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Six Lives Lost, Including Three Machin
ists, a Soldier, a Cyclist and a
Peasant Woman.
It is now possible to aisemble from
reports along the route of the first
stage of the 1aris-Madrid automobiLo
race, which began at Paris on Sun
day, a complete list of the casualties.
This shows six poraons killed, two so
dangerously inijured that they may
die and ten seriously injured. A care
fully revised list of the casualties fol
Dead-P-ierreRoderiz, Mr Barrow's
machinist, in collision with a tree
iear Libourne. Nixon, Mr. Porter's
machinist, burned under autoimobile.
Normand, M. Tourand's machinist,
at. Angonleme. Depuy, soldier, at
Angouleme, Caillon, cyclist, at An
goulenw. Unknown peasant woman,
at Ablis.
Injured-Mr. Barrow, pelvis and
thigh broken; amputation of leg ex.
pected. 1 Marcel Ronauilt., injured
iont body and bead. Mr L Porter,
eut and bruised. Mr. Stead, over
turned, badly injured. Mr. Stead's
Machinist, head out open. Lesna,
champion cyclist, broken knee cap.
Georges Richard, chest crushed, ribs
broken. Henry Jeannot, R,ichard's
machinist, shoulder fractured. F.
Chard, head cut open. Tourand, se
verely bruised. Gaston Raffet., boy,
fractured skull, leg tknd arm broken.
Marcel Renault's machinist, severely
Some miraculous escapes have been
reported. M. Terry's machine was
burned at Coagnieres, but he and
his machinist were uniujured. M.
Rodolphe Darzens and his machinist
were thrown out near Bordeaux and
were practically unhurt, though the
car was destroyed.
The manufacturers agreed that as
a road race was impossible, the
meeting would be resumed within a
closed cours.
The correspondent, of the Asso
ciated Press interviewed a numbor
of the leading American and French
automobilists, and they all expressed
horror at the series of accidents,
and added that in their opinion it
would end speed races in France
and on ihe Continent.
Foxhall Keone said: "The killing
or iaiming of so many persons is a
terrible blow both to individuals and
to antonmobiling. I had hoped to
drive my sixty-horse power car. It
was a wonderful machine, showing
1 12 kilometers without effort."
Clarence Moore, of W ashi ngt on,
has ret urned from an inspection of
the track for wvhich unuisuual facilities
were' granted himn by the judges of
yesterdlay's race, lie gives ai graphic
dlescrip)tion of the terrific speed of
the racers. He timed Louis Renault's
car as it. passed him and be found it
wvas muakinog 14.1 miles an hour. Thlie
automobile of M4, Gjabriel, yesterday's
wvinnrer, be says, gave forth a roar as
it leaped steep the incline necar Char
ties like a huge rabbit bounding up
a hill. lie saw .Jarrott approaching
at lightniung speed. A h uge black
ruiastiff got ryrh t in thle path. .Jar
r'ott realized thait to try to atvoid the
(log wou'ld throwv his car agaimst a
tree and( lhe steeredl directly ahead.
He struck thle dog squarely and it
was pinned in front of the automo
bile for a moment and then droppedi
on the ground( bet ween the wvheels.
Every bone in its body was brokon,
somen of them in a dlozen places.
Mmre. Ch avssamo, accomtipan ied by
her husban,d, both riding bykes, were
watching the passing automobiles at
St. Andre de Cubzac, twelve mileR
from Bordeaux, when a horse, fright
enied by the noise, bolted arid over
turned the woman, who fell tunder a
racing automiobil. Bothi ho r legs
were cut. off. Th'le hope of saving
her life is slight.
Advertised Letters
Hemnaing ini Postollice for the
week end(intg May 23l, I1903~. -
A--Prestoni Al len.
B-Albert Bolye', Miss Annie
Boyce, Mrs. Sarah Brooks.
C- -Sam Code.
D)-Mrs. C Dominick.
P--Backman l'almer.
RI--Jiohni Ruff, Esq., (col.) Cal
.John V. Ryan.
Tl-W~m. M. Taylor, Thornton
WV-Spencer Werts.
V--E. 13. Vince.
Persons calling for these lettersi
will please say they were advertised.
C. J. Pu,..l, P. M.
Prospect Of an Open War The Repub
lican Party.
The News and Courier.
Washington, May 27 -President
Roosevelt, witb his characteristic
display of courage, has openly defied
Senator Hanna. This is the const ruc
tion placed -upon President Rooso
volt's olicial announcement that he
would be gratified to have the Ohio
Republicans, at their coming Con.
ventiop, pass resolutions endorAing
his nomination.
The prospect of an open war between
the President and Senator Hanna ha'
caused a profound sensation through
out the political world. . Republicans
and DemocratR have for the monent
put aside their own local troubleH
and ambitions to watch the contest
by these two political giants of th
Republican party.
The effort to revive the spirit o:
Clevelaudism in the Democratic ranki
and Mr Bryan's vindictive efforts t<
sweep back the tide of Cleveland't
apparent popularity sinks into insig
nificance when compared with th<
impending struggle for supremacy
between President Roosevelt an<
Senator Hanna. The present inldi
cations are that the Ohio Conventiou
will be the -jcene of a fight, to the
finish between the Roosevelt ant
Hanna forces in the Buckeye State.
The relations between Presideni
Roosevelt, and Sena:or Hatina have
on the surface, appeared to be cordial
and friendly. Those who are per
nitted to peep behind the politica
curtain are not ignorant of the fac
that the relationship exist.ing betweer
the President and the chairman o
the Republican national committeL
may appropriately and truthfully b
described as "peaceful," but not o
the same character as that whici
existed between the late Presideni
McKinley and Senator 1-anna, or the
friendship which now exists bot,win
President. Roosevelt, and Senatoi
Henry Cabot Lodge, of Massachu
Some of the warwest friends o
ScTnator Hanna, who have the highest
regard for his courage, politic- 1 saga
city and his practical business ability
secretly sympathize with him in the
contest which now seems inevit-abl'
between the President and himsell
for the leadership of the Republicar
forces. Those wh- are familiar with
Senator Hanna's I>ersonlal wishes an<
desires know full wvell that he is nuo
a candidate.for the Republican nom
ination for President, and many o1
them believe sincerely from what hn
has said to them, publicly and pri
vately, that under no circumetanet
would he accept the ntominatiot
should the next Conivenution select
him as the party standlardbearer it
the next campaign.
Wouldn't You.
If you were a mhite-b)ox, and'ownedl b)yr
Just how would you like i.o he treated,
Andl how would yeu like to be cast it
the shade
And nuever quite civilly greeted?
O)r how would you like to b)e lef t halfr
WVith pennies-just two, three, or four,
Neglected, forgotiten, forsaken; I fear
You'd be longing andl pleading foi
Anzd how wouldl von like to be torn, too,
and broken,
Till scarce you could k now you wert
And miust look at the works on yom,
garb for a token?
Now, I shouldn't like, would you?
And wouldn't you rather be carefully
And given a penny each day,
With ever'y small blemish most tend(erly
1 wouldl, wouldn't you, now just say?
-Woman 's Missionary F'riend.
The Boy that Grows.
The boy that by addition grois,
And sufTers no subtraction;
Who multiplies the things he knows,
And carries every fraction;
Who will divide his precious time,
IlThe dlue prop)ortions giving,
To sure success alc.ft will clitub,
Interest complound1 receiving.
It is easy enough to be pleasant
When life flows by like a song,
But the mmar~ worLh while is the man who
will smile
When everything goes dead wrong;
For the test of the heart is trouble,
And it always comies with years,
And the smile that is worth the p)raises of
Is the smile thatshinms thr..~.a ter
Growing Old.
"You are growing old," they tell us, 'I
E'very * ear;
"You are more alone," they tell us,
Every year;
You can Win no new affection,
You have only recollection,
Deeper sorrow and dejection,
Every year.
There conie tiew cares and sorrows
livery year;
Darker days and darker inorrows
Eivery year;
The gh )..s of dead love iuntit us,
The ghosts of changed friends taunt us,
And disal)pointments daunt uis
E,very year.
Too true! Life's shores are shifting
livery year;
And we are seaward drifting
livery year;
Old places changing fret us,
The living more forget us,
There are fewer to regret us
Every year.
But the truer life draws nigher
iEvery year;
The Morning Star clinibs higher
livery year;w lgtr
Earth's holdo slighter,
And the heavy burthen lighter,
4nd the dawn immortal brighter,
livery year. --Albert Pike.
In an apartmont. hoen fire in Now
York on Wodnodity mornig ia
mother and throe ohildren wore
1)urned to death an wo morten vero
fatally injured.
To the Public at Large!
Seeing the need of an organiza
tion looking to giving cheap pro
tection in this county, we take
pleasure in recommending to the
people as a whole, the Workmen's
Union Protective Association of
America, as being the best thing
in the way of sic , accident and
burial benefits, in existence. We
write from the age of 12 to 65.
It costs $2.10 for a policy, and if
you are sick one week, we pay
you $6 per week; and at the death
of a member $50 as a burial fund
is paid. Any one wvishing protec
tion against sickness or accident
at cost, can get it by applying to
either Eugene S. Werts, Secre
tary and Treasurer, J. W. Ear
hardt, President, or J. W. Reeder,
County Agent.
Newberry, S. C., March 20, 190:3.
This is to certify that I am a member
of the Newberry bivision of the Work
men's Union Protective Association of
America, and I take pleasure in recom
mending it to those who wish protec
tion in case of sickness or death. I was
sick several days, and upon presenting
my claim to the Secretary and Treas
urer, was paid promptly the six dollars
benefit due me. I again heartily recom
mend the conpany as an excellent one,
and thoroughly responsible.
Very respectfully,
G. B. Summer.
This is to certify that I am a member
of the Workmen's Union Protective
Association of America, and am proud
of it. I was sick one week and upon
pre'senting my claim to the Secretary
and reasurer,i wasii paid priom ptly the
six dlollarVs beniefit due me. I La ke pileas
ure in recommending the company to
good plell ever'ywhere. It is an ex
cellent sick benefit insurance, and wor
thy of the support of everyhody.
Very respetfully,
lElection of Teachers,
A T 4 P'. M., ON 'T IURSD)AY, J1utne
4, ' 1903, the Trustees of' Newvherry
School D)istrict will elect Teachers f'oi
the Newberry Graded Schools for t lhe
scholastic year beginning Sepitembter
24, 1903 as follows:
A Superintendent, at the salary of
One male teacher andl eight female
teachers, at the salary of $35. 00 a month
A Male Pr'incip)ai for the Colored
School at the salary of $40.00 a month;
Three Female Teachers for the Colored
School at t he salary of $25.00 a monthI
The term of service of the -teachers
chosen shall be the entire school year,
except wvhen they arec dismissed for
cause or are p)ermittedl to sever their
connection by order of the Board of
Applications may be filed wvith the
indersigned. P. N. MAR'11N,
Neyvberry, S. C., May 15, 1903.
College of Oharlestl
Letters, Science, Engineering. One
Scholarship to each County of South
Carolina. Entrance exami nation held
at Newberry by County Superintt-(edet
of Education and Judge of Probate on
July 10. Tuition $4t0. Board and fur
nlisiled room in D)orm;itory, $10 per
month. All candidates for adlmission
are permittedI to compete for Boyle
Scholarship, wvhich pays $100 a year.
For catalogue, address
- President.
Stock Certificate. ]
.t the undoersigned has lost his stock
certificates Nos. 6 and 61 in the cap)ital
stock of Th'le Newvberry Cotton Seed Oil
Mill and Fertilizer Company, and liss
madJe aJpphecation for dlupl icate certifti
D). W. BARRiE.
.-~cation wvill meet TIuesday, JIuly 7,
for the p)urpose of ap)pointing TIrusntees I
for the various school districts of New- Ii
berry County. The Patrons of any ji
school, wvho wish to do so, can meet at
any time before that date for the purw
pose of recommending Trustees to the A
County Board andl should send( in to I
the Cot,mty Superintendent the names
they wish 'to suggest as Trustees.4
Chairman Coumty nBo.,d rducation -
he President Virtually Admits that he
has been a Candidate Ever Since
McKinley's Death.
Socretary to Iho Presideit L-eb
'avo out the followviig.stateolt:
"In mpoaking of the suddou politi.
tl dovelopwrouts in Qhio, fihe Presi.
lOUt Haid this:
""' havo not askod any mu for his
alpport. I havo lud nothing what.
wer to (o wit h1 rai14ing the imssu 1s to
ny endaorsoment.- 8ooner or later it
vi bound to arimo, anld illaHna1uch as
I has now ari4on, of eourso, thoso
vhVo favor my administ.ratiou id
1oiitation will 11door Ihem, and
bhoso who (1 not vii oppose thom.' "
"Tho Preosidont also said ho waF
(loply toucliod )y tho action of Pros.
idenlt, AM [1Kin lW1 h Cme 1couty, inl
WhiCh Canton1 1H Hitua11tPd, inl inlWI-r1M.
ing so heartily in him favor. Noth
ing could b111vii plomid him moro."
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
O F F I C E .
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful Writing
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
SmallI SaIn1s are the "Itepping
Stones to success and plenty
$1.00 a m1onth1 deposited in our
WI VlI in 10 years ' amnounit to $ 116 00
S00 will in 10 yea i
AouINt GS - 7000
$l0.00 will in 10 years
amount11 to - - - -l${1(;0 00
WVe wan1 t year business.
I have inple tfacilities to
acnde ouen s
1The Commercial Bank
Capital----- -- ----$150,000.0(
Surplus and Pr'olits -- 96,866.8J
Saving~s Dopartmntr.
Df I 4 per ' o n! 04 ulllm frm daite i
le . . I nt ere: Iay by. , ,.W'l: y :
Newberry, S. C.
orgai sr..cs. 1B9O.
Dapital - - - $50,000
surplus - - - 19,500
P~aid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A man11 working! by' thI day is paid
or t iIhe tir he puts1 int at work, bu
thien t hat Iili 8tavs at dluu|btr for' his
ly '8 Ilbor it works for hirights
8 w',ell as1 das; ne(ver lays ' f1' 0n ace
onutt of had1( w~eather Iand( Iie-ver g'etsI
ick, but goes nlght vin earnin him1
It m comlo. It' a i~ cO tinig to work
30 inlleyM, hil it's titi h tue.r to
ava'' flie workzig for' ) 'I '11r -
ope a-tjiO satvingu. #reLqnut with Ii11
ndge smeun l wring, for yn
Intkt ai dep'osit in lhe Se einigs do.
artmo011 'nV Jday an 1e~t it be4gin to
ork tor' yon1 . iI, teresi com)piedi at
por cenit danntIary I andti dly I of
b1 omr
* D!~P~il~,D R 0P SY
CON641PAT90N. a f 15vo ruado Dropy an.d its t
1i ti it-Toiaky for twcn,.;
ND EaN. - Ta ourod y wonow:
Rouses T"E TORPID LVER .'y easoB..0lEEN'DO
Two Daily Pullman Vestibuled Limited Trains
Between SOUTH and NEW YORK.
The Best Rates and Route to all Eastern Cities
Via Richmond and Washington, or via
Norfolk and Steamers. To Atlanta,
Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, St.
Louis, Chicago, New Orleans, and All
Points South and Southwest-To Savannah
and Jacksonville and all points in Florida
and Cuba.
SirFor detailed information, rates, schedules, Pull
man reservations, etc., apply to any agent of The Sea
board Air Line Railway, or 3. J. Puller, TravelIng
Passenger Agent, Columbia, S. C.
C. F. STE WAR~T, Asst.G~en1. Pass. Agt.,
OUTHERN -______
Complete Summer Resort Folder
Mailed Free to Any Address.
P~a( . . TU RK, S. H. ARDWZC, Gen H. T AyI .
j~S~' l& UG FARof Jka L
- ~II etWeen the
Florid a--Cuba.
A passenger service unexcelled for luxury
and comfort,equipped with the latest Pullman
Dining, Sleeping and Thoroughfare Cars.
For rates, schedule, maps or any informa.,
tion, write to
General Passenger Agent,
Wilnton, N. .
H. 0. BEA1 TJ=, Recelve.
III E'ts t Jil.O las J.
j-,tweenu -Asmer-ri k..sd au.
Mixet. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 dtations. No. 11 No. V
P. 31. A. M. P. M. A. M
310 965...............Belton............... 8 20 1060
248 9 88........anderson F. D........, 840 1110
2 45 980. ...... sundorson P. D........ 846 111&
........ 925........Wost Andorson....... 849 ........
---..... 9 09...............Denver.............. 859 .......
. 9...... 02 ...............Autun............... 406 ........
........ 855 ..,........Pondloton ........... 4 11 .......
--...... 847...............Cherry............... 4 18 . ,.....
------ 8 44............... A dam m............... 421 - ........
- - 28 ... o. daila Junet- ... 483 ........
....... ..........sllneca.............. .185 .......q
4840 ........
.... .... h 0O ....... ..w e8t. Ulnfonl ...... 5604 ........
---:--. - 00 ............ W alhballa ............ &oi 0 . ......
All regular ir~i fro Belton to Wa,Tiaiia,
have precedmice over trains of same olasi%.
nt oving iII tle oppomite direotton unless oth
orwiso 8peel flet 'by train order.
Will 111"o litop It. the following stations to
takto onl anid lot off pa8tiongers: Phlnney's
Jameos a I santl b larings. WI,.
J. A%. AN MtMuN, Superintendentf
Charloston and WeStOrn Carn1a RWV CO.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line.
(HOledulo In tIrect Mi'Oh 1,1903.)
(tead )own.) (Read U
12.40 pm .........JV Ne wberry......... Ar 3.10 p
.50 pm . . .. Ar Laurons............. Lv 2.02
2.07 pi .........Lv Laurens.. Ar 1.80 p
3.30 pml ........A t 8partIurg0..... LV 2 01p
I).I' m.........iv dpartanburg..... Ar 10.25 in
.: pill.........Ar Saluda.............. Lv 8. 39 am
(.11 Pm.........Ar llondersonvillo Lv 8.06 am
7:15_pil. . % r Asheville........... Lv 7.05 av
12.46 pin...... Lv Newborry (U.N.W,.) 8 10 Pm
1.60 pin..... Ar Liaurenis.................. Ly 2.02 pm
1.65 pm......,v Laurons.................Ar 1.45 pm
2 I pin..... A r 0roo on wood.............Lv 12.44 par
5.20 i.....Ar Augusta.................Lv 10.10 at
2 3 pm....y August..........Ar 11.55 am
6.10 pu3....... Ar Beaufort................Lv 7.60 a
6.15 pm. .... Ai, Port Royal............ Lv 7.40 amTn
12 46 pm...... Lv N fiwh rry (0 NI. .10 pri
1 1.0 pm ... Ar Liturons ..... .........Lv '2.02 pu
2 (9 p l ..... l v Ia urens ............... A ) 1.86 pn,
Spi.A Gronville........... Lv 12.15 pm
Foiliirtier In foination rolativi to~ra o
etc., on1 m or addcras
GEO. T kY AN,Gen. Ag'. Groenville 8 (.
E ltNEST WV ILI AM, Gn. Paas. Agi *
A utusta, Ga.
T. Mi. int- ioni Trafflo hiunger.
(Eastern Standard 'Iii c.)
Southbound. Northbound.
schtdulo In Effect August 2fith 1902.
STATIO 0 . .
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (M.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
1050 aR Athenm 6 19 pm
11 E5 am Elberton 5 17 pm
:2 :-b ,i Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pin Oretiwooi 3 35 Pm
2 151m. Ar Clinton (Ol'nr) Lv. 2 45 pm
10 00 e.m Iv Olun Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 16 1,n; Sparianburir 8 30 pm
12 2 1inm GroonvVle 3 26 pin
(IJarriR Springs)
I 1I pil Waterloo 2 35 TM
I I it ^ r Laureus ()ii'r) Lv 2 47 pm
55 5
202 .v Lauriis Ar 160
21,1' Parks At 1 42
2 22 Clinton.. 1 3u
2 84 Goldville 117
2 4:1 ..Kinard.. 1 10
2419 ...Gary... 105
2 64 ..Jalapa.. 1 0(
3t 10 Now herry 12 46
*124 Prosperity 1282
3 34..ligh.... 12 23
3 39 Lit Mountain 12 11
3651 ... Chapin... 12 (j9
357 Hilton t202
4 01 Whito Rock 11 69
4 (? Ballmntine 11 64
4 17 ......Irm o..... 11 46
4 23 . Loaphart.. 11 40
4 45 ArColumblaLv 1120
pim am
I 65 l,vCo)umnl.Ia (A.o.i..)Ar 11 10
( 20 Humter 9 50
1 20 A r Ch!irl)stoit 1v 7 00
Trvii53 ald 52 arrive and dopart, from
new uniolm dopot
TraIns 22 avd1 85 from A. C. I,. freight, depot
Wes~t Gerivals stee
Fori Rates, '1Time Tatbler., or further informa
tion cal1l *,n aniy Agenit, flr wite~ to
W. *. Ulf ILDs, T. Mi. EMERSON,
President. raffle Manager.
8So. Agt. 1,inj'3 lrt. & P'ass Agt.
Columia. S. C. Wilmington. N. ('
No taste. No 0(dor. Can be given in
glass of water, tea, or coffee without
patient's knowvledge.
'White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
dlestroy.the diseased app)et.ite for alco
hohei stunmulants, wvhether- the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a ''ti ppler-,"' so
cial dlrinker- or drunkard. 1Implossible
for- anyone to have an appletite for alco
holic hquors1- a'fter using Whbite Ribbon
Inldorsed by Members of W. C. T. U.
Mrs. M\oore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, wr-ite's: "'I have
testedi White Ribbon Remedy On very
obstinate dlrunk ardls, andl the cures have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I chieerfully recomn
mendi andi md(orse White Ribbon Reme
(dy. Members of our Union arc de
lighted to find an economical treatment
to aid us in our temperance wvork."'
D.ruggists or by mail, $1. Tiial pack -
age free by writmng Mrs. A. M. Tlown
sendl (for yecars secretary of a Woman's
Christian Tlemp)erance UJnion), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Sol in Newv
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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