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Movement Looking Towards Securing I
For Graded School and City Pur
A meeting of the Board of Trust ei
of the Newberry Graded Schools, th(
-City Council, and the Newberry Board
of Trade was held on Monday night tc
consider the advisablity of purchasing
the Jones square iii front of .ho Boun.
dary street graded school building and
'he Lutheran Church of the Redeemer,
and improving and beautifying it for
the use of the graded chool and the
city generally. There are many reasons
why it was desired if possible to make
the purchase at ttiis particulsr time,
especially in view of the fact that
several small houses are being erected
ol the square.
After a full and free dikeussion of
tihe matter a committee consisting of
Mr. Alan Johnstane, chairman of the
Board of Trustees, lion. John W.
E arhardt, Mayor, and Dr. 0. B. Mayer,
president of the Board of Trade, was
appointed to see the owners of the
property and to ascertain upon what
terms it could be secured. The com
b mittee went to Columbia and saw Asso
ciate Justice of the Supreme Court Ira
B. Jones. Mr. Jones assured the com
mittee that it was not his intention to
erect any buildings which would impair
the value of surrounding property, but
made an offer which the committee will
report at the next meeting of the three
Justice Jones offered the site to the
eity for $2,000, and stated that he would
contribute $100 towards the enterprise.
A meeting to hear the report of the
committee and to determine upon fu
ture action will be held at a very early
Graded School Commencement.
The closing exercises of Boundary
Street Graded .School will be held in the
opera house on Thursday night, the
fourth of June. The address of the
evening will be delivered by the Rev.
S. H. Zimmerman, of Central Meth -
dist Church.
In the graduating class this year are
three ladies: Misses Maxie Mabel
Dominick, Sara Robinson, and Alice
Lillian West.
Closing Prosperity School.
The closing exercises of the Prosper
ity Graded School will be held Morday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, June 1, 2, and
3. Following is the program:
June 1, 8 30 p. m., exercises by pri
mary and grammar grades.
June 2, 8.30 p. in., class exercises.
The annual address will be delivered by
Hon. 0. B. Martin, State Superintend
ent of Education.
June 3, 8.30 p, m., recital by music
class of Miss Wise.
The graduating class numbers eight
young ladies: Misses Anne Geiger,
Effie Hawkins, Lena Lester, Addie
Werts, Ellen Werts, Lucy Wheeler,
Lucille Wise, Isoline Wyche.
The Helena School.
The closing exercises of the Helena
school, Mr. Monroe Bickley and Miss
Alma Bishop teachers, were held yes
In a iap-drawving contest~ which had
been arranged Miss Hattie Roebuck
was awarded first prize, 01.00; Miiss
Lucile Roebuck, second prize, 75 cents;
F'lige McCarty, '.h ird prize, 50 cents.
Clement Strother was awarded first
prize for the best attendance in Mr.
Bickley's department. TPhe prize wvas
$1.00 in cash.
In Miss Bishop's dlepartment the fol
lowing prizes were awarded:
Reading-first prize, Miss Grace
Chalmers; secondI prize, James Hill.
Spelling-first price, Miss Helen Pay
singer; secondl prize, Mliss Julia Zobel.
Behavior-first prize, Miss Frances
Spelling-first p)rize, Maxcy Chappell;
secondI prize, John Wallace McCarty.
Dr. Cromer in Yorkyllle.
Dr. George 13. Cromer delivered the
annual address at the closing exercises
of the Yorkville cit.y schools on Monday
night. Speaking of Dr. Cromner's ad
dress, the Yorkville correspondent of
the State says:
''The address of D)r. Cromner was a
most forcible, eloqluenit,. and inst ructIi v
one, bringing forth e'loqulent andi( ui
versal applause. isu addlress was full
of wisdom, soundl common sense anc
instruction, lie gave some very in
teresting statistics upon education
stating that a common school pupi
stood four chances to one over the edlu
cated boy or girl in reaching promninene,
in life and that the chances of the col
lege or university student stood 200 t
1 over the common school pupil. Ther
was a large audience out to hear Di
Closing Exercises Hloge School,
The closing exercises of Hloge Scho<
will be hold in Miller Chapel A. M. I
Church, beginning on Sundmaay.
On Sunday at 4 p). nm. the annual se
mon will be preached by the llev. 11.
Ransom, of Greenwood.
Thursday, ,June 4, at 8:30 p. in., tI
oratorical contest by the members
the eighth and ninth grades will I
Friday, .June 5, at 8:30 p. nm., t
reading of essays by members of t
tenth grade and the annual address
President Thos. H1. Amos, of Hlobis
College, will take place.
* "Clifton." "T
* Are you acquainted with "Clifton
A trial sack will convince you it ist
Hon. J. L. Keitt, One of the Principal Wit
nesses, and W. H. Hunt, Esq., At
torney for Defense.
lHon. Jos. L. Keitt and Col. W. H.
Hunt, of Newberry, have been in Co
lumbia this week attending the hear
ing in the case of H. E.lBrookshi.-e et
al. vs. the Farmers' Alliance Exchange.
The hearing was brought on a coin
plaint made by H. E. Brookshire, ask
ing for the appointment of a receiver
and the distribution through him of the
ftnds, amounting to $17,000 belonging
to the Exchange.
Mr. Brookshire, says the Columbia
currcspondent of the News and Courier,
brought the action asking for the ap
pointment of a receiver and the dis
tribution of the funds, and the Alliance
authorities claim that they had pre
viously decided to divide the funds, and
that announcement had been made that
the money was to be distributed through
the regular Alliance channels.
"It was evident, through the drift of
the cross-examination by Mr. Lyles,
that the effort is to show that Mr. M.
L. Donaldson is largely responsible for
the action brought by Mr. Brookshire,
and that his reason for having the ac
tion brought is to put in a claim for
about $1,700, which he makes against
the Alliance fund."
Hon. Jos. L. Keitt, who was and is
at present one of the prominent mem
bers of the Board of directors of the
Alliance, was one of the principal wit
nesses in the case. Col. W. H1. Hunt,
of the firm of Messrs. Hunt, Hunt and
Hunter, was prominent among the at
torneys opposing the appointment of a
The testimony was taken by the
Master and referred to Judge Gary for
an opinion. There are several gentle
men in this county largely interested,
and who will be affected by the deci
Mr. John Scott was in Greenville this
Mr. C. P. Pelham was in Columbia on
Wednesday night.
Col. W. H. Hunt was in Columbia on
professional business this week.
I. H. Hunt, Esq., was in Greenville
this week on professional business.
Sheriff ivi. M. Buford was in Colum
bia on business Wednesday night.
I IThe Rev. J. A. Sligh, of Slighs, was
in the city for a few hours yesterday.
Col. J. S. Blalock, of Goldville, was
in the city for a few hours on Wednes
Mr. E. A. Carlisle, of Newberry, is
at the Argyle. -Spartanburg Journal,
Mr. Ben Hawkins, of Columbia,
visited relatives and friends in the city
and county this week.
Dr. S. T. Hallman has returned to
Newberry after spending several days
here.--Spartanburg Journal, 27th.
Mrs. W. H. Verser, who has been vis
isting Miss Hattie Leavell, will return
to her home in Virginia on Saturday.
Miss Elise, of Cheraw, will come to
Newberry today to attend Miss Hattie
Leavell's music recital this evening.
Misses Maggie and Myrtle Matthews,
who have been attending Mont Amoena
Seminary, Mount Pleasant, N. C., have
returnedl to their home in the county for
the summer vacation.
Mr. W. L. Daughtrey, of Charleston,
general agent for the Southern States
of the Knights Templars and Masonic
Mutual Aid Association of Ohio, is in
the city in the interest of his association.
Dr. E. B. Setzler has returned from
Mt. Pleasant, N. C., wvhere he delivered
an adldress during the commencement
exercises of Mont Amoena Female Sem
inary. Dr. Setzler, before his connec.
tion wvith the faculty of Newberry Col
lege, taught for several years at Mont
Mr. Thaddeus B. Epting, who has
been attendling the Lutheran Theologi
cal Seminary at Mt. Pleasant, Charles
ton, has returned to his home in the
county. Mr. Epting has completed the
middle year. Reginning on Sunday, he
will fill the pulpit of the Rev. W. HI.
Gireever, in Columbia, for several
At West End Baptist Church.
The Rev. G. A. Wright, of the First
Baptist church, will preach at West End
Baptist Church at 7.415 Sunday evening.
A special collection wvill be taken for
the Aged Ministers' Relief F'undl. A
I large attendaince andl a liberal collection
- are most earnestly urged.
N. N. BURTON, Pastor.
0 Adams-DIay.
* Mr. Henry Adams, of this city, and
-Miss Day wvere marriedl Wednesday
night at the parsonage by the Rev. 1).
P. Boydl. Miss D)ay is the daughter of
Mr. B. F. Day, wvho lives about four.
miles southwvest of the city. Mr. and
Mrs. Adams will makte their home in
At Winthrop College.
In the graduating c'lass of WVinthrop
this year there are two young ladies
from Newberry, MI isses ,1 ulia Estelle
Aull and Maggie I ,eon:a Ep)ting. Miss
Aull's home is now at P'endleton, but
she lived in Newherry a number o fyear.s,
e and has many friends here. Tlhe closing
yV exercises of the college begini on Sundaiy,
on closing on Wednesday eveninig.
I Test One Sack
Of "'Clifton'" hour and you will hin<
'?it makes more br'ead, better bread, am
he gives better satisfaction than any hiou
you cnn buy.
Prosperity Experiencing a Healthy Growl
-Sunday School Picnic at Hyatt's Park
-Illegal School Board Resigns.
Prosperity, S. C. May 27.-When Di
G. Y. Hunter, and Mr. P. C. Single
bought the two frame buildings on Mai
street from Mr. A. H. Kohn, it wa
then said that the old structures wer
to be replaced by brick buildings. Th
material is now being laid down and th
work of demolition and reconstructioi
will begin by July 1. Messrs. B. B
Schumpert & Co. will take.a forty day
sojourn up the street in the rooms for
merly occupied by Messrs Morris 4
Wicker. These two new brick stor
rooms will add much to the appearanc
of this part of Main street.
The Sunday School of Grace Evan
gelical Lutheran church has decided t<
go again on an excursion to Hyatt'
Park, Columbia. It is hoped that thi
will again result in all the Sunda:
Schools of our town joining togethe:
and the entire town taking a holiday
The details will be given later.
It has been discovered recently tha
our school board has been illegally con
stituted according to the opinion of tl
Attorney General. The members wdr
Messrs A. H. Hawkins, A. M. Lester
and J. P. Bowers. ['he first two wer
also aldermen of our city governmen
and the last a member of the board o
health. They all recently resigned an
Dr. C. T. Wyche, W. A. Moseley, an<
B. B. Schumpert have been appointed ii
their stead. There is an advisory boarc
which serves with the regular board
The retiring board will give, next Fri
day evening, a banquet to their asso
ciates and has also invited the teachers
Sonic of our people are prophiesyinj
and others are watching the weather
The thing especially wanted is rain.
The membership of the A. R. P
Church is beautifying the house of wor
ship by the use of paint and Mr. Godfre:
Harmon is doing a like service to hi
Miss Marie Lathan and Mrs. C. F
Lathan of Little Mountain have visite<
our city this week.
All the teachers for the present yea1
have been reelected for the next session
Miss Kate Barre is off on a visit t
The program of the State Dental A4
sociation for its approaching mectin
at White Stone Lithia Springs show
the name of Dr. E. N. Kibler chairma
of the committee on education.
Mr. P. D. Simpson has returned horn
after closing a very successful year o
Mr. T. M. Mills has returned froi
attending the Lenoir Commencement
He was the alumni orator.
Prof. J. S. Wheeler and family wi
move into our midst this week and wi
occupy the house recently vacated b
Mr. P. C. Singley and family. Mi
Wheeler and familey are not stranger
and are only returning home and we ar
heartily glad to sie them.
Miss Geiger of St. Matthew's, siste
of Mrs. P. H. E. Derrick is a visite
in our towvh.
A very dear friend of M iss France
RawI is spending the wveek with her.
H-ammocks of all styles and shap<
may be secured at Mayes' Book Stor<
They range in price from 75 cents I
David C. Smith's lRelatives.
The post master at the Newberry po:
office has received a communication fro:
Susan V. Smith, of Spruce Pine P. 0
Franklin County, Ala., asking if thei
are any relatives of David C. Smith
this county. The letter says: "Day
Smith is almost helpless, and is now
years old and not able to do anythini
lie last heard of his people during ti
war, lie had an uncle by the name<
Isaac Smith, living in Winchester,|
C." Any information wvhich can I
furnishpd the party seeking it will 1
greatly appreciated.
Ice Cream Ti ust.
It was hot and sultry. The (lust we
restless, the earth was parched, ai
the tongues of the inhabitants therec
The soda fountain men got togethc
in just about one hundred and twen
seconds the price of ice cream we
skywvard one hundred per cent. I
cream soda followed rap)idly. Both g
there and stayed, andl no amount
wvhistIing will bring them dowvn. T'
(ealers say they were not making an
thing at the old p)rice. The people s
it was all right, but it wvas mighty hi
wveather to be looking over accounts
ordler to reach such a conclusion.
Sprinkling the Streets.
The followving petition has be
handed city council:
''We, the undersigned, (10 respe
fully petition the city council to sp
kle the b)usiness p)ortion of the to,
each morning and evening, so long
Tlhe peCtitioni is; signedl by priactica
all the business firms in the city.
will be acted on at the next meeting
Thel notedl eye specialist, will 'rm
in Newberry until Saturday, ,1 une
Dri. Crimnm has been in our city seve
times, andl his numerous patrons
be glad to see him again, as he is
of those men wvho are always welec
on repeatedl visits, because he is a ni
of umiversal ability in his profession:
I his delinthgs are honest andl up)rip
I consult his advertisement in aniot
ecoIlmn and rest assured that lie
meet nev expectation.
h To be Given by the Music Pupils of Miss
Leavel at the Studio this
The music pupils of Miss Hattie Mc
y Iver Leavell will give a piano recital at
n the studio at 8.30 o'clock this evening.
s Miss Leavell's pupils on many occasions
a of this kind in the past have shown the
e result of their excellent training and
a instruction, and the recital this evening
i promises to be very interesting.
The following program has been ar
3 ranged:
Behr, Tolleto Polka-Misses Alice
& Aull and Verna Summer.
Krogmann, Song of the Seashell
3 Miss Marietta Langford.
Krogmann, Merry Bobolink-Miss Ola
Oreth, Bright Eyes--Miss Ruby Gog
5 gans.
I Krogmann, Merry Brooklet- Miss
Corrie Havird.
(1) Eilenberg, Hide and Seek; (2)
Krogmann, Fairy Whispers--Miss
Juanita Langford.
Ducelle, Alpine Song- - Miss Sarah
Krogmann, In Slumberland-Mis3
Ruby Summer.
(1) Krogmann, Gavotte; (2) Brown,
Pixies Out Hunting -Miss Alice Aull.
Krogmann, La Jolie Duchesse Polka
-Miss Margaret Williamson.
(1) Ducelle, Fairy Boating Song; (2)
Werner, Chausonet'e--.-Miss Lucy Al
berta Wright.
Eilenberg, Revelry-Miss le3wtrice
(1) Krogmann, Melodie; (2) Eilen
- berg, Chasing the Butterfly-Miss Ver
na Louise Summer.
Heins, Sweet Violet - Miss Ethyl
Wolff, Joyful Wanderer-Miss Marie
Krogmann, Gavotte--Miss Lucile Dick
i ert.
Krogmann, Valse-Miss Adeline John
Lilian Irish, Phyllis-caprice-- Miss
i Helen Smith.
Kinder, Eurydice--valse, - M iss Mar
tha Johnstone.
(1) Ducelle, Valse--caprice; (2) Heins,
Mazurka-Miss Edna Hipp.
Chadwick, Tabasco March--Misses
- Helen Snith and Martha Johnsbone.
Old Newberrian Took The Cake.
The city of Houston, Texas, on the
3 18th of this month, just prior to the Re
r union in New Orleans, tendered her
survivors of the Confederate Army a
i grand barbecue. The barbecue was at
teiided by about three thousand persons.
A paragraph from the llouston Post in
I regard to one of tie incidents of the
. occasion will be read with interest by
y Newberry people. Major Crosson lived
the early part of his life in Newberry
and has many warm personal friends
e here. The Post says:
A cake played a prominent part in
r yesterday's festivities, and wis one of
,. the prime agen~cies in keeping enthusi
asm up to a high pitch. It was an angej
cake, and on its top was the Confeder
5 ate flag, wvhile in front were the letters
"U. S. A."
It was presented by Mrs. M. C. May
berry of "The Zay,' 511 Main street,
to be awarded to the most p)opular vet
eran on the grounds. Only the ladies
s were allowved to vote. T'he contest
.onened at 80o'clock and closed at 4:30.
oTwo hnrdand forty five votes were
cast for sixdifretcandidates, and the
contest wvas wvon by Major J. M. Cros
son of Dick Dowlin camp. He secured
120 votes.
As soon as the contest was decided
Mr. W. W. Dexter took the cake and
~t headed the processionl from the waiting
ni room to the barbecue grounds, where it
, was turned over to Captain L. L. Cohen,
who made the presentation in a few
every happy and wvell chosen words.
n' Major Crosson, though 80 years of age,
d mounted the platform and delivered an
~7 address of acceptance which produced
. laughter mingled with tears. H e stated
'that if there was anything under th<
eC sun that he loved it was the ladies.
>f IHis comrades thought that he loved
~. them. He did, but thcy were second.
>aremws onl s3our that he did not havt
armslon enughthat he could react
ie aroundl allI of them and hug them all al
once. It was the women, lie said1, wh<
suffered during the p)ericd that the fir<
brand spread its devastation over th<
southland. He picturedl many incident*
is of the suffering andl heroism-mcident
id which brought tears to the eyes of mosl
of those present. At the conclusion 01
f- his acceptance speech he gallantly re
r~. turnedl the cake to Mrs. Mayerry, who,
yin turn, p)resenitedl it to 0. M. Roberts
it camp to be rafl'ed off. It brought $:
and the p)urchaser, not to be outdone ii
se gallantry, re-pr-esented it to the camp
ot and it was again auctioned off, bringin
of -$i. The purchaser, A ttorney J. J1
| Sheppard of this city, gave it to th
first lady he met after- ireceiving it, wh
-was Mi-s. B. D. K(ent, 1720 Montgomer
y avenue- Mi-s Kent then sliced tne cak
ot and gave it to all the old veter-an
Cool Drinks
Summer has come and the run on th
en Soda fountains has begun. Fancy dlrinke
p)lain (drinks, ice ci-eams, all flavoi-s, a
at-- gocd, may be had at Gilder- & Week:
n.. fountain.
Newberry, S. C.
Dl .ear Sir: T1he Tru-mstee-s of F"ai
Grtoundl, Cobleskill, N. Y., were gladt
c f pay 15 cents a gallon more for D)evo(
and( no0 wondei-. TIwo other- paint ageni
saidl it would take 150 gallons of the
paint to cover the buildings.
Our agent put it at 125 or less.
took 115.
ain We saved them 35 galloris of pair
13. and painting (worth $4 to $6 a galloi
r-al as the painting costs two or three tim<
vill as much as the paint) less 15 cents
me - gallon oii 115 yailons. Say $140.
me TIhat's how to count the cost of pain
ian iThe cost of putting it on is $3 or $4
mdi gallon. You see what that means. (
ht. ' by D)evoe. Yours truily
her I F. W. D)xvoE & Co.
vill 'P. S.- The Newbei-ry Hlardlware Cor
pany sells our paint.
Notorious Breaker of Contracts.
Sheriff M. M. Buford succeeded in
tracing a notorious violator of contracts
to Spartanburg this week, where the
sheriff had him arrested, sending Dep
uty Johnson yesterday to bring him
back to this county, whera he is wanted
on a large number of charges. This
person is Nathan Lindsay, Jr., colored
Lindsay went about his work in a syste
matic manner. lie would hire hiniself
for whatever period he could make a
trade, borrow several dollars on tho
contract, and skipped. sThis seme he
worked on a number of persons; in this
county, and in Laurens and Spiart anlhoi g
counties. Ie wlas arrested here Chris
inas, but his release was secuired by a
party from whom he skipped before the
party who has secured'lis release couli
take him home.
Sheri'f Buford traced Lindsay to Col
unbia, and from Columbia through Lau
rens to Spartanburg, iaking and break -
ing contracts all along the route. Lind
say's career was ended at Spartanbu:g,
however, when Sheriff Buford locatd
him and wired a request for his arrest.
Primary and Junior Union.
I)uring the summer months the Pri
mary and Junior Union will meet in the
A. R. P. church, on Friday afternoons
at 5 o'clock.
To take advantage of Special Offer Made
by Gilder & Weeks
Gilder & Weeks the enterprising
druggists, are advertising to-day for
fifty men and women to take advant ago
of the special half price offer they are
making on )r. Ioward's celebrated
specific for the cure of constipation ai
dyspepsia, and get a fifty cent package
at half price, 25 cents.
So positive are they of the remarkable
power of this specific to cure these
diseases, as well as nick headaches and
liver troubles, that they agree to rei fund
the money to any customer whom this
medicine does not quickly relieve and
This is an unusual opportunity to ob
tain 60 doses of the best medicine ever
made for half its regular price, With the
personal guarantee of a well known bus
iness man to refund the money if it
does not give satisfaction.
If you cannot call at Gilder & Weeks
store to-day, send them 35 cents by mail,
and they will send you a package,
promptly, charges paid.
The Head of the House
Can't help being interested in some
thing that will protect the health of the
family. A pure, scientifically milled,
flour will do this and "Clifton" is the
name of such a flour.
A Firm Grip
On a good, long life is what you will
have if you select your food carefully.
Therefore choose "CLIFTON" flour for
your bread and you will have a first
class health food three times a day.
FOR REN'I'-One dwelling, one store,
five roonis over furniture store.
f&t tf. R. C. WILLIAMS.
S.! 1. AULL.j
4t Jalapa S. '.
() IBUSH E LS K(entucky Cotton
2 Seed for sale. Apply to T1.
C. Pool. J. A UTON.
.1 waists at Wooten 's.
I.per- Windowv 25 cents a window at
The N ewberry Steam Laundry.
.)paper at Wooten's.
lDo your' eyes ache amSI burn at
night? I halve ihe be"st. i,rial c'ase for
Iitinfg Spe'ctach-is and lcygisses, anud
cani fit te mi'sLtdit)icutt eyes wit,h I lie
pr-oper g lasses. I have iiltud ghla,ses
for t he bet tn'Op!e I'. ttin' co.untly taml
c:tui lit you. I use only t he hie.t t,vra<( I
C'ryst atinew stases. C'ome an'd g i ve me
a trial antd he convimwda.. St ri'ty one
price o alitl. GUY D)AN Il t'S,
J1ewele.r andi( ( p,.ic.ian.
Our stock is still cominpleewt
everything pretty in thte Millinory
Call and set' our ribbocns, flowers
anid hats before buy ing~
The Risor Mi1llery Comiay.
wvilt be' hld inextI M ombay eveniiin g t
8 00t o'clock, hi' Masonic hill V isitir g
brethren (crdiallyV weltomn'd.
.1 'I \t K(INANDr Sieav
Faurmers' Institutes.
By authority of the Board of Trustcees
of Clemson ?Uollege, Local lInstitutes
a will be held in such counties as send re
q uests, signed by fifteen farmers, be
fore the fifteenth of June, to ,J. 5.
Newman, D)irector of I"armners Insti
tutes, Clemson College, S. C. T1he pe
titioners will name the places at which
& Institutes are dlesiredI and the dlates wvill
,be arranged by the college authorites,
I TIhe State institute will be held at
,Clemson College commencing Monday
evening August 10th andi closing Friday
evening August 14th.
Caution I
This is not a gentle word -blut when
you think how liable you aire not to piuri
r* chase the only remnedy unive'rsaully
o, known and a remedly that has hadl thec
;largest sale of any medicine in t.he
a world since 1868 for the cire and ireat
r. ment of Consumption andi( TIhroat. and
Lunmg troubles without losing it.s great
t popularity all these years, you wvill be
thankful we called your attention te
t Boschee's G erman Syrup. Tlhe're are Mt
i, many ordinary cough remedies made by
a dIruggists andt otheris that are'( chieap anc(
a goodl for' light colds per Iaps, hut foi
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup an<
t. esp)ecially for Consumption, whc're thtei<
a is dlifficulIt ex p)ectoration anid coughii
lo durng the nights antd mornings, thcr<
is nothing like German Syrup. Thel 2
cent size has just b)een introdlu,cd thi:
r.. year. Regular size 75 cents. For sala
hbyW. 1. Pnih am & Son.
Absolutely Pure
ir ,1. C. Wison, Esq , P'rohato .judg.
W N-, It E.\S, J1O)llIN C M 11. 1, i I IA\
made0 Suit t. t1w 2o granlt him L,
o'rs of AtIminlist-rat.ion of the etitat, of
dm velfects of W) V . ,IwcOb MliIlle,
I'lo-o are t.heefo'e to eft,e and ad
mI nish LII aid .ie ular the kindred und
-':litors of ;hv s'l (d W . ,1-cob Mills,
fIII m e,Iw in . bl.- 'I-II I I I I" l't 11.v, it? iv
hI L N.-whr. - r o I I S ' (III,
I, id ' . I t . II ft-r plib
li.l it : i ' if, a. 1 ', t el< m I .
no. ,t c. I W I -vo
L l antn , I
J t'. \\ 11.S IN. .1 I N '.
Tencher l Want.d,
111l E Tl? 1,1STEP- O( ,V 1 A I,A I 'A
Scoo will leta teachicr Onl the
13th of Jut. Sahiry S. Term eight
mont'hs. Iokrd $7 to $9. Will meet at
Jalapa, 5 o'vlm-k i. mi. Solnd applica
tiols to t ruet cs.
GI-4). C'. ;L.A-,(;V
T utherfold Schol to begin mithlile
of October (i e months.
Salary Forty D.olrs a mon llh. Appli
CILOIIS muS( 111he st b ihV 110 l101h of
.11un1 to .Ks"l.Nill, ('b161airman
Pl'lmaria, S C.
Carey NI. \iIhilns et al1, lhiint ilf.
Dela M. \\ he1ter It al. D fnIdants.
- that by, mrder 40f tihv court heroinl,
all persons hoh4111ing claimlis againvt the
estate of Elizabeth Ann William-;, de
COns0d, are requir ed t o preslnt thw
Same, du!6y attested, to th unV ildersigned
on) o f If t Ihe (III 3rd day of .1tin, 1903
All credittors tif said d;-censed are en
joined from prosecuingthi demands
in ot.ih r) pro) .(liti1s.
III thit 1iO. ihii'. (Al,
Ma:ser's I )dice. Miaster.
L. O 0. F
Graidutl Mega e i t i din \'1I iors, tor
.1 MI ( UJlNN, N (O
T. SI I itaison. ' ti - Itta .
Watches, Clocks,
silver and Plate Ware
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watche
Changed to Stern
Eduard Schaltz,
.J0w0lor and( Optician.
Qo ninqocks
Ranging in
Price Froii
75 cents
j$5.00 at
B00Ki ST0oI
11 i 717_
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., EtC.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We ' make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
Gall and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of'
speech as pronounced as
its one quality R ELIA BJ
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
I we do not advise mothers
uigit for Soothing Syrup
bu w do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15c and 25c
Nctice~ of' Finid Sett8lemait.
N1 OT'ICE 1 8 li iRMHuY (;IV EN Ti AT
wl akeI a fin~aI settlemenTft.on
the estat.e of XV . D). I lalfCacre, <deceased,.
in the P rob)ate Court for Newberry
Cont , t Oi o'clock a. m., on Phu
AT e Nst X . . iNlal D, ed

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