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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, June 12, 1903, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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G f-N F-R 0 IS RSKM&S~'
Newerry t'MCS Qkky t Tbe Rlef
of the lood Suffters Report (*f
rasuivir $550.44 Scnt.
To the Chaitan atid Meibersz -t' the Re
lief'Frund (N-tunmittee, Newteivy, S %0 :
Geitlemnen: As Tivasti ofyc4ur %VnI
niitite' I g to !1uhtnlit tile following
stattin . showi..g the atito nts sub
SeribedI an10 p.1id for the lief of the ti'
stifferers itt nth Cark ima. li this state
niat t i :) ,b..i i tho %llection at the
opeVla holv'e ol zsi,..i.y n1i'rning andSu
day eveiiing Tlhis ailt.nint was senlt f
Snu , t ftelinoonl .1il befor, yo-Ive
mnit i.- wast; appointevd but I thought IeSt
to nillude it in the statectnt The
m1tom v wa.; Sent to 'NII T IH Gibbes a1"
colunlihi.1, Ihe !'Ic.islime appXointtN" b\ 11he
Coi eltioi it 'pei. house - - c'
11. 11. E-.an
Geo. S. N\lower %.
.11 A .Oaillishe
W. K Sligh .
.1 vc
\\ 1. 'pp
. \i I- h h
. ....n 50
i Wine i -m
I v c tIo
C,l h
I 1
\ ' . . . Lx
- V. .\ c o' -
I t W .
j. .mt . .. s
i I . ' b 2 e)
R i Wli.un2 ot'
\ ex: Nl t .
SltI Thantas..............s
N Gis . . . . . . . . . - - 5k)
Cas.h.......... . .....oo
\V Swtttenht' g . .. . . . o
Jo . K ist . . . . . . . . . . i o
T. iil)i.........I t
1a i. tl. ................ . 2
.t' 2 i flt i t
t. . ll o. N l~i~ A . . . t tx n
t',ihei ,X Weeks.... .. .. .. ...2 iOn
I N I nail. tt. ... .. .. .....I Cti
I . 1\. Witbur.ti . . . ... 5 00
N tist . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 ot
IH Schtolt/. ................... So
P. T1. lIen'wick.... . .......t
C. A\ Fellets........... . ... ......
~J T. aaes. .............. zo
lI. F Giillin.. .. .. . . . . .2..
joint 1. Gaiin .. .... .. .. . '5
WA .\. AleI'all. ............. 2q
Cl I' liitikard .. . .. .. .. .. . . 25
I, W. Floyd .. .. .. .. 2 u.'.
1). 11 \\'rts.................. . . . 2(
31; ion :itt.indsay. .. .. .. . ......
F. Iov Ite1d .. .. ...-.-.-.- ..-.- .So
l'. F.'I ji. ...wel ... . .. . . .....
Ju Adu . Iktkii................'2q
I. WV lieir . . . . . . '
IJ. N F H nigi h t . . . . .
I. P. WIiidein................ .. . i
JI AF luiwi de:. . . . . . ii
WI. tue. t ii h... .. .. . '5
A AleCrle ttwt... . . .. . .....
J. H.. Kepson..... .. . ... ..
I 1)5 I. l i tn it .t .i .t( .it . .
I,t T.:iop .... .. .. ..'
J. 'A Ds i intos . . . . . .
A 5 i. Ir w .I. . . . s
C. 'A Ianon.li
R. I Prr \..t...............
J. W. Wite
Alls. AiytL ti loehy...........
A. I.\ S i nnpg e t - - - -
Wotitr HoslbfNwhr) 2
aliG. JoelehJne
J. A. Fulitnangh........
C. WI. \ogst.........
3. 1I. W eost - - - . ..r
W. V. Ebrerha.dt. .. .. . ..
J. IT.SIiit.... . ... . ..
W. I C\\eyh..... .. .. .. . 2
Mis Aheeillrnsby....... .. ..
Wr. oa' Cn o ewert ..2
Bac. Welr Mad... .. .. .. ...3
4, M jamisen 2 00
As-h . .. )
*ash . . . 1
,I Q 11lac
J P 1, Alt hi,,li
11 F \\heele:
p linseal
I 11. Faivraheec
\\ 11 Cat w ile .
\' Se' hen k A
R 1. 1igt
W 1.. cAlmile....
I, Not. ...s.x
11. \\' --i s
A 'P i . . :
\\, A. Fuhne
Mli.;s Ahoe Canuin
M I.. I.,onliz
W i-' I-Nl-ow
.1. it 1 twd .
1. N.'Frale ,t frtni~tiea
l'. G -i:lin
l id tvi iti ieukts~l n't
C a s M . . c . . .
uIne T. 1l ibbes $ ' - .i t
mne It - kT"Ibbes : I:
onl new l'ie nu t'ibes i.t oij~,
11 it c ' - 'ui b -.t l o
Sui: ie i .-Tele : t .'l' is a f .
ne Phonle M's"ge
Res'p taitilly sui hiittet,
1" It AI i.i.
Ti .t r 'tRelief F'.1i'nd o i:n '.
As 'Necemary ts iur lntty u.Ifed es
in Our itliall? v-otea.
i :etie e lti e ge'S iin ol i i' S S.11 it
I fki ,tili o l. :ls inll ur k 1 . :Ll
htth O f i: t--n re :v i L;b.
of iii .: te tw't it r ns th uxu ..: if Ut
er.%ith n e ei. T e - .. ; .f '
whb4 b we hear about in isthe
lit-111111. vigot wi wit W u h we td il
life. Tlon at, sig. i tiit i coun tis fi :
fri- lliti. - i:t s a w li t i-i ' ii ulve ii;mtt iv
e util salt iti l it t'oi,d. :1 1 it \ -t
oifly wholl liationt atil 't.- i \l ii
ration that alt bec;ne an ab I-llatn -
ce Ssity.
l t it was not a1l e aq o4"I tilat aIlt
'wa t' th e aniii thti a ta
spring u\:I, rn:rie s a :..i'l ,1f 1;,.
g ns. iitt wasi b' liet ved that an s: Ilt
fwou d inlth Aie s l slt it i r s :tI .
tity a d inde it a plae wIle 1rt. -t
were 4 1-ot-reidily he r . E-vory in\
tha ihti'd salt IhI d ctain savrrtl
CharaICT, k'r".:iing at bond1. Of I)ie-tyN 11l
friendship between host and guest:,
hie t ile expression, "ITliekre is ,aIt
betw en'i u s," Itui ng friviti 's f l-kI Sh . l1-1
to "iu' t rt- i'an tiS tl bw 1)l
'oyal 4r t' e ful.
In the i it.e age" wvhenll all ha t
and e grs aIt at the' S!inw hIll
tlk''\ itTO t ttl VI t t 'ti't I I't I I tI, - irank.
11bojve 4r holow thle preait sniti-q-1 r.
which aiwys 'itiod itt tho illi lik :atd
nmarked tht- divbiin.: -4ia;l lln-- ".\holvo
the s'l i" iwiln "of high 'l-viro ." Ihs
1oW the sAt were thy , serf
an el' vw-ils of the feial tilys. A gooi.
hst-riptiln fth wis custon, I'tu ' h
fornlin "ilvanhoIe"i i herCdieh
A ineh of thsaulti' ai's ct'onsderped
e I nIght tilt',ce it ori it.'' iA "ilt"I is:
a tiglir. TonI salgiia one'sconvest
luvansli' t t make i ntElarkt' l is lal
Waysci emloyed' ltin ai sense of hongeit ti
'. CO'h litl has lmanyt lieferencst go
10 ealt)ainog ithtn bing "Y'ti tle tre the
S5ti'ul isays, 'il ". ttyou s peech he 0 a1lU
wiI ayi s t ilglitra ie s sd w'ithli slt"
oate olusd byi('a'olieiin iptig.
They Aonsiderit at syiholto wisdo
and put 3aY-few tgr,att' inth mout ofll
t5heprsiiyhutizedr. IIo'e oeti
fatessofr. hisc n ieilo. I'l raeds. t
Onbill terver besnth.Btoral athl
possiosi sl oseson' )
Chtef Amonst Them Are the 1e3roa,
theo' i.aiaher, the Mink, the Wa
ter mtsa and the Snaipting Tur
tle-11on They land Their Prisem.
'.A\ny one who eati suppress for
au le his oageress with the rod on
a t 1\1t st reatn alld st1i1ll patielnes to
lie in w att and watch the ways of
beastst and birds." said one who bad
e' lIntly been able to do so. "will die
i ei thait he Is not the only tisher In
Ihose x aters. littef among the other
tishers are t he heron, the kingfisher,
tlie nnk, the water snake and tbe
snappa'~..: tuit Ihs.
n'Al :ng!er plissing down in a brook
uklent on lis tvd m Ill rarely see any of
lwse s ild fishers at their work, for
they ae al w:try and shy, perhaps
w: 1t t \kt1ltion of the water siake.
No ander has ever fished between ,the
le" siirted1 h:anks of any trout stream
v .t,It i iitring oiIe or tuore of
. 1ri :os hariless except as to
their i :, :ippetite for tront-twisted
alouId '-einlej overhanging branch,
f; or 11'icy.
kOt day w hile tishing in a Sullivan
coun:.' b:1'e I lay down in the10 shade
of : n:;e to eat ly l11n1h and smlloke
a ll:is \lll tus i quietude I saw a
blue ht" droip down on the edge of
the riik uiy it rod or two away. Aft
er a ew n::tutes of statIesque watch
legge.,d h'ird darted its
.de n:: :th water, withdrew it
wnh . .:.e trout in its bilh and tiew
rN t'hn live iutiltes after
t -: l dappjat'lI0red it mink
e:e su m .m.: ip ilw brook. In a
Pool l y itlilli liy leach the tmink
.\ nt later it appeared
n ':h tod lif pound trout in its
'- ',ort tisher had searcely gone
lts ' \ u 'Ti:I I rshi vii koi led ,:igtisher
a:'. - ona d:allinmh ovorhaniging
. 1. R in-y ay:tnis froi where I
:y I !. b'.i z! wa it longT, (li the limb
be-fare-absu11 \.lilt inl th- wa:tor alnd
':lTt up' \vIh : il,'ollt. l ws1 trying to
tI-Ig"11V 011 \\11.t lit , rMbt ll1t draill Oil
th,# tr It..)h, io of thet country
ini b: h '' ri nl the ilir:itl of these
wib p i,i rs n hen a water snakv
C:.n1 :bin10 up th' tr:tnu,a earrying a
trout ;i it- n ith tat w\-as big enouigh
to taik : llk. hen I tht-ight it wIs
titn' f ' met. t4 I.t to fishin again be
fireit bI lit , t,\ wrt andi persistent wild
i-wr-hi hed nie of iny chance
Li r Tni. like snapping turtles, select
the arg, st trout for their prey. They
lisial,ily ti-lh at the foot of soine deep
pol4. 1l')i on tne long. slender leg,
tie' Irni. as iiiiiiov;i1ble as if it were
efirveI 1ri l ti tl. walts patiently the
pi-s in or s.in' listy trout from the
raplhl wit-r it-lw into thite pool.
"Te wait is seltdli a long one. Sud
de nly titm iwn nck 4hoots out like anl
arrow. ii th greitt bill is uriled for
aln in lt:llit in) the wttttr. 'T'le aim is
1-irrt-ly at :1lt. ani whein the bird's
head aliars it sight againi a large
tiout hy 4iii iis tip with it. The
1rIo rol ! ily fri i the reek, trail
ing is' sjhlinhi l''gs, iind ilieis home
withi it - e ttrv il'ie .
"I .it' in t'a St'as(on, wThen trotuit begin
tnyt) j intt t' steait. tilt lheron will
fetdi ipon'i. I ilt' httrttn with a free scope
ton at irott si t'Tin wiil Ilikely' tatke fronm
if a1 tiltilis:ittl ti'etit. tITlly of theem
big birhl isitws, whlichl is frin the time
thet ice' l'ur1 vt-iiw eree'tks ini ft' p)ring
utiil if t torms tn Itei again the fol
loinn huT inttr.
'' lit ntiinik lishiei all w~inter long as
'"Thi' mli i fshtter is inot so certain in Its
iii as i lit' hteitn,t.but tene faiilure never
downt wifthi iis wat'ttcina's rattle cry
ittni talih :t ilve unt1ii the prize Is
"Th kingfirt:o i' s no0 stickler for sir.e
ini ftet. i I 'it's f'or the lit-st that
t'ttwie'aloni' Ii is a greedyl3 tishier, or,
rathlot'. to iihal s ft' fitlnily' 1ha1t it feeds
loas an iin'at;hite aptlit'it', for the bird
t- w : iianw 'lae witin an h'otur and
tarry an a.t a Itout evtery tin e. A
catch wieb it iinakes~ in that length of
tinw ft' Ibtst if aniglters naowadays
wonhI 'ti-i oblt'r soinething to boast of.
"Water slnaket', batsking by the hun
ith s't inneht tact iand cunintg that
t'y ntihiii tt'.Ihie prtey by I tosands
'r'tini ft'etilt' the(y (coine out of their
htlit'ernating places, which Is as soon1 as
thet wtfhit- begitns to get warmi, untl
lite atpplroach'l of winter drives them~
"'lti'Ther Is lit kcnowing to how greata
dt'gi't't the ttrout r'etalliate 01n the stnakei
niotkt retprlisails Is known to every an
gicir, orii mantny It big tro:: t whei
tI-i'tesst't is foundit to have%' frin one ta
fitret' yotung wauterl snaikes iln hIs stomr
It "'It is lfortunate not only for ti
'e trit,t lilt fori all kinds of brook, 1)0n1
o) ti iial ri' ii slits, inht t t he snappi11ng turt
o tlt' is ofi'' xtri'netly slowt growfth ani
- taI i-t, 'ggs ar it helti'1ie(lves' the pre;
1 of Itit'd , s nake ts, inutsk rats at1(1dI varioul
y' redt' or iey thinigs, forii It is one of tht
I' t:-idtlitstloe itot ft' tinny tibe. Hulk;
r andii:if ~ letartntly cltutusy as these foi
n ti: luilte cret'urtes are, they are H
- <lulk. w'ily itnid ac'tivye when hiuniting
d ~ st'itarn thaiif tno tr'out thait it snappl)in
I iir'le't: ais foril e'Ver escapes."-Oh
e ('ago inijtr Ocean.
t -.
KCadleighi Y'our wif'e is always out
SI Ientitek. Yt's. hut I try to be tha
to 'Way, too, soiniethlnes.
K(adhltegh-lItellly ?
a 1IQenlitck-Yes,4 but whenever r vert
rI- ur eto be outspkitendin my bs.
Items of More or Less Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
The Breakers, the smaller of thil
hotels at Palm Beob, Fia., was
burned on Wednesday. Losa about
$750,000; itenrauee about $300,000.
It is rumored that Chamlorlain,
British Colonial Seretary, will r, -
-ign, on aecount of the failure of his
preferential tariff programme in the
HousO of Commons.
Jas. M. Watson, Jr , a vlerk ink
the office of the Auditor for the Dii
trict of Columbia, has been arrt-sted
otn a charge of emtbezzlemient of gov
emnment funds. The amnount is e
timated at *00,000.
it is expectet that aspecial sesionk
of the Kansas legislatume will be
called to pass relief ieasures for
Katsias' ilood sufferers. The relief
fund in that State has reached $00,
The government has awarded the
contracts for the orection of the thiree
new 10,00) toi battleships. The total
of t be contracts amounts to $12,454,
President Roosevelt has gone to
Obio to attend the marriage of Mi:s
Ruth Hanna, daughter of Senator
H1ania, and Joseph Medill McCor
miek, of Chicago.
The trial of Jett and White for the
murder of Lawyer Mareni is on in
Brenthitt County, Ky. There wasi
strong evidence againist the defond
ants on WVednesday. All thoso en
tkrmg the coirt room were st-anirched,
and nol,n was allowed to eiter with
President Canstro lan- linatl ovt r
coino the rebellion and ieire i peace
oice more in Veezieli.
Eight people were killed nd si-v
eral injuredi in a co!Hsgoin ipt -1
h\w,-.nt Fp trail's to Stilwvell, K,tl ,
'1ur-day. Tihe triiins were rmsniig
on the tracks of tlie Nisiouri Pacilit.
owing to heavy raiis, and the ievi
dent was caused I by ilisreading
A hurricane has Fwept over lhe
Philippine Island-, doing groat
datuage to tishing. A United States
tratsikport is reported.. to havo been
Thie following druggists requests t he
holders oif MUlINA 'oii)upos to brin g
thornt int at once aind secure ab1soilute0
ly free, t he regular size bottle of thle
G roat Prepuarat ion, MUlHNA WI NE.
F'or sale only i by Gilder & We'teks,
Gall and see my line of
leering Binders,
Mowers and Rakes.
The celebrated
Thomas Disc and
Smoothing Harrows,
sold on easy terms.
Small Saivings are the Stepping
Stonies to success andl plety
$1 .t00 a nmonth depositedl in our
i Will in 10 yeairs amouint to $% 1.16 00
$t5.00 will in 10 yearsi'
amuount to - .. - - $ '7.11 tat
y $h0.0() will in 10 years
amount to - - $- -$lIt 00)
We want your busine's.
g Iave ample facilities to
aiccommnodate our cu
The Commercial Bank
of Newberry,S..
CONSIPAUTAON. I ayo mado Dropsy andit (nm
~ 1.0atio ra Mpoalty for tv;ull1f.
iNDucooes. avoourod auytou
R0 i:ES THE TORPIE I_vF-Q and oa noe. aanytoB
SOLD BV ALL DRUGWjs s D - 1. 0 . sEEN'COr,
i6 Box t I Atlanta, Gn.
SU 11V 01
lVd . 1 . - lF
'Two Daily Pullman VeStibUled Limited Trains
Between ISOUTH and N EW YORK.
The Best Rates ind Route to all Eastern Cities
ViaRichiond and WA,shington, or via
Nor-folk and Steamners.--To Atlanta,
Nashville, Mem-phis, Lo.uisville, St.
Louis. Chicago, New Orleans, and All
Points S-uth:and Southwest-To Savannah
and Ja-cksonviile and all points in Florida
antid C.*'UbLa.
Trd-For 1cetail dl information, rates, schedules, Pull
man reser ations, etc.. apply to any agent of The Sea
boardc Ai Line Ranay out t. a.ll ser Tielln
iasngrien, Clmba A-S C. n,orvi
NC. F. STEWAmpi, Louislless At.
LtS.CuAA.NNAH O GlA.s n l
man r~crvaion,etc..aldFe to Any AeosTSea
board Air ASi iiNOay or.C. WA 3.T PDer, ATA ln g
ANi T uM Ti, .C. S (N
9 -S ...
C. . S1~WImlTUGA FAt tof.Pas gi,
emeen the
Colprida-CubrRao. ol
Dinig, leeingad FhroghaAre Cas.
PsTrfiMrGen a ss.ne Agnt, As.C
WAsiiCrff DC. Wilmington,L N.L C.
. * : . . --n -a v ts .4.4rtu
AlttiG: IrAYE.
op.~v B". *," TIA
N N. mu.n. N.I No. 9
I. N. A . .'. 31. A. M
:3 10 ! 1 :\.............. Beltolln............... 3 20 10 60
2 -18 9 M........ aWmrsol F. U ......... j 40 11 10
-1 41) 11:5.... inl .olv m P. D..... .. 6.1 1116
....... U 25 ........ .1 An .-lrvoi i....... 3 49
11 1M ... .. w 11 01.............. O
.. .. . i 0 ... .......... \littlill ............... ob .... .
........ 8 .55 ....... ... 'v'i tilt-to ll . ......... 4 11
........ -'Iero .... ..e........ . I . ..8
.. . .. 3 11 ....... ....... < 1 : . ............... ...2 ..
.8 28.... Jo. ilinhi .it, ei. I 33
...... ............. - e11el 1.. .. ......
-1 40u ...
.. .... 8 0 ....... .. t U lalionk . . ..... .004 .......
....... 800............ WV alhall ............ is 09 . .....
lli4l'satn l-tis fro . llil to Wa'ilhalu /
!:nve prect-dw-ict! m . . tl ls of H .no clap .
I oviix ItI that,opposite direettou itiless Ol t
t wise USce > trit 01-ti r.
Will it I) StOl, It the following ,j- tItionls to
Ik.- otIt a,Ind ICe oil pwtsHongers. IhIe1 ly'i
.1 l-' ts iti aal Sil il i ng .
WURld aod WOstcrl uarlina Rwv Co.
Akugu8ta and Ashovillo Sholt Line
hcleuhtlelo in, elfect a'lh I, 1903.)
(Vad iown.) I Read Up)
12.-1; p P ......... i N ciwburry ........ Ar 3.10 pu
* I :1' .%r l I ....... .... Lv -Z.02 pull
2.07 J )r4......... v 1l 11*0r1n .. .. . .. Ar 1.30 p i
3 0 pa.........A r _SI,aI.ritbit rg... . Lv 12 01 pa
'. a i V i. ........ . Aparitunlbutrg..... At- 10.45
>.32 )I ......... AL :$.a!tuda............... Lv 3.396
. . .........Ar llendeonviit Lv 3.0 a
1 'lin ..........vr Att oville........ .. Lv 7.05 a
i1 Ima~ .~la cifi'e-ry IW .i - )-~ ~
t t.'1 t i...... Ar Lai r4 .... ...........Ly 2.02
., 91 w o..... Lv L mtr ri......,...........A r i.45
- no Ar r n w ............. Lv 12.44 p
. . . A " : - t l ugl I *................ Lv 10.10 a
2 .. Inl --- A loi-i ...... ... . Ar 11.6 ant
f.I(l p ....... AXr 1 ittforl ...........Lv 7.60 iln
(I. IN ptu...... A r Port Ioyti ........... Lv 7.40 wu
12 -j1 pm... .Lv Newberry (u N.&t.)Ar 3.10 pmat
-1 Pia. Ar Liaturetim .... .........Lv 2.02 put
2 1.9 p# .... hv 1,. a ............ AT 1.15 pill
. _ m ....Ar ;4roienvIlb- ... _ 1.v 12.16 pnt
For furt hei iii minltionl iolativo tL rate
eael " - 1 4ll-, -r I'h1.%I w.1
(111O. 11Il Y ' N, 'n. Ag . Urono l Ville, c.
EItNIe T W b,1 IA MS, Uvn. Pass. Agi
A.u1trestL, d
I. M. . , i. Traliv, .' aiager.
(Eastev Stw 44 iitlari Till u.)
S4hbol tilnl Northboutnd
ei, lle in Xisut, Alitgail 26th 9aL
1N 1.v ..84i1 .I.) Ar. 8 L0 pil
411 a e1')- (I 19 pm
11 6,11tin 1lberlon 6 17 pro
-% aIl Ablbevillo 4 0, plU
'I U ll(n wO0 3 :1' tu
2:1. A r Clinton (i'jr) LV. 2 4.j pa
lo 17i ' I.\ 4t1e irit.ga Ar 4 'r pin
11 i'll. " m lillhib rg 3 W0 pml
2 ti fier4ni) Pit- ' ,26 pD
(II HIi ro aSprinigH)
1 ni w;.t<- 2 35 pin
1 . :4 1,41111nr .. ' 41n'r 4 I.v <7 Pil
I.v h'uIlrolnn r 150
2 " P1 rkI a- 1 4'4
2 1.2 ..Uli tol' 1 311
413: tjoldvilhs, 1 17
I .iE nia-i.. I.
'P 19 .Uaty... I 05I
2 .alalI.. 11 5
1 M Nif, rr, 1
15 Probsperity N1232
3 2 ....1gih'... 12 24
i -.afiM lti llt J2219
36 lit. pin ... 1209
3~-7 ilton 1202
1 t'I W the R ock 1 ) 5
4(7 alle tine 1154
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