEA' TIB, Receiver.
In ECffootJlno8,190.
uset,woln A aderun and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
No.9. No. 12 titation. No. I No. 9
P. N.- A. M. P'.M . A. M
8 10 9 66............... Helton.. ....... 3 20 10 60
2 48 988. .....Atterson 1". ........ 1 4 1 10
9 45 1) 80 ...... nitlorsoit I'. I.....8... 46 11 16
026........W uet An<leson....... 4l ........
--...... 9 09. .. 1envor......... 8 69 ...
. AIi...............A uti ...............4 U . .
8 6. ..........'endleton ........... 4 11 ........
- 341 ... . . tul ry............... 4 18 ...... .
-- 844. .. Admtlane.............1 21 .
8 28 .... .10 .an a ,itt ic a . ...a.. . .I 33 .
8. 1....... ..es.t Unn ..4......
'. - 1)..........., W aIhalla ....... . 0
Air0g)iitriifi flti) Ialtoin to Wialhilit,
hatve predtonco ovtnr trainis of atu chnm"
Suvin Inti it o j1aitl dlrottm uintoe oth
(IIwise sIiic e1 l. trlit, ordktr.
Will ato Ntoll at the following slaitIonts to
ttl ionin analt (tr+lssougura: 1'ltnnoy'a
J11 111A andt nandJi $ n"LnNigr: '
J. K. AN ifCltr(UN, Saperlitenudont
ChadIlstlol and Wostoll 'aroltua Rwv Cp.
Augusta and Ashovillo Short Lino
t',ilvtl it' il tire t 1' arc li I, 1903.)
(ItenSd Iown l _ ) (Road Up,p
12.441 l1, .........LIv Newburr"y......... Ar 3..0 pl
1.60 pin . Ar L.aurons............. Lv 9.0J pt
2.1 1p ......... Lv L,aurone.. . ..,. Ar 1.80 pll 1
3.80 p...n.---: Ar Sputrtatrhirg...Lv 12 01 p
. pn....v dpi~tatibrg.,.. Arii 2 t t1
6.32 pun.,....... Ar d tlutta.......... .. Lv 8. 81 atit
it.11 lit.,........Ar nautieroaliville Lav 8.05 an
7.15 pm...r \ ahovillo........ .. l,v 7.06 at
12.40 pin......T.V Newbrry((.N.& I..) 3 l0 pill
1.80 pmt..... A Liattreas.................. ,y 2.02 p1l
1.55 pm ...... I v Id tur ns.................A r 1.45 pa
2. -1 pm......Ar (lroonwooti.............L v 12.41 p U
5.20 . in.m.Ar Augu ta.,..............Lv 10.10 at
S.6 pin.. '.v A~iguat,... ........Ar 11.55 am
6.80 pet .. ... r H e.au fort...............Lv 7 t at
6.45 pm ...... Ar Port Royal ........... Lv 7.4ll at
12 46 pln... LV NewbI'a'J (a N.&.)Ar 3.10 pm
I fo pin. ... Ar Laurona ..... ......... Lv 2.02 pm
2 9i..... l.v I,tt'lrn .......... A .5 pam
8.'6 pn .Ar (roonvillo. l,v 12.16 pa ,
For IArthhr infornallt.in i-ohitlvuto alt y
t'e t .1 ou, or adtrn
'O. T *' , (1m,. /A,. (reenvlllo S l: t
ERNE5f1 W ILLLAA MS, Uon. P>ass. AgI.
T. M. an. oan. ''ranlllo Mainager.t, .
(Eastern Standard Tin.0.)
Southbound. Northbound.
sehedule In Eilbct Auustt 26th 1902.
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pi
10 50 am Athens 6 19 pin
11 865 an Elbrtot 5 17 pim
12 58 pm Abbeville 4 uS pin
1 22 pim Greenwood 3 35 pm
2 lSpne Ar Clinton (D)in'r) Lv. 2 45 put
10 00 am l,v Glenn 8pringt, Ar 4 00 pm
12 16 pitm 1"'parlanburg 3 :i0 pmul
12 2 pm Groenville 3 26 put
(Harris Spring
1 12 ptn 4aterloo 2 36 pll
1 42 Im nr Laurens (1)iu'r) Lv 2 17 pui
1'. I. PM.
202 Lv Latlroli Ar 160
2 ') Parks Ar 142
2 22 ..Clinton.. 1 30
2 84 Goldville 1 17
2 43 ..Kinard.. 1 10
241 ...Gary... 1 05
2 54 ..Jalapa.. 1 (0
310 1owberr3 1246
3 24 P rosperity 12 32
3 34 ....Sigha.... 12 23
339 L.Monntain 12 19
361 ...Chapin... 1200
367 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Roch Ia 69
4 07 -allontine 11 C,4
4 17 .....I rm o..... 11 46
4 2:4 ..1,eaphart.. I 40
4 45 ArOoltnnbiaLv 11 20
pm a
4 55 LvColalbia (A.o.l..)Ar 11 10
6 20 ttor 9 S0
9 20 A r Ch:r'lston) Lv 7 t)
TraiLua 53 a ntI .2 rrivo na;d depart fron
nIew untion tle,pot
Trains) 22 'd t f--om A. C. L. freight depot
wVest G. e rvaLi sutn et.
For Ruaes. Timne TabIes, or further informa
Lion call .. any Agent, or wri'te to
J. F. L1VJN.,10'vN, 11. a. M er.N
Djoltnm b.lu. s. . w4).-.t,- N 4O'
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
>atient's knowvledge.
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
lestroy.the diseased appetite for alco
iohic stimulants, wvhether. the >atient is
i.confirmed inebriate, a "tLii) oer,' " o
!ial drinker or driunkard. I mpo'ssible~
For anyone to have an alppetite [or alco
iolic liquors after usning White Ribbon
'Iorsedl by Members' of W. C. T. U.
M.Moore, press superintendenlt of
Noman's Christian Temperance U nioni
ientura, California, writes: '"I have
ested White Ribbon Remedy on very'
>bstmnate dru~Lnkards, and the curies have
)een many. In many cases the itemedy~
van given secretly. I cheerfually recom'
nendl and imd(orse White Rtibbon Romne
ly. Members of our Union are (IC
ighted to fi nd an economical; traeatmnent
.o aid us.mi oura temipe.rantce work."
Druggists or b,v mail, $1. Tiail >aick
ige free by writuag Mrs. A. M. 'I own
end (for years se'cretalry of a Woman's
Thristian TempJeranace UJnion), 218 Tre..
nont St., Boston, Mass. Sold in New
erry by Gilder' & Weeks.
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