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Was Convicted In This County in 1899 of
Wife Murder and Sentenced to
Life Imprisonment.
Noah Taylor, convicted of wife mur
der at the July, 1899, term of the ses
sions court for Newberry County, and
sentenced to life imprisonment in the
State penitentiary, has been pardoned
by Governor Heyward. The pardon was
issued on Saturday, Taylor h ving
osved just a few days more than three
years and four months of his sentence.
Taylor was charged with shooting his
wife on March 5, 1899. It was
rumored at the time that immediately
rfter the killing of his wife he at
tempted suicide. The tragedy occurred
at Taylor's home in the lower part of the
county. Mrs. Taylor died on the 23d of
March, and Taylor was placed on trial
for his life. Taylor claimed that in a
scuffle with his wife the pistol was acci
,dentally discharged.
\ The case excited an unusual amount
Of interest. The trial was attended by
large crowds, including numbers of
ladies. Solicitor Sease for the State
was assisted by Messrs. Johnstone &
Welch, and the defense was represented
by Messrs. Hunt & Hunt and 0. L.
Schumpert. The jury was made us as
follows: I. Mc. Smith, foreman, W. M.
Bobb, David B. Werts, Chas. Tidmarsh,
Thos. P. Adams, R. A. Welch, W. D.
Bundrick, Job H. Ringer, Alex T.
Brown, Edw. R. Hipp, J. A. McGraw.
The following in regard to the manner
)f the trial is from The Herald and
News of August 1, 1899: "The case
throughout was one of the most ably
conducted on the part of the attorneys
on L Ath sides, and the most impartial
on the part of the presiding judge, that
this writer has ever heard tried. The
attorneys on both sides conducted the
case with credit to themselves, and as
His Honor stated in pronouncing sen
tence on Noah Taylor, it is due to the
zeal and ability of his counsel, Messrs.
Hunt & Hunt and 0. L. Schumpert that
he got off as light as he did - for they
made a good fight, in what seemed to
us to be a hopeless case."
Judge Gary, -who presided, is re
poi ted in The Herald and News of the
same date as having thus addressed
Taylor in delivering sentence: "Noah
Taylor, I think it due the zeal and abil
ity of your counsel that you got off as
light as you (lid. You have violated two
laws. You married this woman, taking
an obligation to ever support, protect
and defend her, thus violating your
marriage obligations, and by taking her
life violated the laws of your country
thus your offence was double. I will
not say what I intended saying to you,
as your counsel hes given notice of ap
peal, and what I say might prejudice
your case in the future, but simply im
pose this ser.tnee: You shall spend
your natural life at hard labor in the
State penitentiary."
Notice of appeal was given, and Tay
lor did not go to the penitentiary until
January 17th, 1900.
The following in regard to the reasons
actuating the Governor in granting the
pardon and as to Taylor's manner and
words when ha learned that his period
of servitude was over, is from the Co
lumbia State of Saturday:
Upon the solIcitation of Col. W. H.
Hunt and Col. 0. L. Schumpert, attor
neys for Taylor, Gov. Heyward de
cided to release the man from prison
and send him back to hi'- old home near
Newberry. There ' .ce several peti
tions sent the Governor, ten jurors
joined in the request for iTaylor's liber
ation, and Judge Gary and Solicitor
Sease also joined in the appeals for
clemency. It was represented to the
Governor that the principal evidence
against Taylor was what purported to
he an ante nmortem a'atement of his
wvife in which she dleclared the shooting
to have been intentional and willful.
She lived two wveek after the state
ment. and imade subsequent declarations
exonerating TIaylo: and declaring the
ajffairj to have been accidental. But
these'latter stat ements wvere not ad
mittedl as evidence, not being made in
ex')eetation of death.
T*ie first intimation that Taylor re
ceived of his pardon was from the re
porter of The State. He merely smiled,
1lcaked rather sheepishly at the floor
and declared "I am glad to hear it."
His story is indeed a strange one. He
had been married but a year and four
months when the terrible blow came
upon him. "Why did you shoot your
'wife, Taylor?" His answer was indeed
un1expe.cted. "She told me if I broke
her bottle'she would cut my throat with
a razor."
"What bottle?"
"Her battle. You see, she had been
drink'ng some and I came home andI
picked up the tttle from the mantle
piece and she thought I was fixing to
break it. No, sir; I wasn't drinking
myself. She started at me with the
razor first and I dropped the bottle on
its side. Then she wvent and got the
pistol and in scuffling with her for it the
p istol was fired and the ball went into
her face under the left eye, coming out
under the ear.
"I didn't have the pistol. I didn't
even know where it was afterwards
for she took it and threw it under the
house. They say that she did make
some kind of a statement saying thatI
had (lone it on purpose, butlI don't
know whether she made it or not for
she sent word to me by good people
that she wanted me to forgive her and
she knew it was accidental."
One of the guards at the p)enitentiar,y
called attent'an to scars on Ti.ylor'i
throat and on his forehead. scars 01
wounds Inflicted by himself in the frenzy
of seeing his owvn wife nieeding fron
what was apparently a mortal .wound,
For he slashed at his throat with th<
razor and fired at himsel r with a shoi
gun, the loa-1 of small shot grazing th4
top of his head.
"Taylor has been a goc:1 prisoner,'
said one of the guards, "and has nevel
given any trouble." His father is
farmer of somie means and now livel
about six miles from Newberry.
124 waists at Wooten's.
There were no master's sales yester
Mr. R. H. Welch went to Columbia
y-t orday on professional business.
The fines in the Mayor's conrt for
the month of May aggregated $124.40.
Mrs. B. J. Ramage, of Sewanee,
Tenn., is visiting Miss Fannie Ramage
in the city.
Miss Annie Bynum has been re-elected
as one of the teachers in the Florence
graded schools.
Miss Kate Barr, of Prosperity, is the
guest of Mrs. Kenneth Baker.-Green
wood News and Views.
Editor H. C. Bailey of the Chapin
News was in the city on Saturday and
give our sanctum a call.
Mrs. Hattie McCarty arrived in the
city from Opeleika, Ala., last week to
visit the family of Mr. E. P. Bradley.
Mr. J. V. E. Wiles, of the Newb3rry
College base ball team, is in Columbia
this week with the Columbia summer
Misses Florence Wevts and Miss
Schumpert of Newberry, are attending
commencement at Limestone. -Chero
kee News.
Miss Laura Virginia Ford, daughter
of Reprasentative C. S. Ford, of Fair
field county, is visiting at Rev. J. L.
Miss Carrie Jones, who has been at
tending the Presbyterian College for
Women In Columbia, is at home for the
summer vacation.
Mr. W. H. Eddy, who has been con
ducting a grocery business on Main
street, has'made an assignment for the
benefit of his creditors.
Prof. R. A. Abrans who has been
teaching in the Yorkville graded schools
came to Newberry on Saturday and is
visiting his father's family.
Dr. James P. Kinard and family of
Winthrop College will arriv . in New
b3rry this week and will spend the sum
mer with his brother, Mr. Jno. M.
Clerk of Court Jno. C. Goggans has
received Newberry's share of the copies
of Acts of the General Assembly of
1903. Magistrates are requested to call
when convenient.
Miss Hattie Leavell closed her music
class on Friday with a most delightful
and enjoyable recital by the pupils and
will open again in September. Miss
Leavell leaves tcday for a visit to
friends in Richmond, Va.
Miss Catherine Adair Clark, daughter
of the Rev. U. C. Clark, D. D., of Au
gusta, Ky., and Miss Madora Duncan,
daughter of Mr. Thoma- Duncan, of
Union, will accompany Misses El Dora
and Oehlese Williamson home from Con
verse College today.
Miss Helen Goggans.
Miss Helen Goggans has b:en unani
mously re-elected -teacher in the Lau
rens graded schools. Though the past
year was her first spent in teaching,
her success in her chosen profession is
evidenced by the many warm words of
approv-.1 and p)raise of her work which
have come from the officers of the
school and the people of Laurens. She
graduated at Winthrop with high hon
ors, and entered upon her work the en
suing session.
By resolution passed by the trusteeE
of the Laurens schools at a recent meet
ing, it is requested that the teacherF
attend either the State Summer School
at Rock Hill or the School for the
South at Knoxville. To help defra)
the expenses $20.03 is voted each teach.
er who attends either of these schools,
Married in California.
Mr. Jacob M. Long, formerly of this
county, but now residing in Colgate
California, and Miss Rosa Edna Harris
wvere married at the home of the bride'
mother, at San Jose, California, o1
Wednesday morning, May 27, at
o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Long immedi
ately after the ceremony left for
visit to Mr. Long's relatives in thi:
county, and will arrive in Newberry 01
Friday or Saturday. Mr. Long is:
son of Mr. G. Fred L3ng, of the Utopi
section, and lived in Newberry count;
until a few years ago. His many warr
friends here wish them every happines
and success.
Wanted in Georgia.
Sheriff MI. M. Buford captured in Cc
lumbia yesterday morning just afte
midnight Ab Ivory alias Charlie Hill
colored, wanted in Columbia Count3
Ga., for murder. The crime with whic
Ivory is charged was commnittedl las
Christmas four years ago.
Sheriff Buford located the man sonm
time ago and notifying the Georgia ai
thorities he was requested if possible I
make the caLptuae and hold the negr,
Sheriff Buford upon this requested he
a warrant sworn out and had it counte
signed in Columbia. Ivory was ca]
tured yesterday and brought to Nev
berry, where he is now in jail awaitir
the arrival of the Columbia couni
sheriff. He says that he is wvilling 1
return to Georgia without a requisitioi
Children's Day at Mt. Zion.
Children's Day will be observed
Mt. Zion on the third Sunday in Jun
The exercises, which will begin at
a. in., will consist of recitations, song
etc., by the children. The public
cordially Invited to attend.
Oh, Yes
You wish youhad ordlered Bransford
"Clifton" flour for today, but y
didn't. It isn't our fault; we had pie
ty ofi ed to deliver at your ordt
rntgtcaught napping next time'.
Hayes & McCarty
Cnstitutlou Adopted and Officers Elected. 1
To Arrange with Daughters f6r a
Public Entertanment.
A meeting of John M. Kinard Camp,
No. 35, U. S. C. V., was held in the n
court house on Thursday afternoon, for tl
the purpose of adopting a constitution p
in conformity with the principles and
laws of the general organization of
United Sons Confederate Veterans, re
vising rolls, electing officers, and trans
acting such other business as might N
come up for consideration.
A new constitution was proposed and
adopted, and the following officers were
elected for the ensuing term:
Commander-F. N. Martin.
First Lieutenant Commander-F. L. G
Bynum. G
Second" Lieutenant Commander-F. E
H. Dominick. N
Adjutant-J. N. McCaughrin.
Treasurer-T. H. Pope.
Historian-I. H. Hunt.
Quartermaster-L. B. Kibler. c
Color Sergeant-H. L. Speers.
Chaplain-Rev. G. A. Wright. ir
The position of Surgeon will be filled t<
later. tl
The constitution provides that the h
Commander shall appoint assistants to [
the Historian. The historical feature o
is one of the most valuable in the or- '
ganization, and it is the intention of the
local camp to pay special attention to n
this department. f
Hon. F. H. Bynum, chairman of the t
delegation to the general reunion held r
in New Orleans made an interesting re
port. c
On motion a committee, consisting of c
theCommander, Adjutant, andTreasurer, e
was appointed to confer with the Dray.. b
ton Rutherford Chapter Daughters of v
the Confederacy, with a view to arrang- 0
ing a public entertainment to be given I
at an early date. t
Children's Day at Trinity.
Mr. Editor: Children's Day wes held u
at Trinity church on last Saturday. A 1
large crowd was present and enjoyed
the songs,' re2itations and speeches. A
splendid program had been gotten up
by Miss Pearl West, who has taught the
day-school at the place for the past year.
Every-piece was well rendered, and the
whole occasion must merit the "well
done" for the teacher and the chil
There are very few old people now
living in that community, but a host of
young people and children are there,
and if they are tiue to GcI and their .
training there opens up a bright fu
ture for that church.
Religious services were conducted by 9
the pastor at the L aginning, and at the r
close we had an excellent talk from our
townsman, Mr. John C. Goggans, who
was in his natural element-Sunday
School work. Having finished the pro
gram, a sumptuous dinner was spead
and everybcdy enjoyed it to the full.
The young folks spent the afternoon
in talking and playing. Thus endcd a
very pleasant Children's Day.
To Prevent Budworm.
Hearing so many farmnern complain-1
ing of the destraiction of young corn by
the budwoi m, I will give a sure remedy
to prevent the same. I have tried thisi
remedy for a number of years and have<
found it to be efficacious in every in
stance. Soak your seed corn in medium
strong lime water for two and a half ori
three hours immediately before planting.1
This remedy is not only a preventive of
the budworm but also the ravages of
birds. Try it, it doesn't cost much.
H. H. Rikard.
The Mayor's Court.
The mayor had several small cases
before him yesterday morning, his finies
aggregating about $14.00. Fred Piester,
colored, was given $5.00 for destroying
property belonging to the town. While
in one of the cells last wveek on a charge
of fighting he cut a mattress in small
pieces and distributed the feathers to
the four corners of the earth. The
other cases were cursings and disorder
A. Rt. P. Church Chartered.
The Associate Reformed Presbyterian
church of Newberry has been chartered.
The pastor is Rev. E. P. McClintock,
and the other officers are: Jno. C.
Wilson, M. A. Carlisle, Geo. S. Mower
andl Jas. F. Todd, elders; and E. C.
Jones, F. N. Martin and E. A. Carlisle,
deacons. ---The State.
t St. Paul's School.
IA meeting of the patrons of St.
Paul's School will be held at the school
house Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock for
othe purpose of considlering the advisa
bility of letting out contract to repaint
dI and remodel the building. Contractors
are requested to furnish bids at that
gI Disturbing Religious Worship.
yGeorge Baxter, Henry Baxter, and
Hlayne Gallman, all colored, were
brought before Magistrate Chappell
Saturday on the charge of (disturbing
religious wvorship. One was fined $3.C3
it and the other two $6.00 each.
SumerSummer Weather.
Sumris hero, and you will want to
15 use more or less cold bread. So be sure
to order Bransford's "Clifton" flour.
It makes a light, white loaf that retains
the moisture ionger than any soft win
ter wheat flour. Wec guarantee it.
s ~Hayes & McCar ty.
r. L'0OR R ENT -One dwelling, one store,
.O five rooms over furniture store.
be Business Done by the Newberry and
Prosperity Dispensaries and the
Profits Made.
Following is a statement of the busi
ess done during the month of May by
ie dispensaries at Newberry and at
ross sales . . . . . . . . . $3,682 86
ross Profits..'. ..... 858 96
xpenses. .......... 195 74
,et profits town and county. 663 22
In the total sales there is an increase
ver the same month last year of about
ross sales . . . . . . . . . . $746 57
ross profits . . . . . . . . . 187 85
xpenses... .......... 66 93
ret profits town and county . . 120 92
Bishop Smith Leaves Charlotte.
The following is from the Charlotte
Because he found that his residence
Charlotte was causing embarrassment
> two or more Methc list preachers in
iis state, Bishop A. Coke Smith has
ift Charlotte, and is now at Willoughby
each, Va., and after the summer is
ver, will make his home in Norfolk,
"le had lived in Charlotte eight
ionths, had liked the place, but he
:u i two well known ministers and
heir friends looked gloomily upon his
esidence in North Carolina.
"Three years from now the general
onference of the Methodist Episcopal
hurch, South, will be empowered to
lect a bishop in additi n to the present
ishops. Bishop Smith's living here
ias only a matter of convenience, or
nly because the climate suited his
calth, but would it not be declared that
his state, having one bishop, was not
ntitled to another?
"Bishop Smith felt the influence that
ias directed against him, and, acting
pon the advice of friends, left Char
>tte for good.
"And his departure, it is said, will
estroy, rather than benefit, the ambi
ion of the two clergymen who are so
,nxious to become bishops."
The Grier Memorial.
The Rev. Dr. E. P. McClintock, treas
irer of the Grier Memorial Fund, in a
ommunication published in the Associ
te Reformed Presbyterian, says that
he gratifying announcement has be :a
nade that the statue of Dr. Grier has
>een received and placed in position in
he campus of Erskine College. Con
inuing, Dr. McClintock says: "The
,ratifying announcement has also been
nade that the sculptor was remarkably
uccessful in his difficult task and that
he unveiling will take place Commence
nent day.
"The Board is now anxious to comply
vith our part of the contract at the
arliest day possible. Some persons
lelayed paying their subscriptions with
urt consent, others exp)ressed an inten
ion to contribute when the money was
ictually needed and others again in re
nitting kindly wrote that if necessary
hey would make an additional contri
>ution. I hereby request all such per
ions and all others wvho wish to take
>art in perr atuating the memory of
>ur noble friend to send me their con
~ributions at once.
"[ et us complete the wvork in a man
ier worthy of the man whom we delight
;o honor and whose friendship was such~
r blessing to all of us."
If You Are the Housekeeper
Y'ou will appreciate our suggestion that
rou use Bransford's "Clifton" flour. It
uiakes the best bread, cake and pastry
for home people as well as visitors.
D)on't let your p)rejudice in favor of an
>ther brand prevent your trying it.
Hayes & McCarty.
Newberry College Commencement Pro
Junie 7, 11 o'clock, baccalatureate ser
mnon, by Rev. C. E. Weltner of Augusta,
Ga ; 8:30, address to the students b.3
Rev. D. M. Ramsay, D). D., of Char
leston, S. C.
June 9, 3: 30, annual meeting of Board
of Trustees; 8; 30, Junior contest foi
medal in oratory.
June 9, 11 o'clock, address before the
Alumni Association. 8: 30, address he.
fore the Literary Societies by Presiden
Henry L. Smith, of D)avidson College
N. C.
June 10, 10 o'clock, annual commence
A Little Care Will Save fhi
Reader Futher Trouble.
Watch the kidney secret Ions.
Seo that they hauve t.he ambher hue i<
't he discharges not excessIve or ir
Contain not brick (nst.-like s dIinion(
D)oan's Kidney Pills wvill do this fe
They wattch t he kid 'eys and curi
them wheni 'hey're sick.
Mr .John Zollels, (,t.y Aumd ior, r'eui
ingt at 731 Rob'ert st'set, Newport., Ky
says, "A man who hats never ha
backsche or kidney complaint it an
of its many forms 'an searcely gauag
the iniso v a sufflerer' indu res whoI
annoyed day anid nigzhi by this far Ic
prvatll nt trouble. Toe all ituch my~ at
vi.P i< pro tire Dean's KIdney Pilis an
take at couirao of ihe treatment. Th'
result, oif the uise of threce boxes prtove~
to ime that, t he re-medy i-. up to repr<
sentations andl deserves my unq(liualifi..
For sale by aill dlealers Foster-M I
burn ( '., ButTalo, N. Y ,solo agen1
for the United States.
Remember the i'amo-D-loan's--ni
take no other.
For sailn In Ne~wberry by Wmta. 1~ Pe
Program of Bxercises by Graduating
Class and Music Recital-0. B. Martin
to Deliver an Address.
The annual commencement of the
Prosperity graded school began last
night with interesting exercises by the
primary and grammar grades.
The exercises by the graduating class,
including the annual address, to be de
livered by State Superintendent of
Edubation 0. B. Martin, will take place
The program is as follows:
Invocation -Rev. C. M. Boyd.
Essay, "Coin pensation"--Miss Anna
Essay, "Visions" - Miss Effie Hlaw
Essay, "Our 17nglish Kin"--Miss
Lena L3ster.
Essay, "Books"-- Miss Addie Werts.
Essay, "Merriment and Melancholy"
-Miss Ellen Werts.
Essay, "Death" -Miss Lucy Wheeler.
Essay, "Hope"-Miss Lucile Wise.
Essay, "Higher liducation of Wo
men"-Miss Isolin Wyche.
Address-Hon. 0. B. Martin.
Presentation of diplomas.
Honor roll announcement.
The commencement exercises will
close tomorrow night with a music recital
by the class of Miss Annie Belle Wise.
The recital will begin at 8.30 o'clock.
The following interesting program
has been arranged for the occasion:
"Flight of the Butterflies," Rud
Knauer -Miss Annie Moseley.
"Melody," Kohler---Miss Mary Willis.
"La Fee" (Polka), A. Jaell Op. 26
Miss Willie Mae Wise.
"The Valse," Louis Kohler-Miss
Minnie Boyd Brown.
"Leap Year Schottisch," 0. Kahn
Miss Ellen Werts.
"The First Waltz," L. Kohler-Miss
Mary Lizzie Wise.
Duett: "Mulligan Guard Galop," C.
E. Pratt--Misses Maud Livingston and
Clara Gibson.
"Blumen Lied," Gusta Lange-Miss
Lucile Wise.
"Katie Polka," Chas H1. Free--Miss
Vera Fellers.
"The Nightingale's Song," C. Zeller
(by request)-Mrs. Maggie tussell
"La Zingina" (Dance Hongroise), C.
Bohm-Miss Rosabel Harman.
"Louise's March," Th. Giesc-Miss
Julia Schumpert.
"Meville Polka," J. Stromberg-Miss
Susie Langford.
"Soldiers' March," Lange-Miss Ad
die Wrts.
"Morning Star Waltz," Lanner- Miss
Clara Gibson.
"Au Revoir," H. Lichner-Miss Maud
''Serenade Badine,'' G. Marie-Miss
Annie Moseley.
"Warbling at Eve," HI. Richard
Miss Willie Mae Wise.
Song: "'Cupid is Captain," Eng
lander-Mrs. Maggie Russell Wheeler.
Duett: March: "Fanfare," Chas.
Counod- --M isses Frances RawI and Rosa
bel Harman.
Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir: Mr. Frank Rob)inson, Titus
ville, Pa., bought Devoc with a goc:1
deal of feeling against the wvhole tribe
of mixed paints. Our agents there,
Messrs. K(ernochan & Co., got him to
(10 it. HeI says:
"'I am more than p)leasedl with the
job. I hied one-third of the paint left
over; I know of several other jobs, a
year old or more, painted with D)evoe,
that are wearing well."
What a p)ity we have to all go through
the same school, to find out what paint
to put on a house! Exp)erience teaches.
Isn't there any easier way to learn?
Yours truly,
F. W. D)evoe & Co.
P. 5. --The New berry Hardware Com-.
pa~ny sells our paint.
Do y T our' eye-. ach'' and1 burn al
Snigh t? I have .he t~'- .ril case for
. 'tingi S pe(ctacV I ani~d 1yeg l-,'asses, and
ca f it the most,L diIlicult eyes, with thc
piroper glaIsses. I i' v" 6Gued bs.
for .heIO105 betII eop in th II~'co)un . anc(
canu lit you. I us oinh ih be.t, g4rade
Crystaline h-nv.'s. ( ano. II-91 give mr
a t.rial and be coninced''' .tict ly on.
price t o all. G1 IT Yl)A NI EF4NL,
.1--web-:'. a"d (I pt.1.ian
t4 a t t .till ientplete witi
e.very-liing ;ret liv ii, ii. NTMilline'r'
a d( hats bi.for-' ing
Wagons-Car Load
Call and see our line.
Purcell & Scott.
Osborne's Farm Im
iplements, Mf)wers
.Rakes and Harrov's.
Purcell & Scott.
SSee our ad for Mow
Sera, Rakes, Harrows
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
SMowers, Rakes, Har
d"rows and wagons foi
I. sale. Full line at
Purell & Scott's.
Your moey is
Until You are Sure You a
You are protected in ever
wornan in charge of the M. 0. D
exclusive sty'e and dress, and kn,
do about shopping. We plece t
please you that we say YOUR M
June Graduates
This is Your Store.
We have inade great prepara
tionks for you. Our stocks of
Thin White Fabries, Silks, Laces,
Embroideries, Fans, Gloves,
Hosiwry, Ribbons and Under
Muslins is complete. A postal
card will put you on our mailing
CaRfe810 Dry
Cures diseases <
neys, Stomi
Endorsed by
For sale by
Men We Want To Talk To.
9)New berry waus acloithiing expe5)
i tbot positivo facts ini iheo casi
c moaright to us foi.all is
lishi a little argument on huis
~To The VMan
ji lluying t ho h)ost is the os40e)
l h eiiam n erti a
Oily On Delosit
re Satisfied With Purohase.
y way, there being a competent
. who can tell you something about
)wH as much if not more than you
much confIdtnce in her ability to
ONEY BACK if she fails.
The stranger in town
No doubt you will take advan
tage of the low excursion rates
to Charleston during the summer.
You will see your friends either
at the Isle of Palms, or, at this,
the most popular and coolest
sLore in Charleston. Meet your
friends at 243 King Street.
3 M. 0. D.
goods CUoffipay
TON, S. C.
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