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What would the people of the city o
Newberry say to the proposition tc
authrize the city council to expend twc
thousand dollars in the permanent im
provemenm of somo public road leading
into the city on the condition that the
county would furnish the chaingang and
the machinery. We believe with this
amloulnt and tihe use of the machinery
recently purchased and the chaingang
the road to the steel bridge could be put
i.) permanent go,)d coldit-ion. It would
pay the city to expend this amount on
this road and it would give to the peo
pie of t he county a pract ical denonst ra
tion of what we mean by road improve
meit. We say the road to the steel
bridge because while it vould give the
people of the county one good road it
would also openl an avenue to our
friends across the river in Saluda Colin
ty. I f wv coul get one good roadI built
therle woil t.1 no further trouble in the
matter of road building in this county.
It woul pay the citN to build this road,
not old in the direct benefits it would
receive but in the impetus it would give
in the cun:truation of roads in the
cointy. It would take about ont ill
tax to raise t hiF mlloney. In other xords,
thw nman) who pays 41 $1.0 wrth f.
property woild bI e 4,1called on to Imit riblit
to this fund the m1agnifivent 11:n 411 one
dIltIlar. \Vould anylody btjIe o- t that ?
Surely not.
The regui lar tju.l t rly It'i-el I he
NebryBoard oIf TI'le wiI .'
T'uesay.i1 of i i, mnth. at S.
mn. It - s*raillv t, s ttlat uosm - 0 110 -
plt- *kl;;-i organ1W/.ation and
W I menIIt o th cit y.
'eId ia tt, 11n:mlcv at
t n rg. :: ion of this
t :. n- :t dea to a
-.-i f. i. T mad
S tr by tiood S buIt ours.I
thw !!.. " of the
rpted rwii\ tht: tonei r yhing
elst i I hvything 1 t h i i w: : w etI
:awaY h 'the atcr-.
M ". . , . (;aIr V nI . wh%-I i been
witll the partni .urg H rbic i- t
irth, retirtd frthe d . ! itd t .1a .
W wiseh im s-I with 1.. 1
'lhte township tinber ofv~t;~ the. f
isonleas posiblend okupat
he'st ic ttheiw r oft the ass-liatio:
dayor Ehusldan-inel i:.ItT
ar -y Jons .' .'i, eit .s. .m ot
Thompson .o W.tzilh nad Lpevi,tr
tesollad hse Erlit' x veSnid;i\ ift
noonli.':3 fo'clo.hhonp:l .y
Sndway mogivng w:: art ede :i: .
Hnlear ph-adod note geity and -.l1d
bgiven Revn or1 dy.Thr ws
aeiee -ands p.r-wise forj lit is-t
mise. he oathura tuig hd ndt appar
inhered wcruty, other gmaes. of .''
dSordVerlys condul. W on h r
inThat seion lookin very: aitell.
whic well btenghd.vetd u
Mrs.udh'iiek and wie udeM lf idg.
Greenwooda iam godcowntliton Vt oti...
thersc fa)the Mr. .:l. (ab.bunt d'elig. e
wit. J. the brigeokt of coure itrn
(htiton ai hast een'tho hspsndin s antr
wey this well homen mtey iehu.
trae. Wdde founds Safd Mounthis-ett.
thikl Mis esie andofns ofrs Win'arui
collede oure vist voe here. forgma.i
Se.W.A utze welther.ahhr
Sumdymernire n wyoattwndl a. to
uat moe or leR cl a. P.ochsi irvr-.
tondeard anfod'bl 'Clrmon' frlauh'.
takes r a Boydt whie a unga isa n
thabil'eakertha andproissf awbinht
to. Weat' flout. We ounte it.p
whih ws binghare.-,t Ortri
Close Game ofr--all, Score I to 0-Ice
Cream Festival to Aid Flood
A close and interesting game of base
ball was played in West End Saturday
between West Eind and Newberry.
The gaine was close throughout, tie
score being I to 0 in favor of New
berry, who scored in the 9th inning.
Following is the score by itnings:
West End 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0
Newberry 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Batteries: Newberry, Bradley and
Cabaniss; West Elnd, Shealy and Morse.
Struck out: by lradley 12; by
Slhal % 1-.
Very few errors were made on either
side. h'lhe feature of the game was
the pitching of Shealy and Iradley.
Several m1lore games are expected
to be played this week between West
End .an1d other eamns from the county.
'ho ice cream festival given Saturday
iight by McCaughrin Rebekah Lodge
for the benefit of thesu'erers froi the
recent floods was quite a success and a
neat little sum of money was cleared,
which will be forwarded to thesuifferers
at once. The eake which was given to
the m,,:t popilar young lady in West
End w as won by Miss Eva Hardeman,
s-e reciving the largest number of
votos. Tilie vote was as follows: Miss
Eva liarktenial. -l; Miss Ilucy llughey,
12; Miss Sallie : yles, 2; Miss Helen
Smith. 1; Miss Cora Carter, 1; Miss
Mary Tiaylor, I: Miss Nancy Danielson,
Aliss Salie vLyles and Mrs Ellen Lyles,
of Ala.ihi, S. C., are visiting Mrs.
Enlmira Huc::t and Mlrs. Sallie Daniel
Miss WilliC Anderson, of L'iedmont,
who has been visiting her sister, Alts.
Chilailt-er, returined home Sunday aC
complanied by Miss Eva IIardeman.
\lessrs. .1. N1. Davis, A. A. Freeman,
M. 11. Outtz. C. W. liludson, 1). 11.
Chandler and W. T. Melntyre left on
the up train Sunday to visit the ruins
01 the 'atolet and Clifton Mills.
NI r. and \Mrs. .1. R. Edwards who
wee il te tmulado at (Gainesvilh-, ;a..
have le-n inl Went End for the past
fk-w days, and have gone to Columbia.
where they will make their home.
Al;iss Lura Spntit c'e is visiting triends
and relatives in Columbia.
'residing E-:lder Wilson addressetd the
W'Neall Street Sunday School Snindav
a fternoorl.
Ni r. Tiller At taway went to Chap
pells Sun'ay.
NI r. A. L.. Bedenhaugh. of l'rosperity
was seen in West End Sunday.
Nis. Na1ni Iowt1n. of 0'iedm1ont. is
visiting her sister, Mrs. 1lardemian.
lIs I. Mary Sanders, who has I'en
V L r m14 11ot her and sister at I uo
't .a rtturfned to West End.
ik . lI. Zimm n1erman, of Central
\ i.i t c thurl. preiacheld in W'Neall
t church'ae I Sunday night.
Jr n Is. K.ki weit
tul I111k Ou";11d:iV top Vi-it r.-lati.s..
Is Often Made By the Wisest
t a fat.t n rt s to let. et. i hat.
>oan'- 1K *Ioes lIk eure them~
*r' 'mipt
l)on! t deby inotji to> .
p : 'V \%~ - -1keper or th':
i '. :'. I 'arkersbu.ir.',
\* \ - t' o a.- und try
- r i< or r ai-t wAouli
n h t ~I nt-- fadt
n n:.ar itf a r' min-h-'
r - ' aird hIiv u',* muint ing to
- 'tok a l)poly l(uw.
be . NIy wcife usd
S -.\ir-- ;\ Aiei , '>f
N n t el . uscd them,
*- - of ius. I sm: let e
F.or.3 ja uii u Hu'
WI FlA~ N k'WBEImliV(--lN
CO0UllTI 01" I'li )BA TE,'
A lice J.1 1,ong, -x ' tr' x, et al, Det'fend..
) passedl herein, I will sell at. pub..
lic otcry(' beftort Newhle.iryv ('onurt
I louse, S C.X, on Mlonday, J1uly Ii, loti,
duinilg t he legal houris oft sale, aill that
Laong dliied stieild andl liissesse'd, situi
ate mi thle Towin oft Newbe'rry, S. ('.,
coottaininig ( )le-thlir d of an Aerte, no>rt'
m;' less, aui n boundedl by lands forrly3
ii'lie (;. & ('. R. E ('o., Charl-s (;an
andii wife ando A.\. NI. H owvers, on theit foi..
lowinig ttermis, to wit:
F"or onie-half Ieash aind onet-half upon1(
a tcredit oft t wtelve monithus with interest
on e r'ed Iit soit ion f'roml lay ol' sale, c red
ii tpor'tion to beit secured'i by thle bond oft
the purchelaser and1( a mlort gage of' the
piemnises, wvit hi leatve to pu rchiaser to
pay i.m cash all or' any portiton of' crediit
portion; piurchaser to pay for papeors
credtsit porltioni and( assign lOiev to
*Judge of' I'robate for New berry County
to secur le credtit. port1 ion1. Said pri'ilses
to be sold withll in'n hour11 fr'om first.
smale if t he pu(1rchalser at firist sale should
fail to ''omply withIin that time.
iJudge tf I'1'r(ibate0, Newherry (Connty,
Seizure at Saluda..
Constable T. B. Perry seized fouI
gallons and three quarts of liquor while
at Saluda Court House Saturdoy morn
ing. Mr. Perry had spent the night in
Saluda looking for his parties, and suc
ceeded in making the capture about
8:30 Saturday morning.
The liquor had just been purchased
froin the dispensary at Saluda by two
negroes who gave their names as Grose
Walker and James Williams. Mr.
Perry had every reason to believe that
the negroes bought the liquor for the
purpose of carrying it through Green
wood and retailing it in small quantities,
ai these two negroes had been doing
heretofore. The liquor was brought to
If You Are the Housekeeper
You will appreciate our suggestion that e
you use 1ransford's "Clifton'' flour. It I
makes the best bread, cake and pasty y
for home people as well as visitors.
Don't let your prejudice in favor of an
other brand prevent your trin it. f
Hayes & c arty.
6 HUSHELS Kentucky Cotton n
200 Seed for sale. App to T. ti
C. Pool. J. A. BURTON. c
OR SALE. Two good milk cows. f
ANNE 0. RuFF. 2t. e
In School District No.
14, Newberry Coun
ty, South Carolina.
' that an election will be held on a
Tueisday, July 7th, 1903, in the sample
i ()m adjoining Hank of Prosperity, in
the Town of lrosperity, School District
No. 1.1. County of Newberry, State of
Sout h Carolina, for the purpose of decid
ing whether or not bonds of said School
Dist 'ict shall be issued to the amountof f
Five h'lhousand Dollars for the purpose F
of erecting, building and equi )pig a
Public school house to be located in the
l'own o" Prosperity, and peurchasing a
lot t herefor; said bonds to be payable in
t wenty, yCars from their date and to
bear interest at a rate not toexceedsix
p'er celt. per a11ilum1.
At the same time and place there
shall be elected an Advisory, Board of
said r'ltustees, who shall serve in the
event of tL.e bonds being voted, consist
ing of t hree freeholders of said District,
who shall have equal power with said
T'rustees, and shall serve as an Advisory r
Hoard until the funds shall have been
exhausted. 8
On the day of such election the polls
will be opened at eight o'clock A. M. and
closed at four o'clock P. NI.. and all
qIlified electors of said School District
will be entitled to vote at such elec
The following naned persons are
hereby appointed managers to conduct
said election: <>. P. llarris, Mark H.
B'denlhaugh, 0. L. Schumpert. Jr.
C. '1'. WYCIE, Chairtman.
1). M. LAN(;FORD.
1. B. SC I I l'ERI'T, Secretary.
V by nim than one-third of the
rosident frohlhders of SchXIl Distriet
No. 14, (County of Newberry, State of
South ('aroli na. has this (lay been filed
with the School TIrustees of said D)is
trit, praying that an election be held fl
to deie the qutest ion of issuing bondsJ
for school purpI'loses to the amount of c4
F ive Thousand Dollars on the terms and of
emiilit ions piovided for by an Act of the ai
G,ene'ral Assemnbly' of the State of South aj
Carolina, a~pprov'ed on the 26ith day of
Ilbruar, 190)2, andI as amnendled by an
Act alpov ed the 20th (lay of F"ebrurv, -
lIS 'li. herefore, be it resolved;'
FIl ST. That an election be held on
ITusday, the 7th dlay of Jlul', 1903, in c(
the Tow of 0 Ii' Pr erity incolDs
tiit No. 141, (:ounty of Nwer,Sae
ofSuhCarolina, for' the purpose of u
deciding the quest ion whether bonds
shall lbe issued to the amount of Five r
Thousandl Dollars for school p)urposes;
said bonds to be payable in twenty years ,
from (late, at a rate of interest not to
exceed six per' cent. lier afnum.
SECONDI. On the (lay of said elec
tioni, the polls shall be opened at eight q
o'clock A. M. atnd closed at four o'clock ~
P'. MI.
TIIll U D. All qualified electors of saidlo
School D ist rict shall be entitled to vote y
at saidl elect ion.
l"O I.'TIHI. The formn of b)allot to be
used at said elect ion shall rd.' as fol
N ('wliberi y-{' ounity, South ( 'arolina. he
.Shal bnd t the amount of Five
I hotedDollrs e isuedfor school
1)"3.hoss said bonds pa~yable! ini twenty
YMars from (late at a rate of interest not
to e'x(ceed six Per cent. per annum?
School D)istrict, No. 14,
N 'wherry C ountofy, South Carolina.
Shall bonds to the amoutft oif Five
Thousand Dollars he issued( for school - '
purpo)ses; saidl bonds piayable in twenty
years from (late at a rate of interest
not toi exceedl six per (cnt. per annum?
lIi l'. The f'ollowin g namedl per
s mns are hereby appioinited managers of,
said election: 0. 1P. 1Harris, Mark H.
lHedenbaugh, 0. 1 .. Schumpert, J1r.
SI XTilI. A t the same time and I.>lace
there shal' he elected an Advisory
Board of said Tr'iustees, who shall serve
in the event of' the bonds being voted,
e misistimg of' three freeholders oif saidI
D istriet, who shall have eqlual poweris
wit h sidi Tru'(stees, and shall serve as ano
Ad visor'y Hoard unit il the funids shallC
have been exhausted.
( . TF. WY XCIIE, Chairman.
I). M. I,A NG;ltD.
H. It. S II U MlPENTl, S(eretarv.
Pr'iospeity, S. C'., ,J unfe 15, 1903.
1.1, llAUJI,lNG: OF SAND F'ltOM
~ .Scofftl'Crek imist be stoppedl at
,1 NO. Mi. S(ilUMPEl~ltTl,
________Supervisor. 0
Stock Certificate. 'o
L. the undersigned has lost his stock
er'tilicates Nos. 6 and( 61i in the capital 0
tock of1 The Newhberry Cotton Seed Oil a
di11 and F'ertilizer Comp>any, and has
iinde annplicationi fot' (Ilijniat cem.ifn
IMother's Ear
mWoNErme ro#Ar come e*$oa rof.4
qoorr's aMULStoN
mauiso4maovr ac WREO&SARYE FOR
r HALYN Qp orn mCo YNER Ame
Send for iree sample.
C & BOWNE, Chemists,
,UORNING Glory Coffees are the
JA best. Davenport & Cavenaugh
re the sole agents for this city.
WXANTED. -Every housekee r in
Newberry to try Cqrbins Grand
ura Flour. The best on the market.
old by Davenport & Cavenaugh. .
OR RENT--One dwelling, one store,
fiye rooms over furniture store.
?ttf. R. C. WILLIAMS.
Do your eyes ache and burn at
ight? I hnve the hett trial caw fur
toin Sotacles and Eyeglasqes, and
it 1it the mt 'L diileult eyes, wiLt the
roper oigasq. I havo fitted szlasss
sr Lhe beLt people Is the county aud
Ii lt you. I use only the best gradeI
rys'alise lenses. Come aud give use
trial and h,- ennvinend Q'0 - r.e '
rce Lu 1il. GUY DANIXLS, l
Joweler and Uptliian. I
1e V,.4k is still complete with a
verything pretty in the Millinery
Call and see our ribbons, tiowers
id hats before buying
The RBer Nillinery Compaflys
Osborne's Farm Im
lernents, Mowers,
takes and Harrows. F
Purcell & Scott.
See our ad for Mow
rs, Rakes, Harrows g'
nd Wagons.
Purcell & Scott.
Mowers, Rakes, Har
ows and wagons for
ale. Full line at
Purcell & Scott's.
Wagons-Car Load.
,all and see our line.
Purcell & Scott. I
Election of Teacher.
Boundary Street School will be
ected by the Board of Trustees of
ewb rry School District on June 18th,
03. Salary $50.00 per month.
Also one lady teacher at a salary of
5.00 per month.
Applications may be filed with
Secretary of Board.
Stock Oertificate.
L the undersigned has lost his stock
rtificate, No. 52, in the capital stock
The Newberry Cotton Seed Oil Mill
ad Fertilizer Company, and has made
>plication for duplicate certificate.
We would like to ask, through the
>lumns of your paper, if there is any
arson who has used Green's Au 1st
lower for the cure of Indigestion, I
yapepsia, and Liver Troubles hat has
>t ben cured-and we also mean their
suIts, such as sour stomach, fermien
tion of food, habitual costiveness,
rvous dyspepsia, headaches, despon
nt feelings, sleeplessness--r. fit,
ytrouble connected witk die atom'.
hor liver? This .medjdqne has been
Id for many yearmi all civilized coun- 1
ics, and we wish to correspond with
ui and.nd you one of our books free
cost. If you never tried Augs t
ower, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
ve never known of its failing. If so,
mething more serious is the matterk
th you. The 25 cent size has just 4t
en introduced this year. Regular 8.
:e 75 cents. For sale by W. E. Pel- cc
m & Son.
G.G REEN, Woodbury, N. J.
QualtyRather than 1
How Good" Rather ti
all In
and with pleasure we
will explain and find
you the best ma
chinery of its kind
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thers fail.
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eerless Iceland
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'hm ttib top fits over a i-gn:o pro.
s-tion on I he can top (.One11ct ilig I lie
earing with ean and.dasher in such
way that no malt or oil can get into
be~ cant.
UST ARRIVED at S. B. Jones'
DFresh Nabisco, Athena, Chain
agne and Festino Wafers.
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and Raisins,
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iver and Plate Ware, ~
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edding and Birthday Presents 1
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Changed to Stem
Winder &.
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Jeweler and Optician.
nights of Pythias,
e wberry lodge N o. gs7.p
dI be hel o the 2nd
h uesany h o each mnthwet
med. THO. E. EPTI G
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ian "Cheap."
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load of Osborne &
owers, Rakes,
and Harrows
ients succeed where
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ur wants at a reason
Men We Want To Talk To.-- -N
10 Nowborry was a Olus hitg expert .--if
tho 1posit IV$ facts in tho case- h it
Como a rsight to ns for uil his ..'th
lish a litele argum%t on this biijt
i To The .dan WI
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prico, mety bo.
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The Ewt
Oufffflers-to-Particular- Menl
at Clae an PIi
est Clae1adP
anaClae adP
ird GendadP
eces laed& P
Wedetolv. nt
c o - e l a n s s c
Juno m e gtraduatBesCo iTI
IThWie Fariw,oik rt-acs
DthersFns G va
blieh*vme that if eivery manh ini
uvery wau inl Newborry kuew h
ovory u,m in Nowborry would
iMg. E, icl wm)k we4 vill p.b
t. This w-ok's mtigumit is
io Wants To ,
trn-i os momy 0,1 1 ai h .
m) matti4r whaf fih% respotiv o l
WV fsll Ih host cloth
ing that 3fA1r bo ma(e
p are not hiRh-an
OxellIed it for either
bnaipess or dress wear
enn be bmght. for the
m1odot. 1411m of $10.00,
ar-d it will ontwear any
two -'-iI) that ordinary 9
110r0k Fell for abont h il .
S*211 11 0 ey1-- f d it will
r-fai i's 1hap linsPi) I
Io i s,f,4-r i I avern ge
gunrineon will ble a mero
bnd. of wrir.kle and
Wbolesale Drapers
CiLlsm SuDe fority.
Piler Co.,p
- Newberry, - S. C.
ME DAY ta ti
lean and press your
1wr the less you
>make them wear.
>u wait.
essed, 50 Cents.
essed, 25 Cents,
essed, 25 Cents.
essed, 50 Cents,
essed, 25 Cents.
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s in our steam dye
v' patronizing us we
package of laundry
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igo S-ird y our goods by t.h.
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atisfled With Purohase.
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can1 t.ell you something about
much if not more than you
confidence in her ability to
BACK if she fails.
e0 stranger in town
o doubt you will take aidvan
e ofthi low excursijon rates
hnlsondm m the suimmer.
Swill see your rinseither
~he Isle of Palns, or, at this,
most popualar andl coolest
re in (Charles9ton. Meet your
ndsl' at 248 K ing~ St reet.
)N. S. C

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