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It It. AUT... EmoIT.
Anderson County has just had a good
roads convention and Orangeburg and
York are to have conventions very soon
on the same subject. Newberry held i
her convention some time ago. Theso
are goc: things and will help the cause
as agitation of any good cause in mod- i
eration will do good. We need money
and the machinery for its wise and judi
cious expenditure and then we can have
roads. We are glad to see the agita- b
tation. It will help us in our efforts to
get some legislation through which will
give practical force to the sentiment.
We wish every cou-ity in the State
would hold a good roads convention this
present year and put the members of
the legis'ature on notice that something
would be expected of them. Ourentire
road law needs overhauling and revis
ion. Then we need to wake up to the (
fact that to build roads it takes money I
and we know of no way for the govern
ment to get, the money except by taxa
tion either direct or indirect, and it
makes little di ITerence how it comes out
of the people at last. We want to
recognize this fact at the beginning of
the game.
Almost any fellow with a glib tongue
can get on the stump and tell the people
of the beauties of good roads and even
dilate on the good results and the bele
fits of good roads. The peuole know and
a)l)reciit.e these things a!reaCdy. It I
nends no argument and it; rhetoric to
convince them on Lnese po'nts. What
we want is a practical plan for raising
the money so that the burden will not
bear heavily on any one aeand then a wise
and judicious and tusiness like system
for its expenditure h'lhese two must
come toget her.
It is good to keep up lie agitation and
out of it and the n1titude of counsel a
pltn will be evolved. It is coming just
as sire .; ainytihing e he and we
hope it may be soon. 'lhe l,pople of the
rural districts recognize its importance
as well as the pwolkiv of the cities and
towns. Rond imprlovelient is a neces- t
sity as well as a luxury. The people are
CoIming to realize that about the heaviest
tax they are paying today is the mud
tax, and tlie maln with a practical besi
iess like plan111 is the man we are looking
('or. In 01he mane'litne let t he agitation
go o.If.
What we would like to see in each
county is some roads built, if only a few
miles, so that, our people could see
what the dil'erene is and what. the cost
would be and then the thing would ma
In ouir own coutily we have heen t ry
ing to get our sup( 'visor to see the wis
(10111 of building a few iiles of good I
road mo that. the people could have a
practical demonstrat son. Then we
could get an idea of cost. and result.
Our county organized a good roads
convention some ll ime ago and tint ed
township chaimIlieln to organize t lie va
rious townships. We hope these town
ship chairmen will proceed with tiIhe
work assigned t.hemi and have ai rousing
uniiting next. time andi advise tholtse apt
p)oinited to speak t hat somiethiung lprae
tical will be ex pcted. I ,et thle good
wvork go on.
ED)ITodl A L tIl mG ES.
D)uring the plast few'. days several
editorial changes have'. been announced.
EdIitor .1. ( . G arli ngt on retires fmrom
the Spartanhu mrg HIerald, aundI is to lbe
suc'.ceedled by Mr . Zamch McG hee, who
has recently been traveling correspon
(lent of the N ews and Courier andi( also1
editor of the ECducational. Mir. G;ar
ling~ a nihas been*i conniected( withl the
Daily Hlerald since it was establdished
anld is anl all-r'oundl good newspaper man
andI a bold and fearless wvrit er. We are
gladI he is not to retire tfronm jouirnalism.
lHe is to edit the Carolina Spartan, one
of the oldest weeklies in thle State.
This, however, weQ presumile, retires tihe
veteran editor, Mr. Chas. Pett.y, wvho
for many years hats been at the helm of
the Spartan. Mr. McGhee is nutriedl
as an editor but 110 is bright. an(l ener
getic and1( well educated and we have no0
d.oubt will (10 goodl service on1 the
It is announced that Mr. J. K. Black
man is to retire froml thle editorial chair
of the Greenville News anId is to b)e
succeeded by Mr. RI. W. Simpsoni, JTr.,
who for sever-al year-s has been on the
staffr of the News anld Courier. Mr.
Simpson is a younig man51 and1 hIas done~
good work on the News and Courier and
we hlave no d.oubt will put new life in
the Greenville News. We wishl all the
brethren much success, easy wvork and(
good returns.
The State Press A ssociation wvill meet
this year at White Stone Lithia Springs
on July 7. We hope aill the editors ill
the State who are members will atterd
andI those whlo are not memb)ers are'n
vited to come and join. We want to
see the biggest meeting this year in thle
history of the associa:io and 11( everyv
editor in tile State should be a mnember
of the association. It will do you good
to come andl spend( a few dlays wvith
your brethren.
It is stated that Gov. Ileyward is
pleased with the success with which hIe
is meeting in the enforcement of the
dispensary law in Chaurleston. I f the law
is being rigidly or even moderately en
forced in Charleston he hlas reason to
congratulate himself, but before doing
so he had better be sure some 0110 is not
fooling him. Thle same may be saidI of
the state of affairs in Columbia. We
wish the Governor every success in tile
peaceful enforcement of the dispensary
law ndr evney othne law.
Ims Of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The State troops at Frankfort, Ky.,
ore compelled tQ fire into a mob on
hursday night in order to protect,
le prisoners in jail in the Marcuin
kirder-case. There were no fatali.
lI i reply to a lotter from Knoxville,
,king his advice aw to what would
t-tt be the feature of a labor day
arrde, Grover Cleveland has oug.
'sted that the ptopession carry a
tig ttiggostive of peace between
mplo.vr-4 sinid i-iployees.
The direetors of it , Victor Cotton
ilk, Chirlotte, have a%ked for the
pp-iiint mient of t receiver. Th debt
f 1h mills is a>ont. $80,0(0). It is
hought t he onerpris will b reor.
:aniz idI as a weaving will.
H1abeai corpus proceedm)gs have
1e1 begun in Rtleigh in the nottable
a4 of Ernest Htywood, charged
with the murder of Ludlow Skinner
n Pebruary 1.
The white people of Goza, Miss.,
mye hold an indignation meeting
ver the appoiuttumnt of a negro
aiimster, decide<q to ho3 cott the
loza postollice, and ordernd their
uail tiit to Barlow, a villag- several
niles away.
It. is reported from Bostou that
Lsertt society of that. place hits
>lanned for a great exodus of negroes
qort ht t) Bo4ton, and thence distribmit
ig t hem throughout the west inl agri
mltoiral amd mining communities.
Janes Sims, a well known com
-reial iraveler, wits truck and in
imitly killed by lightning during a
erriblo electrical storm which struck
.4tshvillo Saturday morning.
haieful Over-Payment For Rents In New
York State.-200 per ceit.
Above Normal.
Now York, May 30.-Ttio Brook
yl Eagle says to-day that an inves
igat ion made dby it shows that $500,
)()() por animw in paid in New York
state inl exeus of the normal coM
nereial rontal for postoflices. I'he
lag.lo aidI that u the leases rn for
ten ymars tle( total excess amountA to
.,,000,000. The Eagle says:
"Coin,ing the investigation to
,\w York State, in whieb nearly
v'ry se'tiol has been covered, it is
hIIlien It. to id ana instance wvhere
hto lede'ral Goevernmen t is not pay.
ng from 3i5 to 50) por cent. more
hean I Hhouldl for rentals. Indeed
iion i versal is the gravely excessive
*at' paiid that a belief would be
lost i ie'd t hat an organized c'onspiracy
0 advance andl maintain the high
gores of those rentals exists or has
'xisted( for some1 t ime). All the t raflic
woil bear seems to bIe the rule.
"I ostanies of 50 per cenit. above
lhe rentaat paid by private interests
for~ hke property similarly situated
'ire matny, 75 per cent. not infrequent,
wyhile, ini some cases 100 andl evemn
2t00 por, (cent. hatve' been reac hod.
"I nst aincs have beeni foundl where
leastes have b'eetn e'xecteil by the
'ost oilice dlep art ment for the occupa
ti 'n of Iloo rs in buildinigs which were
not in existence, hbut whinch were yet
to be built, and were so built and
occupied at grossly excessive rates.
"ThIle most notab le alnd flagrant
instance of the abiuste is shown in
D)unkirk, Obautanqua County. It
ii a (city o(f 11,B16 population by the
last census For a smngle floor for
iho' accomoiu)daition of tile postofliei'
he GJovetrnmueint is paying $2,000
alnhnualllly. In the same block afw
doors nearer thle cent ral business
poinots of t his~ city is a building, the
Ii: or street floor of which is occu
p:'d by a bus4iness concern which,
apatrt from t his post oflie building,
comm[anIds the highest rent ini the
city of Dunkirk. The merchant oc
enlpyinlg it pr.ys $700 per annum."
Tlhe~ Eagle presents a table of re
cent increases of rentals at towns
th roughout. then State.
Cures liheumatism or Catarrh in a Day.
Treatment Firee.
B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) cures
the worst and1 most stubborn cases by
dIrainling the poison out of the blood and
bonles, and building up the broken down
constitution. Aches and p)ains- in the
b)ones or joints, swollen glands, drop
pings inl the throat, hawkmng, spitting
or bad breath, etc., all disappear
p)rompltly and permanently. B. B. B.
cures where all else fails. Druggists,
$1. Treatment of B. B. B. sent adeo
lutely free and prepaidl by writing to
Blood Balm Co., Atl antai, Ga. Describe
trouble and free medical advice given
unitil cured. BI. B. B. puts new color
in your skinl and makea the blood redder
and more nourishing, stopping all aches
antd pains. Over 3000O cures by B. B.
' ;h o ar-e calintrm- 1ot
.isnd ia i- -th by re U ar t
ra-ent w% .: n
ScC-'. Emulsioll
should continuo the treatmient
In hot wea(he.; smallrr dose
anda littlo "ot: milk with It will
do Etway wI ith 11 JbjectleI (,
which Ii attache, to f'atty ur -
ducts durijig the heatod
Send for free msiple.
SCOTT & BIOWNE, Checmist,
409-415 earl Steet, New York.
Soc. and $1.00; all druggists.
nduced Dr. Howard Company to Make
Special Price.
After a great (eal of effort and cor
respondence, Gilder & Weeks, the
popular druggists, have succeeded in
getting the )r. Howard Company to
make a special half- price introductory
iffer on the regular fifty cent size of:
their celebrated s)ecific for the cure of
constipation and dyspepsia.
Dr. Howard's specific has been so re
markably successful in curing constipa
Lion, dyspepsia and all liver troubles,
that they are willing to return the price
paid in every case where it does not
give relief.
So great is the demand for this speci
lic, that Gilder & Weeks have been able
to secure only a limited supply, and
every one who is troubled with dyspep
sia, constipation or liver trouble shou d
call upon them at once, or send 25
cents, and get sixty doses of the best
medicine ever iaade, on this special
half.price offer, with their personal
guarantee to refund the money - if it
does not cure.
We would like to ask, through the
columns of your paper, if there is any
person who has used Green's August.
Flower for the cure of Indigestion,
Dys pepsia, and Liver Troubles that has
not been cured-and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, 'ermen
tation of food, habitual costiven(.;s,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, despon
dent feelings, sleeplessness -in fac t,
any trouble coninected with the stoi
ach or liver? This medicine has beei:
Hold for many years in all civilized coui
tries, and we wish to corresl)on(d with
you and send you one of our books free
of cost. If you never tried August
Flower, try a 25 eeni; bottle first. We
have never known of its failing. If so,
something more serious is the miatter
with you. The 25 cent size has just
been introduced this year. Regular
size 76 cents. For sale by W. -. Pei
ham & Son.
G. G. GREEN, Woodbu-y, N. .
Winthrop School Scholarship and
Entrance Examinations,
award of vacant scholarships in
Winthrop College for the admission of
new stud ents will be held at the Coulv
Court House on Friday, July 10th, at 1)
A. M.
Applicants must not be less t han fif
teen years of age.
When scholarships are vacate(l after
Julv 10th. they will be awarded to I hose.
making the highest average at this ex
The next session will open about Sep
tember 16, 1903.
For further information and a cata
logue address %reside-t D 1. . Johnson,
Rock Hill, S. C.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stemn
W in ders.
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
eTUST' ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
tFresh Nabisco, Athena, Cham-.
pagne and Festino Wafers.
A FULIL LINE of Canned Meats,
~i Canned Vegetables and Canned
Fish at S. IB. Jones'.
''17 IN MONEY" and a comlplett
kline of Heinz's Pickles iin
glass at S. B. .Jones'.
O LIV ES, Sauces, add all k indsl 0
Condiments at S. B. Jones'.
H uyler's
Lowney's and
Baker's Cocoa,
and Flavoring Extract
At S. B. Jones'.
Dried Fruit:
California Apricots,
Pru nes,
and Raisins,
At S. B. Jones'.
Knights of Pythias
Newvberry ELOdI-e No. In
LJ Lodge will be held on the 2nd an<
4th Tuesday nights of each month a
8.00. Visiting Kniights cordially wel
comned. THOS. E. EPTING.
K. of R. and S.
Crnt wnn l Hot Building.
()1ur moley w-i'ning bookq,
wr itten hv mnen who know, tell
you all about
ihey are tceded by cvery mni
who owns a 1: eld and a plow, and
%h1o desireC. to get the most out
of then.
They arefree. Scnd postal card,
Nnqii Street No York
!-Jtaectiop oi Turclacrs.
A 1' P. M., ON THURSDAY, June
.1, 1903, the Trustees of Newberi
School District will elect Teachers fo'r
the Newbe*ry Graded Schools for the
scholastic year beginning September
24, 1903 as follows:
A Superinten(ent, at the salary of
One male teacher and eight female
teachers, at the salary of .'5.00 a month
A Male Principal for the Colored
Iwhool at the salary of $40.00 a month;
Three vemale Teachers for the Colored
School at the salary of $25.00 a month
iihe tern of service of the teacher9
os(n shall be ie ent ire school year,
except when they are dismissed for
cause or are permitted to sever their
connection by order of the Board of
Applicatols may be( filed with the
undersign-d. F. N. MARTIN,
Newherry. S. C.. May 15, 1903.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ oJ
speech as pronounced aE
its one. quality RELIABIL
ITY, no iieed G1 these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hai
on bald heads, and in fac1
we do not advise motherE
usilig it for Soothing Syrul
but we do claim that therE
is nothing better on thE
market for Pain in thE
Stomach, Colic, Cholere
Mforbus, Diarrhoea anc
PRICE 15c and 25c
Farmecrs' Institutes.
lHy aut hority of the Hioard of Trustee
of C'(lemison (College, L ocal Institute
wvill be- held in such countties as5 send( re
quts , signed by liftteen farm'lers, b(
tore the fi fteenth of JIune, t.o ,J. 8
Newvman, D)irector of' Farmers Insti
tutes, Clemson College, S. C. The pc
titioners will name thie pl1aces at wvhic
Inistituites are dlesired and the dates wi
be arranged by the college auithorites
The Staite irsti tute will be helda
Clemson Co Xlle~ge commencing Monda
evenling Auigust 1thtl and closinig Frida
e vening A ugust h-It h.
Now 881181' DII
JIust rCeeved( in past few (lays il
things, in fact. our stock is very large
tier styles andl bet.ter values cannot be(
and we will match or beat any prices
D)on'tI buy your' Summner D)ress until
Swviss, Perctsian ILawns, l"rench Lawvns,
that we are showing~- Extremely Lowv
One big lot. Colored Lawns to go at
One big lot Colo"ed L awns, Organdi<
One big lot L awns, Organdies, Batis
A beautiful line of White Organdies,
and 5t0e a yard, American and importet
ILovely Silk .\lit.ts and Gloves, mn hon
lieaut i ful Fans, pre (t y Laces, Embr<
The Shoe HOt
Lad,uies' Shoes, Oxford and Strap San
dalds fr'om~ 500. ai pair to $3.50. All
st.yles and best makes.
One whole side of our store and uinder
tables and on c'ouniters packed with'
Ani immense line of nice
Suits f'or imen for $5.00, $0.50. $7.51
$9.00, $10.01, -812.00 and $15.00.
Bet t' clot hinig can't he boo rh t for th
pice we namiie in any miar<eti.
A grand display c
The Latest Styles, Pr
From 25,
l'The biggest display of Sil IRTs and
this mtairket All new and latest styles
Come to see us for anything to wveai
We know we cain and will save you so:
I Outfitters ft
& Gre
Leave All Compet
Take a retrospective glance at my
1 0 years-view if you will the car(
its record. Victory after victory h,
competition with men and stores
men who claim they are entitled t
been here many years. I don't fe
.rade unless I can give him better
store. This is the platform upon %
for the past years, and the one an4
your trade. I shall indelibly stam
MIMNAUGH sells it for less. M
all over the country. So here goe
lTiousands of yards of Colicoes, Mimnall..S
Price 3c, other stores price 5c.
l'housands of yards of Colored Lawns, Miml- i
naugh's price 3c, other stores price 8c.
I'housands of yards of Dimities, Mimnaugh's
price 4c. other stores price ioc.
Thousands of yards of 36 ii. Percales, (new
styles). Mimnaugh's price 5c. other stores
price IOc.
Thousan ds of yards of Cottomades for Mei's
Pants, Mimnaugh's price 8.c, other stores
price 121e
Thousands of ywids- of Cottomades for Men's
Pants, Mimnaugh's pricv 12 c, other stores i
price 20C.
Tholusalds of yards of Black Duck and P. K., it
Mimnmaugh's price 8%c, other stores I2Yc.
housands of yards Of 36 in. Bleeachhig, Mini
Iaugh's price 3,''2c, other stores price 5c. 4
T housands of vards of Lonsdale Cambric, Mim
niaugh's price 8 'kc, other stotes pi ice i 2gC. it
Our Big Store Is Filled from Bottom to Top. Up- @
Stairs and Down-Stairs with Just Such Values.
25 rolls of Matting at first cost.
200 large Rugs to go at first cost.
L 5) pes. Merceri.ed W7hite Goods worth 25c andi9
35c nlow I 9c.
5 pes. Wlite Organ'dV, 2 yds. wide worth 50c g
now 25C.
Everything in the White Goods De
partment at Reduced Prices.
Every pair of Shoes and
'reduced prices. As long
my doors you will find u
The Cheapest S
dsaili L9w PMke "Q
md BrothIers!"
1 Dress Goods and Silks, some of the new
and complete in this department. Pret
showni you by any honse in Newberry
tamed, no matter from what source.
you have seen the beautiful lines of
Organ dies, Chiffons, Silk Mous..eline, etc.,
Prices on all.
ic. a y ard worth 8 1-3c.
is and Dimities at 8 1-3c., wort h 12 1-2.
,shrante, at 10c a yard, worth 15c.
all widths, at 10c, 12de, 15c, 20c ,25c, 35tc,
g,stadmeium lengths.g.
idery and Ribb ons.
ise of Newber ry. Call In
m Men's Shoes and Oxfords, Patent and'W
SColts, Vici and Velours from 75c. to wilo
Th et$2.00, $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50 you g
Shoes on earth. Every pair guaran- cie
teed. cie
MEN AND BOYS. on the
Newv Clothing, nobby styles. Osorm
) Suit s for Boy for $1.00, $1.25, $l.5 0 o t her s falj
,$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
eiBetter suits can't be miade for the Just r'9C
| price- one to sui
TS!!! for everybody. Don't fa
f Strow and Felt Hats, our pur.p
ices to Suit Every One. able price
c. to $3.00.
Men's Furnishing Goods ever shown in
---and prices can't be heat.
for Ladies, Men and Children this spring. - -
me money.
~I Rhe"New berry'St
)t Everybodyv. paper at
itors in the Shades
business in -Newberry for the pa
1er in my store; I am justly proud o
as been won, and fairly won in ope
who boldly claim their superiority;
o the business because they have
el that I am entitled to any man'
goods for less money than any oth
vhich I have conducted my busine
I only platform upon which I solici
p upon the minds of the people that
IMNAUGH'S bargains are blazing
, *******E*.I* *944 0* *4# 000* ,,
Another big lot of Table Linens 2, -2Y2, 3 and
3% yard pieces to go at half price.
25 doz. large Linen Huck Towels to go at 12y2c
Ieach, worth 25C.
50 doz. Bleached Towel, worth isc. for this sale
ioc each.
Millinery Department.
Well equipped and1 special drives in every line,
everything. We sell absolutely correct in
style and quantity atid as to price-there is no
250 Tri11n1ed If ats to iot i sale this week at 98c
worth $i 50.
300 Ladies' Trimmed I Iats for this sale $1.49
worth $2.
300 Ladies' and Children's Sailors to go at 2c.:
worth 35c.
F 300 pairs Boy's Knee Pants to go at 23c worth
i ~j 40c.
3CO pairs Boy's Knee Pants to go at 45c worth
200 Men's Odd Pants worth $1.5o and $2.00,
. .i your choice of the lot 98c.
di ico Boy's Knee Suits to go at half price.
250 Men's Suits for this sale $3 98 .worth $6.25.
200o Mcen's Suits for this sale $5 98 worth $8.50.
100 Men's Suits for this sale $9 98 worth $12.50.
Slippers in the house at
Sas the Sheriff don't close
s cutting prices.
tore in the Soumth.
Rather than Price."
iod" Rather than "Cheap."
We have on hand a
car load of Osborne &
='Mowers, Rakes,
and Harrows
plain and find -'4
the best ma
-y of its kind
market. -7
* Farm Implements succeed where
eived, Car load of Wagons, all kinds,
t you.
ii to call around before buying. It's
se to supply your wants at a reason
25 cents a wind(ow, at S. B. AULL.
eamn Laundr(y. 4t Jalapa S. C.
PRET'PT WAI,la 20 aLSI'lSl(uk o

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