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The Slip That Doomed Ma$or Audr'i
and Sived Wemt Point.
At Tarrytow%Iti there Is a monument
surmouuted by a broniz figtre ever on
duty tfiat marks the upot where on
Sept. 28. 1780, a man spranig, as it
were, out of the ground, Nel,Aid the brl
die of tihe fravoler'm horse and at t1 e
Oame instan41 deiimaided a hl11t. 'i' ,41
other mon joined he Ilirt, antd to those
three the trip Ir o1yfered the authority
for John A 4on1 to pass oi publie
buminess am ned by tht major gen.
eral con1n ( West Point.
For out lout tho 1111s "Iutlived.
Then there doubt. Ii that molent
of hesitationi the traviler's eeym rested
uponl a icoat that one of Ie nien W0rt4
which lie hild olbaitind whillle a prioller
not Imng before, 1a1, rveogni.Ing th
gar) of the 11tleian moldlors attai-hed
to the lirtish army. the triiieler eon
elutedi hlasftily that I had faltll
amionig friends 111ild titf files. "I tvl
You belong to (thlit 1 amy dlowin below. as
I do," he r-4-markod, with i a 6light ges
ture of the himid towa'd hI river.
ilnalki words' Tliey stwaled tihe doomiu
of Adjutatil Niajolr t1ien1eral John An
dre of the liritish sariy. lie wNags
qulh'kly iamutmed and1 toeairehed %%Ith
out rtt.t, and -till there wvas delay.
Some latet selltito I-vjiredil vigil.1jee
Inltedi thetste h1111mblo mlillIIlt 'll to re
lit11-wid -eaihel of the traiveltr's peirson.
West P'oinlt wals SAN'td.
A liorac- Sinei of Sml..
A horse will leai' 11111st lt ya tIn
touhed in his hiln. ho'.i''lm i'v lit,gry
H1e will not drink of wa er objItylna
ble to his iu'estiouig suilY or fromi a
bucket wvhil,h siom' diotake offeu
th. lowevey t1li.sor tir l is t tlligett
iistri) w: vlwiin. qu%ir and tuery
Oitlr Ia t bs ilutit lo". o:tcred% 1,.t the
raimres oft iaits. th m"i\iing-S tht
w ."! i lv v Ii . I yes 111and
ti\%i h. I '%N . ei '1. : 11~. A I"le '
whii u.. o th e 11
.4.'~ 1
*ol.' rt nt;utedu.
sitiit,* isioi he v rN
aollisrlilv dmuerl Ickue-T g
tltshil t.let he ok:h ski t
l1. .. .IIh. ' . :t. m.\-..\ .
thIr1. N te n, t he, :a ue wai .1 th1
0I 4,11' %'till I o'lt s, Ill I lit' 8:111 i I' a .\ lw' .- I14
1,- 1tivlil cMr t1l tif it e e tiin t h
f't111 a hit ta . t e 'l its 0wn 11:o y.
)111 it a I A a i''t. 'll." i a'l i t'''
Oine of' Ithese ali.shes w..ill be' buitlt-erel
Iive'. al' lilIlin hlk llp'i 14'4iOas. wa' ill or-'
lil w ' h'ilei1t ti . bar risi'3a ienbbag
Is aill in ridge's. indic-t at'e if a buuno'
of 11sparI'l eus
Theii w ills of( thle ishies timselve's
are all i'rentd in t he' saimei way, and
thi' tallin1g. rou'.gly ' spea king. is cor
"lathleri, 1 shil like to tiny one of
thetsei syNItIin of lihysiu'al exeu'e[gg that
arei adveatri tie In thi' jimpers. They are
ha fu i 18."
that I trhie withI great1 suimccess whe'n I
Wilt a younhg thuii, andiu I'll warran'iit it
to le n11 gtotd 11n anty in the maret,"ttt
"C(outldi I tait hrI lat'''t lhotme?"'
"Yes; tha 11a1 1 ne o11'f i(at'lciief mter
An13yII11111 l lppr n erHHiitiy't"
"'('1n1 I loa It In my3'1)01 rom"
You w.vil1 lid lt'e )11 tparatun there't, all
r'aiudy for yilt. liy 81)n."' tht-ago 'ITrIb
W.I att Il.i OthrWs S aiIi-teer. ta
te tla te' a i taty \\' &i;i lbeIrtdwasl
rnt fiorlv11 the iir, bafathr ofat
IOvre ofh e "Itt git. u tnll ith t
hAn or ()ba1nndl "tawr
"'VIo an it"l ti lired teiauthor of
(Ir "la n f or" t o b le. a'ii l ii ic.t
the teater.n 'iiIay ble1roitn'Rori'dan
ttn'lli ha ''' keIlly as.11 the o '.ther, and 11 ofh
That' II wai '.'aireferenc lucky forlt' 'the
tWho lenn te i'll mlie the.14 mening of4*i
rii.eIt, rep''atm he boyi Ilt; the ftiofl
thae (Itsa. ''hi(le(-bl titetiorlt
Ah 'ilari'gins ueod ofi'1t4 ot'oer l )111
t00nthucentufre the tgovern8meIn of4
thecstai og u. "go'eon withot any dut.
aut.. n epn Ahd ggdoh
A 04ory of the 11pekn 4b*rato
V411iff M4V'T,
Daniel O'Connell was ottee addres
lug an enormuous ieotig in King*
town. and the erowd was so large that
fear wits felt for the safety of the
building. As he was about to @peak a
gentlenan aneended the platform and
Wild. troembling with fear: "Liberator,
the floor is giving wiay! lThe benms are
ernelkhig, iand we alil all tfll through
in a few m1inute"." It iI not given to
tinny men to live through ouch 1o
ments an O'Connell lIved through as he
ro,se to addreas the meeting nor to pro
terve such inignilleent eourage in the
fae of great peril. aN'rning the wan
to keep quiet, the III orator said, "I find
this room too anl to otain the num
her who deniro to come li n, No we must
therefore leave it and hold the meeting
outside." A few rose to leave, but the
hnll wam otill pneked, and then O'0on
ie01 said: "Then I will tell you the
truth. You are laihmen and therefore
bav.e tuen. The floor Is giving way,
and we must leave this room at oneN
if thero in ia nitle and a rush to the
door. wo shnli all be precipitated Into
ithe ioo below, but if you obey my
orders we shall be late. Let the dosen
men nearest the door go quietly out,
thet the n1ext doen, anad so on until all
have gone. I shall be the last to leave."
The Irishtiei followed the advie, the
hall was quickly cleared, and as O'(on
nell walked neras the tior the broken
hennis gave way.- Oxford Chrontce
Some n1ith I.NU%aktM.
It uay surprise some folks to learn
thlat plenty of l1ritish laws have been
drawn up so earelessly and written I
such m1uddled1 hiiunge that they are
,tiitt, useless for their intended put
01u,e of the aets pasoed in th14Xg*
I11 's reign. for tuttanuie. states that
t he hrwteds of peialtiet; were to be
Ihlf to the tifortuer anld hialf to
She pecr of the parish. The absurdity
Oi the fict thAt the only penalty
w :. could~ b.e inthoatwed as one of
tra~':a Ion l ro' fl'teke'n yeartt.
a I' a w eli knowna Q. C. ereated
a lo of :1t1u1seIet byN, pros a
a.al.i: wtelt irdedt as follom s: "-Kvery
do i'aund I respassius ou ilostel land
1:. eemap:I nied by ihe tegistered own
c: of skh dog or other person, who
1imi ou~ be'ing askri\for has true nam1c
d::,irVss ma.) he It hen anad ther)
dtroiv by. l 1, uch oonupivr or by his
o:2 :-s " This gem of iucaninlessues
n kaowev,r. not Ixass\i. 1-ouidOu Tit
i'hontiy ,ii the ood of Kin-.
W1.:le man.t of the Iar tws .Xs in use
It the presert day are of coinparatively
twe a.! ::r.1 iue Ion, ebouy w as k nowna
:a!b.clyt estIal by a number of
. 1 'a0e.S And u1se-d 1. the. for
o etb purposes While the
...a.r..e b g."e Iv to the woA of
1't t eIl aI .I: as ofl.r, all kIUds are
Sreat deuo.ty .id dark .-olor, tb
hn iest v:at.e. 'Ir:.ng, i.s a rule, also
11e dIkLst tere .re t.ree Tarieties
.f ehon' w eli k::owu\v 4n the trade. The
. (1ro:n the 1 n 'I'C'oast of Adrea
is the darket. The Madagas-ar ebony
s thet' den r. The Macassar ebony
M::ub1-es the largest pieces. London is
:tl1 the chief mnrt for this wood. AD
I :an there it is shipped to the various
eountr ies In w hich It is used for mano.
factuntng purposes. - Popular Me
Tlhe' Deteriorating Turkieh Lady.
ica ring sweetillents, smoking eiga
rettes. scolding the slaves and talking
scandal are the chief diversIons of the 1
'lTurkishi lady, with nowv and then a vie
It to a low clans theater, anmd her phy
slueit, andI& with It that of the race, is
raplIhly detterloratling for want of freshb
air iiand exercIse. Tlhe much dispute4'
qluestiona as to wthether wvoman Is the
poussessor of an immortal soul has loft 4
its inark ona the female population.
I'Tey harve ceased to base any great
hloles on such an uncertaInty and lIve,
feed and behtave so lIke the "beasts that
iterish" that to the ilippant modern
TIurk i seems that, If endowed with
sonls at all, they must be no small as
to bie senreely worth the trouble of
savinag. Chlaanbers' Mkgamzine.
The .aurd Table In Orwtmaon Guick.
"lio you think It is polIte," said the
fool ish st rantger In ( ritnson Gulch, "for
a nuin to sIt In hIs shIrt sleeves and
play3 enrds aill daiy?"'
"Yes, sIr." a nsw'erd Three Finger
Sain.t "andic itutyhe It'll b)e for y'our own
good to aremind y'ou that the fewer
iilteeves n1 11nan1 11m ont when ho plays
cardIs around lhere the less lIable he is
Io faill undaer susaplclon."'--Washington
i:e2e'tini (Geta the Worth of His. Mom..
ey lOvery TI'sn.
"A (ChIinaan ait the telephone is a
funny thing," rematrked a long dI.stane
telephone operator in the Denver News
a few days ago. "You see, It is imapos
sibule to tell whe~ther one1 pe'rsoni or halt
a dozen are talkIng, and we onuen he
comue mIxed up in listenIng to thoem.
When one Is a.penikng, It seems as If
half a dozen aare talkIng, andI we often
limagine the wtires aire out of order. To
mak1Ie maitttera wYorHiO the ChinIeset de
light iln talking as fast us possle,ha and
wve naever kntow whet her the (Chinnman
ait t his enid of thei wire Is n tlig or if
It in; the onie ait t he othler- end. After the
conv teratina is ended the Chink walks
ouat of ht esooth wIth a self antistled
amile ont hita facee andai pays for a three
amb itian' tal k. Wei hav e lately discov
ere<i Ithat lhe invarlaibly anys as mach
dinsg t hatl tlimo 1as colOid ha51ve beeni
uid hby a whilte lian its flfteen min
To lbt mure, thet telephone conmpany is
nt realIly "cut"' anaythling buy the truan
ntionu, 2an It Ilaid by the mnute; but.
neiverthlele's, 11 in i th ene of ( lhina alit,
Ite'11i1 omay wouldi b) the gaintor by
charging for volumae lintend of tune. A
(lUinman ailwtays beginn hils talk in
pidgini lOaglIsh. 110 enys: "1hell0. Is
thIs Ham anlang. I bettee you don'Eknow
- -yI hii I yi lhe yny3 bo benno ne," and
no oan, anid It sounds on the wires as If
eaeveral persoins were at work.
Cast irona urttiles wvere first made a
Singlandai the ear. 1700
Tihe ('nus1is"11p 1*.6-i1 1 F*1111owed
by t Very c o10 ioititi Alsrried L1te.
whei,a iatir of wood ducks find
wiater mil it hollow (ree to Hult, 1lttle
tit Is los 1in preitriig the net. Tihts
task tId the l ovein11g of the eggs are
perfoIted by th1 f(ilmale, for, to the
lieHt of i1y knowledge, the walo doos
little morts thai sit itround on handy
lmlim tti look prttty. During the
perilo of lemlt ilig IIad while the
duk I latyinig he liN the beau Ideal of a
haimimome ail loving cavaller, ever at
toItiVe anId s eemtInmglt, m1ost anxious as
to her wivrehouts should she happon
to get out of his sight. But with the
Nvauing of thei hotleymoonl h 6e01us to
feel rathor hored with the whole biol
ItIes. aIId gradiutty ho gets clubby-1,
e., winsia from his own fireside and
buts up another drake or two to holp
him lonf itway the immer. Tho busy
litit duck keelis itter own counsel and
"sits i 11lit" o Iho dozen or more highly
poltilied Ivoryliko eggs erowded to
geteIr.i1 at h10d of soft deetyed wood
InIdI down mirot her ireatst.
Quite f'r'v4luetly tihe nest Is lit the
bottom of a holliw teveral feet dep.
111t no otmbt the stroig, hooked claws
of the wokid lirck Ire a special pro
visionl for tie ot. repeated Climbing out
of tho hollow. lWdwynl 8atlyis in Out
A 11iaiiiesm si M 'Ia's Tribute.
"You atdtmire that muicinn?"
"Very much." answered Mr. u011o1 .
"For his compoitions or for his per
"Neither. vor his nterve in charging
Sr% at sent." w\:ash inigtom Star.
lif ts i si tmila t'tatilettely Oured.
"They tell me you haive cured your.
self of (.h1ot1hi inlsonoilla."
"Yvs. I'm compluetely cured."
"It mtst he a grnt relief!"
"Hliet" I shouhil say It wais! Why,
I io awnkc maIf tho tight thinking
h( I u- -41 to f rom it."- -C1eye
and everything in the
line of STAPLE STA
TIONERY at the
Tablets from 2 cents
each up.
Beautiful W riting
Come and see.
Also a line of nice
Cigar s.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
A umn woiniag by the diay is paid
for tihe inne be puts inm at wuork, but
wheatid onn 8atves a dol lar for his
day's inhior' it wo'rks for ht:un nights,
n, well I u dt a- it; ne lays .1 ff onc
('Ontni of bad( wen'tt hte r iad never gels
itt g esa righat tn entraming hiLm
anu lumau. I's a ic '' t hir g to' work
format'' 'te, hott'h11g i e ri toy
it t-oena a:n iags necun wi<~f t n.
EdtL.e n depos ait inr hie Saiviniga do.
pfi* ar 1n tu n ia 'ral h-t t l'egii lto
4 per cena it inaary I and1( July I of
eauch y"air.
Smau.li Savingus are. the Stepings
Stones" to success. and )i plety
Si .00 at mtheoit edtt(t ISIt inl our
$5.0 wil in 10 years~
amounitlt to - - - - $ 730 00
$11.00 will ini 10 years
~am1ount to - - - $1460 00
Ilv ample itthi( facilities to
accommiaodat e our cus
IThe C ommercial Batik
of Newberry., l
Two Daily Pullman Vestil
Between SOUTH an<
The Best Rates and Rout<
Via Richmond and W,
Norfolk and Steamer
Nashville, Memphis
Louis, Chicago, New
Points South and Southwe
and Jacksonville and al
and Cuba.
rig-For detailed information,
NORH - SO T--.
Two ailyPulmaledsti
VA passen aevc ndW
anofort,euapd teae
Pintsg Soeepin and SoThoe
~~For deaie, scheuoemai
ma evtions etc.pl
fleesa 7
Sose Alatituonlal Iexaeaieatm r Tiat
Woulti stm to Juwrtify Voltairoo'
Cynit-nl rtal loklutI Tutan "Any BMan
Can Wed Aur Woanum."
"Any niu emi imirry tny woitan,1
Voltaire olie cynlivally deelamd, "Ir he
only purilnl14 her lIIg eItuogli." Tiis11,
at any1.1 rat,'4% wa lite experiliee of Jit
coll 14tllaly, at well ltiown ehn11rneter
in the north, of Icmglaiw it couplib of
geIerailott 1go.
Never- tih it lovvr wvit at wIfo utider
Ouch ditwouralginig cond(itinm 11 ,itcob),
for afteri his fiutt proposal he wa
soundly horsewhippe<l by the young
Iady's faither atnd ducked Ili a conviten
10tet ponid.
"I'll ask her agalin text year," .Jaeob
spluttered as he enterged from bI
1at. the Iire of hit pat lssloon nto( at whlit
quenheldvil by hIt cohl doulelhe. "ltegu.
lirly onte it year. onl the antittlversairy
of hi firati proposal a it uierson,"
NItholmoi atyti lin his bilography of Mr.
litllhhty, ".1mnob alttired h1luself lit hiIs
finlett 1t nit1ent ald pretnted ls petl
tionl, a1lways with the sam11e nlegative ro
suit. Whena Ite presettlled hiself, now
at itidle aiged an. for the tweity
fourth tinte. teit lady greeted him up.
pearane with a peal of hitughter. t'it'
Ito good, ,1iateoh. I see,' Ule exclalined.
'I nitaty as well give lit Iow al later, but
what a failut heairled creatture (the hit
partitate widow wis otpared with
Shierlda took atnl ettally hold course
wheat he sotight to wit the t Irest of
he Iattutifil datttghters of Ilulley, tho
,otposer of mitt I. who was tstotigly
ipposedt to tie suIt of the brillilat
roung poet and dr.anta1tist. illt latily
OVO, too. wais bw.set by ati armlly of
mitors. aniy of thet far utore elIgi
Ie 1than tit, peniffless laN student. 1The
rumtst1anies eatld for hold anild dt
-"tVe aIttion. After threatenitlla: to de
itroy hitself if the latd.x refused his
1dan des adttighting at couple of duels
%itth one of his mlo,st formidable rivals
'.heridanl took the Il'.d step of runiting
iway with Ntlis L.inley and11l contdtuleting
ter to at -'reiit ntitner. where site re
nainled Ina otntilentnt tuntil. stu1ceutn
ig to her lover's daring atd persist
l'ee. she 0onetnted to mttarr1y himt.
Ai atsiig atd charaeteristit, story
t tohl of L1ord Beat%ustield in tihe
la a wasit Ite W.ts wooing Mrs. I.ewis.
o whom in later years of itarried life
le w%aS so t0tclinglv deVoted.
One da. Nirs. 1.ew is who was then
' liig in ret'ereuent at her seat it Ola
Do': ztihra, s:an a genttletan walkintg
e :' 3' the driv. "-ade." she ex
o:i : d ser' a::t. "'I revalvlyte
:e' . the: '.: o.d man l'israeli is t%m
ng~ up h.o .. e' 1 p ease.. run to the
.o': : .. Itu s1t at be\ne.' Ja1ne
t-J0, to t. tIa.0d.~e
e t . r i a tfew .iites
at er.
"W,tO d'..: N I do with such
in o . 1N uan'- the
x;tdon I.d y ter in the
my wh: n' - .a '.wed no sign of
alin 11:< h3a:ege --\ arry hin:. I sup
ose. i n l'm." was .lanie'st philosophie
uswer .. :as the worid knows, the
ersste:a: w.ooea had his way in the
'ud in this as iaa nost other things in
if e.
A judge, ntot long deceased, used to
elI a dilvertitg story of his wooing. In
htose daysa he' witas a st rugglI ig an d ob
eure hawyer witot e'vena the ptrospect
if ana ineoaane, atnd thet wtoinan on wvhoan
ie had set blis affetions was the
laughter of a purse l':vutd tan with a
tigh s.oundintg nainaae w ho wvas strongly
>pposed to gIving blat daughter to a
'pennilless latwyer."
"D)o yo.i knaow, sIr," the father thun
lered whten he wats atsked for hIs
btughter's hanad-"do you kanow, sir,
hat my13 dattghater's anicestors haveu all
teei noelena anid tht one' of themi
vuas at fav orite aunistear of Queaene Iliza
aeth?t" "t )h, yes, I knoitw atlI that,".' the
f'ounag btarrister piaehdly aniswered,
thi one slahilped your aincest or's faee,
itidi unlessi you arae tanore civil I will do
he satiate for you?" It hs seatrcely suar
risIng thait so bold andl darlig a lover
tatd hIs waty In the end, evean in the
aire of sucht a baarier of ghostly ntoble
l'The latte 'rlnce lisatarek, It ha said,
won hIs wife in inueh thte satmae waty.
Alt hotigh het hadt not knaowni the laidy of
hIs love amore t hatat a few dlayst anad her
par ient werae niot ev'en awar ie of hIs ex
Istencee, he p)resentteid himsnelf otie daty be
f'ore Iteta anad hlly tasked peri'tuission
to artiry their dau tghter'a. in v'a in the
fathea.r fumeiad andtt blustered and threat.
ented to have the yountg an forcIbly
ejected frotu the house for lils imperti
noncte. "1 am iisaorry~ 1o annioy yotu, sIr,"
thte younag stoldir satld, "but I must re
spectfuilly dieclinte to leauve thte house
util I hiave your conisent."' Nor dId he,
atlthouigh tihe contsent w'as giv'en it these
tungratneiau wvords: "Well, I suppose you
mutlli hae your way13, butt I catninot comn
pllmnent asny (dautghter ont her' choice of a
mtule for a husbanad."'
Hie Feelm It.
"'Doesa a dal'aft give you cold chIlls
dlownt .vour baick ?" asaked the philoso.
"it does,'" reIplied t he wIse guy, "wvhen
iny' a al b ank neerount Is overdr'tawn~~a.".g~in.
clmut ti IConaatanerclinl TraIbuane.
Lit te ltilbby wats Inuspeeting the new
baby for thliarsaat timae, aind Isa dictum
wats as follows:
"I s'posea It's nIce enioutgh, whtat there
Is of it, but I'ma sorry It ali't a patrr'ot."
(lass A rtastu,erney.
"Rhe! la eInaa, I bsellive, to ho descend
ed fr'oma a kIng.'"
'Ye., laforte hier kranadfathler struck
It rieba haa was kniowni as the poker kIng
of WhIte Jioas lats."-Chicago lcee.
Graniute is the only3 coaminont rock
which sthowa ito traces of atinia er
warrtabLe um.
10 0 O ATLUVIjurEX
.na.:wrt o f-ion m
160fol I U07. ovot r tu
ox is F Atlantag dag
buled Limited Trains
to all Eastern Cities
ashington, or via
s.- To Atlanta,
Louisville, St.
Orleans, and All
st-To Savannah
1 points in Florida
rItes, schedules, Pull
o any agent of The Sea
.J. Puller, Travellng
H, GA.
San---e Resot FoMer
se to AurAddesa.
~xcelled for luxury
the latest Pullman
oughfare Cars.
s or any informa.
issenger Agent,
Vllmlngoa N. C.
V. 0. B"'s "r, Repiver.
1 11S A1,111iftA %it-io i. I iM,
nk4ween ;Itoe wanhina.
aAd1hb(jEn1P. WX-TBUVhj
M)-.ved - Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 dtations. 1o. 11 No. 0
P. M. A. bl P. M. A. N
81096 ...............lton........820 1060
248 983........&nderson F. D......... 8 1 1110
245 980 .........%nderson P. D.1... ... a di 116
........ 9 25 ........ West A nduorson ...... 8 49 .....
---... 09...............Denver.............. 8 69
. ---........... Autuns............... 406
. -84...........cherry... 418.....
.....8148 Adani .......... 421 ....
a8 1RoutnsaJune& ...83 ....
.825 ....... .IOne0a....... 4 a5
806...... ..West Union ........604
-- 00........Walhalla . 609
All regular t ins f i t
have prisetidene over trains of same class
or wiue spconiled y trai dirotton unless oth
Wi Itio stop at the following stations to
Jame ond andt raSengors: Phiuney's
.m K L") * iSUR. Superintendent
UftdrlstuO and Wstorr Carolina RWV co,
Augusta and AahoviUo Short Line.
11,chedu lo i tifoot h aol 1, I10.)
(toad Down.) (Read UJ)
12.46 pin .........Lv Newberry..... Ar 8.10 pin
1.60 pin . ... Ar Laurens............. Lv 2.02 p
2.07 li .....,...Lv Laurena.. .. .. .. Ar 1.80 pm
8.80 pin.........Ar 8partanburg..... Lv 12 01
3.1 inn... Lv dpa. taiburg..... 10.21 a
6.82 pin.........Ar $aluda............... Lv 8. 89 am
6.11 pn.........Ar HiendozsonvIlle Lv 8.05 am
7.15 pIn...Ar Asheville........... Lv 7.06 a
T1 F46 pi...Lv Newberry (.a.) 3 10 p
1.r.0 pta..... Ar Laurens..........Ly 2.02 p
1.65 pin...... Lv Laurens... .........Ar 1.45
2. .1 pin......Ar Greenwood...........Lv 12.44 p
b.20 I in ...... Ar Augusta.........Lv 10.10 a
2 36 pm lv Aviguta............Ar 11.66 am
0.30 pm...... Ar Beaufort................Lv 7.60 am
0.45 pm...... Ar Por. Royal............ Lv 7.40 am
124 pm.L Nw (o N.ay)Ar 8.10 pm
,1 10 pm .... Ar Laurens ..... .........Lv 2.02 pm
2 419 pm. Lv lnurne ............... Ar 1.85 pin
.26 pi_n. Al Greenville.......... Lv 12.16 pi
For 1'iirter infor'ition relativo to rate
oto. oollon oraddreass
GICO. T BftY A N, Gon. Ag .(roonville, tj
HtN6'T WILLIAMS, Ot. Pass. Agt.
Augusta, da.
T. b1. T . i. Tranlo Mantsger.
(E.storn 8tanudard Tin e.)
Southbound. Northbound.
Sch duto in Eoot Aug lst, 26th 1902.
81TATIOr'i .
8 40 aR Lv AtlanIta (S.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
A I InI A tons 6 19 pm
.1 f llk Elborton h 17 pim
12 .b pml Abbeville 4 03' pin
1 22 pin Greenwood 3 85 1m
2 6 Ar Clinton (nin'r) Ly. 2 45 pm
(O.&w 0.)
10 (1 i1m Lv (l0ni Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 If, Im Spartanburg. 3 80 pm
z'4 21 i Greonville 3 26 pm
(Harris Springs)
!;,.)I In Waterloo 2 86 pmn
' I . - ^ r Lauretis (l)in') LI 2 4 7 pin
11. f . 1111.
02 Lv Lanrojis Ar 16(1
2 :9 " Parks Ar 1 42
2 22 ..Clinton.. 1 30
2 84 Goldville 117
2 43 ..Kinard.. 110
2 49 ... Gary ... 1 06
12 54 ..Jalapa.. t00
310 flowberry 1246.
3 24 Prosperity 12 82
384 ....Slighs.... 1228
3311 LL Mountain 1219
351 ...Chapin... 1209
357 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 fiv
4 (7 Ballontine 1154
4 17 .....Irmo..... 11 46
423 ..Leaphart.. i 140
4 45 ArOolumbiaLv 11 20
pmn am
1 55 LvColuiibia (A.o.i..)Ar 11 lo
6 240 Sumter 9 60
9 20 Ar Charloston Lv 7 00
'rraltn 53 and 62 arrive and depart from
new u11no dopot
TraIn 22 and Si irom A. C. L. freight depot
We0st (ervyals stree.t
For Rates. Timno Tables, or funt,.her Informa
tion call o,n any Agent, or wvrite to
President. Trafflo Manager.
80'. Agt. Uen'l Frt.& Pass Agt.
Columi. S. C. Wilmingtron. N 0.
No taste. No odor. Can be given in
glass ol water', ten, or coffee without
paltientL's knowle.dge.
White Ribbon Remedy wvill cure or
destroy the diseased appetite for alco
hohec stimulants, whether the patient is
a.confirmed inebriate, a '"tippler,'" so
cial drinker or dirnnkar'd. Impossible
for an,yone to have anu ap petite for alco
holic liquors after using Whbite Ribbon
Indorsed by Members of W. C. T1. U.
Mrs. Moore, press superintendent of
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
Ventura, California, writes: "'I have
t.estedi White Ribbon Remedy on very
obstinate drunkards, and the cuires have
been many. In many cases the Remedy
was given secretly. I cheerfully recoin
mfendI and mndorse White Ribbon Reme
dly. Members of our Union are (1e
lighted to find aii economical treatment
to aidi us in 0our temperance work.''
Druggists or by mail, $1. Trialipack
age free by wvritmng Mrs. A. M. TIown
sent(1 (for years secretary of a Woman's
Christian Temperance Union ), 218 Tre
mont St., Boston, Mass. Soldl ini New
berry by Gilder & Weeks.
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