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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, May 26, 1903, Image 2

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beer, kisst.': '\ i so$r S.0m hern Ur'W
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broker ,2af' H1' n:I'e(i folds is thea
nomle-p h'gh;,*ess. v gl~'ory giv'en by
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was ver w . hia oeo.v r e
voices which could be heard in the rear
of the great auditorium. His response
on the opening day was a notable utter
ance. "We will not indullge on this een
tennial---this political millineal morning
-nor at other tinmes in any bitterness,''
he said. "We feel none. We pity
those who do. We have long since
drawn'r the curtain of oblivion over the
regret ful and unseemly t hings of t he
past; andi we cherish, as Amiericanis, the
valor and noble deeds of both armies
and of all sections. We are satisfied
with our record; and the power that
would attempt to make us blush for it
would be both stupid andl blind. We
are heirs, joint heirs, with the R-epub
lic's children in the inheritance of free
dom left by our sires. We are proud of
all the past."
The feature of Wednesday's session
were the memorial exercises in honor of
the comrades who have crossed over
the river. Eloquent tributes were paid
their memory, and th ad, seent notes
of tm bagt souding taps ended the
On Thursdav all the old oMficers of the
wgniUtion werd re-elected amid
Oones of the gmatest enthusiasm. and
he Convention adjourned 4shie die.
Dmnrg the cloming hours of t he con
7ent.ion On Thursday many prominei
non were called up,v and made shot
'espons. Among t.hese were General
'rancis T. Nichos, of lA isian ;
,rnor Prazier, of Tennesse- General
9erge W. Gordon, of Nashville
x-Governor Robert Lowrv. o f Mi -
dpi. General Jno Yk. Go-hon vns Iw
eak to prm1id( dur;g t.he mm nom.
ut comiYg into the convenaor d;:-m
h'e seaon,OT there were repse:t ed .s'
a wsech from him. Thewc
nally bec'aNme so pe-sister: :hs.: he .
.rcdt yield. tay ot : N ; . c:s
wd-ed arouni t.he c : :.
~ith tears in t.heir ee New..
- a just A h: c . - -
.i last wo-ws ht-a -:
nar --os. 1 amv wx h
:'ut srient. Ah . cari s- -
.boy-c"s nus: no: (b.
ner. Ruild it wl:t an
tl : l hink f :hwon.
.) -U -.
s isgu o a o. Thy
0 4T .. 0*l T . (,
:ne beQeed t e rgt'
u er igh with hope~ and f.. * .
:meand St.at e t hey st.aked i rer:
tne .ssu~e to be dide-d inth) .Q .
hre r.a. they held their cause~ was.e
Tod~ay those who survive heldi ther
cau.se~ was just. The sentiment ofth
Reunior. was admirably expressed bs
the Hion. John Hi. Rogers, of Arkansas.
Judge of the United States Districti
Court. when in his magnificent address
he said: "It was a question of civiliza
tion, of constitutional liberty, of the
principles of the const,itution; and the
South, wh'len the alternative was pre.
sented of abandoning t he principles 01
the constit uti, n or giving up the union
wit h alaerity hut wit h deepes)t't reliet
ance that the necessity existed, chost
the latter."'
B~ut. loyal ats are the old soldiers t<
the cause for which they sacritled ai
much, as loyal are they to the govern
ment. to which todlay they owe t heir allb
giance. There wvas not the least t raet
of hitternessaorof sectional antaugomnim
Brave mon they are, east in, the muold i
heroes, and wvithI themu thi istuni wai
closed whleni the aurbitramuent of uaran~
had dlecided( aga~linnt them.ii T'heIr 1obii
requnest nowV is that Lteir causei und I hell
struggle b)o not misrojprenentedl, anc
they ask not. e)ven this for t.huiuemsven,
but for generations yet unhorn,.
The next Reunion city was loft to the
executive committee. If suitable rail
road rates cnnan b nn IiC)e(,Mt. I ,ouu
will very probably be ch It mv
Louisville. or jwssiby Nashville.
In the Newberry party at the Re
ion were Sheriff M. MI. Pford, Mr. I
M.Sees Mr. Wm. 11. ranklin, 1lk
F. L. Byru.t..oh Sea,t., An4 M,
0. N. Jamieon The trip - N
Orleans w very ploafsnt 1.NAvir
Newbe-rry at S- 40 n Mond-a.y rnwnii
onI a I bugh tram carrying the hrn
ra par. New rleans e
reach b ic. -T0
mrm V
r "n .. ,3 van. M rl \\ sIrN1
day. M .beliing. Apn f,
* *
-N: *V
SCT C C - s
er.oes , whic pay $100 a y
Teacher Want'd,
.1School will elect a t eaicher on
.1th of Juni,e. Salary $30. Te-m ci
inonths. 1Hoard $7 to $9. \Will mee'
J dan.~ 5 clock p. mi. Senud appli
ions to t ruiet ees.
G(-:. ('. Gl.As(ow,
.I the uderigned has lost his st
ItoI ( of The4'ii( Newhenrry~ C ot tonie
M;l1ul nd i rilizer' Cohupany, and1(
To Delinquent Taxpayers.
'j' 1ii.i l i i , f' N Q U I N T T11( A(t, XI P A l 'r
IIIId Ut1VE4 f'irthpr (''iI. MIy boo4ks4 n
ha4 fIotwnI u15,
A olden Rule
of Agriculture:
9v'-N te ymir lWn-A smA vout- trap
h ira* om v
n -
Ie L. . -
Ladie -
dRsiUm 5la
INle an.1
ThShe.o Hu
he l'C . Ant n .i nie
sh 'T r lih3
. ette(1lotio
j)rle& e ' n
SThe Latt Style~ pri
1 V 25c,
COp elani
.t .O ta t
Four days only. The
ever held in town. Sa
morning, May 27, and e
12 o'clock. Nothing wi
sufter one common fe
comjj forty miles to thiS
' ak 1cau de' Sc'ie cuvt to i .i,2'
-i n h n~2AA Silk to o" 3oth OVI
(wash silk em to S .
Black and Colored'
Dress Goods.
'.kan C'ored. lress Goods in
e ife tese tour dAvs-7
X d P:.is C'repe de
\i! French Batiste,
I lliantineo. No-)w is
.1 moo Black Skirt for e
A BIG 5 cents. COUNTER,.
T: '':k Lawns and] many
S '' * -W. i, and
Another Stunner.1
Justl Time to Catch the Printer.
Rib ns roll. in
I uick sales and short
underseldi by any man
the busiest store in Ne\
show gooads. I have m
the next two largest dry
berry combined.
jWholesale and Retai
s anI Lol Prces" I
nd Brothers! "Qaly
Jass Gff a "H-owbrGoo
.. co rr.p t . r t
t - ..,. SB RN
e of Newberry. Call In
Men.s shme mmnd o)xora., I'atenit a nd w it
o Vi : ma rs from 7.. to will r'x pl
nhe S2. 5'. m. Iii and $8.o ~yo0u t h
Sh e n e'arth. IEverym pamir (ui-a-li hi r
tei chier
ME M AI?ND Boys, on the n
1w(Ch tin g, n:obny~ lhthe styles.
Heone to suit 'i
9!! for everybody. Dntfi
Sti w and Felt Hats, orPfPS
es o Su,t Everiy One,
to 33 00.1
a' ini o ( ICM e;I)\It.
ad I m . Men Ch( 'ildIren tehis ng-ini
on to su Vit pe
LV rybod. IntyDnt fail
biggest cut price sal
Le begins Wednesday
nds Saturday night a
I1 be reserved; all wilJ
te. It will 'pay you t6
sale. So here they go.
AnotheI big lot ot 1mi t y i ll sai Shad.,
WO1th 250 Ind ,e, yomu- choice of the lot for
these foi days i S.
0 pos. C1 iy c, the latest t Id, pr iees for this
sle tv, 1o, zc, and Ve vaid.
,5cv IVs of New Ioo 1.:%ce, ay piece il ti e
lot, vOM1i oc t , ho .i e ad.
I Always Lead in Cutting Prices and
Quoting Merchandi.e a Peg
Lower than Elsewhere.
St0 do' . 1 .Iad ies* Vest . wort h all over town 15
and oem ut to oo
C grs,; Pearl Bttous, Itegullar price loo doz.
elit to Se doz
ios, doz. Fans that scll all over the wvorld for ioc
and 15y now ;C eCh.
500 cans Taleun Powdc woNrth tx. for this sale
it-vv- cnkcs Faiv Soap woith , e a cake, Mii.
uaugh's price ; cakes for ioe.
w c-lkes Fairbanks Ta Soap worth ;c a cake,
Mimniaui gh's price akakes for e.
-Umbrellas and Parasols.
Anoth hit i i otf . -mirella. anl Sun
See, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 'U elsa . s t o g W01rth 75c.
r,o Vilm rellasn-.id Paraliols eut to St worth ;t .25.
,wo l'mbrTellas and Pair.,sols cut to io. wvorth
zo0- Un'mrellas andik Pcrt,iut to $i.9 wot
Shoes, Slippers and
Strap Sandals.
Every pair of L ! '- Cit ' h ie n and Slippers under
tht r'of to go it a sicri ick for these four days.
profits and not to be
is why Mimnaugh's is
vberry. No trouble to
ore sales people than
goods nouses in New
l, -Newberry, S. C.I
ather than Price."
d" Rather than~ "Cheap."
Wehv- GoI hand a
car t loajd of Osborne &
WivvrS-, Rakes,
and H-arro~ws
1 pleasure we
ain~ and find
3 best rna
F'arm Implements :ucceed where
ved, C ir load of Wagons, all kindS,
to call ar >und before buying. It's
to supply your wants at a reason
en tiia ha w r y e fro th liba.
thousanteret Of f Nwheriry College last summerI(. Vro'S,
'ng time andi easy
uint & Hunter, I ~;TlSI A!
' paer a Wooen'4

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