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Occupied by Hardy Proctor--On 0. Klett
ner's place in No. 6-Work of
an Incendiary.
The store house occupied by Mr.
Hardy Proctor on Mr. 0. Klettner's
place above Longshore, in No. 6 Town
ship--the old Dominick home place -
was burned to the ground on Tuesday
night. The fire evidently was of inden
diary origin. 'the loss, including the
store house, the property of Mr. Klett
ner, and the stock of goods, the prop
erty of Mr. Proctor, is estimated at
about $1000. About half the loss was
9.vered by insurance.
The store house was very near the
dwelling in which Mr. Proctor lived,
and the dwelling was only saved by
the good work of Mr. Hayne Abrams
and others who went to the scene.
This burning makes the third or
fourth in this ijinediate neighborhood
in the very t'4ent Vast. Some two
months ago a gh, house and other prop
erty of Fred Harmon were destroyed
by fire and it has been little more than
a year since the dwelling house of Will
Amick was burned.
It is believed that all these fires were
the 'work of an incendiary. Tracks
were observed around the burning build
ing Tuesday night and Wednesday
morning a diligent search was made
for the unknown party supposed to
have set fire to the building. Blood
hounds were sent for but by the time
they arrived the trail was too cold to
Naturally there was some little ex
citement among the people of the
neighborhood at this last offense, and
they will use every effort in their power
to assist the officers of the law to bring
to justace any guilty parties.
Pink Smith Sent to Circuit Court-Dan
Brown, Arre8ted by Constable
Perry, Convicted.
Pink Smith, the negro arrested re
cently by constable Eison on a charge
of violating the dispensary law, was
given a preliminary hearing before
Magistrate Chappell on Tuesday moin
ing and bound over to the circuit
Smith -as caught in a negro's house
about a mile from the city on the
Prosperity road. In the same house
were a large number of negroes gamb
ling. At intervals during the progress
of the game they would quench their
thirst. This was where Smith came in.
He was in the midst of the gamblers
dispensing liquor by the drink or in any
quanity desired.
When Constable Eison and three
members of the city police force walked
in there was a general "scatteration."
A number escaped, but Smith and
thirty-six of- the gamblers were cap
tured. These devotees of the deck will
be given a hearing soon.
Dan Brown, colored, was given $10.CO
or thirty days this week by Mayor Ear
hardt on a charge of selling liquor. He
was arrested recently by Constable T.
B. Perry. Constable Perry had been
watching Brown for some time, and
observing a party going into Brown's
house on lower Main street and coming
out in a few moments, he searched the
party and found a half pint of liquor.
He immediately arrested Brown, who
was brought before Mayor Earhardt.
He paid the $10.03 and went his way.
Constable Perry while at Whitmire
seized four gallons 6f liquor in the depot
directed to a party who could not be
Rebate Tobacco Tax.
Congressman Aiken wrote the de
partment not long since and asked them
when the South Carolina claimants
could expect their rebate tobacco tax
-and has just received a reply in which
the Commissioner of Internal Revenue
says: "There are 3,000 claims pending
issuance of warrants in advance of the
claims from South Carolina, warranta
for payment of which last claims may
be received and forwarded to Collector
Jenkins for record and delivery to the
claimants in the regular order within
the next thirty (30) days."
Children's Day at Smyrna.
Children's Day exercises will be held
at Smyrna church on Sunday. An in
teresting program has been arranged,
including songs, recitations, etc., by the
children. The public is invited.
Carrier Route 1No. 1.
Mr. W. G. Peterson has been ap
pointed carrier to fill the vacancy on
Route No. I. Mr. Jno. A. Peterson
was appointed substitute.
A Double Marriage.
The home of Mr. W. L. Waters, of
near Jalapa, was the scene of two
hapoy events Wednesday afternoon.
-Miss Florence Waters was marri'ed to
Mr. John W. L ..g, of the Pilgrim sec
tion, and Miss Marie Waters to Mr.
Vance Milan, of Clinton.
The ceremony In both instances was
performed by the Rev. A. J. Bowers,
of this city.
Meteorological Record for May.
Mean maximum, 81.7; mean mini
mum, 59.8; mean, 70,7; maximum, 100,
date 24th; minimunI, 52, date 6th;
greatest daily range, 34. Precipitation
-total, 2.61; greatest In 24 hours, .94,
date, 3d. Number of days with .01
inch or more precipitation, 9; Clear, 11;
partly cloudy, 9; cloudy, 11. Thunder
storms, 3d, 14th, 28th and 28th.
Voluntary Observer.
Begins on Suuday-Distinguislied Speak
ers-The PrelmInary Class Con
tests Held.
The annual Commencement of New
berry College begins on Sunday witl
the preaching of the baccalaureate ser.
mon by the Rev. C. E. Weltner, D. D. o:
Augusta, Ga.
On Sunday evening at 8.80 the annua
address to the student body will be de
livered by the Rev. D. M. Ramsay, D.
D., of Charleston.
On Monday afternoon at 3.30 th(
annual meeting of the Board of Trusteei
will be held.
Monday evening at 8.30 will tak(
place the Junior contest for medal ir
Tuesday morning at- 11 o'cloAk the
annual address befbre the Alumni Asso.
ciation will be delivered by the Hon.
Jno. R. Leavell, of Greenwood.
Tuesday evening at 8.30 the address
before the the literary societies will be
delivered by President Henry L. Smith,
of Davidson College, N. C.
Wednesday morning the regular class
day exercises will be held, and Wednes
day evening the reception to the gradu
ating class will be tendered on the col
lege campus.
This excellent program and the fact
that the graduating class numbers
twenty-two, the second largest in the
history of the institution, assures a very
successful Commencement.
The preliminary contest to select
eight members of the Junior class to
represent the class in the contest for
the oratorical medal to be held on Mon
day night, took place in college chapel
on Tuesday afternoon. The Junior class
numbers thirty members, of whom eight
are young ladies.
The following are the eight members
chosen, and their subjectst
H. J. Black, "Peaceful Conquest."
L. M. Bouknight, "What's the Use?"
H. H. Haltiwanger, "The Ascendancy
of Man."
T. K. Johnstone, "Robert E. Lee,
His Deeds Are His Monument."
J. R. McKittreik, "Heights Attained
by Others Challenge Us."
C. W. Riser, "Leaders of Men."
W. B. Seabrook, "The Eternal
The young ladies were required to
prepare orations, but at their request
did not enter the preliminary contest.
The preliminary contest to select
eight m3mbers of the senior class to
deliver orations on Commencement day
was held yesterday afternoon. The
following eight were selected:
M. E. Abrams, "When the World
Grows Old."
J. W. BaDentine, "Christian Charac
G. C. Merchant, "The Bubble Repu
A. V. Roesel, "The Decay of Super
J. H. Shealy, "Obligations of Edu
cated Men."
G. P. Voigt, "The Confidence of Ig
B. TF. Wise, "The Borderland."
R. H. Wise, "What's Resisted."
Tenders HIs ResignatIon as Member of
Commissioners of Public Works.
Mr. T. C. Pool has tendered city
council his resignation as a member of
the Board of Commissioners of Public
Works. The resignation will take effect
as soon as Mr. Pool's successor is
The election of a successor to Mr.
Pool will come up for consideration at
the next meeting of city council. For
sufficient reasons no meeting was held
last night.
Bob Taylor Tonight.
Governor Bob Taylor will lecture ir
the opera house tonight under the aus.
pices of the Woman's Club. Ever)
available seat jn the house has beer
taken and the audience promises to be a~
large as any that ever greeted a lec
turer in this city.
Govern~or Taylor is one of America'
most noted lecturers. "A flesh of im
agery, a burst of elcquence, and
wealth of glittering thought scattere
like fire-flies over a clover field -that i
Bob Taylor's lecture."
Children's Day at ZIon.
There will be Children's Day servic4
at Zion on next third Sunday, June 21st
commencing at 10.30 in the morning
There will be two services. Let al
bring dinner. We hope to have one o
the biggest and best days we have eve
had. Will have plenty of the fines
kind of music. Public invited.
To take advantage of SpecIal Offer Mad
by Gilder & Weeks
Gilder & Weeks the enterprisin
druggists, are advertising to-day fo
fifty men and women to take advantag
of the special half p rice offer they ar
making on Dr. Howard's celebrate
specific for the cure of constipation an
dy,spepsia, and get a fifty cent packag
at half price, 26 cents.
So positive are they of the remarkabl
power of this specific to cure thes
diseases, as well as sick headaches an
liver trouhles, that they agree to refun
the money to any customer whom thi
medicine does not quickly relieve an
This is an unusual opportunity to ol
tain 60 doses of the best medicine ovt
made for half its regular price, wvith ti
personal guarantee of a well known bui
i ness man to refund the money if
does not give satisfaction.
If you cannot call at Gilder & Weel
store to-day, send them 35 cents by mai
and they will send you a packag
promptly, charges paid.
- Senator Latimer and Congressman Alliet
to Address Newberry Convention
at an Early I)ay.
President Schumpert at an early dat<
will call a meeting of the Good Road
Convention for Newberry County.
Senator A. C. Latimer and Congress
man Wyatt Aiken have accepted invi.
tations to be present at the meeting
and to deliver addresses in the interest
of the cause. %
Senator Latimer for the past several
months has been earnestly advocating
better roads, and has delivered many
addresses on good roads throughout
South Carolina and in other States. He
was one of the prominent speakers at
the recent meeting of the National and
International Good Roads Association
held in St. Louis, and the plan which
he advocated in his address upon that
occasion was enthusiastically received
by the Association and has been widely
discussed since. The plan which Sena
tor Latimer advocates, briefly stated
is: The Federal government to bear
one-half the expense of road building,
the State Legislature one-fourth, and
the local county or township to bear the
other one-fourth.
Congressman Wyatt Aiken is also an
earnest advocate of better roads and
his address will be looked forward to
with interest by his many friends and
the many friends of good roads here.
Mr. George Waring, of Columbia, was
in Newberry this week.
Capt. Dick O'Neal, of Columbia, was
in Newberry this week.
Mr. C. P. Pelham has returned from
a business trip to Detroit, Ml ich.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Spearman arrived
in the city yesterday from 'renton.
Miss Meta Jones, of Lancaster, is in
th3 city, the guest of Mrs. S. B. Jones.
Glenn Springs Mineral Water is a
safe and sure cure for Kidney troubles.
Miss Elexe McClure, of Columbia,
will spend commencement with Miss
Neville Pope.
Misses Gertrude Reeder, Mary Bur
ton, and Talu Langford are at home
from Winthrop..
Miss Lillian Jamieson, who has been
in attendance upon Clifford Seminary at
Union came home yesterday.
Col. E. H. Aull has gone to Balti
more to attend the meeting of the
Lutheran General Synod North.
Mr. D. Sam Cox, agent of the State
Mutual Life Insurance Company of In
diana, was in the city this week.
Miss Eunice Halfacre, who has been
attending Erskine College, Due West,
is at home for the summer vacation.
Misses Pauline Gilder and Lucile Wil
son, who have been attending Converse
College, Spartanburg, have returned
Misses Leona Epting, Margaret Gib
son, Lois Goggans, Genevieve Evans,
and Lurline Evans are at home from
Winthrop College, Rock Hill.
Messrs. F. H. Dominick, D. L.
Boozer, and J. Guy Daniels have gone
to Asheville to attend the meeting of
Shriners to be held there this week.
Misses Myra Mower, Jeanne Pelham,
and Mamie Hill, who have been attend
ing the Presbyterian (College in Colum
bia, are at home for the summer vaca
The annual Commencement German
will be given on next Thursday night in
the armoiy, by the Newberry German
Club. Music will be furnished by
Thomas' orchestra.
Misses Lillie Griffin, Clara Langford,
Lillie Belle Hallman, Talu Langford,
Eugenia Summer, and Belle Epting arc
at home from Elizabeth College, Char
lotte, N. C.
Miss Agnes Scott, of Augusta. Ga.,
accompanied Miss Jeanne Pelham hom
from the Presbyterian College of Co.
lumbia and will be in Newberry during
Misses Bessie Counts, Carrie Hunter,
Feagle, and Tidmarsh, who have beer
attending Winthrop College, have re
turned to their homes in the county foi
Ithe summer vacation.
Dr. W. E. Pelham left Wednesda3
for Spartanburg to attend a Sunday
School Convention to be held at tha
place. From Spartanburg he goes t(
Asheville, N. C., to attend the Shriners
The preliminary contest to select eigh
members of the senior class to delive
orations on Commencement Day wa
held in college chapel yesterday after
t Sheriff H. T. Clary of Columbus
County, Ga., w as in Newberry yeste:
day to take charge of Ab Ivory, want<
for murder, and who was recently caj
tured in Columbia by Sheriff Bufor<
a Sheriff Clary left yesterday for Georg
with his prisoner.
Death Near Prosperity.
e Mrs. Fannie E. Nichols, wife of C.i
a Nichols, and daughter of Elihu ar
d Ulrica Amick, died at her home ner
Prosperity on May 31,\in the 25th yet
of her age. She leaves a husband an
e one son three years old. She was
e member of the Methodist church an
d was faithful till death. She was ai
d flicted with pneumonia, which dlevelope
a into consumption.
Teachers' Summer School.
Miss Hattie K. Pope, of Greenvilli
wilassist Prof. S. .J. Derrick in ti'
.. summer school for the teachers of Nov
it berry County, which will be held
Boundary Street graded school buildinj
sbeginning June 22. Prof. B. L. Jone
1, wh wasat first mentioned in conne
tion with the place, found it impossib
to anept.
k The Hardest Rain in Many Years Fell Mon,
day Afternoon and Night-Damage
to Farmers.
Newberry had a small flood of hei
own Monday afternoon and night. Th<
current in the streets was not at an3
time so swift that small boats coule
not live in it, but for a while Monday
afternoon it looked as if boats would bc
Voluntary Observer Peterson sayE
that the fall was three and one-fourti
inches, and that of this 2.06 inches fell
in twenty-live minutes.
The water in the forks of Scott's
creek on each side of the city was out
of its banks and [was banked up sev
eral feet deep at and on this side of the
C., N. & L. trestle.
A good deal of danger was done to
growing crops on bottom lands through
out the county. One of the heaviest
losers was Mr. G. M. B. Epting. Mr.
Epting growg a fine quality of hay
along the banks of Scott's creek where
the two forks unite, and had a fine crop
this year. With the water pouring in
from two sources his field was soo-i
flooded, and Mr. Epting estimates his
loss at between $30 and $403.
Mr. G. B. Summer lost some fine
corn along the banks of the creek near
the old Livingston place, and others in
this section and throughout the county
sustained heavy losses.
The new foot bridge just erected on
College street at the New Bethlehem
Colored Baptist church was lifted ofT its
foundations but was not carried away.
Storm in No. 7.
On last Monday afternoon about 6
o'clock a terrific rain and hail storm
visited No. 7. Township. There are
fields of grain that where are not ten
bundles of grain standing to the acre.
Hail beat the young crops of cotton in
the ground, corn, watermelons and gar
dens are nearly iuined. Trees were
twisted off and are down all over the
woods and pine thickets. We have not
heard of any loss of life or stock, but
the loss to the grain crop and cotton
and corn cannot be estimated. We are
satisfied that two-thirds of the grain
crop is a total loss. The cotton and
corn are so badly damaged we can't tell
the result. A number of farmers near
the Laurens line are going to plant over
if they can get seed. A number of our
farmers are disheartened.
G. B. D.
Chappells, S. C., June 2, 1903.
Oh, Yes I
You wish you had ordered Bransford's
"Clifton" flour for today, but you
didn't. It isn't our fault; we had plen
ty of it ready to deliver at your order.
Don't get caught napping next tim.
Hayes & McCarty.
Letter to Carolina Manufacturing Coin
pany, Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sirs: "It costs as much to put
on poor paint as good"-a common say
ing and true -it costs much more to put
on poor paint; more gallons.
Poor paint is p)aint andl bary tes or
p)aint and sand or paint and lime or
p)aint and chalk or paint and benzine or
p)aint and water, these are the usual
cheats; there are others.
It takes more gallons of p)aint-andl-a
cheat than of honest paint; and the cost
of the labor of painting is so much a
gallon--one gallon costs as much as an
other, for labor.
This is the wvay to reckon your costs
for this year;; but how about next year?
Paint Devoe, and next year costs
nothing; year after next the sane; the
same for several years.
Paint anything else, and your costs
recur according to what you paint with.
Some of the mixtures wear one year
some two; some three.
It costs twice, three times, four times,
five times, as much to paint with
cheat as to paint with Devoe.
Yours truly,
Fi. W. Devoe & Co.
P. 5. -The Newvherry Hardware Co.,
sell our paint.
What this Gentleman Says
is a Mere Statement of
No one can have any reason for (1is
senting fr-om the part,iculars and prIoof
which follow, for- verificat.ion of i h
saime is within easy reachi of every resi
denti of thh,. -'iclnity That. D)oan'
Kidney P illIs promplIt,ly and1( e Ifeeal :
cure kidney complaLit,S is substan
t.iated not only in this piarticular- case
but by all who have given tbem a fal
t,rial. Tfesimony llkewise shows tha
you do not have to t,ake t.henm Indefini
ly to be cured.
e Walt..r MlcLahlin, a miachine uant
emnj toyed at. J1. Ho:iday & Sonst plat.
ing mill, Wheeling. W. Va , iaddrea
3032 Jacob street., says: "Ilad 1 nt4
need D)oan's K(idney i'ills whe-n I did
, woutd not, b.' alive now, I was In a to:
rible condit ion, and although [ toc
~-uat of mnedic ine 1 got no better, bi
dworse. F'riends spoke of my had al
t- pearance and i.housands knew ahout
.I eould hardly get aron id, and felt am
looked like a detadI mani more than
a living one. D)oan's Kidney lPills wel
a blessing to tme, hlf a box relleve
me, three boxes ent,iretv enri d tme an
now 1 feet as ilhough my back was
;. s'rong as that, of aniv ho-,-e in Whiee
d ing. I wou 11ld ather have a box
D Ioan's K(id ney lPills t,han the servict
r of alt the dloctors in t,h' State."
r F"or sale by alI l4dealer-- Pi 'e,, I
d cents ("oster M!ilbuorn Co. , linifalo, I
a Y., sol'o aits for tI.e United State s.
d Roiimnbu the ntame -Dohan 's-an
.take no other
d l"or saile in N-wheorry by Wmn 10. I '
ham & fSon.
Warren White Suipher Springi
Variety of mineral wvaters. Elevati<
I2,100 feet. One mile from station. Foi
Imails daily. Excellent table. Model
e0 buildings and equipment. Rates $
per month. Special rates to famille
- Mr. Charles 1R. Gaillard, of This City4
Injured by the Gainesville
Mr. J. H. Gaillard, of this city, ha
received information -that his sor
Charles R. Gaillard, who was at Nei
I Holland at th,. time the destructiv
tornado which swept Gainesville, Ga.
reached that plaeo, wits painfully thoug
not seriously injured. In a telegrar
received Wednesday it was stated tha
Mr. Gaillard had had his arm broke1
but no serious results were feared.
Mr. Gaillard was in New Holland it
the intereet of a North Carolina publish
ing honse, for which he is travelitj
Mr. Gaillard was brought home yes
terday. In addition to an arm broker
he has a severely sprained ankle, and
it was necessary to bring him home on
a cot.
Barbccue at Pomarla.
Adam L. Aull will give a first:-class
barbecue at Pomaria on the fourth of
July. The prices will be as usual.
If You Are the Housekeeper
You will appreciate our suggestion that
you use Bransford's "Clifton" flour. It
makes the best bread, cake and pastry
for home people as well as visitors.
Don't let your prejudice in favor of an
ot;ier brand prevent your tr ng it.
H ayes & eCarty.
M ORNING Gloty Coffees are tho
.best. Davenport & Cavenaugl
are the sole agents for this city.
W ANTEI). --Every housekeeper in
Newberry to try (lorbins Granti
eirs Flour. The best onl the market
Sold by 1avenlport. & ('avenaugh.
waists at Wooten's.
F OR RENT-One dwelling, one store,
five roomils over furniture store.
f&t t.f. Rt. C,. WI.LIAMS.
. peTr Window 25 cents a window at
The Newberry Steam Laundry.
paper at Wooten's.
. S. 13. AULL.
4t Jalapa S. C.
() BUSHELS Kentucky Cot toil
20 Seed for sale. Aypply to T.
C. Pool. .J. A. UirON.
PHCCAWL,e -\N) 11lY1,X;1,ASS1-S
)o i0.\our e.\U acIIV anld birn a.
nlight? I have the best trHal cae for
1 tto- Seca e s .utuit I ad ivalasses, ao,d
v oit, the m.st, tiflcult eves, wit,h H ie
rop .ylat"sse. I have filted glaus s
for the best people in the vo,iluty tnt]
: i,Mou. I trio only.\. thte lbat grialde
Cry .s4tain0e lell-r4. Comw and give Im"
a: at,d... he vomviwo,. Strl'-Oy one
;m et L l. G UY DAiNllqE1.S,
J w~lruand Optv.iian.
z i 1-' t i I e- I om)pletle w th
sveryt hit g protty in the( NI I lint3r
Canll ad eOO our ribbons, flowere
ando haits before hny)ing
Peerless kceland
Freezer tOne Motion)
P'atented (lasher construction 'doe
awvay with all motions except one - th
can revolves around the stationar'
Motion is necessary in the cream, n<
. in the machine.
SThe cream has more motion in th
SPeerless Ieeland than in any othe
. freezer.
SThe result is smoot.hi, delicious it
-In Three Minutes.
P- cat,ion will meet T1uesday, J1uly
t. for the purpose of appoint.ing TPrust e
id for the various school districts of Ne'
at berry County. TIhe Patrons of ar
re school, who wish to dIo so, can mleet;
dI any time before that (late for the pu
d poseC of recommending Trulstees to t.
LtCounty BoardI and s houldl sendl in
I- the County Superintendent the nam<
>they wishI to suggest as TIrustees.
Chairmnan County IBoard Educntion.
First announcement c
dlthe New Store.
l have biought the stock of Co)unts
D ickert, and I am going to conduct
i*up-to-date grocery business in their o.
I extend an invitation to mny frien<
of Newberry andI the surrounding coun
to drIop) in and see mec. My salesmetfl
m~ J. P. Aldridge and ClarenceO B. Slig
R will be glad to see them.
Ne.t Moverm to MimnnaughWs
Absolutel,- Pure
This is not a gentle word-but. when
you think l how liable you are not to pur
chase the only reinody universally
known and a redilv that has had the
largest sale of aIy medicine in the
world since ISt,; for the cure and treat
ment of consumption nId Throat and
Lung tiroubles without losing its great
popularity all these years, you will be
thankful we called your attention to
Boschee's German Syrup. 'There are so
many ordinary cough remedies made by
druggists and(f others that are cicap and
good for light pohis perhaps, but for
severe Cmigh11 '-, rohitiilk, ('roup and
especially for ('onmipt i, whvi there
is diflic t Xp,'t)r;ttUiq,n and coughinmg
during th hlv 110 :, d m rig .te
is nothing like S ; ,ma Syrup. Thi :F
cent si-.v has jIsl 1! - in . i. i lie'd t i .
year. I\egu.v - r.I 7' , t: "-" o
by W. F. ltlhmn & n
Scho l wll c e aR.w o iln tht
13th o Jue :aa .: Torml vight
ilonths ll.; rd .W7i :' \III mect at
tions to Ir v t 11 .
T. II.\YNi' ('uAl.i il;s,
G 'rt(. . Asov
rRutherford School to bf-ginl middhle
of Octoberi - essiml sevenl llonths.
Salary Forty 1I4lhirs a ionth. Appli
cations must Ie sent by tle luth of
June to . 1'. I.. K CtI, lhairmanl,
Inmilaria, S C.
sTrATE FW SM!Il l o.NA
Carey I. 'illianis et al, I'lainitiff,
Della M. Whetkel et :l, I)fendalts.
that bY m-nt.lr of I he court, hein ,
alprsonms h1"bling." chaims aga inlst. the
estate of Flizabeth Ani Williams, de
evased, are requlire d to present the
same, duly attested, I Ih h ' undorsigned
on or before the :1n4 day of .11111, 1903.
All creditors If said deilciased iare en
joined froml pro)Sevitiing their donlmns
Im other prom-c.edings.
H. 11. IlKARlD,
Master's 0fice, Master.
May 21, I I.
M ENTI 151\'EI I-I I)AYNtl
"'t 1 ''o , a Ii r (tI atoh
I "1 Ji .\l Gl' l N.t.
for One Week Only
I will sell one 25c. box
of Writing Paper and
*one roll of Dennison
" Crepe Paper for
30 cents.
Don't miss the oppor
Watches, Clocks,
S ilver and Plate Ware
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding anld BirthdayPresents
-Key winding Watche&
&Changed to Stemn
"j Winders.
h,Eduard Scholtz,
B - D SJ
either single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
Gall and see my line of
Deering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harr'ow
sold on easy terms.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIABIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
we do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better on the
market for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
Morbus, Diarrhoea and
PRICE 15Sc and 25c
liy authority of the lioard of T1rustees
3 of Clemson College, I ,ocal Instittes
will be held in such counties as send re
Newman, D)irector of Farmers Inusti
Lutes, Clemson College, S. C. Thew pe
titioners will name the places at which
InstitLutes are desiredI andl the dates wvill
'he tat Institute wil e <C(l
Clemson College comnmenc ing Monday

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