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Arguments In ad Important Case Prom
This County Heard by Supreme Court
E) Banc.
Arguments in the case of Fulmer vs.
the Southern Railway Company, suit for
danLages in the sum of $1995, were
heard by the Supreme Court sitting en
banc at Chambers in Columbia on Sat
urday., Fulmer, the appellant, was
represented by Mr. R. H. Welch, for
Johnstone & Welch, and the defeldant
respondent by B. L. Abney, Esq., of
Cojunibia. No opinion has yet been
The e.ase is a very important, one in
that the question of the right of at rail
way to demand excess of a passenger
failing to purchase ticket will be finally
decided so far as this State is concerned.
The case was heard at the Court of
Common Pleas for this county during
last year, and a verdict rendered for the
railway company. \'esars. Johnstone
& Welch, representing the plaintiff, ap
Sam Fulmer, who lives with his
mother on the western outskirts of the
city, boarded the Southern's passenger
train at Prosperity, intending to conic
to Newberry. He had been in Prosper
ity selling cotton for his mother, and
barely had time to catch the train, and
therefore did not purchase a ticket.
The regular fare from Prosperity is
twenty-one cents, three cents per mile,
the maximum allowed under the laws
of this State. The rule of the railway
is that when a passenger fails to pur
chase ticket he shall be required to pay
an excess of twenty-five cents, to be
refunded at his de.tination. Fulm-r
had only twenty-one cents in change,
the money which he had realized from
the sale of his cotton being in a check.
The conductor refused the regular fare
without the excess and Fulmer was put
off the train.
The case hinges on the right of a
railway to charge excess, to be refund
ed at destination, when passenger fails
to purchase ticket, the law providing
three cents per mile as a maximum
charge in this State.
Engagement Announced.
The following is taken from the social
column of the Augusta Chronicle:
"The engagement of Miss Kathetine
Ashley to Mr. Marcus L. Spearman, is
announced the marriage to be solemniz
ed, June the 3d, at the Presbyterian
church in Trenton, S. C.
"Miss Ashley is the charming sister
of Mrs. Duncan Jones, and for a num
ber of years made Augusta her home,
during which time she won by her de
lightful personality, many friends.
"Mr. Spearmar x, one of Newberry's
foremost business men, and will intro
duce his bride to a pleasant circle of
friends, who will cordially welcome her
in their midsL."
The followin,1 is from the Trenton, S.
C., correspondence of the Augusta
"The engagement is announced of
Miss Katherine Dunlbar Ashley, of
Trenton to Mr. Marcus L. Spearman, of
Newberry, S. C., the marriage to occur
.June ~3 in the Presbyterian church at
noon. Miss Ashley comes from an old
aInd honored family in Fairnwell county
and is one of the most . Lured wvomen
in the State; attractive in person, gifted
in mindl, she is a charming acquisition
to any circle in wvhich she moves, and
N ewberry shoud feel justly p)roud to
welcome into her midst one so accom
"'Mr. Spearman is deservedlly p)opular
'' both. from a business and social stand
point, and all will unite in showvering ccn
Sgratulations upon him in his approach
ng marriage.''
Dr. Cromer in Laurenis.
The Laurens corresp)ondent of The
State has the following to say of an ad
dress delivered by, D)r. George 1B.
C'romer before the Laurens city schools
on Friday night:
President Geo. 13. Cromer of New
berry College dleliveredl the annual ad
dres at the closing of the city schools
last night. before a large audienice.
'"Some Educational Needs'' was his
top)ic. Hie said that education was the
Sreleasing ot the mind's power, complar
ig it in a beautiftul figure of speech to
the unlocking of frozeni wvaters by a
genial sunt, permlitt ing t hiem to wvater
the earth1 and turn the wheels of indus
While dleplorinig the tenden~cy t.o at
tach too much imiportaince to thei accu
mulat.ion of money he directed att ention
to the potent fact that mor~e money is
needed for edlucational I)prposes Hie
pointed to the existence of thousands of
decvotedl teachers t.oi hng for a pittance
f. of $25 or $30 a monuth for seven or eight
months in a $100 school house and pre
senteod striking statistics of illiteracy.
Trhe addoress was forceful and eloquent,
andl while it was notable for the grace
of its rhetorical periods it was still
more remarkable for its strong andl con
vincing grouping of facts.
The Bachilor Maids.
Trite Bachelor Maids will be entertained
tomorrow afternoon at 5.30 o'clock by
Misses Naville Pope anod Mary Thomp-nl
son at the re'sidlence of Chief Jlustice Y.
J1. Pope.
Miss Bernice Martin, Pres('.
Miss Cora D)ominick, See.
On and aft.er Tuesday, May 26, and
until August 20, we will close our Gro
cery, Dry Goods and Clothinig stores
promptly at 6.30 p. m. excelpt Satudays.
SUMMun BRos.
May 29, 1903.
Of h<
ro cool a brow that is fevered, to
Woman'4 part.
Among the prime duties of Odd ]
nature belongs the tenderest sympath
Fel lows in.order that. t he female rolat i
Odd Fellowship might receive the still
may do the work among the woim-i co
Odd Fel!Lws. Tho thought was a vor
in the sympathy of woman that gives
whose heahog power is greater tha-n t
In Odd Fellowship woman has a
Order will in the future, as in the past
ization. The unprecedented success <
societies. Subordinate lodges flourish
hearts gladdened and the homes comif
upon their brothers of the Order, and
tions of the wisdom that suggested am
McCaughrin Lodge, of this city,
and hams since experienced a steady gi
Graduating Class Numbers Twenty-Two.
The Full Program Arranged.
The Contests.
The approaching annual commence
ment of Newberry College promises to
be one of the most successful in the
history of this old and honored institu
tion. The graduating class numbers
twenty-two, the second largest class
which has ever completed the course.
Following is the -program for the
week beginning on Sunday, the 7th of
Sunday, June 7. . 11 a. m., Bacca
laureate Sermon by the Rev. C. E.
Weltner, of Augusta, Ga.; 8.30 p. in.,
Addi ess to the Students by the Rev.
ID. M. Ramnsay, D). D., of Charleston.
Monday, June 8.-3.30 p. mn., Annual
Meeting of Board of. Trustees; 8.30
p. in., Junior Contest for Medal in Ora
Tuesday, June 9.-11 a. mn., Address
before the Alumni Association by Hon.
Jno. R. Leavell, of Greenwood; 8.30
p. mn., Address before the Literary So
cieties by President Henry L. Smith,
of Davidson Collegr, N. C.
Wednesday, T .me 10.-10 a. mn., An
nual Commencement.
The preliminary 'contest to select
eight members of the Junior class to
represent the class in the contest for
medal in oratory, will be held in college
chapel one week from today, and the
contest to select eight members of the
graduating class to deliver speeches on
Commenncemnent day wvill be held one
week from Thursday.
The subject assigned the graduating
class for essays is "Natture's Prodi
011 Mill for Lee ManufacturIng Co.
Mr. C. C:~ Stewart has gone to Bish
opville to superintend the erection of
an oil mill for the Lee Manufacturing
Co. of that city. Mr. Stewart has had
a great deal of exp)erience in this char
acter of work, and has never failed to
give general satisfaction. Under his
dlirection, B3ishopville wvill have an oil
mill which will do her credlit.
Meeting Camp Jno. M. Kinard.
A meeting of John Mf. Kinard Camp,
No. 35, U. S. C. V. will be held, in the
Court House TIhursday afternoon at 6
o'clock. A full attendance ot members
is earnestly urgedl.
Attempted Store Breaking.
Policemen B. E. Koon and S. G. Car
ter~ early yesterdav morning discovered
two crow-bars andl a block of iron
which seemed to have been usedl for a
fulcrum at the rear entrance of Todd
& Cozby's grocery store on Main street.
Evidently there had been an attempt
some time during the night to effect
an entrance into the store. TIhe police
force had paid frequent visiL to this
p)art of the town during the night., and
it is sup)posed the would-be-store-break
era were frightened away.
A Small Frer.
A small house on Mr. B. H. Cook's
p)lace, about one and a half miles below
Prosperity, was burned on Saturday
night. Mr. Cook and those living with
him were not at home at the time.
Several farm utensils. were dlestroyedl,
bnt the loss was slight
0E, I. O. O. Fl
IRA BOOZBR, Past Noble Grand.
viest the weight of woe-that ii
.viug the distressed. To woma.
outtection with the lodges uf Odd
lenefits of Odd Fellowship, and that
and co-operation, and also that they
subordinate lodges do among the
lost. successful. There is a depth
3 the fevered brow--a magnetism
rer conscientious, however sympa
introduction of woman into the
ulture and refinement of the organ.
IS a successful factor in secret
is a lodge of their sisters. The
, the itifluence they are exerting
>mplishing in every way, are indioa.
901, wit.h sixty charter members,
Miss Susie Summer is at home from
lizabeth College, Charlotte.
Glenn Springs Water is the Water
;hat cures.
Mr. R. .1. Miller, of Columbia, was
n the city the past several days.
Miss Edith Potberry, of Washington,
. C., is visiting Miss Laura Blease.
Mr. J. Berry Richards, of Maybinton,
vas in the city for a few hours yester
Sheriff Buford requests that all delin
luent tax-payers call and settle, as his
>ooks must be closed.
Mr. S. ). Shockley, of Columbia,
ipent Saturday and Sunday in the city
n a visit to relatives and friends.
'The Rev. W. I. Herbert, of Main
3treet Methodist Church, Columbia, was
ni the city for -a fewv hours Saturday.
Dr. D. J. Quattelbaum, of Winnsboro,
md Miss Virginnia Quattelbaum, are
visiting their sister, Mrs. T. 0. Stewart
in the city.
Miss Lizzie Dominick, who has been
1:eaching in the Greenwood graded
schools, has returnied home for the sum
mer vacation.
Prof. H. B. Dominick, principal of
the Central high school, has returned to
Newberry to spend the summer vaca
Governor Bob Taylor will lecture in
the opera house on Friday night, the 5th
of June, under the auspices of the Wo
man's Club.
Summer Brothers have given notice
that, beginning with this afternoon and
continuing during the summer months,
they will close their stores at 6.30 o'clock
in the afternoon.
The County Board of Education will
n .et on the 7th of July for the purpose
of rppointing trustees for the various
school districts of the county. Patrons
who desire to do so may suggest names
before that date.
Elizabeth Catherdine, youngest child
of David and Mattie Livingston, aged
eighteen months, died on the 19th of
May at the home of its p)arents at Dead
Fall. The funeral services were con
duc ted at Newv Chapel by the pastor,
the Rev. D). P. Boyd, assisted by the
Rev. J1. .J. Long.
Children's Day.
TIhere wvill be Children's D)ay ser
vices at Trinity Saturday, May 30. The
children wvill have their exercises in the
morning and there wvill be addresses ir
the afteternoon. The public is cordlially
invitedl to come and bring well fllled
Preaching at Mt. Olivett and PilgrIm.
The Rev. P. HI. E. D)errick will
preach at Mt. Olivett Sunday, May 31,
at 11 a. m; Sunday School at 9 a. m.
At Mt. Pilgrim there will be services
the same (lay at 4 p. m, and Sunday
School at 3 p. mn. Tihe date of these
ser.vices has been changed from the
first Sunday so as not to conflict with
Commencenent Sundlay.
Stock CertifIcates Lost.
D. W. Barre gives notice that he hai
lost certificates Nos. 6 and 610of the cap
ital stock of the Newbherry Cotton Sece
Oil Mill and F"ertilizer Comipany and has
annplied for dlunlliento cnetfts.
lHISON, Noble Grand. MRS. ELM
drying of a single tear has more
mest fame, than shedding seas of gore.
uplift a human oul that bears hea
fellowship are visiting the sick god roli
r. Reekab lodges were organized in (
ives of Odd Fellows might receive the I
greater beuefits of woman's sympathy
unectod with th" order that the regular
y happy one, and the result has been n
:S n-Ignotism to her tob as1 she stroke
jat of thei most tkilled physioiai, howe,
place impossible for man to 1111, and th
, tend more and more to increase the c
)f Rebekah lodges shows that woman
most where in connection with them
orted by these ministers of beneivolone,
the great amount of good they are aect
d planned for their admission.
was instituted on the third of April, 1
-owt h.
Constable Perry and Policeman Franklin
Capture Him and Mayor Earhardt
Takes Care of Him.
John McCracken, colored, was ar
rested Saturday nht on Main street
by Constable R. B. Perry and Police- I
man Franklin on a charge of violating
the dispensary law. Yesterday morn
ing he was taken before Mayor Ear
hardt and pleaded guilty. He was
given $10.00 or thirty (lays, and chose
the days.
Constable Perry had suspicioned Mc
Cracken for some time, and had been
watching him closely. He had raided
his house several times, but failed to
find any whiskey. Saturday night while
'.a company wvith Policeman Franklin he
saw McCracken sell a half pint of liquor
on Main street. The arrest wvas madle
Constable Perry has been working
with the p)olice force and has been very
successful in capturing the tigers. One
does not flourish long before he takes'
him in.
At the first meeting of the Woman's
Auxiliary of St. Luke's Episcopal church,
Newberry, after the death of Mrs.
W. H. Day, wvhich occurred May 12th,
1903, the following resolutions were
Trho Great Physician of souls hath
called to her eternal rest and reward
His servant, Mrs. Lutie Nolan Day,
for years an humble follower of the
Master, and a most faithful and do
voted member of the Episcopal church.
She was a true and faithful wvorker
of our Guild, and although she recently
mo.ved to her home at Mountain Rest,
at her request, and much to our grati
fication, her mcr .bership remained with
Resolved, That in the (loath of our
dleceasedl associate and friend, the
church of St. Lukes has sustained a
great loss. 1Her pure soul was called
from its earthly tabernacle to its home
"eternal in the heavens.'' And so with
the deepest appreciation of her energy,
without thought of self, we yield to
Godl's will and say',
Servant of God, well (done;
Rest fromn thy loved employ,
The battle fought, the victory wvon,
Enter thy Master's joy.
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be sent to the bereaved husband
and sister with every assurance of our
deep) sympathy, and that. a page of our
Guild book be inscribedi to her memory.
(Signed) Rev. W. S. Hlolmes.
Miss Lila Simmons.
Mrs. 0. McR. Holmes.
- Mrs. J. E. Norwood.
' Mrs. Biurr Johnstone.
Small Fire in the City.
Tlhe residlence occupied by Mr. Rob)t.
Leavell andl %t rs. Robinson wvas (is
coveredl to be on fire early Sunday
morning. The alarm was turned in and
the fire diepartmyent promptly responded,
imlmedliately getting the flames under
control. Tlhe dlamage was very slight.
'The fire was of unknown origin, start
ing on the east side of the house be
tween the wecather boarding and coil
Oo BUSHELS Kentucky Cotton
Seed for sale. Aply to T.
C. Pool. J. A. %PURTON.
waists at Wooten's.
per Window 25 cents a window at
The Newberry Steam Laundry.
Wagons-Car Load.
Call and see our line.
Purcell & Scott.
Osborne's Farm lm
plements, Mowers,
Rakes and Harrov's.
Purcell & Scott.
See our ad for Mow
ers, Rakes, Harrows
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
rows and wagons for
sale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
DI- Nour oyo4 ache and burn at
night? I have the liest trial case for
lit.ing Sp.ctacles and E.egulasses, and
cIt lit the nost difiscult eN es, with I he
proper glasses. I have fitted glasses
for the best ieople lit the county and
can lit you. I use only Ihe best grade
Crystaline lenRea. Como amd give me
a trial and be cotvineted. Strielly one
price 1.0 all. GUY )ANIMLs,
Jewel4r and Optician.
Farmers' Institutes.
By authority of the Board of Trustees
of Clemson College, Local Institutes
will be held in such counties as send re
quests, signed by fifteen farmers, be
fore the fifteenth of June, to J. S.
Newman, Director of Farmers Insti
tutes, Clemson College, S. C. The pe
titioners will name the places at which
Institutes are desired and the dates will
be arranged by the college authorites.
The State Institute will be held at
Clemson College commencing Monday
evening August 10th and closing Friday
evening August 14th.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its org-.n of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that It will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
MYorbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c
J UST ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
Fresh Nabisco, Athena, Cham
pagne and Festino Wafers.
AFULL LINE of Canned Meats,
Canned Vegetables and Canned
Fish atS. B. .Jones'.
"D TIN MONEY " and a complete
1.LIne of Heinz's Pickles in
glass at S. B. Jones'.
OLIVES, Sauces, and all kinds of
\fCondiments at S. B. Jones'.
Lowney's and
Baker's Cocoa,
and Flavoring Extracts
At S. B. Jones'.
Dried Fru it:
California Apricots,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones'.
Knights of Pythias,
Nevwbherry ILodgre No. GT
LC Lodge will be held on the 2nd( and
4th Tuesday nights of each month at
8.00. Visiting Knighfts cordially wel
comedi. THIOS. E. EPING.
K. of R. and S.
Crotwell Hotel Building.
.Lcation will meet Tuesday, .July 7,
for the purpose of ap)pointing Trustees
for the various school districts of New
berry County. The Patrons of any
school, who wvish to (do so, can meet at
any time before that (late for~ the piur
pose of recommending Trustees to the
County Boardl and should send in to
the County Superintendent the names
they wvish to ugetas ru~tstees.
Mineral V
Oures diseases of thE
neys, Stomach ai
Endorsed by Phys
Welcomed by P
For sale by all I
The Same as if in
fou Are Safe When You Order I
RASONso wa
I-:xim ri mlii I i os with i ,d is: m
Shop fol3-0.Hn thoro is 1, Suchi 11hi
mmm' i t-, t' Wn"r ilI mA" i
10d j,lieVO m:twilf i l
For -O~nmparism VVrite I
Address All Commun icat:ioIs M1
ChrtIsio i 1IIv d00[
Men We Want To Talk To.-- A . 07
N mwbIm rry w s 14 e li hig mxpormmt -C if. ,-r
t.hm p 41%m (iv i ar- ini ih enso?1* -ih m mmvmry
~To The d/ian Who
lBuy ing ihm 1b4 . - 1 4-1, i*m <- m m( trt'
ji (4mhh l> 1..
Oufttr-, -atiuarM n -
Liver, Kid
id Skin.
cians and
)y Mail from Us.
>nothh1g olko but
IIg aq dli-4app.)init
>111.1 nau o r
1 . I I 1 Ar am
lor Sample4.
iA Order Departrn"I.
S. C.
o0 :ib t if -vory er n in
In ii iIn Nowheinrry know'~
innin Nuiwbe~rry wvouIld
'Is wooIC'1 atrgarin(ent la t4
Wants To ie
ta'r whaiet then res8p4etivo~
W , s ll the h st e ->th
aI'S 81(4) IIt
114 II~hiilr ,4 tot t will
* 'un linessr 04
- . h e nre
*Gater D Cort. ,
Newberry, - S. C.

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