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It. looks liowt ' V0e'y Mil a if there
is going t.) e a Fiop i l' Cle mlli
Call rail"ks. PrI ' Lit ,I - -vOlt leading
One wingof th party\ and Senator 1il
Ia the other. Pre-iden I osevel 'a
a,il0i0le)(1 llti lt hll la e i ti, w l-I he glati
fied to lave t ie endblrsment of I : ZtP
proacebiitg Reimil:ia,: Cwrivcii:fO:a ii
Ohio is regarited an open delianev of
1lain11a andi the comll r awalis t il out
colle wlthin rst
The (plestlMon at isie 011t o bw not
whether Hanna or h'oosevelt shid have
the next leplWicall noMina1tio. 1111t
whether Roosevelt shal! h .vc it or not.
It is not believold that Ilamina w'Ild
accvpt the i11nnnation even simhl it be
otfered him. It st-1ms. ".'ow"ver. t it
h' i;s re:uelt'id a titt ermi;iton I to IS
ver.\ . lVt- t o t tff
and l le! i a ;d t:ls'
.11nvil :ht l m :a i party
ft b e.n u at or the
bV, t it ' ad tf the
t no kwi.( g
h t n( from
Wo'll i ino h:I _frc
I 'h I X. Itt f ltoh1 Nr.!
wolli I r
ti m h u Ilh r
St .\. t h I I r b P.- .
outry lm h;ii sin I r wah
inhIu tiriit iii tilh'. \ n - l
w A; bI ;omtl or, ach -
mt llt i .1 i, i t t
o ni r -i ' hf -i n . -'i! tilt II I i n u -
n-m:(fu-|.abt .I iXr. If Ei''f-i ii iiih. -uo
ltil!. (e'h:i Whi! iii -tat t.i e 11(W, nd. h
True.~~~~~ -N o snorb.a
I'atr. wh . h, t im t rst -
a fel in va
Il i.-is l 1 ai'kid '.1(1k dil'et e l
tt'if !:s X ee
NIs in. In - .uXut,. is St ~ t ((itubbm-n ii
nttt in itb r i tt' i b-gha noi t hi t u llh
ltrs-. 'A. ..\ I .ut',iir tx -u 'd Ilie
at I e tjll ' lt lies(uiit Sifellt t t l'
finl indilil tie n Ithin u i flek ofth nw
veryi Isimph-er. Indigestl novs e-m (.iii
ib(.' atitil\ ing. Ifa lpeSnlit d ays t hey-a
he cane nti hav e mdigestion. teIIW
wr lghi it is learn ( t h t I tis lA X'nie
ofti Sta to b i l wh(tl ina t;eaen vitr.
Nassro lit I i' . A l p'su' (r. t
some ver warm wIea tn htrnwt,n theis
over'some of A te coto an ra.i.I)n it
neeke toilgt ai staThe gira iiohas
come otuut womh-rfull'y ete pas Pethree
weeksp . W e ti i i g r p d y
e. hMr. i rcy,l aiu iptis t iister,
Siet atdnl y ntilighaot wit Mr'lC. J.A
stil uidn 1 \ * onl.Cook'sfaiy
Mp >rvlace,itdttfi i dwing is uli
iCkOfrd to 1wek. is bye to get. out
Cook. Lholvees eat. Mr.onWintohr
Cook wesi wyfrm litk.fr
\igh. Eretel and knwwihf 'te tflie
Sperato atrda neight,oin thin gecthered
and by hard work saved tle dwelling
and other buidings from the flames.
The building burned contitind le me
corn, guano, and farming impleIt lts.
Nothing was saved. It is not known
the cause of the fire. Sigma.
Mollohon and West -id.
Ani ice cream festival -wa given :It
Mollohon Saturday) night for tihe bene
fit ol' the Mollohon1 baseball team. A
neat little . sum1 of Ioney was Clem-ed.
A nice cake was given to tihe young
ladv receiving tihe most votes as tihe
Most popular young lady in Moloilion.
The o"casionl was alt.ogether very pleas
ant and the boys were ver: .nn: grati
ing a great deal of interest inl :
a good baseball team this seasor. and it
iz hoped that they will succeed.
A gane of baseball was play ed on Ite
Wost ld diamond Saturda afteno
bet ween West E'Illd andIltoli.*nem in
which Mollohln, with a piel,-4 ti an
won I a score of 9 to . *.
ga,ime will be played nxt >:t i
afternooI, and the West 1-:1n1 bo%. a;e
veiy volnfidlit of* winniig dhe .lt.
'Tlhey are getting some very goed r
ti0e now, and it is said that the Woest
iEnd boys are going to have a good Ic:mn
t his year.
Rally Day services were held in tilt
O'Nea:l Street Church Sunday ighit
1er4re a large congregatiOi nit! ti f.
1r1gram wa.-- very interesting Intlecd.
Thlt childrenl were well trained an'd
earried their parts throug.hg weii.
l'ollowing is the prograi
op,-iing song "All Hail the Power
of .1esus' Name."
Prayer by the Rev d. ..J. Liong.
Song by I II childrenl ."\ill There Ie
AIv Stars'"'
1 et-itationl b' t wo little c"lihirt."
'.h-us Ilids us Thine.
I,"-itationl by rour 1 irl ''Tk", 1Ir
to h% tV.
Siog by 57 itt le chibiret - i be a
Sunb eamn.'
Zcitationl by M. Ais1 -:r-one Sh-ely -
" tiive it a Thought
litiationi by six bonys "Th'et;i antm
Song "There Shall Ibe Shers of
RIcitationl by six girls- I F-orgot.'
R.tcitationl by Miss Mattiol lelle l'crrv
"At the Coming of the king.'
lIhit ation byv Miss I ,uey litiThe:
Song bv Ill chililbei 'L.t I
A wav.
lIe"itatiomn I by liss Ciat' n lh .a
"'hrist and tithe 2ittle ( )nes.''
Recitation by four gilIlsand fur biys
he lit t le Scholars."
S ng "We are Nmrching ( 1in.
A collection was then tak--n !'or
wa Very gratifyingv to see -aih ot the
litth- 1Lldr n who1( tItl part es pecially
drpaconitribution in th..h kekt.
-mig- No. Ni)t On(e."
Helldict ion by the RI)v. .1. .1. I ong.
\MaY 25t4h, 11.03.
The Colored Ragatmuffins
D)uring a recent trip to the City of New
York, one of the attaches of this paper
was strongly impressed by a certaiun
mutsical composition wvhicht seemledl Ii
follow him about wvherever he wecnt.
l1e heard it, in the theatres, in the ball
rooms and even the terrible handl-orgatns
groiund it out mercilessly.
A fter dliligent research, our entetr
prising correspondent succeedled in as
.)ert aining the name of the composition.
It proevedl to be a chatracterist ic march
andI t wo-stepi enti tIed "TheP1 Colored
Ragamiuflinis. '' H e also located te
pulishers, (The I,yceumii Pu'blishiing
Co., tIl l'ast 1. t h St ree t., Ne w Y ork.)
who granted us permission, a fter muceh
per'siasioni, to print a small ex tract, froma
the miarch wvhicha we annex for the benie
fit of our readers.
Induced D)r. H1oward Company to Make
Special Price.
A fler a great deal of ellfort andI cor
respondence, Gilder & WVeeks. the
p)oputlar dIrtuggist s, have suceeed in
getting the I r. I loward Company to
make a special half- >ri'e introductory
tolfer on the regular fifty cent size of
their celebrated specific for the cure iof
constipation tand dlyspepsiaL.
Dra. IHoward's sp>ecific has beeni so re
markably success ful in curing const ipa
tion, dlyspepsia and1( all liver troubles,
that they are willing to ret urn the price
p)aid mn every case5( wher'e it doea not
give relief.
.So great is the demand for this speci
lie, that Gilder & Weeks have been able
to secure only a limited supply, and
ever'y one wvho is troubled with dyspep
sa, constipation or liver trouble ahou d(
call upon them at once, or send 25
cents,.and get sixty (doses of the best
medicine ever made, on this special
half.price offer with their p)ersonal
guarantee to refund the money if it
(oes not e.
Nits fren Itort
- tr
chit 1.**
$ ..- t
is o , 1
Nhr. '\8 \ .~
yq tkn
o It Ie: a
tat his til lre;us a 1nd 0
t ic' . t 0 I c .lo i btV !,t klts%I
good as t an bt , ArVd ;m\ v
A HcavY Raliain
Th1r01wa\Vh.avy ram,
ning2. lTe rain hdn11-.
mte tme by tihe c oI.
we lo ilet
No Stronger vidence Can
Be Produced,
A. ;Ik w -1. l % h ; 1;i,
it 'I
S U I. - p : - 1
f ' w i l. 1
('Pt t a- i1.
i r.
-i lla I I'' - \
h - p It* it n - -
F t . . - i v
-1 -m -
I 1-. , . -
tak - o't
For sah-i e \'.p .s - e .; i
lt followiliag (1i iggiMtq it-t tai MIhe
hohlersi of 31l N .~ \ elnp )ns t o brinig
th ini ti at 't ie alid sect i llI hi t i
(:ireat l1Pparat ion, N1i\ \ \\ I I >
lair salii on'ly by (lbhar X- \\eoiu
Notice to Contracto(rs
Nebrry Coll'ge invit.s StUlit
hPopoalsI for thle (erect lOIion andicomple=
the plans11 and11* spei.tIent ions pre'~paredt by
A rchiteet le'rankl I. .' ilbm.in, (Coltatlt
8. ( . Itu Plans an spe2 citjitxii'I'1
an file at Newbherry, S. ( . , with (;etorge
S. lowver, chairman;ai also at archit ect's
othece m1 Columbiap. A ll bids nutis ht
tile1 withI ( eorge S. Moer chaiiiman
', 1l3.T 'omitifl tee reserve's t he
right to reje(t. any or allI bids.
A pril 38th, 19)03.
Cutres ltheutis mu or Catarrht in a 1>ay.
Treatmtent Free,
thte wors't ad mast stu lbborn casMes b,
- draining the pison uit. of the loodt) andii
lbones nduihlding up the broken dlown
contituto.Aches andtt pajins in thet
0or bad brethl, ett., atll dlisihpta.
promptly and pe rmanen tly. H. I . I .
urswhere all else fails. I)ruggists
$1. Treat men t' f . H. I . sentI adso
lutely free and prepaid by writing to
Hlood Hal m Co'., Atlanta, Ga. I )eseiie
trouble and free mtedical advice given
until curedl. H. 13. I. puts ntew color
im your ski nd ma11 iikes thet. blood reddter
and more nlourishing, stopping all aches
and pains. Over 3000 eures by 13. 13.
Jtim Duimp* a little girl poee4
WhO14t oe of apetite distesed.
1I de$ tan't eat I " the child wouldi,
Jim davd a dish of " Pore " with
--- he tattd It, thou, joy for him
the bei od (or more frta "Saumy
Forc -
a good fWiry to
all yUnsters
Unfil SATURDAY, JUNE 13th Only
O k )IOne Pair of Eyes W
to Last a Life Time. f
S%I\ho - Rf z iht Side to take Good
T 1 Ii S T( H YI
EDJUCA TION -. - v > :.:2'2~i~:i Li~'u e~~P
2 1 - -' ' - ~ u:t'". ':tr fromi qluack peani r -.
11OMn wi c o i l u th 11C it1
iThe mou Eye Specialist. Consultation
Fo All Gliasses at the Most Reasonab e
N whe I rr , I . C.. IG, I . 1)
;I,- od 1!h( V01 -aw- o or ih n e s;ix
a:d 4'(:111fm l t and ov , '4 tio til wh11
ii I not re'-'re"t sveurin a -- from x on.
I am no- t I -pee'fl,!v.
.i I '. I) bavi4.
I ... ( '. I) .I
N wherra , C ( . N.ny H. 1. 0
'l- h O ISure't tk) -,it " , \ . ) t11at the
1:"tl-t O o e ut-ild- Mv l salt.ik
-.I h1--arliHy ruComm111nd( your n-ork to my
d\ Vury truir
Jlio. M Kinard.
~COffic OVr Sumnrnev Bros. Clothing Store.
TeSame as if in Person!
(ou Are Safe Wn You Order by Mail rom US,
I~ 'ii.:.IRidASONS Wa.Y!
shIjpi . . ml 'hu.'ie' In s1 uchi thing r., uI8ij))d-I
""'!, asM .nir* no,nIy i N 1 onl ot c ,ONt ntil y'ou afr
not prov. sa,t , . ~
For Oomparison Wrik~ for 33'mpte3
Address All Communications- Mail Orde-r Depar tm-'t,
We liue Froni whlat we Eat.
WhaIvt we eat, therefore, should be
TbK a~~ Ol1[applies to every article in the
GIOCa LI but especially to CAN GOODS. t
~ it I h In I''.vtty l' w peri am
2 0 0 th -', i I I : i e -,i ,'~~ U ly ~ S I e p e r c a n a
eli,suI v' -> 'h Ii tly Se y pr (2111
1000 Iin :lii e b a V W i ht ' I '.r l e u T (iIl
.Very Can gu irarteed p nn"yfLneci
SPO he ai and Square Dealer.4
NorthiU of Car
Some Fellow Said
hM ,11 ol I 1 , 1111-i . i llk
1 111 I l 114 (1 1
bury~~~~~ I-lep oil'u Ili I lh
mt in 111 , I b' l r 1 1 o% q I e
Prescription F
0Iron Quin. Strych.
As a tonIc, appetizer,
strength bi.ilder and
Iblood maker. few tem
edles hnve had such
a wide use as this. We
make ours according
to the best formula.
We sell it under a
guarantee to be satis
factory or money re
funded. It may be taken
at the same time with
cod liver oil and other
medicmws, and is won
derfully beneficial for
all who are run down
in health. Large bottle
.50 cents.
Particular Pharmacists,
>rofitable to have us
lothes. The longer th(
ave to buy. We help
rousers pressed while a
oats Cleaned and F
fests Cleaned and F
'ats Cleaned and F
ikirIs Gleaned and F
ackets Cleaned & F
We dye to live. Anyt
o the most delicate sill
lant. If you are not no
espectfully solicit a trial
rom~ you. It our wlrI( H it
DIlth (3clu!-i. vi' ulo*'t wan roir pit
ugi.L. B.
A W O RD T O 1
One always cheats hii
anity is wasted. We th
n opportunity has beer
:ul to visit our store in t
nd there inspect a hous
oods. Every departme(
nd patterns; (corrlc: at gi
Just received1 bi8 -lot [
i beautiful patterrm to g
>t at 6 1 -4c.
Black Mercarize<l Skii
>mething new at $ I,OO,
rnd $2.50.
The prettiest Oxfords
iarket at $2.00 pair-, we
ne cheaper ones.
Pull stock Patter ns fo
eful fleadilig.
In the Good Old
Summer Time."
', 44'. i.%Ik -ll wq 1 lot
lI" lit1 #4 : I l lioI (I III.1j 6II, He InI ltt
V In t ., I l--w r bue .y
h ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A -i-m' l '''"a 9nr Drug
hIli i0..G t 4 --1 phnitrIi nimits
o-tmi th.y a . ch kaiitir ciws" th.
41111-1. to| l . g II.- wd 1 1-oA 11
As sure as you drink
Soda Water at our
Foundain you will
want more. It is the
most delicious, appeti
zing, refreshing Soda
that can be served.
When you have friends
whom you particularly
want to please, invite
them to come here
with you and drink.
All the latest 5c. and
1Oc. drinks.
Corner Drug Store,
ME DAY that t
clean and press your
ey wear the less you
to make them wear.
iou wait.
ressed, 50 Cents.
'ressed, 25 Cents.
'ressed, 25 Cents.
'ressed, 50 Cents,
'ressed, 25 Cents.
hing dyed from a suit
s in our steam dye
w patronizing us we
package of laundry
ii an IIy iat caun be produced in
"ee:ge 8.nd i our g)Oor.4 by the
lE N T.
nself when an oppor
erefore declare that
wasted by all who
he next thirty days,
e~ full of seasonable
nt complete. Styles
.laranteed low prices.
)imities and Batiste
o at 5c. yd., better
ts, adjustable waist,
$1 .25, $l.5O, $2.00
and Sandals in the
1I worth $2.50. Full
r June.

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