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An investigation by experts has
proven that the work on the state house
in Columbia, done in recent years. was
a botch. The state hi lost a great
deal of money. It is said that the san
itary arrangements are wretched. For
iner Secretary .. Q. Mlarshall has betn
a member of'the State louse commis
sion during the progress of the work
and lie lit boldly. severely antd in vlain
words continuously said that the State
Was being imposed upon by irIWOnmpe(
tent architectural service. Nobody has
listencd to Marshall. the other t'nem
bers of t he commission have "vot ed him
down." until now it is discovered too
late, that he alone knew what lt was
talking about. Marshall would have
saved the State thousands of dollars
had his advice been ttake NI arshall
was Secretary of State unit r the late
John Peter llichardson a memier of
an "Od Ring Rule'' administration
that "oppressewd th" people " 1.mu
rensville Advertiser.
If al reports ark, (rue somilebody
should have been li-itened to. A death
trap such as it capitol has beet dt
scribed to lie is not a very phvn.sant
place for man, even if he does hold a
State oflice.
We art' glad to noto that Siltervisor
Schumpert has invited Senator atimer
and Congressmai Aiken to addres-Z tle
Good Roads t'onvention for Newbtrry
Cotnty, and that thest. goiltliemin have
atepted. As we und1t;1ati it the
tdate for thl meeinig has not yet been
fixed, but will be asearly 3s C(11i enient.
B3uth Soinator atim l tul Cong ress
man Aiken are vaet,st :nvorates of
better roads. :ni both hlive studied
the question and have practical plans
for noad improvemn1t. Thoey will be
heard in Newbk.erry with much inttrest,
and th-' muwtiqg to be va!!,d byuer
visor "'C1111m11-rt \v,I I '.
phsh1 much1 (if goied.
Our r:t; t an al resi
dent N i':., hort h an
by his prSt'enet --cwt-rry
h -
TF. uo e by thle
T V but,It was
! t% sit of the
WSW ::1V:td IzS:ates, who
be :w n: 'htaodore
are t hat w-t
- - n wel t iom of
:,It! Wt cal only
met.: w . fL as t he stssion
teewhKt s. Following
tht eus:om aWvIayi., obsrved b- this
ourt' itrEs"t's next \%cetk wili b
largely givt'n to a full rtport of thit'
1mene meulit ext'rTiSkls.
'lhere are to many ablh-bodi ilk ngro
loafers aroutl August,a wvith l ita
sweng o%'e-r heir shoulders. .\ lot
wuh it, m1jort btwoIIIming. .\ugusta
Tley Will find work if thcy t.vtr, rt
Newberry. It is for iegroCs uk. Oast
that wt. pass vagrany laws in this
5tec'tioni ofI th1ei coun t ry.
W\edlntesday wvas th lirth b it f' thte
first, thte last, t' onily ptresidtnt of thew
Contmfeder,a'y. 'Te day n-as ;mq-ni-.
ate(ly tobserved iinimny pItces thrtouigh
out thie SouthI. In only four i Southeri n
St attes, howe'ver, is it a legaml hol iday by
Georgia, A labaima aind Florida. Not
teven M14ississippi so honors his nanet and
Eve'try day for the piast several weeks
has brought repiorts tof destrucetive
floods5, torniadoes, antd rail roatd w reeks.
Our own State hais not escaped the last.
The loss of life has bitein appIalling, and1(
th dainiage to property has r'eached'( far'
into the millionis. We steem to be piass
ing through a season of fat alitites.
P'rosperlty News.
P'rosperity, S. (., ,June 3 l)r'. G. Y.
1 lunter antd MIr. d1. 1,. Wise le'ave to
mnorrowi for Ashiville to metet an asse'm
bly of the' Shiriner-i.
Mr i. B. I,. Whelteler, is visiting hiomte
.! .r. l"I , Alrich. ofC kam.sbunrg, is here
visiting rtelatives.
Solicitor T. S. Seas~e w-.as tti Ort
streets todlay.
NIrs. EKliza Sht.pipard, whit wa w.'
kniown to ouri IpEoph-.! ail w-M r'q'.ej .
left htero on a -;.'it '> i-r us'hmer in,
Cheraw, d:- ' the.rt andl v. a bro.iight
here for burial t,Aay.
A citize'n-soh,-l mT .. i ' , it't,, ..
for nex t M oijda y... i*.i ,
in the scho~ol bidag.
Mr. G. iE. (:ount, (,f M'rmin ~ '[.a
aoliciting sterngraphe.r for a dr'e
firm, is visiting his old Lomr ~
our young ladi.m fromi L-,.i W.n (:>i.
lege return toany, and dt.. *q romr Y.
throp are expectedi tonmorro,, . O )
young men will son comn' in atnd .j;,
will then have a r.inioni.
The Ptrosperity Social ('iub wW ha
a lawn party at the residence of Mr. ft.
C. Counts next Friday eventing'.
Our town has many visitorn the v,.2
for we are having our school fecui',
Amnong the many, a former t.each.e'
Prof. R.o. Abrams, hats been herr
als Prf.H. f omninick, anid toutnt)
Sup)erintende(nt of EAducation FX .'?
Weirts. TIhe festivities btegan on 'n-n
day avenmng, though niot without inter
ruption, for the rain dlescended, and~
floads came. The audience was greatly
Summer Weather.
Summer is here, andl you will wan!.
use more or less coldl bread. So be su're
to order Bransf'ord's "Clif ton'" flour.
It makes a light, white loaf that retaini
the moisture longer than any soft win.
ter wheat flour. We guar'antee it.
H ayna A McCry.,
I --
Seven Young Ladies Receive Diplomas.
Addrss by lion. 0. B. Martin.
Music Recital.
Seven young ladies .n Tuesday,inight
received their diplomas flom the plros
perity Graded School.
The commencement exercises of this
institution, Which began on Monday
night with interesting exercises by the
primary and grammar grades, mark the
close of a very successful session. The
enrolment, ha. been one hundred and
lifty. and the students show the excel
lent training given by Prof. Counts and
his assistant teachers, all of whom have
been re-elected for another session.
The exercises by the graduating class
were held on Tuesday night in the new
eity hall, and were attended by an audi
onee numbering probably seven hundred
persons. The building was tilled to its
capacity, and many could not ohain
seats and were standing inside and out
side. The address of the evening was
dolivered by Hlon. 0. It. Martin. State
Superintendent of Education.
The young lady graduates are: Misses
Anna Geiger, Efie Hawkins. lena .es
ter. Addie Werts, Ellen Werts. L.uey
Wheeler. 'lucile Wise, and Isohne
Wyche. Each of these spoke upxn a
subject assigned by the school. The
papers were all good, and diderndt Aith
to the young ladies and their teabers
and each of the young ladies. at the
conclusion of her part in the prgram.
was heaped with beautiful tiow esr
generous applause.
I Ion 0 B Mart in spoke upon The R e'a
ti ofEducation toImvsperity. He tkI of
recent trips throughout South Cartlima.
saying that wherever he had been the
hammer and the saw and the piles of
brick gradually cianging into lvautiful
structures had impressed upon him one
word Prosperit. and it wa.s all the
more impressed on this occasion.
The prosperity of our State, and the
prosperity and advancement of any
State depend upon the education of the
children of the State. True it is a ques
tion whether proverity promotes edu
eation or education produces prosperity.
said the speaker. but he believed that
education always precedes prosperity.
The work for education of those who
have gone before measures the pros
perity we enjoy and the W-ork for edu
cation which we do now shall measure
the prosperity of the future.
Prof. Martin cited as an instance go
ing to prove the truth of this statement
the present material prosperity of New
Eigland. a section vith far less natural
advantages than the South. The New
England fathers put their money into
the brains of their children.
The speaker said he was glad to no
tice in many se :ions of South Carolina
new structures going up for educational
pur poses. As a simple business ;rop
sition. from a purely financial stand
point, those at the head of these enter
prises are displaying good business
judgment not taking into account the
far greater end- -the education of the
children. It is a sad state of atairs
that in South Garolina six out of seven
of the inhabitants are without an edu
cat ion. This wvouldl not be so bad could
lie other six read and write, but about
three out of this six have only the least
smatte-ing of the rudiments of an edu
eat ion. He believed it a fair statement
that over :ifty per cent. of the people
of South Carolina have not enough edlu
cation successfully to engage in any
business piursuit. The speaker severely
condIemned the sentiment of the older
peple which says that what was good
enough for us is good enough for our
The schools have not done enough for
the masses. They had tended too much
towar-ds the professional, lie had no
ticedl during t.he commencement season
a woeflul lack of boys on the platform.
The schools ought to train these boys.
If they are not suited for literary pur
suits they should be trained along in
dutstrial lines-fitted for the superin
tendlency or presidency of a cotton mill
or sonme such position. The schools need
to have a wider scopeC, to include the
training of the hand as well as the head.
Education is rnot only the training of
the mind. Our schools should (develop
more ingenuity. lHe was troubled by
the statement that only one man in
South Carolina out of 23,000 invents
some(t hing, while in Connecticutt one
moan out of every 930 invents some
thing. On the other hand, our peop)le
should support home talent.
The spe-aker referred to the wonder
fuil dle'elopmewnt and resources of the
roith what will1 all these amount to
unesour schoojls go forward? Our
future proAperity depends upon our
pr.o-nt efforts along educational lines.
Onre final thought he wanted tr> g.ve
th'e stden-rts - -have a purpose in life.
.ven cei: n ure to follow a purpose
- dron o' ...ly followwod. Wv.ho'-ver wills
~,4 r,e nei ?.te: -fore him upo'n
-.' r".g e, EM made, and said
r.orgted hear great things
' from: the people of this :school in the
A f. the conclusion o f M r. Miartin's
adldres.s, Mr. A. J1. D)ominick announced
that the scholarship given the Prosper
it.y sechool by Elizabeth College had been
wonl by Miiss Isoline Wyche. Thisschol
arThip, through the generosity of Eliza
heth, is awarded to that young lady of
the graduating class who makes tho
highest average. It entitles student to
free tuition, and tg enter college with
out examinations.
The diplomas were awarded by D)r. C.
T. Wyche Dr. Wyce naddressed the
class In a few appropriate words, saying
that he knew in their course they had
encountered difficulties, but he had not
the least doubt that the samo eyes which
had filled with tears at the approach of
those difficulties, had filled with tears
again that this occasion severed their
school ties.
Dr. Wyche then in a happy talk, -,n
behalf of the graduating class, ))re
sented a beautiful silver-mounted cane
to Mr. E. 0. Counts, principal of the
Prof. Counts feelingly responded.
During the exercises music was fur
nished by Miss Annie Helle Wise and
Mrs. Maggie Russell Wheeler at the
The exercises by the primary and
grammar gradas were held on Monday
night. The following interesting pro
gram was well carried out:
A vocation.
Mother goose drill.
Recitation- "Dolly," by Grace Hur
ton Reag:n.
"Georgi. Washington,'' by live boys.
Song- "My Own United States.'
"Army anc Navy," by Mamie Ale
winle..iffian Simpson, Kate Hedenbaugh,
11. LaIgfor.
''Thn-m 1.tte 'um1s." by Hay Gall
n . N 'Clns. Ernest Counts.
' i. e -ifies.'' by four g:rs
* t:' y Oirl.- by Ruby
by eight girls.
R - v is I\-ne. by Mary
So ;A
The nus.i rnv:ta. l\y the lass of 'l\ss
A'mie Belle \ -ise ;,k :.ce "'. Wed
nesdaY night. a.i A a very happy
oce.-sion. One and. al. : P.ose w h- lh.Qii
part on the p:vgram aeu t
selves with erclit. The e.:e11: o
gram was publishe%i in the last issue of
The Herald and News.
? Signet Chapter, No. 18. I. A. N..
will be held Monday evening. June Sth.
1903. at 8 o'clock. at which the Roval
Arch degree will be conferred.
Visiting companions cordially invited
to attend.
GEO. S. MOWER. l:. 11. I'.
VAN SMITII. Secretary.
Stock Certificate.
lthe under-igned has lost his stOck
certificates Nos. 6 and 61 in the eartal
stock of The Newberry Cotton Seet oil
Mill and Fertilizer Coianv. am k! has
made app!ication for Chtli'ate
hobiers of .l U RN A e.>n p ti- r
thberu ini at oez andI . e.ur,. e - .r
ly free, the re'gular siz, b oth, f ie
G reat Pr,-p'arat ion, .\i U RN A WA I N C..
For sale, only by il.ul & W,s
College oflilirlestoll
Letters, Science, Engineering. One
Scholarship to each County of South
Carolina. Entrance examination held
at Newberry by County Superintendent
of Education and Judge of Probate on
July 10. Tuition $40. Board and fur
mished room in Dormitory, $10 per
month. All candidates for admission
are permitted to compete for Boyle
Scholarship, which pays $100 a year.
For catalogue, add(ress
To the Public at Large!
Seeing the needl of an organiza
tion looking to giving cheap pro
tection in this county, we take
pleasure im recommendhing to the
people as a wvhole, the Workmen's
Union Protective Association of
America, as hemn the best thing
in the wvay of sick, accidlent and
burial benefits, in existence. We
write from the age of 12 to (65.
It costs $2.10 for a policy, and if
you are sick one week, we pay
you $6 per~ week ; and at the (deat h
of a member $50 as a burial fund
is paid.l. Any .one wvishing protec
tion against sieknes~s or accident
at cos4t, can get it by apply ing to
either Eugene S. W erts, Secre
tary and Treasurer, .J. W. l'ar
hardt, P'resident, or .J. W,. J(eeder,
County Agent.
,N -verry, 3. C., March 20, 1903.
TIhis is to certify that I am a imemb(rser
of the Nevbferry I )ivision of the Work..
mnen '. U nion, Protective Asisociation of
A merica, and I take pleasuire in recom
mendimg it to those who wish p)rotec
tion in case of sickness or (heath. I was
sick several days, and upon presenting
my claim to the Secretary andl Treas
urer, was paid p)romptly the six dlollars
benefit due me. I again heartily recomn
mend the company as an excel lent one,
andl thoroughly respon sible.
Very res >cctfully,
U. B. Summer.
This is to certif~y that I am a memher
of the Workmen a Union Protective
Association of America, andl ami proud
'of It. Itw as sick one week andl upon
p)resenting my claim to the Secretary
and Treasurer, was paidl promptly the
six dollars benefit (due me. I take p)leas
ure m recommendhin g the company to
good people everywhlere. It is an ex
cellent sick benefit insurance, and wor
thy of the suppi>ort of everyblodly.
Vnry reannoctrullo
Jim Du
a bri
Some t
It save
The Rady-to-Serve
when in doubl
All "Sunny Jime" Now.
" in our houiehold ' Forco' Is a
111ar ai weli ano ivi'Stitny Jim,
that's saying it good (deal, for we ea
'tunny JImsw now.
"R. L. Brox
Only Or
to Las
, YouwillbeontheRi,
T 11 E IF
DR. I. E.
The Famous Eye Sr
Free All Glasses z
- :ve- me~ muchi p
or ! Kinard
- i articular. I lec
Office Over Summer
We Live From
What we eat, the
This argument applies
\' . er you l'ore. nadult eralted,
240 ) an :4 i- ih. T'oiatoes, lhea
1500 euins alh. li'kberries hea
2400) c:nns 2 lbi. Il'kherries hea
2000 (cans- 3 lb. S. Peachies hea
20414 cans 2 lb>. S'. Peaches hea
1 0(0 I ants 3 lb. St,r. Iean)s heca
I1(000f cans~ 3 lb. P.-Pe~aebes hea,
I100(0 cans 3 8lb. S. A ples hear
2000 canls 8 1b. Cabbage heav
1 000 Canls 8 lb. Pears hea'
2000 cans 2 lb. Sahuiion,tall hiet
Every can guaranteec
0. KLE
The Fair and S
Cures diseases c
neys, Stoma
Endorsed by I
'Welcomed 1
For sale by
mps' young wife while ]et
iscults made with greatest pride.
i looked with fear upon the food,
t to a bride one can't be rude.
eat ' Force' first, dear, 'tis my
d the life of Sunny Jim."
'C e"
s ta
a all
,JUNE 13th Only n
ie Pair of Eyes '
t a Life Time. i
iDht Side to take Good gj
xu Tama. (
:Ind o0her disonsed conditions of
with dohay in pett.ing fIest glasses.
ying of incompetents, who never
I anged and are changing, peopl'o
Srounter. nor from quack pedd lors.
r town W&! COUViIOP you t,hat 1t
>ecialist. Consultation
it the Most Reasonab e
Newberry, S. C.. MaY 16, 1903
las-ses you furnlihed me some six -
and comfort aol cati say to all who
regret sevurinz Llasz;- fr:'m you.
I am iost respees fuilv,
C C. DIvis.
NewberrY. S. C.. May 14, 1903
hisure to state to you that 0,he
last. October provei! ciirely sat,i- .
,rtily recommend your work to my
V ery truly.
Jno. M. Kinard.
Bros. Clothing Store.
what we Eat.
refore, should be
and the VEllY BE$T.
to every article in the,
>ecially to CAN GOODS.
he very Finest Qidahty in the world,
ie following~ Low Prices.
vy weight at only 8.3e per cani
vy weigh ', at oiv 50 per csan
'y wveight at only 10c p)er can
vy Weight ;t only 810 per can
y weight at on ly 12be per can
v'y weight at only 10c per can
vy weight at only 9c per can
vy wveight at only 9e per can
ry weight atol 81ec per can
y\ weight at only 4le per. cani
rv weight. t only 15c per can
Ivy weight atf only 8-ke per canl
I, or money refunded.
iguare Dealer.
If the Liver, Kid
oh and Skin.
'hysicians and
>y Patients.
~al Druggists.
For Commec
Treat your best girl
by remembering her
during commence
ment with a box,. of
Fresh Huyler's as well
as to the very superior
and delicious Ice
Creams that are servrd
at the Pelham Fount.
All flavors and every
-thing tempting and
heathful Creams, Milk
Shakes and Sodas.
Your loney is
Until You are Sure You Vr
You tire protected in every
woman in charge of the M. 0. D.
exclusive style and dress, and knoi
do about shopping. Weoplace so ii
please you that we say YoUn No
June Graduates
This is Your Store.
We have made great prepara
tions for you. Our stdcks of
Thin White Fabrics, Silks, Laces,
Embroideries, Fans, GlIes
Hos,e.ry, Ribbons and Under
Muslins is complete. A postal
card will put you on our mailing
Charestoll DryI
profitable to have us
clothes. The longer t
have to buy. We help
Trousers pressed while
Coats Cleaned and
Vests Cleafed and
Pants Cleaned and
Skirts Gleaned and
Jackets Cleaned &
We dye to live. Anm
to the most de icate si
plant. If you are not n
respectfully solicit a tria
from- you. it ou tirente
Sonth Oarolins wv don't wvant yonepa
L. B.
One always cheats 1
tunity is wasted. Wei
an opportunity has beE
fail to visit our store in
and there inspect at hou
goods. Every dep.artrn
and patterns correct at
Just received big lot
in beautiful patterns to
lot at 6 1 -4c.
Black Merceriz ad S1<
something new at $1 ,0(
and $2.50.
The prettiest Oxford
market at $2.00 pair, w~
line cheaper ones.
Full stock Patterns I
S. J. WC
emgnt WeeT.
Should you get ill re
member that the pur
est'medicines are dis
Pensed by us with
great care and accu
racy. None but
licensed pharmacist
prepare prescription
we have the experienc
and skill that gradua
tion, long service anj
hard study affords.
You get what ysou wap4
and want what y6u
get. We appreciat
your favors.
lAM & SON,
Ph armacists.N
0111 o Deposit
i Satisfied With Purohase.
wway, there being a competent
w can tell you something about
vser much if not more than you
1111 c onflidnice in her ability to
NEY BACK if she fails.
The stranger-in town
No doubt you will take advan
tage of the low excursion rates
to Charleston during the summer.
You will see yur friends either
at the Isle oflpalms, or, at this,
thle most popular~ and coolesit
store in Char lestoni. Meet your
friends tit 248 King Street.
M. O. D.
00oS CoMpany.
TON, S. C.
IOMUEflAY that t's
clean and press your
ley wear the less you
-to make them wear.
you wait.
Pressed, 50 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
Pressed, 50 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
'thing dyed from a suit
Iks in our steam dye
ow patronizing us we
il package of laundry
qual to any that enn be produced in
routige. Send your goods bythe
tim self when an oppor
herefore declare that
n wasted by all who
the next thirty days,
se full of seasonable
lent complete. Styles
guaranteed low pr,ices.
Dimities and Batiste
go at 5c. yd., better
:irts, adjustable waist,
), $ l.25, $ 1.50, $2.00
s and Sandals in the
rell worth $2.50. Full
or June.

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