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A Successful Session for All the (1t
Schools Closed - Enrolment Nearly
One Thousand.
The closing exercises of the Ioundary
St-reet Graded School were held on
Th trsday evening. The graduating
I: nuIbdt.vi three young ladies:
N . M:azie Mabe LDonnick\. Sara
lobnson. iand Alice W.i!han West. all of
the ity.
T.e enrolment of the liuiar\, sirect
(chool t4'xring the past year, ash
b the annual report of Superintur,ient
IN h. .101111i0tone. 'Cloht'k. 1)arV.i fo'.r
ilki dl-vd. ti9 he, t""-:al vin-lr-~ W n- of .
the citv schools fell very little short "If
le one thousand mark. The session
has-iii he ver,\ success ful.
111 xecislCes on Thursday eVCling
Were held in t1- AIptA house and a
though the wcather was disagrevable
t he: e was5 a ihey audience pre-ent.
Tit aidiess of the oc casion was dt
Env red hv the lZev. 8. Hi. Zimmernman.
Ii> thtme0 was the graded school a- one
t: t,e grt -tst fores :.theu i
i il Ille ilkl of .2.
uI atknil a ers : c t r.
.0 d th l ietno cit t-wom the
p ber ad p:viul 1beel. i n a,de
e e I that the pri:*:1 b l- ngei k: Miss
I iiie )ominick. The a wr,i wa\
made by the Rev. W. 1. .abrook.
The x rci port wra. ra :y r
ohIi the Rev a7.Me es.-l--. 1'1f
t he sixtei . htui.d!.:a most
attr iv"t I :t %ttrac:ted.' and
'-:.(Mie wc ti. gAwmg aI ccoamt of
her t
Tne : : :t a\-it b Sh.,- Sara
~ biari 1tw \V. --Ts itar ve W -th.'
t I wu gI th
Nib-- 7anne sievelopei thea though.t
tha. V., .: h: IV:d. l w ti:d crvin
ou 'r w: tnvandi tht. record
wih wtA. sha1 )4ave behind u-. We
ar chiseling a charate-r that wi:l be
unveiled as sool a we pa.;s be\onid the
:kit. and it is 1w within o l powr to
make it beautiful ir anr eet of loatih
ing. Then let u rs. Le lcIuded, Miake
wiu, work a wt , hive, ali tihe nam
which wc- shall wiiv.. IiwilI.-ti~ I. 1
ad"l- '1r nI)% Wbi t ee as 0he tar adorn
1f A il. L.illiam WWts u . ,t w;
"The Ag. of ( hivalry S1. piCtUlreI
thW is. -When kI night ho-> d was in
Swer.' whent Arithur :II1 his knigh,ts
fi lied the world withI the glery of th i r
vahiirous; (ledIs: o)f I .aunielot, brave't ini
hatt le andI whom to look at was t)o loe.
Is one hady- found tto her sorrow: thle
age w..hen meni w.ere b)rave in hat tlei,
generoulii- to a foe and purent in heart and
li fi The1~si lys are gonle. but t heir
spirit still livis. Was the age of chiv
alry past on the niight of September ti,
1%5t~. wh en ( rozir, w> nofow slelei in
Roisemtit t, freely y ieldedl his li fe in do
femvs of i a-elpless, woman, and1( whose
mnemor)ly is now on le of Newberry's and
of S uth Ii'arolhna's most pIriceless her
At the conclusion of the reading of
the e5ssays the Rev'.. Mr. Zimmiierman
was introduedt and1 dleiiveed the( an)
nualil addr'essl.
Theu speaker- said t hat althloughi he
was a very youing man he had belaen a
patrlon ofi t hree schooitls. lie had1( al1ways
(-alefunliy watc hedI thei w.ork of his cil
direni, andl it was his pleasture to say that
thiril progress in the- Newherry schlools
thows that this school is the equal if not
the supierior- of iany .schlool he had ever
paltroizedl. Ad b11le salid this not to the
dIiscredit of anyl oithr for he1 II had never
twentI '-yie years agot if somelt (o had
(ises of at gradted school, explanalltionls
wvouldf have b.eeni necessary. Iln ante
helun da7ys prepa)iratory triinlg was'71
most dliflicult to) obltaini. The high
sohools ini those days'' are the p) ipara
tory schools ofi todaty. Tloda7y he was
surle he could count the pI-7repartor,
schiools upon his lingers. The ol inslt i
tutions which w.ere on1ce the pride of
South Carolina had been siwep)t away.
Was if a wise mfove"? Thel answerVt' t(
this quelLstion depend1(s upon01 what otur
graded school system malikes of itself
and the spleaker' was sulre from p)resen
indications the alnwer w.oulld be satis
Mr. Zimmerman referred to the edu
cattional history of Newberry County
and1( gave an1 interest ing bit of history
Where now stand only two chimneys
tile reminsl1 of an1 old academy onet1
sur1rounded by small cottages for teach.
ers' homes, tile South Carolina Collegt
was born-I. Where Iliarper and 111am
mond1( and others taught, and where ex.
Giovernor Manning and1( thle Caldwelk
and many from this county receive(
their education-this old school flour.
ished-B-ieth Eden Acadamy, of which
Hammond was p)rincipal, and which was
moved to Columbia and became thec
nucleus of the present South Carolina
The speaker sid that he wanted to
talk tonight upon the graded school as
one of the geantest fm.,.m, il th u..
building of our nation. Their object Is
to pepare for college. But he had
noticed that the graduating classes are
alwyA small. The graded schools give
to many all the preparation which they
will receive to fight the battles of life.
The great problem which confronts us
of this age is to remove from our midst
the spirit of ignorance and of illiteracy.
The speaker quoted statistics showing
the benefits of educational advantages,
proving that as is education so is mate
rial prosperity,
The ideal Imforv the American nation
today should be the makingof manhood
and womanhoxd, Make that and you
are as tirm in your civilization as the
everlasting hills. He hesitated not say
that the greatest need of the age is
real manhood as an ideal. That when
the farmer goes out to plant his crops
he shall work not only to provide loved
ones with meat and bread. but to lead
them upon a higher plane wnerv they
may more cl-cslv commune with a
Higher intelligence. The prxblem of
this age will be solved as - the man
xxi of this age.
The speaker pleaded for close 1nis of
Commullnir. amiong home. ehurch. so
ciety. nation and schooi. and he wanted
here to talk especially of the obligation
of society to the school.
The greatest need of this city is the
development of the literary taste of the
commnity. Why should we conclude
that man was made for bread alone'?
We need the cultivatixn of a literary
taste, and we are dependent upon that
school Isn't it strange that we in this
age of the world are so likely t:I drift in
the tid of commercialism which is
turning the eye downward instead of
upward, which is tightening the hand
instead of opening it. which is dwarfing
manhood instead of developing it.
'Tyro bought and sol. Where
she."' Athens placed before her
youth ideals of manhood. and today
Athens is the centre of '.he intellectial
The ,deal of this and every other age
should be the development of real man
hood. and this development must beg.n
ir. th children.
The duty from every possible stand
pI1nt of this community. Centres in our
boys and girls.
At the conclusion of Mr. Zimmerman's
address the diplomas and the pri-e medal
were awarded by the Rev. W. I.. Sea
The Rev. Mr. SealIbrook pe .f tlt
great importance of these exercises tc
the people of the community. 'the great
university stands before the worhl 'witi
its commencoment and we honor it an
the men who f , out from it. The uni
Versity and the college boast. but wert
it not for -.he graded schools for pre
P.ratory training there would be m
e lieges. lie spoke of the commetroe
ment season and of its meaning. Tht
young nen and Women who go out fron
tho graded school are not prepared fii
hife. They have simply begun thl
preparation. Why did michael An)i,.!
see an angel in the rough sto:, - Ifb
saw in that block of Marble a:,nt ;g
because he was educated to look fuirt
than most men. Those who ba:' m
edutcation are p)rep)ared to look t'arth.-'
than their brothers who have not.
No Gxommnunication With 4.ower l'irt o
the State.
Owing to the flood condlitions, New
berry had no railroad conntec'toin wit I
'lumbia and the lower part of t hi
State vesterdlay. The Southlern's t raecI
below Alston and about fifteen mtile:
above Columbia, below Cedar I'reek
wahetd'oultjust after the passage ofi thi
regular local passenger' going t owvar<h
Columibia Sundlay afternoon. The Iasi
train from this section to reach CohIn.
ia was the Southern's night passengei
Sunday night tak;ng the C., N. & Is
track at this point. The C. , N. & Is
rest le or a part of it- wenut dlow
(earIly yeste'rday morning befo(re' thi
trains coming this way had Iceft (Colnum
The Sout hetn is making its reguhIn
sceleII( bet wen Green'tville' andI Al
stoni, and the C., N. & I.. bet weer
Greenville andl its trestle tnar ( 'iam.
hin. The C., N. & l,. hopes to rearl
Columbia today, only a small part ol
its trlest le touching the bank havini
been udestrtoyed.
In liomn'r of Misses Fleming And .Jones.
D r. amnd Mr's. 0. b. MIaye(r e.'tertaiunet
very dlelight fu i y on Friday evening it
honor ot' their guests, M isse.s llemint
and J1ones, of ,anrents. Tihe home wa
beautifully decorat ed. Re freshmnent;
wvere served. A v'ery p)leasant hon
w~as spent at mnuggins and t he oiccasio1
was a v'ery happy one.
L.etter' to 3. 1.. lipps, Newberry, S. C.
D)ear siir: T~hr4ee chrches in liahi
winsville, N. Y. , hatve had their fir'
lesson in D)evoe.
Messrs. Osterhout & l.oekwoo
Painted the Presbyterian panrsonagt
est imatted 30 gallons; took 22.
- Messrs. Slingerhmnd & Shut ter paint e
the Episcopal- church ; estimated -I10 gal
Ions: took 28.
Same painter'1sI painted the (Cat holi
church; est imated( 50) gallIons; took 39.
O1 (oturse, they e'st imaited from wha
they had been using. Th'e s;aving ii
taint and work is $-1 or $5 a gallon
Total saving on thr'ee jobs $126 to $154
the painting costs two or three time;
asi much ais the paint, you know.
Yours tru_lyl,
F. W. D)evoe & Co.
P. S.-Trhe Newberry Hardware Co.
sell our paint.
If You Arc the Housekeeper
You will applreciate our suggestion thal
you use Bransford's "Clifton'' flour. I1
makes the best bread, cake andl pastri
for home people as well as visitors
Don't let your prejudice in favor of an
other brand pres ent your tryig it.
The following aeeoutit of the mar.
riage of Mr. M. L Spearman, of this
ritN, to Miss Ashley, of Trentou,
whiift occurred on Wednesday last,
isfr t he 'renton correspotidence
of the A us l&1ta Cbronicla.
ThI'll - ot%v of yi-stordAty and one in
wi:eh himdreds of friends through.
ont thw whole Otate will be immensely
interest, i was tho marriage of Miss
Ksh itrii o Dunbar Athle to Mr. Mar.
es 1. Spearman, of Nowberry, S. C.,
wbieb as soltunited at the Preaby.
t,o htu vtoiuct at k i:3o o'cock. rho
sacred t-ditie had boen very beauti
fu%l- ,eoratted for the occosion by
the Ette Nms Litetrary club, of
wt t:; sho was a brilliant member,
with feathit, ry fvrns, majettic palms,
go goutVtU ,zli ttoling lilies id cut
tIOWer, haid under the soft glowing
!ight, of the inmerons ebantdellers,
th-A Ot-I1-t ws, exquisit1-ly n1oVel aRnd
deciad *dh ateful.
At the appointed hour, to the
strai.; of Mende6sohn's Wedding
aroh, which wts beautifully ren.
dered y C.ol. James T. Bacon, Catte
the bridal i parly, which consis ed of
11,v. A. . Phillips, of Augusta; Ct-l.
ard Mrs. Athley, Nits. Lucas, 'Mrs.
Du;.etn ,iiotes, froim Augnsta; rs.
. White, from Johnston; Miss
Leibw1I A&l, Miss Juhna Crobland,
fi.n Aiken; Nilts Sara Spearman,
ft. aN- s1ev rN ; also, Messrs Roland
S IarmnDL, Wil E.vrt, H. H. Evans,
Chsr . J. Pureoll, from Newberry,
ad .ir Blek Ashley, from Jack.
;>I%'...v, Ph. Thou came the love
ly brido, with h-r t-ister, Nisii Geor
gia A-ilev, its iaaid-of honor.
Thoy were nt at the altar by the
h1 illd-utni, grooli and his best man,
Mr. Z F. Wright. The beautiful and
im)prt3siv- ceretrieony that made them
huhtJ fUdad w%ifo was performed by
li-v Mr Pijilligs.
Miss Ut-orgia Ashley was a dreai
of I.Volluess i It gown of sheer white
qrgai,lit, hoakirately tucked ai
rwh I trinmine in umelallions of
ertahm htce. She carried a bouqnet
jf L Franco ruses and asparaguai
f--rr.. ied with long loops tf pat
.%eli, V lon imie ribbon.
' bridv, who is very haMlsoME
in p. aI .l ext rewely stylikh an
d.igr .ned in a pc.-ilrance, 1asnve
noro s, than in thi, her marriage
dM, in a bamiful robe of oyster
w .l -i lk Voo.- Iuilt mn tffetl inr
richli arm iitnr*u with point IF
V i-fl #aIII-'i<ij(11. Her hat was .
1l)v,' creation of w%hite tulle ind
ostri-b rip-, 'ai a shvO b uqunel
of swa*~~ peas aiuil aspauragns ferr
e-npal ibis legni out tit.
Theii Wim and1( his best matn wert
v-ry locol- 'nioly att ired ini prince
AX bert coaits, dark gray t rousers, darl
Igray in.d~lressedl kid gloves tiand whitt
The1 nuriris array of elegani
pmrents, ei 01St iing principally o:
enti glhss to silver, bespoke the
wide.sj:re a'Ipopuh''Irity of the happ)
IAt I o'b .L a mragnificent courst
I.l(leh.on wats sorved, after which Mr
weil M r. Spearmana left for Nashe,
vi Ie, wheara they' will spend sorm
t inm bmfore thboy return to their hormE
ini Now aurry TIrenton yields witi
Igreat noni~ i bguness her claim upot
this fair brid e, but the best wishea
follow hi'r toe l.r new h>mno for a
if. iof riumilh'. .d happiness and( may
that on ailhige ini her cass provo only
too trute that oit'rriedl in the iLontI
oft rosa's Jue-"ailifo will he ontE
Cures Rhum~tatismn or Catarrh In a Day.
Treatment Fre.c
iB. lH. lH. Botanic Blood Balm) curet
th w~'~ orst andi maost. stubbhorn cases b)
dr iin)g the poison out. of the ilIoodl an<
bones, and bilinig upt the broken dhowl
const,ituation. Aches anid pains in th<
bones or joints, swollen glatnds, drop
pings in the throat, hawkmng, spitting
'or bad breath, etc., all disa ppea
pr~omfpt ly and permainentiy. B. B. B
eure's where all else fails. Druggists
$1. 'Treatmnent of B. B. B. sent adse
l utely' free and prepaid by writing t
Bloodl Balm Co., A tlanta, Ga. Describ
-t roub)le and free medical ady eO give
until cutredl. B. 11. B. puts new cole
in your skin and makes the blood re(dde
iand mnore' nourishing, stopping all ache
antd pains. Over 3001) cures by3 B. F
Election of Teacher.
LI onaySre olwlelected by the Board of Trustees o
INewberry School D)istrict on June 18th
1903 Salary $50.00 per month.
Applicat.ions may he filed with
Secretary of Board.
Stock Oertifioate.
Lthe undersi nedl has lost his stoel
certiflcat&, No. ti2, in the cap)ital stoci
of The Newvberry Cotton Seed Oil Mil
Iand( Fert ilizer Comtp any, and has mad,
Iapplication for dlupiIcate certificate.
Disase taifs no summer
If Med flesh and
Scott's Emulsion
summer as In winter.
Send for teUe sample.
40945 Pearl Street, New York,
;:c. and $.oo; all daggists.
M ORNING Glory Coffees are the
best,. Davenport & Cavenaugh
are the sole agents for this city.
ANTED.-Every housekeeper in
Nberry to try Corbins Grand
eurs Flour. The best on the market. I
Sold by Davenport & Cavenaugh.
. waists atWotns
R RENT- -One dwelling, one store,
five rooms over furniture store.
f&t tf. R. C. W..IAAS.
L per Window 25 cents a window at
The Newberry Steam Laundry.
paper at Wooten's.
S. U. AU LL.
4t Jalapa S. C.
O % BUSHELS Kentucky Cotton
20 Seed for sale. Apply to T.
C. Pool. J. A. BURTON.
Do your eyes ache and burn at
night? I have the best trial case for
titting Spectacles and Eyeglasse,, anid
can fit the mno:t difficult eyes, with t.
vroper glasses I have fitted vIa-ses
for the best people in the caunty !ind
can lit you. I use only the be,t grad*
Crymtaline lenses. Con" and give m.
a trial and be convinced. Strict iv one1
I-rice to all. GUY DANIELi,
Jeweler and Optici-n
tr i o-'i is still comploto wi!h
everything pretty in the Millin,,ry
Vall and see our ribb,on, tiwers
and hate before bu% itg
The Riser Milliry Compioy.
Osborne's Farm Im
plements, Mowers,
Rakes and Harrows.
Purcell & Scott.
See our ad for Mow
era, Rakes, Harrows
and Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
rows and wagons for
sale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
Some People Have Learn
ed How to Get Rid
of Both.
Backache and kidney ache are twin
You can't sep)arate them.
And you can't get rid of the back
ache tuntil you cure the kidney ache.
If the kid neys are welt andi strong,
the rest. of the syst,em is pretty sure t,O
be in vigorous health.
Doan's Kidney Pills make strong,
healt,by kidneys.
Mr. Henry Murph~y, of1684 Broad way,
Memph)bIs, Trenn ., professional nurse
says' "1"or a year or t,wo pain and
weakness across the loins and ditiiruity
with the kidney secret.ions indicated
that my kidneys were either overtaxed
or weakened All my knowledge~ of
medicine failed to bring relie:f, and ever
anxious to get rid of the trouhle before
it became chronie, I got a box of D)oan's
Kidney Pills at Hamner & BIallard's
drug store. They performjed their
work v'ery satisfactorily. I know of a
great many other's in Memphis who
have heeni benefited by D)oan's Kidney
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cents. Poster-Milburn Co., Hluifalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United Stat.es.
Remember the name.-D)an's-and
take no sub)stitulte.
For sale in Newberry b)y "'t. E. PeI
& Son.
3 Minute
Sis the easiest kind and the best. Is
:made at home by any oneO on short no
t ice. No chance of being caught with
r out a dessert if yo'. have a
Peerless Iceland
Freezer One Motion)
Patented dasher construction: ,'loes
awvay with all motions except. one-the
can revolves around the stationary
Motion is necessary in the cream, not
in the machine.
The cream has more motion in the
Peerless Iceland thani in any other
The result is smooth, delicious ice
In Three Minutes.
Induced Dr. ROWarN Company to Make
SpeCial Price.
After a great deal of effort and cor
rvspondence, Gilder & Weeks the
popular drtgists, have succeeded in
getIg the Dr. Howardl Company to
make a special half-price intriuctory
otter on the regular fifty cent size of
their celebrated a eeifle for the cure of
constipat-ion and t eepaill
Dr. 110wait's specifle has been so re
markably successFu l n uring constipa
tion, dyspepsia and all liver troubles,
that they are willing to roturn the price
paid in every case NVhere it does not
gve rAief.
So great is the de-mand for this speci
tie, that. Glder & Weeka have been able
to sure oil% a limited suipp, and
every one who is troubled with spep
sia constipation or liver trouble should
call upon thlem at once, or send 25
cents, and get sixty doses of the best
medicine ever maile, on this special
half.price offer, with their personal
guxatee to refund the money if it
does not 0ure.
We would likk ask, through the
columns of your .. ..r, if there is any
person who has used Green's August
1ower for the cure of ndigestion,
Dyspepsia, and LiverTroubles that has
not been cured -and we also mean their
iysults, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, despon
dent feelings, sleeplessness in fact,
anv trouble connected with the stom
ach or liver? This medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to corIVspond with
you and send you one of our booKks fIe
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Flower. try a 25 cent bottle first. We
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Cut Glass and Table Ware
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Changed to Stem
:pctlclo andLS111 i te9d y
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Jeweler and Optician.
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~.Condinments at S. B3. JIones'.
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Lowney's and
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and Flavoring Extracts
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Dried Fruit:
Galifornia A prico ts,
and Raisins,
At S. B3. Jones'.
Knights of Pytlilas,
SLote' w'*ill beC heldl on the 2nd and
4h LTu1'esday nights of. each month at
8.00. V'itinglKni ghtIs cordially wel
comedl. TPi10S. E. EPTING.
l(. of R. and S.
Crol well H ote1l Buildinmg.
Cannot speak; otherwise
it would tell its own story,
and were its organ of
speech as pronounced as
its one quality RELIA BIL
ITY, no need of these re
marks. We do not claim
that it will cure Mumps,
Consumption, or grow hair
on bald heads, and in fact
We do not advise mothers
using it for Soothing Syrup
but we do claim that there
is nothing better. on the
ma1'ket for Pain in the
Stomach, Colic, Cholera
MYorbus, Diarrhoea and
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profitable to have u
clothes. The longer
have ir buy. We he!
'TrousE rs pressed whil
Coats Cleaned and
Vests Cleaned and
Pants Cleaned and
Skirts Gleianed and
Jackets Cleanad &
We dye to livo.. Ar
to the rnost de icate
plant. If you are not
respectfully solicit a tr
from you. r o'ne w'', 14n
South Ii ( rlJ i)"'I, mV4I 'i w t'' youir
L. B.
Teacher WUat- d,
.Schiool will elect a teacher on th,
13th of June: Salary $30. TPerm reighi
months. Board $7 to $9. Will meet al
Jalapa, 5 o'clock p. mi. Send aipplica
tions to truletees.
.. Rutherford School to begin mniddh
of October Nession seven months.
Salary Forty Dollars a month. Appli.
cations must be sent by the 10th 01
June to Jos. L,. Keitt, Chairnman,
Is. ana Low Pricesq
md Brothers!
Dress Goods and Silks, sonia of the new
md complete in this department. Pret
shown you by any holl.e in Newberry
miled, nio matter from vhat source.
you have seen the beautiful lines of
)rpayndies, Chitffons, Silk Mou sseline, etc.,
Pi'ides on all. -
L. a Vard worth 8 1-8c.
anD Dimities at 8 1-3c., worth 12 1-2.
0, tit. 10c a yard, worth 15c.
1ll widths, at 10c, 124c, 15c, 20c , 25c, 5c,
short. aid lmledium lengths.
idvry and Rlibbons.
se of Newberry.
( Mn"S Sh1oe tInd Ox fords, Patent
Colts, Vici and Vlours from 75c. to
'I'lh b $2.00, $2.60, 3.00 and $3.50
S ioe on earthl. Evry pair guaran
Now Clotintg, nobby Atylvs.
Suit. for Htiys for $1.00, $1.25, $1.
$2.00, $2. 0 and $3.00.
Bettor suits ean't be made for th
FS!I! for everybody.
f Straw and Felt Hats,
ices to Suit Every One.
to $3..00.
Men's PlIrnishing Goods ever shown in
and prik 't." C't. bo beat,
for I ,adit's, MNIeni and Childien this sprink.
le Illmliey.
id Bros
>r Everybody.
LI T Y."
n Price."
than "Cheap."
We have on hand a
:ar load of Osborne &
"~o S
Mowers, Rakes,
and Ha-rows
ements succeed where
ad of Wagons, all kinds,
and before buying. It's
your wants at a reason
s know
s clean and press your
they wear the less you
p to make them wear.
e you wait.
Pressed, 50 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
Pressed: 50 Cents.
Pressed, 25 Cents.
iything dyed from a suit
silks in our steam dye
now patronizing us we
ial package of laundry
e(Junli to1 any1 thait 1mm1 he~ p)rded ini
~ltr.nag . 8.ul 'iur goods1 by tha
Farmei1rs' Institutes.
-y ;iI n oborit y o f tInhe Board of Tlrustees
')I C~ *l "lie luge, I,.ocal Institutes
wlhe held mn such e onatips as send re
(Juests, sIied by fifIteeni farmers be
I ore the Ii r eentIh of .June, to ,i. S.
Newman,, 1Director of Farmers Insti
tuit.es. Clems~on College, S. C. The po
t.titionrs wvll name the places at which
I nst. ittes arie desiiredl and the dates will
be arrangedl by t he college authorites.
'Phe St a te Ilntitu te will be held at
Clemson College commencing Monday
vein nina .0hand closing Friday
W ago ns-Car Load.
Call and see our line.
Pu rrell& S,cott.

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